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3 WAYS TO GET YOUR WORKOUT IN. 1. SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS. To make sure that your fitness is a priority, Silvis suggests putting your workouts on your daily to-do list. “We are 2. AVOID THE GYM DURING PRIME TIME. If you can choose a time to hit the gym other than after work, and to a lesser. If you’re at HBO, you eliminate more than 100 stupid rules.

But even if your company isn’t actively trying to simplify things, you can personally take a stand against time-sucks. 5 Time Sucks Killing Your Productivity at Work as well seek out a funny tweet with that time. And once the meeting is over, you can’t just sit right back down and start working again, so why. Having a to-do list can keep you on schedule and help you avoid wasting time trying to figure out what is a priority.

Get organized the night before so that you know — in order of importance. But for a lot of us, it can be tough to figure out when it’s time to switch jobs — especially because the emotional muck of a bad job can suck your motivation, and make it hard to think clearly. It’s inevitable.

After enough time at any job, you have a day that really sucks. Then, eventually, maybe another. And another. Suddenly the job you loved starts to feel like, well, work. And.

Older workers are still suffering in the aftermath of the Great Recession. More than half the people aged 50 and older who participated in a recent AARP survey said they had either experienced or witnessed age discrimination in the workplace. Yet four out of five Americans over 50 say that they are going to have to delay their retirement plans and work well into their golden years. They’re a great way to reach out to people. We do a podcast now, which is really helpful.

So we try everything, we try to reach out in lots of ways. We love it, we’re thrilled. We’re very happy. We didn’t have the time and didn’t see the benefit of continuing with the comments. Things have changed; you have to change with them.

Ticks prefer grassy, brushy, and wooded areas, the CDC says, so you up your risk of coming into contact with them if you love to go hiking, trail running, cycling, camping, or even spend time in. Meetings about planning another meeting, fixing frivolous mistakes and answering heaps of email messages — all of these are time-sucks that are costing you (or your employer) money. When it comes to work time-sucks, get engaged, get productive and you will save time.

List of related literature:

This exercise is not really about time.

“How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness” by Jan Chozen Bays
from How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness
by Jan Chozen Bays
Shambhala, 2011

But if you need the time, you can always solve for it.

“Physics I For Dummies” by Steven Holzner
from Physics I For Dummies
by Steven Holzner
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A can do a job in 3 days less time than B. A works at it alone for 4 days and then B takes over and completes it.

“Guide to IBPS & SBI Specialist IT Officer Scale I 6th Edition” by Disha Experts
from Guide to IBPS & SBI Specialist IT Officer Scale I 6th Edition
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Switch places between sets to allow time to rest.

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
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series of days without missing a day, and because for solving big problems, they can take longer to work than you’d wish.

“The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use: Dawn Rae Downton” by Dawn Rae Downton
from The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use: Dawn Rae Downton
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But time is different, it has a direction, you always move forward, never in reverse.

“Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon” by Dr. Michael P. Masters
from Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon
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The only way to increase time is to get more done in the time you have.

“The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure” by Grant Cardone
from The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure
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But if you don’t time block each day to do your ONE Thing, your ONE Thing won’t become a done

“The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
from The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
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But the passing of time never makes action easier, quite the opposite.

“Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence For Every Believer” by J. Oswald Sanders
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But there is no substitute for time.

“The Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership That Matters” by Albert Mohler
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  • When I tried the last exercise where you blow all the air out, it made me cough, kind of like when you are congested and want to clear your lungs. I rarely take deep breaths so maybe this is what I need. Thank you and blessings.

  • Thanks for the info. Just one thing: I think you should recommend those bands be a little higher on the the thighs not around the knees.

  • Its very bad to have lyrics on the videos ad i can’t see what to do��������, please mam make it easy so that we can follow, i am not able to understand, and yes i have subscribed your channel

  • Hello doctor, I’m having this problem from few months… can this be totally corrected in home by these exercises, please say I’m tensed?

  • Suffered spinning of head at night and after waking up..it just happened once but it was scary.. I came across your video while searching what was wrong with me..didn’t even know what vertigo was…thanks a ton doctor..I started doing the exercises shown in the video and it didn’t happen again..may god bless you..
    It’s been a week since..if I continue the exercises is it ok?
    Much love to u..thanks a ton!!

  • I get a subscribe your channels you helps me a lot my Mother have an breathing problems ���������� An I m so much worry about her medican make her make her more sick do have have some natural medication ore natural food who helps to have good breath I wait for your response please if you know so thing please I need it I love my mom a lot more then my self she an Queen of an heaven �� I pray for your channel you get millions + subscribers nearly soon Amen ��

  • Been using this for some time. Thanks so much. Anyone have any suggestions on how to correct volume on alternate picking? Been fighting with it for weeks, trying to pay attention to keep the right hand movement balanced…while I do tend to play cleaner now for some reason, no matter the pick angle, I tend to hit harder downward than coming up. Driving me crazy. OCD is a hell of a drug.

  • I came here because I realized my picking sucks. Also my strumming sucks. I’ve been just accepting that sometimes I strum too many (or too few) strings all the time. When I play arpeggios I hit the wrong strings all the time. I don’t want to do that any more! Please help, Uncle Ben!

  • Love how instead of making a video giving advice you make a negative advice video because you’re trying to sell your program. But you could’ve just spent the time making a proper exercise video?

  • Circular pick motion helped me greatly strings skipping/changing. It increases your range greatly in opposition to standard up-down motion.

  • Ive had this sore throat for like 2 months and the doctor gave me antibiotics and didnt help any. Anything you can recommend? My voice gets hoarsed constantly i have to clear throat often. i have post nasal drip i cough and sneeze sometimes to.

  • Hello Sir,
    Myself shiva from Tamilnadu.

    I had symptoms like GERD (dizziness, decentry, sore throat, throat pain, lump in throat, acid reflux (vomiting with water sometimes), belching & Insomnia.

    But i don’t have heart burn, fever, cough and all.

    Also I consulted with doctors(ENT & Gastric) and took abdomen scan. They said nothing to worry, no problems and gave some tablets. I completed those tablets for 30 days (i.e. Erosive D, Alerfix, Stamina OD, Petril beta, Rabonik DSR & Becosules).

    Because of COVID-19, Endorscopy test is not taking here.

    Still my throat is paining. Kindly please give your suggestions? Your biggest help will be useful for me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Great Video!
    I’ve noticed that most exercises don’t involve machines that you would find at a gym; is there a reason to avoid machines? Possibly these exercises apply to everyone and not just those who go to the gym? Thanks for the info.

  • I just tested positive for corona two days ago and my sore throat is very painful I can even feel some pain in my ears. Someone help please I can’t take it anymore.

  • For the gaze stabilization, how often do you recommend doing those? Per day? I really hope this helps me over time, been dealing with getting lightheaded while turning or looking around.

  • This is really helpful but i have some doubts:
    1) In the last exercise do we need to hold the breathe?
    2)How many times do we need to do the 2nd exercise
    3)will this be helpful for increasing the capacity of lungs?
    Thank you☺

  • Hello doctor jo, I am having dizziness from last two days now I am gonna try this exercise I am not sure if I am having vertigo but my symptoms are like that only ie spinning of room and world around me that happens when I sleep I think it could be due to my pillow so I am gonna change it please suggest me something else to get rid of it I can’t sleep becoz of this? I have subscribed your channel. Sorry for any grammatical error.

  • thank you so very much it helps alot! i just have one question how many days a week would you recomend doing this sequence? currently im doing 4 times a week always one day rest but i would love to hear your profesional opinion

  • 1. Does this Kind of breathing increase Vo2 Max during Weight training, Climbing stairs or Cardio (not running), 2. Does it speeds calorie Consumption

  • Can you please help me out….
    with this exercise it help me but it come again with the interval of 1 to 1.5 month, within 4 month this is third time I am facing BPPV.

  • Thank you. Very informative. I am currently doing some of these exercises with my PT who suspects SI joint and lumbar inflammation. Since progress has been slow, I will be seeing a physiatrist next week. It will be interesting to see what he suggests.

  • Madam I am feeling difficulty in breathing without any reason. Feeling Chest is heavy and small threads or balls of transparent cought from throat. This problem is increasing. What to do.. tired up with tablets

  • I have a breathing problem from 4-5 days. It happened 20 days before too. But, it has ended after 2-3 days. But, again it’s happening with me from 5 days ( continuously ). Whenever I’m going to sleep. Negative thoughts are started coming. And it’s happening with me from 1 month
    But, I’m very scared of my breathing problem. I’m taking some medicines too ( after doctor consultation ).
    But, it’s not working yet. Doctor also did a chest x-ray of mine. Reports are normal. Any solution?

  • “If you always wanna pick like a stepdad…” baaaahaha, dude, you crack me up!
    Also, for a while I was rockin the stepdad role and I taught her kid that crap. Thanks for the upgrade. The Punisher is a good name.

  • Are there varying degrees of hunchback? Are there some people who have hunchback posture without realizing it because it’s not noticeable in comparison to some severe versions of hunchback?

  • Good morning, iv’e been dizzy for 5 days i, i can’t lay down easily, and i ‘m feeling my room is spinning.. my hearing is fine.. i can’t go to see personally for check -up because Here in our town in the Philippines implementing ECQ because of the pandemic happening..private clinics were closed and hospitals temporarily don’t accept check ups

  • Yesterday me and my brother had sore throats. I went to test for coronavirus and they said I had to come 2 days after if I had more symptoms. The stress is killing me right now.

  • I’ve been feeling a little breathless and have chest tightness for few days? I am avoiding to go to doctor because of covid pandemic. What should I do?

  • hello ma’am I did the first exercise. When i was laying on the left nothing happened, but as I was laying on the right side i felt like my head is moving and felt very dizzy and felt like omitting, so I stopped midway, any diagnosis or suggestions for me please, what may be the cause. I have never experienced something like this before

  • I have done some of these before. I notice on the clamshell you use a tighter angle than my PT recommended. Is there an ideal angle?

  • I am 85 with bad COPD from 45 to 85 And never had MY MD suggested this just MORE PILLS was his answer, i practiced holding breath for a week now and whet from 25 to 45 seconds..Starting today i will practice your method starting daily for 1 hr. Thanks for this video God Bless you��

  • Can I do these exercises as prevention? my plan is to do 3 weeks with 3-4 times a week of self adjustment (although I don’t know if I need it) and then a daily routine of stabilization exercises. Thank you! Greetings from Italy

  • I have piriformis syndrome for 3 years now, I get better but as soon as I start running or walking long distance start hurting again, recently the specialist mentioned that I need PT exercises for SI joint instability, they gave me exactly the same exercises that you are showing here, but I thought those were piriformis exercises, I have done those exercises for 1 week already, my piriformis is not improving yet, but maybe I’ll see results in couple more weeks? how long will take to see improvement?

  • This was so helpful; thank you! I am a yoga instructor and we typically cue to have the ankles right under the knees in a bridge pose. Would you recommend that here or possibly not, to cue the glutes more? Also, where can I purchase the Thera bands you have? Thank you-

  • I actually can´t thank You enough for this excercise! I´ve been Petrucci Rock Disciplining for the last couple of months and THIS excercise right here is absolutely genius! My hand brain connection has lifted you in the hall of fame for best excercises ever! Thank You!

  • Literally called my mom crying cuz I knew that I was just experiencing this. She used to have vertigo but started doing exercises as soon as she knew about them and now no longer has vertigo. The vertigo I experienced right now wasn’t that bad but I’m definitely gonna do these exercises. Thank you!!!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Ben. My picking does suck. My right and left hands have their own minds. I’m working on a Mr. Spock-like mind meld for the two. Eventually, I won’t create music that sounds inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. As for now, it’s back to the music of Cthulhu.

  • Y’all drink a spoon of honey and it’ll go away for about an hour or 2…. It ain’t nothing but at least your throat will relax a bit

  • Whoops, I didn’t even know people were doing this to fix hunchback, I’ve been doing it whenever my back felt tight, didn’t realize I could be making things a lot worse

  • I seem to put my SI joint out occasionally and I don’t know how I am doing it. Sooo painful. Had to have a sports doc put my hip in traction to correct it. Thank you for this video

  • I stopped playing for around 5 years and picked guitar back up again recently. Double picking is the only thing that really went downhill for me. I can still sweep pick, but I’m actually having to do drills to get my double picking back up to par again. I would have thought it would be the other way around. Sweep picking used to be the holy grail of guitar playing for me but the better and older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized that A) It’s not as hard as it seems and B) It’s more of a “salt and pepper” kind of thing. A lot of music tries to make it the main course and usually suffers as a result.

    Double picking, however, is relevant and prevalent throughout all genres of music. Practice your double picking folks.

  • I used that exercise, and then three notes per string, two notes per string, and now I’m still working on alternate picking one note per string.

  • It’s really helpful I do that as well be hard with a band for me because my left legs goes in
    Because I had a stroke, I got to fix my balance

  • My mom is 50 years old. today she had dizziness for first time for 1 hr time. As she is changing sides while laying, then that dizziness increase. Will this exercise work on her? Will this be good for her as she don’t have any other medical condition. Please answer?

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  • Thank you! This staring exercises helped me immediately! Though I don’t think I have BPPV!! Feels like its coming from my frontal lobe!

  • “And if you want your real dad to respect you again”.lol! What a great video! I just might have to buy something; from Uncle Ben…


    Thank you for your video! Question: for chronic SI joint pain, how long doing these exercises daily do your patients start to feel free of SI joint pain for good? I have been doing most of these exercises for three months, including the alignmment techniques in your video, and I am still experiencing pain.

  • Thanks doctor Jo. Went to ER with dizziness and Vomiting. They said Benign positional vertigo. They gave me written instructions but I was doing them wrong. I hope this helps me I am at a stand still with this vertigo.

  • i didnt feel very dizzy during the lying exercise but now that I’ve finished I actually feel dizzy and nauseous, is that normal or is the exercise not right for me?

  • I just had it all of a sudden, could it be because I’ve been sleeping late or overusing my phone for gaming? I still have it and the symptoms won’t instantly go away, but I must try this exercise you have taught here. Thank you!

  • I had vertigo about a year ago and this morning I just woke up and I got dizzy turning my head or flipping over in bed. So basically i got it back. I hope these exercises work.

  • I have breathing problem from 3days small breathing problem.morning and night this problem is heavy remaining time I don’t have any problem.i don’t have caugh,cold any other symptoms only breathing problem.what is the problem mam please give me reply

  • @Ben Eller I used your picking exercises, I went from difficulty picking Green Day’s September Ends to alternate picking the Guitar Duel scene from Crossroads……I wouldn’t call that massive gains.

  • People should also practice their strums alone include gallop, palm muted down strokes, and down ups. Practice each for 3 to 5 minutes a time.

  • I’ve been to 5 physical therapists in five years for SI joint hyper mobility on the one side. Nothing has worked although the SI belt helps somewhat. I’m excited to try these as they will be new for me! Thanks for posting!

  • My dizzy is gone know but it will come back i drink 2 fluid drinks so i dont know that much works but my dizzy comes back i try ever video ima sit down for a while if it helps

  • How many times a week should these exercises be performed? And how often should a person perform the SI self adjustment technique?

  • Hi Dr. Jo I don’t get dizzy when doing this. My dizziness only happens when I’m sitting, I don’t feel it when driving or walking. I was diagnosed with bppv about two weeks ago. Does it go away?

  • Its really hard for me to take deep breaths and i googled it and it was something called dyspnea which meant hunger for air, i really hope this helps

  • Was diagnosed with bbpv a couple years ago and never offered any help or resolution. I get these episodes where I’m dizzy for a couple days every month or so, but only upon standing and bending over. Are headaches common with bppv as well?

  • With the first exercise, Is the 30 seconds the maximum or the minimum? If I go into one position and I have no dizziness, do I go to the next position or do I still wait the 30 seconds? If I still have dizziness after 30 seconds, do I wait until it stops? Thank you. I did purchase the handout but it doesn’t say which.

  • Matt, no it’s NOT simply activating the back muscles for if that were the case no one would have hump backs or back pain. Over time it turns into a structural issue yes that involves muscles, bones and MFR., breath work and trigger point therapy,,,, you can get certified with only 50 hours of online certification for IPATH restorative yoga with posture held poses not exercises http://www.theipathmethod.com help your community

  • Hello Doctor i feel dizzy when i do any mental work with proper concentration
    My brain gets too tired and i feel dizzy all the time.I feel more problem when i watch laptop or mobile or talking on fone make me dizzy after some time.Kindly help me I’m suffering from Virtigo from last 6 months
    I have been taking medicines but nothing works

  • My neck is automatically turning left side. I have no control over itShaking head is also happening Please tell me some exercises?

  • Thank you so much for this video, doctor. These exercises really worked wonders for me. I got rid of vertigo after doing these exercises for 2 days. Really appreciate you putting up this video. Cheers!

  • Thanks a lot Abraham…. ☺, i was very depressed 1st to have a sore throat but now m feeling good.. Cz of it i reach here…

  • This is 2020 and I decided to search as I recently started having these unsteady feelings. I can’t go in to see my doctor because of the virus but she sent some meds yesterday. I definitely will be doing these exercises

  • Hi sir, I had covid19 a month ago, the last test was on 18 June negative, now I have sore throat and I did CBC test, the lymphocytes is high 48, please suggest something.

  • Hi thank you for this. I have tried and I already feel much better. I sufferred so much pain. I was desperate because I coul not walk without pain.Doctors could npt detact what was causing the pain. How often do you recommend to do exercise during the day?

  • Doctor am problem of vertigo when am go to sleep and my head move than i am feel movement in my head and vertigo than my head stable verigo stop please help

  • Hi doc, i’m lamria from indonesia
    How if when i do this treatment but im feeling so so dizzy, i’m try one time only one side with open eyes but everything move and make me so dizzy, is it ok to continue even still feeling so dizzy after 30 second? Or i must wait until not feeling dizzy then wake up and changes to other side?

  • I just started your recommended exercises today. Is this related to RA? I I’ve been battling with it for 3 weeks. I have meds but not sure they are helping though it’s not as bad as it was but this morning I had a good spin happen. Hoping my world stops spinning with your exercises ��





    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doesn’t hurt when I drink water but it hurts a little when i add a little strength to the swallow, is it just the soreness or is it something else.

  • Dr. Jo can you please tell me that when these exercises have to do, in the morning or anytime? also please tell me whether these exercises have to perform empty stomach or after meal?

  • You are a life saver, I woke yesterday with this condition, have a friend who had it years ago, but for me was the first time and it scared the hell out of me, researched the net and ended up here with your video, on the first day I got a huge improvement, I get it the most when laying on the right side and I think know it because I was diagnosed with hearing loss years ago and have tinnitus 24/7 and wax produce especially with right ear and I think have the right inner ear infected….thank you for spreading your knowledge for free.

  • Hello doctor, I had gone for a squint surgery about 3 months ago and now recently I have started getting dizzy a bit. Could it be due to the surgery?

  • I think all picking exercises suck..
    because they’re not music…
    so, if you do this for a week… your solos will sound like picking exercises..
    practice music.. and it will sound like music..
    use exercises and it will sound like exersice
    I M O

  • trWow I;m back a day later. Using your Technic I can now bring up all that was causing my ruble and i now can get rid of the sound that drives my wife craze. Thanks Dr Joe. ��

  • 1)Salt and warm water gargle
    2)Avoid hot drinks
    3) lozenges
    4) paracetamol
    5) Drink lots of water, because in sore throat our body get dehydrated that can lead to another symptoms like fatigue or headache.
    6)Avoid smoking

  • I went to the chiropractor and I think he made the pain worse, I started doing some of these exercises and feel better! I’m gonna try out the self adjustment exercises as well. Thanks for the info

  • Hi madam I am 25 years old I have breathing problem when I after eating food and when I working our company and Running time short breathing coming and some times I take more air through mouth madam please reply….

  • I havent consumed tobacco for over 15 days now and i am having little issues in breathing, i dont exactly know why s it happening?

  • Dude great video and thank you for your time but what is up with your step mom’s hair tie above the nut. I thought your muting doesn’t suck?

  • Plz help me, I don’t have cough or cold but have symtoms of shortness of breath since 3-4 months. I don’t have any chest pain but sometimes feels like there is mild pain in like my lungs have cracked line sometimes on right side or sometimes on left side of chest. Usually shortness od breath don’t bother me but sleeping flat somtimes feels like I’m going out of oxygen.
    I also have GERD since a year and I learnt from some websites that GERS also causes chest problems like bronchospasms, asthma, etc.

  • Great video! Been doing some of these but not the second one with the extended leg lift! What do you think of hip hinges as a way to stretch but strengthen the area? I hear the “4” stretch of angle on knee pulled back actually makes the SI worse. Does that all make sense?

  • I’ve been struggling for over 3 weeks. Is it related to RA? I just started your exercises. Hoping to have my world stop spinning. ������

  • dr. mam your exercises is very good effctive and your told action this is good for health because breathing exercises for relazation now going on covid-19 so please help to others

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Vertigo Treatments in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-vertigo-treatments-worksheet
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  • Hello Dr Jo, i started having shortness of breath whn two of my friends smoked cigarette in my room that was my first attck in the year 2011 and second time after 2mnths. Since then i get this attack when i am scared. I went for check up but the result was all good. During this attack if i divert my mind from overthinking of shortness of breath i ll be ok within a minute. Few minutes bck also i was hving this attck may be cz of over thinking of corona issue, while searching a cure in YouTube i came across your video and followed your instructions, now i got my breath bck to normal thank you for that. Kindly let me know what exact the problem is and can it b cured. Regards

  • If you have a sore throat i know a miracle cure. A real life miracle. Warm water, and cayenne pepper. Mix it well and gargle 30 seconds. Boom instant relief. Pain will go away completely.

  • Starting with upstrokes actually really helped me when I started doing it simply by not having to jump over a string to hit the other string.

    The only thing I would add here is to make sure to accents on the 1 count or even the downbeat if you prefer. It helps the phrasing stay clear at high speed. Good luck! Great vid.

  • Is it possible to lose weight and tone your muscles with severe si joint pain. And your videos are really helpful. I am doing all the exercises and they seem to help with pain. But any exercise to lose weight?

  • Doc i feel dizziness all time.
    I feel weaker. It seems i have no energy on my body.I can’t stand more 10-20 minutes. It seems i will fall down.
    This problem comes in a year and stays around than 10-20 days.My bp goes higher and my head sweat on the back.
    Please suggest me…….
    I am from Bangladesh.

  • Another great video. I don’t have those bands but will get one and try these out. Would you know what movements would de-stabilize the SI joint or what common reason people get this pain in the first place? Thanks again!

  • this is exactly what’s going on with me, my lower back muscles are so tight cause I can straightening myself with them, exactly as shown at 3:05

  • I have hunch back and while i am coming in right posture i realise there is antrier pelvic tilt aslo their so on which thing should i work first or work on both together

  • Mam, Few months back I got fever then dizziness has started. Fever was gone but dizziness remains. Recently I went to hospital and took ecg test and doctor said everything is fine. But I feel light dizziness, why so..?

  • Thanks for lesson, Ben. Really needed this exercise before even getting into likes of shredding or fast strumming. I noticed that my picking was definitely missing an element while trying to alternate pick and learning other things simultaneously. Taking a step back to improve on this on its own was just what I needed. Thanks again.

  • Jared I love your videos. These exercises are great.
    I went through PT recently for SI joint and lumbar spine radiculopathy. The PT was having me do several exercises on one leg (we did the clam shells, bridges too).
    Your recommendation for staying on both legs or doing non weight bearing exercises, is this while building up strength? I haven’t heard this before. So eventually would someone move to exercises on one leg? I’m just curious. Hope this makes sense. Thank you.

  • Sirr please help. I didn’t knew and I did salt water gargle but the water was very warm and salty now something bad has happen to my throat and it’s painful while singing or talking. Also feel voice cracks while singing and I am losing my vocal range( cannot sing high) also in tonsils area I see sort of white ulcers which has a burning sensation after singing.
    Note my voice has become very low and deep. Please help what should I do

  • These are some of the most-effective exercises out there for this common condition. Did you try them? Did they help? Comment your experience down below and thanks so much for watching!

  • Thanks Dr it’s giving better relif one thing to ask at same time I’m suffering from random head ache and vomiting even intake medcine also

  • hi, i have hypermovily sindrom, it seems that my glute pain (some times
    sciatica sintoms) are coming from my si joints, can i do this exercices?
    i was doing a lot of glute medium excercices that work for some time,
    as well that my mri cames okey, so i dont hae any disk issues as well
    that my pt tells me that its not pyriform simdron cause i really have a
    good range of motion in both legs, so it could be for my Greater
    trocanter joints? or the si? thanks c:

  • I have so much pain after leaving my job as a floor nurse, lots of movement to a sedentary job. I don’t want to get steroid injections too often as it gave me osteopenia and type 2 diabetes. Thank you for these exercises especially during covid and I can’t participate in PT. Just starting these exercises and feel better already.

  • Past two days I can’t breathe property. My noise r very clear. And every 30second I need to leave my air on my mouth. I dont know…

  • i have white spots in my tonsils atm:( i’ve been taking augmentin and gargling hydrogen peroxide today. hopefully the white spots go away u_u

  • I love your videos. I’m a female senior and an wondering if you could make a video for guitar players. I did have bicep tendon surgery last year, but doing well because I still do my physical therapy at home. Thank you!

  • A thick 2.5 Jim Dunlop pick drastically I’ll mproved my accuracy and speed. You have to give it a weeks worth of getting use to. I chose these pick because guitarists were stealing my picks.

    Keep in mind, Billy Gibbons and Brian May use Mexican and English coins respectively.

  • wow thank you DR. I just came out of emergency in Cape Coral FL and at the end they did showed me some of this but not all. I am starting today with all this exercises.

  • This video made me turn around and look at what I see. In its face, the mirror of my dreams; and there upon a rainbow is the answer…

  • This might be a minor detail, but I understand that the SI joint does have about 3 degrees of movement (up to 8 in z axis) that happens normally with hip flexion and extension. And the problems start happening when the joint is “stuck” at one end of it’s range, for example stuck in anterior rotation and thus limiting the motions of the hip and lumbar spine. Thus hypomobility in one of the SI joints, or in both, will limit movement in the kinetic chain above and below. (of course, too much movement is also bad, which is the reason for all the stabilization exercises to limit, control and balance the movements of the SI joint). references: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2565072/, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2565072/

  • Do the 4 note per string exercise (or any 4 note per string scale). starting on down stroke and up stroke ascending and descending…you hit inside and outside picking. The problem is everyone gets caught up and starting with a down stroke..gotta do both.

  • hi doctor jo! can u provide me some breathing exercise to heal from my GERD? i am having shortness of breath as one of my symptoms but i am recovering now with all the medication, natural remedies, change of lifestyle and diet, and some of other exercises regarding GERD treatment. but if its okay, i would like to hear something from u if u know some techniques to treat my GERD. thanks!

  • Spit tastes like vomit
    And my throat feels like its wrapped in sandpaper

    ok ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Uncle Ben, i dont know if i like your playing more than your humor or the other way around. Either ways, great content and presentation! Thank you.

  • Why do I get litely discomfort to take breath..
    I have suffering from mild cold and Cough since 4 months..
    Is there any exercise to take comfort breath??

  • Would you recommend I do the procedure tilting the head back 20 degrees and to the side 45 degrees in the morning or is it ok to do it in the evening too?

  • Mam I am suffering pain in my chest since 3 months and take all examination but no on find my pain problem what I do.
    I also suffer with anemia 8.7 unit blood
    And I never get Mucus cough or dry cough

  • very well explain.. i wanna ask that is there any solution to cure bppv permanently by exercise, any lifestyle change. because i have been facing this disease since june-2018… every six month i have this disease…

  • Thank you so much for the advice, especially one before the last exercise (not to put all your weight to one leg). I’ve been sufferring from SI joint pain for 5 years and my doctors could not find out the reason, they just gave me pain killer. When i tried the SI Joint re-adjustment, it helped a lot, now i’m focusing on strenthening the muscles. Please NOTE that working out the muscle with mini band really really help because your joint will be stable during the exercises. (sorry about my english ^^!)

  • One more variation (actually 2-4) I think are important to include descending finger pattern but ascending across the strings (E.G. starting on the low E: 4, 3, 2, 1, then 4 on the A string). Likewise, the reverse pattern; ascending per finger, but descending per string (e.g starting on the high E: 1, 2, 3, 4, then 1 on the B string). You could also add the string-skipping version of both of those.

  • ive done some of these before but are lateral walks with bands and monster walks not as effective? Should i even continue doing them?

  • Thanks so much! My si joint went out during the coronavirus lockdown and the chiropractor and pt were closed. I did the movements with ball, belt and theracane and heard a pop and felt the movement at the pubic bone! Instant relief!!!! Great technique I will share!

  • Man you really improved my life with these two videos. If you had advice on how to sleep with this problem it would help too. No matter what, my SI joint slowly gets worse overnight and it is awful. My damage was caused by a car wreck a few years ago. It started with CPPS and my DPT worked back to figure out it was my SI joint causing misalignment which was overworking my pelvic floor.

  • Thanks for this… sometimes infeel like a yawn to get that breathe and it comes sometimes and not other times….this is during the day and havi g had a nice sleep… any ideas? Due to vivid I had a phone consultation with my Dr. He reckons to try some breathing so let’s see

  • Thank you! You really helped me. I need to go back to stay active. I know what I have to do, but sometimes I run out of time ����‍♀️

  • Hello Ben, I tried this Exercise this Morning. It is really a killer. But I think very effektive. I will continue practicing it! Greetings from Germany! A.

  • Looks very similar to what I was told at PT, you described it in better detail and showing me the actual diagram of the nines was very helpful as well. I am fixing to get started, thank you so much. I have been in severe pain for right at a year now.

  • Hi, really liked the one you used a golf club in. Could you please post about lateral pelvic tilt combining si pain and tight ql and hip on one side along with a shoulder lower than the other. Would really appreciate it. Cheers!

  • I had asthma and I was doing fine for 1 year but now all of sudden I can’t breathe it’s like I am breathing hard Its like air can’t move through my trachea please help me.

  • Hey doc J, I have vertigo and just wondering can I do those exercises on my bed or do they have to be on a couch and which ones can I do at work?

  • OMG!!! I FEEL the NEED in these muscles after doing them! I cannot wait to see if this relieves the agonizing pain that feels like lightning strikes to my SI joint as soon as I lay down to go to sleep!
    I totally can’t do air squats! I used to rip off 125 with a 25 #weight bar when I was a super endurance and competitive distance horse racing athlete! All these problems SEEM connected to the discontinued extreme sports life I used to have! Can you comment on what people should do when they retire from a long life of athletics? I bet people suffer because they’re no longer USING their muscles the way they used to, therefore these muscles start going to waste or something. Please help is UNDERSTAND this phenomenon!
    Thanks ��!

  • Will try all do you have ankle amd foot pain exercises as my foot and ankle been paining since last friday been paining sooooooooooo much at home and work Thanks Ramya