Fitness Blender 1000 Repetition Workout Challenging 500 Calorie Home Workout


1000 Calorie Workout 90 Minute Total Body Strength, HIIT, Kickboxing, Pilates, and Core Workout

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


1000 Calorie Workout for 4 Million Subscribers! At Home Workout to Burn 1000 Calories

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


1000 Calorie Workout: HIIT Cardio, Total Body Strength, Core Workout for 5 Million Subs!

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


Spartan 500 Workout 500 Rep Workout Challenge by Fitness Blender

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


1000 Calorie Workout for 2 Million Subscribers! At Home Workout to Burn 1000 Calories

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


1000 Calorie Workout Video 84 Min HIIT Cardio, Total Body Strength Training + Abs, Fitness Blender

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


1000 Calorie Workout HIIT Cardio, Strength, Kickboxing and Abs Workout to Burn 1000 Calories

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender

1000 Repetitions sounds like a challenge a painful one, but in a good way. This routine is intense enough to be an a cardiovascular challenge, but because of the bodyweight moves that call upon your body’s different muscle groups, it’s also great for toning. This is a no equipment home workout routine. If you’re looking for a challenging and effective home workout program, check out our 4 & 8 Week Workout Programs that lay everything out for you in a detailed, foolproof format.

Make sure to Subscribe to Fitness Blender on YouTube so that you get alerts for new workouts we will put out a new 1000 calorie workout. We know that many of you love our signature 1000 calorie workouts and we think you will love this one just as much. We have put this 1000 Calorie Workout together to celebrate hitting 2 million subscribers on YouTube. A huge thank you to all of you who follow us on YouTube!

We thought we would give you a nice satisfyingly torturous workout. Fitness Blender’s Spartan Workout Can you complete this 500 Rep Workout Challenge? Calorie Burn information @ Lose 16-24 lbs in 8 week. How often to do this routine, how to combine it with our other videos, & all other information about this Fitness Blender 1000 Calorie Workout Video @ http.

1000 Calorie Workout Strength, HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout to Burn 1000 Calories Back for another round of Fitness Blender’s signature 1000 Calorie Workout challenges! Here we aim to give you everything you need for a highly effective workout in a format that uses so many different training types that even though the workout is long, it’s. This workout encompasses that ideal by challenging you to become fit enough to complete all 500 repetitions.

This is one of the hardest workouts we have put out and it will challenge you not only physically but also mentally as your body will be telling you to stop the whole way and you must make the decision to keep pushing or to pause and take an extra break to keep your from. How Fitness Blender calculates calories burned ranges Here are a handful of the most influential factors we consider to give our calorie burn ranges. Bodyweight Our calorie burn ranges typically reflect the calorie burn of someone who weighs between 110-200 lbs. Heavier people will burn a higher number of calories than people who are lighter.

FB 30 Trial Fitness Blender’s Fat Loss Program For Busy People. 30 Minute workouts can have a significant impact on your health, fitness, bodyweight and body fat. This 2 week trial is a great way to jumpstart your fitness goals and try out our home workout programs.

Today is a pretty big day for me as I’ve just completed the 6 million subscriber 1000 calorie workout! I think May has been probably one of the best months for me as I had done my first ever jump squat, been on my fitness journey for an entire year and now I have completed the whole 1000 calorie workout.

List of related literature:

In this workout you’ll be counting your TOTAL reps that you achieve in the 9 minutes that you’ll be performing these three movements.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
from Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life
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It’s a basic power program, consisting of just three exercises, and it’s completely compatible with your regular workouts.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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Those in the virtual workout group maintained their average for 3 months following the mental training.3

“Triathlon Science” by Joe Friel, Jim Vance
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Open the create workout page or the existing 7 Minute Workout.

“Angular 2 By Example” by Chandermani Arora, Kevin Hennessy
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All of these fitness devices are great for people who are new to fitness technology or who want to start with small, simple goals.

“Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy” by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause, Tess Armstrong
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This steady unlocking of content is also a staple of fitness apps.

“Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps” by Josh Clark
from Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps
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3-Body Workout The 1-minute, 3-Body Workout is a beautiful and powerful way to connect with and integrate your three bodies.

“Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening” by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, Marco Morelli
from Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening
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The following moves are ones you can do in addition to the basic twenty-minute workout, and are broken into the foundation areas of legs, chest, back, and abdominals.

“YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
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While all exercise programs should consider the five training principles detailed earlier in this chapter, progressive overload and exercise specificity are the two crucial elements for this exercise mode as well as osteoporosisrelated programs to be effective.

“Osteoporosis” by Robert Marcus, David W. Dempster, Jane A. Cauley, David Feldman
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Do 1 rep, hold for a count of 1 This workout is absolutely brutal.

“Triple H Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body” by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
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  • is it ok if i do the cardio section in the morning and the do upper body and core specific exercices in the afternoon? i feel like it’s too much to do it all together. and i also want to combine this routine with other strength routines

  • Whoa this was tough!!! But I love it! I felt like I just burned a thousand calories! Please make something like this more! the exercises were not that harsh but extremely effective! Thanks!

  • Been following you lovlies for years now. Every now and then I try other fitness experts here on YT but I always come home. You two are still by far the absolute best here. Thank you for all you do and keeping it so ��. We love you ������������

  • I think I’ve done 3 other 1000 calorie workouts but this was by far the hardest because of all the burpees and burpee’ish exercises lol I thought I’d finally overcome my burpee struggle but guess I still need some training

  • Thank you so much for helping he out of my workout rut! I really needed a fresh start with my routine—not to mention today I ate a lot of vegan Valentine’s Day cookies LOL ��

  • Did you guys purposely make this a mostly leg workout? Your HIIT portion consists of 90% legs followed by strength which is about 50% legs. I’ve been doing your program for 2 months now and my legs have never felt worse in my life! Everyday they feel SOOOOO heavy. I used to be able to run 3 miles without stopping. I can barely do half a mile since starting Fitness Blender. What gives??

  • Thank you fitness blender, I lost a lot of weight thanks to you, your exercises are easy to understand and you even give us an easier way to do them.

  • I did it! I’ve been working out with you guys for a long time and I just never wanted to commit to one of these. Insane challenge. That was awesome.

  • Well I thought this was pretty easy for burning1000 calories �� if this is hardcore, do you have more intense workouts? Also yes his voice does remind me of Bob Ross now I think about it! But I love how calming he is and he fully explains what he expects from us. Kelly, whenever I have tried her workouts I actually feel like I might die. I feel like she is brutal so maybe I’ll work my up to her workouts �� you guys are the best for video workouts! Congratulations guys!

  • Here’s a road map for you –
    1. Take the first three sections of HIIT as a challenge. That’s your foundation. That’s where you gas yourself out.
    2. Next two HIIT rounds are catching your breath.
    3. Don’t drink water. It’ll slow you down. Get through Strength. This is where you sweat the most.
    4. No water. Go straight to kickboxing. This is mind over body. You’ll have nothing left, but focus your mind.
    5. Blaze through abs cardio and cool down.
    6. Now get that water.

  • This is my favourite workout routine online. I do this 6 days a week before i go to bed. I only leave out the weights part and compensate by adding some more exercise. Thank you fitness blender!

  • was having one of those ‘days’ in lockdown. Just completed this and feel on top of the world. Thanks again guys for a fabulous session.

  • Critique  the workout is effective and fun ( it is bad ass). My only critique is that the I expected the narrator to says after mid point there would be a change of exercises. The same exercises were showed after mid point break: that killed my expectation and my desire to keep watching this video.  Again: kudos to the exercise selection and the intensity suggested, but too long to watch for the same movements! 

  • Next Level Diet website makes it simple. Select food you like and they give you PERSONALIZED meal plan with tips, TRAINING PLAN and healthy recipes.

  • Started doing this two weeks ago. Been doing the 20-30 minute HIIT routines before that for a month. For this routine, on day one, I needed mini water breaks in between each round and I couldn’t complete the routine. I’m writing this comment after blazing through the routine without any water break (yes, no water). Feel amazing.

  • Man when you add more than 3 steps to the cardio I can’t get more than 4 or 5 in by the time he’s done. I keep just like flailing around randomly hahaha.

  • I pushed myself too hard and ended up being nauseous and light headed. I’ll keep my eye on this one and attempt it again in a couple of weeks. I can use it as a pointer to see what my current fitness level is.

  • I’m a 16 year old boy.. 1 question for all the fitness experts out there
    Should I do the strength training with the dumbbell or kind of do it every other day with pushups and all??

  • That is a remarkable routine-challenging, doable, and nowhere near boring!! Thank you Daniel. I love FitnessBlender. BTW, I skipped the weights section in the middle and still received one of my best workouts. Thank you thank you thank you

  • Absolutely LOVE this work out, especially the kickboxing routine! I feel like such a badass! My only suggestion would be to hold the stretches a little bit longer, but I’m sure that’s something I can do at my own pace.

  • I only got to the first 13 minutes. I really tried to keep going but my legs just don’t wanna work with me anymore. Never felt more pathetic

  • do it in the 16 minutes and I’m dying, but love it, it’s just one of my favourites. 
    But you have to be very fit to go through this and not panic

  • Have just found your channel a few weeks ago, and have done so many of your videos. I love strength training. And find the way you put together your workouts so clear and enjoyable. Thank you so much

  • who else feels like this wasn’t even 1h24 but rather like 30 minutes or so??
    just me? guess i really arrived at the fitnessblender family <3
    loved this routine, very great.:)

  • I will do it everyday until August 31st, may God give me the strength to do it to the end ���� I will try to update, sorry for my bad English and let’s go ��

    22.08 |
    ⏱️| 16:06: Pause n°1 (1 min) It’s okay ����
    ⏱️| 28:07: Pause n°2 (1 min) It’s not okay ����
    ⏱️| 32:07: Pause n°3 (5 min) omg ��
    ⏱️| 34:06: I know it was short but I stopped, I will try to finish this evening ��

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (search on google)? We have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • Workout complete! I cannot wait for the 1000 Calorie workout for when you guys HIIT (no pun intended 😉 lol!) 6 million subscribers!!

  • almost passed out 20 mins in, skipped multiple sections, and took numerous long breaks. I haven’t been active in years, but im not letting it get to me. Let’s see if ill be able to finish this in a couple weeks

  • My iWatch always tells me I’ve burned 425 active calories, even though I did all the exercises as instructed. What’s wrong with this picture? In my head and my body would agree that the whole workout feels like I just burned 1000 calories, why is my activity not reflecting it? Asking for a friend.

  • According to myfitnesspal log today, I exceeded my calorie limit. So I completed this workout and now I have over 700 calories
    remaining in the app hahaha…

  • So I recently got back into exercising. I love your energy in these videos. It really helped me to keep pushing myself. There were so many moments I wanted to quit but I kept going til the end. Now I feel great and I’m so proud of myself.

  • I only completed the first 35 mins of this workout the other day because I wanted to mix it up. So today I finished this one from where I left off, which was enough to break me out in a sweat. The core workout was really hard but Kelly was just smiling through it (so it looked). As ever the instruction was helpful Dan. Thanks for making my workouts more enjoyable. TCFN.

  • Is it healthy or unhealthy to be doing this if I’m 11 because don’t want to become underweight or something like that I’m doing swimming next year so

  • I stopped after the HIIT section, but oh my, am I sweating and sore. This was difficult and I hope to work up to completing this whole workout.

  • Omg you are doing great 2020 6 Monday I started to 1000 calorie work out every single day I work for 56 min 353 calories I am 14 years old but thank you I do subscribe to your channel but you’re doing awful God. Bless you and for every people

  • I just love ur strength training workouts… I did few of them for a month and got results never expected before “getting those mussels”��… ❤️��

  • I’m frustrated at my self because I couldn’t even finish each exercise but also annoyed at how impossible these workouts are I MEAN NO AVERAGE PERSON CAN FINISH THIS. But anyway, I still enjoyed this:)

  • Can you guys plz upload more 1000 cal workouts? I have done about every 1000 cal workout more than once so far and I get bored of doing the same workout. it would be great to see more of these challenging workouts

  • wow! that was brutal but glorious!!! Thank you so much!!! And congratulations on 6 million subscribers!!! I’ve been working out with you for 5 years! And I’m refuelling with vegan rice and veg!!

  • 헐 이거 하는중간중간 몸무계 쟀는데 젤때마다 살이 막 쫙쫙빠지네ㅡㅜㅜㅜ 강추에요ㅜㅜㅜ 제가 운동해도 잘 땀안흘리는데 이구 30분도안해서 등이랑 얼굴에 땀범벅 시롸ㅜㅜㅜ ( 방금샤워했는데.. ) 이거 하고 다리높게하거 바루 주무세요 진짜 다음날에까지도 몸므게 그대로임 ㅜ 개사랑해요 ♥♥♥♥

  • Ive been doing this workout for a week plus another exercises I hope I can see results very soon I’m 73 now I will keep updating till I will reach my goal which is 59

  • Defenitly my favourite workout!!! Just finished and I already know where I will be sore tomorrow but I feel like a champion! Thank you for uploading this amazing video!

  • Been working out with you guys for 5-6 years, and you’re undoubtedly my favourite workout channel on YT. You have helped my mental and physical health so much with your challenging but honest and down to earth videos. Thank you <3 Now time to rest after this killer workout!!

  • So winded! But i am womdering why i only burned about 300 calories according to fitbit? I am generally fit and can follow the exercises in general. Is thst because of weight relative to burn?

  • a few weeks ago this took me 21 minutes. just did it in 18. only took two breaks, one 20 second and one 30 second. i know i could have pushed harder. i hope to match your time/pace eventually. such a good challenge. 

  • Workout complete!!! Hoping to do this at least once every week on top of my other cardio and strength workouts throughout the week:) Such a good workout!

  • That was super difficult! I’ve done it once before, but was definitely harder this time for some reason! I only managed to do 6-10 reps for each exercise, couldn’t keep up! Haha. Great workout, looking forward to doing it again!

  • That first HIIT portion murdered me multiple times. It was ugly, but I stumbled through, so I hope that I actually was able to burn 500 calories, I’m not expecting more.

  • Any one tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? I have heard numerous awesome things about this popular diet plan program.

  • Workout complete:) The first 20 minutes got me wiped out (summer heat) but I’m glad I persevered (with modifications and breaks). Really fun, balanced workout. Going to do this once every 2-3 weeks. Thank you Daniel and Kelli:)

  • Thanks for another great workout. I really appreciate the little ways these have gotten tighter, and more user-friendly over the years. I love the ABAB format! By the time my brain starts to really complain it’s time to do something new.

  • I liked 1-hour workout, I had to divide into parts bc I am a mom and don’t have a lot of time, but if I did I would complete it all.

  • I discovered your workouts about a month ago & have been getting in at least 4 per week since then. They are GREAT some new moves I hadn’t seen before. I love the core workouts since that is the part of my body needing help. Excellent over all & I love that you don’t have corny, cheesy music in the background. TY much for sharing w/the youtube world!:)

  • I watched part I & II of the Spartan wrkouts & thought “i can do both back to back”! I was wrong BUT now that’s become my goal!! Thanks for the challenge.

  • I have been with you guys for 6 years!! By now I’m doing the hardest and most brutal workouts from your website and I’m amazed at how much I have progressed under your guidance. You guys are the best workout partners and I will never stop recommending you to others. Shoutout to Kelli for rocking this workout you girl are a force of nature!

  • What is the best product or brand to lost a lot of fat? I read many good reviews on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost tons of fat. Has any one tried this popular lose weight methods?

  • i finish this workout twice so far (in 4 days since I first found it)! My second time doing it was just much much better than the first time: my legs, arms, abs and hearts felt stronger; my body just got used to the intense workout; ans I was able to raise the weight of the dumbbell a little bit. Will try it regularly on longtemps and let you guys know the result! Thanks Fitness Blender for incredible workouts!!!

  • I did it,this will be my Saturday workout,my arms are shaking but am happy I did it,that cool down helped a lot
    Thank you K&D������

  • Please please please, do you have meal plans for africans��? There aren’t many healthy options and eating healthy is very expensive. Our food here is very rich in fat cus we use palm oil, salt and seasoning cubes in almost all of our cuisine. Even our breakfast use more sugar. Please, i need to lose weight, help me with a meal plan!!!!!��������

  • I almost passed out in the middle of this workout but i knew i had to push and endure. I love your channel. I’ve been looking for great workout platforms and yours is the best. Its organized and engaging, i cant seem to get enough. Im currently 75kg but im looking to drop to 60kg.

  • I’ll do this workout when I’m ballsy enough to get into the level 5 workouts. lol Till then, I’ll continue to hate myself and cry in a corner.

  • Please give proper guidelines for doing these 1000 caloie workout…who can do it…how many times a week…basic rules and regulations…thanks

  • Thank you very much for great workout. Congratulation for 6 millions. My home-workout journey started with you. Your site and your workouts are very special for me

  • I enjoyed this workout so much! I liked how many breaks were in this workout routine. Definitely built my endurance and strength!(:

  • Workout complete!!my favorite two words. You guys are amazing thank you for sharing your amazing work. I’ve been able to build uo my endurance and strength with your workouts. Love you guys, hope Kelly is doing better.

  • My Internet connection was down earlier today.  I panicked at the thought of not being able to do my Fitness Blendering.  I recalled this workout from memory.  Took me around 25 minutes, but finished strong, yet drenched in sweat.  This one is quick, effective and doesn’t require a lot of floor space!

  • For all the people saying they’ve finished this I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to move in sync with this guy and NOT take as many breaks as you want ITS SUPPOSED TO BE PAINFUL but anyways this was tough

  • I just started my weight loss/fitness journey, and I got to about 55-60 minutes in this and then skipped to the cool down. I will be able to do it all one day.

  • Imma just say to anyone and everyone who attempted this workout: good job, who cares how long you lasted we all start somewhere like Kelly said, you should be proud you were able to find the motivation to try it

  • I love your positive attitude, totally what I need while I suffer from cabin fever for the last month! I am surprised I did the whole 90 minutes! Thank you.

  • I was kind of disappointed as I was doing this workout because it felt too easy… Now i’m coming back the next day to say HOLY SHIT IM SORE. Not disappointed anymore!

  • Just did the 4million 1000 calorie workout it was great! Now is it me but this which I will do Monday was supposed to be done by Kelly she said it on the 4 million video. Did she get away with one:-)

  • i love this workout! my fitbit says i burn 816 calories, for reference i’m 5’4, and 214 lbs. I use 5 pound dumbbells for the whole strength training part because it’s all i have, and for the HIIT portion I probably do about 40% of the exercises in the modified version.

  • Gosh… OMG! I have been with you guys for so long that I lost count of how many years it has been. �� I think it’s been almost 8 years and counting. The time when I just started College and now I’m married. You guys have been through most of my life memories with me through thick and thin. Ups and downs. I love you guys and I don’t know how to say how grateful I am. Thank you so much Fitnessblender for everything. ��

  • What a great work out.. I have many other fitness channels subscribed to see what’sout there, but I always come back to your amazing workouts. Thank much for taking your time and effort to make these videos and help people to reach their fitness goals. You guys are truly the best and we really appreciate your passion and love for what you do!

  • can you add the upcoming weight workout sooner? My weights don’t switch as fast as yours and if I don’t know what is coming until 10 seconds before I can’t adjust properly and have to pause.

  • To get thru the workouts, I sometimes pretend I’m in a kungfu training montage and I’m about to kick the villain’s ass on sight. They won’t see me coming. Now squat jack burpee. Again! Again! Again! Keep breathing! Don’t quit now! You’ve come too far! (Inserts dramatic kungfu movie music here) ���� I swear I crack myself up.

  • Love love love this workout! Every time I do it I always crack up at the little jokes, especially during the plank rows LOL. “Id like to see someone do this with both arms” haha

  • obviously not a qualified instructor most of exercises are same movement but promoted as new exercise, just hip flexion sagittal, hip flexion sagittal,hip flexion sagittal,hip flexion sagittal,

  • I woke up late and didn’t want to workout today. But I forced myself. My mind wasn’t in it at first but I noticed my body was and could do all the jumping jacks at the end (which usually I’m too tired to do).

  • this is my second 1000 calories workout, i have to say that they are helping me to realize that i cannot hope to lose weight by doing ten minutes workouts! i am obsessed with this video, thanks!

  • I love you both of u are just awsom I follow ur workout everyday and get benefit think u soooooo much I hv no words to praise u may Allah keep u together always Ameen..

  • im all ready 16 minutes in and IM SOOOO TIRED but i beleav i can do it like susan like she said shes a 62 year old woman, if I can do it so can you! so i beleaven my self to do this

  • Love it. I’m over weight and you guys gave easier ways to do the exercises. I thought i wouldn’t be able to do the hour and 24 minutes but i did.

  • What I love about this channel is that they mess up in their videos and don’t edit it. Moral of it, everyone messes up no one is perfect what matters is that you keep going and don’t look back. That’s how everyone will see results. DONT GIVE UP. keep it up guys always loving the content and what do you for everyone. Not too many channels out there like this.

  • Reading through the comments and seeing just how many people did this workout or say they’re proud of themselves makes me so happy! I’m proud of you guys too. Wow fitness blender viewers are the greatest people. Kelli and Daniel, you guys are the best!

  • 5 years ago,
    I tried this & I gave up some where in the middle.

    I trained MMA, Boxing, Taekwondo, MTB stunts and many.


    I was like “Hey man, now this workout is so simple. Lets try after long time”
    Also me: What the hell is this. This is still same.
    I gave up somewhere in the middle again.

  • The fact that the banner never changed from the day I came across this channel goes to show you how long I’ve been in the blender �� Keep up the content!

  • I really like fitnessblender and I have done some of their 1000 calorie workouts before without having any problems. I decided to try this one and my neck started hurting when I was done with the HIIT workout, I simply couldn’t go on, for I could injure myself. Am I the only one with that problem on this particular workout?

  • I had to stop on a cpl of exercises but I cannot believe I made it through this whole session. I am proud of myself! Thank you FB! ❤

  • Tryna lose weight for summer. I have 4 months, goal is to lose 12kg. I’m water fasting right now, for about 2 weeks. I’m going to do this 3x everyday. I’m going to update every week, I promise.
    Tuesday 3rd April:60.0kg

  • I’m a person who is not active at all so doing these 1000 calls workouts feel good 5days straight… is it really bad to do them almost everyday for a person who has literally no activity during the day? (Stuck sitting at my job then come home and sit on couch)

  • I am genuinely happy that I finished doing this exercise and actually finishing it. I am 240 pounds. 4’9 if I can do I bet that all of u can as well!!

  • After 5ish tries, i finally finished these 1000cals workout. I tried to try all the 1000cals videos but i only last 40ish minutes. Im proud��������

  • Hello! I have a couple questions and was wondering if you guys are willing to answer them for me?
    I’ve been with fitnessblender for years now and I continue to do your workouts, but I’d like to learn how to make my own fitness routine eventually

    1-what would be the template and necessary components of a fitness routine?(ex-stretching,cardio,weights,calisthenics, flexibility) <—in what order would these go and what would be my best approach to building a routine?
    2-when working out muscle groups should I break the rest of the week into the other parts I have not worked or is it best that I do a total body thing everyday?
    Please explain and elaborate (:
    3Is it best to do like a repsXrounds approach or is it more beneficial to do different exercises everyone one time through on high reps?

  • Love your workouts, and this one was great! I wish there were a way to workout intensely without getting sweaty though I swear that’s what puts me off most of the time haha

  • I have been working out with you guys for about 4 or 5 years and its been amazing to be able to grow and become stronger with you guys. I got into fitness thanks to you guys and have learned so much throughout the years. Thank you!!!!!! <3:)

  • Oh my god i burned exactly 479 kcal and I didn’t do the strength the best way also I did do some of the moves low intensity ��������

  • Dear Kelly I just have one question is it really worth that long exercise? Kind of confusing to me since in many of your videos u have mentioned that 30…40 minutes exercise is enough to stay healthy. To me it seems more like body torture than workout.

  • Dear
    Im nee member from lebanon, you are the best.
    Can i ask you if u make clarification for your vedios by classes number
    Thank you.

  • Great workout unfortunately didn’t have weights so had to compensate with resistance bands and it works well! I’m now hanging out my arse ��

  • I always thought you only can working out in the gym. BUT I was absolutely wrong. Since I discovered this channel, I can work out in my home with fascinating exercise routines. I just love you guys, thank you for everything!

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