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STRONG ABS | 13 Essential Bodyweight CORE Exercises (For Women)

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Effective strength Training for judo Essential Core exercises by Matt D’Aquino

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5 Essential core exercises for Tennis Players

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Five essential core exercises

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1-Hour Core Workout | Level 2 w/ Rebecca Kennedy

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Foundation Training original 12 minutes

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The PERFECT Abs Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

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Plank standards: rest 30-60 seconds between sets Beginner: 3 x 30-second hold Intermediate: 3 x 60-second hold Advanced: 3 x 120-second hold. 7 Core Exercises for Men Looking to Build a Balanced Body Superman Hold. This movement, per Gaz, is an excellent glute and ab strengthener as well as nice stretch for the hip Plank.

One of the most important core exercises. Place your hands on the ground, shoulder-width apart and extend. The plank is a full-body exercise that targets your core. It also strengthens your arms, shoulders, back, glutes, and legs. Start on all fours, with your.

13 Essential Core Exercises for Runners. Modified Bicycle. 1 of 14.

Lie on your back and hold one leg up in the air. Your thigh should be perpendicular to your body and your shin parallel Find a. race. Plank. 2 of 14.

Lie on your stomach and prop your weight on your forearms and toes. Keep a. Hip Raise.

Elevated Plank. Supine Leg Extension. Run through the workout once as a warmup, or three times through as a standalone abs session. Atkins suggests that you take on.

Consistently training your core is a crucial component of a well-balanced fitness routine. A strong core helps you to utilize other parts of your body to make the most out of your workouts. Often times people will throw in a set of abdominal crunches at the end of their workout and call it good.

To prime your core stability in your warmup, Horschig says that he recommends the McGill ‘Big 3’to enhance your performance and decrease your risk of injury. But for post-workout core work. You may also try several specific core exercises to stabilize and strengthen your core. Some examples of core exercises include planks, situps and fitness ball exercises.

A bridge is another example of a classic core exercise. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your back in a neutral position, not arched and not pressed into the floor. Traditional ab exercises like crunches and sit ups are often used in hopes of achieving a stronger core and more defined abdominals, but this is a terrible method.

Not only does performing endless crunches and sit ups not strengthen your core or give you more defined abs, it can be hazardous to your spine. 7 Essential Core (Ab) Exercises & Workouts for Basketball Players Overview of Bracing and Core Strength. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch Core Exercises for Basketball. You can add stability and core strength with bracing exercises like planks.


List of related literature:

First, each of the body types has three core workouts and an off-day routine—the beginner core workout (for those who are sedentary), the active core workout and the advanced workout.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

Below are two examples of a core workout.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
VeloPress, 2014

The most basic workout is exercising each of the six major body parts-shoulders, back, chest, biceps, triceps and legs-by doing a single set of eight to twelve repetitions for each body part at an appropriate weight.

“The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal” by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
from The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal
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This section contains a list of core exercises, those that are most important.

“Complete Book of Throws” by L. Jay Silvester, Jay Silvester
from Complete Book of Throws
by L. Jay Silvester, Jay Silvester
Human Kinetics, 2003

To maximize the core workout, try to bend the bar over your shoulders throughout the lift—this action will maximally recruit your outer core including the latissimus dorsi, pecs, rotator cuff, and trapezius.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
from The Rock Climber’s Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability
by Eric Horst
Falcon Guides, 2016

During whole—body exercises, the upper body, core, and lower body all work statically or dynamically throughout the set.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

should concentrate on lower-body exercises (leg press, knee extension and flexion, plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, hip abduction, hip adduction, and hip flexion and extension) but should also include core and limited upper-body exercises.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
from Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults
by Joseph F. Signorile
Human Kinetics, 2011

The most basic of the core exercises is the front plank.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
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Core-strengthening and body-weight-as-resistance exercises include movements like planks, side planks, medicine ball twists, core ball transfers, bridging, lunges, wall sits, and burpees.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
by Sheri R. Colberg
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

EXERCISES Training Zone: Resistance/Reps Training Zone: Resistance/Reps Training Zone: Resistance/Reps | |Rest for each set RM 20me Rest for each set RM70ne Rest for each set RM Zone

“Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts” by William J. Kraemer, Steven J. Fleck
from Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts
by William J. Kraemer, Steven J. Fleck
Human Kinetics, 2007

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  • Should I have a seperate day for only abs workout or should I include this on one of my four different workouts:
    1. chest and triceps
    2. back and biceps
    3. sholders and forearms
    4. thigh and calf

  • I use this work out every day it’s funny at the beginning I swear when he’s correct the dude on the left all I hear” your not gonna win my wife right there” ������

  • Is it supposed to make your lower back really sore during the exercises? It feels like I’m doing more harm than good or do you just push through it? Im 21 years old that has had lower back pain for about 6 months now

  • It really works, thank you so much, guys! My chiropractor recommended this and I forced myself doing it. My back pain is gone, I feel some muscles coming. This is worth the daily effort!!!

  • I’ve just tried this short session for the first time and I have to say I found it really tough but so effective. My back feels awesome and it has helped bring relief to the symptoms I get with having Scoliosis. I purchased True to form at the weekend and I’m so enjoying learning more about the science of Foundation training. Many thanks Dr. Eric Goodman for sharing this video ��

  • Did Jeff happen to say how many sets or rounds to complete? I watched the video twice and I just must be missing it. Is it just one set of the 7 exercises?

  • Should I focus on my tail bone tilting up or more downward? In other words, should I be keeping the natural arch in my lower back or maintain a forced neutral spine? I fractured my T12 and L1 a few years ago and really felt my muscles working with this workout. Those sumo good mornings were also great way to make a mind-body connection with the gluteals. Thank you!

  • I am completely new to these exercises. The beginner exercises are even hard for me. This is good work out. Thank you for publishing.

  • I have been trying this out multiple times a day for a few days after my chiropractor recommended it.
    It hurts my lower back and It feels like it is making my problem worse. my back just feels super tight afterward and mobility is decreased.

    4:40 ISO Reverse Crunches
    5:55 Seated AB Circles
    7:00 Recliner Elbow Knee Tucks
    8:05 Opposite Side Elbow to Knee
    9:22 Oak Tree Stepouts
    10:38 Banded Pulldowns
    12:45 Plank Pushaways
    13:46 Overview

    PS: I took it from alex marinquez for myself please dont give me hate

  • Does this training work for lower back disc bulges?I’m having disc bulge issue for 15 years. Can anyone tried this training to get rid off the disc bulge.?

  • I’ve been recommended this exercise, I’ve given it a go first time today and blimey it fried my back and got a real sweat on. I Don’t think I was doing some of the exercises perfectly sometimes I didn’t feel tight hamstrings. I just hope as long as I’m trying that I’ll see some benefits from this. I’m a cyclist and after 40 miles my back gives way and I’m putting pressure on my hands as they’re supporting my back, and I’m hoping this will help my comfort on the bike and let me get more miles in

  • Hi Gwen, number 5 is a great one! It’s called a paloff press, and the machine is made by Keiser, which use PSI as resistance rather than a weight in kg or lbs:)

  • My athletic therapist was just telling me tonight how I need to ramp up my core! Thanks for these! I am recovering from piriformis syndrome and running is starting to get good again. Love your videos!

  • Thank you, Eric, for your generosity in sharing this video and your attention to detail on the instructions. Is this similar to yoga?

    I am half way through the first week and hoping this will solve my lower back pain issues.

    Like a lot of us, I sit too much at a desk job (data engineering). The pain is a problem most days especially when playing pickleball or lifting something heavy!

  • Great video as always Jeff, I will definitely use this along with the app which I’m finding really great. Just one comment about the video edits, the cuts were really noticeable and frequent, it makes the video appear glitchy and not the usual quality. Thanks for all the sage advice.

  • I fell pain in superior abs when doing reverse crunch, and barely feel nothing in inferior abs. I must be doing sth wrong, but I don’t see how, in comparison with the video. Any tips from someone in the same situation? thnx!

  • At 9:40 is where the magic happens and the back gets really challenged. A few weeks ago I couldn’t do a set of 10 of the hand raises, but after doing this daily; I add a totally extra set at the end for more gains and more burn. My lower back has never felt better!! Thanks

  • In your previous manuals you gave us useful suggestions for all the above aspects, except than pure strength…now you are going to complete your excellent job! I hope you will give us your opinion on how to put all together and how to do a good training plan (periodization). Thanks!

  • Hi Jeff! I had a pilonidal cyst some years ago and as a result, I cannot apply direct pressure to my coccyx to prevent recurrence of the issue. Do you have any tips on how to best perform these exercises in a way that will not put pressure on the coccyx? Or maybe some alternative workouts to engage the same muscles?

    Ab exercises have always been an issue ever since I had the pilonidal cyst, which is a shame since I enjoy working out my core. Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Unbeliavable! I was doing some low-effort exercises my physiotherapist gave me every morning for six months; and I did grow some lean back muscles, but it didn’t help much with my pain. I got very sick of it and decided to see if there’s any advice on Reddit on r/backpain. A lot of people referred the Back Mechanic book, and one post mentioned this. What a blessing! I do them twice a day, and every time at the end of the video, I repeat the words with him “Do that every day, no back pain ever”.

  • I’m a landscape gardener and back pain started to creep in. I’ve been doing this for a month and the pain is completely gone. Thanks Dr Eric at Foundation Training.

    5:05 Hanging X Raises
    6:10 Hanging Leg Spirals
    7:20 Tornado Chops
    8:39 Scissor V-Ups
    9:55 Sledgehammer Swings
    10:38 Banded Pulldowns
    13:26 Plank Punchouts
    13:55 Overview

    PS: I took it from alex marinquez for myself please dont give me hate

  • As always thanks for the great vids, advice. I’m training for my first half-marathon that’s in January. BTW you have fast teammates!

  • Is this routine good for basketball players and athletes? Will it help with speed and athleticism or just definition and strength?

  • Big Toe is awesome!, May i suggest the side hold, try unpredicted pull by tell your buddy hold the rubber band on the other end, so fun & use many muscle!

  • How many times can this 12 minute routine be done per day. I find it helps but later in the day theres again hip and lower back pain and tightness. Let me know please!

  • Maybe I’m just super out of shape, but this had me shaking and sweating.. holy crap. I’ll try to do this once a day and see if I get any results.

  • Jeff and Jessie:

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I would like to suggest some close up (like the usual views of your videos) but also a far view (to visualize your head till toes) when you are showing us the correct and proper form. It would help a lot especially for someone like me. I am what they call a muscle mind connection idiot. Thanks guys

    Great video as always. Like I always tell everyone Jeff is a genius

  • I rarely comment on youtube, but I am so grateful to Dr Goodman and his colleagyes that I had to share my experience, hopefully somebody finds it useful.
    After years of on and off back pain, visiting various physiotherapists, chiropractors, trying out yoga and pilates, the pain was only getting worse. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and degenerative disc disease, but the physios were optimistic that I could get to a pain free place. I have sedentary job, but even a standing desk did not rid me of the pain. It got to the point where I was in near constant pain. I am 30 yo. I could not believe that I have the body of an old man. Luckily, on 9gag, of all places, somebody shared a link to this video. In 6 weeks, I am better than I have been in a long time. Not 100%, but I am genuinely feeling positive change. It comes in leaps and bursts. The first week reduced pain significantly, but the whole process was two steps forward, one step back. Now, just over six weeks in, doing this video every day, I am starting to get back to other exercises and weightlifting without side-effects. If my progress continues, I will be better than ever.
    My advice: Do this every day, religiously. I found that doing 3 sets of bodyweight squats helps a lot as well. (see free FT video on squat technique – I was previously putting pressure on my knees rather than posterior chain). I also use a foam roller/lacrosse ball on my hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors after this FT for a few minutes, really helps loosen up any tightness.

    I purchased ‘True to Form’ to support Dr Goodman, as this free video has done more than £1000s spent on physiotherapy and chiropody, and it’s a really good insight into the logic behind the exercises. Our modern lifestyle really destroys our bodies. 15 minutes of exercises a day to reverse that? You’d be a fool not to.
    Some people tell me ‘our ancestors didn’t need these exercises, why do we?’. Well, they spent most of their time on their legs, doing what we humans were built to do, using our main muscles. We don’t do that, so we have to compensate with FT.

    These sorts of exercises should be taught in school. Unless people start young, with the advent of sedentary jobs/lifestyles, kids need to understand the negative effects and be prepared to avoid them.

  • Love the toe/foot exercises! I do several exercises, after plantar fasciitis and hallux rigidus, I learned the importance of foot strengthening and flexibility. Keep it up and spread the word!

  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD GIVEAWAY Alright guys, I’m giving away a complete 30 Day Workout program to 100 lucky clickers within the first hour this video is published! Remember, this is NOT THE FIRST 100, but those randomly selected WITHIN the first hour the video is published. So don’t b*tch if you’re not one of them:) Just try next time. Click the link to see if you’ve won. Good luck!

    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Hi I have a question, I’ve been in back pain for the last 6 months, (somehow started once I came back from a hiking trip to Nepal. I tried this video but every time I’m standing knees bent en have to put up my hands from the back to the front and upwards, I get a réálly heavy twinge of pain in my lower back. Is it safe for me to continue this exercise daily? Have done it 3 times now, and don’t want to mess anything up, but after half a year of pain I am willing to go throuhg anything (including these shots of pain) if it will help me long term. Thank you in advance

  • Tomorrow’s supposed to be my yoga/mobility day but you’ve inspired me to deviate a little and make it a core day ��, thank you for sharing! ��

    4:40 ISO Reverse Crunches
    5:55 Seated AB Circles
    7:00 Recliner Elbow Knee Tucks
    8:05 Oppisite Side Elbow To Knee
    9:22 Oak Tree Stepouts
    10:38 Banded Pulldowns
    12:45 Plank Pushaways

  • In 2 weeks this has reduced my back pain drastically. For 4 years I’ve been suffering pain from a lower disc bulge after a lifting accident, its been hell. I’ve been building myself up with pilates but could never quite get over the line with spasms. This is is working now, I’m doing press ups, running, all sorts. I’ll keep going!

  • I’d like some clarity on this if someone is able to provide it.. when he says to “brace your spine” what does he mean exactly? To engage the muscles in your back? To engage your core? To be holding the weight of your upper body with your glutes? I know generally speaking it’s bad to lift your torso with your lower back instead of your glutes, but I’m unsure if some of these exercises are supposed to strengthen your lower back or condition your mind to getting used to activating your glutes more.
    Any help with this is appreciated, thanks in advance!

  • Thank you for sharing! Can I make a request for a new video, please? I’ll love to see how do you train your running technique. I’m sure you can give us a lot of advices and different exercises that we don’t know. Thank you again, Gwen.

  • Is that really the thing you took from this video? Players is a widely accepted term, also I think its Judoka for both single and plural, like sheep.

  • Thank you for saving me from surgery, Eric! I have scoliosis and spondylolisthesis, but after completing these exercises for one year my back has never felt better.

  • bonsoir et une fois de plus merci pour se programme il ma etait bien ulit et la methode que je conseil est la suivante @t elle ma permit de passer de mon surpoids a une taille de 70kg son cour en ligne est tout simplement extraordinaire

  • Should we do this every day (no rest days)? And if I have chronic back problems, is it okay to do this twice a day? Thanks in advance.

  • 13:25 When I did it, it seems easy, but I realized when he does it, Jeff’s plank position isn’t moving at all meanwhile I’m moving all over the place.

  • Anyone else struggling with opposite side elbow to knee (lifts one leg up all good, lifts opposite arm up “balance.exe is not responding”) can you just substitute in the black widow knee slide for this?

  • Great stuff, just have a question… what is the purpose of the windmill exercise? I don’t know where I am supposed to feel something?

  • I am a beginner and did the beginner version, I didn’t feel any discomfort or pain in my body while doing any of it. Should I move to the advance version? Is feeling pain or sore necessary for building muscle? And if there’s any other tips for core building it would help (this is the muscle group I’m most confused about what to do).

  • This is the best video to help with back pain. Ever. Made. To those who made and uploaded this again I’m assuming it was put up after some time down this is such a great FREE resource to many people who are struggling with physical pain as well as financial stressors. I urge you to please leave this video up in Youtube. Monetize it with a long Ad at the beginning, trust me no one would mind that, just please leave it up for the masses.

    It’s a gift!!!

    Thank you.

  • I’ve had multiple herniations, in bed for weeks at a time with someone to wipe my back side. Accidents in the military, then years of construction and 20 years of mountain biking in the rocky southwest. I was severely jacked up. I bought an inversion table which helped a ton and in 2013 found this video which helped tremendously. Then life happened and forgot about the exercises for several years. In the last year I blew out my back several times doing construction and have been in constant unending severe pain. Also I have an extra lumbar vertebrae… Last week I came back to foundation training, wow wow wow. After the first session I was feeling much better and after the second the level of relief is phenomal! I’m so stoked! Foundation Training for life!

  • Why do people dislike informative videos? There is nothing offending about this vid. It is just an explanation of how our core muscles work and how to train them. But still 1K dislikes.

  • I have had severe lower back pain for over 9 months now and my doctor’s would completely disregard my complaint of pain, instead brushing me off apply for physio. I still haven’t heard from any physiotherapist and it was getting to the point where I couldn’t even put my socks on or bend over in the slightest without extreme pain.

    I have only been following this stretch routine for 3 days now and feel 70% better in my lower back. It feels like a miracle! I can’t thank you guys enough for sharing the video, I can’t wait to keep going with it to hopefully eliminate the pain entirely.

    Highly recommended!

  • Let’s say you combine shoulders and core in your split scheme. If you would combine the shoulder and core exercises from this channel, it would be more than 15 exercises, which would be like more than 2 hours of training. How do you know which exercises you should do and which exercises you shouldn’t do, so you don’t pass the point of training over 45-60 minutes?

  • This video got me out if immense facet joint trauma. It was a start.
    After 3 months of doing Eric’s exercises, I can only say that it was an intro BUT beware. It is pretty intense and ‘old school.’ ( their words)
    Do your body a favour and start with the basics on his site. Him and Jesse and Sean have put together a GREAT set of exercises day by day for 14 weeks.
    At USD 15 a month, it has to be the best money I have spent on myself EVER.

  • Great video and great truth, as always. Matt, I am looking forward for your new job about strength training for judo, especially as regard how to plan the exercises along the weeks/months with reference to a competition period. I believe that is very difficult to train all the abilities a judoka should have (aerobic/anaerobic capabilities, speed, co-ordination, etc.) and it is not possible to do it without a good planning.

  • I have all the foundation books and training videos. But I still do this exercise almost every day. I am a daily Cyclist, very old, and have no back problems unless I stop doing this video for a few days:-) but lately I have developed some pain where my left glute And hamstring meet? Any advice?

  • My workout has been become more effective and better after watching these videos. I really loved the parts where he explains the functions of the muscles and how to train these to get optimal results. And nontheless activate several muscles at once. I have replaced some exercises simply because I didnt knew that they were actually going to cause injury (which they did). So a big salute to Athlean-X. Respects from Norway/Pakistan:)

  • some can explain or give me alternatives for the “Banded Pulldowns” and “Plank Pushaways” exercises? i probably don’t get them right i dont feel any of my core muscles instead i literally feel my arms and biceps so something is not right for sure:(

  • Every time I do this routine, I feel amazing afterwards. I’m a complete beginner to any physical activity. This is way more difficult than it looks at first. To my fellow sedentary folks, KEEP AT IT. I promise it gets easier.

  • I have severe Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) and have had it most of my life. I’m wondering if this workout is helpful in bringing me back into alignment. If anyone has any insight or any recommendations on other Foundation Training exercises I should be doing to target my APT please let me know.


  • My lower back is much, much better now. Still I feel some discomfort in my shoulder blades during and after the exercise. Is is normal or could I be doing something wrong?

  • I don’t exactly understand what it means to “brace your back”. Should the back be flat, or arched when it is braced? I’ve been doing this video because I have lower back pain, but when I do it my lower back hurts so much and then pain is increased for days afterwards. What am I doing wrong?

  • My low back hurts a lot. So I was looking for some exercises to relieve pain. This were really good. My low back still hurts but now is a lot less.

  • Can you skip cardio then? Because all that internet says is you need to do cardio at least 3 times per week and 3 times per week of Strength training and only then is you’re gonna see your abs popping…

  • Im only 3 minutes into the video and I am already sweating my balls off…and that’s from only watching the video. Just wait till I attempt it.:D

  • 2 months in and no back pain. Even though had to spend lots of time stuck sitting in my car at work last week which would normally ruin me. Also my bad knee has felt better. (ACL injury 2 years ago). Cheers Eric

  • Ive only done this exercise for a couple of days and I was bending over pain free, NO BULLSHIT. Im not 100% but i just started and im seeing more progress with this routine than 5 different physical therapists.

  • Grateful to you Dr Goodman and team!!
    My posterior chain is deconditioned this is the only thing that I can feel directly where I want to work

  • So glad I found this vid! Question: I have a slightly herniated L4-L5, do y’all think doing this everyday would help the pain I experience from that herniation? The L4-L5 herniation presses on the nearby nerve…

  • Thanks. These are awesome. Do you have a video for improving grip strength? I’m also interested in improving my off balancing and footwork.


  • I’m totally a beginner so how often should I be doing this workout? Once a day? Twice a day? Would appreciate a response from anybody.

  • When I do the second exercise, my hip flexors and Lower back hurt a lot more than by abs. Does anyone have any idea why this might be and how to avoid it? I have to stop because of the hip aches, not the ab pain.

  • Wait, I haven’t seen that Seb Coe display on campus. I might have to make a special trip out there to check that out. Great video as always Mr Talbot! ��

  • im have been doing the beginner exercises for about a week now and my body is starting to handle them better, the only issue is i can only do the first 4 cause the last two require a band and something to tie it to.

  • Carried out this twice and it gave me lower back pain. Good mornings are not a good exercise for me. I will stick to yoga and Pilates thanks.

  • The specialist I visited for my chronic alternating underside thigh pain said I’m going for a record for least flexible person, lol. My problems stem from sitting for WAY too long. I’m 6’1 and 210 lbs currently. I went to physical therapy about 8 times last year and kept with it for a few months everyday but got discouraged because i wasn’t seeing very good results for my thigh pain. I’m convinced it’s not actually my thighs that have the issue it’s a back issue. I’ve tried avoiding sitting as much as possible, but I’m in IT and a gamer by night so it’s hard. I’ve opted to lay in bed instead of sitting on a chair, but now I’m experiencing back pain, lol I can’t win:P. I can barely even get into the position for these exercises, but I’ve decided that I’m going to give this routine a try! It will be more fun following your directions and watching the positions then just me doing it all by myself.. It’s probably going to be at least a month before I can even position my body in the way these guys are, let alone do the full routine LOL. HERE GOES! Not going to push myself too hard and take it easy at first since this is so difficult for me lol.

  • Two rounds, I assume? And how many times a week min-max?
    Assuming I’m doing some core and many indirect abs workouts 3-4 times a week, is it enough if I do this routine twice, 3 times a week?

  • Eric, i promise this is getting me through this pandemic. Losing friends, losing job, fear and lonliness… because of these and other FT videos, i’m actually stronger than when this shite started. Please please keep this video and others up, please. Thank you.

  • Found FT when researching about back pain. I see lots of comments about lower back but is this for someone with thoracic (upper-mid back) pain too?

  • Not really for beginners and especially difficult if you’re overweight or not flexible. This would be a piece of cake if I had the body of any of these three guys.

  • I’ve a pain for year on my side hip bottom bach. I’m 72 years old. I’m now pain free. yes!!! pain free for the first time in my life. Thank you Dr Erick Goodman.

  • Probably my 6th time doing this after a co-worker suggested it. I’ve had 3 blown discs in my back since I was 23. I’ve never felt better after 6 times, even when I was doing PT. I need to keep doing this. Thank you so much.

  • Is it normal to feel my low back after doing it for the first time? I wouldnt say it hurts but i feel my low back.
    Also i get low back pain from standing or walking for long periods, will this help me?

    4:40 ISO Reverse Crunches
    5:55 Seated AB Circles
    7:00 Recliner Elbow Knee Tucks
    8:05 Opposite Side Elbow to Knee
    9:22 Oak Tree Stepouts
    10:38 Banded Pulldowns
    12:45 Plank Pushaways
    13:46 Overview

    (Copied the comment for personal use)

  • I just want to say thanks for being so honest and truly helpful, I love the ab workouts you have shown and I have been using them now for about a week since I found your channel and I can feel the burn in my abs.

  • I feel better after even the first one! Thank you so much for this. i have suffered back pain for a long time now from sitting too much and this is the first thing that has really provided relief for me.

  • First of all, thank you for the video it’s very useful. I have two questions:
    1. How long is the rest between two sets and between exercises?
    2. Is it approrpriate to make stretching exercises before or after your core exercises?

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  • I dont know if anyone will reply but im a 17 yr old who got a herniated disc bulge due to weightlifting irresponsibly:( I dont have pressure on my nerves but just the disc bulge on L5-S1 disc. I tried doing this for 12 minutes and in that first day I actually felt much better! But by day two I was just in horribly sharp pain that shot through my lower back and down my left foot. Is this possibly just due to me not being used to this and maybe my body will get used to it? I really want to believe that maybe im not used to this and maybe thats why it’s hurting. If anyone could give me any advice it’d be much appreciated. Thank you!

  • streaming adress does not work from Germany. And, if done with too much tension, and maybe a predisposition to “blockages in the back” these exercises done every day can lead to pain in the upper back. I suggest to my clients to do them every second of third day…

  • afte 2 years, finally level 2 core!!! been waiting for this, thanks Rebecca! love your workout ^^
    chekcout level1 if you havent already, folks 😉

  • Will you do all that in one workout? How many sets, reps of each one and a break/pause. I’m doing your latest lower ab workout at the moment, since it’s the area I want away the most, but not doing other abs exercises. Will you recommend this hole workout everyday, or what? Cause I want to hit all the areas, just not the lower the most. Please help.

  • Hello crticalbench.. Am a follower of ur videos and they are really comprehensive.. I need some advice from you.. Am a mother of a 1 year old kid nd gained weight post delivery.. Am not able to do the exercises same as before with my over weight.. Am not consistent with workouts.. Please give me some advise as how to workout to slowly reduce my overweight by working out consistently