Got ten minutes Obtain a Killer Workout With HIIT



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10 minute POWER CARDIO Workout // No Equipment

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10 Min Full Body Abnormal HIIT workout #2 Burn Fat Fast At Home No Equipment Needed

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10 Min Full Body Abnormal HIIT Workout Burn Fat Fast at Home No Equipment Needed

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10 Minute Shred FAT BURNING Workout

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10 MIN CALORIE KILLER / Medium Level a HIIT workout that won’t kill you I Pamela Reif

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BURN FAT IN 7 DAYS! 10 min Full Body HIIT Workout Program (Results in 1 Week) ◆ Emi ◆

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We have good and bad news for you. The good news first: There’s a way for you to get a killer workout in less than 30 minutes. Now for the bad news: The excuse “I don’t have time to work out.” will no longer hold any water.

High intensity interval training (or HIIT, as it’s commonly referred to) will get your heart pumping in as little as 5 minutes. Give this challenging, bodyweight weight advanced HIIT workout a try! There is NO EQUIPMENT and it will only take 10 minute to complete. It’s pretty intense and when you complete it, let me know.

One of our in-house fitness coaches has created a 10-minute HIIT cardio workout that’ll get your heart rate up and challenge your endurance. Of course, you can always adapt some exercises according to your current fitness level. Here’s the workout breakdown: Round 1 (repeat three times).

10 minute Total Body HIIT Workout As always make sure you are nice an warm before you start your workout – Run on the spot, do jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around your living room, anything to get you warm then it’s time to get serious. Men Over 40: Access the 30 Day Fat Loss Workout and Nutrition program FREE here: Funk Roberts takes you through a total body HIIT. FREE 12 Week Workout Plan: This full length HIIT workout is sure to get you sweating. Burn fat, gain strength and build endu. The Workout: Before beginning this workout make sure to mark off 30 paces, or 30 yards of running distance.

20 swings with a moderately heavy kettlebell; Sprint 30 paces/yards; 10 rounds, for 200 swings and 300 yards in sprints; HIIT Workouts #3: 40 Yard/Paces Loaded Sprints. Purpose: Obviously sprints and sprint variations are great for HIIT. 9) Plank Commandos x 20 in Total (10 on Each Side Alternating – 10 Total) View this exercise here. Don’t take any breaks between these exercises.

However, once you have completed the full circuit, take 2 minutes rest, then repeating the full circuit once more. So there you have your 20 minute, killer HIIT workout. Enjoy!Today’s video exercise is an intensive HIIT routine. It’s a 30 minute killer workout with high-intensity moves so some of you may need to consult your physician to know if you can perform this.

Warm up with 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching, jogging in place, and other low-intensity movements. Perform the exercises indicated as a circuit (i.e., back-to-back). Using good form, complete as many reps as possible of each move in the work period indicated in the chart below.

Rest as indicated between exercises.

List of related literature:

If you’re new to HIIT, you may need to extend this rest period to 1.5 to 2 times your high-intensity intervals (if you sprint for 30 seconds, you may need 45 to 60 seconds of recovery).

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

The participants performed a graded exercise test before and after the study, as well as HIIT sessions—five sets of 3-minute sprints with 90 seconds rests in between—before the intervention.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

Until proven otherwise, I am promoting HIIT sessions lasting 20 to 25 minutes with a 5-minute warmup and a 5-minute cool-down period as the best way to achieve heart and lung protection and burn body fat.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

As you now know, the intensity target of your high-intensity intervals is your ventilatory threshold, and the total number of minutes spent at this level of exertion dictates the effectiveness of your HIIT workouts.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

In addition, focus on HIIT, which alternates short bursts (one to two minutes) of high-intensity exercise with short bursts (one to two minutes) at a lower intensity.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

The researchers found that the most effective workout for improving fitness was a HIIT program that entailed switching back and forth between high-intensity exercise (performed at 90 percent of maximum effort) for 30 seconds and lowintensity exercise for 30 seconds.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
Rodale Books, 2012

That’s HIIT in a nutshell.

“Over the Counter Natural Cures, Expanded Edition: Take Charge of Your Health in 30 Days with 10 Lifesaving Supplements for under $10” by Shane Ellison
from Over the Counter Natural Cures, Expanded Edition: Take Charge of Your Health in 30 Days with 10 Lifesaving Supplements for under $10
by Shane Ellison
Sourcebooks, 2014

In general, HIIT is defined as “near maximal” efforts performed at an intensity that is about 85–95 percent of maximal heart rate; SIT involves efforts performed at “all-out” or supramaximal heart rates.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
by Judy Foreman
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

HIIT protocol 2: Sprint 50 seconds, walk 90 seconds, perform eight times.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

The cool-down for this workout is 10 minutes of running with the intensity descending from aerobic to easy.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Yo, you can see the improvement of your channel and vids. The camera is soo good and the idea that we can see the next exercise is smart af because you can get in position and train the whole 45 seconds. GREAT VID����������

  • i have finished this workout for 7 days and i lost 1.2 kg.
    i am happy and i really appreciated that after each workout my body wasn’t in pain the next day so i was able to continue doing it. however i really hoped to lose a bit more than 1 kg as most comments said they lost around 2-5 kg. but this is still a great workout. and I’ll do it again in the future

    btw: i wud have been able to probably lose more if i ate healthier.
    during this i had like plenty of snacks and outside food 3 times ��‍♀️.


  • Epic finisher for your mini band workout! Just to let you know youtube has put an ad in every 4minutes or so it’s a lot of ads for a 13min video!

  • WOAH that felt like 20 mins lol the 3rd move got me lookin like a cross between a grass hopper & a frog, I think I did half of these moves wrong, but still a great challenge, will add this to my routine,thank you!

  • Im gonna do this workout for 7 days and tell yall the results..usually when it comes to these types of workouts I never complete them so I’m gonna try to complete this

  • Re-starting today. This will be my accountability “comment”? Haha

    Day 1: Done (started at 45kg and a bit giggly)
    Day 2: Done.
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • I liked it. Great exercise choice and a good burn. Please make more like this. Maybe even 15 or 20 minutes too. And a preview of what’s next at the start of the 10 sec rest vs the last few seconds. Thanks


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  • It’s hard to follow,bro. I think these workout just suitable for people who stay at the gym all day… just Like a preformence….

  • Also maybe if you could ever find the time you should start a private Facebook group:) where girls who are doing your vids and challenges can join and talk about the progress and improvement journey! It would be so cool and inspiring

  • OMG YALL i have been doing this exercise for the past 1 week along with another hitt workout and lemme tell u, if u stay committed u will see big results.

  • Wanna loose the weight! I want motivation! Pls pray for me!
    Day 1:✓ ( heart beating faster! Sweating all over my face! Feelin refreshed!)

  • Under my personal control, my student lost 103 kg of excess weight (from 230 kg to 127 kg) in just 8 months!!! And in parallel, this result, which has no analogues in the whole world, was achieved by increasing the overall strength and endurance of his body!!!
    I clarify: during 8 months, no one else in the world has managed to lose 103 kg of excess weight and at the same time acquire excellent sports form!!!
    I offer you a telecast (sorry, not in English), where from 6 min 28 sec those moments, when he was 230 kg and when he became 127 kg are shown: 386s
    I also offer additional video, the so-called. “way to 127 kg”:

  • Okie so im gonna update on how i am now sooo if i dont update please comment so i can remember

    day3!:didnt do
    day4!:didnt do

    Good luck to anyone reading this!

  • will journal my workout progress here! I also eat only 1200 kcal a day and don’t eat white rice and eating less sugary food
    Initial weight 78,2 kg
    Day 1 good! i also did 30 min zumba + another 15 min full body workout
    Day 2 in the morning I saw that my tummy is less bloated, and damn i get tired faster than yesterday:( i also did 30 min home walking exercise

  • Awesome. Would love a longer weights cardio fat burning one ` 60 minutes or longer. Love them all. Just don’t enjoy stopping to pick the next one. Thanks

  • I love finishing up a workout with this.Thankyou always for your great videos. Could you estimate how many calories are burned after completing this?Thanks.

  • Novato JE JEJE jsjsj amil �� eso lo ago como calentamiento para empezar jeeeje cuando realices 5 minutos de cada ejercicio avanzaras te falta mucho niño jssss

  • Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram:@Abnormal_Beings for Daily Calisthenics/Fitness Motivation. Love to everyone that supports this channel Tayo (Abnormal_Beings)

  • Don’t Forget to follow me on instagram!!
    @Abnormal_Beings I post daily fitness/Calisthenics content!
    Much love to all of you guys
    Tayo (Abnormal_Beings)

  • I like this workout becaue it is very eash but very infective exercises I will do every day and I m geting shock results I loss my whole body weight in 7 days I CAN’T BELIEVE LOVE YOU EMI SUSTER������������

  • I was very hesitant about doing this because I’m out of shape but trust me just try it you can modify it along the way
    Good look to anyone
    And thank you to vicky

  • I am really behind you bro keep up the work outs and keep up the gym has well bro l mean it you got it and l will keep up the work outs and l will keep up the gym has well team light skins and team mixed race men # light skins for every ��������������������������������������������

  • Two things I love about this work out: 1) the creatie ways you designed to challenge the body for maximum strain. 2) she is adorable how she works out. If you are single, please message me, I’m in Miami beach ��

  • Saying I hate cardio is an understatement. I like dancing though. I didn’t read the title accurately �� POWER CARDIO. Whilst doing this, I thought I would pass out. Wow!!! My lungs have expanded. Challenging myself… thanks Heather ��.

  • Day 1 ( July 22/11:47 AM ): Done. It’s so freaking hot rn on our house and my allergies coming out on my chest are ��.
    Day 2 ( July 23/1:48 PM ): I am suppose to be doing this after I woke up but my lazy ass ran straight to my phone and scroll to for some morning dark memes.
    Day 3 ( July 27/11:41 PM ): Done. I did some low intensity as a substitute for the workout that requires jumping so I won’t wake up my sleeping niece. I feel so lazy today but I remember how bad my diet was for the past few days and needed to shred some belly shits.

  • I can’t do jumping jacks unless I firmly hold my chest, which means I’m just jumping and not jumping jacking! �� Any large chested ladies know of a super good sports bra for such activities? Help ��

  • Hi Emi. Thanks tonyour work out. I am 51 O started doing ithem at the beginnong of lockdown in March. From 138 lbs I am now 120. My waistline dropped to 32 from 35. Yours are the mpst effectove work out I tried.

  • I like the idea of short workouts. Often on those days I have low energy and stamina I start with a short workout and then continue to another.

    Love the content on this channel!

  • Wow I’m inspired to getting back into shape. I’m 51 & thinking about modifying the times for this circuit to 15-20 secs & 15 sec rests to start.

  • I absolutely loved ❤ this quick cardio. Thank u very much Heather. I did week 7 day 1 of the 12 day challenge first and then this. I am still sweating and it is running off of me. I will be doing this after all my workouts.

  • I did this workout w my elder sister for a week now. First days were rough but now it’s easier to find motivation to workout everyday and we both feel stronger. At least we don’t need to give a break after almost every exercise anymore. That’s development. Thanks Emi, for this workout, it really works!

  • Love the exercises and you energy but… the music is just crap, mixed way too loud and abruptly ends before the timer fades into too low in volume. Would be better if you had no music, just silence sand the occasional words of motivation from you.

  • I can confidently say that this title is misleading.
    I endured till the end but damn I dripping like I came from the shower ������

  • i have a question, how do u get rid of a muffin top stomach? i’m rlly insecure abt my lower stomach and what tips/workouts will be best for that? love ur vids btw

  • Pamela: Calls this workout “A HIIT workout that won’t kill you.”
    Also Pamela: Starts with Jumping Jacks.
    Me: Oh, you know nothing about me, Girl….!
    (Still did it though and I gotta say it did not make me feel as unfit as the other HIIT ones, so thanks for that Pam, great Video, will definitely do it again!:-) x

  • I will try this out for 1 week, if i like the result, i will do it more.
    Height: 156 cm. My weight goals: 50 kg
    My weight now: 68 kg.
    WEEK 1
    Day 1: DONE
    Day 2: My 1st day of period date came and my stomach cramps so i couldn’t do it -_-
    Day 3: DONE
    Day 4: DONE
    Day 5: REST
    Day 6: DONE
    Day 7: DONE
    RESULT After 1 week: 66.2 kg.

    Woah I’m so pleased with the result, may try this for the next week too!
    p.s: I control my diet and sometimes i’d love to joggin for 15 minutes

    WEEK 2, weight: 65.7 kg
    Day 1: DONE
    Day 2: DONE
    Day 3: DONE
    Day 4: DONE
    Day 5: REST
    Day 6: DONE
    Day 7: DONE
    RESULT After 2 week: 65.2 kg

    WEEK 3, weight: 65.2 kg
    Day 1: DONE
    Day 2: DONE
    Day 3: DONE
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    RESULT After 3 week:

  • Omg this was one of my favorites! I’ve recently stopped doing any other YouTube workouts except PAM’S!!! You are the best, one and only inspiration for me. Thank you so much for posting

  • Ive been using and spreading these workouts to my network because they’re always on point! Thanks for the upload man! Much love from New Jersey

  • i have always sruggled with my wate and i have been teased of it too and i love this vedeo but its not bcc of how it shows how to work out but bcc i love emi and how she motivates ut and say sweet things and says to keep on pushing i beleive in myself becc of emi i have never been bothered to work out but bcc of emi i am motivated to qeep on pushing every day

  • Thanks for this information I’ve actually tried your workout with ome of my friends and with things being limited right now definitely feels great to workout with no excuses ��

  • aight imma do it FOR REAL NOW
    waist:31 inches
    goal:29/30 inches
    (I don’t really pay attention to weight so I didn’t measure it)
    Day 1 felt like I died, took a little longer breaks but I DID IT
    Day 2 DONE! it wasnt really easy as compared to yesterday, but not harder either

    stay tuned for updates ��

  • I want to add this on top of blogilates calendar workouts that I usually do. I want to challenge myself and improve my stamina. I hope this will work and i wont die in the process haha. I will probably update this comment at the end of the week. Wish me good luck pls. ��✊

  • i love all your workouts, Heather! keeps me sane during lockdown. would be great if we could know how calories burnt after each workout.