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Coronavirus Pandemic Update 59: Dr. Seheult’s Daily Regimen (Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Quercetin, NAC)

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While the number of rest days you should take per week varies, Holland says one day off from working out per week is enough for most people. One important caveat, though: As intensity increases, so does the need for rest. So if all your workouts involve hitting the gym hard, you may need more days off than most.

On rest days, your body generally needs less calories because you’re not as active. But instead of trying to omit a specific number of calories, simply listen to your body. Below are 12 ways you can maximize your rest day, so that you can ultimately maximize your training. 1. Sleep.

As cliche as this may sound, athletes NEED to sleep. While there is no “magical. Triple C is a method you can implement on your rest days to promote recovery, correct joint imbalances and dysfunction, increase aerobic capacity, and still feel like you’re getting work done. It’s the perfect off-day treat.

Did you know—not taking a day’s rest after working out could actually be harmful your health. Read up on WH’s expert guide to when you should be taking rest days now. In any case, here are some tips and strategies to help you optimize your daily schedule so you can get work done: 1. “If I had nine hours to chop down a. It’s important to take breaks throughout the day to give your brain a rest.

That way, you can come back refreshed and ready to get more done. Related: 6 Ways Well Organized People Get More Done. Think “growth days” instead of rest days. When you take a rest/growth day you build more muscle, replenish glycogen stores more easily, and let the nervous system get back to an optimal working state.

This will help you grow faster, but it’ll also improve your performance on the day you get back to the gym. “Schedule time in your calendar to feel bad and overwhelmed and all of those things,” says Emily Anhalt, PhD, psychologist and emotional fitness consultant. “That frees up your mind the rest of the. For intense strength routines, that ratio can be closer to 2:1, but it’s important to still include carbs in your rest day nutrition plan. Eat a variety of high quality complex carbs, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

And, of course, protein is absolutely essential to a rest day routine.

List of related literature:

One strategy to combat this is to use light and heavy days of training; the light days allow the client to recover, thereby reducing the risk of overtraining.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
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It is important to educate coaches regarding the value of rest days in improving performance.

“Netter's Sports Medicine E-Book” by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric McCarty, Craig Young
from Netter’s Sports Medicine E-Book
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If this imbalance between excess training and inadequate rest persists, then performance will decline.

“The DevOps Adoption Playbook: A Guide to Adopting DevOps in a Multi-Speed IT Enterprise” by Sanjeev Sharma
from The DevOps Adoption Playbook: A Guide to Adopting DevOps in a Multi-Speed IT Enterprise
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For instance, performing the 3-Minute Maintenance Method early in the day prepares your muscles and joints for the activities ahead; performing it later in the day heals your muscles and joints from the activities you have already undertaken.

“3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief” by Joseph Weisberg, Heidi Shink
from 3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief
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Planned days of rest are also important to the periodization concept because recovery is allowed which can prevent overtraining.

“Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts” by William J. Kraemer, Steven J. Fleck
from Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts
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This routine too can be done by working out all the body parts in a single day (3 days a week), or using the push-andpull method of training (4 days a week), or doing a single body part a day (5–6 days a week).

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

Training three to four times per week is recommended to optimize gains in performance.

“Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
from Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
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The inclusion of submaximal (light) days can exert a significant influence on the potential for positive adaptations, while minimizing the possibility of overtraining (19).

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
from NSCA’s Guide to Program Design
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
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If the idea really offends you or you can’t give maximal output with the full body approach, you can train half the body in the morning, and the other half in the evening.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
from The Ultimate Diet 2.0
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2003

Use the same poundage for one week of three sessions or at least three workouts, If you are training three days a week, make them alternate days with a rest between, not three in a row and then a lay-off.

“Running to the Top” by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
from Running to the Top
by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
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  • Hey Jimi I have a question:

    I’ve recently been having joint issues (knees and rotator cuffs) so I’ve been training in the 15-20 rep range and really focusing on proper form and all of that, so it’s basically cardio lol. I want to start doing daily workouts at a low volume so I don’t wear myself out, but still keep my joints and muscles fresh and limber on a more consistent basis. Would you recommend trying to hit prs and stuff or just doing whatever feels good on the given day?

  • Feel the best ever on fatty carnivore diet, I listen to my body, eat once a day. Chronic hip pain vanished within a week. No mention of organic vegetables, that’s key. Add agriculture toxins to plant toxins, no thanks. Calories are irrelevant, satiation is the key.

  • I highly recommend trying Oral Lipsomal Glutathione for septic shock. I have had colds/flu’s over the last 5 years and I have used Lipsomal Glutathione to feel remarkably better. The brand I use is Vida Lifescience I think in unison with Vitamin-C it could possibly give great benefit. I’ve tried various anti-oxidants over the years in my supplement trials and Lipsomal Glutathione is the only one I can literally ‘feel’ within an hour and a half after swallowing it. It’s so strong I get a little anxiety because I feel a bit of ‘lightness’ in my body and limbs when I feel it working.

  • DO NOT LOCK DOWN! TREAT New Covid with HCQ, Azithromycin & Zinc. French virologist Dr. Didier Raoult has successfully Treated over 4,000 patients. The Docs I work with have a stash of the Big Cheap 3 for every member of their family.

  • Heat exposure is great for simulating an aerobic response. Both in heart rate and perspiration.

    5 hours before bed, no more eating. Early fasting can be better for fat loss than later fasting.

    Don’t eat too high of fat but don’t eat too low either. Prioritize protein

  • Aftrica and USA blood tests show have similar 5% infected with COVID but death rates are 100 to 1000 times higher in USA and Western countries than rural Africa. Africans are not going to the hospital in Kenya with COVID but they have 50 million people and a similar 5% are infected. NO one is very sick. Strange. Watch video.

    Below video Africans in USA 35% heart attacks. Rampant strokes, diabetes, hormonal cancers breast, prostrate, ovaries, rectal. High autoimmune diseases. In Africa these diseases are rare or nonexistant. See video below.


    Eat plants and berries so you don’t get VERY sick from COVID.

    If not how do explain this? 100x to 1000x more likely to go to the hospital or die in the USA. Not 2x but 100x to 1000x.

  • Great information. I take 2 3 K vitamin C in divided dose, 250 mg Quercetin twice a day, 30 mg. Zinc, 1800 mg. NAC, 100 200 mg Liposomal or S-Acetyl Glutathione, NAD, CoQ10, 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 w/ K2, Fish Oil, DHEA and a probiotic daily. Paleo Mediteranean diet. Peloton class every other day. Infrared sauna and resistance training on off days. Great all in one product out there called Immune Active. I am not recommending any of this for anyone or for treatment or prevention of Covid-19. Just to support a health immune system and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve lived this way for over 10 years, no meds, no injuries, rarely even a cold. Healthier at 55 than I’ve ever been in my life. Ran 16 half marathons last year. Highly recommended way to live.

  • Australia: deep into winter, some resurgence in colder states, social control keeping covid-19 from jumping internal borders. UV light naturally sterilizing?

  • Thank you! Awesome. Many thoughtful points listed in daily routine. You’re making a positive difference in world and it definitely is appreciated. Greatly appreciated!

  • Strong inappropriate language is very offensive to many. If you are presenting information on a topic and it is your goal to reach as many people as possible, I suggest that you keep your language clean as to not turn off anyone.

  • He is absolutely right about taking too much Zinc. I took 50mg 1x and it was a terrible experience. I was nauseated and vomiting all day. I called my doctor and he told me the dose was too large for my body. He also mentioned my stomach may be too sensitive. If you eat healthy and are petite, you may want to start with the smallest dose.

  • Ice cold bath and then hot shower is also good for acute whiplash injuries. It will significantly decrease the duration recovery time. As a home PT coming home from work, I do a hour, high intensity UV hospital tx for all my equipment, shoes in my car. Afterwards, I wipe down everything, you have to let it dry for a minute or 2 before putting all the equipment away. Most of my elderly patients don’t go anywhere, but contact tracing is an issue with relatives and visitors. I’ve been tested bc of this. Since covid, I’ve been wearing surgical mask, face shield and gloves. Being a germaphobe and Asian healthcare worker in the South, a lot of patients and caregivers have requested me and only me bc of my germaphobe behavior. Unfortunately, people don’t think of others except for themselves.

  • The democrat representative in my state heard that chocolate pudding helps with covid. They are now hysterically writing legislation to outlaw it.

  • I read in some articles that you should take a break from quercetin after using it for 12 weeks. Do you have any idea Dr. seheult how long should this break be? Thank you for your videos!

  • Thank You..So hospitals and criminal MDs have money incentives to use Ventilators and to kill people and say that every death is from Corona. This is legalized MURDER.. No one dies from anything else but Covid

  • Coronavirus cure Recipe:
    Hydroxychloroquine 200mg 3 times per day
    Azithromycin 500mg 1 time per day for 5 days
    Zinc. Sulfate. 220mg 2 times per day for 10 days
    Vitamin C 500mg. 3 times per day for 10 days.

  • Millions of taxpayer dollars are funding the research for a vaccine. Big Pharma will be at its profiteering best when
    one is approved. Complain to your congressmem now or this vaccine is going to cost $500 a dose. Do it now.
    They have allowed these shady corporations to screw us for decades too long already

  • Dr what are they doing to test for antibodies? Also what about those people who’ve had SARS and

    are they more likely to get this or less?

  • I am 60yrs old with Cystic Fibrosis. I have forwarded this info to my clinic as I would like to start following it. I already have the NAC & zinc on hand, but I know we don’t absorb vitamins like others so I wanted their input. Thank you! Wonder if you have any CF patients?

  • Have you updated your daily supplement regime? Are you getting your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep daily? What about your exercise regime daily and what do you do to destress daily? If you play music for instance what time and how long do you play daily? How much zinc do you recommend for a low exposure individual? 25 not 50 micrograms? Have you ever contacted dr john campbell from the UK. I believe that you two could possibly collaborate and bring this virus to an end quicker.i only have been watching your two videos daily since January and believe you are a couple geniuses that should be consulted and or running the CDC and the WHO. Unbiased non political fact based science. That is what the world needs always.
    Thank you very much for all you do.

  • At 1H:24min he says it’s pretty difficult to eat super amazing foods and have a ton of calories in a short window. I eat on average 70 min window every single day every day of the year OMAD and there are days I eat 5000 calories. Most of the days I’m at 3200 calories within that 1 to 2 hour window max. So I strongly disagree with the guy being interviewed

  • Taking artificial vitamin c never helped for health issues… Quercentin was a game changer… I’m thrilled… Why is there so little knowledge spreading right now about it…..

  • I love dr Schulz his lectures are terrific. I have been following since the first lecture. I follow his example but im going to have to improve my shower skills. You dont seem as tired Dr and thats really good. As always thank you.����✌��

  • How about hesperidin as a prophylactic? Any med students like to review this?

  • I live in a more “rural” area so cardio can be a bit bland, but it has to be nice doing some LISS and seeing a view of the city that you flipped in there briefly.

  • I hope someone sees this and can respond. I just came across a study that indicated that, while NAC is beneficial for treating certain lung conditions (COPD, emphysema, etc.), there is some evidence that NAC can enhance the initiation and/or growth of lung endenocarcinoma (Breau, et al, JCI Insight Oct. 19, 2019). Anyone familiar with this research or others with like conclusions?

  • Why there is no massive study of Vitamin C megadoze being done now as we have this chance? In my country the patients with low or moderate Covid symptoms are put on regular flu medicine. Many recover eventually but go through many days of unnecessary pain. Others go to hospital because the symptoms worsen.
    Had Covid symptoms in April( regular flu symptoms plus difficulty breathing and chest pain). I took Vitamin C megadoze plus 3 liters of tea plus sleeping as i do for regular flu. Cured in 3 days.
    I ve read that a hospital in China is testing this method for their patients in intensive care with good results. I just don’t understand why not try from the very first symptoms so you don’t give the illness time to develop?

  • are you natty bro? supplements? anabolics? Its ok, your physic is super cool but we should know the truth to folllow your steps…..

    You are simple. Not too much talk. Not too much science. You make acts. Thats the point friend. Keep it up. Nice simple and helpful.

  • Go to the Dutch website At the bottom you can choose English language and the page will be Google translated into any language you like.
    Besides the ‘Selfcare’ pages also check the News section (regularly).

  • I was talking to a guy at the gym who has started training 7 days a week high volume.. My guess is that it won’t be sustainable long term. Now I don’t feel so bad about training only 3-4 high volume sessions:)

  • Thank you! For the great information. I work in medical field too; Not with patients. One thinks I start doing is I have been drinking my home made bone broth I add ginger and turmeric.

  • I like your idea of wiping your shoes down before you get in your car. It’s quick and simple. Whilst the Wuhan study that looked at how many sites within a room were fouled by patients showed little to no contamination of PPE or hallway sites over 10ft from the room entrances, the risk, however low, is so easily mitigated. While treating Covid19 hospital patients each day, I bought a boot tray which I kept by my front door. In it, a towel soaked with peroxide. My wife and daughter are EMTs so we had a fairly high risk of exposure. Anyone entering the house stepped onto the towel first, decontaminating their shoes, much like the wet carpet sections at the entrance of Asian airports during SARS. The weak link in all this? The car. Leaving via the ER, I’d remove the gloves I had been wearing and deposit them in the trash just outside the exit before reaching for the car door. Once, in, my keys, the steering wheel and door handle would get a wipe. A little paranoia isn’t a bad thing and on the balance, served us well.
    Like, you, I currently take all the supplements you do but have also added nicotinamide based on several papers showing it may moderate cytokine response and the risk of inflammatory cascade. Having MAST cell activation disorder, I find cytokine storm worrisome enough to have included it. While each of these steps may provide little, together, they may well tip the scales in our favor.

  • Dr. Seheult, do you eat lots of quercetin-rich foods? I’ve always made sure to eat a substantial amount of fruits and vegetables. (Thanks, Mom!) I did consider taking a quercetin supplement but instead decided to just consume a substantial amount of cooked onion every day (in addition to my usual fruit and vegetable consumption). I figured that I can buy a LOT of onions (and other quercetin-rich foods) for the price of a bottle of quercetin supplements. The quercetin supplements lack the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that the foods have. And I’ll bet that for every known nutrient in food, there are at least one or two others that we don’t know about and thus cannot get supplements for.

  • Dr. Seheult, why do you take 50 mg of zinc per day even though you acknowledged that 40 mg is the official tolerable upper limit and that there is a risk of a copper deficiency? I take 25 mg of zinc (half a 50 mg zinc supplement) and 3 mg of copper on alternate days to ensure that I get a substantial amount of both.

  • Dr. Seheult, this is excellent information. How are you, your staff and patients doing? Is everyone well? Do you have any statistics you would like to share? Thank you from Richmond, Virginia.

  • Tks! While I appreciate your dosing protocol as a health professional, what about retired folks who are mostly home & only exposed when shopping a couple times/week (grocery store/CVS) or exposed to a working spouse? These would be those considered high risk ONLY due to age (over 65), healthy, taking supplements, including C to saturation. Would 500mg quercetin & 25mg of elemental zinc daily be sufficient? Thank you!

  • Your shower schedule sounds great. A study was done on Finland and Greenland. Finland did not shut down and had few cases whereas Greenland shut down and had many cases. The difference was Finland has saunas and frigid outside conditions. People would go into the sauna and then out into the cold. The study found that the WBC would increase by doing this and prevent sickness.

  • I love soaked Almonds! Just peel them and keep them out of water for a few minutes, they dry up a little.. I like them soaked, without the peel

  • I loved the video! I think some of the dosages may be a bit low, from what I’ve researched, but overall great content. I take preventative doses 25mg Zinc, 800mg Quercetin, 5000IU D3 with 100mcg K2 (MK-7), and 500mg NAC. If I think I was exposed to anyone with the virus, I take 50mg Zinc, 1,600mg Quercetin, 20,000IU D3 with 400mcg K2 (MK-7), and 1000mg NAC for one day. If I develop any symptoms such as fever, dry throat/cough, or heightened allergies, I take 100mg Zinc, 2,400mg Quercetin, 50,000IU D3 with 1,000mcg K2 (MK-7), and 2,000mg NAC. If I get symptoms, I also drink 2-5 dandelion root teas per day and 1,000mg ascorbic acid per hour. I’ve never had to take any of the latter high dosages for more than a day or two because the symptoms always go away incredibly fast, and I return back to the preventative dosages the following day. I also eat low carb because the virus wall receptors can get confused with excess fructose metabolites in the body. Lastly, the benefits of ocasional prolonged water fasting (3-5 days) and intermittent fasting on a regular basis can have profound effects on white blood cell generation, so I practice these two things religiously throughout the year and daily Wim Hof Method breathing exercises which have also shown to vastly improve immune function.

  • New sub here. Does the 2.0 program include diet and training instructions? Also how many training days per week on the program? Thanks!

  • I’ve been doing intense workouts for about 5-6 days per week but I’m still gaining strength. Should I dial the volume back anyway? I don’t feel like my cortisol levels have risen to an uncomfortably high level either.

  • In regards to sleeping in a cold room… If you sleep with your head under the covers, consider that you’re breathing in “dirty air” all night long. Perhaps sleep with a snorkel on to get some fresh air and still keep your head covered 😉

  • Yup we got a recurrence in Victoria not weather but govt. quarantine did it wrong AGAIN. Leaky border letting international in and bounce around without mandatory testing before release so its loose. not using the army who are the only guys who have the training. we made them practice on xmas island

  • Hi, I really enjoy your updates. Recently, face shields, plastic shields that attach to the brims of hats, glasses and so forth have been agressively marketed to me. I see medical professionals wearing both a face shield and a mask. I’d like to see a video talking about personal protection for the non medical person, the person going out to the grocery store or other. Are face shields a good replacement for masks? I like the idea because my glasses don’t steam up, I can wear makeup, and people can see my facial expressions.

  • Thank you Dr. Seheult. I am recovering from the virus. Look forward to learning and educating myself more with I am on a similar vitamin protocol to assist my immune system. I took it in the gastro system as well as respiratory but turning a corner and feeling better today. Thanks for sharing so much. I enjoy your speaking voice.

  • still the only MD giving a proactive regimen of vitamins and supplements as well the reasons. also gives his protocol and working with covid pts. this RN thanks you.

  • when you were working 80-100 hour weeks, how did you sustain yourself mentally and physically with such little sleep? do you think it is a matter of simply getting used to it?

  • I’ve heard little about using googles. But aren’t the eyes vulnerable to Covid 19 infection? Should I not only wear my N95 mask but also googles when in public?

  • we all know about these things, the last thing we need is ANOTHER book to tell us what we should do. Just another fix to spend our hard earned money on.

  • I am so happy with the work that you are doing. I follow all your videos. I REQUEST YOU NOT TO USE F*** WORDS AS I TRY TO WATCH SOME OF YOUR INTERVIEW WITH THE FAMILY but I completely understand that we get carried away at times with the information the guest gives us

  • What if she did understand, and saw the way she was going, and was thinking about losing her mind completely, thus loosing you guys? My brain hurts now..

  • Did give the interview a thumbs up as the book sounds worth buying EXCEPT to much of using the “F'” word which killed the message can we drop that in the next video (as you do use a lot in your videos).

  • What the hell is the deal…. have neither of you heard of the enormous amount of GLYPHOSATE (a proven toxic herbicide ) in 85% of every food we eat. It is an endocrine disrupter. Many of the chemical reactions that many our bodies’, animal bodies’ and crops internal structures are disrupted or completely destroyed from the GLYPHOSATE (ROUNDUP). The poison creates food structures that make “crooked keys” that will not fit into the nutritional and chemical keys of our bodies. We are slowly being poisoned. Read Dr. Elizabeth Seneff research of 20 years on why this poison is creating chronic problems and diseases in our bodies. They started putting this shit in our food 40 years ago. Dementia, malnutrition and death by slow poisoning. TELL ME…WHY DON’T YOU TALK ABOUT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. IS IT BECAUSE MONSANTO/Bayer, WHO CREATED THIS SHIT AND KNEW IT WOULD POISON EVERY LIVING THING BIGGEST FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL SUPPORT COMES FROM BILL GATES AND GEORGE SOROS. YOU CAN EAT ALL THE ONCE THOUGHT OF HEALTHY FOODS YOU WANT, BUT IF LEVEL OF POISON IN THEM MAKES OUR BODIES ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS CRASH AND WE CAN NOT DETOXIFY OUR BODIES, THEN YOU ARE SCREWED. AND, SIR, WE ARE ALL BEING SCREWED, LIED TO AND POISONED. TALK ABOUT THAT WHY DON’T YOU? Are you afraid to present this because you would garner the attention of some pretty big global corporations and billionaires?

  • The name of this is what to eat. When will you talk about what to eat? This is the 2nd show of yours I’m waiting to hear what foods Max advocates. Im a mom. I’m suffering from memory loss and I’m scared. Just hearing about your moms suffering is upsetting. Your love and fear is palpable. I was hoping you had a cure for her. I just had to vent. I feel despair. I guess I have to read the book. Is it fruit and fat and protein? No carbs? Dr Pearlmutter says limit fruit. No gluten. Yet I’m now starting to do all raw but that’s a lot of fruit? Waited to hear more about food. Cold is interesting I do epsom salt bathes. This is Long lol. Be well

  • Dear Max my son is 45yrs old he is an angel as you are. He is strong within always see the positive side. He married an equal. I thanmful thacyou and my son have grown exactly how I as a mo tried so hard in my heart to know the direction he has taken. As you are.his dad passed at the age of 32. His wife fell asleep at the wheel in Arizona. My son was 11yrs old. My son believes in Heaven. You Max I love you dearly as a young man with accomplishments and use your gifts. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your mom.

  • The same way that we feed the body nutritional food, is exactly the same way we must feed the mind right information.
    We attract what we are.

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  • @MedCram please also mention a mostly whole food plant based diet. with the breadth of evidence, we know it promotes vasodilation, endothelial health, perfusion, fights toxins and inflammation -greens, beans, fruits veggies help greatly to decrease incidence and severity of all co-morbidities we know exacerbate covid (DM HTN CAD asthma..) Refer to work of Drs. Esselstyn, Campbell, Ornish, Barnard..��

  • My mother had liver and lung cancer and I watch her die. It was the most horrendous experience to watch the person I loved more than life it self suffer. And I had the same feelings of why allow someone go through this. They said not to give her water and you could see she was so thirsty. I asked why the allowed people to suffer like this and not just let them die with dignity and less suffering. She said Euthanasia was ( god I can’t remember exactly what she said ) but I thought bloody religion. I was so angry. I feel his pain, I felt his pain

  • The guest was wrong about vaping. That chemical was never detected in over the counter vape liquids. Only in black market THC cartridges.

  • Hi Everybody,

    I hope you and your loved ones are fine and doing well.

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  • South and southern Africa is rapidly turning into the greatest epicenter of Covid-19 in the world. Since early April, the cumulative number of infections in South Africa has doubled about every 14 days. Compare that to the USA (50 days) and Brazil (23 days). Today, 4 July 2020, 177,174 cases of infection have been officially recorded in South Africa. Community spread is now unstoppable. At the current rate of increase, 1 million will have been infected by 8 August, 2 million by 22 August, 4 million by 5 September, 8 million by 19 September, 16 million by 3 October and some 32 million by 17 October 2020. That is 53% of the population of over 59 million people. The daily number of new infections should then drop off steeply.
    Public hospitals in South Africa have been plundered bare over the last 26 years and are unable to meet the increase in demand for sophisticated health care due to the Covid-19 crisis. The additional ‘health budget’ announced some two months ago, has turned out just another opportunity for ‘connected’ black business people to plunder, by loading contracted prices for protective medical equipment several hundred-fold. Even private hospitals are now being flooded by covid cases, and many people will not be able to access hospital care over the next four months. Also, the epidemic in South Africa comes on top of high incidences of tuberculosis, aids, diabetes and hypertension, all co-morbidities that significantly increase the likelihood of
    death – Dr Mary-Ann Davies, @t​. In addition, a high incidence of infant malnutrition and, quite likely, also substantial Vitamin D deficiencies in many South Africans with dark skin, may leave many in South Africa vulnerable to inflammatory respiratory conditions such as covid-19. Defiance, denial and unwillingness to accept the discomfort of lockdown are further important factors.
    Early ‘evidence’ of flattening of the curve in South Africa is unreliable and misleading. Exponential epidemic growth of infected numbers is now well underway, and it appears that, some eight to ten weeks ago, the authorities have quietly accepted that the epidemic will run its course essentially unchecked. Officially, the peak is expected in September. Notwithstanding acceptance that the epidemic will run its course unchecked, very harsh, albeit clearly predominantly entirely nonsensical, irrational and uselessly ineffective, lockdown measures were introduced and are being brutally enforced. Ostensibly, the purpose is window-dressing that ‘government is doing all it can to address’ the crisis. Death rates are likely to be high, regardless a relatively young population. One of every two infected people over the age of 75 will most likely die, one of every four between the ages of 65 and 74, one of five between the ages of 45 and 64 and less than one of 25 younger than 44. Statistics of ‘recoveries’ are evidently hugely suspect. Clearly, many politicians are totally out of sync with epidemic events. Everything that could possibly be done wrong with regard to the social and demographic realities of South Africa, they have managed to do wrong, demonstrating inability to understand the course of an epidemic, and of the role that social and demographic conditions play in its unfolding.
    However, far worse, still, is that government is now trying to conceal their incompetence by beating the old Marxist drum of human sufferingcaused by suppression and exploitation of the black majority section of society by the privileged white minority section (See Jordan Peterson, @.
    The harsh lockdown measures in South Africa is certain to drive a majority of small businesses to the wall. Countless numbers of these were started by Whites when legislated black economic empowerment since 1994 forced Whites out of jobs. Generally, these businesses have done well, a reality resented by many black South Africans with Marxist leanings. State financial assistance to weather the covid-19 crisis is not available to white-owned businesses; they are being discriminated against on a racial basis regardless the fact that they pay taxes and employ large numbers of black citizens. The epidemic is being used to selectively drive white-owned businesses out of business, even though replacement employers are not being instituted. The interests of black employees of such businesses are simply being ignored. This is most deplorable, cowardly racism against an ethnic minority and will result in greater famine, hardship and poverty among ordinary people – both white and black already impoverished by the ongoing plundering of state assets, especially during the Zuma era. The outside world must take notice.
    Expatriate South Africans and others worldwide need to do whatever they can to help white-owned small businesses in South Africa survive the crisis and the racist campaign against them. Please look through the causes listed at @t​ and donate to a business of your choice. Help preserve the lives and livelihoods of countless numbers of both Blacks and Whites in South Africa. The likes of Malema, Dlamini Zuma, Magashule and many others care only for power and the opportunity it affords them to plunder state assets at the cost of the poor.
    Community spread is now unstoppable. No amount of lockdown will have any effect whatsoever. It is up to every individual family unit to protect themselves as best they can. Family isolation, social distancing, washing of hands and of surfaces outsiders might have contaminated, and the wearing of a mask whenever within 6 meters from outsiders, are the measures that should be rigorously applied for the next three to four months. These measures allow individuals to still go outside for walks or a run. Many lives can be saved.
    The upshot of this chain of past and prospective future events is that, by mid-October 2020, South Africa could be one of the very first countries in the world where the population has developed true herd immunity. By November, the epidemic in South Africa should be all over. South Africa can then enjoy their enviable position for a few months until vaccines become available.

  • Tom, if you want a deep dive on broccoli sprouts and sulforaphane, please hav Dr. Rhonda Patrick on your show. You will totally dig her insights.

  • Consider going Vegan if you’re willing to be open minded it could reverse chronic disease and illness. Very much grateful I have been so myself for the last year

  • OXYTOCIN MAY HELP FOR COVID 19,according%20to%20new%20Stanford%20findings.&text=Karen%20Parker%20and%20her%20colleagues,among%20some%20children%20with%20autism.
    [7/18, 8:06 PM] Milind Joshi:
    OT exerts a dual effect by mobilizing the immune defense potential, and by suppressing pathogenic responses due to over-reactions of the innate immunity. In human, increase in plasma OT levels reported in the early phases of infectious disease, can limit the excessive pro-inflammatory and oxidative stress reactions, by decreasing interleukins levels in the macrophages [1]. OT exerts a metabolic functional role in cardiovascular disease (by regulating, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle contraction), in diabetes (via glucose uptake and insulin secretion), and obesity (food intake and satiety), in gastric injury (by antiulcer properties), and in osteoporosis (with bone formation and resorption) (see Supplementary data).
    [7/18, 8:
    Again, no human studies, but *if there is a shortage of Taclizumab in india*, in patients with severe covid symptoms and/or *cytokine storm symptoms, Oxytocin could be tried*, it does not have many side effects.
    [7/18, 8:06 PM] Milind Joshi: In humans, activation of the OT receptor, which are expressed by endothelial cells in the pulmonary artery, produce a vasolidatory effect via stimulation of the nitric oxide (NO) pathway [2]. In animal models of acute lung injury, OT exposure reduces the expression of inflammatory proteins in the lung tissue [3]. Literature also reveals that viral infections in human (including influenza) attenuate OT receptor expression, indicating a key role for the OT system for human health [4]. 
    [7/18, 8:06 PM] Milind Joshi: We have used Oxytocin in autistic children without side effects.
    *Also, remember, feeling of compassion, love, and Meditation are well known ways of increasing oxytocin*.
    [7/18, 8:13 PM] Milind Joshi: you may ask intranasal oxytocin company to be interested in human travels of covid patients in Roanoke. Their teams have standard protocols, patients are so desperate that they will sign up, placebo group will be those who do not sign up.
    [7/18, 8:19 PM] Milind Joshi:
    [7/18, 8:19 PM] Milind Joshi: About 31.5% of pregnant women with COVID-19 were hospitalized compared to 5.8% of nonpregnant women. Researchers could not determine how much of the difference was caused by pregnant women being hospitalized for labor and delivery vs. illness caused by the virus.
    About 1.5% of pregnant women and 0.9% of nonpregnant women were admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). Adjusted for age, underlying conditions and race, pregnant women had 1.5 times the risk of being admitted to the ICU.
    Roughly 0.5% of pregnant women required mechanical ventilation compared to 0.3% of nonpregnant women. After adjustment, the risk of mechanical ventilation was 1.7 times higher for pregnant women. Death rates were the same for both groups at 0.2%.

  • Hi Tom, have you ever heard of Tonya Zavasta? She has written a book called Quantum Eating The Ultimate Elixir of Youth. In the book she talks about how she doesn’t eat after 2:30. Has something to do with circadian rhythm.

  • I am from Colombia, and I would really really love to send this to my parents but they don’t understand english, when I talk about this with them is like they don’t listen to me…I would love to have this content in Spanish, even with subtitles, if possible I could help with that:) it would be really valuable for spanish speakers

  • I’m betting the reason for the varied responses from eating similar diets is due to our lineage. Asians, for example, for centuries, have eaten a lot of fish and rice so their bodies adapted to that diet. All cultures have that same adaptation, adapting to their diet of what is available to them. Thank you for helping me to make this revelation! I love your thinking!

  • Amazing to see you discussing this, my own most recent interview posted last Sunday on People with a Passion was with an occupational therapist on Preventable Memory Health and he talks of the importance of food, exercise and mental stimulation. Such an important topic so many need to hear. Love the shirt by the way. ������

  • Cancer has really been one of the human kind killer that hasn’t found an absolute cure. Max’s work on nutrition is definitely one of the best prevention to this sickness. People are ought to realize clean air is essential and not take clean air for granted. And so glad that Tom brought up the importance of adding healthy fats in our diet. FAT does not make you FAT. Thank you Tom and Max.

  • Too much work, just take Ivermectin.
    Panic for nothing.
    If you take ivermectin for humans you will be safe for 6 months.
    Are you stuck at the matrix

  • I don’t agree with the medical approach at All. Cancer is a form of fungi and a mutation. Radiation, pollution, pesticides, stress and toxicity can cause the mutations. Oxygen depletion of the system caused by overfishing, clearcutting and lack of ventilation within enclosed buildings and homes causes fungi and molds to grow. Psychological stress caused by lack of love, hostility, violent environment and economic worries causes the immune system to suffer and when the immune system suffers and is overwhelmed then the scavenger cells (which normally eat all pathogens including mutated cells) don’t recognize some of the mutated cells anymore and the mutated cells multiply. Cancer and mega viruses are ultimately direct karmic end results from global lack of responsibility (this includes every single person) and the end result is population reduction of massive proportions. Existence is based on giving and taking. If people take resources, pollute and procreate then they will pay the price. If humans overpopulate then they will create situations in which viruses (caused by crowded places, lack of hygiene and consumption of animal proteins) and various molds including cancers evolve and those are bound to bring the population down in a very unpleasant way. We can’t have the cake and eat it too. Jiddu Krishnamurti has talked about taking responsibility for over 70 years and very few people listened and actually took in what he said. If we want to heal the world in which we live (we are part of this world) and heal our own bodies then we need to reform to a complete green life style. I wrote about this in my book The Ultimate Holistic Rejuvenation Program my name is Nicola Reddwoodd.

  • My biggest respect for your honest words about your mom. it really touches me and i hope more people beeing vulnerable like this.

    best regards from germany

  • What do you think of pelargonium sidoides for covid-19? It has plenty of publications for upper respiratory infections with influenza and seasonal coronavirus.

  • They are NOT gross soaked haha. You gotta change your water out until the water isnt nasty. I HAVE TO avoid phytates for my teeth after 2 years of meth, makes a HUGE difference.

  • Thank you doctor for the information and sacrifice. Praying for you and yiur family. I am a primary care nurse and appreciate all the bedside hero’s like yourself. Thanks again for the keeping us educated ������

  • Okay, that’s all I can take of Tom turning the flow of a really important conversation into a “fuck-fest”. I am by far a prude, I spent 10 years as a professional sailer…where the word fuck was part of the culture. BUT, he seems to want to insert the “f” bomb into his conversations as much as possible, and it’s just SO awkward to listen too. You’re a really smart guy…use your words intelligently. I’m going to take a looooong break from your channel. I’m goint to miss your incredilbe guest!

  • I was just looking online to buy the supplements you mentioned. When I read customer reviews on NAC I’m afraid to take it now, since I have mild asthma. Several people said they had asthma attacks after taking and a lady said she had serious histamine reaction where her whole body broke out in hives and had to be given steroids to counteract. Also seeing many comments about severe GI distress. Any thoughts? I have allergies and know how scary it is to break out in hives and my throat swell shut, along with the mild asthma.

  • gives a doctors recent research findings regarding why zinc along with a zinc ionophore helps to eliminate covid.

  • “What am I going to do without you guys?”

    I’m a mother of three amazing young men. Without domenica I would say the same thing. My love for my sons runs that deep.

    Your mother loved you and your brothers more than you might ever know.


  • Sometimes I feel the laws in this country are twisted. Don’t make any sense. Human rights is such a big subject in the US I’m not sure why ones choice to end their life (or whatever) is such a debate.

  • At the end of this life there IS hope that shines brighter than this life and that is eternity in the loving arms of Jesus Christ. He offers free salvation for anyone willing to accept it for free and giving their entire souls for this gift with faith and trust in God. An eternal home where there will no longer be pain and suffering. xoxo

    And also, let’s do the best we can to take good care of the bodies and minds we have been given. I’m certainly not perfect at it but we can all do what we can with what we know:)

    God bless

  • Big question is all those “genius foods” really have that much nutrition? Because soil is depleted of minerals, microbes, etc and farmers just grow things using fertilizers…

  • I experienced the exact same thing as the tom’s guest and even worse with mum that was diagnosed with brain tumor (glioblastoma, grade 4) last July. She passed away last October and I still can’t recover from heartbreaking memories of seeing her fade-away as I was taking care of her. She gradually lost all of her mental and physical abilities. She ended up bedridden, unconscious and intubated.
    It was the worst 4 months of my entire existence.
    No coping mechanism could ever help. No amount of resilience could ever put this pain to an end.

  • here is the main point: people with higher IQ can performe as well, when they lose 10 points because of obesity or unhealthy lifestyle. Thats why lot of unhealthy CEOs and programmers still perform as monsters….
    People with average/lower IQ has to fight so hard, because if they lose 10 points because of unhealthy lifestyle and toxins, they suffer really cognitively

  • Want to learn tricks yo screw up royally your enemies?
    Let’s get the message viral

  • Thanks for another great upload Tom (and the whole team). I keep seeing comments complaining about profanity, but I’m sure that there are plenty of us that don’t care about that at all and I just wanted to give some positive feedback from our camp. I LOVE that you are super enthusiastic, engaged, respectful to your guests, ask excellent questions, and project a genuine image. If you want to curse I’m here for it, we’re all adults here. To those who may be bothered, try to focus on the message, not the messenger.

  • A little advice to Mr Bossau gotta train thru the tendinosis to get the blood flowin thru them tendons, otherwise no amount of rest or rehab will help u get rid of that nagging pain especially distal bicep tendinosis in ur case

  • lots of great information in this video and this is my reaction. sorry for the novel but hopefully this will be helpful more someone that needs it. they should be barbell training for optimal strength increases. if they have never done this the novice linear progression as outlined by starting strength is a great program. the program can be learned from practical programming for starting strength and instructions for how to do the exercises can be found on youtube. having a coach though for this initial phase would be really beneficial. to give you an idea the program starts with 4 main compound lifts which are the squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlift. after some time the power clean will be introduced for variation from the deadlift and eventually after finishing nlp the workouts will vary even more which is described in the book. the problem with body building techniques is there is no activity in life which uses muscles in isolation and so they are less optimal to building strength than compound movements which build overall strength. strength is defined as the ability to produce force against an external resistance and so for optimal force production lots of sub maximal reps won’t suffice as high reps cause a very different type of adaptation than strength. Adding 5-10 lbs each workout for the novice lifter rather than just adding more reps is what will cause an adaptation that results in more strength which is obvious from more weight being moved aka force production. As far as range of motion. for the novice lifter there isn’t any reason to do a partial rep and for any lifter there is never a reason to do a partial squat. For other lifts though when someone is an intermediate to advanced lifter accessory movements which could be called partial reps have their place. 3 examples that come to mind right away of this are rack pulls, pin presses, or board presses. as far as pull-ups go if someone struggles with pull-ups rather than doing partial rom the better solution would be using a lat pull-down machine until they can pull their body weight several times. After this chin-ups meaning with hands in a supinated position are more optimal as they recruit more muscle tissue by including the bicep muscles into the exercise. As far as body type training doesn’t change based on genetics. what changes is how strong they will be able to get to. the trap bar isn’t a deadlift and as far as reps. warm ups plus one heavy set is optimal b/c it causes to much stress on the cns to do lots of deadlift reps.

  • I don’t get how people can workout at less intensity and just do more. Just go all out and rest. Since August of last year all I’ve been doing is 1 set to failure per bodypart, ONCE per week. Total work time PER muscle is about 90 seconds per set. Sound training, healthy diet and optimized hormones = 18 pounds in 12 months. Bodyfat % indicates the same. Plus 20-25% stronger everywhere.

    Total actual work time in the gym per week is less than 18 minutes. I’m in an out under 24 minutes. Once per week.

    Less is more than enough:

  • What would you guys say to my actual bloodwork:

    I’m 28, 1.85 m 91 KG, very lean

    my total T is 12.4 nmol/l
    and my free T is at 194 pmol/l

    —> So at the lower end of normal.

    Thyroid, DHEA, IGF1 everything is fine.
    Just a bit elevated kidney markers:
    kreatinine and Harnstoff, but that’s normal what I read for lifters and a high protein based diet.

    I‘ve been using AAS before (last time 10 months before)

    Overall I feel mentally and physically good.

    Should I start myself with trt, bcz my endocrinologist wouldn’t prescribe me to, bcz I‘m keep my bloodmarkers in the „normal“ range.

    Thx for reply and keep up the good work.

  • Thank u danny & scott great info much appreciated.. im learning so much from ye channel.. keep up the good work we need ye.. thanks again and to steven ur trt buddy

  • Hi sir..i am on trt since 6 years now..i pin every day but unfortunately my oestrogen increase until mY free T is on the range…what is for you the less side effects anti oestrogen?proviron,nolvadex or an,AI?thanks

  • Did anybody ring/pinky finger get tingly while flexing your arm, I have been flex a lot lately and I workout almost every day not much rest days maybe once a week and today when I flexed my arm I was like why is my finger tingly, only thing I can think of is ulnur nerve from flexing and working out with no rest days, does it happen to anyone else and if it any does, does it go away,? Am really scared that it can get worse, I love working out and I don’t want to get checked because I don’t want to get exposed to corona, am 16, thank you

  • Knowing most of the actual statistics for what he’s talking about, I can safely and confidently say he is slightly exaggerating virtually everything. They are very close, and just as concerning, but for example, it’s not half the people living with pre-diabetes/diabetes, it’s a third. This kind of thing continues throughout everything he says.

  • i would love to know your thoughts on ivermectin

  • Couldn’t agree more. I used to train more frequently as it does seem to work however six days a week lifting heavy is just crazy on the body.
    I changed back to 3 days a week, chest/biceps, back /triceps, delts/legs. Feel much better and have time to do some cardio as well, which I find seem to enhance recovery from the increased blood flow.

    Great topic and video.

  • i have join the gy about 3 months ago,i go monday chest tris and bis tuesday back and delts and wendsday legs abs with some cardio(futsal) and then i repeat until friday!Also i dont know if i strais my body so much cause i am working as waiter for 7 hours in the morning!!i am currently at 62kg 167cm 13%B.F.!i can see some progress going but i am not sure if i do much

  • QUESTION: Dr. Seheult, I take vitamin D,C,Zinc,NAC,Quercetin(update 59 amounts) I’m Covid high risk. Can returning to school 14yr old no health issues take same amount or what amount would be safe & still benefit. Thank you and PA Allred You’re magnificent

  • Good suggestions. Only one problem: the more you train even three times a week would not enable you to have sex due to testosterone being busy recovering your muscles. You opinion bachelor?

  • Come on people diet and working out isn’t that hard. When it comes to nutrition, just don’t be an idiot. When it comes to working out, train when you feel like it and rest when your body tells you to.

  • I workout 7 days a week but I do a 3-day split of legs, pull, push. I feel I do not need a day of rest since each muscle group gets a two day rest period before working again. Every month I’ll usually add one rest day but that is only if I feel drained or want to do something fun that day.

  • I do a leg-push-pull-leg-chest-pull mixed with chalestenics/pylometrics before those workouts ( pull-legs-pull-pull-legs-push) and do active rocovery on the evening and take the sunday off. what do you think? Also on the last day before the rest day I do 3k 10 mins rest -200m x10 2 mins rest x10 on the evening.I also do core workout with the push workout and grip strenght workout with the pull workout

  • I watch every video and I absolutely love the new Q & A you have added on Sunday evenings. Your sharing of Life Hacks backed with Science and Medicine is phenomenal. You simplify the science into practical understanding. A strong thank you for all you do and your contribution weekly to this channel and to your work at the hospital cannot be overstated. If I make it out the backend of this Covid 19 crisis, it will be because of this channel’s relevant content!

  • Great video! Have you done or recommend weighted calisthenics? Ive been experimenting with weighted pushups as a bar has been bothering me and I’ve been loving it. I’m a fairly advanced trainee so the weights are fairly high and that can get tricky but its not impossible. I’ve loaded 100+ in a similar fashion as fitnessfaq does with a dip belt and love it. Anyway have you tried weighted pushups, dips etc?

  • Thank you, Dr. Seheult, for your highly informative/instructive lecture. I would like to reconsider my own daily regimen!! Dr. SamuraI

  • Right now I’m doing Greg’s Greek god program monday, Wednesday & Saturday. I left Tuesday and Thursday for light cardio(walking for 35-40 mins) and ab work w/ body weight or very light weights is that ok

  • I am going to navy seal selection in 4 weeks. I workout twice a day everyday, but it’s spread between swimming, yoga, running, and lifting. Is this too much?

  • Sounds like his mother had also a form of anosognosia which is a very deeply rooted and unconscious denial about her own physical state.

  • Another great vid! I started C supps last year after a worthy lecture on it; started D3 when I went vegan; now take Zinc and selenium light supps because I’d rather err on the side… Noted: vitamin C alone, drastically changed my life-long morning time stuffiness. I would swap it for intermittent fexofendadine any day.

  • Science-based information, served in a nice simple way. Your channel deserves 100 times the viewers it has. If it had that, people would make so much more progress, keep the great content coming.

  • Interesting vid with fresh perspective! One question though. I am now training consistently for about 4 years, 4 times a week with full intensity. My feeling is I come to a point where breaking PR’s are not possible anymore, nor from a volume nor from a weight perspective. I have done all kinds of switching-ups already, being it the length of rest periods between sets, changing in exercises over time, or vary in frequency and weights, etc. How can you still get PR’s? (my diet is also well managed: clean and healthy foods and in a little daily calorie surplus over a long period of time). Very interested in your PoV.

  • This is so true, I used to train 6 days a week. Now I’m doing 3-4. I have my life back & making better progress at the same time. Speaking of progress, Jimi, could you do a video about your “progression scheme” and deloads (I know you did deloads already)? We know you shoot for PR’s every week in linear progression style, but I would like to hear more about your strategy anyway!

  • Is Push-Pull-Rest day combo fine? Im 19 and full of energy or should i slow down. I train 5 days a week but it basicly is 2/3 times a week for each muscle group.

  • advanced program would be really cool to read! definitely not there yet hahaha still milking those AP 2.0 gains keep up the awesome work man!