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Find Your Edge

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How To Find Your Edge Trading Forex

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Find Your EDGE and WIN in the Game of BUSINESS! | Warren Buffett

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Finding Your Edge

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Finding the edge means stepping outside of your comfort zone, and allowing yourself to explore and grow physically and mentally. It can be tempting to compare your body and your yoga practice with others’, but this just doesn’t work when it comes to playing your. This is your Edge. Your Edge is your secret weapon. It’s your unfair competitive advantage compared to other founders.

An individual’s Edge is their unfair advantage in solving a problem, compared to other founders. It takes the form of a technical skill or area of expertise, usually from your academic or corporate career. Ask yoursel. Open the new Microsoft Edge, select Settings and more at the top of the window, and then select Settings.

Scroll down and select About Microsoft Edge. Note: This topic is for the new Microsoft Edge. Get help for the legacy version of Microsoft Edge.

The Find Your Edge Coaching & Consulting programmes provide the solutions that you’ve been looking for. Our unique methodology – our I.C.E. model TM forms the foundation of, and informs everything that we do, helping to unlock everyone’s potential and achieve more. The Importance of Finding Your Edge If you do what everyone else is doing, you will get the same results as everyone else (and we just agreed that the majority of traders fail). Your “edge” is what will separate you from the majority of traders.

Your edge is that line that you cross to feel life. Our essence defines individuality and our edge is what we sharpen our essence against. An edge requires both change and a shifting of perception.

Movement is the easiest edge to feel, but it isn’t the only edge in life. Find Your Edge. Thinking about the edge of anything evokes a level of anxiety that is equal parts exhilaration and apprehension. This feeling is no different for IT professionals who are tasked with deploying, operating, securing and managing IT resources outside the controlled — relatively safe — confines of the data center. When you said that to have an edge you need to find points where the traders trading in an opposite way to you feel the pain and then try to profit from them, that in itself can be a toss up between a win or a loss for you who is trying to profit off other groups of traders.

In the Edge browser itself, you can see saved logins and open them in a new tab. 1. Click the menu button in Edge and then select Settings. 2.

Alignment cues can guide you but they are never the ends, only one mean to finding your edge. “And he pushed me ” Under certain, specific and special circumstances your guide may push you beyond your physical edge. This may be beneficial in the right circumstances, but not in a.

List of related literature:

How do you find your edge?

“Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga” by Anodea Judith
from Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga
by Anodea Judith
Llewellyn Worldwide, Limited, 2015

We identify the edge by finding any point along that edge.

“Game Physics Engine Development: How to Build a Robust Commercial-Grade Physics Engine for your Game” by Ian Millington
from Game Physics Engine Development: How to Build a Robust Commercial-Grade Physics Engine for your Game
by Ian Millington
Taylor & Francis, 2010

Of course the edge can be fully on one side or the other without intersecting the line at all, in which case the edge is classified as either positive or negative.

“Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics” by Philip Schneider, David H. Eberly
from Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics
by Philip Schneider, David H. Eberly
Elsevier Science, 2002

What counts as an edge?

“Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World” by Derek Hansen, Ben Shneiderman, Marc A. Smith
from Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World
by Derek Hansen, Ben Shneiderman, Marc A. Smith
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The other edge takes us closer to the final path.

“Data Structures and Algorithms with Python” by Kent D. Lee, Steve Hubbard
from Data Structures and Algorithms with Python
by Kent D. Lee, Steve Hubbard
Springer International Publishing, 2015

An edge is a line where two faces meet.

“New National Framework Mathematics 7 Core Pupil's Book” by M. J. Tipler, K. M. Vickers
from New National Framework Mathematics 7 Core Pupil’s Book
by M. J. Tipler, K. M. Vickers
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What Is an Edge?

“Concise Computer Vision: An Introduction into Theory and Algorithms” by Reinhard Klette
from Concise Computer Vision: An Introduction into Theory and Algorithms
by Reinhard Klette
Springer London, 2014

If the edge is a single, simple line, then it ends when it reaches the starting point.

“The Image Processing Handbook” by John C. Russ
from The Image Processing Handbook
by John C. Russ
CRC Press, 2016

• An edge is the line where two faces meet.

“Composite Mathematics Book-6” by S. K. Gupta & Anubhuti Gangal
from Composite Mathematics Book-6
by S. K. Gupta & Anubhuti Gangal
S. Chand Publishing,

Note that the edge need not actually exist.

“Mastering Algorithms with Perl: Practical Programming Through Computer Science” by Jarkko Hietaniemi, John Macdonald, Jon Orwant
from Mastering Algorithms with Perl: Practical Programming Through Computer Science
by Jarkko Hietaniemi, John Macdonald, Jon Orwant
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  • Do you know if there’s been any updates about the Martin meters and when they will be available again? Love this video, learned so much and your son is such a little cutie

  • Hey, I play MTTs everyday with 80% of the field being the same. Do you think it’s good to invest in a HUD? I do not play more than 2 tables at the same time. I appreciate any help I can get!
    Thank you for the amazing content, Ben!

  • All system are go if someone seems like my perfect MACH, I might rush into, build slowly have the most staying power, whit my respect thank You, Pamper yourself whit better quality goodies and luxuries, happy weekend to Your SER

  • 1. My heroes consist of people I have great respect for based of their business and work ethic.

    2. Turning my self doubt into self belief.

    3. Peace, understanding, and growth

  • Every one say failure my self where I fail no one canot find energy fail relationship fail education fail business fail,meditation fail where it is fail if it fail why should introduced to the highschool the subject of fail it in eight languages 100countries circulated.where fail stop the word. Yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  • Maybe someone can help me out? I’m in NJ and play WSOP. Played home games growing up but never casino or online. I’ve been studying for a month or two but because my fish stats and notes from the way I started out I get exploited even when playing correctly. Ex: my 3bet called by bad hands or get hero called always. Is there a way to reset or a different site I can use to kind of restart

  • link to article mentioned in the video ‘Four Under rated ingredients to success’ by Patrick Leonard

  • If you’re yet to subscribe to Master Jay Wayne channel and not following him on other accounts, your FOREX capital is at Very Big Risk.
    Let’s make this money together ����

  • Hi Jay, the banks already know what you’re doing as they are ‘market makers’ every time you place a trade your order goes to a bank via your broker! It’s really easy for them to figure out what you’re doing because they see the whole picture on their order book. You don’t need to worry about it:)

  • Hi Jay. Your son is ADORABLE. Thank you so much for starting this YouTube channel. I wish I had found you about a year ago. I would have so much success in this by now. Your teaching is so easy to follow. You can tell that you are truly passionate about helping others. Thank you and may God bless you and your family tenfold for what you pour out. Now to the questions LOL: 1. Do you use STOPS and/or LIMIT when you’re trading breakouts. 2. What are you thoughts about HUGOSWAY? Any other brokers suggestions? Thanks in advance. Blessings.

  • Funny how so many people in the financial industry still mock Buffett as a fluke! Although, there is a trillion dollar incentive to do so. He and Charlie advocating against the fee based structure of the industry, is not a quick way to make friends.

  • awesome video bencb.. ur the best
    just play a 6max NLH low stakes.. and saw ur video with the same scenario…

    im BB with JJ
    CO bets 3BB (tight)
    Dealer reraise to 9BB (loose player)
    SB reraise to 27BB (even tighter player)

    omg i tanked for a minute and i folded my JJ as i have not even invested more money…
    maybe i could do better someday..
    keep up the good work sir..

  • Yes you do need an edge in the every day world. You have to be valuable so that others won’t have an advantage over you. Trading is the same way.

  • My hero’s to many to mention since many brought greatness to the world,many trusting my self more,since I don’t think I do and fail myself
    Media,marketing,sales,Entertainment,all within my level of competence.

  • This video was so on point thank you! And omg your son is adorable and I love how he was watching your hand movements and staring at you ��

  • Thanks guys @Raise Your Edge for all your hard work creating content on the channel, proving hugely valuable for me! I only started playing poker 6 weeks ago and been learning loads here 100%. Keep up, cheers! (AlineLatina)

  • I like 2 wait till price dips below the 50 and then comes up through the 50 and then I’m in the trade, because it sometimes really goes when it pushes through the 50. l call it a dip and run pattern ��

  • I Think You Need Knowledge Above All! I’m Proud Of You Brother! Your From My Hometown And I’m Glad You Found This Vehicle To Earn Money! Your Son Is Very Handsome! May The Lord Continue To Bless You & Your Family Young Brother! ����������✊����

  • I dont know What do more.For example yesterday i lost an all in with my AA against 910 suited
    I made all in because i have more than 75% of winning ant the guy beats me with 2 pair!!!! This is surreall. Of course this episodes are common in the pokerstars because the sistem choose who will be the winner. Or there are hackers on that website

  • JAY TAKE PROFITS is really that guy!!!! I started watching his videos about a year ago and he really help chang the way i trade… Now i make my own videos teaching beginners how to trade and understand the market. Go check it out and subscribe!!!

  • Its so aweful…i sell..
    It goes on buy and i buy… it goes on sell.
    It seem that they are just chasing after my money. All my stop losses are always taken no.matter what. I am a new trader, i use fibbunacci, i scalp, i use RSI.. non work.

  • Yes I do need an edge!, 3 months no job put 100$ first in account and lost then still didn’t loose hope and try with 50$ in account and lost all again now I need that edge honestly no job from March all saving down even borrow some money from bank

  • It’s so true that 3 betting with hands like ace 9 to ace 5 in sb or bb will lose you money in mircostakes as this is were I was spewing my chips in tournaments. Now I just call with hands like king queen and king jack ect and am making more final tables. Things like Pioslover don,t really work in low stakes but are good to learn though in case you move to high stakes one day.

  • A big problem I have is that my assumptions about villain ranges are almost always different than the assumptions of you or other good players. How would I practice that?
    For example regarding the KcTd hand where you got check raised by Q8s:
    I would think that he 3bets most of his 55 and 88 considering it’s BU vs. SB and he is OOP.
    I would have also given him slowplayed Aces and 85s (hearts and spades).

  • Jay! what should my next step be? I would say i have a pretty intermediate knowledge on forex, im just about to begin trading the markets on a demo account, im stuck with creating a system. do you think i should create my own personalised system so soon in the career? or test out pre made ones and get to know them first and then move on to making my own?

    thank you!

  • I think you need an edge in life period because people are always thinking on how to get one up on you anyways, so you need to sit and think and continplate on what works best for you and get there and secure them bags!


    Hi, I am Canadian about to begin playing low stakes online. Can I get your advice on a few things via this thread or email?

    What sites do you play on or recommend for NLHE cash games? Tourneys?
    Best Rake back? Easiest player field?
    Do you use HUD? PokerTracker or Hold’em Manager? Why that one?
    Is collusion more dangerous in 6 max or 9 player games? And how you spot it?
    ✋ Is it safe to install.APK app installer from 888poker, Pokerstars and PartyPoker on my Android phone?

    Thanks ��.

  • What would be a good poker training site for about 50 dollars American? This is the most I can pay for per month. I suck at saving money so I can’t save money for a big package

  • I agree with you Jay, yes i do need an edge in trading forex. Thank you so much for the enlightenment Jay, your YouTube videos content always have something useful to wait for…keep it up Jay!!

  • I had an “Edge” in the streets and it was shop out of town while erbody else buying the same trash… definitely was an “Edge!!!!!”

  • Ok…sweetness overload! �� Your son is so precious! Jay, thanks for the one on one! I have watched the video twice and I’m back testing everyday. Let’s get it. ��

  • Confused: I understand facing a pot size bet, we’re getting 2:1, so need to be right 33%. So when making a pot size bet into our opponent, why does it need to work 50% of the time and not need to work only 33% of the time?

  • 1) my heroes are all people i watched on this channel i learned something from each and every single one of them
    2) i need to turn my failure of not on good school with all the resources into an opportunity to connect with more people and be resourceful
    3)My circle of competence is saying yes to only things i have passion for and most importantly are scary and have an ample opportunity of growth

  • One month does not make a trader or scalper. In fact if he did that consistently he would get audited by the DOJ. I had bought into a hedge fund that was consistently making money month after month but was pulling a Madoff. When I asked the agent at DOJ why they audited the fund he said no one can make money month over month and so they decided to audit and found that they were pulling a Ponzi.

  • Once again I’ve found a perfect video for me to learn from Ben you have helped me so much in a short space of time I’ve been playing on and off for a few years now but lately since I found your content it’s opened up my eyes I can’t wait until I can afford the master class thanks again Ben really appreciated.

  • Thanks again Ben, Very plain and simple steps. I feel pretty good that I have worked on the first couple of steps very early in my play /study. My biggest issue is consistent commitment. Being able to watch these videos helps to relight the motivational fire. It is refreshing to hear a successful poker pro retain a little humility. I agree with your idea of watching live play videos to learn useful things not just to watch a sick bluff in a high stakes final table

  • What’s up Jay!! I love the video! I now understand what you what you were talking being either a breakout or retest trader. Mastering one then the other when you are a new trader trader is a great idea for the SPECIAL EDGE in the market. Thank you for answering my question from one of your previous videos! Keep them coming Jay!

  • Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here:

  • Yo thanks Jay for the video it came at the right time, this video has got me back into trading…. Thanks for always lacing is us up…

  • You answered some questions me and my partner had. We went live one day and used our “Edge” and “They” caught on to it. We lost $250 in like a three hours…and it was our last trade that got us…. We was thinking the “Edge” really wasn’t what it was…

  • Thanks Jay. Awesome Epic Video. very clear simple powerfull system. by the way My Edge in the market is also the strenght of the pairs on the daily basis.

  • QUESTION jay is trade indicator still operating? i sent in an order last week and they still have not respond to me. i visited their profile on trading view and it says suspended can you help me out thanks and more power brother

  • I had a lot of injuries during my training, but i overcome them every time and start again.And my heroes are people that i see on youtube and my family

  • Honestly in iml thinking bout joining since when I came back to iml they added Od number of stuff making things a little confusing for someone getting back to trading.

  • My heroes are people like my Father, Evan Carmichael, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Les Brown and John Legere. These are some of the top Influencers of our time. Any failure is an opportunity to learn something and my circle of competence is having the ability to #inspirepeople who #inspireothers and #OvercomeObstacles and be #BreakingBarriers.

  • Hi and thank you for the video. Wanted to point out about the K10o hand. You missed a few combos imho. Opp can have A5o(not only suited), and also, Q5 suited, also some 5-8 suited on the rare side (imho low hand to def the blinds with). But most importanly you have to understand his thinking and play with those hands, how often and is it more profitable to bluff catch or to donk on the river with nutted hands. Also in my view you bet sizing on the river goes for i have it spot, rather then a bluffy i dont have it. But all and all, your opp played poorly here.

  • I’m new to the team I jus started watching ur videos a couple of days ago and I was wondering why you stoped doing the live streams on Tuesday’s. Keep up the good work I have really learned allot and I appreciate how real and passionate about helping the community. I nothing but love for you stay up and stay blessed my brother

  • I´ve been trying to return to poker and lately getting bad results due to my weak mentality. Thank you for this video, its very informative, very useful and very straight forward, im actually enjoying ur hole series of videos, and after watching like a hundred other youtuber´s videos, urs are one of the best tbh.

  • Very informative, keep em coming. I disagree on what you say about not having 3betting bluffs like suited connectors in micro/low stakes especially when deepstacked. U will rarely see people showing down 87s after 3betting and just because of that it can be exploited. Plus, if u get caught showing down 87s they think you’re nuts, and you can use that to ur advantage.

  • Hi Jay, kinda new in your team. I see you always show classes and analysis on Tradingview but, I was trying to open up an account with “lqdfx” broker and they don’t have integration with Tradingview as far as I could researched. Is there any way around it?

  • Thanks Jay a lot for building my confidence; I have earned 150 pips on GBPJPY after it has formed Head and shoulder ; without ur confidence I wouldn’t have pulled that trigger thanks a lot ; but trust me bro I am ur great fan. I am advertising ur channel to every beginner because your videos are worth it to watch ; bro u r Great ❤️

  • Ok. So I was trying to learn the strategy got halfway through but was distracted by that cutie pie on your lap and lost focus…lol!! He is too adorable. Thanks for blessing us with the info and being able to enjoy baby Roman!! Ok let me focus!!

  • Hello Ben
    have you notice that many many times a 50-100bb pre flop jam is AKo/AKs (with fun players)
    few months ago i decided that i am calling all big 4bet shove with a pair bigger than 99. i have now 38 times. run against:
    2 aces
    4 kings
    2 Queens
    1 Jacks
    1 TT
    1 55…
    1 AQo
    3 AQs
    8 AKs
    15 AKo

    it is a small sample but i think that recreational players wants to “end” action with AK and with pot odds after 3bet you have almost always have a clear call with a pair…

    can you get a more big sample from your HUD or one of group member HUD?
    it may solve the Q about calling with JJ

    you put AK shove and QQ/JJ shove the same but i think population tendency will be to shove AK to kill the action and take to the flop QQ/JJ. specially OOP

    thank you for a great content. as always


  • Thank you J was a great video I loved in ages very important like you say and takes you to a different level once you find your edge I can’t say it enough being ahead of the game knowing your strategy is huge again thank you bud

  • Yes every int counts..ever strategy built..every lesson is a learning process..thank u jay Wayne..u are my forex teacher for About 3 weeks a boom on Fibonacci..��

  • Thanks a lot for this video Ben! It is mindblowing how you squeeze the whole bunch of high-content in such a “short” video together… ☺♥ For me it was a 2h video:) Best greetings

  • I have to say Evan Carmichael is one of my hero’s and I have to say a big thanks to you and your team for exposing me/the world to so many brilliant minds!

  • Not that I disagreeing with what has been said in the video, but if taking critical point of view I’d question whether your advice for new players on lower stakes is already what many of them are doing, i.e. folding to any agression post-flop and then when they finally get what they presume a strong hand they end up losing to even stronger hand (sets, two pairs, etc.) or everyone folds back to them, and main problem because they don’t understand how board texture interracts with different ranges, e.g. if they bet big into static board which is bad for opponent range they only get called by better hands (e.g. sets), etc.

  • We see your edge is to incorporate that adorable little baby in your video to smoosh all the women to keep watching and it works! Still watching and loving you Jay! ��✔

  • 1) my heroes change as I grow as a business woman… right now I am being inspired by Anitta, you and Mel Robbins.:)

    2) I feel like I’ve failed at getting out of my parents house at the right timing. Now I am making this a trampoline so I can actually move out.

    3) Performance, coaching, languages and leading.


  • My heroes are my mom, my aunt, and Oprah. My mom was the most caring and giving person I’ve ever known and as an adult I truly value that about her. My aunt has faced so much adversity and has come out on top, being the greatest success of our family so far. And Oprah lives her passion everyday and has an empire embracing those passions. When she talks you listen! All of these traits are things i want to embody and admire most in other people.

    And the failure I need to turn into a success is failing at being a single foster mother of 2 very special kids. 4 years in and I’ve learned so much that I want and need to share with others.

    Circle of competence? Need to think more about that one.

    Looking forward to meeting you at your stop in LA on the tour and learning from you. #BTA1

  • Amazing video as always. Quick question: I’ve been having trouble with Party’s built in exporting hands system, and obviously don’t have the luxury of using PT4 to tag hands like I would on Stars. Does anyone now a good hand tracking software I can use like the one Ben referenced for Party Poker? Thanks!

  • hey bro as u know i love the way u trade by the way what is the name of ur baby myself from india, love from india to both of u

  • Hey man I Can see that, You are very transparent with your people, that’s a lot to say about you. Im not in your class but I follow your videos, I am actually in another Forex program. Great man of God. I declare over You and your family the LOVE, WISDOM, FAVOR and GRACE OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. Spread the seeds…………………………!!!!!!!

  • You are stop at message at counter not existed any thing to pass any message is not possible to you you stop it why not impressed to the human now today they can provide itself now I can try my best level to you I am not sick today morning I received my pension it is pay to 3 r.ds, one chit paid and also housing loan it is from bank deducted. After five days to day it is possible to me write to human any messages every thing you do and you created on me it is not good for you. I am happily going in the public. What is my book gives so far you created itself early as possible.yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  • I think you do need an edge to succeed consistently in the markets and in life. Historically, we find out that the Warren Buffets and Others have had an edge for decades. And most likely by the time to reveal what they did, they are onto the next thing to give them an edge for the coming decade. Just my thoughts. Love your take on this. We need to have multiple tools in our tool belts to trade with and know when to use them. But, we master each one at at time. ����

  • hey man! I really enjoy your content. I am a newer player and learning exactly the stuff you reviewed in this video. I really like how simple you keep it for people like me. One thing that always confuses me is when a pro or high stakes reviews a hand and on the river they talk about the opponents range of hands and most times the actual river card isn’t relevant for their hand? Ex: In the hand you went over on this video with the Q on the river, you didn’t put QQ in their range. Why is that?

  • 1. My answer here is only going to reinforce my next ones. Sasuke, asta, goku, vegeta, and all the other anime heroes
    2. Being forced to come live with my parents again because it made me APPLY what i’ve learned about success instead of just patting myself on the back about gathering knowledge.
    3. Anime, manga, and dreaming

  • 03:35 #1 Pott Odds, Outs & Equity

    07:50 #2 Open Raising, Calling Vs 3-Bets & Cold Calling

    12:36 #3 Equity Training

    24:50 #4 Shortstack: Pushing, Calling & Re-Shoving

    30:40 #5 Removing Negativity