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Working out intensely with lots of water in your belly can cause nausea very quickly. Talk to your doctor to be safe. These are the likely culprits of exercise making you sick to your stomach but it’s best to be safe.

Especially if you can’t get rid of the nausea by changing one or all of the above factors, then you should see a doctor. Nausea also happens during exercise because blood flowing to our GI tract and stomach is rerouted to the muscles we’re working, thus slowing digestion and causing discomfort. More specifically, exercise interferes with the the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which can result in symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and queasiness.

When you boost workout intensity, your gut. Exercise Induced Nausea And Vomiting If you are wanting to get into fantastic shape really fast, then you need to work hard in the gym. Yes, there are things like diet and lifestyle to address, but ultimately to get that athletic body you dream of, there needs to be some hard time spent training. To avoid exercise-induced nausea, ensure to plan and organize your time.

Your workouts should fall between one and a half to three hours after your normal meals. Additionally, ensure your meal is full of carbs and proteins. Drink water to stay hydrated throughout your workout. Dehydration often manifests as nausea.

As you exercise, you lose water through sweat. That water must be replenished to head off dehydration. The American Council on Exercise suggests drinking during your workout at least 7 to 10 ounces of water for every 10 to 20 minutes of exercise. You usually don’t need sports drinks to replace potassium and sodium unless you’re exercising. Exercise isn’t supposed to be easy (it’s meant to challenge you, after all), but it shouldn’t make you so sick that you can’t complete a workout.

McGee says overexertion can lead to nausea. Gagging while jogging or exercising is a common occurrence that many athletes deal with. If you have ever pushed yourself intensely during a run or any other type of workout, your gag reflex may have kicked in. You may have also felt a burning sensation in your stomach and nausea during strenuous workouts. Some people actually end up vomiting during or immediately following intense workouts.

The first involves blood flow. “When you begin exercise, there’s a shifting of blood flow away from GI tract and to the working muscles,” says Simons. When the GI tract and stomach. Experiencing nausea during workouts is common, and can be described as exercise-induced nausea.

What’s happening is this: As you begin to exercise, your body diverts blood from your stomach and rushes it to your muscles and skin.

List of related literature:

Exercising with a full stomach may cause indigestion, nausea, and vomiting.

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Nausea and vomiting are not part of a healthy exercise routine, and if you continue exercising when in pain or ill, it can cause injury or further illness.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
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If you don’t eat before you exercise, you can wind up feeling light­headed; you may even experience fatigue and nausea.

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Highly concentrated fluids consumed during exercise delay gastric emptying, thus affecting the absorption of fluids and carbohydrates into the bloodstream; they can also cause gastrointestinal cramping, diarrhea, and nausea.

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Exercising with food in the stomach may lead to nausea and vomiting.

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Exercise after meals increases the potential for nausea and vomiting, which could cause loss of nutrients and exacerbate fatigue.

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Exercise after meals increases potential for nausea and vomiting, which could cause loss of nutrients and exacerbate fatigue.

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‘ Nausea or vomiting after exercise.

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Nausea and vomiting may occur during exercise or other strenuous activity, and this can indicate client intolerance to their current level of exertion.

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Of note, some pregnant women prefer to start exercising during the second trimester after the nausea, vomiting, and fatigue from the first trimester subside (105).

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  • I work out within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning and eating within 30 minutes of waking up just makes me nauseous even thinking about food.

  • Great info here Doc, thank you:) But I have to learn to adjust to such atrocious language such as that at 2:24 and at 2:42. My word, heavens to Betsy if I used such vulgarity during my sewing bee’s ��

  • Damn y’all talking bout stomach pains I am just here literally every time I am in a quiet classroom my stomach decides to go crazy:(

  • I really like your explanations and suggestions on this video. Sounds sensible. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts, Lady and Gent. Have the best new year!��

  • wb 5 eggs and Scoop of why protein before a workout? would that cause nauseous cause I feel like that every morning except I don’t drink soda

  • I literally just threw up rn. I got exhausted so much I felt lightheaded. I’ve not been active for a long time and now I’m just starting again. Man so this is how it feels like.

  • I only feel nausea 15 min after I’m done but only when I do heavy work outs but after 30min it passes my normal workouts 4 sets 60 reps but then I feel nauseous if I do 100 reps or more

  • I used to dance and not feel nauseous but then i stopped for years and then when i start working out i feel very nauseous and sometimes throwing up. Thought i was the only one who’s feeling this.

  • I had this when I was a newbie at hiit.So I started off doing light simple workouts like walking for an hour and a half and doing yoga gradually incorporating hiit

  • I didn’t work out in a year, and after my workout I legit threw up afterwards and felt extremely hung over. I guess I gotta take it slowly

  • I’ve been feeling nauseous lately when exercising but I find I’m not even really winded or tired. Not sure what it is would it still be same issue you’ve explained?

  • I was twerking and I kept pushing me and I feel really sick and it is horrible

    I did this with out meaning to do this and it is horrible

  • When I get back to school, I’m probably gonna have to do a hella lot of running, like 2 miles at the end of the school year. I have emetophobia (phobia of vomiting) and I’m not really in shape or barely exercise, so it’s probably not going to be fun. Thanks for the tips though! ��

  • I started working out three weeks ago and on my leg and core day is when I sweat the most and get nauseous and throw up it’s kind of sucks because I want to finish all reps and sets

  • I ate two hours ago, and I did 30 minutes of dancing, 50 squats, and a one minute plank.

    This is my first time working out, so maybe that’s why I feel like I’m going to puke on my phone. I’m also sweating and dizzy…

    It started when after my plank, I felt the need to take a poo (tmi, i know). While I was on the toilet, my stomach started hurting so I assumed it was cramps and I started my period, but I hadn’t (thank god). I legit couldn’t move because I almost fell over, so it took me 10min to finish and then lie down/call a family member.

    I’m 14, 106lb, and my breakfast was 300cal. I burned a little bit over 140cal.
    I’ll try working out tomorrow, but less intense.

  • Most of the time I rarely eat because I’m nervous about almost everything and it restricts my eating and when I do eat my stomach gets super upset, I can’t tell my mom about it because she is super religious and won’t take me to a therapist or something to get some help for it, instead she’ll take me to a friend of hers that will “help” me and her friend is all religious as well and doesn’t have a degree in anything and is all about religion. My gf tells me I have anxiety (she has had anxiety and depression her whole life and it runs in her family)
    Ps. I am a Christian myself it’s just that my mom is crazy about it

  • I started working out after a year, and the first day I started, I felt like vomiting right after finishing. I decided to lay down and it kinda helped me feel relieved. But laying down, is that a bad thing when you feel like vomiting after a workout?

  • Well my goal is to handle an hour a day of a hard work out… so if I go until I’m nauseous, I’ll start increasing my body’s ability to process the lactic acid?

  • I feel sick after my exercise like 30 min after.
    I feel sick, muscle pain and I just feel bad.
    I feel not tired but the feeling is so bad and uncomfortable I gave up exercising.
    When I do a workout in the morning I feel bad the entire day.
    And also I feel cold.

  • hi sir, i’m an 18 years old girl and i decided to workout last week. according to our school nurse, my blood pressure is kind of high. i’m not obese, i don’t smoke neither i dont drink alcohol— thats one of the reason i started to working out again, after 10 minutes of wprking out i felt nauseous and my eyes started to be blurry. i felt like i was about to collapse, luckily i force myself to get inside my room to lay on my bed.

  • Here coz I feel like throwing up after 20 minutes of work out. I feel like dying. I just suddenly feel the want to throw up when I decided to run, whats the reason for that? In just 2 minutes of running my stomache feel weird and my ears clogged

  • I just started working out again i have been really depressed and im a mother of 3 and i just let my self go for the past 2 years. And im trying to get back i to working out and i got so nauseous. I love this video im so glad im not the o ly one just really helps me to get through it.

  • so how do i do progressive overload if i keep puking after every tough workout i do? am i just gonna have to stay at the same point and not push myself to the limits?

  • Don’t forget after you vomit and you decide to keep going, you will get even more light headed and eventually pass out due to fategue.

  • Worst bouts of nausea happen in the end for me when I am trying to burnout with a ropes workout into cycling. Its just 10 mins in total with 5 mins each but the ropes workout is so taxing. I feel nauseated for about 10 mins after that. Also the nausea doesn’t set it right away. It takes about 3 minutes or so such that I can go to the locker and lie on the table.

  • Just started soccer practice today, the coach made us run for like 10 minutes back and forth, and I started feeling really dizzy and felt like I was about to pass out. I’m a Senior now and All I Did My Whole Junior year and summer was sit in my room and play fortnite. I know i’m out of shape but I’m just scared I might pass out or vomit during soccer practice……

  • Just came back from the gym. My coach kept pushing me even when I said I felt nauseous but finally let me take some energy drink and call it a day when he saw my condition worsened. �� Feeling like absolute shit right now. Great video dude.

  • Your video was very helpful!
    As soon as you told to get up move a little bit to use the lactic acid as energy, it worked like magic! My nausea was gone within a minute and i feel so much better now.
    I suffer from migraines, so when i get this nausea after workout, it triggers my migraine and my whole day is wasted because of it, but now I understand how important cooling down workouts are.

  • I threw up my first time today but because I was tired from doing push-ups and was basically upside down in order to keep my knees off the ground so I got blood in my brain I think

  • Every time I do even simple yoga I feel nauseous. Thank you for your advise. It’s gives me permission to rest in between without feeling guilty and defeated.

  • Road my bike 2 miles to a park did jumping jacks pull ups and push ups got back on my bike Road up this HUGE HUGE hill to my house no breaks… Got to the top and I started getting light headed..dizzy wanna throw up and wanted to sleep in the grass so tired lol… 93 degrees too!

  • I’ll take the nausea if I can push harder. I’m an ex drug addict and I need that big dose of endorphins lol. Plus if I’m not seeing good gains I get grumpy

  • My track coach is really intense and makes us do so many laps (30) around the track field, and he wants us to sprint not jog. I got really lightheaded and nauseous and unfortunately had to stop the exercise and go home 30 minutes early. For the long jumpers and high jumpers (me) he made us go up the stairs with only one leg, then the other, continuously. Then box jumps, then dumbbell lunges. After than I felt completely sick and didn’t know if I wanted to continue doing HS track. Im gonna try my best to just pull through it. Maybe its because my cardio is really bad and isnt used to working out so much. Cause when I was sprinting my mouth got super dry, my head got dizzy, had little to no oxygen, and all I could see was yellow colors around me. And the worst part is, the coach doesn’t let us rest much and expects us to just do it. But every other kid seems to do it fine its just me:(

  • I have never been more stressed out in my life since highschool. 2 of my classes are quiet and I want to cry when I think about them

  • This is wonderful and helpful information. My last two workouts have resulted in feeling nauseous or an all out purge after 15 minutes of vigorous and intense interval excercise. I really couldn’t figure out why because in the past I’m more likely to feel the good endorphin release. Never actual sickness. Turns out I just need longer breaks inbetween excercises. Thank you for the info.

  • Everyone here because of running but when I runs, there nothing wrong with me but when I do push ups, jumping squats and some shadow boxing, it makes me feels likes shit, wants to throw up and lose appetite to eat.

  • What bout asthma? I’m trying to outrun my asthma (sounds dumb but I’m trying to condition myself that my asthma won’t show until the 3rd mile) every time I stop it’s hard af to breathe and whenever I take deep breathes I feel like throwing up

  • I just finished Jiu Jitsu. Got home, was feeling light headed on my way home. I walked home. Feeling more and more dizzy. I went home, got to the bathroom, and threw up. Then took a cold cold shower and now I am like. Fuck I didnt think I pushed it far….. Watch out people.

  • If you throw up how much will you feel better? A lot better? Or just a little bit better? Because I’ve been forcing myself not to puke

    Not “The swallowing back down the puke” kind of way

    Just “The not letting it get to me” kind of way

    Do I just let myself puke it out? And continue?

  • I’m pretty fit and I was doing one cross country meet and I already didn’t tell good but at the end I sprinted so hard to pass them and I threw up at the finish line

  • I’ve experienced this feeling when I hike in the mountains. The trail is steep and I hauled 17kg of gear. When I suddenly stopped to rest, i feel dizzy and like to vomit but I hold it. Not the best feeling in the world. ��

  • I only ever feel it after abs �� I’ve done heavy workouts without any work and feel fine, but then do a light workout and start doing abs, and I’ll feel nauseated. Anyone know the cause and some prevention tips?

  • Well I haven’t worked out in a really long time so I decided to do basic stuff for 11 mins with a 40 second workout and 30 second break I finished to 11 mins but I almost passed out right after I felt like I wanted to die

  • How do I increase my lactic acid tolerance levels. Thanks for the great vid and informative posts.
    I am a female that started weight training 2 months ago. With PT once a week. I just can’t seem to push myself as hard as he does at home gym. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Make sense, ate chicken breast with too much olive oil and worked out hard in a short time after not working out for months at 11pm

  • So I know I’m not in shape, I want to get back into exercising. I don’t want to throw up so do I start slow when I run? And then continue running faster every day? Will that help? I have a fear of throwing up. So if I start running slow the first day I’m trying to get in shape again will I throw up? Because my body is definitely not in shape again. So I’m just wondering if I start slow running will I throw up?

  • Shit. I shouldn’t have to eat those spicy noodles before my intense abs workout. I feel so dizzy, stomach was hurt and feel like wanna throw up all the time

  • I am here to see why people toss their cookies while working out. Never understood why but some of the guys that I played football with were fat. So I found my answer.

  • I ate a salad for the first time in a long time before my workout as my breakfast and puked damn near all of it out. I know I’m out of shape compared to how I was 4 years ago but this is real discouraging

  • its my third day working out, first time i drank water before workout, and in the middle of the exercise, I started feeling dizzy, and feeling abdominal cramps on my left abdomen, shouldn’t have drank that water ☹️

  • I made a huge mistake�� i just had chicken with rice and soup then after 1hr 30min i went to do a 45 min workout and damn now i feel really bad my stomach is like dying feels so bad ahhh shit

  • I had a pizza and then 3 hours later I did an all core workout. I tried to drinking water after it and after I had to glasses I felt like I was going to throw up. So many that is why I felt that way glad I found your channel I felt like I was dying lol

  • Video summary:
    Some reasons for nauseousness during / after workout:

    1) You’re just out of shape (better reduce your routine to suit your body)

    2) You’ve overexerted yourself (better reduce your routine to suit your body)

    3) Types of foods & timing of eating is off
    (bad: fatty / junk food)
    (if you eat something heavy, give your body time to digest it)

    Some ways to minimise it (there is no magic potion):
    1) Throw up if you feel like throwing up. Don’t hold it in

    2) Eat light food and give your body time to digest it

    Some of reasons for nausea:
    1) Dehydration (you haven’t had enough to drink, usually happens if you exercise in the morning)

    2) Haven’t eaten enough (you are using more energy than you have stored)

    3) You’ve over weight or underweight
    (if you’re overweight doing exercise means taking off body fat, and it will very likely make you nauseous)
    (if you’re underweight doing exercise means trying to gain muscles, you aren’t eating enough to support your training routine)
    (Dehydration in overweight / underweight persons doing exercise is also very common so please drink up)

    4) Low blood sugar (my problem: have a fruit / energy bar / juice / energy drink before and after your routine)

    5) You are sick. If you are sick, don’t workout, give your body time and energy to battle whatever is making you ill

    6) Lack of sleep (you body needs time to recover and rest, just sleep)

    7) You’re doing too much stomach exercise (training abs is good, but keeping your stomach at a constantly clenched position (especially eating / drinking something) will cause you to throw up)

    8) Don’t exercise immediately after eating / drinking a lot of food

    9) Overheating (You can get something similar to a heatstroke just by doing too much exercise, take a break, let your body cool down, drink small amounts of water, take a cold shower etc may help you.)

    10) Alcohol or medication will affect how you function. Don’t have alcohol before exercise. Don’t do exercise hungover. Read the side effects of your medication and ask your doctor about working out with medication.

    Some personal suggestions:
    1) Have a small pinch of salt / smell something sweet (it’s weird but sometimes it helps / removed the sick feeling entirely)

    2) If you’re overexerting yourself do not stop yourself immediately
    (if you’re jogging and feel like throwing up, don’t just stop, slowly move your jogging pace into a walking pace, and eventually stop. Never go from 100 to 0, especially when you’re feeling sick.)

    3) Know your body.
    I understand warped body image is a very serious life changing factor to how you might live your life, but you need to know where your body is at. Are you fairly buff / overweight / underweight / fit / under-shape / have unproportionate body mass etc?
    Underestimating / overestimating your body can lead to wasting your time / serious health impacts.
    You’ll have to adjust your pace to you, and you only. Ask someone who is qualified in this field to help you determine what is right for you.

    4) Monitor yourself
    When do you eat / drink? How much do you eat / drink? What do you eat / drink?
    Did you have alcohol or medication before exercising?

    Do you get muscle aches only after exercise?
    Did you do proper warmup? Stretching?
    How long do you sleep? Do you follow a sleeping cycle? Is is good quality sleep?
    Do you give your body enough time to rest in between your routine?
    Do you have a light snack / drink with you that you periodically take a sip from during exercise?
    Does your routine make you awake or more tired?

    If you haven’t done any exercise for years and have just started to pick it back up, and you’re starting to feel nauseous without the routine you’ve set, don’t plough through it, as your routine is most likely too much for you. Cut 1/5 for your next go at it, until you not longer feel nauseous during / after exercise. Keep at that lessened routine until you feel yourself getting the hang of it (give it a week or so), then slowly add the 1/5s back one by one.

    While feeling nauseous can simply be a mental blockage that your subconscious has created to make you workout less, it’s most likely your body telling you that something is wrong, and I’d highly suggest you listen to it.

    I’m sure there are more things that I’m missing but that’s at least what I came up with at the top of my head for the past 20 minutes. Feel free to correct me / give suggestions / ask questions though I highly doubt I’m qualified to answer.:)

  • This happened to me this morning. I went cycling on an empty stomach and cycled way too hard. Got home, and was nauseous. I tried to make it go away but nope. I threw up twice. Afterwards I felt a lot better, I think I learned my lesson ��

  • I seem to ALWAYS fall super ill a week or two into getting back Into the gym. There has to be a scientific reason for that. For example: I’m currently battling a stomach flu I believe which is running around this area but miraculously it was about 10 days of me getting back into the gym. I’ve seen this pattern happen to me fore over a decade.

  • could someone help me solve this mystery. basically i’ve lived with high stress levels since i was 13 due to crippling social anxiety and i’m now 37. one thing that has caused me issues is that i started to get strange aches and sensitivity to the cold like i have a fever. i have had it really bad out of the blue where i get feelings of extreme restlessness around my limbs and especially my torso. i usually get it recently when i try to improve my diet and power walk a lot. sometimes straight after or a day after. it normally starts with lower back pain/soreness, aches right on the outside of my thighs and around the abdomen. there is also restlessness in the muscles and mild stabbing pains which sometimes feel like they come from the bone and also my wrists. i would really like to solve this mystery as i’ve had it for around 15 years.

  • I haven’t worked out for a few months because I couldn’t get enough ambition to work out. I had a lot of energy after dinner (an hour or so after eating), so I decided to go on my step/stair climber machine. I had eaten a gyro but though I had rested long enough after eating. After only 10 minutes I had to stop because I thought I was going to puke. I was surprised because I can usually get in at least 30 min of 150-165 bpm cardio. Hmmmm… I probably should stop eating high fat and high sodium foods. ��

  • I had a baked sweet potato about an hour before working out. I feel so sick after cycling for 20 minutes. Hopefully I feel better soon. Thanks for the video.

  • So what about bear grills advice about not vomiting bc it causes you to become dehydrated should you continue to work out even though you’ve just lost hydration

  • I just ran 8 miles cuss I was pumped af listening to cash carti and I feel bad af my whole body aches and I feel like I have the flu fuckkkk (I haven’t ran in like 6 months)

  • Actually there is MAGIC WATER and its found in Lebanon its called Kasin قصين and you just have a shot of it (too much could hurt you i think) and TADA! Magic your stomach feels much better after just couple of minutes!:) tested but thing is good luck finding it!:)

  • I’m in 7th grade homeschooling… I hadn’t worked out in like a few months and I recently did a Wii fit session (my p.e. for school/work out” I felt fine but the next day my entire body ached and I could barely get out of my bed. I decided not to work out again for that day but later that night I felt like throwing up…. That’s right now and my mom just brought home Taco Bell….I’ll update u on what happens next….

  • Dont take 3 weeks off gym then go back and do like full body with 10 seconds rest and beRly end up shitting and barfing before leVing lmao

  • Lmao i did like 10 dif exercises with 15sec rest between sets after 3 weeks of takibg time off and i was swetting and it was humid so no wonder i felt like puking during heavy sets lmao ������

  • Funny American way of thought to think “how can I prevent something that is uncomfortable”

    In Europe, being nauseous after a workout is kind of a goal. It’s a prize. If you throw up. You’re really cool and tough. People will think you’re a bad ass.

  • I just did finish training, i have it all the time.. i always get sick.. pff feels so shit, i’m on the toilet right now, nearly threw up.. pff nothin came out

  • I threw up today running a mile at my school and I did not stop no matter how much I wanted to and I regret it and i have weight training so we did push ups sit ups and planks and by the time I got to the weight room I wanted to die

  • Do you feel nausea during workout???
    I have a solution for your first / heavy workout. Only follow these steps.
    1) drink less water during exercise.
    2) less meal before gym.
    3) make a energy drink by mixing honey, water and small amount of black pepper. Or having a chocolate during workout will balance your suger level.

  • What about drinking a lot of water during before and after cause I thinks the reason why I threw just now between work outs I kept drinking water I haven’t felt nauseous or threw up in a while doe till today

  • Im not sure if this is a question but anyways, let me continue..as i pre eat healthy did really really well, haven’t worked out in a long time and got to the point to start working out, now as i wanted to get gains hard quick way..i worked out with a 20lbs weighted vest. And i finished eating at 9:20am and started working out at 2pm. Does all three ways equal to this situation? And what would be a better solution for next time?

  • I just do cardio and I have felt like puking at times.

    For me, I find all the discomfort I get from running gets worse immediately after I stop and then goes away after a few minutes.

    The best runs I have ever done actually surprised me because I overate about 8-10 hours before; I actually started out thinking they would be short runs before I learned better. After the first 10 minutes or so everything seems to settle down and the stitch in the side feeling actually goes away.

    On the other hand, barely eating or running right after eating is the worst. Barely eating makes me feel like I’m going to pass out and puke when I stop while running right after eating seems to cause that stitch in the side feeling.

  • Every time I do a cross country workout afterwards I feel nauseous. This occurs after every practice for about 30 minutes then I feel fine. Sometimes I also feel a bit nauseous before practice but never during. I know I am not over exerting myself because I have run way faster than what I am running during training. Anyone have an idea what a solution could be?

  • I had a muscle milk protein bar and a protein shake 4-5 minutes before running on a treadmill:( and after 14 minutes of running on the treadmill I felt so nauseous and my sister took me to the gym bathroom and no matter what I couldn’t puke even if I wanted to. Then I ended up burping a few times. 2-3 hours have passed and I feel really bad, just super shitty and even more depressed than I already am.

  • Thanks you I was wondering why I felt like nauseous feeling then threw up I should’ve known�� I feel a lot better after watching this video ����

  • I had 6 avocados, 4 eggs, 3 bananas, a gallon of water, and hot sauce for one day and I felt so sick during workout. I have no idea why I chose to eat that many avocados with hot sauce, but never again lol

  • My little cure for exercise-induced nausea is a quick cold shower. I know a cold shower is not most people’s idea of relief, but, for me, it beats puking or waiting around for it to subside. My theory for why this works is that blood rushes away from the stomach during heavy exercise, which causes nausea (especially when you have food in your stomach.)

    I believe a cold shower constricts the external arteries and sends it back to your internal organs, thus hopefully relieving nausea.

    I’m really interested to see if this works for other people as well.

  • I’m a fat unfit sack of shit, ate KFC and several hours later went all out working out and I’m sitting here wondering why I nearly threw up. lmao

  • Thank u but i want ur advice my cousin (a girl she weight 77kg,she is new in sport life,she wasnt work out before but she want to make her life and body healthy but her body not helping her cus she wasnt work out at all) when she work out by “walking outside” for 1 hour she feel dizzy after 15 minutes and thats ruin her sport she really want to loose weight by walking everyday an hour but when she feel dizzy she stop, what is ur advice what she can do to avoid this case? Btw doctors said everything is oki in her health no worries..thank u

  • Im doing my 1.2 mile run in 8 9 minutes to prepare for the army. I have done about 10 runs so far and smashed it and felt a little out of breathe but not sick.. today i did my run i felt like throwing up �� not sure why..

    I am running 1.2 a day everyday but 1.2 is not far so im getting plenty of rest throughout the day and sleep.

  • No to morning sickness tea is a life saver. With my first pregnancy, I was miserable and in the hospital. I drink this and I have energy and feel so good and I can eat.. I’m around 9 weeks with my second and this pregnancy been easy. I love the fruit flavor. I drink it hot and some days I make ice tea for the day.

  • thank you for the informative video. i was feeling extremely nauseaous while benching and doing dips yestetday. found my reasons why i felt unwell. thank you very much

  • Yeah I’m in a swimming team and we have the strictest coach in the district and you can’t exactly stop mid way with other people behind and in front of you. Any advice for calming me down before my swim team starts so I can stay calm?

  • I’ve been to scared to go to school to see the boys I like and I feel so seek to my stomach and feel like throwing up,I have also lost my appetite,I’m 13 and this just started this week

  • Hello.
    I am having a diabetes from 10 years and age is 25+ but am really in to workout and low carb diet. About 1 year ago i had nausea and vertigo i did yoga and than didn’t have even a once of feeling nausea and vertigo after 1 year now again am feeling vertigo and nausea. Do you know why is it so after 1 year. Actually i was doing neck stretching which i always do after that i am suffering from this nausea and vertigo.
    I will start doing from tomorrow.

  • thank you so much i was feeling the most painful nausea ever been dealing with it for a week and this made me feel so much better so once again thank you for that i will definitely subscribe <33

  • Friendly FYI: Correct word is nauseated, not nauseous. This is a common mistake. Nauseous describes a thing that causes nausea. Nauseated is the state of experiencing nausea. In this case, it would be: Why do high intensity exercises cause nausea or Why are high intensity exercises make you feel nauseated.

  • This lowkey helped thank you so much, first one almost had me sleeping but second made me have vomiting visions making me more refluxed

  • Been feeling really nauseous lately and this gave me some relief. I have been interested in meditation for quite sometime but yoga definitely works synergistically with it. Thought yoga was kind of weird being a guy but I plan to practice these techniques and pursue unlocking my mind and body.

  • The first pose felt really uncomfortable for my upper back and neck area and was also putting excess pressure on my abdomen. But the second pose did exactly the opposite it felt wonderful. Thank you for this relaxing video much love! ��

  • I actually kinda do this when I’m not feeling well on the toilet, just resting my head on the laundry box infront of me and breathe. Didn’t know you’d almost call this yoga lol

  • I still feel weak and tired from having the flu but I am ready to lay down and rest now and feel good about getting to my mat and being able to complete this practice which was very relaxing for me.. Namaste!

  • Hello, brett I’m ur huge fan., ur jst inspiring me., u hd a unbelievable flexibility gift., I’m little jealous of ur flexibility and I love too.,

  • I could feel my heartbeat going faster in the nightt after i workout.. i usually ate Döner (Turkey’s Food) after i workout.. and I’m feel so tired, is that normal? It just happened if i miss my workout 1 day and the next day I’m going to workout ����

  • Hello Brett, this yoga was what I needed today. I’m feeling extreme fatigue and these postures helped me. Thank you so much and have a serene day! ��

  • Every time i want to sleep i get this pain in my tummy… from that i was 9 years old and i am 14 now. If i dance i get this pain when i eat meat i get this pain when i drink water i get the pain. Please help.

  • I work out 3 hours a day 5 days a week. I got football practice then boxing right after. Should I tone down a little bit because of me feeling nauseous?

  • Uhm…what if you always spent your time on screen and just started working out but feel nauseous in the after math and you’re emetophobic.

  • Wow this one is new for me. Is there any other way to reduce nausea? I get none after training normally but this summer I went swimming and after 15 minutes in water I went all-out with the acid. Should I just keep going every day to train my metabolism, or eating some basic food when I feel the nausea coming?

  • I did this to help with my migraine and I did feel a bit better. Granted, I did take medicine but I feel this yoga routine helped ease some of the discomfort.

  • i can’ go out my home or get stuck in traffic my stomch starts playing up as thoe i need to go but i’ve had all my tast and nothing has come back

  • I have been fighting with anxiety for a year now¸ im constantly felling stress even when im at home. When i get upset stomach i just dont eat anything which creats even badder situation. Im getting so thin. What food can i eat that i wont feel disgusted to eat and will not throw up? Im developing eating disorder at this point.

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  • for me, i dont really know what to do. i failed my previous school year due to this problem and my teachers weren’t taking it seriously. everytime i arrive at school I get this stomachace which causes me to not focus at all and it makes me go to the bathroom several times but the thing is, I cant go to the bathroom all the time and I dont want to get weird stares from my classmates. the only thing that I really desire is to have a normal life at school where I wont have that stomach ache. its literally ruining my whole school time and it’s no fun for me anymore since everytime I just get scared to be in a situation where I accidentally fart and stuff like that since I cant control it

  • Lovely practice but can you remove the intrusive advert from the middle of the video? I had a man suddenly shouting at me while I was getting into the zone of the first pose:(

  • This sh*t happens whenever I talk to her and think about her but i don’t want to have feelings for her, she is like sister to me. What the fu*k is happening to me?������

  • If you get a lose stomach when you have to go somewhere, especially if it’s a new place, I know your pain & it fucking sucks…I’m going to be straight up honest with you. Been working on it for almost 10yrs now