Final #SnapMadness Challenge 1 hour 30 minutes around the Fitness Bike


Quick 10-Minute Recumbent Bike Workout

Video taken from the channel: Vive Health


20 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout (INTENSE SPIN CHALLENGE!!)

Video taken from the channel: Athlean-XX for Women



Video taken from the channel: Sam Pilgrim


40 Minute Indoor Trainer Workout

Video taken from the channel: CTXCvideos


45 Minute Indoor Trainer Workout

Video taken from the channel: CTXCvideos


100-Mile Stationary Bike “Century Ride” Spinning Workout Challenge!!

Video taken from the channel: Randy Santel


Urban Freeride Lives 3 Fabio Wibmer

Video taken from the channel: Fabio Wibmer

The fourth and final #SnapMadness challenge is finally here! We’re so proud of all our participants. You’ve been through three tough workouts. We saved the best for last.

You got this! Here’s how you play: 1. Complete 90 minutes on the stationary bike. 2. Take a photo of yourself next to the time on your machine’s display screen. Final #SnapMadness Challenge: 90 Minutes on the Stationary Bike.

The fourth and final #SnapMadness challenge is finally here! We’re so proud of all our participants. You’ve be. Final #SnapMadness Challenge: 90 Minutes on the Stationary Bike. BODYWEIGHT CRUSHER.

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All About Legs Workout. Snap Workout: Chest. Don’t want to miss anything? Get the latest recipes, workouts, success stories, tips and more right in your inbox. You may view skiing as a fun way to spend a cold winter morning outdoors, but it’s also an intense workout that stresses your arms, legs, and core.

Distractions at the gym can really make or break your workout. Remember your time at the gym is yours and it’s okay to tune out the world and focus on yourself for a bit. Aerobic test events include a 5,000 meter row, a 12,000 meter stationary bike, a 1,000 meter swim, and a 2 mile run.

The time standard for the row, stationary bike and swim is 25 minutes and 21. “An optimal plan might be two good workouts where you’re riding 60 to 90 minutes of tempo, via a 2×20 or 2×30 or similar. Then on the weekend, pick a day and go out for longer, three to five.

A 3 hour ride IS a long ride. This is not where you can develop speed and power. 90-110 minutes is a ride on which you focus on speed and power.

I think CTS is imagining we are all elite riders getting ready to ride for Quickstep at Paris Roubaix tomorrow, just like Chris C used to be. Sorry Chris I never made it beyond Cat 3 amateur.

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  • I do this ride at least once a week and love it. However now I cringe and duck at 27:17 hoping to never get nailed with that giant farmer blow X2!! Good Lord! hahahah

  • F***(ing awesome! Love riding with you guys. You’re getting out of the sadle after 30 mins!!; I can’t do that yet but I’m on a mission to do so. Great work again

  • Yep, Great Indoor Super Turbo training Video. I make it harder for me by ratcheting up for more power and building stronger cycling legs! I use to race many moons ago,but now I like to stay in shape and this video does the trick. Thanks CTX 😉

  • I loved your first video and love this one even moreto everyone bashing your formdo it correctly on your bike and leave her alone, she is guiding us through this, not teaching a spin class. I love your stuff amyI would love a hill workout, 20-30mins of the dirties 😉 and thank you!!!

  • Omg Randy how can you walk after riding for 5 hrs. I am so inspired. Yes more nutrition and fitness info please. Love watching your videos.

  • You made a bad mistake training on a static bike. You’ll be struggling as you ride over gravel, uphill, and you’ve got the wind against you.

  • Randy quick update I bought a bike myself and have gone from 205 to 181 so far! Bit more to trim but you’ve been a great inspiration and help after trying to lose weight so many times. Just wanted to let you know, show off a bit, and say thank you!!! ��

  • Awesome workout. I would like to have a full 45 min workout without having to do a repeat. However what can you expect for free. Thank you for the great workout

  • Hey Randy awesome job my friend..looking great. Well done. Did you connect to the Sufferfest app with the Power meter? With squeaking you may need to lubricate the saddle stem, handlebar stem and also your cleats. I have that struggle on my videos. You can also monitor your Power zones using the StagesFlight app. If you need any bike workouts I have some on my channel if you need any extra motivation. 5.5 hours indoors is epic. Going to follow your journey..

  • Die übertreiben auch, die wollen dass das Fahrrad unbedingt kaputt geht damit die dann was haben und dann deren Video ist interessant

  • Try a fan that is blowing in your face from a certain angle. Within reach so that you can adjust it at will. I’m not kidding, it gives relief and makes you sweat less.

  • good music for keeping high rpm guys! always look at that to make my pace during effort and recovery. thank you for these nice indoor workouts, good prep for the upcoming season. 
    it is always sunny and great weather overthere in Melbourne. I am jealous:)

  • Having done a few Half and full Ironman which is 140.3 miles ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️ the past 8 years. When you are riding make sure that you have a proper fit for the road or touring bike you will be riding. Also, relax your shoulders and elbows. Nutrition in and water intake during training to understand what your body needs to keep from bonking is hugely important. Best of luck. Get a correct fit in your trainer as well.

  • Seat goes higher. Make sure your stride is almost at full leg to get the maximum amount of torque. Down stroke should be quads, and the upstroke should be hamstrings. Wear some good bike shorts. That is all.

  • The bike videos showed me I can put the calories where I want them to go and its a beautiful thing to have that power in your hands. Mind over obsticle.

  • Oh Randy yes I have some advice. When you ride your bike around town, then your whole body gets used. The muscles used to accommodate your inner ear to keep your balance get used. We use our whole body to stay balanced. On a Stacy bike you just churn your legs. Get on your new bike and ride all over town. Save the Stacy for blizzards and tornados. You’ll see so much better results. I ride my bike in the snow even. I hate stationary bikes.
    The most boring and waste of time. Just my experience though!��Riding a real bike perfects your reflexes and adrenaline and octical acuity. A much better workout than sittin’ and spinnin’. And it’s a lot more fun. To go out and see and feel every bump of land. And breathe the air. Forget about the world and just ride. All over the place����������

  • Dear friend I love bike ride videos it’s a great use of technology but I must strongly strongly recommend that you attach the camera to your helmet or chin strap as the angle of the camera puts my view straight up the ass of the person in front of you also it makes my perspective view that of a kid on a kids bike my view should be your view

  • You should get pedal clips so you can push and pull. Try to keep your hips still. Just check some spinning videos. When you stand, tell them to keep their weight over the pedals. You are strong, but you need to learn safety before you lead.

  • Randy when doing your food challenges, do you prefer an audience watching you or do you like to be left alone when eating to concentrate. Or do you prefer an audience has it helps ect or you not bothered

  • Good workout and video. Wondering how much interval time it adds up to (good to track). Looks like 12:20 of intervals (if I counted correctly)
    Level 5 9 minutes








    Level 6 3:20







  • Hey, Randy. I’m looking into buying a bike, and wondered if you could give me any tips, as a heavy rider (350+) on what kind of build I should be looking for. I won’t be able to afford a good stationary bike, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a road bike that will hold up to my weight and still be relatively affordable.

  • Bizim ülkede 20 bin tl amk bisiklete binmek bile zengin işi sikeyim böyle işi. Türk varsa bi selam bıraksın. Doların yükselmesini bekliyorsak daha çokomelleriz.

  • This is a great workout. Forgive my forwardness but I’d be most appreciative if you check out my Indoor Cycling Mana Fitness page. Start with week 5 session. Constructive criticism would be appreciative.

  • Please post more! I do these every morning and love it! I’ve searched through tons of spin workouts and love Amy Jo the best! Thank you!

  • This might be a stupid question but… How do I best interpret the effort level? Is it like a certain percentage of your own maximum wattage?

  • Cara isso me deixa muito mal,tô juntando dinheiro a tempos pra comprar minha aro 29 toda ferrada aí vem esses caras compram 3 Full suspension e destroem elas,eu ficaria feliz pra caralho com qualquer uma dessas aí

  • hey guys have you seen this? looks and sounds something just like my favourite ride around melbourne!

  • Great job Randy!! Riding for 5 hours insane, you are definitely determined and motivated!! I loved how many times you changed shirts!! Your motto, Win Before You Begin!! Have a great day Randy!!!

  • Thanks for producing such clear and well constructed videos. I use them daily riding in my spin bike by riding in front of a big screen, totally enjoying the experience.

  • Your knees are not bending enough, look into how Greg LeMond adjusts his seat height and position of knees over the pedal on the down stroke. Also, seat tube angle is fixed but can be changed with a different post. ������‍♂️

  • I’d enjoy these trainers more if I didn’t have to stare at a huge clock throughout the video. A tiny one is all that’s necessary, lower left or right bottom corner. Not the huge NY Eve Countdown clock.

  • Please Never Never get rid of this video. It’s my goto and the music and interval training helped me get in shape and lose 40lbs and all but ditch my hypertension and diabetes meds. When I hear and see this.. It just get’s me moving on my elliptical. Thank Thank Thank YOU!!!

  • Amei essa pedalada. Pena que estou só na ergométrica. Morro de vontade de pegar também. Por isso tomei a iniciativa de pegar um pouco de resistência na ergométrica. Parabéns a equipe.

  • Was awesome until you added adverts mid training!!! Play at the beginning or end, I will watch them to support you…. not when my HR is sitting in my throat

  • Aww guys what have you done! easily the best and most enjoyable brilliant indoor workout video on the inter web, and you have put ads on it? it is crazy when you put an add in the middle of an effort section??? you have to stop cycling, un clip, get off and press ‘skip adds’ then of course get back on again clip in and try to get your rhythm back again. the first half of this video is now almost unusable chaps, and believe me i loved it. cycling around the streets of melbourne anytime is much better than the the UK in winter i can assure you. such a shame this was done

  • Hi Amy, you are an AWESOME Spinning Teacher. Super fun workout and your videos have been a must on my workout and staying healthy. Keep Up the AMAZING JOB����

  • Congrats with the recent weight loss journey Randy santel. The classic nostalgic of Atlas fry time traveling from over a decade ago is back.: ]

  • BEST session to date on the turbo!! Thanks guys and fair play IF i ever make it out Melbourne way I’ll be sure to look you guys up and try to hang on at the back:)

  • I feel sorry for the bikes. I dont know. Maybe because these are the only bikes I can afford. And you only bought them just to se them break. Sad.

  • I would be interested to know which gear these guys are in at various stages. Would give me some idea of whether I’m keeping up, or just think I am!

  • Reminds me so much of Spielburg’s film ‘Duel’ where you never get to see the driver of the truck but you travel along with him. Here you ride but never see the rider apart from the occasional shadow!!
    Another brilliant video, thanks!

  • Terrible form. Upper body shouldn’t be moving side to side. Positions 1 2 3 aren’t correct. It’s pretty obvious when a spin instructor doesn’t have any road experience

  • Love these workouts and the sound that the effort is ended. Would also like a sound that the recovery is ended. I like to close my eyes so I don’t have to watch the second tick endlessly by….am I the only one?

  • This one is great. Balance of being brutal and effective.
    I found an alternate audio track if you start this one about a minute before you hit play on the CTXC40, it keeps the beat pretty well.

  • To all the CTX Crew: Thanks a million for giving the indoor training a new flavor with all your great videos; also great to see the Melbourne streets. You people are awesome! From Mexico City, my best wishes for 2017.

  • Muchas gracias! Ayuda a amenizar la rutina con el rodillo!
    Más aún para quienes no podemos entrenar en carretera por el clima y bajas temperaturas!
    Muy recomendables!

  • Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! People have been asking for more fitness and nutrition related videos, so we wanted to document my first attempt at completing a virtual century ride, spinning over 100 miles on my stationary bike “Stacey.” I hope you all enjoy the video and yes I know I need to figure out how to get rid of the really bad squeak haha.

  • I usually don’t leave comments but this workout is excellent. I love the fact you are in and out in 20 minutes and not an hour. I hope you do more of these videos. Thank you so much.

  • Very nice video. It would be useful if the RPM could be shown somewhere in the screen. I know different level people would use different rpm’s however a general guide would help make this training more efficient

  • me, okay 20 minutes..i only need 20 mintues to get my blood going and im done…okay 10 more minutes…uh 5…hmm…2? fuck it i’ll just finish it….

  • Thanks so much for this. I was getting tired of the same few Sufferfest videos on rotation and thought I’d give this a try. On a cold wet day in England it was great to (virtually) join a sunny Melbourne club ride. Nice roads and some lovely houses along the way. Also nice to see what bikes people were riding as you go up and down the group. Oh a great well designed workout. Cheers!

  • Loving these spinning videos Randy! Keep em coming! Very inspiring and it’s encouraging me to cycle more! Kudos all the way from London U.K! ✊�� ��

  • this kicked my ass! I love it!!!!! Your vids are so much better than the paid monthly subscription videos out there, I would gladly pay for these!! Since they’re currently free (much appreciated) I’ll donate instead ��

  • Thanks so much for sorting out the ads on this video. Iam a 60 yr old ex rugby player 17 1/2 stone 6’2″ big old lump. exercise is now difficult but this video simply ticks all the boxes for me. its perfect. the cadence (to the beat of the music) is perfect, the nasty second half is perfect, and the duration is perfect for me. I totally immerse myself in this workout. My other half laughs at me still when i lean into the corners whilst pedalling furiously in my study. when i complain about the big guy in the blue shirt because he is still wearing those horrible socks, when i complain that during the last sprint i never beat those five or six guys. I have spent a lot of hours looking at indoor bike workouts and this one is perfect for me so thank you.

  • I got a great workout! I think I like a little more instructions but it’s good for me to change it up and have to push myself once in a while! Thanks for taking me out of my routine!

  • I love this workout!!! It is a good cardio blast to get my day started!!! I tried to find your first cycle workout… is it on YouTube?

  • I really enjoyed it. I have noticed I am getting stronger. I started in April. 2020. It has help a lot thanks. I am also trying the arm wk outs.

  • This one is the best worst one yet!! Loved it… I loved how it seemed to really get me in the zone, while mentally it felt a relief that overall the sessions were getting shorter, and I could ignore the fact that recovery was also getting shorter… until the end that is! Awesome!! Thank you!! Time to donate!!:)

  • I just finished this video and I would hate the person who created it if the part of my brain that feels hate hadn’t died while I was in oxygen debt in the last 5 minutes

  • $150 is cheap but over half of america cant afford a $500 emergency cost.

    Imagine how nice my bike could be if I didnt buy so much pot.

    In 90 minutes I’m hopping on my 150$ bike to ride 1.5 miles home from work. She does the job.

  • I do my cardio indoor (bike) since about 3 years now and I always watch your videos! Hope you guys are adding more soon, love it!! thanks

  • I love all of Amy’s spin video’s. She is super motivating and her video’s are just plain fun to do and you get a really great sweat. Keep them coming Amy! Great Job!

  • Just found you guys by chance on YouTube; I love CTXC…..great workouts and see improvements in my performance…THANKS GUYS!!; keep making them

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  • Flat white double shot no sugar my shout! Thanks I really enjoy this work out I’m starting to give the other cyclists names now! I hope the guy who broke down was ��

  • I just discovered this chanel today and I´m having so much fun with the videos, keep it up m8t!!! I´m gonna sell all my video games and build a new bike

  • I love how the guy said two bikes I got two kids…wtf you cheap ass go buy another then don’t just expect to be given another one lol

  • Wooow respect Randy. I did a lot of spinning lessons in the past.. i know how much effort this is. But for the sweatting didn’t you had a fan on? It also resembles little bit normal wind on a bike.

  • Great job. Good quality video, perfect timing / effort. Actually enjoyed this more than my usual Zwift session!
    Only request would be to mount camera slightly higher, at head level of other riders, then the experience would be even more realistic (unless you are a cycling dwarf)…:-))

  • Love all of your Spin Workouts! Keep posting! I like having a variety of workout lengths to choose; maybe another 8-15 min workout and another 25-45min workout or a workout of all Position 3. Thanks! It really improves by day after a morning of Spin!

  • Espectacular, mas en estos tiempo de covid 19, me hace muy bien ver estos videos y volver a subirme a una bicicleta de spinning, como corredor es un excelente entrenamiento, un fuerte abrazo desde argentina!!

  • Fabio wiso hast du dieses video vor über einem jahr gedreht nämlich noch vor winterberg als elias ins krankenhaus muste ( auf den autogramm karten war das vorschaubild zu sehen)

  • Hey Amy, Its really very amazing and enthusiastic watching you spinning sessions…
    please upload some videos containing different activities we can perform while spinning like, one leg cranking and push ups etc.

    Thank You
    Keep up the Great work

  • Well done. Riding 100 miles isn’t an easy job. I’d suggest cycling shorts and chamois cream, burnt bike ass is no fun!
    Good luck with the ride and stay healthy

  • At 20 + minute: 200 k cal
    If u repeat by the 15th mark u can burn about: 300kCal
    If u finish the second round plus cool down u burn about: 350-370kcal
    All these figures are subjective however as it depends on how fast u pedal, how much resistance u crank and etc.

  • I’m curious about what resistance you used? My stationary bike I can only do an hour but I put it on one of the highest resistances it has.

  • Hi there. Great workout. However… This could be for men too…. Not just women. I’m a guy mm did the workout and was good for me too.. cheers!

  • This was excellent. I worked it today. It’s raining out and I have an indoor trainer and had done the gcn training but this is more realistic and much more fun to peddle for exercise

  • These are great and brutal… 1st go at the 45 I was 63% in aerobic, 3% anaerobic… then the one I did last night was 48% aerobic, 29% anaerobic. Relative effort on the 1st was 60 compared to 149… ouch.

  • Incredibly bad form…. Starts by telling the three hand positions, and the very second she stands up, she does not follow her own instructions regarding hand positions. Body moves way too much on the bike. Furthermore putting that much resistance on the bike when you are having such a hard time with it, is clearly not a good idea. Anf for f*cks sake, put on some cycling shoes and get clicked in….

  • I absolutely love to see Randy on the grind! Honestly, it’s so inspiring to see the effort and dedication he’s putting in towards health and well being during the quarantine. It’s starting to rub off and inspire me to keep training!

  • thank you for that! Made my indoor training a lot funnier with a feeling of going from last to first of the group while going on high efforts.

  • I absolutely love these quick hiit spin workouts!!!!!!! I am doing them 2-3 times a week along with strength training! Please Please Please DO MORE!!!!!!!!