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Many say that the Slimcado tastes a bit watery, whereas most people describe its better known counterpart as having a sort of oily, rich texture and flavor. This makes sense that the low cal version would taste thinner or more watery as its fat and calorie content has in fact been diluted, in a sense. SlimCados, as the name more than hints, have less fat and fewer calories.

It is not a super large hass avocado. SlimCados have a light, creamy almost buttery avocado taste you can enjoy as an occasional alternative in your guac or to top your toast and as the avocado of. SlimCado is a brand name for the other variety in the database, “Florida” avocados. You can think of California and Florida avocados the same way you would red and green apples. A SlimCado is a creamy light tasting avocado that naturally has less fat and fewer calories.

Brooks has been growing them over 95 years in Southern Florida. One page tells all about this fruit, see our groves, read-up on its nutritional values and see the many ways you can enjoy this fruit. The SlimCado is a variety of avocado that’s grown and sold by Brooks Tropicals, a produce company in Florida.

Compared to creamy Hass avocados, the SlimCado variety is many times larger, and. The Slimcado tags promote the fact that they have up to half the fat and a third fewer calories than traditional avocados. Gram to gram, Slimcados or Florida avocados certainly do weigh in with a lot less fat and fewer calories. Slimcados do have 35% less calories and 50% less fat than Haas avocados, but still have good nutrient content.

They are a very good source of vitamin E, fiber, B-vitamins, potassium, zinc, and monounsaturated fat. As far as flavor goes, I find them much sweeter than Haas avocados, but I actually enjoy that change. From a nutritional standpoint, the Slimcado has four times as much phosphorus as calcium.

That’s a Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio of 1:4, which is really bad. You wouldn’t want you main source of calories to come from avocados in general for this reason. It also has much more omega-6 than omega-3, making it a non-ideal omega-3 source. “SlimCado” is the brand name of the Florida Avocado, which boasts 35% less calories and 50% less fat. I’ve seen them in the grocery store several times, I finally decided to do a little research on them.

There is a significant size different between Hass Avocados, which are what we think of when we hear “avocado”, and the SlimCado. But for SlimCado trees, they do drop most of their leaves in the winter to get ready for new fruit. Opposite of northern’s fall, SlimCado leaves first come back in red hues then turn green. spring New flowers begin to emerge As the leaves turn green, small flowers can be seen.

Each flower is potentially a future SlimCado avocado.

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  • Slim Cado?? Is that the scientific name? haha. I have no idea what variety of avo u have there. We do not use local USA names in my country. Perhaps u could rather use scientific names in future?

  • I need to share this to the Vegans United FB page. One guy there is doing a month long juice cleanse with his girlfriend, believing it will help liver and kidney function. I explained he’s basically drinking sugar water with some water soluble vitamins and minerals, while missing protein and fat (and fat soluble vitamins), essentially catabolising muscle, and potentially damaging kidneys, but he’s unconvinced, following the fad. Thanks for providing such clear, easily understood information in such an engaging mannor.

  • Sad and true tale of a **family member who, instead of changing their diet to something healthier (they tried Atkins back in the day and low carb keto later several times to lose weight…which as we all know, isn’t healthy and leads to high glucose levels!), they instead relied on essential oils and Alex Jones colloidal silver to “detox”. They were pre-diabetic at the time but didn’t realize it, went on to become diabetic and had a quintuple bypass resulting in post operative strokes and have only the ability to speak like a two year old.

    I mean a WFPB diet would have made all of the difference, but that was too hard, apparently. They wanted a “reset” (? Whatever TF that means) that they thought drinking bleach water (a real MLM thing! She became violently ill out both ends in a JoAnn’s fabric store after drinking some concoction bought from a snake oil MLM Facebook lady), would give them.

    **This person is my mother, and she is waiting to die. She’s expressed regret at surviving the the heart attack and surgery, and has “talked” about getting my stepfathers gun to end her own life… by pantomiming a gun in her mouth. They gun is now locked up (it wasn’t before because Texas) and the key is hidden.

    She was a college professor: educated, witty, smart. I have no idea what happened in her mind over the years to believe this “detox” bullshit, but it’s sad. She’s 64 and over 300,000 in medical debt (or more, by now). I tried to influence her, but she was too far gone and the morning I took her to the JoAnn’s fabric place, she had tried to get me to do this detox thing with her…. I googled the ingredients to show her the danger and she became super pissed.

    Belief and cognitive dissonance are powerful.

  • We have had these in Flo-rida for years. They are usually from Dominican Republic and they are usually bad just as you’ve shown here, because they are picked too soon and never “ripen”, they just start rotting. If you do get a “good” one they are watery not fatty like a avo should be hence the “slim” name.

  • Vegan guranteed to get complete protein? THIS GUY IS PUSHING PRODUCTS ������. Is that why you look so pale dude? KEEP eating that powder

  • Vegan and vegetarian diets are bullshit, they’re giving up foods you like (meat, jelly, honey, royal jelly, dairy and eggs) for inferior substitutes of foods you like, and there’s an adjective used to describe inferior imitations of foods or drinks, for example, coffee, vegan food fits that word by that definition, and I don’t quite know what that word is, but when I adopt it, I’ll replace “vegan” and “vegetarian” with that word for inferior imitations. I’m a reformer, and never truly have been a vegan, it’s different doing the human good from being a vegan or vegetarian, and vegan and vegetarian is a completely different thing from backing the environment. Environmentalists aren’t vegans, and I’m not going to think I’m morally wrong to eat meat just because some scientist said so. Veganism is a good human condition, well done, but it’s not healthy, “healthy” means “contributing to a good normal human condition”, I don’t call veganism the norm, but it’s more the norm than it has been. I’m not in that definition after “health”, but a good condition, eating sagely, which means to me combining vegetarian and beegan and vegan foods in my diet with an occasional eating of meat (including red meat and chicken, and fish and seafood), my diet is simple, it’s all those foods combined with the selection making them gourmand foods, together with a fine purist wine (I don’t eat that much eggs except caviar, I’m mainly lacto-vegetarian, beegan and vegan), it’s only immoral of me eating meat for the sake of meat, I eat vegetables and a small amount of meat for the sake of my health and longevity, I don’t drink milk in coffee and tea, and I don’t eat cephalopods and decapods except cuttlefish and seafood extension sticks (made of crab, which is a decapod), and I don’t eat cetaceans, sharks, swordfish, big eye tuna, orange roughy, primates, humans (not even when on a desert island or in the snow), raspberries, breadfruit, persimmon, cranberries, pecans, watermelons, salmons, or sardines either, unless the salmon is smoked, or unless it was salmon mousse of any sort, and I rarely eat pumpkins, I only eat pumpkins when I know the combination of ingredients, mainly vegetables, together with the pumpkins, is going to be delicious. The only poultry I eat is chicken, the only other meats I eat are ham, bacon, beef, beef or barbecue sausages, a thin German sausage used in hotdogs, salami, mettwurst, pepperoni, brattwurst, frankfurters, Kranskis, Kabana, roast beef slices, prosciutto, and hot salami, I don’t eat whiting, blue fin anything, or whitebait, or garfish, I developed fussy eating over the years, I only eat delicious food and food of the above selection, the original experiment of my fussy eating was to be as fussy as possible and something of a beegan (but it didn’t work, I was starving and there was nothing to eat in the house, so I had to: eat noodles, bread, and pastries, if you’re too fussy you will starve, and can’t eat anything).

  • I’ve never heard of them but skinny avocados sound silly. It’s a fruit/veggie and it’s good for you. I just don’t understand that marketing strategy either.

  • Fluoride Action Network is a great source for info. Among numerous other reasons to not have fluoride in our water, it’s a neurotoxin. Putting aside whether you believe it’s dangerous or not, it should be an individual choice to use it or not and therefore should not be in the water. http://www.fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/10facts.pdf

  • Bought one of these a while back, wanted some fresh guacamole. Never again, it was horrible. I’ve noticed them popping up in most groceries stores in North Carolina, so maybe people are actually eating these things? shrugs

  • Wow, a vegan who’s not crazy and reasonable!!!! That’s almost like winning the lotto.

    Anyway, I’m a meat eater for life, but I respect that your providing sources.

  • When I was younger, I was taught that “simple carbs,” such as white bread, pasta, and potatoes, were bad and “complex carbs,” like sweet potatoes and whole grains, were good. Do you think the type of carb makes a difference?

  • Honestly, just using studies like this and simply pointing out what they concluded is not a very reputable method of actually figuring things out.
    Let me put my bias on the table here: im a pretty big fan of lowcarb/keto style of eating, out of experience these diets were very effective for me.
    And some of the stuff you claimed is a fact, was actually a myth. Sugar and carbs really do contribute to a large chunk of weight gain. You all probably heard the whole insulin response explanations, if insulin rises, you stop burning body fat, period. This is very well known among all doctors, but sadly they never really thought of the connection of weight gain and sugar consumption in general. If you inject someone with insulin, you can literally see a fat pouch develop in like 3 minutes! People with type 2 diabetes are almost always overweight (not necessarily obese but definitely not a goodbweight) this is because they have a lot of insulin in their system and it isnt doing its job to drop sugar levels. Everyone who talks about nutrition knows constant and elevated levels of insulin cause fat gain (not the only thing but it has a big impact).
    I literally just came off keto for 2 weeks now, been eating a some carbs and sugar again (bread,pasta, etc but no fast food) i started seeing my belly getting slightly thicker ( very noticeable ). I tracked and ate a regular 2000 calorie diet. I actually didnt lose any weight in those 2 weeks but strangely enough, my belly still stuck out much more then on keto.

    Guys keto works! It really does, its not an answer to everything of course but i went down from a really sad 330lb to 230lb currently, in 8 months.(im 21) and dude I honestly think your video has bias. “Too much sugar is not good for you in anyway” there are better carbs than others but the fact that “sugar” in any form will effect weight gain significantly, still holds as a fact.
    The only carbs you need and should eat is some high quality veggies! You could still eat whole carbs in general,veggies,sweet potatoes,tomatoes,onions,garlic, honey, potatoes,rice and beans and still be healthy. Thats really because a lot of the sugar in these whole food carbs if slightly off set by the fiber in it (u need fiber!),meaning less insulin response and less weight gain (eat less calories u will loss weight even eating whole food carbs!) But remember, whole foods come in complex forms, as in it has fiber,sugar, vitamins,minerals and nutrition in general, so yes whole food carbs are healthy, just not for weight loss. If you want to lose some serious weight within 6 months than just cut out all sugars and leave only veggies and also fast and Truust me, it really works. Just try it out yourself and see if it works for you.

    Summary: sugar definitely increases the rate of weight gain and it is not the best to include for “weight loss” but can be integrated back in, in the form of whole foods only!!! Processed refined sugar should never enter your body. My opinion

  • Haha you are so right! The fat in normal avocados is totally healthy, it’s the one food where low fat isn’t necessary at all!

    Hope you have fun in Miami!

  • WTF?! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Why mess with a good thing?

    By the way that avocado is freaking huge! The ones at my store are only half that size.

  • That’s what tropical avocado’s look normally, sub tropical avocado’s are still the best ones. The ones I get in Thailand are exactly the same. If they are already a little bit soft it means they are already brown inside. They normally are more watery and a little blend to be honest. Back home in a sub tropical climate the avocado’s there are lot more tastier.

  • Well at least you still have your sense of humor about getting the wrong fruit, lol. It has been too long since I watched your videos. I too love your personality!

  • I’m glad you talked about detoxes, to many vegans tend to follow unscientific trends and fads, it drives me crazy and it makes all vegans seem crazy. Please do a video on fasting, detox and cleansing in depth.

  • Serotonin in my gut may not make me happy? Darn. I thought it would be a great response to someone saying that I have my head up my… I could say, “It makes me happy.” Cue Pharrell Williams…. https://youtu.be/VT_G-ZLaWFQ

  • We now live out of state and went back last week… Picked up 2 Avocados… Just cut one up and its the same one…. What a let down

  • I forgot another myth: honey is bee vomit.
    Vomit is what humans do when they are sick with a virus, and vomiting is about the grossest common symptom humans go through. No one wants to deal with vomit. So I understand the reason for associating something as delicious as a food like honey with something as gross as vomit if you want to dissuade people from using it. But, it’s not true. Here’s several pages on the topic:
    =For years, uninformed folks have declared that honey is “bee vomit.”
    It’s not.
    These things are inequitably false.
    1. The world is flat.
    2. Einstein said that “if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.”
    3. Honey is bee vomit.
    Yet people gleefully insist that honey is bee vomit. Why do they say that? Who knows? To make people stop eating it? To deter them from consuming honey as they eagerly spread it on their waffles, toast or English muffin? To make fun of people who love honey, a wonderful treat that’s sometimes called “the soul of a field of flowers?”= @t

    Why Honey Is Neither Bee Vomit Nor Bee Barf

    Kathy Keatley Garvey

    Author: Kathy Keatley Garvey @t

    “Take it from the bee scientists. Honey is NOT vomit.”

    That incongruous belief that “Honey is bee vomit” is resurfacing on a number of YouTube channels, opinion pieces and other Internet posts. It’s usually said with great glee: “Honey is bee vomit! It’s bee puke! It’s bee barf!”

    Is it @?

    We asked noted honey bee guru Eric Mussen, Extension apiculturist emeritus at the University of California, Davis, whose career in bee education spans four decades, to settle the issue.

    “Honey is not bee vomit. It is perceived as vomit as it comes out from the bee’s mouth. But it is not. ” @t

    “Why do people insist that honey is vomit when observation says otherwise? Seriously, does it look like vomit? Smell like vomit? Taste or feel like vomit?

    Animals don’t build storage units for vomit, they don’t save it for winter meals, and they don’t rob each other of it. My guess, although I’ve never experimented, is that most vomit has a short shelf life and an in-your-face pull date. And antibacterial properties? Hmm, let me think.

    In fact, the nectar a bee collects never goes into its digesting stomach or into its intestines. “”

  • The only thing I disagreed with was the part about ssris increasing serotonin levels. They only increase the active serotonin in the cleft, this sudden boost causes your brain to have a check and balance response and halt its own production of serotonin. You’re only reducing your total serotonin levels in the long run by doing this. Not to mention this overactivity in the synaptic cleft results in nasty side effects that are even worse than the conditions they are prescribed for.

  • Thrive Market is not affiliated with Level Thrive in anyway. LeVel Thrive is a nutritional supplement business and is a multi-level marketing company. I am posting this because there has been confusion on other channels.

  • the fat excuser’s like to generalize about non fat people. They will see someone eat a big meal and assume the person eats that way all the time. They never consider that it could be the first meal that person has had days or that they might be a marathon runner. I heard a fat person blame their metabolism saying “i dont eat any more than anyone else”. I was thinking if that was true then you wouldn’t be so fat and how the hell would you know what others eat all the time anyway? What you eat and how often you eat and exercise determines body fat. Your metabolism is determined by your will power, activity and what you eat, so blaming it on metabolism is circular logic.

  • I tried those avocados last year and the exact same thing happened, they looked great on the outside but were brown on the inside. I’ll stick to the other varieties.

  • This is so great. I feel like I spend my life trying to delicately teach people that their stupid health techniques are baloney. People do not like it.

  • Slimcado = GMO? Jesus that’s messed up! Also WTH is up with the size of it? I have never seen an avocado that big in Australia, ours are maybe half the size!

  • My mother-in-law grows them in her back yard in Miami. She brought back the seeds from Cuba. One of the 4 trees she has grows the water kind u have. She told me the tree went bad and that’s why they all taste that way. So could be from a bad tree and sold that way because some people like it that way.:/

  • This is cool. I haven’t seen it before. I looked it up and they said that they are different from haas and expect to experience an entirely different flavor, appearance, and texture. Maybe this is why it went bad when it looked just right.

  • This list is all my Opinion I have gather over my life-time and is just my Opinion:)
    point nr.1 I do agree with Mic.
    point nr.2 Detoxing is and always is personal and can’t be standard for all, no problems there. Fiber is not the be and end all solution to the gut system.
    Personal Story: I had “bloody poop” meaning that every time I went to take a dump I’d bleed, the Doctor told me to wet some toilet paper but it didn’t work so I cut all fiber and carb for a week and went on a low carb medium protein high fat diet on the healthy side, it healed and i don’t feel hungry at all! you understand why carbs is a drug for you when you cut it out and cheat a little, I had some when some vegans came by to make food it was awful after the insulin spike.
    point nr.3 To me a “Complete protein” most have or consist of all the 20 amino acids which can’t be done with one plant source, its where people get there argument from. The reason some people can’t convert some plantbased nutients to the essentials is that the genes has chanced over generations relaying on animal products to survive that they now no longer convert.
    point nr.4 This point is out in to deep waters for me to drag any Opinions of.
    point nr.5 The reason we as humans store fat in the body is the hormone “insulin” that brake down fats to fatty acids and carb to simpler chains that can be stored in the fat cells for energy storage, Insulin also stops the hormone “glucagon” and that is apart of lipolysis (aka fat burning) to regulate bloodsucker levels and to make sure it stays at a comfy level. Insulin is realest in the bloodstream by three types of foods 1: Carbs 2: Proteins 3: Fats and this is the order from highest to lowest insulin realest in the blood. Thats why some claim Carbs make you fat.
    point of Okinawa. The people of Okinawa have a smaller body build than an average american meaning they need less food to survive and they have a different culture there where fat body types is shamed and the size of the meals is much smaller than that of an average american meal. If you ever visit Okinawa you can check out there restaurants menus and find that the popular food is pork! Okinawa is like a bloody horse grounded to a pulp by vegans to the point you don’t know what is horse or dirt! stop using a group of people that you know little off!

    There I have presented my Opinion and self research here 😉

  • What I learned from this was that Serotonin made in the gut did not go to the brain! I wonder though, what else is going on to change the mood profile of those that have switched from SAD to WFPB…Is it the weight loss and less inflammation or toxins?
    Is it that the fiber increases thus carrying out excess hormones and liver toxins? Is a well nourished brain the answer or is it just better sleep? Could be all the above…:-) Thanks! I enjoyed your podcast session with Dr. Laurie Marbas. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi i love the video you share it’s so informative. Please do a video on losing weight. What is the best way and how we can do it easily for those how are not nutritionist

  • Just let them get sick, develop insulin resistance and nutrient deficiencies, then sit back and say “I told you so”.
    There’s no getting through to some of these people, let them serve as a bad example, keep up with real science, and stay healthy.
    The truth will win. ✌️&❤️

  • I kind of understand but in a backwards way. I didn’t have a hass avocado until I was 35 years old (I was born and raised in Florida). The 1st time I tried the hass I nearly choked on what I perceived to be the oil.

  • Eating as much as you want can still mean calorie restriction if you get full very easy or the calorie density of your food is low. WFPBD tends to much less calorie dense than other food plans in general. I am not sure why people spread the myth that eating till full isnt calorie restriction. It is in certain situations and the person wont tap into their fat reserves unless they are in a calorie deficit regardless of what meal plan they are on.

  • It is also huge! There must have been done some manipulations….
    I should put a “Light” sticker on my head to be a better human being?

  • yeah this is a dislike fat from sugar eating isn’t dietary fat it’s goes through a series of chemical reactions eventually being made into VLDL (visceral fat) this is misinformation and propaganda so vegans can feel better about veganism fuck off

  • Enjoyed your video but you left one crucial thing out….your opinion on how the two avocados taste. (I don’t care either about the fat content.)

  • Ionic footbaths are the bomb! Yes part of the water is rust colored from the array. They saved me many times from chemicals and restored my health and energy.

  • The worst falsehood you completely missed: 1. It’s unnatural for humans to eat dairy after weaning because no other animal does it. Problem: Not only does this negate all human ingenuity (playing guitars is unnatural? communicating through computers is unnatural?), it ignores the fact that dairy is a significant percentage of calories in some cultures and some humans even have a genetic trait that aids in consuming dairy throughout their life. Make an argument against it on ethical grounds (although I know a vegan who started consuming dairy after she joined a Krishna community and saw how well the cows were treated), or health grounds, but give up the “it’s unnatural” claim. That’s a fallacy.

  • Myth 1. Ketosis is starvation.
    No. Ketosis is what happens whenever you run out of carbohydrates and glycogen, like when you don’t eat for 16 hours or you have a hard evening workout and dont eat until breakfast. It’s the goal of everyone trying to lose body fat and athelete whether they are aware of it or not. Starvation is when you run out of fat and start using protein for fuel.
    Myth 2. Keto is a zero carb diet.
    No. Unless you go completely carnivore its impossible to go to zero carbs.
    Myth 3. Keto is all meat..
    No. Keto just means reducing carbs to 5% of the diet or less.
    Myth 4. People cant live without carbs
    No. The body prefers to run on ketones. Carbs are just a backup. If Carbs were our preferred energy source than our body would store it, not get rid of it right away or convert it to body fat.
    Myth 5. The brain need glucose
    No. People’s brain’s function better on Ketones but people still get glucose from the 5% carbs because the rest of the body doesn’t need glucose at all.

  • Very interesting. Had never heard of the lower fat avocados. But like you talked about, one reason I like avocados is because they are full of healthy fats.

  • When I was a kid, in the 90’s, Florida avocados were everywhere. They were more common than the Hass avocado, but around the year 2000, they just vanished from store shelves. I personally haven’t seen one in years. I wonder what happened…��

  • LOLOL Gotta love this… You are soooo funny!!! yeah, I’m totally with you! Nowadays Everything has “Light” options but Avocado too?? come on!!

  • Can a person eat too many seeds? I’m trying to gain weight and hard for me to get enough calories. I eat 1 avocado, and 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and almonds each day. My daily calories is still only 1500 approximately a day

  • Hey, thanks for explaining that “protein combining” is not a thing. I think I may have actually read that book you mention in the 1980s and I’ve believed it ever since. Thinking, “if I’m going vegan now, I must find out how to combine these proteins properly”.

  • Hi Mic. Got a question here for you to crack. The finding that the vegan whole food diet was the best when there’s no restiction on eating has two possible interpreations.
    1) You can eat as much vegan whole foods as you want an lose more weight than any other diet.2) You only will lose more weight on a vegan-whole food diet as compared to other diets IF they don’t restrict calories and they don’t require exercise.

    By eating vegan whole foods you are already eating a low calory diet. Of course you are going to lose more weight than someone on a diet who can eat as much pizza as they want. Everyone knows you can eat all the celery you want and not gain an ounce.
    But what is the best diet if we do allow people to restrict intake and implement exercise? What if moderate exercise and a reasonable caloric intake and a “balanced diet” wins?
    I went vegan a few weeks ago, and am just trying to be critical of vegan claims while also really being solidly on the vegan side for a bunch of reasons. Incidentally, I had to do a physical checkup for work a few days ago, and my blood pressure was 111/69, with a pulse of 63 beats per minute, both really good for a 54 year old. I’m thinking that was the vegan diet kicking in.

  • I’m not vegan but enjoy your videos they are well informed and contrived. I just honestly don’t want to give up meat I enjoy the taste. I am cutting more and more of it out of my diet but i don’t see myself going vegan or vegetarian

  • Great video mic but GRAINS NO NO NO NO AND NO. GRAINS are as bad for you as eating dead animals products, they Re just grass seeds. If u like GRAINS go in to a field and start eating them you not last long. And neither would your teeth. People can only eatgrains if they process the holy crap out of them that should tell u something. We are not grain eaters we are fruit eaters. That includes the oats bad bad bad. Do not eat grains not even white rice. Why do u think Chinese people eat white rice not brown? Because they know it’s bad white is not as bad for you as brown but still not good. Leave it to the cows and horses the herbivores. Trust me this is true.

  • It is so strange that the world thinks that carbs make you fat. There was even a panel of experts speaking at the European parlement speaking about the problem of sugar and starch and that a low carbs diet was the solution. A low carbs diet is also the way regular care works in Europe. The doctor in the panel was Dr Aseem Malhotra and also talk like he was doing his research very wel. But what do i miss her, everyone should have excess to the same studies right, and it is not so hard to see what studies are good and who funded it? He do sells a book but Dr mcdougalls and Dr Esselstyn are doing the same. It should not be so hard for them to find the truth right? I am not an expert so i believe in people like mcdougalls and Esselstyn but makes me wonder if we do also live in a bubbel.

  • You said eating fat, stores fat. But there is studies that say, comparatively fat make less insulin response which is the fat storing hormone. Where as carbs can effectively spike the insulin thus more fat storing. Which is even backed up by Nobel winning study ‘autophagy’
    I am not against here. I am a 100% vegan will never eat a dead body. But I am confused with the studies.

  • I’m a new vegan, and I still struggle with the carbohydrate thing. The guilt ingrained in my psyche from years of diet myths is harder than actually giving up meat and dairy. Breakfast is particularly difficult I mean, no eggs for breakfast? That’s my biggest struggle. But I’m down 9 pounds in 3 weeks and haven’t been hungry or craving stuff. And we just discovered a recipe for portobello mushrooms that mimics bacon and I’m like, I can really do this!!! Love your channel!

  • i do weekly diets….a beer diet, Beef diet, beer and Beef diet, Beef and beer diet….it works….iam 40 years old and everybody tell me i look and act like 25:)

  • So, basically, keto dieters and carnviore dieters probably never detoxify because they don’t have any fibre. That’s on top of eating massive amounts of bioaccumulated pesticides/herbicides/fungicides and heavy metals in their animal foods.

  • Sarah, im not a nutitionist, but i agree with you %100. I dont like them. In fact the florida avocado upsets my stomach a little bit. The fat in avocados is so awesome! Love them!!

  • Can I call myself vegan? I eat vegan almost every day but once in awhile (maybe 2-3 times a month), I eat something with dairy/eggs in it. Usually a pastry, a piece of cheese, or something that I miss (never meat though). Am I just a vegetarian? I feel like for 90% of the time, I am a vigilant vegan! Feeling label-less.