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The best exercises that you can do to help improve strength, flexibility, and to improve knee function include partial squats, step-ups, side lying leg lifts, inner-thigh leg lifts, calf-raises, straight leg raises, short-arc leg extensions and hamstring stretching (focusing on perfect form, to the point of no pain, and with no extra resistance until injury is resolved). These are the best. Straight Leg Raise.

This is an excellent exercise for bad knees that can help you in building muscle strength, thereby supporting your weak joints. Lie down with the elbows supporting your upper body. Now, bend one of your knees. The Best Exercises for Bad Knees The most effective way to alleviate pain in your knee joints is simply to get moving, Woods says. “Walking, water aerobics, cycling, swimming, yoga, and strength training all help improve the symptoms associated with arthritic knee pain and knee pain in general.” Based on the Cause of Your Pain. Exercises for knee pain: Here are the best and worst exercises for sore, achy knees due to arthritis, injury, or other chronic pain.

Try these strength-training exercises and get. People with arthritis of the knee can use exercise to improve symptoms and help to stop them from worsening. Learn more about 10 exercises to reduce pain, improve mobility, and strengthen the knee. These exercises can help to get you moving normally, and safely, if you’ve a muscle or joint problem affecting your knee.

These video shows the whole movement so don’t worry if you can’t do it all. How many and how often. Start by doing 5 repetitions of each exercise.

However, pelvic floor safe exercise, a concept first coined by Inside Out, the book series by Australian Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway, can help ease prolapse symptoms and reduce the risk of. The very top exercises which you may do in order to help improve stamina, strength, and also to increase knee function comprise partial workouts, step-ups, unwanted bending leg lifts, and inner-thigh leg lifts, and calf-raises, straight leg raises, short-arc leg extensions and hamstring stretching (focusing on ideal shape, to the stage without pain, and no excess resistance until. Afterward, be sure to do a few gentle stretching exercises to help prevent your muscles from tightening up.

Consider exercising your knees every other day to give sore muscles a rest. Leg raise. Gently pull your knee toward your torso, wrapping your arms around your knee for support. Try to keep the left leg as straight as possible. Hold this stretch for 15 to 30 seconds, then release the knee.

Repeat by pulling your left leg in toward your chest. Complete the exercise by repeating three times on each leg.

List of related literature:

• Avoid placing undue stress on knees (e.g., do not lift and carry heavy objects, maintain ideal body weight, avoid activities such as jogging).

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Try swimming, cycling, or rowing, all activities that are beneficial to health without placing great strain on the knees.

“The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast” by Editors of Prevention
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When performing exercises for the knees, limit the movement pattern to decrease the stress to the knees.

“Complete Conditioning for Tennis” by Paul Roetert, Todd S. Ellenbecker, United States Tennis Association
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Bartels EM, Juhl CB, Christensen R, Hagen KB, Danneskiold-Samsøe B, Dagfinrud H, Lund H. Aquatic exercise for the treatment of knee and hip osteoarthritis.

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Low-impact exercises are recommended (e.g., swimming and cycling) when knees, hips, and spine are effected.

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review E-Book” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
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PRACTITIONER: I know of a few exercises that you can do that won’t bother your knees.

“Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness” by Dawn Clifford, Laura Curtis
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Quadricepsstrengthening exercises protect against new osteoarthritis in healthy knees, but a note of caution about quadriceps strengthening has emerged with regard to persons who have misaligned and lax knees.

“Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of The Adult Patient: Sixth Edition” by Allan H Goroll, Albert G Mulley, Jr.
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Find adequate padding for your knees, such as two balance pads or ab mats or a folded yoga mat.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Exercise and weight loss for the senior athlete with knee osteoarthritis should be personalized and include mobility and flexibility exercises, quadriceps strengthening, ambulation as tolerated, aquatic activities, and other forms of aerobic conditioning.

“Athletic Training and Sports Medicine” by Robert C. Schenck, Ronnie P. Barnes, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Robert S. Behnke
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For strengthening the lower quads, deep knee bends are an excellent exercise.

“The Art of Sprinting: Techniques for Speed and Performance” by Warren Doscher
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  • hi i really enjoy doing your exercise, but when i do the one with the ball i get a really bad charlie horses, what can i do.should i still i still so them.

  • Are there any special exercises for 10 years old kid?
    My younger brother is having arthritis and having problems in standing up.
    What special care should I do to reduce his pain and swelling?

  • my son (aged 26) is suffering with mono artherities. It comes once in 6 months alternative knees. we are vermuch worried about it. Is it your advise help him. will it possible to heal him. expecting your suggestion

  • Hello Dr. Jo,
    Please tell me if you have Osteoarthritis in only one leg, do you still need to do stretches & exercise on both legs?

  • So what do you do if your knees are so swollen you can’t get on the ground to exercise??? My range of motion is extremely decreased.

  • How many sets of each exercise should we do? (You only mentioned the number of sets for the stretches)

    How often can we do this entire stretch/exercise routine? (Daily, twice or three times a day?)

  • I’m 36 years old and already suffering from osteoarthritis. I’m constantly in pain. The exercises you did were amazing. I didn’t overwork myself, and was able to perform them fairly well even though I had to pause a few times because my muscles are so weak. I plan on working through this video everyday. Great job, and thank you!!!!

  • When u were telling about sitting exercise on floor, it was covered by language transcripts. Clear it as ur voice is clear and understanding.

  • I have osteoarthritis over two years recently discover by my current family doctor I do exercise but not as often I feel sometimes so ensecure to run and walk I feel like my knee is so much pain latley I was only 27 when specalist did a mri on my knee and he discover it urgent as mild I don’t know how bad it is now been two years living with this horrible pain winter time it kills me I can’t take it I am 29 now I try my best to do moderate exercise I haven’t seen specialist lately over two years what do you recommend to wear a brace while I walk and if I have pain is there certain one for it and it’s my left knee rubbing together an I feel it so loose to be honest I am scared sometimes go for walks or do stretches
    I have to use brace when I work out I used to play soccer doctor told me I can’t until heals if not I damage it one more time I am toast I will need operation what can I take for pain beside Advil my doctor can’t do much ;( we found problem of foundation only. Will it get better if I constantly do this video I’m hoping I can get back out there do sports like I use to I used to as well karate and cross country this knee problem limit me
    To my pasión has me depressed

  • So happy to have discovered your videos! You are a brilliant teacher Jessica. Wonderful personality and top notch information and instruction!

  • I’m a soccer player recovering from a knee injury and I have to say that these exercises are actually challenging and refreshing! Thank you for the video, it’s very helpful. You earned yourself a subscription!

  • There are a few components to treating painful knees at home. One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the patella pain pundit (google it if you’re interested) it’s the best plan that I’ve heard of. look at all the awesome info.

  • Ok during the hamstring exercise kicking back. Can I lay on my stomach and do the same to get the same results. I have been that, I feel the tighting in my thigh and behind knee. Can I do either or?”

  • Can I do these exercises everyday? And should I use any ice pack if they are sore after I exercise? I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my 30s.

  • Thank you so much for uploading this wonderful tutorial. Just curious how often should I do this routine (not to over-excise)? Can I do it multiple times in a day? Thank you

  • Hi I have sudden or sometime wholeday nagging pain in left side of knee (inside pain )i m 50 years old. Right now having pain in brisk walking

  • Hey Dr. Jo, 
    Two important points right off the bat:
    1) Remy is adorable
    2) Love the Batman socks
    Now to the serious stuff:)
    I just want to say, from one Physiotherapist to another, your energy and way of prescribing exercise is admirable to watch. Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you so much. I was working out with someone and they weren’t holding back reinjured an old injury. This has helped relieve the pain.

  • This is a great video. It would be nice if you made a video where you counted and did the full set, so I could be more in the moment and let you do the counting. Thanks!

  • Can someone explain to me why when I stretch my legs I get muscle spasms? After a back surgery, we found that I have arthritis in both of my knees. You can hear the bone on bone grinding when I get up from a seated position or try to exercise The knees. It’s really hurting now and it’s only been four months of healing after my back surgery.

  • Thank you my leg feels so much better i have lots of inflammation in it and i loss like 19 pounds but i got off my track and gain some back and i noticed i got knee and leg pain again so back on track no sugar no chips no caffeine no bread and ill keep exercising

  • I had surgery several years ago for a tibial plateau fracture. Everything healed well, but my achilles is still super tight. What do you suggest?

  • Hi doctor, I am from India and I have OA in the age of 35yrs. I want know can these exercises heals my knee…Plz reply I waiting for your answer.��

  • Hey, can u please tell me what kind of problem I m having with my knee..I tried doing stair set of 60 for a month and 50 squats each day and next month I realised that I had peculiar pain in my left leg and left knee hurts a lot..it’s painful even wen I walk

  • Hello dr. i hope you are good. i’m suffering from knee pain from almost 2 years and i’m just 22 years old. i have went to the dr. and he said all your reports are normal. will these exercise help me out of my problem?

  • Hey Jo…I have swelling on my knees and the gap between my knees has reduced which makes it difficult to walk and exercise.. kindly suggest something to reduce the swelling

  • I have communated fractured shaft femur bone nw my knee is painful. I took medi and get relif afterward again its pain. Ur exercise is benificial for me.. Tnq

  • You are my angel! Any time I have an injury you are right there to help me. You helped me from pain I had for years.
    <3 My best wishes for you and your life. You are AWESOME!!!

  • Hi dr.Jo.
    Kindly can u tell me is brisk walk on a tredmill hurts or weakens our knees? I have cartilage softerning issue named as chondromalacia. Shall I continue walking on tredmil n incorporating these stretches in my daily routine?.. plz i m eagerly waiting for ur kind reply. Thank you

  • Hi mam i want to know how to train a person with OA in the gym?? I mean which workout they can do or which cardio they can do plz suggest might b help for many ��

  • I have osteoporosis arthritis I am doing all stretches but sometimes pain is not bearable can u suggest something as I am on job n I don’t want to quit my job plz help me out thanx

  • Hello! I am quite confused on whether or not I am to lock my knee (completely straighten it out) or leave a slight bend when stretching. I think that’s why I developed arthritis in my knees at 40 to begin with. Years of some improper form while lifting heavy. Like straight leg deficit deadlift (with legs completely straight) as I was instructed. So now I’m scared to even stretch because it may be wrong. I am told different things. And, I can’t see PT yet.

  • Hi doctor jo, I am 24 play football proffesionally, (soccer). I have osteoarthritis on my left knee, will undergo antroscopy surgery next week. What are the chances I can go back to playing professionally at the highest level. Thank you as you answer

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  • Friends with bad knees be careful of the leg extension machine for working out quads I did them for years, proudly with a lot of weight because I had big strong quads, but apparently the action of this machine can be bad for your knees. My physical therapist taught me to work out the quads by lying on your back and doing straight leg lifts not too high or it stops being beneficial for your quads and might start straining the lower back. It feels like too simple a move but do 20 60 and you’ll feel it while staying safe, and when it gets too easy you can add ankle weights. She would also have me do leg press machine but be careful not to overload the work your knees do, keep the work in your muscles and if you fell strain in your knees, stop. Also lots and lots of little squats, using an inflatable exercise ball on a wall, strengthening the hamstrings to support the knees don’t go any lower than your knees can handle and stop as soon as you feel any knee pain gradually you build up strength. There were lots of good exercises she had me do for strengthening knees so look for a physical therapy-oriented video on bad knees.

  • I’ve recently started my weight loss journey. I’ve been doing the elliptical every other day. For an hour. I noticed the day after my knees are sore. Should I keep doing the elliptical?

  • I do need to do lose some weight. I haven’t gone to my Dr, because I just wanted to lose the weight, and do some exercise. I was wondering if you felt using a rebounder was advisable or should I stay off that

  • Thanks Dr. Phoenyx. Your advice, a visit to the Dr. & some physical therapy helped me strengthen my legs & take some of pressure off my knee where I have a Bake’s Cyst. “You are the truth.”

  • perfect timing for this video! I hope losing weight will help alleviate the knee pain. I have also increased weights during my leg exercise. Only time will tell. Thanks for the info!

  • I’ve suffered with knee pains because of the reasons you gave. My personal Dr told me to do exactly what you said in your video. My knee pain is what motivated me to lose weight. It was either lose weight and tone my muscles or surgery. But my Dr suggested riding stationary bike over walking. It’s put less pressure on the knees, while burning cardio or toning because riding the bike is working your thigh muscles also. After losing 20lbs I noticed my knees started feeling better. Thanks for all your video, they are really helpful.

  • I’m experiencing knee pain since starting back at the gym. I thought it was due to running in treadmill so I switched to the elliptical. I also decreased the weight on the leg exercises. It’s a little better but it’s there any exercise I SHOULDN’T be doing? I also have gotten back into walking a few miles several times a week.

  • Excellent video, right on target for me. I am in that situation of knee pain and my PT has me do exactly what you said in the video, biking, walking, strengthening my muscles in my legs Thanks!

  • Brilliant video…very targeted with clear instruction. I am wondering which muscle you are referring to when tightening your quads. You say it is a little muscle?

  • Thanks for the video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried Dinanlinson Rocky Position Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome exclusive product for learning how to fix chronic knee pain minus the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate at last got amazing results with it.

  • Very helpful video. But one suggestion I have that, due to the subtitles on screen not able to see the postures clearly.please Take care while editing.because ur videos are really helpful so don’t wanna miss any jnfo

  • This video is right on time. I have been experiencing knee pain and I am 50-60 pounds overweight. Today, was the first day that I started walking, so I was happy to see that it’s recommended in this video. I am looking into knew strengthening exercises so if anyone has resources to share please do! Thanks for making this video!!

  • Thank you so much for this video, Jessica! I did the exercises earlier today, and I haven’t felt this comfortable with my knee for a long time! I know I will sleep well tonight because I’m lying in my bed and I don’t feel the usual discomfort and tightness on my knee.

    I was taught all of these by my pt about two years ago after my knee surgery. I should have not stop doing them. This video helped me to refresh my memory of exercise steps. Gonna keep doing this tomorrow!

  • Excellent Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried Dinanlinson Rocky Position Approach (search on google)? It is an awesome one off guide for learning how to fix chronic knee pain minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin at very last got great results with it.

  • i sprained my knee about a month ago, i felt a loud pop on the left side of my left knee while squatting a low i managed to to rack the weight but flet unable to continue the workouts. the next day there was swelling and i was unable to walk downstairs without pain, now after a month i am able to walk downstairs and have minor discomfort but sometimes my knee pops and i cant put to much weight on it

  • I have strained my left knee due to soccer prevsly, need to start doing such exercises to manage it…. for the love of sports��these looks okay and not so intense��

  • I have a question. Are these exercises helpful to reduce fluid in the knee cap? I have this problem and i’ve been trying to strengthen my muscles but nothing seems to work

  • I have severe osteoarthritis. Bone on bone they tell me. Pain and clicking but not a candidate for surgery. I have to strengthen the muscles around my knees. Thanks for this instruction!

  • You have amazing legs! I will try these exercises-thank you for posting! My knees are double jointed so I’m not supposed to lock my knees…do you think I can do these exercises with a slight bend in the knee and still have it be effective?

  • Me and this video are going to stick to each other forever!
    Thank you so much for sharing and improving lives of thousands of people!

  • I’m in P T 2 xs a week and this is by far more challenging, I agree with the 1st one in the set. Remind it to work, Hard to get that one. I want to download!

  • Jessica, thank you so much for these wonderful videos! These exercises in particular have really benefited me as a semi-professional distance runner and I always incorporate these exercises into my post-run routine! I highly recommend these exercises to all runners:)

  • Thank you so much for these exercises! I overstretched my knees doing yoga and started having pain in both knees (one more than the other). I even had to go up and down stairs one at a time to keep the worse one straight. After just a few days I feel much better and can see a day when I take the stairs normally in the future. BTW, I’m back in yoga class and focusing on the ‘strengthening’ rather than the ‘flexibility’.

  • Hi would this help for pain/strengthening on the inner side of the knee. about a year ago I hurt my knee and for about 3 months I couldn’t do exercises or a lot of walking. the knee feels better now but I get really out of breath when I try to exercise and I’m scared I’ll end up hurting my knee again

  • Loved that! You have a great way of explaining and such a pleasant voice:) Also I felt the excercises where just what I was looking for. Will be back for sure!

  • Hi this really helped me. I have few doubts though. 1)While doing the bridge and the variationswhat should be the distance of heels from the buttocks should it be close enough that when I strech my arms It should touch my heels. 2)While doing the clamp shells at what angle should I keep my thighs from my torso.
    Thank you

  • Dear Jessica, could you please help me with the pain I have at the backside of my knees? Do you recommend cycling on a stationary bike if there’s such a knee condition?
    I did feel good with these exercises, but I’m not sure if I should continue doing these for the backside knee ache without your advice.
    Thanks, lots of love

  • Thank you so much! I’m so happy to find a physical therapist that also does pilates! This is exactly what I need for my knee pain (femoral patella syndrome). The exercises my PT provided didn’t seem to do anything for my quads, but they are not as challenging as your exercises.

  • As far as I can see this is the best knee-exercise video. These exercises are very good especially when squats are to hurtful for the knee. These exercises feel like instant kneefortifiers. I hope to be able to run soon again. Thanks Jessica

  • Thx for posting this helpful and informative video. I’m only 2 1/2 wks post op and can’t wait to be able to do these exercises again… trying to keep the rest of the body strong while NWB and unfortunately torqued it from the ankle up to the plateau so if there is anything you can recommend in the meantime let me know, otherwise I’m subscribed and looking fwd to healing correctly.

  • If not for your videos specifically this one I would not be able to continue martial arts training. I am a student of kickboxing and BJJ, both of which require healthy knees. I had no idea if this would help, but within just a few days, the pain almost completely went away. The more consistently I do these, the better my knees get. Thank you so, so much.

  • I love you for that..just got my knee injured by heavy deatlilfting and squad. And then I start more of it in order fix it but shit got bad. Recently by doing you both videos its 97% gone.. Love you

  • Hello sir.. my knee was dislocated on 1 feb 20. Doc use the fixator for come back to the normal position now my knee move more than 90 degree but it will not go straight. So sir please help me what should i do.

  • Such a beautiful lady thank you for the great stretch videos! I am on day 1 with my knee pain from years of skateboarding, I got out of my car an my knee popped an ever since it’s been Painfull when I jump and when I stand up or kneel down

  • Hi! My daughter is a dancer and has been experiencing pain below her knee that radiates around the inside to the top of her knee. I feel like if I take her to a doctor, they will just send her to physical therapy so I came to the internet for exercises and found your video. Do you think these exercises will help her? Thank you so much!

  • Hello Jessica! I’m 54 years old. And I been doing it for 3 weeks now.. I’m starting to see a difference. I’m able to jog now Thank you so much.

  • I used to watch your video before baby when I was healthy and lean. After baby it’s been 3 months i still have joint pain. I cant even go to regular pilates class and get really depressed. Your video helps me even more thesedays thank you!!��������❤��‍♀️

  • Do you recommend an exercise for frozen shoulder? It feels tight in the joint and I want to exercise it without injuring it. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hi, Jessica. I was wondering why you do the legs separately in the quad set. It seems like you could just as easily do them together and save time. Is there a reason for that? Thanks, I love your videos.

  • Jessica, thank you so very much! I started to stop this exercise after 1st min because it seemed so simple that I doubted it would help… Boy was I wrong. It really did stop my kneecap from aching! Yesterday was 1st time trying it. I have metal plate around kneecap, so it gives me the blues occasionally. Hmmm, who am I kidding? Daily, but I actually had to take an Alleve 2 days ago. Again, I thank you!

  • My right hip starts to heart once I do up to eight reps. I dont mean fatigue but some kind of strain. Am I over doing it or is that normal?

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  • I do this little workout everyday after my regular workout and it has helped sooooooo much with knee pain! Thank you so much for sharing!!! ��

  • Just completed the stretches and my right knee feels so much better. If course both sides to prevent injury in the left knee. I’m a runner and I may have over worked myself.

  • I wanted to cry it burned so bad. I am trying to keep away from knee pain. I was in therapy for 3 months and all the exercises you did the therapist did as well. He said I would most likely have to continue for rest of life. I had therapy again 3 years later and that one said the same. I must say it works when consistent.

  • Thanks so much these exercises are already easing my knee pain somewhat. I’m in my mid 60s and have some mid spine disc degeneration so find the “roll up disc by disc” to the bridge quite painful when it gets to the affected discs. Raising my spine in one motion is only mildly painful, so is that a good alternative, or is there another way to do the knee exercises that you combine with the bridge? Thanks again.

  • I have not had any sort of replacements. My knees are just very weak. It’s hard for me to even stand for long periods of time. All of the tendons in my legs are very tight. I hope these exercises work for me. Thank you for the advice.

  • Hi Jessica recently came across you, thank you for your channel and methodical demonstrations. This in particular is already helping me with chondromalacia patella. I must ask I’m a swimmer who’s been out of commission for some time now on account of bicep tendinitis; I have full range of motion but its the pain and inflammation, just playing with my daughter in the pool aggravates. Any Pilates recommendations? I briefly scanned your arms section, side planks hurt on that side.

  • Do I have to warm up my legs before the exercises??? can I do squats and lunges straight after these exercises??? And can I do these exercises while my knee hurts??? Please answer my questions, thank you:)

  • Is it silly that I feel better doing this only one time! thanks a lot.. I have joint hyperflexibility especially in my knees which causes them to hurt and crack. my dr. gave me the vmo strengthening exercises, but I think these will help with overall stabilisation… how many times do you suggest I do this workout?

  • Hi Dr. Jo!
    I have SLE w/AVN of all my joints. I’ve had one knee replacement and both hips replaced and remain in pain. I really want to exercise but my ROM is limited due to contractures and pain. I want to exercise for weight loss and just healthy joint maintenance. What exercises would you suggest for me to do at home since we’re all homebound at the moment? Any suggestions are much needed and appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

  • The exercises are nice. When I try to tighten the front of the thigh the knee also gets tightened. Is this ok or should we try to keep the knee relaxed and tighten nay the area above the knees. At present I am not able to do that

  • I’m 22 years old girl. My weight is approx. 60kg from last 3 years. Now,I have a pain behind my right knee from last 1 month. Whenever I sit down and stand up pain becomes more and more. Can u tell me What is the problem and what precautions I want to take?

  • Thank you very much!! I got diagnosed with water on the knee and I am 35 years old. I was in massive pain and went to emerg at the hospital. The doctor there told me to Youtube some exercises and I chose your video. After one day with three pinched ligaments and my knee swollen so much that you couldn’t see the knee cap, the pain definitely came down and I have released two out of the three pinched ligaments. I will suggest your videos to anyone I know. The next morning the swelling was down and the pain is 70% better.

    Thank you so much for my mobility back.

  • These seem to be for post-knee-replacement surgery. They’re good exercises anyhow as well. But I was looking to strengthen my knees (the muscles supporting them) to Prevent or postpone surgery. I was looking for non-sitting exercises. Oh well.

  • Wow! These excersises are so fabulous!!! I love skating, but my knees always hurt very badly when I went but after doing these eccersises for about a week, my knees didn’t bother me one bit!�� Now I can enjoy my favorite sport! Thanks so much!

  • I injured my knee playing soccer two years ago. I have experienced chronic, yet tolerable pain ever since. My knee is fairly unstable. When I do a qaudset on my left leg, my heel comes totally off the ground like yours does. However, when I do a quadset on my right leg, nothing. What part of my knee might I have injured?

  • Thanks Jessica!excellent video, have knee pain from just one week of running, will this this help strengthening glutes and other muscles before I start again? How long before should I do before I start to run /climbs steps again?

  • This really helped. That last stretch at the end is what I have been having trouble withall of a sudden, my knee wouldn’t bend that way, and I had major pain when I tried to make it. But I could already feel some more flexibility after these workouts.


    My knee (not exactly my knee) the bone which connects the feet and the knee that bone is paining….
    It’s like the shin bone but the bone is paining on the area of the knee pls help or tips..

  • As I said in your other video on stretching a meniscus tear I mentioned I had arthritis in my knee
    …6 yrs ago.

    I started going to physical therapy about 8 weeks ago. For my knee pain. But it wasn’t this bad. And that cat stretch on my belly pulling the foot into the gluteus maximus was one of my stretches. I can’t do that now. If I try that it will hurt very bad

  • Is it normal for the knee to pop while doing these exercises? I’ve been having some issues with my left knee and it pops when I do these. It’s been popping for a while when I squat down but then really starts to hurt whenever I workout.

  • I just want to thank you Jessica for this video. I’m a fitness instructor and recently have noticed I’ve been getting sore knees, clearly must be from some type of imbalance in what I’m teaching or over-using. I’ve started doing these exercises daily and already am feeling the difference in my knees. THANK YOU:-)

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