Get Is a result of Micro-Walks


Indoor Walking Workout | STANDING ABS | Low Impact!

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Video taken from the channel: Lucy Wyndham-Read


1 Miracle Mile | Strength Training Mile

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Rainy Afternoon, London Kensington Side Streets 4K Walk

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Micro Workouts | How To and Benefits

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15 Minute Indoor Walking Workout | Low Impact!

Video taken from the channel: fabulous50s


Walk Off Fat Fast 20 Minute | Fat Burning Workout

Video taken from the channel: Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

the pros of micro-walks THEY’RE EFFECTIVE Research supports the claim that sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for your health and that you should get up periodically throughout the day for short walk breaks to dramatically improve the cardiovascular risks associated with sitting. the pros of micro-walks THEY’RE EFFECTIVE Research supports the claim that sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for your health and that you should get up periodically throughout the day for short walk breaks to dramatically improve the cardiovascular risks associated with sitting. Micro-walks are great for your health, and you might notice that short bursts of activity boost your work productivity, too! Give this solution a try, and if you have any more questions about your workout routine or weight loss plan, please give us a call. It’s called micro-walks, and it’s pretty much how it sounds.

Basically, you get up and go for a short walk any time you can. You could walk briskly through the park for ten minutes on your lunch break, or walk the stairwells in your office building on five-minute breaks. JumpStart Micro walks you through all of the steps online to meet the JOBS ACT Title III requirements to sell your securities to raise money and build your business. Raise as low as $25k and up to $1,070,000 per year by selling stock in your Company or offering debt; Build your business plan using our tools.

Get Results from Micro-Walks. Videos Instant Recess. Apps 7 Minute Workout.

5-Ingredient Chili Freezer-Friendly Sweet Potato, Bean and Veggie Enchiladas. 4) Fuel to Be Well: Campus Resources Food and Beverage Choices Policy Cook Well Berkeley Nutrition Programs. Handouts Meal Planner Building a Healthy Plate Hunger-Satiety Scale Healthy Snacks. At work, implement simple strategies to break up prolonged periods of sitting by taking micro walks or have standing meetings.

After work, go for a walk or run, or take part in a fitness class. We recommend adults aim for 60 minutes of moderate intensity activity every day and children aim for at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity. Step one foot slightly behind you, and place the foot flat on the floor. Bend your front knee and lean forward slightly until you feel a stretch in your calf muscle. Aim to press your back heel toward the floor.

Perform 5 sets of 20 seconds, then switch legs. “As we get older we tend to move from play to exercise. Play is something that is naturally integrated into our lives.

Whereas exercise, whether we do it or not, is something that we have to go do,” says Vijay Varma, the lead author on the study. “Kids are naturally active day-to-day. They’re running around. They’re exploring. Unfortunately, it seems few companies get it right from the beginning. All of our featured micro-innovators have gone through multiple management turnovers.

One was as recent as April, 2013; Melinta, founded in 2000, is now on its third CEO — Mary Szela, who succeeded Mark Leuchtenberger after his three-year tenure, and after she had briefly.

List of related literature:

TkTable provides a table widget that you will use to display query results.

“PostgreSQL: A Comprehensive Guide to Building, Programming, and Administering PostgresSQL Databases” by Korry Douglas, Susan Douglas
from PostgreSQL: A Comprehensive Guide to Building, Programming, and Administering PostgresSQL Databases
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Only those fields in that text box will appear in the query results.

“Introduction to Computers for Healthcare Professionals” by Irene Makar Joos, Marjorie J. Smith, Ramona Nelson
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On the next screen, click the Radio button for queries, select the query called qry_TablesQueries, and click Next, as shown in Figure 5-5.

“Integrating Excel and Access: Combining Applications to Solve Business Problems” by Michael Schmalz
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“Pro Android Python with SL4A: Writing Android Native Apps Using Python, Lua, and Beanshell” by Paul Ferrill
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As you navigate the XWF GUI, the VS is queried and the results are displayed in the directory tree, Directory Browser, etc.

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The IKernelLink interface has a variety of methods for retrieving typed results.

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Enter a last name in the query parameter dialog, and qrySoundex will return all records from tblStaff that sound like the name you entered.

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  • Call it whatever you want, should be common sense to move and keep active, people who do manual labor are constantly picking things up, climbing, walking

  • Great points and absolutely agree. However, this ancestor argument has to end one day as it’s pseudoscience. If you gonna use that argument, let’s discuss how they lived for like 20 to 30 years. The best argument we can make for them is that they were not stationary and constantly on the move, but I’m pretty sure after a long day of escaping predators, they would have loved a chair. It’s just that these days, we use those chairs a bit too much and standing too long is not great for you either, it’s about a balance, even if it means bending one log on a low chair for a bit and swapping.

  • Leslie’s walking miles are magnifique! She has a wonderful personality for the role and I am fussy, as I used to teach aerobics myself many years ago in Australia (back in UK now). Great warm up and warm down, and explaining what is going on… excellent. I use the programme to complement whatever else I am doing, or sometimes on its own. Thank you Leslie.

  • Thank you for a workout that doesn’t wreck me! Spending so much time working at the computer these days I need something brief to get me moving during a break. Also, enjoy that it focuses on the back, the very thing I am in need of after sitting in front of a screen for hours! Love your channel!

  • I don’t have that belt but my Dr suggested me to walk with Leslie sansone and do strength training. How can I get that belt that you have pls suggest am from India…love and hugs to you ������

  • lol… just did this with my Mum (84-years-old tomorrow) she did well but kept laughing. she did an extra low impact version. an all-round, feel good workout xx:)

  • Love it! Just right and Schellea is getting in my head! It’s so important to exercise every single day, ty for making that easy my friend ��

  • A positive out of lockdown? Deciding to exercise. Started with the 20 and 30 minute workouts. Worked up to the 30 and 40 minute ones. Leslie says you only need to do the 40 minute one twice a week. I appreciate that, but no, no, go big or go home is my motto!! 30 and 40 minute workouts 5 times a week. A few months into it and I’m feeling great! Step and tap, stay here if that’s what you like? No, no, again go big or go home!! Step, knee! I’ll be doing these workouts for a long time!

  • It has some merits but no good for say heavy compounds where you need 3 to 4 sets of progressively heavy warm ups beforecyour work sets

  • I do realy like the Background with trees during the 30 Seconds Walking. That’s a brilliant Idea:)
    Of course i also like the exercise that you show us.
    Thanks dir your effort.

  • Thank you.As a beginner I like the options shown where there is a less intense version of an exercise shown along with the one I hope to progress to. Keeps me going & not wanting to give up feeling I can’t join in.
    Also the advice on wanting stronger bodies, I fall over a lot & worried I may not be able to get up again as I get older as my arms were feeling quite weak.Along with the arm exercises & balance exercises I should be able to!
    Love to you & yours, stay safe, love from an UK ex pat in Malta x

  • In the morning i did 35 pushups and went to the college. During off periods i did it again, this time even my friends started joining and everyone was cheering on us lol. Got back home and did another 35 and finally before bedtime i did 35 again. This is how my day went yesterday

  • This is sound advice. Think about it; we haven’t evolved to be almost sedentary for 22 hours of the day and active for an hour or two.

  • I love these work outs I am 62 and they are so doable I do a 30 min one first then can’t help myself and do a fifteen or twenty minute one followed by a stretch It is so lovely that you are so UN bossy and so encouraging. But I need your play list for one work out that I just LOVE!!

  • Where does that music come from, I love the song/beat of the one that comes right after the warm up. Do you have an extended walk video with that same music/song/beat? I love all of the walk videos.

  • You’re such a lovely lady and this is helping so so much!! Love your workouts. I’m 53 and fortunately slender but going through menopause so toning and my emotional well being is what I’m working on. I’m caring for my 91 year old mum and bless her, she wanted a go but she can’t as she gets vertigo and unsteady on her legs…sweet though ��

  • I do this workout everyday. Some days to add more intensity I run on the spot, instead of marching and I use cans of beans in my hands to give more focus on my arms. ��

  • Jhhj

  • I have a way of doing this which is to set a target of 1,000 press-ups a week (other moves as well)….doesn’t matter how many i do each time although i find it helps to do sets of 10 or 20. I also aim for 20 chins a day and have a target of collecting (rucking) 100 Kg of scavenged firewood each week. The only ‘long’ sessions are my 3 weights session where i just do one exercise per session.

  • This is the first video I didn’t like. After having a knee replacement last year this was way too hard on my knees. Under the advice after surgery I am not to do certain Moves or kneel. I’ve loved every other video so far though. Sorry ��

  • Thanks Leslie.wonderful videos for body and mind.Your aura is so energetic.I just love it Started in lockdown but is totally mesmerised by its effects..God bless you dear Leslie.

  • Thanks so much help to make strength strong active daily life and keep fits body most loss weight 5 kg in 5 months good health and relax mind make calm down thanks you so much.We will wait to watch more and more. Praise Lord Jesus Christ Amen to all our brothers and sisters in Christ ������

  • I’m 75 years old, stand 5’3″ and weigh 230lbs. I have had a heart attack ten years ago, so I’m careful what I do.
    I found this routine easy to manage, and didn’t feel TOO whacked after it just pleasantly puffed. I stopped after twelve minutes but then when I saw there were only three minutes to go I thought ” Oh, I can manage that!” Once i get used to this I shall go on to something a bit more strenuous. The only thing I found a bit off putting was the lady shouting “Wok!Wok! Wok!” all the time made me long for a stir fry….

  • Lucy..loved this workout..enjoyed doing this with my 4 yr old daughter..and my 9 yr old son n his dad too do your other 20 mins workout..we are your big fans from India..we feel soo energetic and our bodies are getting toned day by day..thank you and we love you Lucy..����������

  • I am 40 and its been year since I broke my knee so I love your workouts because I still have trouble with my knee and your workouts help me alot. So thank so much

  • Thank you Leslie and Team. I got it in today. Your videos are a tremendous blessing to me and others. For about a year and a half I did little to no exercise. I’m back and will continue on. Yay!

  • I was thinking my life was over when I had my aortic valve replaced but I survived and now thanks to your walk workout I feel alive!
    Thank you fro Prince Edward Island ���� Canada

  • thank you so much for this video, I have been doing it every morning for about 3 mths, I am supposed to be havng back surgery and this seems to releive some pain, is there another one of your videos you can recommend, so I can switch it up?

  • You say on this one that the more you do the more you can experience. I walked on a coatal path for the first time since i was in my twenties this week. It was liberating. All bercause I feel fitter since doing your exercises. X

  • Some would say people condense their workouts due to time restrictions. Work, family life… My be an idea after retirement though.

  • I too love the 30 second intervals. Good workout, I love that you have workouts of different lengths so there is always one (or two) that can fit my schedule. I was able to get my BPM up to 105 or so by running, not walking. I do need to hold on to something for the lunges though. Two fake knees has compromised my balance in them but I am fine with squats.

  • Hi Shellea. This workout session is indeed very challenging. The moment you incorporate lunges the doer is huffing and puffing. It is low impact only in part. Doable certainly but leaves you breathless.

  • Thank you so much for your videos. I am only 40 but I was hit by a truck almost 2 yrs ago and I had to learn how to walk again amongst so many other obsticles I had to overcome. I have not been able to really get back in the gym and work hard due to all of my injuries. I have been doing all of your videos and I am starting to get great results thank you so much!!!

  • hello maam im from India… i love all ur super n easy exercise…i hv reduced 8kilos after following ur videos… really thank u so much… love u maam…

  • Interesting method. Especially for someone like me who’s been doing weights 30 years and have too many injuries. By the way, who’s the redhead? Does she have her own channel?

  • Thank you so much Shellea❣you are awsome and you are helping me so much….I I know you are bgg helping a lot of women out there������

  • Thank you Leslie I am 67, started doing this at start of lockdown I do it every day. Really fit. Thank you so much. Somerset England.

  • good evening each n every one these conditioning exercises are very simple to do at home and simple superb n result is good in fitness.

  • I absolutely love your walking videos! I have been walking twice a day for the last month and a half and with my diet have lost 17 pounds!!! Big fan!!!

  • So glad I remembered to find you.. with the gym closed, these workouts will be a way to keep my stamina.. and I love how encouraging you are! Thank you!

  • Thank you thank you for the walking videos. I’m recovering from COVID. Going on 3 wks… started off slow for cardio. God bless you Leslie we love you. To strength, healthy living…”walk walk walk ����‍♀️��������������

  • First, I love your videos and I know you need to monetize it, but that is unbearable. A damn add every 2 minutes is taking away the whole atmosphere

  • I feel like youtube is spying on me because I have been doing this instinctively lately and now this video popped up solidifying my new found way of doing homework outs:)

  • Hi Schellea! did this as a part of Wednesday challenge, made me think about the balance. Though a short workout, it had quiet a lot. Thank you……..

  • Thank you again Shelley! Been doing this for over a year now, currently interspersed with other workouts, but you are my home-buddy and I always come back. Keep going!

  • I had joined gym for 1 month. And trust me, those people couldn’t keep me hooked on to working out for even two days after I left the gym. And you? You have made me ADDICTED to working out. I can’t imagine not waking up in the morning and doing your workouts! It gives me a sense of accomplishment. My day feels super incomplete if I don’t.
    That is what I call a lifestyle change. ♥
    You’ve changed my lifestyle and that is so incredible!
    I promise you, my trainer, I’m gonna keep myself healthy and workout at least 6 days a week even when I reach my goal weight (actually I don’t care about weight. I love the shape that my body’s achieving every single day with the progression. I never knew I could have an ab-crack or that my figure was actually a super sexy hour glass or that I could have a thigh gap!).
    I feel like I owe you to love and take care of my body and keep it healthy.

    Done for the day.
    Lots of love!

    #LucySquad #ILoveLucy #Done!

  • Thank you. Watching from the Philippines. I am 53 years old and I need to do a lot of your exercises for the fabulous 50 like me! Thumbs up!

  • Excellent video. I’m so glad I found this. I love the two options so I can really keep up. This video will become a regular one for me. Thank you so much. <3 <3 <3

  • Greetings Sanpo Stroll! ��✴��
    What a awesome video of Kensington
    London side streets. Just perfectly�� presented The sounds of rain,were very
    comforting.,along with the beauty of the
    buildings, the lovely greenery and the ��
    crispy fresh air & rain.Thanks so much for your effort to bring all these lovely sights to your ardent viewers. It always
    feels wonderful to stroll around with you
    in London.It sparks up the natural spirit
    for adventure,fun and excitement.✴��
    It is also highly informative. Appreciate your work Sanpo.���� Many goodwish
    to you as always. I am from the North✳ East India,State /Assam..a highly eco��
    friendly zone,famous for the one horned
    Rhinoceros.,& tea production. Thank you

  • Ooo wee I remember Leslie Sansone! She is who I thought about when I searched indoor walking, glad I found this channel:) The Fairy Godmother of indoor walking ❤️

  • I’m tell you one group of people who can really benefit from this type of exercise philosophy. Those are old guys, like me, who have developed health problems and really need to exercise, but don’t have the physical stamina to go through an hour long barbell session. Little, micro sessions, like Mark describes are a great way to get in a ton of work and not over-tax the CNS or cardio-respiratory system too much.

  • Im doing the same thing. I receive great results so far.
    AM Push up 500 to 600 strict reps
    Air squats 300 reps

    NN Crunches 2 sets to Fail
    Shoulder 2 sets to Fail
    PM Pull ups 300 reps
    Arms 2 sets to Fail

    Im doing it everyday for 120 days now and it yields great results. Add up real quick

  • Just moved onto this one today from the 15 minute walking video and I loved it. 2500 steps �� Great start to the day. Thanks Lucy ��

  • She is so adorable and has soft nature, just love to listen to her. Her words are kind like in between if you want anytime you drink water. She helped me a lot at this age of mine. ❤️

  • She speaking non stop, good she explain how does it work but non stop speaking I can’t concentrate on the exercises, would be nice a bit of music

  • Thanks once again Lucy…..
    Amazing workout and you are amazing trainer…..
    Beautiful person in and out
    Doing this during quarantine

  • When i was younger, i was a gym freak. Now that im older I don’t have the same energy level n testosterone. My excercise is much lighter than i used to do in my prime. And i ran out of gas quicker but it is still important to excercise to stay healthier. Do excercise according your ability, your younger days are over so you don’t have to push yourself to the same level you had.

  • Thank you so much for your workouts!! As an older woman I feel like I can do the exercises just as well as younger.. you are very inspiring and encouraging as you push us to be the best versions of ourselves.. Much Love ❤️������

  • I love this. I hadn’t thought of exercise in this way before. I believe these periodic times of activity could awaken my body throughout the day and give me more mental alertness. I am going to try it.

  • It’s a great way to work out. I have done this for a while, it gives the the nervous and muscular system time to adapt. It’s perfect if you don’t have time to go to the gym and very effective. Greasing the groove is what it’s known as in certain strength circles.

  • I like to use these 20-to-30 minute walking videos as a warm-up before my workouts and on rest days. They aren’t an actual workout (my HR never exceeded 115), but they are a fun way to warm up the body. Thank you.

  • WOW. I just discovered your channel (after being a user of your products for the last couple of months) and I love this video and have watched it several times. What a revelation and practical during this time when we are all sequestered. I will definitely make microworkouts a part of my daily routine. Thanks, Mark!

  • Hi Shellea. I appreciate the way you have a low impact version of every exercise you demonstrate. Each day I try to incorporate each of your exercise sessions into my workout. That way every limb of the body gets toned. You goad us on with your optimistic and encouraging words. You have a dream figure and hence you are my role model.

  • That was amazing!!! Never thought I could complete it… and I’m on the very obese side… I feel so good after doing this ☺ Thank you ❤

  • Problem is older people have to really warm the muscle up to prevent injury and to be able to use heavy weights for growth. Micro workouts are for only light work.

  • Our sedentary lifestyle is truly bad for us. Our bodies not built to sit for long periods of time. So getting up and moving after a period of time is smart. Desk jockeys need to work in chunks and move in chunks. Only you decide what’s good, what works and when, but do something.

  • 62 year old dude here and this is basically how I move my body throughout the day. Don’t really think of it as exercise.

    Starts w waiting for my morning coffee to brew and just do a bunch of stretching, then later in the AM do either pushups or planks or both, then do some jump rope throughout the day and sometimes 2-3 times per day (great cardio burn and fun and easy to do and no gym required), and then do a bit of walking and keeping the body moving.

    I go to the gym 2-3 times per wk but not looking to get big at my age. Just looking to stay limber and strong.

    Also went vegan for the last 3 months and that’s been huge for me. Lost my spare tire belly after abt 20 years of having one.

  • Thank you I love all your exercises they make me feel good in mind and body. I have less aches and pains and will definitely be keeping these as part of my daily routine even when our world is given back to us to appreciate all we took for granted ��x

  • I’m not sure how healthy this is for the joints because you’d typically want to warm up first but personally since I’m pressed for time I’m going to try this out.

  • Enjoyed your 5 minute ab workout. Will try 10 minute ab workout. I like the voice giving simple instructions and encouraging instructions. Thank you

  • Obviously depends on your age, lifestyle and what your goal is. Most young people who go to the gym for an hour a day will look a lot better than if they just done push ups 5 times a day through the day on a kitchen worktop �� suppose it’s good for toning up but that’s about it. Definitely won’t gain much size on individual muscles.

  • the type of thing of thing for people who doesn’t work or whose work is too easy or doesn’t consume too much time in their day. Plus, you’re going to be sweating all day long? this is stupid

  • It sucks for people who have to wear more formal attire during most of the day. I’d do more during the day if I was wearing different clothes.

  • Hi I have started to do your stretch exercise for the last two weeks, then took courage to try this workout, absolutely enjoyed it. Walking supposed to be good for you but it’s boring to me but you incorporate walking/jogging with other exercises which makes gives variety and fun. I will definitely do this again. Just want to say thank you.

  • At times I get very busy at work. I do these micro workouts on my breaks. Pushups, Air Squats and even a jog around the block…it all ads up. Better than doing nothing. I find it gives me a much needed boost and energy lift and helps me get through my day.

  • Enjoyed, yes, was FUN! Thanks for adding in the closed captions ; deaf people appreciate it!
    You always encourage us, and I love that also!

  • I have been doing your workouts every day for the past 2 weeks!! You are physically and mentally helping me get through our lockdown! ��

  • I have switched from classic gym sessions, to doing micro-workouts all through the course of the day.
    I’ve gaine a lot more muscle (in the sens: way faster for me to notice) by spreading the workouts than doing them in one go, as you would usually do.
    My theory: the biology’s main goal is Survival. When we build muscle, it’s because for our cells innate intelligence “this muscle if used quite a lot, I better grow it to facilitate my host”.
    If you train a lot in a short period, as in a gym session, the cells think “these muscles are used a lot but rather sparingly, so should I really invest into building them? Okay, I’ll grow them a bit”
    If you train frequently (micro workouts) the cells think “this muscles seem to be used very frequently, therefor they must play a crucial part my host’s every day life, better grow them fast”.
    Also, frequent workouts increase insuline sensitivity (for a couple of houres after each session), and insulin shuttles amino-acids (building blocks of muscles) into the cells. So being constantly more insuline sensitive facilitates greatly in muscle growth, compared to classic workouts where you would still be insuline sensitive, but only for a couple of hours after your session (instean of basically your whole day).

  • I am 34 years old but I have a 7 month old at home that keeps me occupied.. this is a great workout to get moving in the living room with the little one on the floor! Thanks!! I get a sweat from it.

  • Amazing amazing.. couldn’t realise how time passed. I enjoyed. Love the way the trainer is motivating. Like the way she says walk walk walk

  • I am 61, and have rhumatoid arthritus. I stopped excersizing because the doc told me not to because of my joints. Bad advise! I found your workouts and can do them gently to get my body used to working out again. Thank you, bless you.

  • I sometimes do this routine on my off days. I go in when I do my regular workout. I do not go to gyms anymore. Too much distraction. I am not gay, but sometimes chicks trying to get attention distract me.

  • You’re right, I exercise in a similar way. Going to the gym is a waste of money and time. Only for those who are vain and wanna look ripped or the like.

  • Great, that was fun… I felt like I could march forever.
    Equipped with 2-pound hand weights I was tapping on the ground and felt as if nothing could stop me… �� I want to lose a few pounds, and these exercises are great for that. The 14-day program is varied and there is something for everyone, I love it. Thanks a lot ��

  • Thank you Leslie i have gained aloot weight in this lockdown nd its helping me loosing weight, its just an amazing thing i found on YouTube…

  • I think the GYM is fun. Does anyone else think the gym is fun too?.
    ..Small workouts are cool medium work outs are cool hard work outs are cool. Anything is better than nothing

  • I’d say do both: resistance training and light work through out the day(or just being active).
    Coz this will be just like an active lifestyle which people don’t have.
    And an hour workout won’t increase your work capacity, it will only increase weight you can lift. But being active would make your joints stronger, compared to weight training where heavy weights comes as a shock to the body. Also micro workouts should be very light and shouldn’t interfere with our recovery.
    But it’s important to do both.

  • I do this and feel it’s beneficial I’m 46 currently. I feel like a lot of people overtrain and have the mind set that more is better but everyone’s body functions different. Maybe if your body is used to overtraining a micro work out ain’t gna do shit but if your body isn’t used to the over stimulus then it see that as a reason to grow and gain muscle. Just my feelings on this all the best

  • There’s actually another youtube channel where 2 guys do 100 pushups every day for a month
    one of the guys say, he found it easier to do 10 at a time, maybe every hour
    anyways, at the end of the video you see their result and it still shows!

  • Hey Lucy
    Loving your workouts, you have kicked s nasty flare into touch.

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  • I am 55 years old and I had a long battle of belly fat, since then, I have had my hysterectomy surgery two years ago and I looked like I was expecting a baby. I had my uterus removed.

  • Amen. It works. Be careful on rep count over 55 years of age because your body will need more time to recover. There are softer forms (Feldenkrais for example) that most certainly manage how we move and understand how we move much better and feel “at home” in your body. It matters. This gentleman deserves a medal. Outstanding.

  • I have followed other channels also, but they are so high intensity that I felt to faint. Though I do used to go to gym before quarantine, still! But Lucy’s workouts are best. I had followed Lucy’s workouts long time ago, the 7 minutes workout and seriously they were really effective.
    Starting this walking exercise playlist from tomorrow, and yeah I’ll give updates everyday:

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  • Micro workouts are great because it’s the concept of the turtle vs hare. I don’t know one person that works out 45 mins a day or more that has kept that up for years on out. All athletes I know, without exception, have taken many hiatus’ from working out due to burn out. Micro workouts are sustainable. Anybody can workout 10 mins a day without taking a hiatus because it’s more sustainable. It’s easy to do and repeat. High intensity is good if you’re in desperation to reach a goal, but from the statistics I’ve seen it seems impossible to sustain as a lifelong goal. Micro workouts have been amazing for me in my development.

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  • I used to do micro workouts all the time. Everytime I had to go into the walkin Id grab a 5 gallon bucket and do 30 curls per arm. Everytime in the basement id do a set of 15 dead hang pullups. Id drop and do a set of pushups everytime I went outside. I still hit the gym everyday too.

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  • Makes no sense. Heavy weight done with micro execution, ok that’s good. 10 pushups in an hour and 10 later, it won’t leave a dent.
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    #quarantine #socialdistancing stayathomeBDA #staysafe #stayhealthy #curfew #PhaseOne

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    This workout is great, I combine it with the 30 minute indoor standing workout. But can you please update this workout with the same exercises but some other music and a timeline “clock” like you are using in your newer video’s? That would be fantastic. Keep up the good work! as being a woman of 50, I really enjoy watching your video’s and doing the exercises. ����

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  • サンポさんお疲れ様です��雨の音がとてもいい感じですね!私も挑戦したいけどタイミングが…泣 あと子供の育児が大変で全然ビデオを撮りに行くことが難しくなってきました��
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  • I started doing this yesterday morning and night and I like how the intensity slowly increases and how motivating lucy is. I’ve been trying to lose some weight this quarantine and I think I’m going to continue doing this daily.

  • I am on lock down due to the coronavirus and I have a long term breathing illness.  I found this by accident and together with the one before it for the arms it had done me more good than all the gym visits I have been to.  The arm exercises work incredibly well even though I was using weights up the gym.  I was so surprised that I challenged my husband to do the arm exercises and he laughed at me but did them in front of me and he is not laughing now.  He as really, really surprised at how much they work.  Thank you all so much.  This makes me feel better after the exercises and at least I feel better at being stuck indoors.

  • Thanks for your reply. I have been using the videos 4 days in a row. For toned arms, abs, stretching exercises. Thank you! I need to be productive while the entire Luzon is on quarantine due to covid 19 virus. God bless!

    this is my 1st workout outside of the 7-min videos & i LOVE IT!!!
    the trees are a nice touch as well!!!
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    Do you have any other suggestions.
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