Fast Solution 13-Minute Full-Body Cardio Blast


60 MINUTE FULL BODY NO REPEAT Full Body Cardio & Strength HIIT ��Burn 482 Calories

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5 Min Fix: Cardio Blast Fat Burning Workout All Levels No Equipment Home Routine

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15 Minute Full Body Cardio Workout CALORIE BLAST | Rebecca Louise

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Fastest Fat Blaster: Plyometric HIIT Cardio Workout | 13 Minute Full Length Workout Video

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13 Minutes of Hell // Bodyweight HIIT (No Equipment)

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10 MIN CALORIE BURN | Full Body Sweat for Fat Burning // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

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Quick Fix 13-Minute Full-Body Cardio Blast (Video!) You can fit this total body workout from Dana McCaw into even the busiest of schedules. It consists of just three simple body weight exercises that can be performed at different intensity levels and modifications to provide a great workout for beginners through the fittest workout warriors. 13-Minute Full Body Cardio Blast. You can fit this total body workout into even the busiest of schedules. It consists of just three simple body weight exercises that can be performed at different intensity levels and modifications to provide a great workout for beginners through the fittest workout warriors.

Full-Body Cardio Workout #1 The below workout was created by Barry’s Bootcamp chief instructor Keoni Hudoba. Warm-up with 30 seconds of frontal and lateral jumping jacks, 30 seconds of butt kicks, 30 seconds of capoeira (swing arms around to sides while simultaneously tapping the same foot behind, and 30 seconds of high knees. This quick cardio workout can be done every day as part of your regular routine (like brushing your teeth). And if, like brushing your teeth, you can turn it into a daily habit, imagine the possibilities! As far as workouts to blast fat go, this one is simple, straightforward, and some might even say enjoyable.

Full Body Cardio BLAST Workout. February 18, 2015 by [email protected] 39 Comments. It’s Wi-wi-wi Wild Workout Wednesday!!! (That’s meant to be said as though you’re announcing a DJ on the radio De-de-de-DJ Goofy White Kid <‚ÄĒ legit DJ be-te-dubs) Ok, now that we’ve had that fun, onto the post!

UNLEASH with Bipasha Basu Subscribe to Stay Fit Watch Bipasha Basu do a two step work out session whic. Quick Fix: Total Cardio Mix: Cardio Hip-hop Workout and Total Cardio Kick Workout DVD. 1 legs and butt and in the final one you will do a full body interval routine. If you are short on time you can do one routine or you could put them together for a full body cardio blast. All of those 20 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises can easily be done at home and are sure to give you a great full-body workout.

Here are two different cardio workouts you can do using these moves. The 10 Second Cardio Blast. Set a timer for 10 second intervals. Go right. Let’s have some fun moving with this quick but effective cardio session (no equipment required!) This 15-minute full length home workout routine burns calori.

The Best Cardio Workout to Blast Belly Fat. Ready, set, SPRINT. By Jessica Migala. Aug 22, 2016 Shutterstock. There are a few things you should know about belly fat.

First of all, if it seems.

List of related literature:

A 17-to-27-minute session of highintensity cardio, which mostly consists of low-intensity cooldown periods, burns more fat than 60 minutes of traditional bodybuilding cardio.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Interspersed throughout Smith’s Fat Burning Workout, even during these sections, are cuts to Kathy’s face and breasts lasting approximately six seconds, which is roughly the same amount of time as is spent on demonstrating aerobic steps new to the routine.

“Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression” by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
from Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
University of California Press, 2001

Again, research shows that this can be broken up into 10¬≠minute blocks and be just as effective‚ÄĒtwice a day for high¬≠intensity cardio, such as running, or three times a day for moderate¬≠intensity cardio, such as walking (Garber et al., 2011).

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

Cardio cool-down: Slow down whatever you are doing for an additional 5 minutes

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

If 60 minutes is too long, just cut down the number of rounds as needed to completely customize your workout.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
by BJ Gaddour
Rodale Books, 2014

This lets me finish my workout in 45 minutes or so.

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
from Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2014

The time spent on this routine would be 4 minutes, but believe me, those 4 minutes would be very taxing on your cardiovascular system.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from¬†The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

If you make it the full twenty minutes, add one more pull-up per set next time.

“Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance” by Eric Horst
from Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance
by Eric Horst
Falcon Guides, 2008

One example would be to set a timer for 8 minutes and complete 25 kettlebell swings at the start of every minute; once you complete the 25 swings, you can rest and recover for the remainder of the minute.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

Simply put, relatively long (five to fifteen minutes), grueling, intense sets can increase one’s chance of establishing better anabolic potential, as long as the net workout volume doesn’t exceed forty-five minutes.

“Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation” by Ori Hofmekler, Marty Gallagher
from Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation
by Ori Hofmekler, Marty Gallagher
North Atlantic Books, 2008

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  • hey Penny aewsome workout just finished love this 60min no repeat and all the combinations totally awesome would like more of these longer no repeat workout with weights. Take care fitness girl ��������������

  • I really liked this. Good one. Coming back after a month or so of being sick. Yes, please do more like this! Really good for warmups prior to a workout.

  • Sorry, I was not able to check-in this week, I was also doing some of your previous month routines:)
    Did this on Dec -20. It worked as an excellent finish to your barefoot walking workout. ��

  • Whew! I kept saying to myself that I wasn’t going to finish it and then I did! I liked the 2nd round much better than the first lol!

  • Does any one else come to her workouts when’s you’re feeling EXTRA strong?? You’re bad ass! This shit is some heavy stuff, even for me but I’d like to take this time to say thanks for helping me get stronger ūüėČ

  • #quickfixhollidaychallenge yeah! I really enjoy this one. One day I’ll try all the 5 min wo during the same session. I’m doing some yoga after this one.

  • #springahead ¬†challenge complete. I like this quick, intense HIIT workout. That said, I can only do about 3 or 4 of those squat thrusts to your 8. I modified them on the second go around using a chair. Still got my heart rate up, though. Nice day outside, finally, so I think I’ll do something active and enjoy the weather. Thanks for the workout.

  • Day 25 & 26 done. Had to combine two days of workouts into one again:( Was so tired Christmas eve and hardly had any sleep so was afraid I’d trip all over myself if I worked out. ¬†Kept busy Christmas day though and tried to rest up for another late night with family but today I felt good enough to work out. ¬†Did this first (mostly the high impact option), then the 12-Minute Fat Burning Power Walk, and then proceeded with the Total Body in 10 workout and cooled down with a quick stretch. ¬†In the afternoon I did the 15-min Kickboxing for Weight Loss because I felt I need more cardio to burn off all the pasta I’ve been eating this whole week…LOL! Did a quick stretch after as well. Wasn’t really feeling up to doing anything longer or high intensity though because still not feeling 100% but felt I needed to do something. ¬†Anyway, it’s still feel great to sweat:D ¬†I hope everyone had a good holiday!

  • Love your workouts, i can feel difference in days‚̧ԳŹ thank you for your help.
    Can u do a video for side hips, buldging curve at hip sides.

  • Oi jessicasmithtv seus v√≠deos s√£o √≥timos fa√ßo 2 ou 3 deles todos os dias, j√° emagreci 7 kg em 2 meses, al√©m de ter mudado meus h√°bitos alimentares Obrigada por publicar seus v√≠deos vc √© incr√≠vel!!!

  • First time through this workout-so glad it was short! I had never heard the term ‘plyometric’ before, so I misread the title as PIYo and thought it would be pilates and yoga. Surprise! Other than a complete lack of balance on the single leg squat jumps, the squat thrusts were the toughest thing for me. I lagged quite a bit behind you in reps the first time through because I was just slow. The second time, I was able to speed it up a bit, but I don’t think my heels ever tapped once. I think I was lucky to get down and up and give some semblance of a jump. Wow! What a workout! I’ll definitely keep this one in my rotation!

  • Hi Rebecca it would be much better if you tell in the end the average calories we have burnt in each workout ��
    That will be motivating

  • Christine I fuggin ADORE you!! I was a gym rat. More so when I was dealing with crazy stress (Divorce, cross country move, and a lot of time on my hands). I looked like a contestant on Survivor. Now that I don’t have the time, and knowing I don’t need to pay to work out, I have been using youtube as a motivator and instructor. I can’t thank you enough for the toughest bodyweight workouts!!! My only thing is that my knees are getting older…I’m 40. Sometimes if I have to do your “tuck jumps” I find it easier to do mountain climbers. Thank you for pushing me to work out harder. You are a proper Badass! Keep ’em coming!!

  • I’m so unfit:’) Great workout, I really am lying in a pool of my own sweat! If I could make any more improvments, the squatting at the start was too long so my body lost interest >.< all the rest was great though!

  • Missed yesterday, so did this one today for the Day 26 QuickFit holiday challenge before doing the Total Body in 10 workout. Definitely got my heart rate up and a bit out of breath!

  • hey Penny aewsome workout just finished it would like more of these longer 60 min no repeats hit workout with weights would like more kb db swings fitness girl ������������

  • Wow! I start work REALLY early in the morning and I’m going to try this out. TRY!! I’m not sure I can make it through but this looks fantastic!

  • I love/hate no-repeats!! I have no idea what’s coming next, but I don’t have to do it again when it is a killer!! What a great workout!! It took my 1hr 10 mins (I gave myself so longer breaks between sets when needed) and I burned 650 calories!! Thank you Penny!!

  • Day 15 and day 16 done in 1 day. Had a busy day yesterday. Did this routine and the day 15 during my laundry waiting. Thank you again! I really liked the squat jump and jumping jacks with legs together..

  • Title: 10 mins sweat workout.
    Video: 13 mins..

    Pamela: you think I count the break? Losers! do extra 2 mins for taking one min break..��

  • yes dying but it feels so good!!!! Perfect for a pick me up and got me sweating in a 44 degree weather right now ūüėČ Thanks Christine! btw.. your abs, arms, butty and all look awesome!!


  • My first hiit workout since finding out I was pregnant. I had Terrible all day sickness for months!!! Modified this of course, but absolutely loved this after a 2 mile jog!!!! Been following you for years xx

  • Burpees galore!!! �� I didn’t know you could make so many variations on the most unliked exercise! Definitely a killer workout. Good job boo ‚̧ԳŹ��

  • Penny-I am so inspired by your smiling face. I had to do a little peppermint oil to alleviate sinus pain prior to doing the workout. I couldn’t talk myself out of doing the workout today. I had to modify some moves due to an oblique strain a sore shoulder (rotator cuff). However, I feel accomplished. I even took a three hour nap. My heart smiled when I saw my name. Thank you Penny! For so much more than I can express at the moment….. I feel stronger!! ����‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ��

  • hey Rebecca! just wondering if this workout will give me lean and longs legs, I’m afraid it’ll make my thighs look even more muscular. Is this the right workout for lengthening my legs and making it look leaner?

  • #IFeelTheBurn This is fun and not boring at all! Thank you, Rebecca. I envy you for that nice weather. It is late January here in Michigan, and boy, do I need vitamin D. This is great for winter blues!

  • I love the 5minute fix workouts I do lower body and crdio it’s great and I also do it again in the evening it’s great workout thank you

  • I started doing workouts a week ago, and you’re like the only one who makes me the happier when it comes to do it! I really like your motivational speech, you make me feel great today. What an amazing channel! ����

  • I tried this and I hated it at the beginning i felt like if I was going to die but then when I was in the middle I felt great and tried my best to the end. Plz do more like this

  • How do you do all those moves and stick through it, Penny? You are so amazing! All I can say is, being over 50, I’m am so incredibly grateful for some of those modifications.

  • Ok I’d like to get off this ride please �� when it comes to those crunch stand up things I can’t get around my belly to stand up!! Need to go to knees first, then stand, then knees, then lay down, and repeat

  • Das erste mal habe ich dieses workout ohne weitere Pausen komplett geschafft! ���� ich bin so happy! Danke Pamela f√ľr diese tollen Workouts, die es mir m√∂glich machen auch in Zeiten von Corona ohne das Fitnessstudio fitter zu werden ��

  • Great workout for “your not in the mood of working out “ killer.
    Loved it and sweating doesn’t stop rolling down!
    And breathing… that’s another story!

  • This is one of your toughest workouts. ¬†It is definitely getting easier though I especially noticed the difference in leg strength. #quickfitholidaychallenge2014 ¬†day 16.

  • This was an amazing workout! I only discovered you a few days ago and I’ve been doing your workouts since! Whoo! I’m sweating now! That was soooo good! Now I look forward to the daily workout because you make it fun and invigorating! Keep making awesome videos!:) xx

  • Great workout! Would you consider doing an “easy on the wrist” workout? I have a wrist injury and I always try to modify your routines, but it’d be cool to see what you come up with. Thanks!

  • Day 16 done, I’ll have to do this one again soon. I had to stop a couple times because I still have a cough:( took me a bit longer than 13 mins lol.¬†

  • #summerofstrength… It’s been about 8 months since I last did this workout and now I remember why! This workout was amazingly hard! Plyo workouts still kick my butt like nobody’s business! ¬†No way I was doing a second round at least not right away. You can definitely see how it builds power and I can’t wait for the day to arrive when I can do it without having to press pause but I’m working at my own pace and striving not to compare what I can do to what @jessicasmithtv¬†can do… of course she can do it better that’s why she’s the instructor!:-) ¬†keep up the great work!
    #power   #strongbodystrongermind   #hiit   #plyo   #feelslikeimgonnadie

  • Day 16 of #SummerofStrength done! Those intervals really spiked my heart rate! Two sets of these moves were enough for me, but followed up with the Quick Cardio Fat Blast workout and 7-min. Standing Abs.

  • Just a quick Minute here…Christine…your BUTT looks INSANE!! Not being a creep I just see all the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym and I appreciate the work it takes results are awesome:) ¬†Ps happy birthday beautiful! x

  • #SummerOfStrength ¬†Day 16: ¬†I’ll be switching this one out for the low impact HIIT workout suggested in the description. ¬†I have an on again, off again knee issue so I try to avoid too much jumping. Some jumping is ok but I can’t (or rather shouldn’t) do an entire plyometric workout. Thank you for suggesting the alternative!!!

  • Did this Day 25 of the #QuickFit Holiday Challenge today. Random workouts that I think I can manage after 3 weeks off. This one kicked my butt for sure after 5 minutes. I know I’ll get back and slow and sure will get me there. Thanks for the workout.

  • Love your videos �� exercises are really effective and beneficial. Thankyou so much! Keep up the the excellent work! We need more of your videos ����

  • Thank you so much Penny!! Been following you since lockdown in March, way back when I was in tears that my gym was closing, you’ve gotten me through quarantine, stronger than I was 6 months ago and looking forward to every workout you post! Love following you and the passion and commitment you put into your channel, thank you xx

  • Can you hear me panting from here??? ¬†OH MY! ¬†I’ve never done plyo HIIT before but definitely can see how it would be beneficial now and again…..

  • Hi Christine, ¬†great workout!! ¬†a few months ago you mentioned on one of your VLOGs that you and Denise were going to be releasing an ebook for the weight-training ¬†programme you used. ¬†You mentioned it would be released in August. ¬†Has it been released? If so, where can I buy it?? ¬†Thanks for your awesome workouts and for being so wonderfully REAL!!

  • After doing non stop shifts at work and having a family break I’m back with a bang with this one �� love no repeats, don’t think I could have done a full hour of it wasn’t. Super sweaty after this one ����

  • I keep telling my self to smile through the pain but after the past few days my knees are begging for mercy. ¬†I made it less than halfway through this one and decided to move on because I need to feel at least a little bit successful today. ¬†See ya in a few minutes on the LOW IMPACT HIIT side of things.

  • Jump Squats
    Rotating Side Plank
    Plank Jumps
    Plank Jacks
    Toe Touches
    Bicycle Crunch

    Cross Knee
    Mountain Climber
    Reach back Push Up
    Jumping Jacks
    Crunch w Stand Up
    Reverse Crunch

  • Well, I missed yesterday because I took a zumba class so, I started today with the belly buns and thighs bootcamp. ¬†Felt the burn on that one. ¬†Then, I moved onto this one. ¬†I had done this one before once, and knew it was a great sweaty killer workout. ¬†I only did it once, but I did also do the 30 minute power walk after this. ¬†Great workout day!¬†

  • #SummerofStrength day 16 is officially complete!¬† Loved it!!¬† I haven’t done HIIT in awhile so this was intense but doable.¬† I placed my palms on a footstool for the squat thrusts since I wasn’t able to put them all the way on the floor easily but it still got the heart rate pumping.

  • Week 3 Day 4 #SpringAhead done! I like this one more each time I do it. I added Low Impact HIIT from the Walk On 21 DVD, 9 Minute HIIT, and Mountain Pose from Adriene’s Foundatiins of Yoga series. Now I’ve got the energy to clean out and defrost my freezer! Thanks, Jessica!

  • Week 3, day 4 #SpringAhead ¬†challenge done. ¬†I did both of these HIIT workouts this evening. ¬†I didn’t get a walk in, but my Fitbit is showing 6,919 steps and it is almost 10:00, so I’m calling it a night. ¬†Thanks for making me sweat!

  • Hello!!:) Thank you for the great and motivational videos and tutorials! I am quite new in exercising as a few month ago I was hit by a car while crossing a street and it resulted in a broken knee. Now that I’ve recoved completely and I am more than ever determined to get in shape and exercise regularly. And I belive this video is the best way to start! <3 #IcanfeeltheburnRebecca

  • Week 3 Day 4¬† #SpringAhead ¬†challenge now complete. I had to make this one up to. ¬†I like that the burpees were kept to 8 so you good practice good form. Thanks!

  • Just came over from the Upper body and cardio workout
    Let’s burn it out!
    Haha only got down to 5:50 today…I’ll be back! I’m sweating fountains lol
    P.S. Girl you really need to let us in with where you get your outfits!

  • Getting ahead of the game, Day 25 #QuickFit Holiday challenge done! This was great! Got my heart rate up there for sure! One of my more favorite HIIT workouts. Maybe I will try to squeeze it in again tomorrow!

  • Great workout Penny, love this full body, no repeat workout. Awesome to see everyone commenting and loving your stuff. Have a good weekend. Carlos

  • Haha working out with you is always so much fun, and is so effective, too! Thanks for keeping me fit with your amazing workouts, and for keeping me on track with your constant motivation. Love this video!

  • #SpringAhead ¬†I forgot to check-in yesterday after doing this workout… for such a short workout this was KILLER! ¬†All those jumps was hard but I felt so food after completing it. ¬†I struggle a bit with HIIT workouts but I love your enthusiasm and how you cheer us on even though we’re killing ourselves. LOL:-)

  • SOS Week 3, day 2 complete-sort of. I did what I could, let’s put it that way. Today was an example of why I should heed the warnings you give, Jessica, about being fully rested, etc. I woke up exhausted this morning, partially because my dog kept waking me up last night with his barking! I think he must have been hearing cats fighting or some other animals outside last night, and he barked off and on between midnight and 2:30 am. As far as capability, I was far more able to do the moves this time than ever before. I can tell a huge difference in my muscle strength, but I was running on empty, energy-wise. The great thing about working out daily is that I always have tomorrow to look forward to. If I have an off day, I can put it behind me and move on because I can anticipate that tomorrow will be better. Every day is a do-over, so to speak! That really takes the pressure off and helps me feel like I don’t have to execute every workout perfectly or else I’m a failure. Thanks, Jessica!

  • You know you’re working with a great trainer, doing an awesome workout when it’s kicking your butt, you’re dripping in sweat and yet you have the biggest smile on your face from beginning to end ������Thanks Jessica and Peanut ����

  • I hate it when she is counting down….. 10-9-8-7-6…. and you are hanging on in there desperate for her to get to 1….when suddenly she breaks off and says something like….’and give yourselves a smile…its soooo much easier when you smile, because it makes you produce endorphins y’know….and that makes your whole workout easier, and makes you feel good about yourself…..blah…blah…blah…. blah….then she returns to the same place in the countdown! 5-4-3-2………..aaaaaaand one! Not cute Rebecca Louise, not cute.

  • Please do more of these! This is the best workout I have done in a long time. I love mix of cardio and strength with no repeats. It goes by so fun and fast. Thank you so much!

  • Did day 25 early along with day 23 and 24. These workouts are short but still gets you sweating a bit. Cheers and have a Merry Christmas.:)

  • #SummerofStrength Day 16 made it through this one. Tried not to psych myself out I even managed most of the plyo. Not one of my favorites, but I know I need to challenge myself.

  • Summer of Strength Day 16 done. Whew! Proud of myself for doing all of the plyometrics today. I think I’ll finish off with a mile from your 5 Fat Burning Miles DVD and call it a night!

  • Hey Rebecca just wanted to thank you for being my “fitness guru”. Here in India today is the auspicious day of “Guru Purnima” where you thank each & every person who has been your guru i.e. teacher & taught you something meaningful in life. ‚̧ԳŹ‚ú®��

  • At the end of the workout
    Pamela: Looks like it didn’t bother her at all
    While me: sweating �� like crazy and glad it’s finally over ��

  • Squizzed time to ¬†do this one, but it felt good to start my day.
    Merry Cchristmas to everybody (who celebrates it).
    Now I guess I’ll be out with family n.n

  • Wow.. absolutely kick ass workout. Loved all the three workouts this week. Can you do more routines like u had this week it’s perfect weights / low intensity and then a long workout. I loved it and I thank you ������‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ������������

  • Peanut says, “It may be my song, but you’re crazy if you think I’m doing all that jumping! I’d rather look out the window, thank you very much!”

  • I been so busy last week i couldn’t get any of the workouts in. So today i did day 8,9,15 and 16(this one i went A LOT slower because it was new to me).

  • Thank you Jessica. On my way to work and I’m on my feet all day, but it is a good way to start my day in getting my energy going. Bye for now. You Rock

  • This was a great workout! It reminded my of an HIIT workout. You could easily call it a lower impact HIIT. It got my heart rate up there without killing my knees. Thanks Jessica!

  • This seems very high impact for me today,im going to do the time of the month workout cause that ALWAYS easies my bloating. It has come upon me this morning and I’m Also going to be doing some walking this evening followed up by some gentle stretching,but I will definitely get this in another day THANK YOU jessica!

  • Day 25 completed early along with Day 23 and Day 24. Great little quick HIIT workout! Kept it high impact for the full way through! Nice and quick, but effective! Got the heart rate up there!

  • OMGoodness, this is funny… I’m working out in my husband’s office while he’s running an errand, as my PC wasn’t streaming correctly, etc., etc.¬† I figured I had 10 min max left before his return, and shortly into this quick routine, I heard a beeping like our alarm beeps to signal a door opening, and I thought, oh, no, another workout interrupted… but, I kept hearing the beep throughout the workout, yet my hubby never appeared… it was only at the end that I realized the beeping was your timer… which, of course, I have heard before… I was just paranoid!¬† Thanks for another great one, Jessica!¬† NJP

  • Day 16 of #SummerofStrength challenge complete! Here I am again, checking in right before I go to bed and just wanted to say how happy I was earlier that we had a shorter workout. who can say no to a shorter workout. Haha but even though it was short, it still kicked my butt and I took a few extra min. afterwards to continue my breathing and¬†cooling down.

  • Day 16 of the #SummerofStrength ¬†challenge completed! Started my workout with your Walk On 15: Power Pick Up Walk, then did this workout! ¬†Boy am I out of breath and sweaty! ¬†Hadn’t done this workout before, it was a good one! ¬†Nice and quick, and just like that it was over! ¬†Even though it was a jumping routine, it wasn’t too bad for my knees! ¬†Great workout yet again, Jessica!:)

  • Day 25 Done! My morning lesson was cancelled so did this in the middle of prepping the chicken and going out to work later tonight. My students surprised me last night with pizza, sushi, champagne and cake and my husband added to the surprise by decorating our flat and Christmas tree!!!!!:D He even filled some of my socks with sweets! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jessica and all the Jessica Smith Family here on YouTube! Proud to be here with all of you!:D

  • Will you be making more 5-minute fix videos? Perhaps, you could do a 5-minute power walk. I like these videos to fit exercise into my work day when I don’t have ten or fifteen minutes in one chunk.:)

  • This was brutal (in a gud way obviously ) and the best way to end my week ���� i cud barely do the 6th circuit. You are the queen of hiit workout ��ÔłŹ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

  • when pamela gave us the option of the jason derulo hiit or this sweat workout i was like welp ima die either way but shit this is way less painful ��

  • I’m doing this since 1 week & I loose 1& half inches of my stomach, my calves are also slimming…. �� yayyy ��
    EDIT On 6th August, I lose 1.5 kg

  • Hey there Penny! Just want to say I love love love your workouts! ���� I actually look forward to doing them every morning. And that’s a first from me��

  • I just did this again for the spring ahead challenge…forgot how much I loved it, but know I have done this multiple times…it is just perfect!

  • Day 25 #QuickFit challenge! Merry Christms! ������ Thos was quick but I’m sweating! Onto the next! Gotta burn calories before Christmas dinner! #JSTVFIT #SweatPink

  • So glad to see that you got your own channel! I love working out with ya because you give motivation throughout the entire workout. It’s sometimes hard to keep the motivation to finish a workout, but it’s easy with your videos! Thx!

  • Jessica, I did the 9 min. low impact HIIT workout instead… believe it or not, I’m “glistening” from this one.¬† Again, thanks for including these super-quick routines… with all the tape and tissue stuck to my feet, I so appreciate it!¬† Ho Ho Ho.¬† NJ aka Emily P

  • OK, I cheated today! My formerly broken leg and foot do not like jumping, plyometrics! So I took this one to the pool, but believe me I worked it! It was hot outside I was sweating in the pool and I made sure I did good squats! I did my squat thrust from the latter! Kicking my legs outside of

  • With all due respect. Loved the exercises but constant chatter throughout was unbearable. Want to focus on my body during the excercise.

  • Hey.
    I just want to thank you for making these videos! I have used your videos for about 1 year, and my body is looking awesome! People always say to me “Your body is slaying”. I have always been tiny and skinny, but never muscular and fit…But your videos changed my body! It’s your fault that I’am living a healthy and happy life, cause I was not happy before I started this lifestyle!��

  • #SOS challenge…feeling them legs!!¬† I made it though and had to modify some and was a bit slow…but I DID it!!!:D¬† A little bit longer and I should be able to get though it even better!!:)

  • Hello everyone! So I’m just wondering if I could replace this workout today for an hour of zumba? I planned on getting zumba in today!:-) Will this be ok?

  • #SummerofStrength day 16 complete (with a barefoot flow workout thrown in too). This one is tough, but I was feeling well rested so I knew I could pull it off.:D

  • YEAH!!!! I was surprised I finished this HIT Cardio Workout.¬† My strength is increasing.¬† Thank you so much Jessica for this workout.¬† I finished Day#16.¬† I am so proud of myself.¬† I love the up tempo music you have for this video.

  • day 4 of #SpringAhead ¬†challenge week 2 complete! I really appreciated this short but effective workout:) I needed something quick (although not easy) today after yesterday’s kickboxing circuit whooped my butt. I did this with the “stretch out stress” routine as well.

  • This is one of Pams hardest workouts I think. You really have to be already fit and flexible for some of the exercises. This is the first workout of her I stopped in the middle because I couldn‘t do it:(

  • Tough to do and it was my first time doing this video! ¬†I was extremely tired today, but I mustered up some energy and gave 110%! ¬†So proud that I am done with Day 16 of #SummerofStrength!

  • This was a little too easy for me so all the explanAtion pauses so I sped it up but for some reason I was super energetic so midway I switched to Cardio Boogie and did all high impact and that did the trick. Am I on drugs today or what? Super energized despite 5 hours of sleep lol what the heck?

  • Day 16 done! First time doing this short but definately challenging HIIT. I was huffing and puffing �� especially after the burpee and ankle kicks! I’m glad I have another HIIT option when I’m short on time.

  • Ok so my class starts at 530 this evening so I went ahead & squeezed this one in! #SPRING AHEAD CHALLENGE COMPLETED day5 THANK YOU!!:-)

  • Done: I’m kind of mixing up the 4 SOS weeks according to the time I have for working out. The single leg squat jumps and the split squat jumps are really cool!

  • Couldn’t resist a Christmas Day run in the sun yesterday so I did #quickfit day 25 today. Actually my whole family did… It was funny.

  • #QuickFitHolidayChallenge2014 Day 16: I did this on a sunday, because I was well rested and finally got enough sleep to handle this workout…

  • #summerofstrength workout day 16. I’m happy I made it through the entire workout without modifying anything. next time, I’m doing it twice! Also, down 13# since the december challenge! woot woot!

  • I’ve been MIA the past couple days but still kept FIT by¬†taking our dogs for long walks & today I start¬†my new Jessica Smith Ultimate Workouts for Weight¬†Loss that my husband bought me for Christmas!¬† We already had¬†your 10 Pounds Down Cardio Abs DVD so I’m giving that¬†to my friend¬†Pati¬†who also loves your workouts!¬†¬†Now to work off that egg nog I drank last night:)¬†

  • OMG! I just died ‚ė†ÔłŹ��! That was one of the most challenging workouts, Penny!! Thanks for another killer workout. You absolutely rock!!

  • I did do this. Was so busy I forgot to post tho, lol. Thankyou so much for a very doable holiday workout. No guilt today!! (well, yesterday, lol) Hugs!!

  • #icanfeeltheburnrebecca I really, really love your workouts. They are so effective. I’ve been working out with them close to a year now and I’ve never been this strong or confident. Thank you so much Rebecca. Btw where is your sports bra from? It’s so gorgeous but I can’t find it anywhere.

  • #SummerofStrength ¬†complete. I did a few modifications, such as using a chair for the squat thrusts. I just wasn’t feeling it today, but I still did the jumps and my heart rate was up there. I’m super hungry now (which rarely happens) so I’m going to eat some breakfast and then I might do it again…or I might do something else, but I still have some energy so I am going to do another workout of some kind. Thanks for a great, short workout today, Jessica!!

  • Day 25 done. This one was a perfect “wake up” to fit in on Christmas. Did this through twice along with the Best Cardio for bad backs through twice.

    Merry Christmas!

  • I am a therapist, so I am sitting most of the day.¬† I like to do this or other short videos in between sessions in my office.¬† Thank you for this!

  • Day 16 #SummerofStrength ¬†done! This was my first time through this workout because I tend to shy away from HIIT workouts, but I am really glad I powered through! I really surprised myself by not having to modify too much and that was a positive mental reinforcement! I LOVED the single side squat jumps and they really tested my balance and core strength! I followed this with a longer walking workout, but I noticed I needed a little extra recovery time at some points! I hope to do this once or twice more before lunch or dinner! Ready for Day 17, but taking a relaxation session for now!

  • #SummerofStrength day 16 I started this one but had to switch it out to the Low Impact HIIT suggested in the desciption still with you though guys!

  • #QuickFitHolidayChallenge
    Day #25 done.
    Short but intensive workout. I did everything high impact and I’m sweating. Really got the heart rate up. Merry Christmas Jessica to you and your family:)

  • WOW �� that was absolutely amazing! I haven’t sweat that much in quite a long time. I’m a CPT and I need my booty handed to me every once in awhile! It was challenging but I got it done! Thank you so much. I’ll definitely doing your workouts on a regular basis!������‚̧ԳŹBTW I burnt approx 530kcal! INSANE!

  • Day 25 completed-whew-that got my heart pumping! ¬†Also did yesterday’s upper body workout which I missed (as I had to wait tables for nine hours in a busy restaurant-I think I got a workout anyway) and as a little Christmas present to myself (so much to do today!) I did the 12 minute power walk. ¬†Feeling great and ready to face the day. ¬†Happy Christmas to those who celebrate!

  • Three months later and this is easier, but still intense. Such a good workout! And great to see improvement in my strength and agility. Now off for a walk with the kiddos.

  • WOW i have always done all your Xhit workouts from years ago and its good to see that you are still working out and inspiring people. I JUST finished this workout and I LOVED IT!!! Definitely felt the burn!!! SUBSCRIBED!!

  • #SpringAhead ¬†Challenge day 18 done! I did this one along with the 9 Minute Low Impact HIIT that you suggested for today as well. My hip and knee told me to stay with the low impact from now on:-) Both great workouts though! See you tomorrow @jessicasmithtv

  • Thank you for all these awesome and effective workouts without the boring gym backgrounds. I can’t stand the typical boring gym or wall backgrounds while working out. Definitely incorporating these workouts in my weekly routine.:)

  • I have watched your channel for a few years. Your channel has been companion me before pregnancy, during pregnancy and now I have a baby girl of 31 months. Please do more quick/short/express workout!!! I get up 5AM every morning. From 6AM-7AM is the only time I can exercise before I go to work. Like this 13 mins. exercise, I can finish it as quick and as many rounds as possible plus the rest time in between each set. Thank you!

  • This is awesome! I did this last on my rotation today and and tried mixing up the high and low impact options since some of the high impact you were doing weren’t as jarring to my neck as others so I figured why not take it up a notch! ¬†Definitely a HIIT workout and not too bad on the knees (and my neck) like +Rebecca Cagle said. ¬†I’ll definitely do this again whenever I need to squeeze in a quick cardio workout!

  • I did this 3 times and 150 calorie crushing cardio blast 2 times! ¬†Both workouts fun and sweaty! ¬†I am going to miss working out next to the Christmas. ¬†It is awesome having Christmas bells cheering you on

  • I need help with the toe touches exercise. My right wrist is pretty weak. Everytime i use my right hand for support i tend to feel pain like it would rotate my wrist and its painful. Any advise?:(

  • Thank you so much for watching my 60 Minute Full Body No Repeat Workout. Leave a comment and let me know which of thee 6 circuits was your favourite. If you like this 60 minute no repeat workout with weights check out these ones next: (Full Body No. Repeat Workout with Weights) (Follow Along No Repeat Workout) (Intense No Repeat HIIT)

  • Day 16 of #SummerofStrength ¬†done. ¬†Way to work us and get us sweating. ¬†I didn’t get quite as many jump thrusts done as you, but got through the whole workout stronger than the last time I did it 3 months ago.

  • #quickfitholidaychallenge2014 ¬†My glutes were screaming as they are sore from the Bootcamp!!! I’ll do low impact hiit to get a bit more done.

  • Day 16: started with the quick arms work out, just to warm up. Then started this one. oh. My. That was a killer work out! One day I’ll be able to do that more than once. Phew. Made it!

  • #SummerOfStrength ¬† This is really not my kind of workout, but I did it. At least it was short! This Power week contains several workouts I would not have chosen for myself maybe I am short changing myself if I don’t do this kind of thing occasionally? Followed it up with Stride, Stretch and Relax, because I felt like I needed it now THAT was nice:-D

  • Finally got in Week 3 Day 4! I was a little scared but actually loved this workout! I love that it’s fast. I think I will incorporate it into my routine so I can see how I improve! #springahead

  • I actually did both the high intensity workout and the low impact option today. I feel really good and energized:-D it’s funny because the lower HIIT workout was harder the higher intensity one. I kept expecting to jump and had to work harder since there was so jumping etc.

  • Hi Rebecca me and my best friend did your work out and it was amazing just one question do you have any tips on how to keep your back on the ground when you are doing leg drops

  • We had a heatwave in UK so I was not able to exercise, went a little cooler yesterday so I jumped back into this workout, couldn’t finish it, only lasted 35 minutes. Upper body and core really sore today �� it’s a few degrees cooler than yesterday I am going to try my hardest tonight to finish this ��

  • Doubling up again today. So this is Day 25, finished a bit late.:)¬†
    I didn’t feel like working out today, but I’m always glad when I do it! Now off to do Day 26.:)

  • Day 16 of¬† #SummerOfStrength challenge now complete. This one was perfect as an add on to my other cardio and strength training I did today. Thanks Jessica!

  • Day 16 #SummerofStrength ¬†completed twice over! I did this before breakfast and again just now before a quick recovery and a pilates/yoga blend workout for a nice session before dinner! Still love the single leg squat jumps and I noticed I was able to do even more of the moves the second time around! #PowerThrough

  • Excellent! I finished this one this amBurned 600 calorieshave you ever thought about doing a video with your voice? I use my phone to do the workouts and sometimes hard to see what’s next on the video ��great variety of exercises though! Thanks for your hard work

  • Penny just love this workout! ����Loved the variety of exercises in each circuit and your motivating music in each of the workouts you post!! You are absolutely amazing and your strength is truly unbelievable thank you for helping make me more toned and stronger ‚̧ԳŹ����

  • #SpringAhead That was a nice break from my homework….. (it’s one of those days were your so fed up of schoolwork and work nothing gets done) At least my workout is done! I’ll do low impact HIIT for an added feeling of “I’ve done something” today!

  • OMFG those burpees i.e. ninja, single leg & one arm, and spider-man push-ups!!!! So many variations ����. I had to modify in parts but damn that was insane. I was cursing you throughout and even though I was a goner by circuit 6, i persevered ������ No word can describe your awesomeness ��

  • Some days I’m Jessica Smith, other days I’m Peanut at 10:35 to 11:50

    I’m so in love with all of your workouts Jessica! I love the challenge and how unique each move is plus the crazy burn it brings. All I’ve had is RESULTS. Can’t thank you enough! 35 pounds down & counting!!

  • sos challenge week 3, ¬†struggled with this one jumping and me dont match! ¬†managed the skater but the rest i just put a bounce in, ¬†still sweating though!

  • Extra late checkin for Day 25. I did this video for the first time and added the Fat Burning Power Walk and Calorie Crushing Cardio for an intense cardio session. I was stunned by the shout out for the comment I made on another video. I think my husband thought I was having a heart attack or stroke because I started screaming incoherently something about you saying my name and talking about my comment. I couldn’t really breathe from doing the routine so he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me for a while. Anyway, it was a great moment and hilarious and I did finish the workout once I calmed down. Thanks so much for all you do!

  • holy crow. an hour is AN HOUR! I loved every second. I would like to one day say I have done every one of your videos but you just keep cranking them out…! Can’t keep up.

  • Day 16 finished today! Great short and sweet HIIT workout! Kept up fairly well. Had trouble with the onelegged jump squats bothered my knees so I modified by tapping my toe down each time which helped tremendously! Still playing catch up, but I will get there! Thanks, Jessica!

  • done. and it hasn’t gotten any easier from the last time I did this.
    I was cracking up at how Peanut walked in, looked at you like you were crazy, then went to look out the window as if she was bored stiff.:)

  • I haven’t tried this one since November. It was still quite the challenge, but I did it. Also did that killer 10 min arms/abs, and 10 min kickbox abs…now on to tackle my day!

  • Starting my Friday with this! A party for my body lol. Thank you Rebecca this is one of the best workouts I’ve ever done. I feel like I did a 30 minuets cardio! Wooh

  • Thank you Penny for an amazing workout I can’t even begin to imagine how much time & energy you put into making this workout with all the different times and exercises. I can’t wait to tell my kids I’m on YouTube ��thanks for the shout out!! ����‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ‚̧ԳŹ����