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Gift Picks for the Healthiest Holiday Yet. chevron_left PREV: Golden Milk Turmeric Latte chevron_right NEXT Here are 19 of the latest, coolest fitness, nutrition and wellness gifts sure to satisfy any health and wellness desires. chevron_left Go Back. appsr See All Slides Begin Slideshow. No matter who you’re shopping for—your bestie, sister, or a co-worker—here are the 50 best gifts under $30 of 2020 based on a mix of cult-favorites, editor’s picks, and user reviews. The 13 Healthiest Holiday Gifts Eco-friendly, health-promoting, affordable and useful who could ask for more?

Posted Dec 06, 2012 and yet can make friends and family feel loved and appreciated. {Katie’s Picks} Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas. Posted on December 3, 2015 April 11, 2017 by katie.

If you were inspired by the stocking stuffer gift ideas then you are going to love this post! I have put together a collection that includes a few of my favorite things as well as a couple of my very own wish list items! From kitchen appliances and.

Healthy Butcher’s Top Gift Picks. Louianna Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Chef Knives: Moritaka Goyuto 8″ / Grohmans 8″.

Stollen by Stickling’s Bakery. Coffeecology. OneRoot Honey & Mainland Grassfed Cheeses.

Healthy Butcher’s Grassfed Jerky. Linda Lee Chocolates. Galerie Au Chocolat Gift Box.

The best vegan holiday gift guide for the girly girl in your life, featuring top picks in cruelty free beauty, fashion, and lifestyle gifts!It’s no secret that the holiday season is a perfect storm of parties, presents, stress, and colds. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, right now is prime time for cold and flu season, and it can feel nearly impossible to keep your health in check. Editors’ Picks: This May Be the Best Holiday Gift Guide Yet. We did the shopping for you—you’re welcome!

By Diana Nguyen Dec 03, Winter Boots: Celebrity Picks With Prices You Can Afford. While I wasn’t giving away automobiles this weekend, I did, along with Rebekah of A Blissful Nest (beautiful home design/style blog), give away presents and unveil our Hot Holiday Picks at a special party inside JCPenney at Stonebriar Centre. We had your gift list covered for everyone from your spouse, kids, girlfriends, white elephant gift exchange, and of course, a few for you to stuff in.

This season, Parrish is giving gifts to help her nearest and dearest improve their health and increase their happiness — and they’re all available on eBay. Follow along in the video above as Parrish takes us through her holiday picks, and click on products that interest you to shop as you watch.

List of related literature:

The packages contain such items as fresh fruit (shipped no more than two days after packing), nuts, candies, gourmet chocolate, baked goods, meats, cheeses, juice, wine and more.

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Choose from: gift, holiday, goodwill, gourmet, greetings, Christmas, preserves, jelly, cheddar cheese, smoked salmon, fruitcake, roasted nuts, fruit(s) with: basket(s), package(s).

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And in December, give as gifts marmalade or apple butter, dried mint, flavored vinegars, maple syrup, catnip mice, a ginseng root in a bottle of whiskey, some pickled watermelon rind or fruit jelly redolent of summer.

“Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts: How to Find, Identify, and Cook Them” by Katie Letcher Lyle
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Instead of the usual bottle ofwine, why not arrive with a healthful food gift?

“Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs” by Neal D. Barnard, Bryanna Clark Grogan
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Seasonal foods include Christmas turkey, spring asparagus, Easter lamb, June strawberries, apples and pears, nuts, shrimp, mussels (the best of which are available from September to December), and black and white pudding for the New Year.

“Mosby's Pocket Guide to Cultural Health Assessment E-Book” by Carolyn D'Avanzo
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At Christmas time, households served the best food they could afford, with particular emphasis on sweets: favorite fare of the season included the finest white bread, nuts, turkey, beef, brawn and souse (pickled pork), mince pies, plum pudding, cakes, and spiced ale served with apples in it.

“Daily Life in Stuart England” by Jeffrey L. Forgeng
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Send home a gallon-zippered plastic bag with list of suggested items to include food options (high-protein foods, hard candies; avoid salty snacks), pictures of family members, a favorite book, a small package of facial tissue, and a short comfort note written by parent for elementary or younger students.

“Manual of School Health E-Book: A Handbook for School Nurses, Educators, and Health Professionals” by Keeta DeStefano Lewis, Bonnie J. Bear
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Other traditional foods eaten during this holiday are gourds, fenugreek, leeks, beets, carrots, and dates.

“A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays: With Activities for All Ages” by Robin Sampson, Linda Pierce
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Counsel families not to serve these foods to the child younger than 5 years of age: nuts, seeds, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels, chips, chunks of meat, hard pieces of fruit or vegetables, raisins, whole grapes, hard candies, gum, chewable vitamins, fish with bones, snacks on toothpicks, and marshmallows.

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Take them to the man as gifts—balm, honey, spices, myrrh, pistachio nuts, and almonds.

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  • The Netflix series was very good I would highly recommend watching. I have several of those Pyrex containers. They are a great size and I have had mine for a long time. Definitely worth it.

  • Love these videos! (As a random FYIMeagan Moon’s maiden name is Meagan Steele Henry. I believe Steele Henry used to be the name of the company. Evan’s last name is actually Rock. Not sure where the moon came from but they are both lovely people!)

  • Had a spoon rest for years. I was waiting for you to get your olive spoon out. If you don’t have one and like olives you’ll love it.

  • Yes!!! We love HannaJams! We buy matching family pj’s with our kids from Hanna every year! They are a splurge but we end up wearing them year round, so comfy!!

  • what a perfect name for your little rosebud! Her coloring is gorgeous and her eyes are so pretty. The little flower is very alert, she loves watching her animated Dad. What a beautiful family,Christmas Blessings!

  • Great idea! For the 3-cup Pyrex glass meal prep containers, I recommend buying them at! They’re less than 5 dollars each, and you can get them with free shipping if you pick them up in store. I got mine recently and I bought 5 for $25. A lot affordable than amazon:)

  • Those knives are great but for those on a budget who want good knives that will last for years, check out America’s Test Kitchen for their recommendations. You are so right about not needing a full set of knives. I would add a good serrated knife to cut my fresh bread or thin slice a tomato to the list of must-haves.

  • Loved your picks in this video Mel! I wish I could buy multiple ones for myself haha. Congratulations again on the earrings they look beautiful ☺️��

  • Hurrah! Another gift guide! Your guides are the very best, Jen. Many thanks for such thoughtful and unique ideas. I’ve given several things that you’ve recommended over the years.

  • Briogeo is amazing. It’s the best product I’ve learned about on your channel. Softened my hair after cancer which dried my hair out. I wish I could afford the gift set!

  • I bought the grinch palette, havent had the crumbling issue. I use it a lot since I’ve bought it. The red shade that you specifically pointed out is my favorite, I did a burgundy Smokey eye with it and have used it multiple times since. Not sure if maybe yours had an issue with the pressing but not all of them have this issue, I love that palette for the holidays.

  • I saw this on another site for Raw Spice Bar
    Deal: Get 3 spices for only $9!
    Coupon Code: 3FALLSPICES
    Start Date: 11/15/2018
    Expiry Date: 12/31/2018

  • not for kids to use,but my new oxo mandoline is amazing…slice onions,carrots like butter…, a coffee grinder good for many uses…the speacial oven mitts really good…
    snd william and sanoma has special real kitchen helps for kids.

  • Had to giggle about your love affair with your pot��. I have my great grandmothers 5qt oval pot, well over 70yrs old….there’s a reason there is a 99yr warranty, they are superior cooking vessels. I purchased a white 8qt oval 14yrs ago….my favorite! I also purchased a yellow 7qt round and a large white braiser over the years….yes, I’m that addicted too! I feel like I “need” a smaller round pot…lol. The struggle is real��. I just adore your videos, you always make me smile. Merry Christmas �� xoChristine

  • Hi Jenlove this gift guide wonderful items you have really thought of some great gift ideas love your gift guides each year TFS ��

  • I agree with you about the cast iron pans. I have 2 that were handed down to me by parents. They used them for a very long time daily for our large family meals. It’s kind of neat to have them now for my family. I made the mistake of buying the smaller Le Crusette cast iron pot… might have to go get me the bigger pot. It’s so sweet to see Baby Rose sleeping. Thanks Bobby, Art and Dessi.

  • This man is so wrong in EVERY video it is not even funny! The cast iron pan is a MAJOR no-no. People get WAYYYY too much IRON and Copper which is a LEADING cause of dementia. PLEASE STOP THIS MAN!!! HE IS SO IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love all these, minus the belt. I watched a luxury roast and the belt was roasted as saying OHIO, on the buckle after that I can’t unsee it LOL! But I absolutely LOVE the other items ❤️

  • The Ember mug and travel cup-game changer for everyone in my family. Yes, I’m buying 5 of them! I don’t know what I’d do without this series every single year. Thanks for all the hard work you do to put out these videos.

  • Happy Holidays my friends!! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for all of the healthy home cooks in your life (I’m hoping some of them went on sale this weekend, lol!). Can’t wait to hear what you think.

  • Hi Isabelle! Love your videos �� I was wondering if you have any suggestions how to get the LV key pouch or the mini pouchette. I’ve been trying to get my hands on them for the longest time and it’s always sold out. Thanks!

  • you look so good here!!!! I started thinking I really like your hair in this. and then your outfit. and your makeup. all of it?? beautiful tati!!

  • You know it’s very evil of them to sell the meal prep containers in sets of 4 when the usual work week is 5 days lol. Guess I’ll be fasting once a week ��

  • Thanks Jen for a fun and informative video! What wonderful suggestions! Those pajamas are so adorable and look so snuggly/comfy. I am super excited about the letter boards! I want one of those.

  • Hi Ms.Mel, Very nice YsL clutch ����. The Christmas Tree is so Beautiful super love the combination of green and blue ������. #faMELy

  • For the Clarisonic gift sets, Sephora has them on sale for a pretty good price. Like the $249 one, they have it for $199 right now:3
    Thinking of getting it for my sister ^-^

  • Girl, I trust your opinion and I appreciate that you really put some thoughts in sponsorships or collars or really whatever you put out there and value honesty. I mean whatever you do, I support you bc I trust you:)

  • I’m sending the link to my husband now. I would LOVE anything on the list! A girl can always dream. Thanks Mel. Merry Cristmas!

  • For some reason when you were looking at the gym bag and said “I wonder if you could fit” I thought you were going to say “I wonder if you could fit a dog in there”

  • You are my favorite YouTube “hooman”. I have been watching you since your first video and you’re just so fun. These videos are so professional, informative and well done. Great job Jen! I am off to shop.

  • You might be interested in reading about Ina Rosenberg Garten. She went from working in the White House Office of Management and Budget and then decided she wanted to get into cooking without any formal training. She started with buying a rundown restaurant and making a lowball offer that got accepted and then going oh crap what did I just do. To writing multiple cookbooks along with hosting food Network all by herself long before YouTube was a twinkle in Google’s eye. PBS just did an interview with her just the other day.

  • Our little angel elf has done it again. You’re creativity, classy taste & good heart has inspired all. Thanks for being the Consumer Reports advocate to aid us. Continue your fruitful works, as you embody God’s grace! Way to go, Jen. Yahoooooooo. Xox Mo

  • I actually bought two of those bum bum extravaganza boxes boxes a few weeks ago and I am super annoyed because the full size shower gel was sold out and ligit the only reason I bought two boxes was so I could keep one and gift one but the shower gel is so tiny!

  • Hello Jen!
    Great video and ideas!
    Tahnsk for sharing.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  • I got so excited mid way through your video that I started adding things to my cart on my Farfetch app. Thanks so much for the great gift ideas. Another great video Mel #faMELy. Love the red on you, getting in the festive spirit. Stunning as always ❤️❤️

  • Love Farfetch and love all your picks Mel! I love how you always think how a collaboration video will benefit your viewers. Congratulations on your MIM earrings, they are so classy and beautiful! Xx

  • I’m so upset I didn’t see the Sol De Janeiro holiday set! I went out and bought the fragrance and bum bum cream and shower gel for a gift and I could have just saved money

  • I was going to get the massage head for my Clarisonic Mia but it’s not compatible ������ I am suffering from Bell’s Palsy right now and thought it would be a good addition. Dang it y’all have any other facial massagers and rollers that you love?!

  • Just ordered a Herschel wallet from your last video, been looking out for a good wallet for so so long and this will be so perfect! Thank you! Also these videos always put me in the holiday mood.