Fall Back to Fitness First Day Total-Strength Training


LEAN & TONED // Full Body Strength Workout // Supersets

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


Week 6 Day 1 // Shoulders + Chest // Superset Strength Workout

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


3 Day Full Body Workout Split Day 1

Video taken from the channel: Buff Dudes Workouts


Full Body Gym Strength Training Routine | Superhero Plan Stage 1 Day 1

Video taken from the channel: Buff Dudes Workouts


DAY 1 Home Workout Challenge // Total Body HIIT (No Equipment)

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson

Welcome to the first day of our Fall Back into Fitness Event! Today’s workout video is all about total-body strength training. What you’ll need: Dumbbells A heavier set for larger muscle groups (legs, chest and back) A lighter set for the arms, shoulders and upper back Sturdy chair The chair will help target your major. Diet & Fitness A 15-minute morning workout routine you can do anywhere Fall back into fitness with a 30-day workout that combines HIIT training and strength exercises to. Fall Back into Fitness Challenge Day 1: Total-Body Strength Training via Hello Healthy Welcome to the first day of our Fall Back into Fitness Challenge!

Today’s workout video is all about total-body strength training. What you’ll need: Dumbbells A heavier set for larger muscle groups (legs, chest and back) A lighter set for the arm. Do this workout up to three times a week, resting at least one day between sessions. Superset 1 Incline Dumbbell Row: Do 10 to 12 total reps, focusing on squeezing your mid-back.

Keeping your back flat, shoot your hips back and pull the weight between your legs and under your hips. On an exhale, push your hips forward and straighten your legs, swinging the bell up to chest height with control. The Warmup. 1A. World’s Greatest Stretch Sets: 1 Reps: 3 (each side) Rest: 0 sec.

Get into a deep lunge position so your front thigh is parallel with the floor and your rear leg is straight. Strength training, also called weight training or resistance training, is an important part of any fitness routine. It helps make you stronger and also builds muscle endurance. How to: Start facing sideways at back of mat with feet together, right heel high, knees bent, torso tilted slightly forward, right arm extended straight behind body. Seeing that most of the population works sedentary jobs and/or at a computer where they sit most of the day — the back muscles are quick to atrophy.

1. Total Body Mass and Strength. Total Body Strength Training: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off Squat + Overhead Press (16 lbs per pound) Close Row Tricep Extension with Step Back (12 lbs per hand) Bicep Curl Reverse Lunge (16 lbs per hand) Reverse Fly Deadlift (3 lbs per hand) Deadlift (28 lbs per hand) Woodchoppers split the interval on each side (12 lbs per hand).

List of related literature:

The new guidelines recommend that, with the specific inclusion of resistance training 2 (or more) nonconsecutive days/week, using 8 to 10 major muscle groups and 1 set of 10 to 15 repetitions at a moderate intensity as based on the RPE scale (5–6 out of 10).

“Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing” by Mariah Snyder, PhD, RN, FAAN, Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing
by Mariah Snyder, PhD, RN, FAAN, Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN, FAAN
Springer Publishing Company, 2009

With normal activity, you will retain most of your newly gained strength for up to 6 weeks after cessation of training, and you will retain half the strength that you gained for up to 1 year.

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
Human Kinetics, 2013

Novice: whole-body training 2–3 days per week b.

“Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards” by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
from Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards
by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
Springer Publishing Company, 2011

For the next three months or so, I would round out the routine so that the exercises would be better balanced between weak and strong parts.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing, 2017

Muscular endurance, strength and power are trained in 2-week blocks until DUP begins on week 7, and lasts 4 weeks until the end of week 10.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2010

You should aim to complete two or three strength workouts a week, leaving a full day between them, and I recommend alternating the two full-body routines.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

At this time the personal trainer should alter the training goals to obviate the problem by shifting the focus of the program toward the development of muscular strength, typically targeting strength development for two to five weeks.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Weeks 7 and 8 have increasing intensity but the repetitions are not increased.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
Springer New York, 2014

The last combination, which you will complete on day five, is slightly different because it puts two compound exercises back to back—one for legs (squats) and one for shoulders (dumbbell shoulder press).

“The Bodybuilding.com Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
from The Bodybuilding.com Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever
by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
Atria Books, 2010

If a single 1-RM trial preceded a 15-week strength-training program, then any strength gains attributable to training would include the 11% “learning” improvement simply from exercise familiarization, regardless of a true training effect!

“Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance” by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
from Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance
by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2010

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  • Just finished the 12-week program, and started with this, so 40 sec exercise and 20 sec rest in this workout almost felt like a cheat! Loved it anyway and was sweating like hell in the end. Thank you very much!

  • I couldn’t finish this workout is was soooo hard, but I don’t feel bad about myself since I know that I had never done a workout that intense

  • Proud new subscriber!! As a person who’s afraid of doing HIIT i must say your routine i well thought of. I love the fact that your HIIT routine was not consist of jumping every single routine. I wanted to do your 12 weeks workout plan but decided to do this challenge first in prep. I have no regrets! Thank you for this awesome workout!!

  • Tomorrow is my last day of week 3 stage 1, I’ve been enjoying it a lot! And the meal prep ideas are awesome, overnight oats take out any hassle and that chilli is incredible! Looking forward to Stage 2

  • Love it! This workout is not only for women.
    I always searched for something like this.
    Fitness, coordination, cardio and mobility all in one. Perfect balanced.:)
    Thank you!

  • Done this today after 2 weeks of doing-absolutely-nothing holiday! Oh my Goodness!!!! I was dying after the second superset! Thank you Heather, awesome as always! ❤️

  • This workout is from our SUPERHERO PLAN ( GRAB IT HERE: http://bit.ly/buffsuperhero ) and we’ll be going through each stage week by week. If you’re following along, good luck and feel free to find more of the videos in this series in our “Superhero Plan” playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTf-ZXYjmIgYr13nXY-X3p7OMfymy-h4u

  • It would be easier to get through the full body workout if you did squats after the floor press and lying row. Then do shoulders. ����

  • Apparently, my roommate heard me groan “I’m dyinngggg!” at some point, lol. Didn’t even realize I said it out loud! Otherwise, I enjoyed it and will be back for more!

  • This workout is a killer! I was sore for two days. Could barely walk! lol I love your workouts. I never get bored with them. Thank you, HR!

  • Heather your workouts are AMAZING!!
    I have recently found your workouts and have been doing them, especially the dumbell ones and like those this workout is a killer……I LOVE IT!
    I have tried other dumbell workouts before and they don’t come close to yours in terms of the intensity without having to jump around.
    THANKYOU SO MUCH for the content you put out I am a major fan and forever grateful. Please keep them coming. xx

  • The timing of this is excellent. Because of my work schedule, I’ve been doing full body workouts 2-3x a week. It simply gets the job done and keeps things exciting. Definitely going to try this����

  • I still don’t know why I thought this set of exercises are going to be easy.. This was indeed a killer.. especially the cardio moves at end of each superset.

  • Thanks so much for this challenge, Heather. I really want to start the 12-week challenge however I figured I would start here with the 7 days to get myself going. I love your workout. I often don’t sweat with other youtube workouts but you are not kidding when you call this a sweat sesh! I’m dripping over here!

  • Ive been following your workouts now for 7 months and i do enjoy them…found this one particularly difficult though as anyone who has kids knows trying to do weighted jacks after 2 kids pfft! Yeah easy for those who hasnt had kids to just say hold everything in…if only it was that easy!! Damn you unkiddied people lol

  • I’ve been thinking about doing 3 days full body and three days mma. since I’ve been doing upper lower I’ve gotten stronger a lot faster then i did when i was younger and doing” bro splits. “

  • Just breathe everyone, it’s okay to improvise and sub in a work out if you can’t do a specific one at your gym (especially the ones that involve taking half the plates around lol)

  • I really liked this video but I don´t know if the 2 first songs are the best for this activity, at least it was a little bit too sad for me, the lyrics especially.

  • I haven’t missed a day of Heather’s program. I definitely got fitter by week 11and the exercises I struggled with during the first week feel much easier now. Combined with healthier eating, I lost 5kg for the last 3 months and Heather’s program helped me to maintain the weight and fitness level. Sad the program is coming to an end. Thank you so very much for this Heather you are such a generous beautiful person. Secretly hoping for another 12 week program from you:)

  • Das was du machst kann ich auch in anderen sportvisios finden.����und mann braucht auch keine 20 s erklären, wenn man einfach nur die Seite wechseln muss, dann muss mann das auch nicht erklären. Ich empfahlen sie nicht weiter sie ist einfach nur scheiße.

  • Was putting off working out but then forced myself to at least do half of this and ended up finishing the whole thing! Feeling better than ever, thanks Heather!

  • Arms and shoulders are bulging! What on Earth were those small circles?! I had to quickly roll for the small weights I had abandoned. Great workout!

  • Lovely workout! I really felt the burn!!! I have to admit though, that I had to run to my garage to get lighter weights for that last super set ��. Can’t wait for tomorrow

  • Does anyone besides me remember when the Buffdudes where Buff and Dudes. Now they have been reduced to ripping off Kinobody. I’ve got tears in my eyes. And it’s not joy.

  • Serendipity. That’s how i found this particular workout, when i was looking for a perfect substitute for when i couldn’t run outside. I love your moves & how you infuse it with mindfulness & graceful yogic poses but not losing the cardio level.❤️ Do you do yoga too? I love yoga & running & your HIITs are sure addition now. Thank you for sharing. Namaste��

  • Came back for another round. I was sore for days after doing it earlier this week. Thanks so much for your content. Keeping me strong!

  • Yes! I’m in it! I completed your 28 Days workout twice. I love this new 7 days challenge and especially with the warm up at beginning & stretching afterwards. Thank you so much for all of these wonderful & healthy workout vlogs. ������������������

  • That row is probably not possible in most gyms. I am happy to even get a free bench but people would kill me if I would hoard all that plates. I am not even sure that there would be enough plates for me to get the bench high enough

  • I absolutely love your channel Heather. I was feeling a bit despondent and bored with my usual YouTube workouts and yours have completely reinvigorated me. Thank you!

  • Awesome stuff guys!
    Also, pretty funny lol:
    1:01 “Here we go!” Hudson
    Same stoplight…
    4:15 “There we go, all wrapped up!” Hudson

  • The best for sure, love your workouts, such a sucker for a good workout with a good music ������ congrats kisses from Paris ����

  • One of the best workouts I am Enjoyed it was very good and a lot of sweating Please motivate like this video more it’s very good thank you

  • I am really looking to see changes in my body as far as toning goes, I have not been incredibly happy with some others that I have watched. Is this different?

  • Heather has been the only fitness guru I have been able to stick with and keep me focused. I completed the 12-week workout it was an ass-kicker but worth it. Now I am on to the rest of her workout plans. Thank you, Heather, please keep making workout videos. Could you give us a week in the life of Heather Robertson’s meals?

  • Love your FREE body changing, mind strengthening, physically challenging workouts!! Thank you so much. My one piece of feedback is something the stretches in the cool down have no correlation to body parts actually worked out. For example, week 5 day 5, barely any arm stretches. But again super grateful and I just do extras after video:)

  • Not gonna lie i almost thought to skip the second rep of the second last superset..But i was like ” no, i have to do this ”
    Glad i got through ��

  • Forget about the prone rows. Has anyone actually done the floor presses and a presses on a big gym?? I’d imagine you’d get a tone of shit for it

  • This is such a great workout. I know everyone loves the no repeat workouts but I find the ones that repeat sets are so much more effective and intense for me! Was sore for days afterwards. Thank you!!

  • Hi, how should I modify the t push up! I can do the full move for a few reps but then need to do the push up from my knees. Or do I do the move without weights? Any comments gratefully received! ��

  • Honestly I am so grateful that Heather came up in my suggestions. Best workouts, barely any talking, easy and straightforward to follow. Also love the previews before the workout. ❤❤❤

  • Thanks Heather, great workout variation, plenty of sweat everywhere!!
    But is it just me or the lunge drives combos make my supporting foot ache a lot?

  • Zercher squats are the best, it feels so rewarding.
    It feels like a deadlift and a squat mixed into one workout, when you finish that last rep it’s like a rush of dopamine.

  • Shoulders and chest exercises, should be it will be easy peasy, I was thinking. I’ve never been so wrong ���� hardly can hold phone now to write this review. Thank you Heather!

  • I’ve been training with your videos for months now and I have yet to pay tribute by thanking you for the content you put out. I love your workouts. I’m currently a HIIT and (beginner) yoga instructor but I need the kick in the ass like anyone else to get my bum moving on days that feel like they drag. I love your workoutsand you! You are beautiful, strong and a ray of hope for people working out at home. I can’t say enough good things about your channel, so I’ll leave it here with a THANK YOU from the bottom of my sweaty heart! <3

  • 2nd round of this one week challenge. Still just as hard 2nd time around but worth it from the amazing results I got the 1st time. Love Heather Robertson’s videos!!

  • Woow!!! It was a perfect workout after the weekend. I had to stand up from the ball during the last reps of small circles in the last set, lol!!! Thanks Heather!!!

  • Yay!!! I completed both repetitions of the first set. Week 1 Day 1 in the books. Will cycle through the first week doing just the first set for two repetitions and will add the second set in week 2. It’s been a while since I’ve worked like this and it feels great!!!!��

  • I’ve finished the 12 week program on Friday and I started this 7 day challenge today! I thought I’m gonna die but I’m still here, right behind you lady! ���� day 2 tomorrow �� please be nice ��

  • Another inspiring workout dudes! You guys are in my neck of the woods, I was watching and was like, that traffic looks very familiar. HA!

  • I’m always skeptical of YouTube workouts but I was wheezing by the end of this (and I’m pretty fit). Also agree with other comments, the little bell helps alot throughout the workout.

  • My fav workout. The whole body gets worked. Repeats sometimes is a must for body strength and toning. HR 162 Calories 265 BPM 168. Wed workout done ✅ thanks Heather. Tomorrow CTC ��������������������‍♀️

  • Thanks Heather, Thank you for being so professional, You are the only fitness youtuber that I trust. following your workouts helped me to go through the lock down and now it helps me to start my day with full energy. Thank you so much you are the best ❤

  • First time in on your workout session, wow did I get my sweat check in today! Although I couldn’t do the workouts that include my wrists I did standing ab workouts during that time crunch! Glad I found your channel gives me my next challenge!

  • Somewhere in the midst of suplexing some poor soul, Rick del Hagen is shedding a proud tear for the young lad called Brandon, who finally learned the superiority of the Zercher Squat.

  • First? Really?

    After watching the video; Floor presses & Z presses are both excellent exercises, nowadays I’m doing floor presses more and more often for warming up purposes.

  • Am i the only one who can never bench and overhead press on the the day? I always only do one or the other and do accessories for the other like flyes or raises.

  • I’ve been doing your workouts since March and love every one! I’m def more toned and stronger then ever thanks to you. Also, you should link all your outfits! They’re all so cute and I need those Reebok’s!

  • thanks for making video like this, tomorrow I’m going to start this routine bc when I saw this video was after my gym workout lol

  • Do you do these exercises only or do would you do variations like barbell bench one Monday then dumbell next Monday yada yada yada yada.

  • Is this 3 day a week schedule enough to be a regular weekly routine long term? You mention is just a 4 week prep routine. Before the 12 week.

  • I’m 15, 130 lb and deadlift 315, Bench 160, and Squat 265. Is this good based on my weight and age. I have been lifting for 9 months.

  • is this program also ideal for bulking as oppose to other Full Body Workouts?
    or is it better to increase the rep range a liitle bit?

  • Loved the beginner 3 weeks…starting this one tomorrow. It’ll be interesting jacking a bench up in my gym lol. The books been great so far ��

  • What is the rest time between each sets of 5 reps please? people like waterbury said, for short sets like 3-5 reps only 1min rest time is enough, other people said 3 or 5 min resting is needed for 5×5… so i want to start this programm and im lost about this, please telle me. (Sorry for my bad english im a retarded french baguette)

  • I’ve only been working out for 2,5 weeks and I’m already getting bored with my 40-set full body routine so I’ll be starting this 3 day split tomorrow…
    Some noob questions though: what is the difference between the pendlay rows and the wide grip t-bar rows as far as muscle activation is concerned? Wouldn’t there be less overlap between both exercises if the t-bar row is done with narrow/neutral grip?
    In general, I think it would be nice to have a video comparing barbell rows, t-bar rows, pendlay rows and yates rows with some explanation regarding muscle activation and the effects of different grips (width, overhand, underhand)…Which types of rows can be complementary or which ones have a lot of overlap?

  • Hey, this workout was tough!!! The Little circule, my goodness!!! But I got to The end, Almost dying!! Jajajaj. Heather there’s no words to thank enough!!! I did this workout and still have some full so did Standing ABS, I just love your workouts Heather!!!!

  • I am super excited to finally be getting a chance to do this 7 day challenge!!! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!!!!

  • Doing a cut and a macro ratio of 45% carbs 30% protein and 25% fat with a total daily calories of around 1900 and while i am losing weight, i also feel like i am getting weaker. Is this normal and have you already done a video on this topic? I am doing full body strength workouts 3 times a week and about 20 minutes of cardio daily

  • I’ve recently been a bit demotivated to workout, I got excited to see this video.
    I’m going to try and do this 12 week plan, starting with this prep phase!
    Stay BUFF dudes!:)

  • Yay!!! I did this for my Saturday workout after my 30min run @ the park. It’s time to jump the pool on hot summer day! ������✔️����������

  • So this phase should be done Monday/Wednesday/Friday? or doesn’t matter just when you can fit the 3 days in? did day 1 last night after being off the gym for a week sick, felt good, real good!

  • Hey Dudes, quick question:

    I’m about to go on a strict diet. I’m wondering what plan would be best to accommodate calorie deficit I’ll be doing. I’m looking to lose 20 lbs. by June with minimal muscle loss. Any recommendations?

  • I can’t believe I just finished that!�������� thankyou so much miss Heather for this sore and good feeling workout!�� new subscriber here!��

  • Hey Brandon I’m 62 just retired but when I grow up I wanna be buff just like you an your bro / you guys inspire the he’ll out of me!!!

  • @Heather Robertson, I wanna say you are amazing!!! Been following your videos in the last 2 months and I have amazing result. Lots of my friends very suprise when they see me. I am spreading your channel. Hope your subscribers & viewers grow bigger. Keep up the great work, you are the best ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Hello Heather! Thanks for this workout! I love it and just did it this morning. By the way i love your sneakers and would like to know what they are ��

  • Those weighted jumping jacks destroyed me every time they showed up! I thought I had passed the point of thinking I couldn’t finish a video, then Heather goes and slaps me back down. Just barely made it to the end!!

  • Seriously thank you so much for your channel! Everything I see on my Facebook feed is buy buy buy. So generous of you. And yep I’d buy some swag!

  • Hey Heather, I just want to say thank you for making these videos. I used to go to gym a lot and had a personal trainer before Covid, but that all stopped. I never really enjoyed work out videos much before, but as I mix this into my week with my cardio, I have really started to enjoy strength work outs again. I an slowly making it through these videos, and the fact that I have not given up completely and made it week six of the same type of workouts is crazy. Thank you again for motivating me to stay on track and for also making these workout doable. P.S, I really enjoy the soundtrack for every session. Keep up great work, I appreciate it.

  • This was a great workout. I did it yesterday and my shoulders, hamstrings and glutes are a bit sore. For the lunge/one leg deadlift superset though, there are only 3 rounds of each. One leg gets the 40 sec 2x, while the other gets it 1x. It wasn’t that big of a deal, I paused the video and cranked out 40 secs on the missed leg and then resumed the rest of the workout.

  • Heather, you wanted to know how the shoulders feel, well they are on fire. I am going to need a massage/ a good looking masseuse, oops not happening with Covid19. Hot shower will have to do. LOL

  • I followed Heather’s 12 week program and now I’m ready to follow this workout together with my mom. Thank you so much for your complete youtube videos!

  • I had to stop half way through for 20 minutes to catch my breath and I almost didnt come back to finish the rest but something about you and your music I just feel like I have to come back and finish when I can! So even though I took a 20 minute break in between I came back and finished with as much power as I could. Thanks for these awesome videos! You are great!

  • Where I’ve been so long without you? I’m in love with your workouts, I definitely like the style of this Channel. You’re blessed!

  • Trying to keep the schedule with these closed gyms:

    Build my own pop-up backyard garden gym today and completed stage 1, day 1. Even pulled out one of my mothers pieces of furniture to perform the prone row: felt g-o-o-d!!
    I had to perform the Z-press in lotus pose because my lower back gets arched with stretched out legs… not nice to put some heavy ass weights on such a bended back. Anyone knows how to fix that? Guessing short hamstrings.

    Day1 is done but gotta be honest: this felt DAYUM GUUD

    Stay BUFF!!

  • I have been doing a full body work out for some time. (perfect for my busy schedule). I had read that with this, you should only do 2-3 sets/6 reps all at max weight able. Should I be doing 5 sets and working my way up in weight? I have also been doing the same exercises throughout the week. I notice you are mixing it up over the 3 days.

  • I recently started going to the gym again and I will follow this plan along with the 12 weeks plan! This plan is absolutely focused on gaining, but if I wanted to warm-up cardio, what could I do?

  • Starts w push ups… ends with burpee. Two of the hardest body weight exercises!!! Heather loves to kill us in the best way possible

  • I just went from 3 pound to 5 pound weights this week and my arms where burning! But I’m thankful for my arms! Soon to be strong arms!!

  • OMG this is embarrassing: my fat arms were enough weight for half of those exercises. I think I might have to grab some smaller weights. Was this a big jump up for anybody else?

  • Really hard and when the burbees came in the last set it was just fighting through. Thank you very much, again a great workout. Now off for a shower for this has been sweaty.

  • Week 6 day 1 complete. can’t believe its already at the half way point. my shoulders are on fire. great workout. can’t wait for tomorrow.

  • doesn’t anyone’s knees and shoulder joints hurt training full body 3 days a week? I’m doing 2 full body workouts, 3 sets per exercise, 4 exercises per workout and my joints are sore AF.

  • Oh, I haaated this one. Lol I usually like upper body days, but for some reason I really dislike shadow boxing and weighted jacks. Still got through it ��

  • haven’t worked out in a couple months so this deff killed me. couldn’t do every move so i modified the ones that i could and just did something different for the ones that i couldn’t. all in all i’m down to finish this challenge, may not be able to do everything but hey all i do is try my best (: thanks heather for this challenge!

  • A good addition to the videos would be to put the name of the muscles your working out on the screen with the exercise name. Great video as always ����

  • Wowowow! Started this today kicked my butt, but it had great variety and kept me feeling awesome. The third set was pretty tough to start but it’s worthit. Thank you for doing what you do! Looking forward to the rest of the week.

  • Hey Buff dudes! Can you help me out? I’ve been doing a full body workout for a few months (consisting of the compound lifts 3×5). I’ve seen great results, but a few weeks ago I started having shoulder pain when I got near my failing point (the point at which a deload is needed) on bench press. I went to a PT and apparently I have a small tear in my rotator cuff. Would it be wise for me to lay off the lower rep ranges and stick with 8-10 reps and never go to faillure once I’m recovered? I feel like my form is more likely to break down a little when doing less than 8 reps and (relatively) heavier weights seem to put a lot more stress on my shoulder. My primary focus is size, but I do want to gain some strength in the proces, is this still possible in the 8-10 rep range?

    Edit: I have a deformation of my collar bone which limits my mobility in my left shoulder, slight form breakdown when failing on that last rep and that shoulder issue is probably how I got the injury. I’m seeing a PT to increase shoulder mobility.

  • After 2days not being well. The come back was real. I can jump with weights and keep up with heather����. But I used my lightest weights for the last superset was hard��

  • Can this really be day 1? It seems simple and short. I know workouts don’t need to be epic marathon’s, but this seems like it’d take maybe 30 minutes.

    That being said, the z lift looks brutal. Zerchers aren’t so hard though.

  • I always love your videos but I really didn’t like this workout, it feels like you are choosing exercises that are “different” in order gain more popularity… Yeah it’s good to change things up but

    those weird squats?? Why not fornt/back squats?

    Why not chest supported Rows?

    Why not Bench press?

    Barbel press??

    You guys have grew your channel becuase you stick to the basics, the classic body building exercises that we all love instead of “trying to be different” or doing “fancy exercises”

    Love you guys but really not a fan of this…

  • I looove this entire challenged. It feels like a proper workout. I mean, I’ve done chloe ting’s and something about it feels too rushed. Like I can’t allow my body to go about the exercise at it’s own pace whereas with this, it feels like I’m getting the right workout at the right pacing.

  • Great to see some love for the floor press. Such an underrated strength exercise and a great indicator of weekpoints. The z press looks interesting as well, definitely going to try that

  • I think it was the short rest-times that made this workout so hard. At one point I had to rest my head on my kitchen counter to be able to continue the triceps exercise LOL

  • Love this workout! Will be feeling the burn in my whole body tomorrow! Thanks for sharing, you voice is so soothing and love the music x

  • I love Heather’s workout videos! But I did this today and I’m on my time of the month so I felt miserable and fatigued all the way! Ugh! I’ll do it again when I’m all better! Thank you for being there for us Heather!

  • I did one of your leg workouts two days ago and I’m still feeling it, I just finished this and it KICKED. MY. BUTT. As someone who’s generally fit and used to working out, I find it hard to find home workouts that are challenging enough so I’m super happy I found your channel!! You’ve earned yourself a subscriber ��

  • I’m sounding like a broken record but THIS is my favorite HR workout. The 3 sets were perfect for fatiguing the muscles and getting a solid burn.

    Favorite exercisetricep kickback and boxer squats

    Hardest-plank/burpee pop jacks. Totally didn’t see that coming at the finish. Wore me out but felt awesome! Thanks heather!

  • I feel my body today. Great work was done yesterday. The abs, back of the hip, shoulders, back-everything hurts. I’m not a novice, though. I usually do circles and always avoid sets, but sometimes it’s useful. Thank you very much for the training

  • Buff Dudes Strength Stage Full Body

    Zercher squats

    2 warm up sets x 10-12 reps

    3 working sets x 5 reps

    Prone Row

    3 working sets x 5 reps

    Floor Press

    3 working sets x 5 reps

    Z Press

    3 working sets x 5 reps

    Farmer Holds

    3 working sets x 60 second holds


    3 sets x 60 second holds


  • Ok buff dudes. I’m doing the plan and I’m on endurance portion. Do I do circuit 1 two times and then rest or do I do circuits 1,2 and 3 and then rest?

  • This is so awesome! I was sweating so much! I love the sets you arranged in it. Thank you for all you do for us here during pandemic! I am getting stronger and more capable!