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New 4 Week FB Burn Program just launched + New workout tomorrow!

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Fitness Body Transformation | Simple Guide from Fat to Fit

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Earn your Workout Complete: NEW 4 Week FB Burn Round 2 Now Available!

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Finished FB Burn + Strong Progress Pics. This is not the first time I’m posting. I just love sharing my results and experience with FB programs.:) I started FB Burn on March 11 (right before I took the picture on the left) then started FB strong around mid-April and finished a couple days ago. So that’s 2 months total of FB workouts, flexible. Finished FB Burn + Strong (Progress Pics) This is not the first time I’m posting.

I just love sharing my results and experience with FB programs.:) I started FB Burn on March 11 (right before I took the picture on the left) then started FB strong around mid-April and finished a couple days ago. So that’s 2 months total of FB workouts, flexible. This calorie-busting workout can burn up to 318 calories (for a 140-pound woman) every 30 minutes—and your heart isn’t the only muscle that’s working hard.

Jumping rope is a full-body workout. Update! I finished my second round of the 90-days splits and here is what I learned! First, some progress pics Photos go from March to May to September 2014.

Right front splits. Analysis of the photos: Note how in the first photo, I can’t even balance unless the blocks are up on the highest position and I’m holding onto them. These burn buildings’ computers control built-in fire-producing devices that run on propane and natural gas, and use a non-flammable aerosol to synthetically create real smoke.

If there’s an emergency, the burn building has systems to extinguish the fire and extract all of the smoke with the push of a button. Day 2: Instead of conquering my five minutes’ worth of planks all in a row, I decide to separate them between sprints of work.Ideally, this would force me to get up from my desk and use the rest of my body for 60 seconds at a time. Not so ideal: I do two plank holds, forget about the rest until after dinner, and am forced to do the remaining minutes on a full stomach. Survival house needs strong materials and if you are in water or jungle, the choices of construction also follow the surrounding areas. Therefore, it is only natural to make a sand house in the desert where it is hot and airy.

This is easy decorative plan accordance to where you Minecraft progress. 8. House Ideas for Minecraft. It has been 16 years since the devastating attacks of September 11. Coverage of the tragedy during which nearly 3,000 perished was the main priority that day for most Western news agencies (the scenes were witnessed by an estimated two billion people a third of the human race).

Together with amateur records, this has produced such an incredible amount of footage, some of it is rarely seen. Frederick Douglass was an escaped slave who became a prominent activist, author and public speaker. He became a leader in the abolitionist movement, which.

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List of related literature:

These do not count toward the total body surface area (TBSA) when calculating the burn size.

“Emergency Medicine Secrets E-Book” by Vincent J. Markovchick, Katherine M. Bakes, Jennie A. Buchanan, Peter T. Pons
from Emergency Medicine Secrets E-Book
by Vincent J. Markovchick, Katherine M. Bakes, et. al.
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In an age where everything on social media is done with perfect angles, the best lighting, and special filters (and often a good muscle pump too), your progress pictures should not have any of these.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
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Photos showing your progress can be very motivating!

“Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle” by Natasha Newton
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The photographs show the burn’s healing progress.

“Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science” by Martin Gardner
from Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science
by Martin Gardner
Dover Publications, 1957

Your Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle progress chart has columns for the date, body fat percentage, total weight, lean body mass, fat weight, and weekly change in each.

“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World” by Tom Venuto
from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World
by Tom Venuto
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2013

Transfer to a burn center is recommended for anyone with burns greater than 20% TBSA or in children under the age of 10 years with greater than 10% TBSA.

“Pediatric Rehabilitation: Principles & Practice” by Michael A. Alexander, MD, Dennis J. Matthews, MD
from Pediatric Rehabilitation: Principles & Practice
by Michael A. Alexander, MD, Dennis J. Matthews, MD
Springer Publishing Company, 2009

Evaluate the size and depth of the burn.

“Green's Operative Hand Surgery E-Book” by Scott W. Wolfe, William C. Pederson, Robert N. Hotchkiss, Scott H. Kozin, Mark S Cohen
from Green’s Operative Hand Surgery E-Book
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Third, focusing only on what fuel gets burned during the workout is only part of the picture.

“The Body Fat Solution: Five Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight” by Tom Venuto
from The Body Fat Solution: Five Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight
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• What are the extent, depth, and location of the burn?

“Acute Care Handbook for Physical Therapists E-Book” by Jaime C. Paz, Michele P. West
from Acute Care Handbook for Physical Therapists E-Book
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The seriousness of a burn is determined by its depth and extent of area involved (Figure 5.11), as well as the person’s age and general health.

“Anatomy and Physiology for the Manual Therapies” by Andrew Kuntzman, Gerard J. Tortora
from Anatomy and Physiology for the Manual Therapies
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I survived being shot in the neck with a fishing pole by my best friend.

    We made an arrow out of the end of a fishing pole at the age of 13 (33 now) and I walked in front of him while he was aiming at a make due target…. Bad decision.

  • I was just wondering what program I was going to start tomorrow… and here it drops! Thank you guys! I don’t know what I would do without Fitness Blender in my life these past two years.

  • Do some real sport instead of fitness peope. It’s way more entertaining and requires real technique instead of repeating boring wraps and becoming obsessed with food…

  • The second i heard the music i know you were rock it, like always. Man you guys good. Tha ks for helping believe in myself and feeling better in my body

  • Hello…Thankyou fitness blender for your amazing workouts.Im a forever follower of yours.Here I had to substitute single elf burpees to double leg by the end since my knee started hurting.Eventhough I don’t feel sore in individual parts my head feels so light and I’m abt to puke rnThat s normal Right?

  • I enjoy your free videos more than anything but this time I wanted to support you guys even more by purchasing the program. I am excited to give it a try. Thanks for all the hard work you both put into your videos.

  • I’m thinking about getting mask you wore that changes colors. Do you think it’s worth it or have you found something better. Thank you! ��

  • I understand the calories, macros, calories deficit maintenance and surplus. Where im confused is sources say you can only absorb 1.6g protein per kg bodyweight a day, or approximately 35g protein per meal etc otherwise the excess protein gets diverted away from building muscle and in this video his breakfast is 105g! I dont understand this part

  • I really want to purchase this program, but I’m not from US, and I do not have a credit card:(
    Please there is any other way to me get the 4 Week FB Burn, I really need it, my belly is starting to piss me off. I could do the payment by PayPal or TransferWise? Or anything else?

  • Hey! You both got my sister on her fitness journey and she shared your channel with me. I am now sharing it with my friend at work. We get there early, workout in my classroom and then we teach! Thank you for all you have taught me over the years. I have full conversations with you both as I yell at the screen or tell you what a wonderful job you are doing �� THANK YOU!

  • Could I mix 25% TCA peel with glycolic acid? I want to do my hands. I have already done my hands once with a 25% TCA peel and it did nothing for me. I have tough Latin skin. But I was wanting to mix a higher percentage of glycolic acid with the TCA peel. Do you think it would work

  • Advice from an esthetician: 1. Fragrant plant/essential oils are terrible for your skin! Fragrance is fragrance, natural or synthetic! 2. Witch hazel is terrible for your skin! 3.never mix any sunscreen with anything ever! You can get spotty coverage, lower the spf rating, or just deactivate the filters all together! 4.baking soda is abrasive, don’t use it on wounded skin!

  • Guys, I love your workouts! I am recovering from overexercise (for years) and I find your story so inspiring! You have a workout for every need. Thank you and keep them coming!

  • I did survive a serious motorbike accident. I was launched approximately 30 metres down the road and landed on my head, the helmet caved in and it shattered my skull. I now have metal plates in my head which replaced some parts of my skull that was too badly damaged and also have metal rods in my left arm because it was badly damaged too. Cheated death and to this day I function like a normal human being, the slight brain damage just means sometimes I get confused with words coming out of my mouth and talk gibberish but I correct myself:) woo life

  • This is so exciting! I love FB so much! I had a question… I recently hurt my lower back/glutes with some over-enthusiastic clean and presses combined with a mishap moving a desk (oops). I’ve been resting but am really missing my work outs! What would you recommend as a safe workout for someone with lower back muscle strain? I really want to keep up my routine but also know that I should try to modify or take it easy.

  • Brilliant workout! Doing it barefoot may have been a mistake though all those burpees have left me with a huge blister on the bottom of my big toe!

  • Soo excited to try this!! I literally just finished fb bodyweight yesterday �� now to takle fb burn next!! So excited!!!! Thank you guys for your hard work��

  • I was in a plateau 3 months ago and started following your workouts video. Happy to say that the plateau has been broken. The experience has been amazing with you guys! Thank you very much for the quality content!

  • Je suis française et j’adore tes vidéos entraînements (cardio surtout), tu m’as redonné goût au sport, alors merci vraiment Kelly! (et je regarde en sous-titré car tu parles vite aha et j’ai quelques lacunes en anglais) Thank youuuu <3

  • Hi Daniel and Kelly:))

    I just wanted to ask if it’s OK to work out late in the evening like 10pm or 11pm, then shower and go to sleep right away? Without having any meal or snack obviously.
    Cause at the end of your videos you always say to have at least a snack afterwards and that makes me a bit confused:))

  • Essential oils are never okay for your skin, even diluted and especially after a chemical peel, it might seem to have good effects but essential oils can literally give you chemical burns. Put some drops of essential oil in a styrofoam cup and let it sit a while, then take a look at the results… and before anyone says skin isn’t a styrofoam cup, you have to remember the coke thing were you can dissolve a tooth in Coca Cola, everyone was like cokes bad then obviously you realise that you don’t sit with it in your mouth for days without cleaning your teeth, so it’s not bad as long as you don’t let it sit on your teeth without cleansing. It’s pretty much the same for essential oils, except they cause long term damage and you should never use them on your skin. Yeah I’m sure she washes her face at the end of the day, only I’m actually not considering she said she thinks water is bad for you skin…? That she hadn’t washed her face with water?! I need like Hyram and James Welsh to react to this disaster

  • You two really came such a far way now with Fitness Blender. I am so glad you never gave up on your dream, cause look where you are now. Congratulations..on another job well done! I can’t wait to purchase the new program and start it. I will forever be a fan of yours. Greetings from Rozaan (FBapp)

  • Just purchased! Ready to start this great challenge tomorrow! Man thank you guys so much, your channel has helped shape me into the confident person I am now ����

  • yeah its fun until he turns around and slender is gonna cone and kill you because living in the Forrest little slender man gotta eat

  • Let’s simplify this.
    Want to gain muscle? Lift weights seven days a week, two hours a day and add protein.
    Want to lose weight? Cardio, Cardio, and more Cardio. Seven days a week two hours a day.
    Oh and forget about the fast food and junk food overall. And I mean forget about it completely!
    Simple? Nope.

  • Can I just have an “I survive” card? Cause you never know what weird things can happen but you can pull out your “I survive” card and be like nope I may be beyond all hope but (slams card down) booyaa I survive this. Lol

  • Once I’m finished up with FBFit R2 I’ll have to check this out! I’ve already completed FBFit R1, FB30 R2 and FBBooty R2 and I’ve loved them all but so far FBFit has been my favourite format. I’m hoping FB Burn is just as awesome:)

  • How do you lose 20lbs of fat while still gaining muscle mass? Is it possible? Calorie deficit = weight loss I’m assuming I’m in both fat and muscle. How do you gain muscle without fat? Old school bulking/cutting cycles? Adjust macros from food sources? Any resources would be great!

  • A shark bite to the ribs. Can you imagine the scar. Hey man how did you get the scar? Shark bite, I fought him off with my bare fists. Prefect.

    TCA 25%
    Save 10% code: KAOS10

  • Loving the revitalization of this workout. Adding this to my “goal” list meaning….My goal is to be able to do this one within the next 90 days. Will post when I complete.

  • Heyy, I’m really curious about how I should go about the upper body workout if I don’t have a weight bench…should I try it on my bed?

  • Me: clicks bravely on this video Its a series I haven’t watched.. Lets watch. I bet I WON’T get scared! | A few mins later… | AHHHH, FAUCCKKK, I SHOULD OF BEEN PRE-PAREDD!

  • I have only been working out with you guys for a year but I can definitely say that you have changed my life for the better! I’m obsessed with your workouts and my perception of food is no longer negative. Thank you ����!

  • Eat healthy drink a protein shake as a snack done been working out since 13 I’m 23 and I’ve never counted shit if I had a pizza on the weekend I will simply tell myself no to fast food throughout the week and yes of course sometimes
    you slip up but you got one life you’re gonna get old and lose everything anyway so don’t spend your whole life around scales and numbers just use common sense you’re not gonna get healthy if you eat 2 pizzas and work for 30mins casual match what you eat with how hard you train

  • Which workouts of yours do you recommend for gaining muscle/tone in the legs, butt, and arms? There are so many different kinds of workouts available that I don’t know where to start! Also, I don’t really have access to any equipment (including dumbbells).

  • please kindly tell me how much weight should the dumbbell be?

    And can you please give me the link to fbburn and sweat too please. thank you

  • The whole pick a goal is the problem mate.
    Ive been on it for almost 3 years and I feel like I can’t grow. Untill I start to eat more. Then I eat (decently clean) and all I really get is more fat… I do workout 5 times a week for about 1.5 hour. And train an different group of muscle every day.
    When I look fat. I want to cut again. But that brings me back to being thin.

  • You are so brave and such a sweetheart of a person. Ive done TCA peels and give you a lot of credit for keeping your cool as you take us through the steps. Good Job

  • I’d like to survive a paradox created by me and I touched myself from the past….that would create a black hole ultimately killing us all…unless I go to the TARDIS LOL

  • Dont lie you pissofshits just dont eat sugar brade… Dont make your stamach full always, and just do 3 days a week fitness enough tı be lik ethat

  • I would like to se a HIIT video for people over the age of 40 with a Little less jumps. My knee is hurting since I worked out Three times a week with Kellys “Fat burning HIIT Cardio with warm up” I Think 25 minutes is a perfekt time including Quick warm up and stretching. You would make my workout complete with this video.Thank you!

  • Geat video. It inspired me and I did workout every day, since April 02, 2020. Now on August 02, 2020, I lost almost 40 lbs in 4 months!!! Please check:

  • summary
    if u wanna gain weight add 400cal
    if u wanna loose cut 400 cal
    have a macro split as 45% carbs 35% protein and 20% fat
    best of luck for your transformation:)

  • I do this workout when I wanna get my ass kicked. It’s a classic one for me now, thanks!

    PS. I love it how much Daniel hates the squat jacks haha

  • You should be ashamed of yourself. Your before picture is not fat. You’re perpetuating stereotypes that hurt people. You’re a bad person. Stop being a bad person.

  • I may have missed this question in previous comments but I’m not gonna scroll through long list ha, aside from diet and exercise plan what else was you taking? ie, shakes, pre work outs, testosterone, steroids? Full honesty please no judgement here, thanks

  • I bet most people would agree the photo on the right should be the before and the after photo should be whatever you look like after two years of normal but healthy eating and generally staying active.

  • This is not acceptable. It’s highly dangerous and may worsen the initial skin conditions. Stop spreading such dangerous peel masks video and ruining our skin and emphasizing that acid is cheap. You said in the video that u went to parlour to dye ur hair and went to nail salon…then I don’t believe that you don’t take professional guidance to do such a dangerous peel. Women, she is a liar and fake.

  • Poor baby.. I feel your pain.. there is PTSD that develops due to the pain… it IS sad that we put ourselves through this kind of torture, just to be pretty… you are very pretty ��❤️

  • ai… putting pure essential oils on your face…? you actually should mix them with grapeseed oil, pure essentials are way to harsh for your skin…. I’d never do that…

  • That one really hurt! On a good note, I used to hate cardio. You guys make it fun, even when I lay on the floor after and cant move. Thanks guys!

  • I have a gym membership just for weight training, and I would love a cardio only HIIT program with 15-30 min workouts that I could do while still doing my strength training

  • Can’t wait to purchase this program, looks amazing. I own three other programs, and I wanted to thank you for helping me realise that at 41 with four kids, fitness feels and looks amazing on me. I only wish I’d found you guys years ago! God bless you, and keep up the great work. Lots of love from Ireland xxx

  • Hey fitness blender! Thank you so much for your amazing work and effort. It has been two solid weeks of working out with you guys. I can’t handle HIIT yet (I have bad exercise induced asthma), but I would be interested in trying one of your more beginner friendly programs. I’ll get there!

  • I just found this amazing workout channel and I decided to buy the bodyw3ight only is this a good place for beginners? I’m on day 3 btw and I’m not sure if I’m eating correctly any tips? Thanks much love:) ��

  • Waow!!! ������That’s some real fitness teaser here!!! �� But I’m still struggling to finish the first workout I bought on your site��…since 2015��! Don’t judge me, it’s really been a rough couple of years ����

  • Tf is wrong with her. Her skin has 0 wrinkles blemishes or texture imperfections. But it’s already red at the start of the video. Y would u f ur face up on already red and sensitive skin. Use milk peel from dr jart

  • Lieberman stole my radioactive animal choice. As soon as the question was posed I had my answer. that and mobile x-ray van accident.

  • I hope I can do this.., I eat a lot and drink a lot of Protein every single day and running/walk for 2hrs to 3hrs a day then after that workout for beginners… thank you for the guide lines I want to see the result after a few months… thanks buffdudes

  • Hi Daniel
    Thanks for this beautiful workout you designed
    It was not difficult, but was challenging, especially the last round. I have always loved your workout, cause they get me all sweaty, and I am feeling very proud after completing this workout.
    I hope you keep designing such workouts for us!!!!!!

  • this is like the first time I see someone in a video stop in the middle of the workout to catch their breath haha. It’s a relief that not every fitness youtuber is a robot.

  • Hello fitness blender:) one question is your meal plan meat based in the FBburn?? Im interested in buying since you guys have like the best workout videos but I think I need to step up my game I feel i’ve hit a plateau and idk if its because i’m short (4ft11inch almost 5ft ��) or idk I just don’t want to starve myself…sorry for blabing but yea I hope you guys respond anyways I still do the workouts on your channel:)

  • I did not get to complete this workout. 20 minutes in I felt my heart about to jump out of my chest. Even catching a breath was a struggle and felt like I was going to faint. Is this normal? I’m relatively healthy so I don’t see why. In the meantime I’ll stick to your shorter routines lol

  • @naturalkaos Today I did this for the second time and I got a total headache during the frosting! Omg! I think I need numbing cream like I did last time! Ouch!

  • can you guys start doing those level 5 hiit workouts that are around 45-50 minutes again? from both you and daniel. those workouts were the best!

  • Holy sh*t, it was hard at the end but I made it without a single extra pause! Loved this one soooooooo muuuuuuch! I can literally swim in my own sweat �� Thanks Daniel! Love from France xo

  • crazy stuff!!! daniel said if you done a work out BEFORE this,then miss out the warm up, i bet if you did do a work out before this,then you would be regretting it!!well done to those still alive after!

  • Your fitness videos are just too good.. I have one question here.. I have reduced 8 kgs in last 3 months.. By clean eating and exercising.. Both cardio and strength.. But now I m facing big problem of pimples on my face especially on my jaw line.. Can u tell me the reason and precaution? I clean my face after exercising.. So it can’t be coz of sweat.. Some told me that it’s coz of hormonal changes.. Is it?? Can u please help me here?

  • Thank you for this opportunity! I very much appreciate what you both do and am always eager to exercise! Blessings to the both of you! ��

  • Kim…I have a question about the TCA peel? Mine is 15% do I still use the lanicane just like what you did w/the 25%..if so then I will follow your directions…thank you for sharing because you do care..��������������

  • First of all… THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO!! the way you walk through the steps are easy and entertaining! You’ve inspired me to do my first peel at home (not at the spa) lol you’re beautiful and you’ve gained a new faithful skincare fan!! Love your informative videos

  • Am i the only woman left who is ok with her natural skin? Scars, blackheads, freckles, lines..all of it. To each their own tho, whatever makes you happy. I just think it’s a lot of discomfort to go through

  • I think they didn’t do too much of a good job with the eye brow. One is higher than one. Who else noticed that? I appreciate the video.

  • So much feels and such a video!
    How you grew up, I’m feeling all emotional to see such an amazing video!
    You really have successed in your communication, we feel realy close to you both, and I’m so happy to see you so strong!
    I’m felling super proud for you!
    Such a model for us to follow, keep the good work we are all behind you ♥️♥️

  • the production value of your videos are insane love it, Happy New Year Kelli & Daniel (& Loki!)  & looking forward to more fun workouts w/ you in 2018!

  • This new Lee-Matt combination might be the best one currently on SourceFed… I would hope to survive an attack by a shark or crocodile it’s a fear of mine and to survive it would be life-changing.

  • I tried tca peel for the first time two days ago. I diluted down to 12.5 to start did three layers five mins apart. I followed your steps and turned out wonderful so far. I want to thank you for your honestly and bravery. I am wondering however, when can I do another at a higher level? I have deep scares around my mouth/ lip area they look like “smokers lines” I just want them gone. Will a few more rounds of these peels help?

  • I had a peel in my 15, it cleared my acne on forehead. Well, that peel is basically sunburn I got when I practiced foot drill under sun for long hours. I can remember it looked exactly like how you had experienced.

  • Loki!!!
    thanks Kelli and Daniel for keeping it fun, safe, and challenging! I’ve done FBFit Round 2 twice through…

    1st question: How does this program compare? harder? easier? I do prefer 8 wk programs that average about 50-60 min workouts.

    2nd question: any plans for FBFit round 3? I LOVE the format and have been repeating it with different workouts…but I want y’all’s guidance. Thanks in advance to anyone on the FB team who may reply to my question.

  • I’m not sure if the peel worked for breakout, wrinkles and exfoliate or the 50 other products �� looks gorgeous though. Ordering in bulk because I don’t want to run out for all the applications I need.

  • I just started FBsweat for the second time through and I am so excited to try FBburn as soon as I’m done! It’s going to be my reward to myself for finishing FBsweat (again):D Btw, I love the flexibility the extra credit challenge format provides! Then if I get stuck in traffic on my way home from work, I can just do the shorter workout. It really makes fitting in exercise more manageable. Thank you!!!

  • Hi Kim, I did a 20% on my dark spot on my face on Monday and the spots turned brown /black, is this normal? Will this peel off or have I damaged my face. It did froth but this my first time so little concerned?

  • Thank you FitnessBlender. I’m 14 and because of your workout videos I lost 25 pounds and counting. I like workouts at home because I get super anxious at the gym. Right now I’m sitting at about 64.2kg. Can’t wait to lose more!

  • Thanks. I’m excited for your programs. I did your workouts for years. I recently needed to switch it up and am trying calisthenics for now but I have many of your programs and am looking forward to doing some to mix up my training in the future. Sending good vibes to all ������well wishes to you Kelly and Daniel in Seattle.

  • Lightsaber to the big toe. ‘Cause, to make that work, I’d have to have an actual working lightsaber. My big toe is a small price to pay when you think about it, really.

  • I’ve noticed your skin is generally really red, long term not only in this video but until the present day. do you ever think that maybe you are doing too many things to your skin and that it should get a break? i prefer to have pale skin than skin that looks like a tomato. that said, i admire you for trying these things out publicly and posting the results.

  • I finished and i only took 5-second breaks during squat jacks and push up jacks in the 60-second sets. I also did complete high knee runs. Daniel couldn’t keep up with me

  • Excited to do this one! I’ve done FBBurn twice, FBSweat once, and starting FBAbs tomorrow. Your programs are amazing, I’m so grateful for you guys:) I was making little progress losing weight before I found your channel, really struggling with different exercise dvds that I’d bought. I used your videos for a couple of weeks before I finally bought one of your programs and now I have lost 66 lbs. I now look forward to my workout everyday. I can’t thank you guys enough ❤❤❤

  • I am curious is everyone here blind. Her face before the peel looked awful… Very very inflamed and old. She admits to doing this for a long time. After the healing process, her skin looks even worse (and I am not talking 7 days). Do this for years and then wonder why you look 80 in your 50s. I personally have very very oily face. Sensitive and prone to acne. Guess what? I had more then 10 visits to dermatologist, non of those apply on skin diy treatments work for nobody. Some of them are benign while some are just harmful, like 1 show in this video. Acid isn’t suposed to be applyed on your skin in uncontrolled conditions. Half of this commenta are sane, other half admits to doing this and gradually highering the acid purness percentage. Why is everyone [email protected]… Acid is not suposed to come in touch with your skin, it does permanent damage. For all we know, redness of her face is casused by these prolonged “treatments”. Look at her neck and hands, they aren’t as red. It all leads to a conclusion that her “treatments” cause permanent damage. I do know people with a lot of redish pigment, especially because they are very pale it is very viewable. They do not look like her, their whole surface of the skin is redish, not only burnt looking face. Stop this harmful practice… Some commenters do it ever 3/4 weeks, some might be doing it even more often. That is madness

  • What do you think is this biggest difference between FBburn and FBsweat? Trying to decide which is best for me if my goal is lean muscle building.

  • You are NOT a baby!! You are a badass Mama! After you had started serious frosting you went another FULL MINUTE!!! I was like this is nuts, lol. The max I do is 20% because I am African American and have to be careful of hyperpigmentation. But I know that when the frosting starts, it gets hella “real” as you say, lol. And you are correct. TCA is the only way to go. I love that it always works and the retexturing is phenomenal.

    I just tried doing my neck for the first time (fail, lol it needs like three times as much time so I will try it again tomorrow). Do you ever do the neck, neck/chest as well?

  • I found out it is NEVER necessary to neutralize a TCA peel like a glycolic acid peel. TCA peels neutralize themselves. I wondered why, when I did my TCA peel, lathering on baking soda paste did NOT help the burning, only washing the TCA off with cool water helped.

  • I am just wondering if there is a way we can figure out what weight it right before we start the programs?  Like a lifting PFT?  I find I am always having to pause a workout to drop weight, or end up too light for a challenge. I just hate stopping/starting so often throughout each workout.

  • i love your workouts! if i am trying to produce booty gains and tone as opposed to losing weight, how many days a week should i do hit and how many days should i do lower body?

  • I’m doing Fb burn and Fb booty at the moment. I’m loving both so far. I love you and Daniel’s workouts. You both do such a amazing job inspiring and helping others.

  • Thank you Kelli and Daniel for being outstanding personal trainers! Been working out with you for over 5 years now, 2018 will be the best year yet!

  • I would like to survive:

    Getting bitten by a radioactive spider
    Getting dropped in a tub of radio-active waste
    Getting experimented on with a super soldier serum
    Getting bite by a vampire and/or werewolf(as long as its not Twilight vampires/werewolves. If so, please let me die)
    An exploding planet called Krypton

  • Raining and wintery in NZ today. Just discovered your amazing workouts. I am so PUMPED! Setting myself a 6 week challenge using your great range of videos that I can do from home. THANK YOU

  • I did my own tca peel! It took 10 years of tanning damage off my face. And can I say…I just love you to pieces. I’m obsessed with all your vids. I’m so glad there’s someone there to guide me. Keep up the great work girl!!! You are an inspiration

  • Gyus I love you so so so muuuch <3 you helped me so much and you are still helping me! I already have 4 of your programs but i definitely would purchase again! And you know why? Because with you I see result, with you I feel great after my workout even if im exhausted:D everyone who knows that im working knows about you! Love you Keli and Daniel you are mine herous <3

  • Love you guys!! I love your videos and your programs! This was a really epic promo vid by the way!! Im excited to start❤️❤️����������������

  • IS this for me? Trying to find a new FB program to get with. Have used two 8 week programs in the past with no problem. They were challenging yet doable. I’m not over weight but haven’t worked out in while. Is this PROGRAM a lot of stretching? If so, I do that a lot on my own as it is. Just trying to find the RIGHT FB program for me. I could use the old ones I’ve used, but I want something new. Seems fun.

  • You could neutralize with baking soda mixed with water and wash off with cotton pads. It would be less scratchy. You look GREAT BTW

  • Aww I love you guys so much! I usually put together workout videos on my own (I’ve been using and loving your work outs for years now), but I bought this programme to give back to you, as a way of saying thank you for the way that Fitness Blender has made me fall in love with exercise, and has made being strong and fit so incredibly accessible. This is the first programme I’ve bought, so I am interested to see how your combos of workouts go compared to my own. Congrats on the cool promo vid too! Thanks for everything you do.

  • A lot has been going on these past couple months on a personal level for me Marriage, kid on the way, a big move…and in the process is was REALLY hard to keep a consistent schedule. I used our upcoming Cutting Plan which we’ll be releasing in NOVEMBER to kick my own ass and get into shape. Hope these tips work for you as well! -Hudson

  • This is not even comparable to a chainsaw in the neck, but I survived something odd though. While working on putting a transmission in my Camaro the transmission slipped off of the jack and landed on my head. I now have a scar with nerve damage that makes the back of my head tingle.

  • thank u! I just did your strength and hitt video 30 mins ago and I swear I thought you guys should make more and u made my wisj come true! xoxo..

  • Cant do this workout right now. I only started workout 3 days ago after many years and being diagnosed with d2. I need to build my strength back up some and give this a shot in 7days.

  • Actually that guy wasn’t fat… And you can easily understand that he trained in his past.. I’m not trying to minimize what he did, but I’m saying that the title is wrong.

  • so I want to ask this important question I really want to lose weight like in a month especially my thighs and butt area also my waist bc I am really sick of people making fun of me bc of my weight anyone if you are reading this pleaaaas tell me the solution for my problem by the way I am a teenager soooo.. yup if you guys like know any workout for beginners or a program tell pleaaaas

  • Hurt my lower back/piriformis muscle problem but Im dying to somehow get in some cardio and strength! Its been a month or more now…so depressing! Any tips for how to stay fit while recovering from injury?

  • Are there any works in the future to incorporate Barbells and resistance bands into any of your new workouts? Just curious. Love your videos!

  • This was horrible, but I loved it. Oof, every round was a kick in the gut and then having to stop wobbling to stretch at the end. Pure torture.

  • I just love your dog!! Dogs are the best training partners I think! They keep you motivated. Hey, the dog needs to go outside, so you might as well go for a run with the dog:)

  • Hi Kelli and Daniel! Faithful follower for about 4 years now! What would you suggest is the best cardio (preferably HIIT) FB program to purchase that I can use along with my regular lifting routine at the gym? I haven’t purchased a program before yet, but I really want to and want to make sure I make the right choice for my personal goals. Thanks and love!

  • I just did another peel last night (25%) my third. I have discovered that if I do a section at a time, I can take the pain better. I did my forehead, washed it off. I then waited for about 5 minutes and then did my right side of my face, washed it off and waited another 5 minutes. Just sections at a time really works. I never put anything on my face straight after, I wait for a few hours for the heat to scape my skin.

  • I know everybody’s talking about how hard the burpees and squat jacks are, but what about those freakin pushup jacks. Those were the death of me.

  • You guys are the best. I’ve been doing your workouts for about three years now. When I started, I was 225 pounds, pre-diabetic, and not happy at all. I started walking five miles a day and watched what I ate. I lost a few pounds, but decided that I wanted to ramp it up, so I started running instead of walking. Then I decided to ramp it up again and I found one of Daniel’s videos. It was a total body body weight only routine and after it was over, he became known in my house as the sadistic bastard who was going to get me into shape. Eventually, I got a set of powerblocks and I dove completely into your workouts. I have lost over 60 pounds and I still workout 5-6 days a week using your videos. I went vegan, stopped drinking and I have never been happier in my life. I owe so much to you guys for doing what you do. I really can’t thank you enough. You saved me.

  • Hello Kelly, I really love your videos,it’s really help me to keep fit.but now I’m pregnant,so many moves I can’t do with you.
    Please to design the video that the pregnant also can workout,please please please ������

  • Der r ppl also who r living in poor countries, I do.
    I request the team to provide such programs free on youtube.
    So dat we can stay fit n fight disease
    God bless you both ��

  • One time, when I was younger, my dad took me fishing. I was like five or six and so excited to be spending time with my father, I admired him back then. I remember he had reeled in a huge fish and we were both so excited, then he put more bait on the hook and went to cast out. When he did the hook got caught in my ear and I panicked. It tore its way out, but I staggered with it, fell forward into a post and into the water and blacked out. 

    Nahhh, I just like attention. None of that was true.

  • We are just getting started and want to make these our routine, looking to so some running and competition later in the year. Saw you mentioned this is not for beginners. Is there a set that is or could we just start with this and modify the workouts to lower intensity as we go?

  • Loki is super excited about you being in the comments section! Thank you for this! heading over to your site to buy it right now! I’m so looking forward to it!:)
    OMG! It looks amazing! Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and do this in the AM!

  • first time doing this workout! ive been working out with fb for over a month now and ive gotten so much stronger. i struggled with this one and had to modify/take breaks in the later half of the workout but thats alright: D i know ill do better the next do i do this

  • I did my first 25% TCA peel a few days ago, the frosting part made me a little anxious, so I only left the treatment on for maybe a minute, but with positive results. Your guidance really helped me, thanks!

  • Wow, just finished that somehow. Absolutely insane workout, and to answer your question, yes, this is the hardest FB workout yet!! Easily hardest than all 5 days challenges or the 1000 calories ones. During those times of Coronavirus around, long and intense no equipment workouts are absolutely essential. Thanks FB!!

  • I tried this tutorial, but it didn’t work. I am now in hospital, paralyzed from the penis down, I am disgraced that SourceFed, the youtube channel I used to love would lie to me like this.

  • Hi Kelli and Daniel! Just wanted to thank you for the incredible work that you’re doing for free. I’ve been exercising my whole life, the last 7 years exclusively via fitness videos and I have to say, I always came back to your videos, they are THE BEST the variety is incredible, there are so many workout videos that I doubt I’ll be able to do them all. I personally love mixing workout styles and your channel has enabled me to always do so. I have purchased 2 programs from your website, just because I’m a working mom and sometimes don’t have time to think what to do next. My sister is another devoted fan of yours and I recommend you to all of my friends who are into fitness. Thank you once again. There are really no words to describe how important your channel is to me and to thousands of people out there, I’m sure.

  • this thumbnail pic could be the wrong way round eg he was fit with long hair, then said f it and let it all go, and whipped his hair off, he was loosing it.
    you never know with these things, but thats a very old trick

  • Super excited!!! I have a knee injury at the moment so I won’t be able to jump into this right away but as soon as I am able I am going to JUMP ON THIS PROGRAM!

  • Guys I did it im in a young age so this was difficult but I did the whole 1:01:21 hour workout I had a shower and I’m fresh and clean! I recommend you after have a shower out some out stick on and comb your hair and go commando it feels better and meditate! I went on top of the mountain and said “im king of the world!” ( Totally not a titanic reference!) ����

  • thanks a lot Guys. I love you lot both of you. you both are great. I follow most of your workout and I am seeing difference in my body. keep the good work guys. love you lot. and you are true inspiration.

  • Hi! I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you do for us. You literally changed my life. I used to make all kind of excuses not to work out, but ever since I found your channel I find myself excited to do a new workout.Thank you!!!!:-)

  • Lol at Daniel informing us he’s the marker and we should try to beat him �� err no, if you stop, I stop! And trust me, I really appreciated some of those stops ���� I did cheat a wee bit on the push up plank jacks, I just did the plank jacks. My bad.

  • This is my favorite video of yours from your first 6 months on YouTube! The reason why is because a TCA peel was the first DIY procedure that I chose to do, and watching this video really helped me feel prepared & helped me learn more about the TCA peel! Something I’ve always wanted to have done & finally did it DIY for myself & I am so very happy with how it turned out! I think since watching your YouTube videos from the beginning and always watching the more recent ones, I think your growth is TRULY amazing! You handled yourself with such grace & class when you were on The Drs show, and I admired that so much! It seems like you’ve developed a certain level of patience and empathy as your channel has grown! And the fact that you’ve started the Natural Kaos Tribe on Facebook is a huge indicator of growth & success! What I really love about you Kim is that you are so down to earth & humble. I have not seen anyone else on YT who is so loving and personal with their followers! It feels more like you are a FRIEND! And that’s awesome! It’s just the start! I’ve been in the NKT tribe for a few weeks now but I’ve been watching your videos for a while longer & I’ve never felt so connected to a group of people whom I’ve never met in person! I’ve always wondered if there was a group of like minded people out there, but I was never able to find that in any other groups that I tried! So thank you Kim! You are awesome, and I hope to meet sometime in the future!! I really hope to continue to get further involved with NKT & and watch this tribe grow and thrive�� Congrats on 2 years! �� �� ��

  • How do I get the bottle?
    Also just ignore everyone’s hate. If it worked for you, and you saved some $, give yourself a pat on the back! You only live once

  • A fantastic workout, I completed it from my first try but was modifying and slowing down all the way through.
    I did push up to T stabilization instead of Jack Push ups,
    I did squat side steps with resistence band instead of squat jacks
    I did slow high knees for 30/40/50 rounds.
    however, I did it on Thursday, its Saturday now and my shoulders, butt, thighs and back muscles are still sore. I haven’t feel sore after a HIIT training since 2 years now. Absolutely amazing no matter what your modifications are because the format will hit the muscls hard for long time. also I thought it would be boring but no, time flew by.
    will be coming back frequently to this one for sure!

  • yes!! I have just started the booty and flex alternating this month but will buy burn for next month. I absolutely love the workout programs

  • Tdee is useful to work out your the calorie for the weight you want to be to. Say you very fat 250lbs, set your weight in the tdee to 220lbs that your calorie goal

  • I don’t know how you play this game it’s so scary to me! I hate getting jump scared! I guess I shouldn’t play any horror games then. ❤️������

  • I did my TCA peel 25 and it did not peel.i don’t know what I did wrong…. I’m a regular with my guess I’ll try again…….thanks

  • I always get really scared of these kind of videos because I’m worried that there are going to be jump-scares or something like that! ����

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  • 35 degree Celsius and 58% humidity… This was Brutal. Barely finished this in 80 min with almost ruptured lungs.. I’ll do better next time. Thanks a lot Daniel for this killer session..

  • Uncle. Of the dozens of FitnessBlender workouts I’ve done, this was the first I couldn’t do completely: I had to skip from the:40 to the:60. This is merciless.

  • My favorite cardio ever! Again and again like right now I get back to it. Really nice and so much shaky. Thank you so much. God bless you

  • I appreciate your honesty through the whole peel process.. from looking at your skin it looks like it would need a lot of moisture anyways I have very oily skin would I be using the same moisturizing process you used after the peel if I have oily skin?. I have surgical scars on my face and large pores which I would like to soften…. Is this peel for me?..

  • I have been using fitness blender videos on and off for a few years now. I have always considered purchasing 4/8 week program but just never got around to it. After seeing the production quality of this video and getting inspired by how hard you guys have worked on everything, I immediately purchased a 4-week program. If you ever have any questions about if this kind of stuff works, yes it does. Congrats to you guys!! And many thanks for all the hard work.

  • Please never back down to these people. I believe in having the knowledge to help yourself. Your videos have given me hope that there are options. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  • When I was child I convinced my younger cousin to take a broken off piece of sidewalk, climb a fire escape and throw it of the top. As he approached the second story, due to fatigue, he started to fumble. Eventually loosing control, the slab fell over the railing and plummeted towards earth. I stared up blankly from below unsure of what I looking at. By the time I realized, BAMB, the chuck of street hit me in the face. Amazingly the slab simple split in two, each piece landing on either side of me. Not a single mark on me. I didn’t even feel the strike. I always figured that it was like when someone punches through a cement block, but no fist just face.

  • you’re my inspiration, not only in fitness but also in persuiting dreams and life goals. thank you for all the free workouts too

  • 1st time I’ve seen a video where even though I’m pretty clueless about this topic I was actually horrified and wanted to stop someone so many times. Invest in nice perfumes and leave the scent off the skin. Those oils are so harsh. Even when you said you were back to normal I thought you could use another week but as others have said that could have been because of the oils I guess. You don’t look like you’re any older than me, be 47 soon, but I see so many people who spend money on stuff trying to look younger that eventually ages them that I think I’m a bit paranoid. I’ll live with my acne scars if that’s what it takes for them to disappear. I’ve had sunburns, electrical burns, and chemical burns but the last was never that bad. My hands hurt like hell and were practically useless but that seems to come with age too!

  • First, thanks you for your videos and your positive and kind personality. God blesses you guys!
    Second, I have been working with this free 5 days routine about three months; I want to know if it is time to change the routine or I can keep it. I like this routine because I wasted around 20 pounds with these exercises. I wait forward your suggestions and keep with this wonderful job.

  • The amount of negative comments here is so disappointing, if she did anything wrong just let her know for next time, but you don’t have to bring someone down. Y’all are so pathetic

  • Already Survived an incredible accident! Fell 60ft straight to the ground while rock climbing after the rope snapped and the landing was rocking and brutal, but managed to survive and still be able to walk and recover like 99%. I am a GOD!! haha

  • Please Kelly and Daniel Is it possible to translate videos into Arabic? I hope that you can translate, I’m not good in English and I relied on Google to write to you and despite my weakness in the language I play with you always and I wish you a successful success.. Please give me videos focusing on the waist and thank you from the heart

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  • My brother thrugh a wood bummerang into the back of my dads head, it was two millimeters from cutting a major nerve and killing him.