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Intense No Equipment Upper Body Workout At Home Upper Body Strength Without Weights

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How to Increase Strength With No Weights

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Video taken from the channel: BullyJuice

Fast Fitness this month is all about using your own bodyweight—no equipment, no problem! While using load like barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells are incredible ways to encourage fat loss, they aren’t the only way. Not to mention, if you’re new to exercise, you might not be ready for those types of load just yet. If you’ve ever done moves like side lunges, planks, pushups, and mountain climbers then you can string them together for a great full-body, no equipment necessary workout. The 8 Best No-Equipment Moves to Get Stronger Bodyweight Squat.

No surprises here, the bodyweight squat hits all the major muscle groups of your lower body. Focus on Squat Hold. Now that your legs are nice and warm, fire up your quads, glute. Building strength and speed doesn’t necessarily require any special equipment, including weights.

By making use of training methods like plyometrics and high intensity interval training, you can become faster and stronger without ever stepping into a gym. According to powerlifter and trainer Jesse Burdick, in an article for Muscle & Fitness, adding dips to your workout routine is one of the fastest ways to build upper body strength. Dips using parallel bars target your chest and triceps. If you bring your knees up and keep your body more upright, you will focus more on your triceps.

Just because you want to get stronger and faster doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to lift a lot of weights. Get stronger and faster without lifting weights with help from an NASM certified. 5 Ways to Get Stronger Without Lifting a Weight or machines to build muscle; in fact, weight-training equipment often inhibits the process. running is the most accessible form of exercise. The wonderful thing about bodyweight exercises is that you don’t need any equipment because you’re using the weight of your body as resistance.

What’s. There are tons of at-home workouts you can do with no equipment with positive effects, but it’s tough to make those workouts add bulk and muscle mass to your physique. The key, according to trainer.

And while squats, deadlifts, and presses will certainly get you very strong very fast, these traditional lifts aren’t the only way to gain strongman-like strength. Let’s face it: some folks simply don’t have access to a gym, can’t afford a gym membership, or their gym doesn’t have lots of heavy lifting equipment like barbells and big.

List of related literature:

Circuit training does a decent job of building strength, and it can be a good substitute for an aerobic workout, especially if you start and end with a fairly long aerobic warm­up and cool­down.

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Concurrent strength and endurance training.

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Physical fitness has many components: agility, power, coordination, strength, speed etc.

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We start with calisthenics, which you can do anywhere with limited equipment, and then move on to resistance training.

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You don’t need much in the way of equipment to get a great strength-training workout.

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Nonetheless, it is largely accepted that approaches to improving muscle mass, strength, and endurance in those most susceptible will typically include resistance training (with gym equipment or resistive bands), aerobic exercise, balance exercises, gait training/walking, or any combination of the former.

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Aerobic endurance exercises and competitions are popular and are available to almost everyone.

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After years of participation in organized or recreational sports, dance, and fitness, they’ve become pretty good “movers” in at least one activity.

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Any fitness programme, trainer or gym equipment will be impotent without sufficient training time andalifestyle that supports it.

“Be PARA Fit: The 4-Week Formula for Elite Physical Fitness” by Sam McGrath
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  • Bully juice thanks for all the videos big help here. Am having a tough quarantine got dump by my girlfriend Man these video give me a purpose and got me going through the day. I use yo train a Little bit but with tout help a didicated my self train hard and results Starring to show Up saw a friend for the frist Time to Day he though i was lifting weight. So from the bottom of my Hart tank you and keep going man. Hey i try my best but english is not my frist language hope you understand haha

  • If you want to lose 20kg like I did, you need to visit website NextLevelDiet. They provided me with 30 days plan meal, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and transfrom your body!!!

  • this dude videos are simple and he breaks everything down so its understandable. from diet to no weights if you cant develop with him then you lost in the sauce. GOD BLESS the BULLY aye

  • I was feeling super tired and groggy this morning, and I decided to push myself to do just one 5 minute workout, and now here I am on my 3rd bullyjuice video! I think this may be one of my favorite workout channels:)

  • If you guys want more soreness and want to feel the burn then go for 45 seconds and only take 15 second breaks and do the exercises twice

  • I wasnt able to do it so i changed it on my own way is this good enough
    30sec pushup
    15sec rest
    30sec w right arm
    1min rest
    30sec pushup
    15sec rest
    30sec w left arm
    2mim rest
    30sec diamond pushups
    1min rest
    30sec pushups

  • Being female I was a little doubtful about being able to do exercises with someone as fit as you but did them twice and my back feels great will continue to do these everyday

  • I’m struggling with this. I feel it in my shoulder area, but no matter how I focus, I cannot feel this in my lower back at all. My shoulders don’t even feel it that much

  • SoI’m 20 now. I was diagnosed with depression at age 8 and with arthrosis in most joints at age 13 so it was really hard for me to work out most of the time, either i was in pain or i was too exhausted to even get up in the morning. I’m severely out of shape, is what I’m trying to say. But ever since I’ve been put on medication for the depression I’ve been having more energy so I’ve been trying to work out. When i started this routine over a month ago i needes to take breaks after every segment. I had to do push ups against my kitchen counter. Now i only have to take breaks every 3 segments and i can do push ups against my bed. I can’t do lunges because my knees are bad but i replace them with some stretches i learned at physical therapy.
    What I’m trying to say is thanks. I’ve never worked out this much but this video has helped a lot in building body strenght and stamina. I feel better now

  • I couldn’t do my regular 30mins to an hour full body workout and randomly stumbled upon this video. Now, I have a routine I can do before going to bed, thanks a lot!:D

  • I made it and I’m chronic asthmatic and I did it yes this is a title for me omg I’m tired. Fuck you but also thank you this is now my dayly roll thing

  • Most people’s definition of Quarantine N Chill: Netflix
    Freaks of nature definition of Quarantine N Chill: Bully Juice/Anabolic Aliens

  • Did this work done every single day of lock down. Gyms now open and back on weights with no loss of strength, unbelievable! thanks fitness blender..

  • I’ve done this three times a week for the past two years along with your core workout with warm-up and cool down. Thanks cause I feel pretty in shape.

  • this is so good! thanks for providing these amazing workouts! your are so awesome and I can really feel like my body is changing! You’ve been a COVID blessing:)

  • DAY 3 MONTH 2

  • I have been doing this maybe 2x a week since April and I have gotten better! I used to only be able to do full reps of the staggered hand pushups. 1 or 2 full reps then knees for all the other pushups. Now I can do full reps on the first round and usually 5-8 full reps before dropping to knees on the second round of all the types of pushups! I love this workout even tho it hurts

  • I feel like it wasn’t effective to me at all. It felt too easy which it shouldn’t be especially since I didn’t feel anything in my lower back. I might be doing good mornings incorrectly so does anyone have tips for squeezing your back?

  • If I can do 150 reps of pushups every day when I broke my wrist in the same place twice had surgery twice different times there’s no excuse bro

  • The music is fun. I have never done some of the exercises in some of your videos. I really enjoy the moves and your creativity! You really bring uniqueness to exercising!

  • plz tell….i want to increase my weight….i m 49 kg and my height is 167 cm…want to put on weight….atleast 4 kg….I m trying since 3 months….but by weight is same….

  • Are you sitting in the sofa/bed while watching this? -1K likes
    I have increased my stamina and been able to lose some fat using this routine. Thanks for theses vids 80 likes

    What is happening ������

  • I’m 14 i can build muscle I just don’t know when to work out cause the times I do I’m either up to late cause I’m awake form it or I’m asleep during the day

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  • Was shocked I got through this! lol. but 10 minutes, I thought, I can push through, and i did! Good sweat! Awesome start to the morning.

  • hey one of the only girls here! my friends boyfriend told her that chloe ting isn’t hard enough, so we are trying your workout. sebastian if youre reading this fuck you.

  • My dear friends, my request to all of you is to subscribe to each other’s channel, we have YouTube 75 subscribe in a day and can subscribe to 2000 maximum peoples in your channel, so you �� request all friends not to subscribe to Channel, it is not a loss to one but a loss of all friends because they start looking at each other unsubscribe. Even the poor are subscribe and unsubscribe them, so no channel will be successful. So, you �� request all of you to cooperate with each other. Thank you!! ��

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    SUPERHERO SHRED includes five 30-minute workouts, plus a workout planner with:

    * A 28-day calendar that shows you how to schedule your workouts

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  • I knew which foods I need to eat to lose weight, but I didn’t know how much. Diet plan I got from Next Level Diet contains portion sizes for every meal. Fantastic!

  • hey I’m trying to learn how to walk on my hands and airflare, my strength is fine but my balance isn’t very good, Any suggestions?

  • I do the standing part with 1.7kg of weight (I use some cleaning product bottles), and in the last exercice my neck hurts a lot, how do I avoid this?

  • Here’s a Madfit challenge:
    For two weeks, try to do the 10 minute warm up, the 500 rep core workout and alternate between her leg workout and this arm workout.( I have a public playlist of the videos I’m referring to on my channel.) For example, on Monday you would do the warm up the core workout and legs. On Tuesday you would do the warm up core workout and arms. Hope you try it! Comment about your results!

  • I already kind of do this with a gallon of water or sand, but now I’m at virgin active now. I still do it when I go for runs though.

  • Day 1: ✅ I had to take 2 extra breaks was hard but I powered through excited to try again tommorow

    Day 2: ✅for some reason the workout was easier this time? I tried just as hard idk why so I did the 5 min work out as well which is also by him but it’s 5 mins and harder exercises so yeah and now I’m burnt out and I am going to bed it was a good run I’m going to comment for the next 3 weeks everyday

  • I swear this is the best workout I’ve done in my whole life. If you were looking for this, it works. I’ve literally seen results after 3 days!!!!

  • ive been doing this for a few months and ive gone from being embarrassed about my back to it being on of my favourite parts of my body

  • I’ve reached the 3 months of the Phoenix year where I have to jog after 9:30pm or before 6:00am or the heat causes way to much body stress for me after 2 miles.

    Let’s see what you can do for me Daniel!

  • Me a 13 year old athlete just had my day made when Daniel said, I hope you’re doing better than me, because I’ve been doing full everything this whole time.

  • 11:46 Same! I’m working out on this, because I’m doing online PE due to COVID-19. Thus, we’re out of school for the rest of the year. Day 5 for us students is elective and PE day regarding online school.

  • reverse hand pu

    15 sec break

    reverse hand pu

    15 sec break

    archer left pu
    archr right pu

    15 sec break

    plank up

    15 sec break

    diamond pu

    (my own off his)

  • Thanks BullyJuice, I have gotten multiple compliments on my fitness journey all through your concise and efficient workouts. 4 months ago when I started I could only do 15 pushups in quick succession, now I am in the 30’s. Mon + Thurs I do either arms, chest, or shoulders, Tues and Fri I do legs, and Wednesday I do core all from your quick workouts. These videos make results but they’re only part of the journey, I have already plateaued due to my semi ok diet but I am happy with where I am so that’s I feel matters.

  • I have been doing this workout for quite somedays and the results are amazing ���� the strain it causes not only in the arms and shoulders bt also a bit in the upper back is really reliving, my arms and shoulders haven’t ever been in such a good shape and also i nvr thought they would hav such strength!!! Thanks Maddie ��

  • I’m new to working out, and I have a couple questions for someone. 1) how often should I do this workout (everyday, every second day, etc) and 2) how long will it take to see results?

  • When I was working on this, I felt a lot of pain in my wrists… Is that normal, and if not, what can I do to fix the way I am working out?

  • Bruh, I got these 2cm arms but I’ll do this for the next month and I’ll try to improve. Note to self: Tough at first but a ton of fun.

  • You know that. You think so before the workout, I never can. and after the workout you think: it wasn’t that difficult.

    You will not have this feeling in this workout.

  • I love your videos!! Do you have a recommendation for how to modify when my wrists hurt? Like in plank position? Is there some way I am supposed to disperse my weight in my hands/fingers that could help? Thanks

  • (30sec) reverse hand pushups
    (15sec) rest
    (30sec) staggered right
    (15sec) rest
    (30sec)Reversed hand pushups
    (30sec) staggered left
    (30sec)plank ups
    (30sec) plank
    (15sec) break
    (10sec) plank up

  • Me again, I didn’t do this one the other day, instead I saved it. This was great for a quick arms workout right out of bed in the morning, would enjoy more of these with or without equipment.

  • Legitimate question: if you do this routine for just 5 min everyday can you get as buff as him or buff in general? I can see this as maintaining muscles but can you get big by just 5 min a day?

  • I really need sum motovation…Thanks so much for your videos…keep it up everyone, excuses r for only for negative people..we can do this!!

  • Who tried to get up for the good mornings and then just said fuck that because your back has been worked more than it ever has before ahahah

  • Those plank ups are an absolute nightmare to do! But, I like a challenge, so I’m persevering. You’re the first person I’ve ever seen do them.

  • I was fucked after the first two excercises!! My goal is to be able to complete the full routine without near on collapsing half way through a set!

  • I swear if I see another video where everyone is smiling and laughing and nowhere near out of breath or sweating profusely and seemingly having a great time while they are supposedly doing an intense workout, I’M GOING TO SCREAM! THIS video is not that. This is what working out is. It’s putting the work in, feeling the burn, and not doing everything perfectly because we’re like human beings and we get tired, and we sweat, and working out can be hard, hello…it’s called “working” out! Thank you for these videos. Truly. You guys continue to inspire me to keep going, I definitely love that they are free!, and that there is so much variety. Please keep doing what you’re going. The world needs people like you guys in it, that invest and care about their fellow human.

  • So, I’m going to tell you my advance
    Day 1: It HURTS, It was difficult because I don’t know how to do exercises, but I do it ( I take my own rests), my arms are spaghetti ��
    Day 2: rest day
    Day 3: rest day
    Day 4:

  • Its summer before high school. Im doing nofap for 4 days already and im starting weight gain programme plus this workout.ill come back to this in a month and tell you my progress. Wish me luck guys

  • Will this workout help slim my arms? I will be doing cardio and hiit alongside it but for some reason neither of those make any difference to my arms

  • Thank you for this. I have very low motivation and super high anxiety about working out. You know what though, I can handle ten minutes to get myself into something eventually longer. Thank you so much.

  • “its a tough one though, its a tough arm workout” he says while looking right at the camera with a steady voice and doing the exercise almost effortlessly

  • Wow, this workout is BRUTAL!!! Doing lots of these pushups are really hard! My arms are toast by the end of it. That’s enough arms workout for today!

  • Hey I’m an 18 year old 5’6 126 pound male and I’ve struggled most my life to get above average weight and to even gain muscle but this is my first day starting to work out truly. I’m going to keep using this video till it gets real easy and then I’ll move onto your harder ones. I plan on coming back at least once every day.

  • I just turned 13 and I really don’t think I’m the age that this video is aimed at but I wanted to try it and it was a lot of fun! My arms are are so shrimpy and I wanted to try this out:)

  • I think no equipment workouts are underrated. You can do so much at home. I mean, look at this guy. just look at him! Take a moment to admire this man!

  • Today was day 2 of me working out with this video and today was harder than yesterday but I’m committed I’m not stopping till I get results then I’m going to keep going

  • I have wrist problems and so the floor work is difficult for me. I am able to do the standing workouts with weights, but I’d love to see a whole workout with exercises like in the warm-up and cool-down!

  • love you vids dude, ive learned a lot from you and appreciate it so much!! Im going to get your work out ruitine soon. Also love the new outro

  • Can someone tell me the proper names for all these moves? I am trying to log them into a fitness app and I don’t know what they’re called.

  • Indians in lockdown after eating home made golapa,pizza,etc….After 10 min of this seeing their stomach and acting they have gain muscles������

  • I did this workout for only 3 weeks n I started seeing improvements in my body I’ve gotten my 6 pack lines but not hard rock abs thoI stopped for a while but I’ve gotten more motivation and I’m starting again. Great workout btw.

  • I weigh 99 lbs and do push-ups with a matress and box spring on my back. I want to gain more weight but don’t know how to. I eat constantly that doesn’t work. I gain muscle. That doesn’t work. Like da fuq?

  • Thank you for all your videos.
    It’s very helpful during quarantine.
    However is there a similar exercice for biceps? I think all those push ups would use triceps.
    Thank you

  • I got tired of looking at myself in the mirror and not being happy with I saw looking back… I will do this everyday even after I’m satisfied

  • Hey can anyone help me with the gooormorning exercise, im having difficulty and i feep the way im doing it is having no effect on my back, someone pls get back to me

  • My legs keeps running my day in a life in text My dad runs a business I help him then I go to work after that I get a 2 hour break go home and workout then go back to work and close and then sleep and eat

  • Thanks a lot for the video. I saw some changes in 1 month. And now I am doing it everyday now it’s my 1 month 2 weeks and I can feel changes……. Once again thanks a lot…..

  • Hey brother �� Thank you so much for this I really needed a workout with no equipment due to the pandemic and the gyms still being closed ��

    Thank you again for this ��

  • I thought I was a baby for having to take a long water break this time. Eventually had to give myself 5 extra seconds during the breaks to keep up with the routine. This one’s killer, but I think it’ll be staying in my rotation.

    Thanks for the COVID-19 content (even if this one came two and a half years early)!

  • I never really comment on videos but I had to on this one, because ever since quarantine started I’ve been working out on all parts of my body I tried many arm workouts including chloe ting’s for 30 days straight and saw literally no results. Since the beginning of quarantine when I found Maddie’s channel I was mostly doing her ab and booty workouts, but when I realized my arms weren’t changing with the arm workouts I was doing I starting doing her arm workouts (this video) instead of chloe’s, and literally within just 4 days I saw amazing results and I always skip the shuffle exercise. So if you’re questioning this workout don’t, it has helped me regain confidence that my arms can be toned. Thanks Maddie!!!

  • Website called Next Level Diet is the best for your body transformation. I lost 20kg by following their diet plan (I also had cheat meals) and training plan.

  • After over a month of doing your exercises, and doing arm workout twice a week, I have finally done this one without dropping my arms, and I’m pretty happy for that, cause I’m seeing some results already, thank you for bringing me the motivation I needed in this quarantine. Lots of love for you, that’s what you deserve.

  • I’m going to watch good videos ^^ Absolute leader of home training! I learned a lot I started uploading home videos too. I would appreciate it if you come and give me feedback ^^ Have a happy day today:)

  • Okay I tell everyone about your videos and just gave you a shoutout on my channel because you have changed the way I work out at home with a one year old! You’re the best! Thank you!

  • Ok im following a few of these workouts, because the beginner’s flexibility one has worked wonders
    Maybe, if I can keep this up, i’ll join a dojo or get an organized schedule.

  • Phenomenal work my brother, I will most definitely be included these in my workout ritual in the mornings, you are totally an inspiration to people out here like me. Much respect, keep applying pressure ������������

  • I loved this video but now I’m getting ads in the middle of it. Totally ruins the flow of the workout. At least put it at one of the 30 second rests.

  • Just did this with my flatmate (under lockdown in NZ) and we stopped every now and then and laughed when we saw you struggling too. It mixed a bit of humour with the pain..with this you have a point of difference and a workout that we will remember! Overall Excellent!

  • No gym due to lockdown but this work out is doing the trick. I’ve changed the routine order though. Group 2 is clearly the hardest so I start with that.