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15 Minute HIIT Workout | High Intensity Interval Training For Everyone

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15 Minute Home Workout For Tennis Players

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1. BODYWEIGHT SQUAT. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, feet pointed slightly outward. Keeping your chest tall and back flat, bend and push your knees out as you sit back into your heels and lower until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Perform 5 reps. So instead of blocking off an hour-plus to hit the gym, dedicate fewer than 15 minutes to do one of these two HIIT workouts.

15-MINUTE BODYWEIGHT HIIT WORKOUT BY DON SALADINO 15 Minutes, 5 move AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) **Be competitive with yourself to up the amount of rounds each time you do this routine. 1. BODYWEIGHT SQUAT. It sounds too good to be true: A workout that lasts less than 15 minutes, and you only have to do it a couple times a week. While the concept may seem like every busy American’s dream, this kind of.

Check out our list of 10 workouts that you can crank out in 900 seconds (or, 15 minutes). Perform this regime as a circuit-do 10 reps of each exercise, completing as many circuits as you can in 15 minutes. Give your body a brief rest when you need to and resume until the time is up. Let’s say a workout is 15 minutes long (note that this is actually longer than the most of those programs boast, especially considering all of the “fluff” and empty conversation they add before, in between, and after all of the exercises they call “HIIT”) if you’re doing the very bare minimum 3 minute warm up and cool down (both should be longer, especially as the intensity of a workout.

We asked them to create, from the comfort of their own homes, short, start-to-finish workouts. So clear some space, prop up your laptop or tablet nearby, and roll out that mat. We promise these beginner-friendly workouts will be worth the 10 minutes they take to complete, and hope they might even create a few exercising habits that remain long. Why shorter workouts may be better than long ones: Researchers at the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports in Beijing were able to do a study that included monitors on each subject’s ankles.

These monitors helped measure changes in blood flow – a great way to measure arterial stiffness. Less stiffness equals better health. High-intensity interval training — referred to as H.I.I.T. — is based on the idea that short bursts of strenuous exercise can have a big impact on the body.

If moderate exercise — like a 20-minute. Because here’s the truth: longer workouts aren’t necessarily better. In fact, longer workouts can actually be less effective than shorter ones for a lot of reasons.

And your long workouts may be the actual reason you’re not in the incredible shape you want to be in, or can’t seem to keep a consistent workout schedule. Doesn’t a 30 minute workout sound better than a 90 minute one, especially if you can get the same results out of a shorter time pushing, lunging and sprinting? But like anything else in life, you’ve got to feel the burn.

Put in the work, and you’ll reap the rewards of a sexy figure from head to toe.

List of related literature:

But these 30 minutes will be physically and mentally demanding in terms of muscle and mind effort.

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30–40 minutes is ideal for moderately fit individuals; elite athletes will work considerably longer.

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Or do 20 second sets, followed by 40 seconds of rest, every minute for 20 minutes.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
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might prefer a short, intense workout such as a 30-minute run, while others would rather work out for a longer time, at a lower intensity, such as a one-hour walk.

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For muscular endurance and aerobic capacity, nothing beats Tabata sets: four minutes of going all-out for twenty seconds, resting for ten seconds, and repeating.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Each one is only 15 minutes, so that’s a total of 30 minutes of required exercise per week.

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The first 5 to 10 minutes and the last 5 to 10 minutes of these workouts should be used to warm up and cool down.

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Feel free to do it on the days when you’re not doing your intervals, or double up on both workouts: you can follow 25 minutes of circuit training with 15 minutes of intervals for an awesome workout that takes you less than an hour.

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These are 28­minute workouts.

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Then, on each of these 3 or 6 days, you perform 30 to 60 minutes of cardio, strength training, or stretching—one type of workout per day, per session.

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  • Do you recommend to warm up before this or just go straight with the routine? In case you recommend warm up, whats the warm up routine? Love the channel by the way, thanks!

  • Wondering what your thoughts were on carrying water during the run portion of a Half Ironman? If yes, then how (belt or in hand)? Or no, because less weight and just drink at the water stations?

  • Hey Simon! Thanks for this. My one big question for you is, if I wanna include running because of many reasons like stamina, speed offc and etc, which part of your workout can I replace that. That’s all I wanna know. Thank you.

  • I found a nice big brick wall in a schoolyard nearby. I do 1 hour of intense
    hitting every day if the weather is good.
    That should do it ��

  • Thank you for another great video! I’m a junior player trying to stay in shape, and your workouts are becoming a part of my quarantine days. Exercises designed for tennis are a rarity on YouTube, and I’m glad I found you. Thanks again for the video and stay safe out there!

  • Well done Simon! I completed all the five rounds 😉 I have a question for you: do you suggest a kettlebell or clubbell workout to enpower my swing?

  • Simon, your realy exellent trainer!
    quranteen topspin training:
    what do you think, how much do I play tennis?

  • Hello! Do you think its usefull to use a way heavier racquet than your own, to do these workouts? For example, use a wood raquet for the shadow swings? Thanks for the video!

  • The key here is….if you can talk during this type of session, you aren’t doing it correctly. My Hitt sessions are one hour long on the stationary bike. 165 175 bpm’s for 2 minutes and 3 minutes rest. 12 intervals in total. BTW, I’m 64 yrs old male.

  • Great workout Simon. Would you consider adding additional 15 minute videos with different exercises or modified exercises? Maybe a 30 minute version?

  • Did it. 200% out. Completely worn out. Great! I will do it again I think. Very good when I have 20 minutes to spare or as a morning work out. I usually do these Tabata work outs with my Boot Camp instructor here in Utrecht in the Netherlands, but then they usually are part of a 60 minutes HIIT work out. Great show as allways guys! And I love GCN as well. Cheers!

  • Great workout, thanks! Could you make a video with exercises for improving footwork at home? I found it difficult to master all the different steps while also trying to hit the ball, so a practice at home tutorial would be very helpful

  • Whoah. What a workout. I now know 2 things: I need to build my stamina back and Simon is one super fit individual. Great workout, thank you, Simon.

  • Hey! When I play tennis, my main problem is that my arms are really weak so I can’t really hit very hard balls although I can receive them. Most of my balls are returned slow because there’s no strength in my arms. Will this workout help with that? Is there anything else I can do to strengthen my shots? Helppp pleaseee

  • Great workout routine, I’ve done a few days of this now, and you can feel the burn. In a good way, of course.

    My only addition is that for the 2 racquet volley drill, I’ve instead been taking a hint from another tennis channel and strapped some books to an old racquet with some masking tape. Then you still get the weight, but can easily grip the handle

  • To be honest, that was pretty easy for me, but still broke a sweat out of me so, it was worth it! Ty guys for the inspiration and the motivation!!

  • Did the James version (without running as no space) with 148 average BMP (1st round 130, 2nd round 156, 3rd round 176). I felt like little too much resting or too short intervals or too short overall. Was fun though and lovely presenters.

  • Poor James! ���� He is gasping for air while Heather barks instructions at him. AND throws shade! “…Not like James; We don’t want any slackers…” lol! Seriously though, these two were fun to watch and had good rapport between them. I will definitely be doing this workout.

  • Thank you so much. Please make more tennis specific workouts. I’ve found myself doing really generic workouts and hoping that it would pay off on court but they haven’t. And then on top of that there are hardly any tennis specific workout routines on YouTube. Thank you again for the amazing content. It really helps us out.

  • HIIT workout tips were the bomb! But if you have any juice get on your priducers about that 80’s video game music. Was killing me.�� Great video as usual GTN✊

  • Just did it! Round 1 easy, by Round 3…whoa! Great timing as tmr I am filming strength training for trail runners for my channel! Thanks so much Heather and James, maybe I should do the easy moves and draft in the hubby to demo the progressions! LOL:) cheers guys love GTN