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Firm Your Backside in 3 Moves. by Lori Patterson. May 9, 2015. 4 Comments. Share it: I know, I know, your motivator to work your glutes is so your back end looks fabulous. But did you know that strengthening your bum (gluteus maximus) and the back of your thighs (hamstrings) will help you decrease your risk of injury, including low back and.

You’re in luck. Plenty of other exercises will lift and tone your backside. Below, 3 that are anything but basic: For best results do each move one after the other, then repeat the sequence 3 to 4. A. Stand with left leg forward, right leg back, and hips facing forward.

Secure band under left foot, holding other end in right hand, with arm straight and palm facing in. Bend left knee and lean. Butt Exercises That Work How to Flex and Firm Your Behind in 3 Moves By Adriel Yapana | Submitted On April 06, 2009 You’ll complete 30 reps on each side and switch legs and repeat. Kneeling Heel Raises. Learn how to perform the butt bridge. 3. Clamshell: This move will not only strengthen your butt but also tone your thighs and side of buttocks.

It works your glutes from other angles than squats, lunges, and butt bridges, making this a great addition to any butt workout routine. As a side benefit, clamshell also strengthens your knees and back. Lift your chest up, arching your back and interlacing your hands behind your back.

Lift your hands and legs up, touching your heels together. Slowly move your legs apart and bring them back together. Begin sculpting your bottom today, with these simple, unique, booty-shaping moves!

Exercises To Get A Firm, Round, Lifted Butt. The three exercises below will help you get the butt you’ve always wanted. You can follow our workout or integrate them into your own lower body routine. One variation of this exercise is to lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your feet anchored firmly on the floor.

Now, press your hips upward and squeeze your butt. Then lower your hips back to the floor. Do this as many times as you can. Lie with your back on the floor with your left knee bent, and keep your right leg straight. A common exercise to strength and tone your lower body, the lunge is one of the best moves to tone your butt.

Stand with feet at hip width again. Make sure you have plenty of space to the front and back of you for this particular exercise. Reach one leg back several feet. Repeat 3 sets of 15 repetitions. (Have a 10-15 seconds rest between each set).

Repeat the butt-strengthening squats 2-3 times a week to get a bigger firmer butt. If you don’t have a set of dumbbells, then a milk jug or water bottle securely sealed will act as a good weight for your butt squats.

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  • Day 1: Just completed it. I think I did not do it right.
    I came here after a 15-20 minute exercise, nothing much just stretching, jumping jacks, starfish jump etc. From exercise 1, my lower back, the part where my butt meets my back you know, that starting feeling uneasy. EXERCISE 1 and 2/3 felt easy. EXERCISE 4, I don’t think I could lift my lower body up much. I tried to push my belly button into the ground and squeezed my butt to do it. EXERCISE 5, I started doing right (or felt right) only towards the end, but I didn’t really feel much “underbutt pressure” or something like that. I mean sure I could feel my skin squeezing and all, but not anything like a workout pain. I think I really wasn’t doing it right but I will try again tomorrow and update!

    I had poor internet connection yesterday so couldnt update. I did this yesterday after doing circuit strength training (2 circuits of a fairly beginner level routine 36 mins for me) too after reading comments on this video, and one that said that “you really have to squeeze your butt” or you will have back pain or something and I tried. AND I FELT BETTER! I mean I could feel better than day 1 (when i hardly felt anything at the right place) how my butt was squeezing and there was less pain in my back. Though I still feel that somewhere I was not doing it right and should feel more. My body did not feel very “tight” while doing these but I tried. I am going to keep doing this 4 days a week atleast!

  • I’ve never worked out a day in my life. I’m not that big but I’ve noticed my butt is getting saggy and I’m only 22. Do I need to do this every day or like how often?

  • This is honestly amazing! My legs feel rock solid after every workout, and the workout is simple enough that I can do it quickly and stick to it!

  • I was scared of trying this video because of some of the comments about how hard it was and kept procrastinating, then I thought darn it I’ll just go ahead and try, and I was able to do the entire thing non-stop, it wasn’t even that hard! We all have different areas of strength and we can’t know before trying.

  • Really nice isolation. My glutes are not easy to activate and I know this lower area is weak cuz my sweet buns are flatter than fluffy no matter my weight.

  • Not only am I terrified of grasshoppers in general, even writing the word and seeing it grosses me out, but I also can’t get my butt off the floor to do this pose. No matter how strong my butt gets. Am I doing it wrong? Love you.

  • It’s a good exercise but last exercise I couldn’t see whether you are lifting your thigh or nor because of the printed pants it was distracting and can’t see properly, plain colors would be more clear and visible to see the lifts and we can follow in the same way. Thank you.

  • Love it! Burns sooooo good! ♥️��Love the meaning of the 2020 challenge…��
    What about a burn fat challenge next? Or maybe a body image talk?

  • 7दुनिया भर में 80 प्रतिशत महिलाएं ब्रेस्ट पर गलत माप का इनर पहनती हैं। बड़े ब्रेस्ट पाने के लिए सबसे पहले तो आपको काफी धैर्य रखने की जरूरत है। वहीं हमारी दवाई भी आपके ब्रेस्ट को बड़ा दिखाने में मदद करेंगे। साथ ही प्राकृतिक रूप से आपके ब्रेस्ट का साइज भी बढ़ जाएगा!जिनसे आपको मिलेगा एक परफेक्ट ब्रेस्ट साइज और इनका सुडौल आकार!!
    यह आयुवेर्दिक हर्बल फार्मूला बहुत ही पुराना हैं, यह फार्मूला 17 प्रकार की जड़ी बूटियों से बना हैं। जो नेपाल व हिमालय की पहाड़ो में पाई जाती हैं। इस फॉर्मूले को सुबह शाम को खाना खाने के 30 मिनट बाद पानी के साथ उपयोग करना है । इसका परिणाम आपको 7 दिन के भीतर आपको दिखाई देगा। 100% गारण्टी के साथ, ओर फिर भी आपको कोई साइज में महसूस नही होता है तो पूरे पैसे वापस, यह हमारा वादा हैं।
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  • Hana excellent results i must say, however it would have been good to do a little demonstration before the actual start. took me a while to figure out the one that start 19% in.

  • I really appreciate an instructor speaking in a way that is just about real things. So many videos, even though they are good, i click off because im being spoken to like a fat lazy child thst is even in the same room. Its a video. I dont want some to tell me im do great….they cant see me. I dont need encouragement. I just need to understand clearly what to do. Thanks. I dont want my butt to drag like my boob has since i am 60. (I say boob cause i had cancer in the other. Real attractive. Sarcasm. Hee hee) so keeping fit. Congrats on new home.

  • Just did this after your side glute transformation workout and my glutes are crying. Putting that lazy bum to work!! �������� Muahahaha

  • Thx Cassey! Quick question abt #grasshoppers…Can I do one leg at a time if I can’t do them together? I’ve been struggling with this move for YEARS!!! I just can seem to get them both up at the same time! So I md my own modification, but I’d love to know if it’s ok lol! Thx again Cassey!! Stay strong, stay smart, and #maskUP!!! Why is this still a problem for ppl!?! #Blogilates #PopPilates #PIIT #NewYorkStrong #NewYorkTough xoxoJJ

  • Until this video and the rest of the booty July 2020 calendar Challenge videos, I never realised how much I have never used my butt! �� Like I feel like I’ve discovered my ass muscles for the first time! I have some there somewhere and they are now screaming! �� Love it ��

  • Hi Kathy
    Just found your channel and loved this, thankyou. Yes it hurts. I have a knee issue which has been caused by a weak right glute, weirdly that is through years of repeated rt hamstring use at work, too complex to explain ��
    Another area I would like to do isolation or on is my deltoids. Menopause hit hard and I lost a lot of muscle. I have rotator cuff issues so probably my physio band exercises are best, but boring…����
    Love your new house

  • Aaah I feel like I squeezed my left side of the body more while doing this workout and now I feel more sore on my left lower back than on my right and I hate this ajjcjdjdjd

  • Great, thank you. I am generally toned but I have square bum, you know. With the dents at the side? Any ideas how I can fill out this area? At home only, no gum. Advice would be appreciated:):)

  • YESSSS! You’re the only one I’ve found that talks about this area. Your inner thigh exercises are also my fave.
    First exercise was the best!

  • NOTES:
    3 Underbutt exercises
    1) Hamstring Curl
    (12-15 reps on each side; work up to 20-30 reps)
    2) Kick into crab lift (12-15 reps on each side; work up to 20-30 reps)
    3) Bridges (toes lifted off the floor, heels on the floor) (20 reps & work up higher as you progress)

    Thanks Holly! Doable workout.

  • Amazing workout! Currently on day 3 and I add in a good cool down stretch to prevent soreness. I noticed we are the same hip measurements (before) so also decided to stick with healthy eating and 15k steps a day, I can feel and see a difference already and cant wait to remeasure on after day 7… thank you so much x

  • Can u tell us that when we should do arms butt legs nd stomach exercise should we mix it up at the same day or alternatively separate days?

  • I like exercises 1 and 3, I’m going to buy your program now and cancel my subscription in the GYM, let see if your plan works for me. I’m 54 years old I’m not fat but I would like to tone my muscles increase legs and butt and lower my belly fat. Is gonna be my first time buying a program online, I hope it works for me.

  • Just discovered your channel and I have been binge watching. Thanks for your content. Question: Should we do this workout every day or just two or three times a week? Thanks again!

  • Hi Holly, been your follower and workout student for 3 months now! I love your workouts coz they are unique, painful XD but they REALLY WORKS! I would love if you could pleaseeee do a workout for slimming and toning flabby back something that works as fast as your 1 week abs intense workout! It seems the hardest to lose:( Will the flabs ever be gone? I’m not overweight or anything, but just have some rolls and I hate it.

  • I love your videos. They are really effective. Thank you ��
    Please do a workout to get strong and toned legs. Not to make them more thin but strong and toned. Please.

  • Hi Holly! I just found you last week. I’m 57 and loving your videos! I like the second exercise the best! Thank you and enjoy your vacation, what a beautiful place and you can eat healthy!!!

  • Thank you Holly,again����❣️❣️.
    Your work have changed my life forever…I have never felt so confident and beautiful in my life❤️❤️❤️.I discovered you at the right moment❣️❣️❣️

  • This goes for most of the body�� I so easily get cramps on the back of my thighs, I try to stretch but nothing seems to help.. are the muscles too short or what… to do??

  • Hii Sanne! Could you do an effective beginner workout (a full body one) that could be done everyday? To gain resistance and then move on to the other exercises
    I really die with these! ������

    Ps. Idk how to say some things, I don’t speak english very well, sorry

    Ps 2. Months ago I was doing the dove cameron’s workout, it was easier, but I see in other comments that you delete it bc you weren’t satisfyied

  • I was just doing my usual home workout, 5 of your videos for arms, abs, legs and indoor walking, and I just added this and dayyum! This was a burner! ��❤️
    LOVE you Holly! Thank you soo much!!! ��

  • Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about “cure breast enlargement” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Zansaiah Breast Astronomical (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • Winner of a video, I have been researching “how to massage breasts for growth” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Zansaiah Breast Astronomical (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  • Is it really works first day while doing dis exercise arms nd shoulders were paining almost 1 week passed no i feeling slightly pain in boobs is it working or not. becoz my bra size is 34 nd im have sagging breast boobs becoz before if i wear it feels uncomfortable no im wearing im feeling it postivity in my boobs plz anyone suggest me is this exercise working or not reply plz

  • I’m into 4 days of doing this, love the songs played in the video, can anyone tell me the names of those songs? How many of you couldn’t touch your elbows the second time with the hands closed one. �� though during the first set it has no problem touching.

  • Doing this once a day
    Day 1 ✅ fell like it’s done some tightening on day 1 but it’s only been one day (like so I remember to update)
    Day 2 complete ✅:) arms can’t feel them:)

  • I have a big butt but it seems so saggy and my legs are short with hip dips and cellulite and stretch marks, can someone give me tips to a body like Kendall Jenner?����

  • okay im seriously going to try this!! my body is skinny but my thighs are pretty big im going to try it for a week and yes i will update in a week not daily tho im gonna do it every morning and see the results i dont need to have REALLY skinny thighs but i just need to be slimmer so yeah! i’ll update in a week! im stating tmr so i will be done by next tuesday im going to also try to not eat that much sugar i will TRY if i can

  • I am starting today And I am doing chloe ting programme with it!! 14th August
    Day 1: done ✅ 31 inches
    Day 2: done ✅
    Day 3: done ✅ (arms are burning �� )
    Day 4: done ✅
    Day 5: done ✅ ( I don’t know whether I got result till now, I think it’s too early but I feel may be a slight changes in my left breast �� )
    Day 6: done ✅
    Day 7: ✅
    Week 1 completed ��
    Day 8: ✅ ( Definitely I am seeing changes guys )
    Day 9: ✅
    Please keep me remind ��

  • Today is the last day of my workout.. I started it on July 31st…
    I personally find it unbelievable that these exercises did not work for me because many people in the comment section have said that these are effective…At first I measured and then the size was 82cm..Today I again measured but it is still the same…I don’t want to discourage anyone from doing this exercise….
    However I would like to add a few words… At first I am very thin because I have less appetite for food and this year I will be seventeen y/o…So are these things hindering me???
    I didn’t miss any days even on my period…..Besides, I got a slouched shoulder so I did some exercises in a few days to straighten my shoulders…

    So guys pls spare some time to advice me about the problem..����
    I feel that mine are too small for my age bcz my friends wear larger bras than me..Some dresses don’t suit me bcz of my small size of them..

  • Wait… Will this reduce your cup size?
    I mean… I quite like my current cup size tbh ��, I wouldn’t want it to get bigger, and I wouldn’t want it to get smaller. I just would like them to be firmer

    Should I try it or not?

  • Day 1: �� (arms feel like they will fall apart and couldn’t do the elbow and clapped hands properly ☹️)
    Day 2: �� ( arms feel more free than yesterday �� )

  • I have a doubt it only lift the boobs or it will be increases the size also naaa…. please anyone tell me……. Anyone there…..

  • listen, i’m a 17 year old girl that is 4’11, and a 32 DD. my body is so petite and my boobs are constantly weighing me down and feel so heavy, i have constant back pain and they are sagging severely:;( will these exercises help lift them? i don’t want them bigger i just want réduction and a lift

  • Doll thank you so very much for your lovely sweet & positive disposition! Please advise I get major lower back pain/spasm doing those exercises on the Belly what do I do about that? Thanks & immensely appreciate you! xxxx

  • Hai mam,
    Am married girl my breast very very sagging breast size32 inch how can increase breast size with tightly also pls tell mam which exercise i ill do it. Kindly request mam pls tell

  • Hi guys!! I’m gonna do this and update every day so I have the motivation to do it! Is anyone currently doing it?
    Start date: 16/08
    Measurement: 85 cm
    Day 1: ✅ 1x

  • Hello guys I found this useful to share with you. I used to do cardio so much with diet and lost a lot of weight which I was so happy with it but unfortunately my breast became so small and saggy. It was so sad for me and I started searching for ways to lift and increase my bust. Thank God that I found this video last month and I decided to try it for 21 days. I kid you not guys my chest has lifted and increased in size. Am so happy. I am now going to do this 3 times a week.

  • im going to do this in three weeks

    day 1: done! my arms were sore when I did it.
    day 2: didnt do it oops
    day 3: didn’t do it oops
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:
    (a week)

  • It’s working.. ❤️I feel result from day two.. Its Improving everyday.. Worth trying ���� I was doing it from Aug 3. 12 days so far

  • I don’t know if this will actually work but since I have nothing else to do and this is only 7 minutes long I figured what do I have to lose. (Also know I am doing lots of cardio workouts and am on a caloric deficit)

    I’ll update every week:)

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: ✅
    Update: I don’t really see a difference yet. Then again, it has only been a week!
    Day 8: ✅

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “what to do to increase breast size” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Iannariat Unthinkable Interest (should be on google have a look )? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for discovering how to enlarge your breasts naturally minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.

  • Hey beautiful I’m really so happy after doing ur 21 days challenge.. I can’t even imagine hw mah breast started firm n lift.. Tq hana❤️am so excited to try ol of ur workouts…. Lots of love from Hyderabad ������(india)

  • Day1:I don’t feel my legs when I started doing the jump squats but I am not giving up
    It’s been a month I don’t know what to say because am honestly in shock the results were awesome like WOOWWW

  • So I saw this and to keep me motivated I’ll write here everyday ��:
    Day 1 ✅ did the workout with long breaks cuz I had to go somewhere, hopefully that’s okay, tired and in pain, still flat. See ya tomorrow!
    Day 2 ✅ did the workout, probably wrong and fast, my muscles hurt, still flat. And I will see you tommorow!
    Day 3 ✅ I did it! It was a hard workout, especially the kick butts (it was soooo long), but I guess it was worth it. My muscles don’t hurt anymore. Still flat Coming here tommorow! P.s. I asked my sister today if my butt has a change and she told that it was a little bigger!
    Day 4 ✅ this workout is a killer. I’m literally dead but I’m not giving up. Muscles hurt less. Just saw this girl’s comment says that she didn’t have any booty change, but she did a lot of breaks and still got results. Hope I’ll grow my booty! A little less flat. See you tomorrow then.
    Day 5 ✅ it was a fun workout, but the last one was really long and I took breaks after 10 exercises.
    Not that flat, still hoping for better results. See you tomorrow.
    Day 6 ✅ did it but passed the squat jamps cuz I couldn’t do it and it won’t matter anyway, and nothing terrible happened. One day more.

  • So for anyone who has done this does it actually work or not??? And can you tell me meals I can make to gain muscle in legs and stuff??

  • Follow Bret Contreras if you want to get all the best info on glute building, this video is cute but no way can you build your glutes like this in 7 days

  • My legs are nom I literally can’t move my legs it is so painful butt it really worked so I like it and I think I am going to subscribe and like

  • Squats aren’t the most effective at growing your booty— hip thrusts are because you can do progressive overload easier. And if you do squats you should do SUMO squats, which are wider, so that it works the gluteus more. Regular squats work more of the quads/hamstring. And for the leg lifts, if you have a straight leg it also works more of your quad than your glutes, which is why you should do donkey kicks instead, which are more glute focused. You should also either add weight or do more of the exercise each time you do it to make sure you are actually getting stronger/growing the muscle

  • Good luck with the exercises of this week ��You can do it! LET’S GLOW!!!!

    50 squats
    30 second squat hold
    50 squat jumps
    30 second squat hold
    50 pop squats
    30 second squat hold

    50 leg lifts (left)
    50 leg pulses (left)
    50 rainbows (left)
    50 leg lifts (right)
    50 leg pulses (right)
    50 rainbows (right)

    50 squats
    50 butt kicks
    30 second squat hold
    50 squat steps
    30 second squat hold
    30 second squat hold

    50 fire hydrants (left)
    50 pulse kicks (left)
    50 fire hydrant pulse kicks (left)
    50 fire hydrants (right)
    50 pulse kicks (right)
    50 fire hydrant pulse kicks (right)

    50 hip thrusts
    50 fire hydrants (left)
    50 fire hydrants (right)
    50 fire hydrant rainbows (right)
    50 fire hydrant rainbows (left)

    50 squats
    30 second squat hold
    50 side lunges (left)
    50 side lunges (right)
    50 squat jumps
    30 second squat hold

    50 rainbows (left)
    50 kick pulses (left)
    50 leg lifts (left)
    50 rainbows (right)
    50 kick pulses (right)
    50 leg lifts (right)

  • Working on the same muscle group everyday without rest will make that muscle smaller because you are tearing the muscle on a daily basis and not giving it the time to rest and heal and become stronger…workout 3 MAYBE 4 times a week and on the days you don’t workout load yourself with protein to rebuild the muscle stronger than before you worked out…

  • Can i stop doing this exercise after 21 days? When i feel Much enough to lift my brust size now then can i stop? If i stop again my brust get big?

  • Im not exaggerating it’s been one week that I’ve been doing the butt and low abs and I’m so much looking better than what I was looking one week ago!!Just stay motivated and you will thank yourself

  • It may not be the purpose of the video but I love watching you. You look amazing ��… it gets me motivated to perform though I’m a guy

  • I lowkey have been told my legs r really nice, but the only thing that’s missing is an ass… So we’ll see where we go from here ������

  • Day 1: my legs are a little toned and my butt is the same ( this workout is a killer)
    Day 2: really fun workout! Still the same
    Day 3: my butt is a little lifted and my legs are getting toned
    Day 4: I’m literally on fire�� but my mother just told me “interesting.. you don’t look flat anymore” love the honesty tho!
    Day 5: My glutes are more toned and making a �� shape!
    Day 6: they are tighter now! One day more!
    Day 7: I loved this workout, I was happy with the results and she turned me from flat to bah bam�� although it hurts doing it, DON’T GIVE UP!
    I will keep doing these workouts and wish you luck if you decide to do this one!

  • I can’t believe this was made before the quarantine… damn she had no idea how right she was when she said 2020 was the glow up year ��

  • I do not think you will get results by practicing several squats per day because it is important that the muscle rests and can eventually form before so not only will you get no results but later you can fracture your muscles

  • As someone who works out 5-6 days a week and lifts, I know there is no way your glutes can grow this fast. I wish they would stop making videos like this giving false hope. In order for your glutes to grow you need to let them rest after a workout. So NO to working out glutes every day.

  • I love this idea of planning the workout for a week! Thanks for filming on vacation. I’m starting this (late but still) thanks to you!

  • Day 1 and i died. It just so painful, now i can’t walk, stand or stand properly because my quads just gave up and i was left with the most horrible soreness i ever have in my life! Sanne you’re such a pretty killer

    Because of the day pain so i skipped the next, doing nothing to rest

    Day 2: finished. Those exercises look easy, i was liked “pfffft easy i do this all time” and after finish my heart pumping like hell why is this so hard? The sore from the first day is still there so there was a lot of shaking

    So i didnt finish the whole week, but this was intense and challenging. Good work, sanne

  • I always feel it everywhere but my butt, and my legs get more muscular but never my but, even when I flex my but exclusively, what am I doing wrong I don’t get

  • I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Clegenatur Methods (do a search on google). But I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular butt enhancement method?

  • Can i don’t do the jump between?? because my neighbors shout at me because of the noice i make… By the way i love you so fucking much ��❤️��❤️��❤️��❤️��❤️(sorry if i make any mistake in my English) love from Cyprus��������������

  • i just finished the arms and i was thinking i need some boody lift from sanne and here you are!!! thaks girl you are my favorite♥♥♥

  • Hi Sanne I have some video recommendations ❤❤
    *Another girl talk because it has been ages and those are my favourite. You should talk about taboo subjects ��
    *How to deal with negative people. ��
    *Face yoga because I did it for a week and it actually worked!!! ��
    *A pep talk or something ��
    *Another short video with one of your poems like the one you did ages ago about anxiety. I loved that! ��
    I don’t know if you will like my recommendations but all of your videos are amazing anyway. Hope you have an amazing day. ❤❤❤����

  • What a brilliant video… love not having to work out for long but moves that really work!! Summer bodies are earned in winter after all… thank you!! xxx

  • Love the video feeling it!!
    Lottie I was wondering if you could help with some nutritious snack ideas.. nuts and seeds are great but can sometimes be a wee bit calorific. Watching your ‘On My Plate’ video and seeing all your yummy foods really inspired me, but it beckoned on me that your everyday activity level is so amazing and so much higher than the average being..
    So after this long ramble, I just wonder, what is your advice for snacks?

    Stay gorgeous xx

  • Holly, you have beautiful kick butt videos… I’ve made a personal YouTube playlist of your vids & do a rotation of three daily…have really seen results in toning:) thank you ������

  • I am 5’9, 145 pounds, and have a very fluffy butt. I’m going to do this for 14 days and tell the results. I’ll mesure my thighs and weigh myself halfway and then at the end. Please like so I will remember to add to this 😉
    ����‍♀️Day 1: I’m an athlete, but this was difficult. It was a lot of burning in my quads, and I couldn’t really feel the glutes being activated, but hopefully I’ll be okay tomorrow. I’m also on day 2 of the gallon of water a day challenge, so I feel somewhat bloated, but this will probably help with that.

  • Would anyone know how many calories this burns? I’m trying to do some calculations and this exercise is part of my daily routine but have no idea how many calories I’m burning

  • Ayyy good video! I just found your channel and subbed! If you’re down to join our community of smaller channels and just support each other, let’s get it!

  • I would like to try an ab exercise that does not involve neck strain or low back strain. I am new to your page and haven’t tried your exercises but I plan on doing this today. I have been looking for a low butt routine. However I am not young so need to find ones that are low impact and easy on joints.

  • Why don’t I feel my glutes activated when I do lunges and squats? I find them difficult to do because i just fall backwards or lose my balance everytime

  • Can someone pls explain to me why every time I try to workout my legs they never get soar? I can do leg workouts every day but my legs never get soar and idk why

  • I can only feel it in my right leg when doing the leg raises and donkey kicks, as I find it a lot harder to raise, so I’m scared one side will be bigger than the other. How do I fix this?

  • hey kelsey your videos are awesome!they are really working out for me but when i do lunges or the wall sit i feel absolutely nothing, am i doing something wrong?Can you give me some pointers?

  • Is it normal for the front of my thighs to feel sore instead of my butt after doing all the exercises starting from the lunges? Cause that’s my case and I want to make sure I wasn’t doing it incorrectly

  • I want to try this so I’m gonna comment everyday to keep me motivated
    Day 1✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 I took a rest day because my legs are sore. These workouts are harder than they seem.
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4✅
    Day 5✅ It took me longer than I think it should’ve to do this but my booty is sore. No pain no gain tho����
    Day 6 I took another rest day but I’m too sore to do a bunch of squats
    Day 6✅
    Day 7 I want to retry tomorrow because I tried doing it at night and I felt sick but at least I tried them
    Day 7✅
    Overall I don’t think my butt changed but my legs did get slipper and firmer so that’s good��

  • omg thankyou so much for this workout. I do this with my stairs workout and Its helping me soo much. I can see results, everywhere thanks

  • dear Kelsey, i absolutely enjoy all of your workouts. i was doing cross fit for a while and it pretty ruined my back and ankles. but still it was hard for me to give it up. with your workouts i learned that harder is not always better. i feel great after each and everyone of them.
    thank you very much!

  • I am not comfortable going to a gym, just because I don’t feel like I do the movements right. I found these and find myself excited to do them (don’t get me wrong I can still see the look of laughter on my dogs face) but I feel good about being able to do simple workouts I can fit into my schedule!! Thank you

  • AWESOME VIDEOS, THANK YOU. Can i make one small request? Is it possible to put the counter and name in the top right or left hand corner instead of the bottom as it does obscure some of the exercises. Other than that, Brilliant!

  • the only thing im worried abut this workout is if I stop in-between the workout is that my one butt will be bigger than the other lol

  • i was about to say 2nd one was tough, but it was just a simple mistake of supporting your body. Thank you brightside, you guys are the best and pls make more videos about the exercise

  • I’m going to be doing these exercises everyday for a week, wish me luck!

    Day 1I see a little bit of a difference:) for ahoy one asking for day 2 my parents told us we were going to Colorado so I couldn’t do it.

  • When I was doing this exercise I was feeling good..I thought my thighs will be at a better range.. But there made a problem when we sit or stand

  • I will do this for 3 months
    See you guys in 3rd month
    (9th October)
    Day 1:I think it’s working coz when I woke up I have pain on my legs
    ����Remind me