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STRONG FIREFIGHTER �� With Explosive Workout �� Strike Workout

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Insane Firefighter workout Leg Day

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15 Minute Workout with a Fireman: October

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3 Exercises Every Firefighter Must Do

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Fire Fighter and Marine Workout!

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The Firefighter’s Workout | The New York Times

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Gear & Fitness Fitness is essential for firefighters. This leads a lot of aspiring firefighters to ask what the best workouts for firefighters are. Truthfully, the only way to ensure that we stay fit enough to keep up with the demands of the job is to create an effective training regime. Using these as our guide, here are the 8 must-do exercises to improving your firefighter functional fitness. #1 – Core Strength: The Plank.

Your core is your center and your foundation. It is the key to achieving and maintaining a high level of functional fitness as well as reducing your chances of back injuries and muscle strains. CRUNCH GYM EXTREME FIREFIGHTER WORKOUT With a work to rest ratio of 1 minute of work to 10-15 seconds rest, heart rates were spiked quickly during the circuit-style workout. The equipment included medicine balls, kettlebells, a 100-pound weighted dummy, a plyo box, and the instructors even installed metal poles in the studio that we had to climb. Train Like a Wildland Firefighter Workout Series First responders and wildland firefighters don’t have the option to work from home.

They need to be in top physical and mental shape or else lives could be lost. If they can’t make it to the gym, they bring the gym home or find a way to use whatever space they have to hit their daily goals. A scientifically designed training program specific to firefighters will look like this three-step program. Week 1 to 3: Foam rolling and active stretching, stabilization training, core. Jump as high as you can, using your arms.

Land softly under control, and immediately explode into your next jump. 2A. Back Squats (4 x 6) Use any object as added resistance on your back to perform these. Some examples of choices for added resistance are: partner, sandbag, fire hose, weighted vest, heavy ropes, etc.

2B. Enter 555 Firefighter Fitness, Inc. Founded two years ago by Captain Larry Manasco of the Fort Worth Texas Fire Department, this group—which also includes Piparo and Ewa Hlebowicz of the Barnard.

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Awesome, be sure to check your email! Be sure to check out our FREE FB Group Fat2FitFD. Sign Up. The best part about firefighter fitness training in terms of both function and getting into top shape is that it is so dynamic. These routines are comprehensive; they don’t have you doing sets of lat pull downs, basic dumbbell curls or jogs on the treadmill at zero incline.

Fire Rescue Fitness was created to provide resources to firefighter, EMTs and paramedics to help them get and stay fit for the fire and rescue scene. We provide workout programs, eating guidelines, recipes, and fitness tips that will help you (and your crew) get leaner, stronger and performing better on (and off) the fire/rescue scene.

List of related literature:

Fire fighters should have a fitness assessment and participate in a regular physical fitness program.

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Fire fighters should be examined by either a personal or departmental physician before beginning any new workout routine.

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Recent studies of job performance requirements suggest that exercise programs for firefighters should be more comprehensive rather than emphasizing cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, as is now the case.

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Fire fighters lifts

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  • Starting this workout tomorrow!! CPAT is in 4 1/2 weeks looking forward to this, also the forced entry is my weakness and iknow for females there are different techniques from the males, what do you suggest?

  • Thier mental constitution must be stronger than their physical constitution because they will witness so much gory horror. Most people will just throw up and keel over the stuff they deal with is that nasty.

  • I did this unknowingly everyday carrying a lot of weight up and down steps, and got in great shape. But I ruined my hips and back.

  • Unfortunately just failed my test with 10:28 /: I didn’t train at all though so I’m hoping this helps! Can I possibly substitute the box step for the stair climber??

  • I pass my CPAT this morning. I only did this for 3 weeks. I’m 80 pounds over weight so if any of you watching this doesn’t believe it works, well it does. The biggest thing is I didn’t give up.

  • Tom, found your workout a few months ago. A year ago I took the cpat and failed it.
    I found this workout followed your plan. And yesterday I ended up passing the cpat 9:31 I appreciate the info, and I highly recommend this workout for anyone who’s serious about this career. The workouts are hand to hand on what your gonna be doing.

  • Don’t firefighters just cook chili, get paid to sleep and get fat and worthless? Those with real courage and fitness become police. Truth hurts doesn’t it

  • Kudos for the video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Rozardner Lucky Interview Reality (do a google search)? It is a good one off guide for firefighter interview tips without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my GF after a lifetime of fighting got great success with it.

  • He’s right about the fitness. I used to have to have to carry 70 pound loads up and down stairs all day long when I was a roofer. I ran every morning, and gave up all processed foods and salt, otherwise I couldn’t have done it. I had to be strong, lean, and fit at the same time.

  • I only get scared when noises are really loud and they happen when I’m not expecting them but I don’t usually feel terrified unless its someone I know and love, all the other times its an easy thing to get off my mind. Unless your doing something weird as you die I’ll just look away but still help. In order to accept things that happen, you have to understand that the world is filled with weird things and I believe in god and all miracles.

  • Me and my friend are basically fat bitches. He dont know this but I figured even if we fail the real thing, we can keep doing this and just try again and we would be better off regardless. Just kinda throwing my self into the fire of actually trying to live long and healthy instean of warning up. Wish me luck ������

  • Used this workout to prepare for the CPAT I took away the breaks & extended the time on the knee to stands and added a two mile run left everything the same and I passed the CPAT today 4/11/19 with 58 seconds to spare. I can say this is a really good preparation tool.

  • Some good ideas here! You can also climb the poles, do pullups off the aerial ladder, skip rope… are only limited by your imagination Stay safe:)

  • I know this video is old but I just came across it. Doing the fire academy in a few months and then my CPAT and just want to train the best I can. I’m currently around 110 for my weight and wondering two things. 1.) what weight should I get for a weighted vest? 2.) do you think it’s even possible for someone my size to be a firefighter?

  • How on earth do you become a firefighter? Specifically in the state of California, Los Angeles county. I’ve googled it and I get nothing.

  • I’m very young (not even a teenager!) and I really wanna be a firefighter:D
    It pays really well and I think it will be fun cuz u get to workout a lot and help people:D

  • Love this!
    Somebody needs to bring these two machines to a boot camp class.
    I like analyzing motion… So forgive me!
    On the roof contraption, the more efficient strikes happened when the elbows were kept low and anchored, upper arm nearly pointing down with minimal, but some movement from the shoulders, engaging the lats. The firefighter engaged his entire body mass by engaging the abdomals and quads, and lessening the independent movement of the arms, thereby making the strike hinge from the waist instead of the shoulders. See the squat and ab crunch as he strikes, and the set up for the motion as the knees straighten and he stands more upright? There is also a closer hand grip, which increases the ability of the hammer to freely arc, minimizing the amount of effort the person uses to raise the weight of the hammer. I can’t tell how y’all are breathing, but as a martial arts teacher, I can tell you that if the breath matches the duration and explosiveness of contact on the strike, the strike will be noticeably more impactful.

  • Thanks for this video. This will help ke get ready for getting into a department. I’m trying my best to get back on a fd again. I work with a cert team right now. Thank you again.

  • I’m altogether a very small female and I’m training for my CPAT in December. I weigh 115lbs and stand at 5’2. This is a GREAT workout. I find though that I cannot use a backpack with weights because it is too big. The only thing that works for me is a weighted vest.

  • I’m not a fireman, but I aspire to be one. My body is not even in the acceptable physical fitness yet.So I’m just starting out with strengtening my stamina first. But this video is nice. This might help me in planning my self training regimen in the future.Thanks a lot.

  • question i have a second opportunity to train for the cpat and i was wondering in the two days of doing the workout before the practice test how many times per day should i be doing the work out?

  • man im training to prepare for a Volunteer Firefighting Course…. the word volunteer caught many off guard including myself, man we’re doing the whole spectrum, from industrial fire, maritime fire, HAZMAT, car accidents, u name it all. Im gonna go in with 2 formerly broken legs, but guess what, that shit aint gonna stop me coz yall heroes are inspirational

  • Hi. Thank you so much for sharing your videos. Those are great work out that I definitely will follow for my CPAT
    Besides, I am wondering if you have any videos about aptitude tests? Thank you so much!

  • I took my first CPAT back in February and went over time 42 seconds. I found this video & when I was able to test again, I passed with 58 seconds remaining. Thank you so much!

  • Tom, I just wanted to take the time to thank you tremendously for this video. I took the CPAT for the first time in early June and ran out of time on the last event. I underestimated the test and overestimated my leg strength and conditioning. I wasn’t ready.

    I followed this workout program for 3.5 weeks with a 35 pound vest and also wore a backpack with bricks in it (55-60 pounds total) during all the workouts. I took the CPAT again yesterday and passed with over a minute left. Your program definitely helped me get ready and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing it.

    Thank you!


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  • Is it okay if I do 3 workout days in a row, rest and then test myself or do you strongly recommend to stick with the schedule you provided?

  • some people such as firefighters don’t realize how blessed they are to be in most to perfect physical shape. a sickness can take most of your strength away and it can take months to get it back and that’s not your maximum level.

  • Epic workout! Got my 1st CPAT coming up in 7 days and was totally bored with my workouts! This made it interesting again!!! Thanks!!!!

  • That’s is a cool video about firefighter #firefighters and #fireman and #fireengine.. I watched your video till the end. I added to my playlist and subscribed to your channel.. I am looking forward to see your next videos..

  • I have 18+ years in the fire service, Currently an LT…. Got assigned to 40 hour sched 18 months ago to Investigator, between schedule and 40 hour blues, put on 25lbs.

    Will be doing this amazing regimen to get my ass back into Line Officer shape! Thanks!!

  • I hiked with a 40lb weighted vest for a few months and did this workout for 3 and a half weeks and passed my CPAT with 41 seconds to spare. This workout is absolutely perfect for passing the CPAT! I’m not the biggest guy, I’m 120lbs and 5′ 7″. Anyone can do it, as long as you stay dedicated! This workout really works!!! Thank you PWR!!!

  • Whow!! Glad I found this. My test is scheduled for 12/6/19… Wish I would’ve found it 2-3 months ago! Although I’ve been training and doing cardio and lot’s of it, this is still kicking my butt I bit lol. I hope and pray I can pass this thing

  • Tom, I passed my CPAT yesterday. It was my third attempt. I had 37 seconds left. Had my pike pole not gotten jammed in the ceiling event, I think I would have had almost a minute remaining. Thank you so much. Your workout is for real. I trained for three months.

  • I cannot find a weighted bag with backpack straps anywhere. Any suggestions? It looks like it no longer exists on the PWRTraining website and there’s nothing on amazon.

  • I have takein my physical test 3 times and I came across this the day before I took my test after failing it again I have to take it again in Jan I pray I pass it this comeing up time.

  • They should also include a health plan. as well. Nutrition seems to be something we need to better fund in the firehouse. as well it for… cops.. as well

  • ive got a year to train before i go into the school i’ve wanted to my hole life to do this for a living ive been trying to figure out the requirements physically and a way to get myself ready for it if you have any recommendations on what i should do that would help me out very much thank you

  • I really needed to see this. I’ve failed my CPAT twice at around 11:19. I really want to get in mid 8 minutes. I’m going to try this and see where it gets me. The positive outlook is that I know I can get through all 8 stages. The challenge is getting under that 10:20 minute mark.

  • I don’t know anything about workout routines…but those jumps and stair runs, look terrible for your knees..but idk, I could be wrong, how do you keep your knees from getting hurt.

  • When doing the workout are we supposed to do 2 circuits of the entire workout or just one? And what cardio would you recommend afterwards if we want to shed some lbs but are exhausted from the workout? Thanks!

  • My question is if we can’t do the the exercise with the weights at that weight. 55 lbs with 25 lb dumbbells. Do I lower the weight in order to complete the exercise or do I try to do the full weight and just go as long as I can even if it’s only let’s say a minute into the box steps?


  • I work at the Department of Defense Contractor in Iraq in Afghanistan now human resource director Forest City in Florida so I can say this civilian firefighters compared to military firefighters are a bunch of pussies they don’t have the discipline the attitude The Pride the adopt and overcome any situation attitude they live by the military Creed duty honor country but it’s not fair anyway to compare them you can’t expect too much from civilian firefighters!!!!!!

  • They need to implement the Pulsepoint system into every single town, city and state. It would save the lives of these Firefighters. Most cardiac arrests in firefighters happen right after shift change when they get home after a long shift or bad fire. This technology would saves the lives of the people who save us every day.

  • I took your advice and I failed by 55 seconds I’m taking it again Wednesday I have to pass by June 17 that dummy drag took up a lot of my time

  • Train with 120 pounds on all work outs….wear vest around the house even, cleaning, normal things as a routine also. Did CPAT years ago and passed great time the first time. Never did a practice test, just focus. This looks like a good routine to add to my normal hardcore work outs. Cheers mates and good luck.

  • I’m so thankful for this video! I’m hoping to become a volunteer firefighter/EMT in January and then pass the CPAT spring 2020. I did this video for the first time yesterday and am having trouble walking today, but it hurts so good! Now I know I have a regimen to properly prepare and hopefully serve my community!

  • And this is how america was founded, a marine and a firefighter were working out together, and then discussed freedom, bald eagles and the right to bear arms ����

  • I have been training for the Mile Run in Columbus and the date is fast approaching. I tore a calf muscle jogging and can’t really move my leg much. Any advice?
    I’m debating whether to keep going risking a complete tear or let it rest until healed, but it’s been 3 days already and I feel I am losing all the progress in training.

  • Would you recommend this more than four weeks maybe just as a consent work out. I’m not yet graduated highschool and I would love to get into the Firefighter/EMT program but I’m worried about my physical ability

  • Are there any alternatives to doing the Dbell squat rev lunge section? I can squat just fine, but I have always had problems with doing walking lunges, forward or reverse. Every time, even without any weights, I have injured myself in some way, knees or ankles. Anything someone could recommend to do in lieu of this?

  • Hey Tom!!! It’s Kelsey Brace, Kathy’s daughter:). I watch a lot of YouTube and this video popped up on my feed and I thought “wow that guy looks a lot like Tom.” I’m so happy this popped up on my feed (that’s good news, hopefully you’ll see a bunch of new subscribers and views, seems YouTube is advertising for you!). Can’t wait to watch all of your videos. Let’s get together for lunch or better yet, you can’t whoop my butt in shape! Give my love to your love (idk if I should say her name on here lol)

  • Hey Tom, would you combine this program with some traditional strength training (bench, squats, deadlift)? I used to do a 6 day/week strength routine, but now that I’m incorporating this, I’m trying to balance things out. Maybe discard the 6 day routine and just do this + cardio on off days?

    Edit: I’m fairly strong but overweight.