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ATHLEAN-X is NOT a Strength Coach: THE FINAL VERDICT (Part 2)

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Introducing FUNKtional Fitness Classes Get ready to Boogie Down with Snap Fitness! Fitness. 2019-04-01 | By: Snap Fitness At Snap Fitness, we’re always looking to stay ahead of the latest trends in the fitness industry. Over the years, we’ve evolved to offer bold, new workouts that challenge our members and keep them feeling healthy and fit. Introducing FUNKtional Fitness Classes.

Snap Fitness. April 1, 2019 · Looking to add some groove to your workout routine? Strap on your MYZONE band and head on down to the Funk Zone for our new FUNKtional Fitness workout!

Visit our blog to find a participating gym near you!Looking to add some groove to your workout routine? Strap on your MYZONE band and head on down to the Funk Zone for our new FUNKtional Fitness workout! Visit out blog to my a participating gym.

We’re a community. FunkFit was founded in 2008 to attract a fitness community of positive minded individuals who encourage each other to be 1% better everyday. Directions. How to do it: This 3-day workout program is designed to build exactly that.Make sure to rest one day between workouts. Do 3 sets of each exercise.

Use a weight that makes it challenging, but not impossible, to do about 10 reps of each move. Feito Y, et al. High-intensity functional training (HIFT): Definition and research implications for improved fitness. Sports.

2018;6:E76. Cortell-Tormo J, et al. Effects of functional resistance training on fitness and quality of life in females with chronic nonspecific low-back pain. Funktional Fitness, Gilbert, Arizona. 3,270 likes · 69 talking about this · 6,580 were here. ☝️Results and Exceptional Customer Experience are our top priorities at Funktional Fitness.

Our. 15-Minute Functional HIIT Workout “This quick 15-minute HIIT session will have your whole body burning, and you can do it anywhere – no equipment, no excuses,” says Tew. Working out for Real Life Functions. Functional fitness may be among the latest buzzwords in gyms these days, but for good reason.

It’s about training your body to. A gym used to just be a gym. Now, we have boxes, spin studios, barre studios, and boot camps, too.

The newest category of sweat-producing spots.

List of related literature:

Most fitness centers that host aerobic dance classes also have certified personal trainers who will provide a brief initial assessment of needs and exercise for first­time users.

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Few participated in these classes until Large as Life members obtained fitness leadership training.

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Not only can you access my video-based companion to this program, but you’ll find all kinds of on-demand and live workouts from cardio to barre to yoga.

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It oers a range of cardio, strength and free weight equipment along with over 25 classes per week which include yoga, boxing, kettlecise, pilates, body pump and TRX. ½ey are also the exclusive licensee of TRIBE Team Training™.

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The bundled class option allows members to buy 10 or 12 classes and take those at their convenience over a period of weeks or months, perhaps adding one Pilates session per week to their routine.

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AND NUMERACYSKILLS Fitness Australia has developed an online version of the APSS tool for use in fitness facilities.

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Class begins with students in their home spaces being led through the fitness and stretching routine by their fitness trainer.

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  • Point blank “negligent and unethical” Cavaliar from ShilleanX as a master in “fitness marketing guru”.
    Makes me wanna schkeeve hearing this name such a con artist.
    Lets just call it what it is, a personality disorder of a covert narcissistic sociopath with severe insecurity disorder.
    The fact that he spews garbage about nutrition and claims to favor carbs yet stays under 7% body fat year round…hmm lets hear about your cycles of either osterine, proviron of masteron buddy.
    I’ve had to chime in multiple times in Health/PE classes when asked “what do you think about AX?”, well my blood starts to boil and could go into a 1 hour lecture of his unethical practices with cross-fit mentality to confuse the body.
    Strength & conditioning isn’t a reinvented wheel every training session like cross-fit, throwing bunch of garbage at the ceiling and hoping something sticks.
    Right on point about variances in posture taking into effect lifestyles and proportions of skeletal structure.
    Yourself Enkiri, Cressey, Pavel, Ross E. could all give him a run for his money in strength, conditioning and athleticism any time of the year.

  • Purebullfit’s latest video is a shitshow of backtracking, downplaying what he has previously said and being a patronising little bitch

  • even if the perfect leg workout was an error on Jeff’s production crew, Athlean-X is Jeff’s brand and the buck stops with him.

    also, can we stop talking about guy now?

  • Alec, it seems Jeff lies about his height too.
    He says he’s 180 in ‘my stats revealed’, but when he’s next to Antonio Brown, he’s obviously shorter, and Brown’s shorter than 180…
    How insecure and dishonest can the guy get…

  • I’m a physical therapist and the model of posture and pain is still taught in schools. However, In less than 4 years of practicing, I’ve realized that model is outdated through life/work experience and self study. There is a lot of psuedoscience taught in PT school unfortunately which is a detriment to the profession.

  • Hey Alex BBM has a few physios and chiros (who renounce the spinal manipulation stuff and basically also work as physios…). Michael Ray, Derek Miles are just a couple of them. They do great online consultations too. They work on the team to form their research crew for current literature in pain science and they really promote load management, and understanding contextual factors (psychology, physiology, social settings, mental health) and how all of these influence pain states. Really cool stuff. I’ve had coaching through BBM so just wanted to mention that.

  • It’s been purported that your powers of influence go beyond the exercise community. In a recent article in American Cock Strong Magazine; you were credited by the renown Urban Thesaurus, for the addition of the names “Biden/Kamala”, as synonyms for “Ken/Karen”, after you interchangeably used the words in public.

  • Athlean-x is like Mike Chang’s sixpackshortcut and the only difference is the audience of Jeff is dumber than Mikes’. Remember when Jeff does the face pulls and Mike did a towel roll? Both are dumb but somehow Jeff gets a pass

  • Hey Rip what would you recommend doing for a thickened left ventricle in my heart? I believe I have developed athletes heart from training and my heart hypertrophied.

  • People need to keep eyes open, there are still people who don’t know iron is a hot commodity. 4 weeks ago I added 2×45’s, 2×35’s, 2×25’s 6×10’s, 4×5’s 2×2.5’s a curl bar and 7ft Olympic rusty bar for $50.00

  • People need to keep eyes open, there are still people who don’t know iron is a hot commodity. 4 weeks ago I added 2×45’s, 2×35’s, 2×25’s 6×10’s, 4×5’s 2×2.5’s a curl bar and 7ft Olympic rusty bar for $50.00

  • World Olympic weightlifting has a doping problem. But the NGO for weightlifting here in the US seems to have the same issue as Judo. Sad really.
    Wish more could be done to bring both sports into much more popularity.

  • I bought total beaxst awhile back and honestly just seems like a waste of money. Every week 6-8 then switch 10-12. That’s all it is and although I saw gains they were newbie gains. After I went and did the hardest mode and didn’t really see gains just soreness on any given random day. Maybe I was a bad student? Idk I copied his videos exactly

  • I had 3 or 4 of Jeff’s programs. AX2 is probably the worst. Each week is extremely different from the last such that you never feel like you’re even progressing in the first place let alone figure out progressive overload methods. The only one that had any sort of road map for progrssion was the platue buster program, forgot the name, but bascially at the end of each month, you’d go for a max number of reps on the DB bench, front squat, underhand row, and deadlifts, you know, all the top super duper important lifts that we clearly are trying to improve on. Not the back squat or regular bench, nah, underhand rows. Anyway, if you got a number higher than you did last time then you bumped up some percentages. But the workouts again changed each month so really, if each month was the same it would at least make a little sense, but you don’t get the feeling of getting better on any of his programs. That same program I just mentioned has you deadlifting 3 times in a week at one point with the third time being a test. I’ve always noticed a loss in overall strength on his programs.
    Sorry for the long post, you asked haha

  • You and Curlean-X really opened my eyes about this. This is the reality check I needed to un-drink the coolaid. I was pretty much a Jeff nut huger. “No. Not Jeff. He would never.” I would think. But it is clear he is not a proper strength coach and should remove that from his title on his videos and bio. Keep up the good work:)

    I just watched the SBD Taiwan 74kg male category today and the national champion barely push 140kg on bench press with an arching back and shaky arms. Consider Jeff can bench multiple 140kg with a steady pace, i think Jeff definitely can bench a maximum of 160kg ++ with proper arching technique too!
    Hail to the strongest Jeff

  • The sad truth about this is that he is making a lot more money LYING to a naive audience that actual coaches are making working 1 on 1 with pro athletes like in the NBA or NFL.

  • The thing thats dumb about the athlean x obsession over muscle imbalances is that pretty much any “athlete” will have muscle imbalances. If you kick left foot in soccer you’ll likely have a slightly different left leg to right leg, probably slightly more bulkier as it gets used more. If you’ve been a quarterback or javelin thrower your whole life and throw right handed then same thing, you’d have a more developed right pec and right shoulder. Muscle imbalances are normal and you aren’t going to die if one of your hamstrings is more tighter than the other, or your pecs are a bit stronger than your upper back muscles.

  • I’ve given up saying anything to my wife about exercise or training.
    When she complains about her shoulder and upper back pain I just nod my head and say I hear you honey, cause she doesn’t want to try and fix the problem

  • $1000 for 45lb plates?! That’s fucking stupid. I found a rusted Olympic bar with a pair of 45’s and a pair of quarters on the side of the road back in June. It was all set out for junk. I cleaned up the hex bolt bar with a wire brush and sold it for $80. I guess I should’ve tried to ship it to some fool asses living out on the coast damn!

  • I don’t feel like wasting my time anymore writing comments when your shirt reads NEVER, EVER READ THE COMMENTS. I usually grind them out in sets of 5, with 10 minutes of rest in between that I spend listening to the podcast. This video is 1 hour and 8 minutes long, so that’s a heavy session with what used to be at least 5 comments and all that work to boost the podcast in the Youtube algorithm.

    My opening comment would have been about the first question from a caller, pertaining to how Rippetoe managed his time in college. What a stupid question. Boozing, snoring, and going from one-night stand to one-night stand, of course, always accompanied by his little orangutan (which he used to start conversations with among likely prospects for the night), usually all of these activities on one evening and multiple evenings a week. All college time is like that. Of course, these days it includes pissing off the Marxist teachers by slashing or puncturing their tyres in the parking lot, or saying all lives matter (especially white ones with stable day jobs and families to take care of), or asking questions in class about the gulags and why socialists always feel it necessary to put people in mass graves. I got plenty of practicing finishing in college, but I didn’t finish college itself. Now I’m a bottom 3%, but even that has become a useless job. Is nobody reading the comments, then?:(

  • As a guy completly new to this, at this point I don’t know who I am suppouse to listen to. I started at march this year, and I was following mostly Jeff’s advices for last 3 months. Before that I used some guides from internet that was kind of bad, as I see it now when I gain a bit more knowledge in the topic. Weirldy enough I never seen Jeffs vids as a guide to strenght but more for just defined and good looking muscle, and that’s my goal. Thanks to Covid I had to work out at home, but I followed his guides (with a little of tweaks that felt better for me specifically) and got some kind of progress that I am happy with. I thought that finally found some relaliable source of info, then all of this debunking thing started to happen. Which would be fine but following that logic, you have no more relaiablity than Jeff in my eyes And there is a ton of bashing on him from different people RN on YT. How I am suppouse to know that your vids won’t be debunked in near future, just like Jeffs are now? Who to trust?

  • I used Jeff’s Max size program and it does have a function that allows you to tract your previous lifts and he says to gradually get stronger on your main lifts but the programming didn’t allow me to do so. For example, he’ll have you pre exhaust the target muscle with an isolation movement and then do a compound lift with no rest to failure within the 6-9 rep max adjusting the weight to fail in that rep range if needed. Then rest 2 minutes between completed supersets. He’d have you do 17 total sets for chest in one workout so I’d be really really sore and it’s basically a bro split so you can’t even try to progress on anything until next week. This is not something you’d have a novice do.

  • Jeff is a fraud, but face pulls are legit.
    I see people bashing them and it seems like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
    But…you don’t need to spend more than 3 to 5 minutes on facepulls

  • Jeff Cavaliere is a scam artist. He just is, come on. You said it perfectly, the reason he used fake weights is because he wanted to paint the perfect picture by showing his followers and possible clients that you can be really lean while also being really strong which is everybody’s dream but, in reality, pretty impossible (especially if you’re natty). So I’d say that’s a scam, plain and simple. He lied to people and finacially benefitted from it. Jeff Cavaliere is a scam artist. Let’s call him for what he really is.

  • To be a fitness guru you gotta complicate fitness, add a bunch of exercises, provide bad programs, promote gimmicks, and sound smart!

  • Interesting analysis. Your message is always well delivered but your production values have also improved which helps with this. I do think you could try elevating the camera a little bit so you are looking at rather than down at the viewer. Just a suggestion.

  • An ex bf got me one of Jeff’s 90 day programs back in the day. I went over it a bunch of times and all I could think was “there’s gotta be something I’m missing, this can’t be the whole thing”
    Yeah, it sucked. It felt incomplete. I never started it and I’m glad lol

  • I got jeff’s program 2 years ago and guess what! I stopped using the program after 2 months. Waste of time. There are a lot programs in youtube you can get for free that is way better than the athlene x program.

  • Alright, I said in the past, I didn’t care about fake weight thing because I didn’t follow him for how much he lift. Now I changed my mind, I care especially of the whole bunch of mistakes that everybody is bringing up and what you showed in the last two videos. Again I say I benefited from him in other stuff (not strength training) but I believe it’s time to unfollow and move on

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for the “perfect” full body home workout using body-weight exercises? I’ve been following the one on Athlean X for the past month or 2, but I guess it looks like he’s probably not the best guy to be listening to lol. Would be much appreciated!

  • That perfect back workout is brutal why would u pair a compound lift with another compound lift that use a lot of the same muscles its like he just said yeah put that with that and throw that in their too perfect! And that’s a shit load of volume ur back is gonna be toast before u even get to the end unless ur an advanced lifter or enhanced

  • I bought two programs and to quote my brother:
    “You’ve been doing that program for 1 year and look the same”
    Although I am lot healthier and do feel it prepared me to start my training with the core compound lifts. Honestly it does not focus on progressive overload, if your goal is to increase strength the x is not for you.

  • Hey, Alec. Physical Therapy student that’s been strength training for 12 years here. If you want some perspective on current PT practices hit me up

  • I have to say, I originally came to be aware of you on Jason Blaha’s channel. I found your original videos inspirational. I definitely wanted to be as strong as you. This whole Athlean x witchhunt however has been such a turnoff. I don’t even watch nor like his channel particularly because I have different goals than what he teaches and I have always preferred personalized coaching plans. But as someone in the market for a new coach (Jason could only take me so far) this obsession with trying to prove your value through discrediting a competitor has been so transparent. I would NEVER EVER EVER hire you now. Do you know how jealous and petty this makes you look? And I’m saying this constructively. It stamps you as a the exact thing I believe you were trying to achieve by making these videos a desperate youtube fitness wannabe trying so hard to get attention. If you were good you wouldn’t have to try so hard to convince people you are. Jason was right about you when he said you had “little man syndrome”. Just wish you had never done this to yourself.

  • we need time stamps in the descriptions, so we just have to listen to the interesting questions (and answers). poor rip should be the only one hearing all of them, but he makes his living out of that so its perhabs destiny…