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Why Developing STRENGTH ENDURANCE is Vital

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MMA Strength Endurance Workout with Dustin Poirier

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Rushfit strenght and endurace workout GSP

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Full Body Strength & Endurance HIIT Workout Level 2 Home Workout 30/10 40/10 60/30

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Daily Strength and Endurance Workout at Home

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Strength And Endurance Training By Cult Fit | 20 Minutes | No Equipment | Cult Fit | Cure Fit

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Bodyweight Only Strength and Endurance Challenge Beginner or Advanced Lower Body Workout

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The idea behind training to increase strength-endurance is that you want your body to be able to exert maximum strength when not fully recovered aerobically. You also want to train your body to recover faster. Or, in other words, when you are under maximum strain, you want to recover quicker from that strain. “This is an endurance plus strength circuit combined, a brutal workout (in a good way!)” says Ela Dugan, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach in Cambridge, MA. “Keeping your heart rate.

“In the endurance phase of the program you’ll work with more volume to prime your muscles for the literal heavy lifting ahead,” explains Brathwaite. “The four-day split allows the lifter to ease back into using perfect form on his lifts, which will carry over to more efficient form for when things get heavy.” Start by performing 12 reps. That’s because strength training and endurance training tax your bodies in very different ways and trying to be competitive at one or the other requires full focus. If you do plan on concurrent training, Doma recommends tackling endurance work first whenever possible.

Therefore, the authors say, anyone trying to balance strength training with endurance training should plan their workouts around the expected. Switching up your workout is essential to building endurance and stamina. According to Torres, the human body gets used to a workout after. It’s always better to cut down on endurance/cardio activities rather than strength activities, as you do gain quite a bit of cardiovascular benefits from strength training but almost no strength benefits from cardio training.

Strength vs. Endurance Lucy Lambriex / Getty Images Yes, there is a difference between these two types of training, but everyone needs muscle strength and muscle endurance training for a well-balanced muscular system and a high-functioning metabolism. Doing fewer repetitions with more weight will help you increase your strength. “Muscular strength is a sprint, and muscular endurance is a marathon,” she says. The more endurance you have, the harder you’ll be able to go for a longer distance.

How can I improve muscular endurance? Cardio training is typically the go-to method, but lifting lighter weights for a higher number of reps can also boost endurance. This 60 minute indoor cycling will boost your strength, endurance, and power.

Cycling the Highest Road in the World Thanks to the video maker, the copyright.

List of related literature:

Strength endurance is best developed by using an exercise volume of 3 to 10 sets of over 8 repetitions per set.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
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Concurrent strength and endurance training.

“Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training: Scientific Basics and Practical Applications” by Moritz Schumann, Bent R. Rønnestad
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The best way to improve your fitness, strength, and/or muscular endurance is to challenge your muscles by progressing your intensity (number of reps, sets, or resistance) as you get stronger.

“The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life” by Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman
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Combining strength and endurance exercises interferes with the ability to gain strength.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
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Training for strength endurance is an excellent way to develop workload capacity.

“Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sports” by Darren Yas Parr
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combining strength and endurance training.

“Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance: Third Edition” by T. Jeff Chandler, Lee E. Brown
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If training for strength, you will get strength; training for endurance elicits endurance.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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If performing power training, strength training, and conditioning in the same session, perform them in that order.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
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If you want to have good muscular endurance, you must first optimally develop your aerobic endurance and muscular force.

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Activities that maintain or increase muscular strength and endurance a minimum of two days per week on nonconsecutive days.

“Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness” by Wener Hoeger, Sharon Hoeger
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  • Thank you for putting together such a great system. I hope that God blesses both of you for helping so many to attain, maintain, or regain their health and fitness.

  • I’ve been doing y’all’s workouts for 3 or 4 yrs now and I love it! I feel like what’s most important is how much I’ve learned from y’all and y’all’s videos! I’m pretty sure I could write my own workouts at this point lol Granted I’d much rather do y’all’s videos instead �� all in all y’all do great work and it is truly appreciated!!

  • this is my first time using fitness blender (bc of quarantine i’m trying to stay in shape) and i can say w/o. a doubt i was very satisfied. daniel is very good at giving out instructions and it makes the workout so much more enjoyable even in lying on the ground with jello legs.

  • Omg this video turned my legs into jello! This is a very good channel to watch when you are getting back into exercise!!! good work:)

  • When I started working out at first I really struggled because I was about 45 lbs overweight. Well I lost 45 pounds plus some but I ended up putting a little bit of weight back on due to Christmas holiday dinners LOL but I just wanted to say that you to have changed my life dramatically! I know I love to look at myself in the mirror I love the coaching that you guys actually give during your videos and Daniel you’re the awesome! You have changed my life but your girlfriend did much more LOL

  • Thank you Ergo!! It’s so inspiring to watch your videos…keep up the great work! Your videos have helped me where medical intervention has failed to treat my injuries from insane lifting in the gym.

  • Thank you so much for such excellent routines. I’ve been yoga teacher for almost 30 year and your workouts are very complementary. Blessings from Chile. Carlos Casassus

  • This is one of my favorite lower body workouts and I do it regularly. Everytime I do it, I use weights. And I am sore for literally two or three days afterwards! I always think, “Why do I do this to myself!?” Then I do it again. I must be one of those gluttons for punishment Daniel refers to in this! Haha! Thanks for all you do Daniel and Kelli.

  • I ve just finished this workout it was not easy specially during ramadan. It makes me proud actually. That i could make it. Ramadan kareem to all Muslims.

  • Not only are your workouts great, but I appreciate that you are not constantly asking people to “like & subscribe” like so many other You Tubers. You don’t need to. Your work speaks for itself.

  • Had a really long pause with doing sport and today I finally found my motivation again. Very proud of myself and it really made fun! Thank you:)

  • This one is deceptive lol.. because it said “bodyweight” and “beginner” in the title, I assumed I’d be alright. I even added weights to some of the exercises, did the full routine. Well, that was yesterday. Today I can barely sit or walk up the stairs!! My glutes, inner thighs, and quads are SO sore lol. Today I only worked my arms because there is no way that I can even do cardio right now lol

  • me acabo de suscribir y me han funcionado muy bien sus entrenamientos, no me acostumbro al silencio, pero muy buenos gracias, me encanta el entrenamiento hit, tengo 4 meses realizándolos y ahora que encontré sus entrenamientos feliz estoy, realmente es una excelente forma de perder grasa y tonificar he bajado 2 tallas

  • If anybody is looking at the comments to see if these workouts work, trust me. They do. They look easy when you just watch it but every workout leaves me dripping in sweat. I highly recommend!!

  • Whew! This one was TOUGH. Not even a single jump, did it entirely with just bodyweight; but still, it kept my heart rate constantly high and got me sweating buckets:)

    This routine calls for good core work too, in order to maintain control and balance throughout the interval. Butt and thighs are definitely gonna be quite sore the next couple of days! Workout Complete!!

  • I had a terrible time with the leg lifts. I either compromise range of motion and focus on balance or hold on to a wall and focus on my range of motion. Which is better?

  • I feel amazing! Thank you fitness blender, not only have you helped improve my physical health but have had a huge impact on my mental health as well.

  • Strength Endurance is the skill and training type that any “average Joe” needs to do. Why? As a regular person, you want to become more physically and mentally endured. This is not negotiable. To get more energy, stamina and vitality in life, then your training program needs to be focused on explosive strength and endurance. In addition, adding mobility flows will help you counterfire your stationary demanding job/life, help you lose the tension in your joints/ligaments and help you feel free and highly conditioned. VAHVA Fitness delivered a super targeted and great message again! Thanks Eero, brother, love your content and everything you do!:))

  • Great workout! Wondering if you are just doing the bodyweight only exercises (no dumbbells at home), could you up the pace of each exercise to make it more of a cardio workout?

  • Love your videos. I am 60 years old and wanted to maintain and improve my mobility. Thank you so much for your hard work. I am way more mobile and fit than a lot of people half my age thanks in large part, to you.

  • Absolutely love the option of using weights or body weight. I mostly used weights but really enjoyed the versatility of this workout. My legs are definitely jell-o now. Thank you so much!

  • Love your workouts, specially the bodyweight only ones because it makes so much easier to keep working out even when I’m traveling and when I have no equipment in hand. Please keep doing what you do!

  • I like this channel,They serve me a lot in the field of sports I am grateful, There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

  • Thanks sir nice video.
    You made my mind clear about exercises to do day today life. Thanks again for showing such useful exercises. Stay blessed.
    Pooja from India

  • That was amazing. I have a question tho, I am yet gonna be starting exercise. What routine could I be starting that would benefit me the most for balance, strength, breath, focus?����

  • More workouts for people who get bored easily please!! I love those they are the best and keep me engaged the longest. Appreciate you guys been following since 2013.

  • Absolute strength is a weird thing, don’t ask me to do 3x 8 pull-ups I do not have the endurance after the brake but 1x 16 and 2x 4 reps is very possible! It anoys me..

  • Such an easy workout to follow, and I did it with bodyweight only this Monday morning! Definitely felt good, but I have no doubt that I am going to be feeling this tomorrow. Thank you!

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    Warrior 20XX LAUNCH SALE is ending soon! ➞ https://Warrior20XX.com

  • Hi FB,
    I’ve been using your meal plans and workout plans for years and love them. I love your channel and all your free content but please could you bring back the quick meal ideas videos and the q&a videos. I love the inspiration and advice without the worry that it’s harmful. You guys always keep it real.

  • I just wanted to thank you guys again. You’ve done wonders for me physically and mentally. I feel stronger and calmer since doing your workouts with you!!! I will always support you. Please, keep doing the amazing work that you do. I’d go as far as saying that you do humanitarian work with giving us these amazing workouts for free! Much love and gratitude.

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    I’m very Glad ofter watching your videos
    Can you contact directly my instagram �� Love_909808
    Plz directly suggest me

    Then I’m also help You

  • I loved this! Lunges aggravate my knees, so on the second round of lunge pulses I subbed single-legged bridges:) Thank you for all the work you do, and God bless!

  • I’m 17 years old…should I indulge in weight training exercises like carrying dumbell? Will it affect my body and its posture in later years?

  • Hey Mike! New to your page brother! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise. I am not a “self-workout” person. Usually, I need to go to the gym for motivation. Like a fellowship sort of thing. However, I’ve always enjoyed yoga and I think your training is a good balance of yoga and body exercise. I appreciate your constant sharing throughout the exercise. Keep spreading the knowledge and love! Peace, Peace.

  • Mike I’m so f*** happy you are back! First time I went to the gym when I was in high school was bc of you. Your inspirational mike. u mentally got me out of a really dark place and I’m happy to share that with u. This was 2010 I have evolved and became a greater Version of my self! I will be fallowing again. U really made my day. U really changed ppl life’s don’t forget that

  • I don’t have dumbbells but I still wanted to challenge myself so I used a resistance band. MY LEGS ARE BURNING!! Definitely recommend!

  • Mike, try some chalistenics, are you able to do some hand pull ups? Planche pushups, planche, what are your opinions about these exercises?

  • 1st round, second set: only three exercises given: forgot to do the iceskater!
    2e round only three exercises instead of promised four
    I fil in the blanks myself..:))
    Overall: still love this workout!

  • I would love to know how you feel about the sport of Strongman’s application of strength endurance, as they apply it to heavier and heavier weights.

  • Feeling tired and aching muscles from physical work…but seeing you doing this…maybe just maybe i will do a short workout in a minute 😉

  • i really like your morning flow training
    i ve begun this routine for few weeks now…and my boby knows the mouvements more and more..;
    its amazing method…live your mind away, let your body tallk ;);;)
    love u Mike
    thanks a lot

  • Great Mike, I have been following your Channel and your advice, Regarding workout, getting a strong mind and other staff, I have also opened up a channel in order to record my progress. I would be highly appreciated If I get support from this community.
    Great Advice Mike.

  • Your a man phil!!! been following your strength training videos really helped me alot in my bjj who the fuck can afford a personal strength training in coach at amature level! Not this guy thanks brotha ��

  • Mike just out of curiosity do you actually practice a particular martial art aside from general fitness? Regardless excellent work out video thanks my friend.

  • Thank you for this video! Really like your style of presenting your content.
    If you need need some music for TABATA and H.I.I.T. sessions check out our channel WHYTUNEZ.

  • For a beginner, looking to develop an overall foundation to become a pro fighter one day, what workouts/diets/lifestyle changes would you recommend for me to start?

  • Would you mind sharing the reps and sets or times for each exercise he did in this interval? If it is an interval. I’d like to give it a shot

  • Im 34 yr old. I plan on making my mma debut next year YES im a lil bit crazy lol. But i have been watching your videos and practicing everything you show. I cant thank you enough i feel 24.

  • Love your channel��. Is Ground Control good for people who are pretty experienced with strength training? I’m a purple belt and I work as an athletic trainer. I’m solid with the fundamentals but it would be cool to learn some details and programming from someone who works with world class athletes.

  • Thank you for sharing this video, it is very helpful.

    Does this routine enough to build a solid anaerobic endurance or he needs to add some intense intervals, such as sprints or assault bike?

  • This is great stuff. I’m an old fighter who is no longer actively fighting but still trains for it. Its so cool to see how much training has evolved. Back when I started they didn’t want us touching weights cause it’d “make us slow and stiff”. One question though, the exercise where he was holding the bar in the bend of his elbow is that specifically core with biceps secondary? I’ve not seen that before.

  • Hi, is SE somehow related to GTG as Pavel Tsatsouline speaks about? Or more like HIIT and Tabata? I want to know in advance, not after purchasing the $ 1050 value for special price of $ 97.

  • Love this workout. Good option to not use weights or to add them. I always enjoy working out with you guys! Thanks for the care and the integrity! Hugs to you both!

  • I just lift weights, do cardio and then do the bjj/muay thay/etc
    There is no better than old school training, along with a proper diet and supplements

  • Sorry but just had to share. The right side of the thumbnail made it look like Dustin had no legs. My first thought: “WHAT THA?! What happened to Dustin?! Was he in an accident?!”

  • You gotta love how the fatty only instructs and doesnt follow for more than 2 reps, you know this guy’s cardio wouldnt last half a round just by looking at him.

  • The exercise performed at 2:50, what is it, and how does it compare workwise to say a Romanian Deadlift? It looks like the mechanics of the life are very similar, just with a different grip?

  • What does holding the barbell in the bend of your arms do? I see it a lot but what are the benefits of this and doesn’t it hurt to hold it like that?

  • Why do you pursue powerlifting for your own goals rather than training such as this? When powerlifting myself in the past, the body took much more of a beating and it’s a lot more taxing on the CNS and there’s less GPP involved, therefore less fitness. Do you do it to be the swole and efficient package? What’s your input? Thank you for the consistent content Phil!

  • You guys are great. I always advise friends that fitnessblender.com is perfect, spending lots of money for sports is bull shit. It is a matter of self disipline. Greetings from Turkey ����

  • Phil, I have been practing mma for 2 years now, reason why i want to improve my cardiovascular resistance and condition, wich progam you recomend me to take?

  • Greetings sir. I have a specific question for you.

    From health reasons I must to maximum avoid increasing blood pressure in the eyeball and tension in neck muscles.

    Which push exercise will be more safety? Light dumbell floor press with roller under my head? Or standing landmine press/single arm cable press?

  • The best thing about you isyou are so down to earth and reply to comments and questions unlike other youtubers.. appreciate it. You are the MAN!!!!

  • I really dig your style, dog. This helps us fighters that can’t afford a strength coach and need a real understanding of the mechanics and design of specific workouts. Appreciate you!

  • Big fan of Dustin. Didn’t understand what the purpose of some of these exercises were. Would’ve helped to explain. E.g. the zercher bend over. What’s the purpose?

  • Honestly, I think all of this stuff hurts ufc fighters or fighters in general. Calisthenics aren’t good enough anymore? I think this guy is just pushing himself and his methods by using fighters in his videos.

  • I agree with emptying your mind. Movement is a meditation. Be it walking or crawling it doesn’t matter. If you are not focused and present, you will move with incorrect mechanics. so instead of strengthening your body and mind, you are aging your body and teaching your brain to move inefficiently.

  • Click the link to get access to all my Combat Sports Performance Training Programs >>>> https://www.darustrong.com/performance-training-programs.html

  • Good video man! A topic really interesting to me because I’m a construction worker so strength endurance is basically my whole job!

  • What if you’re naturally skinny will this type of training put size on you or just keep you skinny and ripped? Anyone have any ideas?

  • It makes a whole lot of sense, Because ( backstory ) I used to be fitness illiterate. But after educating my-self about THE DIFFERENT TYPES of EXERCISES and their purpose!

    Example ; Low reps, High weight for “Strength”. Medium reps, Mid-High Weight for “Muscle Volme”. and High reps, Low-Medium weight for “Endurance”.

    It just made sense to me that endurance made considerable sense in real life applications.

  • Do yoga, run and calisthenics for reps or with extra weight on you people(add martial arts if you got some pocket money). I did bodybuilding for over 5 years, and although I looked better on shorts during the summer than I do now, there’s absolutely no comparison in how fit I am compared to the old me. Flexibility, endurance(muscular & cardiovascular), and enough strength to pick up my own bodyweight multiple times is the right way train. My opinion of course ��������

  • Great success! Absolutely deserved!
    I am thinking to buy athlete 20XX but have a question.
    How much strength do you think a person should have for them to move away from weightlifting and incorporate more your advanced exercises?
    For instance, how much do you think is ‘enough’ on key lifts such as bench, deadlift, overhead press for 8 reps?

    Thanks bunch!

  • Hey!!! haven’t watch your videos for a while so I’m binging on it at the moment and really loving them…you looking toned up like f..I.. ��

  • It’s sad to see that some juiced up fake natty gets 1 million view for a bicep workout video and this guy who is straight up speaking truth gets roughly 23k.
    It’s not really about the number of views but the number of people being misguided into believing some really dumb shit!

  • Yes so true!

    Finished week one of the Warrior Program and it is a true ass-kicker!

    Lost +7lbs and getting better each day.

    Looking forward when I worked my way up to the elite workout level!!!

  • Totally agree mate, most workouts are few reps then rest and play on their phone for two minutes��
    Strength endurance is extremely tough and uncomfortable but I love it because you have to push yourself through limits

  • With other words:
    “If you want to really be the ass kicker in life mentally and physicaly then stop the show, train to be the show.” unkown yet

    Thanks for your effort athlete.��

  • Good content! Big fan of the Diamond too!
    Just a quick question.
    What is the significance of the deadlifts you made him do wherein you get the bar off the ground first and hip hinge off the box compared to your conventional deadlift? Is there a particular reason you are breaking the technique down into 2 steps instead of just one fluid, triple extension motion found in the conventional deadlift?

  • I think I agree with your perspective to some degree. To increase endurance, I definitely believe body-weight exercises, running HIIT, and other stamina-related exercises are great.

    That being said, there is nothing wrong with having big muscles by weightlifting and as a result having a ripped or bulky physique. Actually even from a fighter’s perspective, weight plays a significant role and that is why there are weight classes in MMA and boxing. With proper MMA training, you at 85kg (still dang ripped) are more capable of taking down someone who is 75kg of equal training. Your punches will have more weight and power behind them. Look at the legend boxer Butterbean.

    So yeah, I train for stamina, but I also love working out in the gym and the results I get out of it.

  • I managed to do the first exercise, the lunge all the way through. Very proud of myself and felt the burn! Thanks for not including the burpees in this workout!

  • Say what you want about crossfit’s faults but at the end it’s very complete training method. Specially if you do it smart and always make sure to fix mobility/Stability issues etc. Anyway new program seems fun in a twisted way:D I have been doing similar workouts here and there for years and its always “fun” and effective. Might give the program solid try after the running season.

  • It’s just amazing to see how much you have grown, and evolved as an athlete and person. I started following the channel when it had about 30 k followers. Congratulations, always consistent quality work, sharing what you do!

  • Thanks Mike. I remember seeing your ads back in the for 6 pack abs. Now I feel I could do this. I’ll watch it again and take notes. This is what I needed. God Bless you.

  • Strength first! Check out some old school stuff like pavel tsatsouline & charles poliquin. These guys are onethe most decorated strength coaches out there. If you can perform a HSPU, dips become easy. A lot of dips dont make you strong for HSPU. Stregth first!

  • Hi Ero, excellent video man. Now that you are focusing on muscle endurance, what is your routine now for strength training? Do you still aim to progress in weight on that front?

  • Thanks Daniel this workout is always so good on the days when I want to go hard without any weights. Yesterday I did your upper body Tabatha so i hope it is ok to do lower body Tabatha tomorrow after this.

  • This was a great base workout to modify. I made it a total body strength by adding a complimentary upper body strength move with dumbbells.

  • Sir please make a video on knock knees fix or knee valgus fix. I have a lot of problem in my lower body posture. Please help me sir. ����