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My Fitness Blender Before & After Results! | Body Transformation

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Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Challenge Strong and Lean Day 2

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Fitness Blender’s When I Say Jump HIIT Cardio Round 2 Fat Burning At Home Cardio

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Day in the Life of Kelli & Daniel Fitness Blender in LA Behind the Scenes

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Cardio & Dieting VS Fitness Blender & Clean Eating + How Many Calories Does Kelli Eat?

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Kelli’s Before and After Story: How I Lost 40 lbs and Overcame My Eating Disorder

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Fitness Blender Results Before and After Video Round 2 Part of the cool thing about Fitness Blender is that we get to talk to people from all over the world of all different walks of life, beliefs, ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Fitness Blender provides free full length workout videos, workout routines, healthy recipes and more. I just completed Bodyweight Round 2 today.

2 months, 2 programs completed. YAY! Before I get into the results just some basic info of how I went about the Programme 1. I completed Low Impact R1 last month and moved on to Bodyweight R2.

There is no one magic Fitness Blender workout video that works it’s a combination of all of them that will bring about the best/fastest results. With that said, many of the people in the before and after pictures have used our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs to get those results. Come tell us what workout videos you would like to see next on Facebook @ Full routine info for this Fitness Blender Lower Body Workou. FB Booty Round 2 Booty Boot Camp for Butt and Thighs.

Build lean muscle & create shape in the butt & thighs with three intense workouts a week. Boost functional strength & reduce body fat while improving tone, cardio endurance, flexibility & balance. Round 1 & 2 use all unique workout videos. FB 30 Round 2 8 Week Fat Loss Program For Busy People.

Achievable, low impact results. Duration: 29:12. Fitness Blender Review 2019 + Before And After Pictures Duration: 5:21. 101 videos Play all Fitness Blender Behind the Scenes Fun FitnessBlender 100 Pounds Before and After Weight Loss Duration: 5:51.

DivaSlimsDown 10,518,708 views. These are people of all walks of life, all at different places in their journeys with eating clean and exercising. Some of these before and after pictures reflect only weeks of healthy habits. FB Fit Round 2 results and review.

13 I started FB fit round 2 toward the middle of March and I just finished the physical fitness test today. my physical fitness test results for the 1-mile run are likely not accurate as I had to stop due to sudden abdominal pains while I. You agree that use of this information is at your own risk and hold Fitness Blender harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims. Source videos.

List of related literature:

Last but not least, please bear in mind that facial workouts are quite different from other workouts.

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Now I can happily do the toning, level 2 aerobics, and I also exercise to my other new video (Rosemary Conley All New Hip and Thigh Workout).

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The results suggested that those who saw their virtual look-alike exercising did carry out significantly more exercise in the real world in a period after the experiment than the other two conditions.

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Tip: In following this demonstration save the Blender file repeatedly at each stage of the exercise.

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The results were so remarkable that I was encouraged to standardize a protocol so that anyone with determination could use the system to sculpt a lean, toned physique.

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Chronic improvements in VO2max [73], aerobic power [74] and physical capacity at the onset of fatigue [75] after 4–5 weeks high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are also potentiated with 3 g HMB day−1 vs. placebo.

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If you stay on the Reset Diet for more than thirty days and your progress plateaus for more than two weeks, it’s unlikely you will see further improvement by continuing with Step 1, so I recommend moving on to Step 2.

“The Paleo Cure: Eat Right for Your Genes, Body Type, and Personal Health Needs Prevent and Reverse Disease, Lose Weight Effortlessly, and Look and Feel Better than Ever” by Chris Kresser
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To track my progress, I not only recorded the weight I was lifting each day, I took a photo of myself in the mirror daily for the duration of the experiment.

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In the videos I reminded myself of the importance of exercise, diet, and consistency.

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With Ultimate Facercise, you can expect to see results quickly and, as with the foundation program, you will continue to improve upon those results over the weeks, months and even years that you use my program.

“Ultimate Facercise: The Complete and Balanced Muscle-Toning Program for RenewedVitality and a MoreYo uthful Appearance” by Carole Maggio
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Day 2 complete. I was a little stiff from yesterday & my shoulder was a bit painful too Dan. Todays workout wasn’t as tough as yesterday, I’m glad to say & I’m looking forward for number 3. Thanks & TCFN

  • omg, right when you think its the end of each exercise three ups or downs get thrown in their consecutively just to make it harder, fitness blender you don’t know how many four letter words you got called on this one!!!! I even saw Kelli’s face getting a little red during some of the exercises, you know it’s hard [email protected]# when that happens!!! Thanks for another great workout!!!

  • Had to give this one a thumbs down because there were so many exercises where Daniel kept saying “Down” LITERALLY every two seconds thereby not really giving us the chance to do the exercise in its entirety. Not so bad when it’s every 5-7 seconds but it gets annoying when you just come back from the “Down” position and he says it again. Don’t feel like I’m getting the full workout experience that way.

  • I have been following you two for a long time now and am so happy to see how far you have made it. You guys had me looking awesome! I need to get back in it now, but your fitness channel is definitely my favorite and I try to tell as many people as I can about it. Keep it up!!!

  • ………………….
    Took me an hour instead of 27 minutes!!!! Took me many breaks and going at a slower pace….by far the most difficult FB workout i’ve ever done! At least it’s over phewwww

  • I love this! Kelli you are saving my life (this and your video about moderation) have allowed my to turn my destructive behaviour around after just a few months I’m eating more, exercising because it makes me feel good now my body looks and feels better and most importantly I’m happier.

  • Kelli, love you so much! I have subscribed and working with you, and by sharing this video to us, you open your heart I and that is so sincere.

  • This is the 1st fitness blender workout I couldn’t do. I dropped out about halfway through and did an easier one. It wasn’t that I was out of breath. It’s just that my legs were burning. It was 50 burpees in 10 minutes, not to mention all the other stuff you have to do around them, which would be challenging enough on their own. I throw in the towel. You beat me.

  • You guys are so inspirational! Love the kiss before walking out to the workout platform. I have been doing your videos since 3 years ago and have enjoyed watching you both evolve. You must come workout with us in Miami! Love you both!

  • I had to do this workout with no weights because of having to spend the day far from my home… Did not expect to be sore the next day haha happy to learn that I can challenge myself without weights!

  • Amen. I used to work out 2 hours a day (cardio), take diet pills and barely eat. Then I found you guys. And you brought me health. I have dropped four sizes (from 8 to 4) which is great, but! beyond that I feel so much stronger, more confident, more capable of trusting and listening to my body, and have experienced the difference between exercising out of love (for my body, of myself, for movement, health, etc), and exercising out of obsessive disapproval and controlling forces. I also have to say that thanks to you all I have experienced healing form childhood trauma by working out…I have no science to back this up, but I literally feel that building muscle and strength in the biological sense/process has helped release so much from my cells and reconnect with myself anew, and release it all at such a primal level that words can not do, and in a way that is extremely empowering and real…I mean what could be more real than me in my living room at home, its just me, myself and I…well and you guys but you get my point. I am a strong advocate of therapy, healing, etc. But the level of release and re connecting to the present moment through the workouts you guys offer has been so beyond amazing and tangible, and I believe that a lot of that has to do with the intention you share with others, about it being for health. So THANK YOU.

  • This video hit hard for me. Im currently transitioning from the eating too little and over training to fueling my body well and smart training with more strength. Thanks for posting this. I needed to hear it.

  • I take regular eating plan. fruit juice for breakfast, veggies, eggs, carbs n some nice meal for lunch and get some dinner according to my mood. and yes, i do workout fitness blender for max 60min 5-6days in a week. it’ been a year now and i got my result. from 55kg to 46kg now. and plusss.. toned body. like never before. i love it.

  • I feel like this applies to other things in life too. Turning down the volume, setting your mindset. Adapting healthy habits and being patient and positive all around. Especially with the self inflicting damage. Thanks����I feel like I always give all this advice to people and seem so certain but then I have difficulty following it and applying it to myself. So thanks.

  • I love Kelli and Daniel. I used to think FB channel was kinda annoying bc no music, but now I love the videos and the workouts are amazing!! I recently started weight training and i really does give you the “toned” look most girls go after. they think the bikini body will be had from cardio but nope! weight training…the epitome of bikini models after all is weight/body builders!:)

  • what type of “diet” do you follow, meaning what do you predominately eat? and don’t eat/eliminate? Would love to know if your mostly raw, or vegan, veg, paleo, keto, or a individual diet you usually follow/basic guidelines each day…would love to have you share this! Thanks so much Kelly for being vulnerable here and being a light and coach for women during these times. Love your workout videos. Bless

  • Hey Kelly..u know a lot of people.might have reached out to u after this video saying that they relate..and I would like to say I do too..
    I don’t exactly remember my first memory of being called fat..but I think somewhere around the age of 13 I remember being made fun of by a senior in school..and I don’t know why it really hurt..since then my confidence level dropped like anything..I got so introvert that I stopped talking to people or getting out just coz I was afraid what would they choice of clothes was decided by the fact that how loose they are..and I never ever got to respect my a chronic asthamatic and coz of the medicines I took since childhood my weight kept on increasing inspite how much I exercised..
    Till now the weight had not affected my physical health though..
    But since last year after giving birth to my first child things got worse with my body..all sorts of pain in all sorts of places was then when I was consoled and counselled by my husband and family and I started a professional health program..and since then I have discovered the science of eating right..and now when I follow ur strength training videos (while keeping my diet clean)it gives me a never before experienced GOOD feeling.. and an inspiration that soon I’ll be able to achieve smthing that in a way I was devoid of my entire childhood..and more importantly I will have a HEALTHY body..
    Thank u so much for sharing ur story with people like me..
    And thank u so much for posting such effective workouts..

  • Kelli, thanks a lot for taking the step to share so much about yourself with us. You have provided some very simple yet very important information. It is very motivating as well. Wish you the best always!!

  • I remember when we celebrated your 1M subscriber! Over 3M and counting…and soooo deserved. Consistent, classy, encouraging, empowering. Let me know if you ever hit Boston area.

  • The moment when I found out I could do way shorter but more effective workouts changed soo much for me. I love Kelli’s approach to exercise and eating and she’s absolutely right. The best part is how it’s so much easier the way she does it in a way less or no strain on your mental health, less time spent due to shorter (yet still intense) workouts, less dying from cardio… and what a sweetheart too. Thank you for this video Kelli and btw you look great in both pictures. I can only hope to have that booty some day!

  • Amazing story, thanks for sharing,btw you guys have helped so many during lockdown with your website its amazing, proper helped them,you deserve a medal or honours hope u get them:) x

  • I’ve been working out for almost a year now and every few months I freak out about not losing weight quickly. I try to work out five out of seven days a week. They’re always 30 minutesto 60 minutes in length. I’ve set my calorie intake at 1300-1500 a day, hoping that that will make a difference. To be honest, I am seeing a minor change in my weight, but a bigger change in the shape of my body. I mainly do strength training, peppered with some pilates and yoga. Every 5 work outs, I will do a cardio routineI hate it so I do it less.

    Listening to you say that you were able to eat 3000 calories really shocks me! I wonder if I am not eating enough for how much I am working out. I have no idea what will work for me. I try to just believe in the calorie deficit, which you mentioned is not the one size fits all answer. I also know I don’t get enough protein in my diet. Maybe I should allow more calories only if it’s protein, which I most likely will only be able to get through whey powder.

  • Thanks Kelly and Daniel for this 5 days workout plan. It helps me to ease the stress and boredom in this time of pandemic virus! God bless you both ����❤️��!

  • Your total honesty and showing us how painful your process had been was so moving. And now, your presence during your exercise videos is comforting and friendly. I like seeing you make “mistakes” like maybe using too heavy weights, etc. Almost all other exercise videos show nothing but “perfection” that I don’t even want to watch them, let alone practice the exercises. Watching you, though, makes everything accessible and doable. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kelli. I know it was hard for you. All the best.

  • I think meditation, breathing, being good to yourself and realizing to treat your body well with good fresh foods and exercise. It’s all a beautiful journey and realize we are all amazing. I love Fitness Blender. Especially with this virus. It’s so great to have!

  • and for those who are wondering if this could be done on a daily basis..please check out daniel and kelli’s blogs and articles in their’s very helpful and informative with no hidden agenda/bias..hiit workouts can only be done at maximum of 3 days a week since the body needs to heal and recover to avoid mix it up with some strength training in between hiit workouts or low impact cardio/stretching recovery workouts. hope this helps. ��

  • This video actually inspires me to start eating more. I’m not restricting myself extremely, but I really could use more nutritional foods. I am grateful for this and for your work. Thank you!

  • I had a 4 day break from work & exercise so after doing this “when I say jump”, no wonder I’m burnt out. But as I dislike HIIT, it’s now out of my way for a week. Will be back for more in a couple of days if not tomorrow. TCFN & thanks.

  • As a clinically diagnosed OCD person I am so grateful to hear you talk about the effect it has on food relationships and dieting relationships. I have been told so many times to count calories and macros. Every time I do it’s a mental spiral trap. Eating healthy, trying to watch my portions and then moving on with my life during non meal times seems to be the only answer for a healthy body and mind. Thank you so much for your story. It really is a journey. We all have ups and downs and times in life when we have to focus on other things besides how we look in a bikini. Thank you again!

  • I am so glad I found this video!! I have been doing only cardio almost every day to get to my goal weight and my plan was to start strength training once I reached that goal weight first. But after watching this video, I can see how important it is to build muscle and to not overdo it with strictly cardio workouts. I am starting today with combining both strength training and cardio into my workout routine. Thanks Kelli!!

  • This channel has always been my favourite go to for workouts. I usually actually just mute them and copy the movements with my music playing. Clicked on this on my recommended as the title caught my attention; I, seemingly along with most others, assumed you were always a healthy and fit individual. Your words have resonated with me so much and to see you discuss these topics, is kind of like realising a superhero is actually also a human too. Thank you so much for being brave and sharing your story, I wish you all the best <3

  • not sure why this video popped up on recommendations. I watched it again. it’s interesting how you both look a little different outside the usual white background. Daniel looks taller and more muscular. Kelli is stunning.
    did I read it right, 5 million subscribers now? wow, that’s quite an achievement guys. congrats.
    The other day my 5 year old son pulled out my exercise mat. Got my Roku remote out and I said what are you doing? he said I have to work out. I’m putting on fitnessblender. And he did!
    I wasn’t sure what I was more impressed by, that he wanted to work out or that he managed to get on YouTube and play a fitnessblender video.

  • Well it’s been a long and painful journey i just do and not worry about the consequences of my being able too do the work out like it’s recommended as i have an unconventional way to way of showing my body what to do and it’s slowly getting there i just gotta believe in my focus on doing it the way i see in my own translation cos ****(you work for what you get and you get what you pay for****)
    that attitude works for me

  • I did Day 1 yesterday and it was really brutal. My knees kept giving out on me so I had to modifiy certain exercises but doing the advanced versions oh man were they painful. You guys really know how to put the worst exercises together like jump squats and mountain climbers at the beginning really got me because they’re two of my least favorite exercises. I prefer jumping lunges and burpees.:p �� Well anyway I’m really sore in my hamstrings and the side of my glutes but not as sore as I thought I would be which means I’m stronger. Thank you FitnessBlender. ��

  • hey kellie, can u please tell me in what order shall i follow the exercises? Also what are the suitable weights to be used for strength training?

  • Thank you very much, Kelli. You are a strong woman. And we all are strong. I just need to lose my weight, I am 54 and I exercise with you every morning Pilates and Joga from April, this year. And,… my back pain dissappeared, I am HAPPY!

  • The most challenging I’ve done so far! I LOVED it… Once a week or once every two weeks. Lol the other vids three times. Thanks guys!

  • Thank you so so much Kelly. I have been food once a day since 2 months in order to lose weight but this video of yours made me realise I have been torturing my body, I am now gonna focus on fitness and go according to my body! Thank you Kelly

  • Loved this work out…sorry but what a lovely site Daniel has whilst doing the side pullover… well come on! Kelli does have a rather fantastic bum!.. just saying ��

  • I am from India…I just love love your channel….this ID what had helped to be consistent in my workout…else I would always skip my workout…thanks lot guys…:)

  • Such a SOLID workout! I love the combo of strength and cardio-sooo efficient!! I did take three days between day 1 and 2 (not really a choice), but day 1 left me so sore, I think it might’ve been for the best. Never sure if it’s good to push through, or rest. I know these are designed to focus on different body parts each day, but… Can’t wait for the rest!!!

  • You are very brave for being so open about your eating disorder, thank you for sharing your story, what an ordeal to suffer through for so long. Such an inspiration, I hope you are still doing well. I’m sure you will have helped many many young people with this.

  • Kelli, you are brave. The number of times you attempted and couldn’t complete this video and then eventually did proves beyond any doubt your bravery.

  • What about over-training, but eating properly? Yes, I do over-train, but I don.t starve myself. I REALLY eat ; and in a pretty healthy way.

  • Full respect to you Kelli for being honest about your struggles and sharing your story with everyone. There are definitely many people who will benefit from watching this and seeing how you managed to change your entire life for the better. Well done.

  • So much better than day 1! Still super hard, but I dare say I even enjoyed this workout. There’s something about achieving that full-body ache after these workouts that just makes you feel good.

  • I love how you talk with each other while working out. So sweet and natural! �� Thank you for these work outs! Really helped me with my lifestyle change. You are a blessing!

  • Should we be going as fast as you guys are moving? I’m wanting to improve my strength by adding weight, but obviously that slows it down and I want to keep my form good.

  • The cool down came a bit too fast. Was still out of breath and I couldn’t breath during the first arm stretch ��. Had to pause for a minute before I could continue…

  • Thank you for your vulnerability and for sharing your story. So grateful for you! Fitness Blender has been so empowering for me and I look up to you and Daniel as role models in fitness!

  • Wow. good stuff. I like what you said about what seems logical in our thinking “decreasing calories and increasing exercise will result in weight loss.” Except our bodies will continue to throttle back the rate at which it burns calories (fat) if it thinks it’s getting fewer calories to work with. The body has an amazing survival instinct and ability to adjust its systems. I do better with three larger meals spread throughout the day (let’s call them breakfast, lunch, and dinner), than skipping meals, then snacking, then binging throughout the day. I enjoy your transparency, it’s refreshing for a fitness channel.

  • people like me can’t learn the right way without people like you sharing these tips and your story people that have vile information that could help people like me on a fixed budget get healthy THE RIGHT WAY rather than someone who rather charges ppl like the rest of society and the government to reach us simple things like this. With a salad being $6 and a burger being a buck we don’t know these things until someone like you with good and nutrition information teaches us we med a what u eat in a day if it’s not too much to ask I just feel like even with the information u ha have to be shared itll be something that’s sold always. Guess ill hope n see that u make a strength training asked what I eat in a day n what i do as a workout in a day….. Without asking us to buy a meal plan or workout plan

  • I agree with the other commenters. You two are among the very few people I trust in the fitness industry. You’re level-headed and don’t encourage extreme behavior. Thank you!

  • That was very inspiring!! and exactly what i needed…and i’ve been torturing myself since 4 months..with crash diets n cardio…and here i am trying to have a life

  • Kelli, I don’t think I can thank you enough for putting this video up. It truly is a bumpy road and everytime I feel myself going down a dangerous path again I watch this video and it saves me every time. You’re helping me save my life. So far, through loving myself I’ve gone from 28% body fat to 21% body fat while gaining a bit of muscle. That’s the least remarkable thing though, I’ve gained so much more.

  • The heck! Sweating from inside out. It’s fun until I feel the burn… It’s fun because I feel like playing. So hard to keep up but then again, I tried moving in my own pace and took rest when I need to but I come back stronger. But seriously! This is one HELLA HIIT!!! I am just a beginner in HIIT but this is also fun. ��

  • Feeling bummed. You guys were a couple miles from my house and I missed you!!! ���� I discovered Fitness Blender channel later that year. Come back to LA!!!

  • Upper body workout that is also challenging the lungs?! Heaven �� I say that now but I did tell you both to foff before mountain climbers… sorry about that ��

  • I couldn’t quite do it. With some intervls I was lucky if I could do the exercise itself, let alone do a burpee or a jump. But I still sweated like crazy and it feels good. I’ll be trying this later, it’s a nice challenge.

  • What I love the most is that BOTH you and your fans are real, normal people! So precious and kinda hard to find on the internet…

  • A thousand MILLION thanks and a bucket load of gratitude and high fives to you Kelli for having the courage to tell your story. I am on the journey of recovery from my ED…. and am trying so hard to trust in and listen to my body, rather than to persecute and punish it….. it is a bumpy road…. and hearing from someone who has navigated it too is inspirational and makes it all seem that bit more possible. Thank you HUGE kudos to you! Gemma:)

  • You folks seem like the most humble in the fitness industry, without all the bells and whistles. You make fitness accessible with a lot of variety. Thank you for keeping it free, thank you for showing all of us we don’t have to buy product after product to be healthy people and thank you for showing us you don’t have to be perfect to be happy! Thank you for your time and effort, you guys rock so hard. Your success is well earned and genuine. Much love.

  • Thank you so much Kelli. I’m 21 and I’ve been working out with you since I was 18. I felt really bad about my body and my life. I was so unconfident and I hated myself. But you saved me. You’ve changed my life. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you for your amazing workout videos.

  • I so agree with Kin Ny! It was so emotional for me because Kelli and Daniel are so real and almost feel like family. I’ve been using their workouts for 2 1/2 years and its so great to see them at this level! I almost cried, I’m so happy for them!

  • Kelli.. you are the one who inspired me few years back.. I never stopped working out ever since I watched this video!! You are truly inspiring ��

  • More of this, please! This one is so much fun!:D
    Thank you so much for your hard work, guys! I really looking forward to workout with you each day:)

  • Your story helped me alot after watching your story i started eating healthy and do your workouts and i lost 24kgs in a year, thanks alot ��

  • Kelli, I am very sorry for your experience with ED as I know how awful it is. And very glad you’ve recovered. HOWEVER, IMHO, the photos of you send the wrong message to ED sufferers. You’re “Before” body was perfectly lovely and you’re “after” body is a body that few women can really hope to achieve. YOu are really promoting weight loss, at the end of the day, and fairly extreme weight loss at that. I like some of your approaches to overcoming ED but none of them are truly aligned with the standard protocol for treating ED currently. I’m glad they worked for you but please, be careful about what your are purveying to other girls and women.

  • Thank you so much for this. My intuition has been telling me that to get to my next level of fitness, I need to be more serious about fueling my body (more calories and clean eating) and doing more strength training. I am basically the same age as you are and from your story video, feel our stories are so similar…. makes me feel inspired and like I can do it. Thank you again!!!

  • this is by far the hardest HIIT workout i’ve done from this channel.. the jumps weren’t so bad until I was jumping up from the jack knife crunches.. and squats.. and lunges.. okay they were bad lol. The drops were insanely intense. This is definitely a challenging workout.. it does go by really quick. Before I knew it it was cool down, which I stopped at that and switched to an ab video followed by strength.. lol I was already warmed up… might as well push through it!

  • I used to be so obsessive just like you and you have helped me change my mind set so much, I do mostly strength training and hiit now, went from working out 2 hours a day to now working out 45 mins to a hour a day and I only ate 1,000 calories a day and now I eat ALOT (clean food ofcourse) thank you so much again!!

  • Just finished doing this one for #fb30 round 2, I’m sorry Daniel but I totally told you off during the one of the rounds……. #worthit

  • Your videos make me wanna be a better, healthier version of myself. I hate videos where there are 5 minute long intros and workouts aren’t properly explained. Your videos have it all. Thank you guys ��

  • I workout with your videos 3 times a week. Hoping i will have Kelly’s flat abs someday! (My butt is already “workout is complete”:D)

  • I love how you talk with each other while working out. So sweet and natural! �� Thank you for these work outs! Really helped me with my lifestyle change. You are a blessing!

  • This is why I <3 Fitness Blender. I can really relate to this. I was eating 1500 calories per day which is what a child's average intake should be and I was doing tonnes of cardio (60 minutes per day plus a lot of walking). I noticed as well that when I started eating for health (Not restricting) and used a blend of strength training & moderate cardio, I am still small, tight and lean, but I'm a lot healthier, happier, and my body had a shape! To be honest Fitness Blender was the reason why I changed up my workouts & Kelly is an excellent role model in an often toxic fitness industry.

  • I watched this video a couple of years ago, but today I watched it again with my 12-year old daughter and she listened every second of your video! she was very touched by your story ��

  • Attempt 4: I’m getting the hang of it now except at the Jackknife Crunches.He kept saying “up” and I couldn’t keep up so I ended up rolling back and forth on the floor

  • Thank you for everything… you really helped me. I wanted to lose wait for a long time but I did it wrong. Now, because of you, I lost weight. And I realized the important thing is to eat healthy and right not to eat nearly nothing. so again thank you. Love your videos they are amazing and very helpful❤️❤️

  • Beginner here Silly question but would it be detrimental if I do the upper body strength training (eg. curls, rows) one arm at a time separately instead of both arms together? (Other than longer workout time & perhaps less calories burned due to less intensity.)

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. As soon as you said you had OCD, I connected. You were so brave to share this. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for sharing Kelli, this must have been so hard to share but it is very encouraging and inspiring to me xo.
    I love your workouts, I always feel encouraged and empowered in your videos to exercise well and to listen to my body. Thank you again!

  • Kelli you seriously the most amazing fitness expert out there. And i really i want to be like you in terms of shape and a person ❤️

  • About a year ago, I was fairly chubby. I often got bullied for my weight, and I wanted change. So I started starving myself, allowing only 600-700 calories a day, plus doing 40 minute cardio workouts from this page. I know that is insane, and probably could have killed me. I lost about 14 lbs and stopped caring, and therefore gained the weight back pretty fast since the calorie change freaked my body out. A few months ago, I started losing it again, and eventually got up to 1000 calories per day. That was a big milestone. My next milestone was working out, and 1000 cal turned into 1200 cal! Now I eat 1500 calories a day plus some good ‘ol fitness blender workouts for 30-60 minutes! I was 4’8 in January 2016 and weighed 132 lbs, now I’m 5 foot and weight 98 lbs! Guys, please remember: low calorie intake will NOT help you lose weight! Always use a calorie calculator to assure you are getting enough every day, to avoid health risks.

  • Is jogging a mile once a day not bad? I used to hate running in general, but I only burn about 100 cals with it, so I don’t think that’s so bad. I’m looking into following these videos while becoming healthy. I plan on getting a food scale too and a blender. ive just never done this before. =/

  • I felt like you were talking directly to me in this video. I try to get fit by doing tons and tons of cardio along with healthy eating. Im 17 and its so hard to get fit when everyone in my house dont care about it. I have no idea of how i can convince my (grand)parents to get me what i need for strength training, the video on your journey really motivated me to keep trying. Thanks for all of the informational videos and constant motivation.

  • Part 2, I hated most of it. You’d think that with only 12 workouts it’d be not too hard. Don’t be fooled it’s tough but great when it’s over. Thank you.

  • I had a trainer that told me not to count calories, just focus on work outs and eating cleaner ( small changes in my diet as I was ready). Lost 50 lbs and felt great. Yes workouts were mostly focused on strength training. You are right!

  • I am so upset that I didn’t see this video two years ago.
    I’ve always loved stregth training, but I have always eaten very little amount of calories, I was doing strength training only for the lower body and the same exercises over and over, till I found FitnessBlender. I switched to their workouts progressively: first time, I did a simple cardio workout, then I started to watch other workouts and do them (but still I was doing a different workout each day and my eating was not “organized” correctly. Then I ordered #FBabs program which maid me understand that even if I need to lose belly fat, MY BODY NEEDS to do HIIT, strength training for the UPPER and LOWER body as well. There were many people who did’t like it, they found that strength training wasn’t for girls,that I would “bulk up”, that I would look like male (and other myths of ancient Greece, lol). But even with the FBabs I was still wonder why I couldn’t lose that horrible belly fat. I thought I was eating clean, but I used too little amout of food what leaded me to overeating, especially sweets ( because I needed carbohydrates). And oly now I understand how important it is to nourish yourself and not to fatigue your body. Really it so important to know all these things to maintain healthy and strong and capable of many things. FitnessBlender has changed my life completely, and I always share these kind of vlogs in my social media accounts, because, like Kelli says it’s so upsetting that many people starve themselves and keep overtraining. Eeryone should know those simple tips that will help them not onlyto reach their weight loss-goals, but also make their life much more better.
    Thanks for reading this.

  • You look great! I’m glad I came across your video; I’ve been a bit frustrated with my own perceived lack of progress. Thank you for sharing your results:-D

  • does it matter if having bread for lunch most days like soy lindseed bread or something im vegetarian i have nutmeat vegetarian stuff i try to op out to lower fat option for sandwich of vegetarian products when can same for dinner if having vegetarian prouduct try to watch fat can be hard

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I know that was a hard thing to do, and you are very brave for doing so. Hopefully your words have helped others, so thanks again for sharing your story <3

  • You are so strong Kelli for having the strength to show your pains to the world. I struggle just talking to my therapist about my personal stuff. I don’t know why but I feel proud of you for having the courage to share something so personal. I have just sought therapy myself, I’m afraid of what’s to come out of it. But your story has made me more brave to bear it.

  • Great workout thank you so much! I really, really appreciate your direct, light, no-hype style-so rare these days! really makes my day. thank you for your offering this practice!

  • I run a lot. I cycle a lot. I walk a lot. I mean… I was covering 96 miles a week on the bike, 14 miles running and walking about 14 hours a week if not more.
    I have now given myself itbs, I swear through just overuse and too much cardio. I also restricted calories to such dumb amounts for the amount I was exercising.
    But since I can’t go running (I tried on physios advice after a month yesterday and had another flare up) I’ve been doing your aerobic cardio routines on here up until that point (and when my physio told me it was safe to try) and I’ve had zero pain. I can also cycle a bit which is nice too. But I gained maybe 2kg from not being active at all for a few weeks, and in about 2 weeks of following your routines just 3 times a week, I dropped back to about 51kg.
    And these are so much easier than killing myself with cardio for hours and hours. They are engaging for my brain too, I don’t get bored as it changes up. I’m left feeling like I ran a great 5k. I ache in new muscle groups I’ve not been working, and I feel stronger. I never work my arms or stomach, and they feel stronger. Also my itbs doesn’t hurt one little bit as it varies so much in what you are doing there’s no repetition on my knee for too long to cause any ill effect.

    I think I’ve been very unhealthily exercising, just as you say you were, and I do find just… ALL of my spare time was eaten up by cardio, obsessive cardio. But I was too scared to buy weights for fear I’d get ‘bulky’. But I look at you and I just see strength and muscle tone and leaness, and I love how easy it is to get a sweat on in a short amount of time, because you are working your body to it’s full effect. I love that I can push harder or ease up, which you can’t really do with running so much, you can only increase speed, which never really effects you in the same way.

    So… I bought some interchangeable dumbbells. I’m going to give it a shot:) I’m finding your levels 3’s easier and easier as my cardio was already pretty good obviously, it’s my strength that flails, so I’m ready for some 4’s now. And I hope I see an improvement in lifestyle quality as you do by being smarter about exercise.

  • Hi you have shared great videos! But this one is the best, your journey is inspiring. Thanks a lot for sharing your story, your achievement is a commendable feat.

  • Hi Kelli! I am a overweight, and I used to do work out routines from your page like 3 years ago and I was in shape. But now I am overweight and I don’t know how to start again. any suggestions?

  • Thank you for sharing this. I’ve always been told to lose weight I needed to have a calorie deficit, so I work out more and eat less, and it’s frustrating!!!!

  • and then i realized i picked the wrong sets of work out…i actually hated doing a lot of cardios before thinking about toning…thanks for the great advice kelly! ��

  • I really needed this talk… You are just marvellous!! Thanks a ton!! I’ll be back soon… Emotionally, Mentally and physically Happier!! ��

  • This is one of my favourite workouts. Super hard, still can’t do the proper jumping mountain climbers (I can only do one leg at a time) but will get there.

  • I love how you talk with each other while working out. So sweet and natural! �� Thank you for these work outs! Really helped me with my lifestyle change. You are a blessing!

  • loved this workout, it was super challenging but worth it!
    Question: on all the downs i started to get sharp pain in my right wrist. any recommendations for stretches or strength exercises that help with that?

  • my calorie intake to maintain my weight is 1,817 and i weight 125…. i have fat around my arms and fat thighs and a pooch belly.
    should i be eating less and doing 25 minutes of HIIT on every second day? or should i eat normal and do HIIT every second day?

  • Yes! This is exactly my philosophy the only trouble that I have now is how do I implement eating that is not harmful to my body? Like how does your eating schedule look like? And what do you eat? I know you mean “real” food as in non processed whole and fresh but I want to know examples of stuff you eAt throughout your day. Is there a video for that?

  • Thank you for such an honest video. I had to get off the macro/calorie-counting train, it made me crazy and obsessive. Now, my eating plan is super simple. I don’t even have to think about maintaining my weight! I eat 3 meals a day (plus a snack if I’m hungry), within 30 minutes-1 hour of getting hungry. I’m vegan (for ethical reasons, so it doesn’t seem restrictive to me). And I feel best when I get plenty of fruit and veggies in during the day. I mostly cook at home and pack leftovers for lunch. It’s been truly wonderful to not be afraid of food anymore <3 If you're struggling with that sort of thing, you can get through this! And I'm praying for ya:)

  • I do this workout 2-3x a week, on Mondays I either don’t finish or I take a billion 3 min breaks, on Thursday I usually do really well, a few breaks of about 15 seconds but all in all pretty good. Monday’s are my nemesis I should stop doing HIIT on Mondays -_-

  • Dear Kelli, Stay healthy. I’m following/doing and liking all the fitness blender videos and I’m 40. I feel old but i’m going along and you have shown such greatness in showing your story. I have 3 daughters, 21, 20 and 13 years old. I will not starve and be sick as I am a mom for my life and career. Thank you for the fantastic videos. For putting yourself out there. For that, I am thankful. Jess

  • I have a VERY similar story. Thank you for sharing. I have finally acknowledged my disorder. I was ashamed as well. Thank you for sharing. It is so comforting to know Im not alone. God bless you.

  • Fantastic workout! Although… the first time trying this workout I could only do half of the video. Wayyy out of shape haha. Will do better tomorrow

  • This was comparatively easier than day 1 or may be i have built up good stamina
    My fav stretch is Baal Aasana (child pose) i can fall asleep in that pose

  • I’m just starting to try and make better choices of what to eat but I’m running about 35 minutes a day and doing some strength training.

  • I’m so thankful I came across this video. Over the past year I’ve been straining myself by doing intense cardio that never seems to be enough since I’ve barely seen results. Its been exhausting! A few months ago I had to take a long break because I was experiencing severe pain in the joints of my knees and throughout my entire legs from doing so much cardio everyday. All this time I’ve been thinking that I have to push myself harder, regardless of how my body feels, due to the lack of results. I’ve been wondering how anyone manages to lose a significant amount of weight. I would feel good about myself on days where I managed to go eight hours in between meals while keeping my calories low. I can’t believe how much time and energy I’ve wasted doing things the wrong way. I’m going to focus on doing HIIT workouts and strength training along with eating smaller meals more frequently. This routine will be a lot easier to maintain and I will be thrilled if I see results. Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  • Kelli, I just started doing your videos and don’t really know you, I always admired your purity and how genuine you are always. Including this video. You should be proud of yourself. You are a brave, caring and kind person. God bless

  • Why did this make me cry.. Wow.. I’ve been working out with you for a year and half.. Your a big part of my life and you deserve to be honoured.

  • Not gonna lie. I was so intimidated by this workout thinking this was partly strength and partly HiiT. Turned out, it was challenging, but I didn’t seem to have difficulty with any of the routines. Will be doing this all this week so I can get use to it.

  • omg.. it was miserable.. i kept trying.. stopped in between.. couldnt move myself… but good excersise.. shows our fitness level

  • This was a level 5 for me! I had to take a lot of breaks towards the end. I didn’t completely give up, but I was pretty darn close!

  • Kelli is awesome. Not only did she overcome this, but shes an awesome coach as well. Also seems like an awesome person. Good for you Kelli!

  • I wish I could go to the gym to strength train but I can’t so I only really do cardio or toning workouts and if I eat more then 1500 I find myself gaining five pounds and I eat clean. Just my body is really slow and it sucks

  • I´m glad I found this video.I lost 6kgs,but I was eating like 1000kcal a day and I was exercising almost for 2 hours every day ( HIIT+some abs and butt workout).But now,I´m eating about 1400kcals,I am exercising almost the same,but I really need help.I´m 15,I lost my period ( because I lost weight too fast) but the thing is.I want to have flat belly,but there are no changes.How much should I eat?:O

  • My problem is I LIKE cardio & it’s important for my mental health… While strength training is something I try to do because I know it has long term benefits. I don’t like it or get any short term benefits from it like I do with cardio.

  • I’ve done plenty of their HIIT workouts and this is the worst one yet!!!! Couldn’t even complete some of the intervals, gonna feel this tomorrow for sure

  • Praise God for your testimony Kelli! Jesus loves you for stepping up and getting out of your comfort zone to encourage others!!! You are such a blessing!!!

  • holy cow had no idea you guys were in town!
    Or else I wouldve came down.

    youve guys literally watch me transform for the past few years, cant thank you guys enough.

    As a Kin major, that studied exercise science, took some exercise phys classes you guys really know your stuff and know how to explain it well.

    good work guys really really appreciate the videos, really you guys have provided an amazing platform for viewers worldwide. I’ve literally lived off your HIIT workouts

  • Thank you for your videos! I love you two! Your positive attitude toward health, fitness, food, workouts, and body image is so refreshing!

  • I donno why im crying as im watching this video.. i wouldve cried if i could see Kelli n Daniel standing in front of my eyes.. i wouldve hugged Kelli so hard.. i am where i am now bcoz of Fitness Blender. I see Kelli everyday for an hour and Kelli has helped me lose weight. I love Fitness Blender. Tq Kelli. Tq Daniel.

  • I have to say your work out videos made a huge difference to me used to suffer from anorexia but when I started strength training I saw that my body was strong and powerful, and that made me want to look after it better. Thank you for being so honest and representing a healthy lifestyle for women (not many good role models around these days!)

  • haha I LOVE YOU fitness blender!! you saved my life! I am ALWAYS looking forward to trying a new video! the jump and downs gave it such a different twist, it is almost like a game! I LOOOOVE IT!!:)

  • It would be awesome if you guys could do more day in the life videos and what you eat/recipe videos. I love your workout videos and its cool to see you guys in a real world type setting.

  • I like you guys, alwzys super positive! I realized that I felt really good after I started strength training (3 x week) but I kinda reduced the cardio training for once a week, got lazy a bit. And a little celullite hole just appeared next to my knee, saw it last week. Oh well, take care guys

  • #workoutcomplete 03.15.2019 I didn’t do too bad, but I should probably not have attempted this on a sore lower body. Will definitely come back to it another time:)

  • I love you guys! When I started working out a few years back (I gave up after awhile), Kellie’s videos was a reliable resource for my workouts. Once I lost 7kg though, I quit and I piled the weight back on. Now, I’m planning to lose weight sustainably. Thanks for the inspiration you guys are a wonderful couple.

  • It is hard to tell your own truth, but it is exhilarating, well done Kelly. For sure your love for sports and dance got you back where you wanted to be. I can definitely say many of us love your videos and this definitely helps.

  • I’d wish these videos were translated to spanish so I could explain to my mom that I don’t starve myself to lose weight. And all the people doing water fast are just killing their muscles.

  • I did it �� I really struggled with yesterday’s one so I felt discouraged but I managed to complete this one! Can’t wait for tomorrow ❤️

  • This makes me want to meet them once in my life so badly! You’ve created such a great and positive community an I’m very proud to be part of it:)

  • Yesss!! You motivate me so much I’ve decided to begin my own weight loss journey:) I just posted my first introduction video on my channel and would love if you checked it out ❤ im planing to update often and motivate others the way I feel motivated! Thank you ��❤

  • Hi Kelli, I just want to say thank you. your fitness videos are very straight to the point, no clickbait, and very good. Your channel is my favorite fitness channel. You deserve more subscribers. And thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Keep up the good work.

  • Kelli,
    I know this is an old video but I am so glad I found it! It describes exactly what I have been going throughobsessive thinking, too much cardio, not enough calories and always tired, and not losing any weight and feeling completely defeated. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for your honest and helpful advice!

  • Kelli, I’ve been doing your workouts for years and just came across this video. I relate all too well…to the self-violence, obsession, and ultimate healing. Thank you for bravely sharing your story. You’re an amazing, inspiring, intelligent person and I appreciate you so much.

  • Awww you guys rock and deserve every bit of fame you get. Seriously, thank you SO much for providing us with your videos. The best!!!!!

  • By gods, you know you’ve done some workout, good job itS not for an hour, there are only so many burpees a woman CAN DO. Love it though.

  • Yeah I just finish day 2. I am very sore from yesterday training but today is different and that makes very easy. Thank you very much your time and effort!

  • Erm, am I the only one that has an audio problem? He said up or down maybe three times in the whole video. The only (missed) clue was when he said to jump back up. Maybe a redo now that you have better equipment?

  • This got me in the feelz! Y’all have helped me tremendously since I started working out along with you. Your verbal coaching during workouts has improved my form and made me realize that I’ve been making some mistakes in basic moves for years! I ADORE that you keep your material free and/or extremely affordable. But the cherry on top is definitely how good natured and real y’all are. I seriously can’t get enough, so thank you for all you do and please keep it coming!

  • Your stretches are the bet,I always want to do a shirt yoga after my exercises but I never feel the need to stretch more after your workouts

  • I was looking for level 5 HIIT workout and found this one. Seeing the comments as how tough this is I gave it a try. Well it was TOUGH.. I am totally drenched in my sweat right now. But I have been doing ‘HIIT like a girl round 2’ for quite some time so I managed to complete it and I have included it in my workout routine. It feels great to see how far you have come:)
    Thank you Fitness Blender for such awesome workouts.

  • I do like less muscular bodies on women, (im a woman too) and i like before better, i try not to go too far with strength training, i just dont like muscular biold, esp. shoulders on women, we are built to have body fat for a reason, but this is a personal choice, to each their own, our body belongs to us, as long as we try to be healthy its all good. thank you for doing what youre doing!

  • I wanted to challenge myself a bit more, and boy did this do the job. I got through the whole thing but I wasn’t keeping up 100%. Either way, not bad for a first attempt.

  • Day 2 is like giving your muscles a good massage love it
    Am doing this challenge for the second time i find it easier than before building strength for sure. FB u guys are the best

  • I used to eat 700-1000 calories a day because I was too lazy to work out. Kelli is one of the few people I believe in when it comes to fitness (her body says it all) so I immediately went back to eating healthy. I no longer dread hitting the 1000-calorie limit that I set. I try not to feel bad about eating high-calorie, home-cooked meals. I’m also motivated to exercise I’ve been doing FB’s warm ups, ab exercises, yoga, and random self-defense workouts on youtube. My weight fluctuates from 110 to 117 lbs it’s pretty average, but I’ve been setting dumb goals. As of date, I’m 117 lbs, but my waist is several inches smaller than it was when I was 115 lbs (probably gained some muscle weight) legs are stronger, I could concentrate more, and I just feel better overall. I’ve still got a lot of body fat to burn, but I’m getting there:) Thanks, Kelli.

  • Its a very beautiful story Kelli. As a matter of culture and poverty eating disorders are not considered as a psychological problem in my country, so individuals don’t know that they have to get psychological help for it.

  • I’ve been a subscriber of yours for over a year now and what I like about the workouts is the variety of it. I can choose videos based on intensity, muscle group and even go as far as interchanging the moves to suit my level of fitness.Keep up the good work guys. You’ve really helped me a lot in maintaining my ideal weight. More power to Fitnessblender all the way from the Philippines!

  • Me encanta hacer sus ejercicios de una hora, por mis estudios me había dejado al abandono…..pero ya me dije una hora al día todos los días.

  • Your results are amazing, every part of your body looks so different! And posture is so much better. I love fitnessblender programs, but I have never had the motivation to fulfill them completely, but you inspire me to try harder:) You look beautiful and probably much stronger, thank you for the video!

  • BRUTAL! I do hiit regularly and usually have no trouble with your workouts but maan that was hard af. Needed two attempts to do all of the exercises properly. Really great workout!

  • Thank you guys so much for all you share!! I tell lots of people about your channel because you guys are sincere and I love your philosophy about food and exercise! I love that you guys are encouraging, make comments about form (so helpful) and provide ideas about alternative moves. I also appreciate your focus. People come here for your WORKOUT and your knowledge. You provide an incredible free resource to help unlock people’s health. It’s obvious that you and your body is not the focus (no boyfriend breakup back story, no cleavage, no baby oil, no slow body scans… people who are into all that should look ELSEWHERE!!!! ��). ❤️���� Many many thanks.

  • Kelli you are such a beautiful spirit. You shared your pain and this is truly inspirational. God bless you and keep doing the videos. Love from Verona, Italy.

  • omg!!! this is my experience rt now!!! I am doing a cardio which I’m “suppose” to burn 500 calories but the gnarly thing about it is that I still noticed my fat, my gut, NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! I told my friend that this was crazy!!! I workout EVERY DAY even when I am tired (which I know know it’s important to rest my body) and that I kept seeing no results… I even suggested if i had to starve myself!!!.. This information REALLY helped!!! Thank u SO much!!! you guys are the guardians of fitness, 100%!!! now my question is I get hungry in the evening because I don’t eat enough calories throughout the day I guess, so I get hungry in the evening and I start munching on little tiny snacks. Is that also what is causing my gut to not move anywhere? In other words that will cause is that what is causing me not to lose weight? Or is it just the cardio, the exercise that I am doing overall? what do you suggest what can I do to better manage my meals? and does Hiit include weights or is it just the type of exercise you do when your videos?

  • congratulations guys I’ve been with u since 2012, and I love, I always share my experience with friends and strangers that is the way t a work out should definetly check u out. I even invite a bunch of friends to come to my house and work out together in my garage following Kelly’s routines. I don’t have words to thank u ad I so happy for ur success, and my legs are amazing since working out with u, thousand thanks for that. God bless u from ColombiaAustralia. 😉

  • Kelly thank you for sharing your story I teach health and wellness spirit soul and body and that is so important for people to understand even us who may teach is share our journey and how we got started I am not a registered fitness trainer I am one who is an athlete who play sports for long period of time and have taken what I have learned in sports and from the coaches I had and my health journey and have used that to help others thank you for your testimony and I am so glad that you came up in out of that place and you are in a better place now.

    I use fitness blender weekly in my workouts I love it I’m glad I found it and I already share it with others

  • i love your workouts! I was not really challenging myself at the gym anymore. I have found what I was looking for with your workouts! It’s a love hate relationship!

  • PLEASE ANSWER! I NEED HELP! Fitness blender, I don’t know if you could ever read this but I am an insecure 14-year-old girl and I have been losing sleep, energy and happiness due to the fact that I am both hungry and tired from trying to lose weight. I lost 5 kilograms but as soon as I eat right, I gain my weight back. I know I could change that, if I cut out the processed foods, eat right, limit my exercise, what should I do when I’m resting? Can I just sit for hours and relax and get sleep and think clearly?

  • Thank you! I’m 19 and been dealing with so much over the last few years with my weight. And to hear you speaking about this in such an amazing way!!!

  • Hey Kelli!! Thanks so much for talking for all that. I am exercising with fitness blender videos and it’s really great, but when I watch the Kelli’s before and after it really change my life. For the first time I am eating healthy and good and I am happy with my body and the reason is that when I heard you talk about what you’ve been through I could not allow my self to do crazy bad diet for once more. Thanks!! Go on, you’re awesome < 3

  • I have never had weight problems but it is very interesting how people are unable or sometimes able to lose weight. It is a similar struggle like alcoholism.

  • Day one was great! Day 2 here we go!! My brother and I already did your 5 day challenge and we are both down to in our waste already so I’m super excited to hit this week with hour long videos

  • Coming here after Day 1 and you include mountain climbers and stuff? Do you realize that most of us can’t even walk after day one? Lol! But I’m still gonna do this…

  • Thank you for sharing your story… your truth matters you’re making such a positive difference in my life and sure you’re contributing so much good to many others!

  • YouTube really attacked me ���� I struggle with a lot that people around me in my life do not know of. I’m an athlete relatively healthy, muscular and built. But I always struggled with loving my body. Told I’m overweight when really it wasn’t the unhealthy overweight but no one ever told me that. So I took matters into my own hands starting fasting and eating small meals and doing crazy workouts that any normal human being would probably not make it out alive. All just to satisfy myself and make myself happy with the number on the scale. I always forget that yes u are an athlete there is muscle inside u it’s not fat but I can’t seem to get the fact that I weigh a certain amount out my head. I can’t even enjoy myself with friends I will starve myself and tell my mom I’m not hungry when I get back for dinner. It’s rough idk where to get help idk how to fix it but I need help. I just want to keep my current weight maybe a little lower and still b happy and eat what I want. Nobody has to read this it just felt nice to speak abt it. Hav a blessed day

  • Thank you for all the help. I am using all your hiit workouts and I feel stronger and I am able to maintain the goal weight. Love you guys!!!

  • Love your 5days workouts. Especially when I am totally unmotivated doing exercise, these workouts help me doing it since different muscle types are used each day. So sourness is not an excuse anymore haha

  • I’ve been subscribed to you guys since about 2010 & you were a major help to losing 60 lbs when I was 14. So happy to see your channel expand & watch you gain success like you have. You deserve it! ����

  • Hi! I’ve recently gained a lot of weight and I didn’t really notice until I realized that my clothes have become hard to fit into. How do you take those progress pictures? And how can I stay motivated? I have a bad habit of working out for a few months and then stopping.

  • Interesting. Eat more of the right food to nourish your body & in turn help you with your workouts. Easier said than done but I like the subtle transition over the 4 yrs, the extra 5LBs is muscle.

  • You look fabulous Kelly! I love the look you have going on now. i have no idea what string training is but i guess i need to find out and start doing it because you have the shape i want. i am a very slender and don’t get me wrong i like being slender but i could use a bit more shape to certain areas of my body. please suggest your best videos of yours to achieve this look. Thank you! Keep doing what you’re doing! i love all your videos!

  • Absolutely agree. After all viewed videos from trainers, choaches, people sharing unhealty diet tips and experiences on youtube I found something what i wanted to found at the beggining. I knew that there must be something or someone who will tell me the real truth and approve that with everything.

    Sports trainers with big muscles and ppl from youtube love to say “listen to your body ” but still talking about myths or trying to sell us something and etc. There was moments when i was like ” okay this guy or woman maybe knows something? I said maybe because he /she looked fit and healty ” but then on the other side they are sharing recepies videos with a tones of supplements and i stoped to follow them.
    Thath’s why they have that big muscles and i belive that people with big muscles after five years would look soo soo bad and not really good….

    Then i found this page and that was HALELUJAH! Look at body of Kelli and Daniel Segars they have fit bodyes and look at their muscles its all natural and they love healty food they eat outside sometimes but come back to natural food and thats what i like that’s what they say natural food everything what they said you can see on them and thats absolutely fantastic. I really found ppl whom i will trust because they approve it! From the bottom of my heart Thank You for existing!

  • I have to say, from yesterday, all down the back of my legs hurt and a little of that lower abdomen. I almost put day 2 off until tomorrow, but I’m so happy I just got it done today. ��

  • As somebody with a lot of fat and lot of hidden muscle mass (thanks to FitB, anyway:), I’m not sore, but totally drenched yesterday and considerably today, as well.:)

  • I had to take a few days off after Day 1. Those mountain climbers murdered my legs. But now that I’m back at it, I’m really glad this 5 day challenge exists. I need to be pushed:)