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Preseason Ski Workout with US SKI Team Mogul Skier Heather McPhie

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How to Get in Shape for Ski Season in 7 Moves

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30 Minute Ski Conditioning Workout Fitness Blender Strength and Cardio Training

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Worth-it Workouts 1. Band Walks. 2. Back Extensions & DB Row. 3. Weighted Box Squats.

4. Overhead Medicine Ball Throws. Heather McPhie. Build Your Strength Inner and Outer Thighs. Your inner thighs work like crazy to keep your skis together.

Your outer thighs keep your body Calves. Because your knees are bent as you ski, your calves (specifically the soleus) help you stay upright so you don’t Abs and Back. Because you’re in a. Prop: None Stand with your weight balanced on your left leg and that knee slightly bent.

Keep your back straight and weight centered over the standing knee. Imagine that you’re at the center of a clock. Lift and extend your right leg, reaching forward toward 12 o’clock.

Bring your leg back to the. You may view skiing as a fun way to spend a cold winter morning outdoors, but it’s also an intense workout that stresses your arms, legs, and core. By strengthening and preparing specific muscle groups and movements, you will enhance your skiing ability, endurance, and prevent injury. TRAIN LIKE A SKIER, IN YOUR OWN HOME Work legs, glutes, arms and core. Strengthen and tone muscles.

Improve your endurance. Enhanced calorie burn for an intense and effective workout. Resistance Bands provide balance and support.

With the Virtual Reality Viewer and the Aeroski fitness App. So, in summary, here is a recommended program design: A warm-up with a balance component: Everyday. Explosive training with a balance component: 2 times per week.

Strength training addressing isometric, eccentric, and sport-specific strength: 1 heavy leg workout, 1 heavy upper body Ski Crouch. Alpine skiing primarily demands eccentric strength. My program design had trained concentric strength. I’d swung and whiffed.

I immediately started searching for the best exercises to train eccentric strength. There aren’t many. The strength coaches at the Olympic Training Center told me they used a stationary bike originally built for.

The Skier’s Edge BootMaster is the ultimate workout for skiers. It’s an intense exercise of those ski-specific muscles that SCREAM your first few weeks of skiing. The muscle memory conditioning transfers perfectly to your skis.

The BootMaster offers the most realistic experience to skiing ever. In terms of working your heart, Niebauer’s research has shown that downhill skiing roughly equates to cycling or rowing workouts. Of course, hopping through. With regards to the strain skiing places on your heart and lungs, it’s roughly equivalent to rowing or cycling, which means it’s a great form of cardio.

What’s more, skiing involves interval training; your body is worked hard as you navigate the slope, then you have a welcome period of respite as you make your way back to the summit.

List of related literature:

Transfer all (or most) of your weight to your left ski, and then push your skis into a turn so they end up perpendicular to the slope, turning your lower body with the skis but keeping your upper body facing downhill.

“The Great Outdoors: A User's Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Heading into the Wild (and How to Get Back in One Piece)” by Brendan Leonard
from The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Heading into the Wild (and How to Get Back in One Piece)
by Brendan Leonard
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I wouldn’t generally suggest doing specific downhill sessions, except for the following two to be done on a very shallow gradient.

“The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
from The Art of Running Faster
by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Properly downhill skiing!

“The Child On Platform One: Inspired by the children who escaped the Holocaust” by Gill Thompson
from The Child On Platform One: Inspired by the children who escaped the Holocaust
by Gill Thompson
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The skier comes out of a traverse or a preceding turn, places increasing weight on the downhill ski, and tries to prepare for a stepping-off movement from the downhill ski by pressing his downhill knee forwards and uphill.

“Do I Make Myself Clear?: Why Writing Well Matters” by Harold Evans
from Do I Make Myself Clear?: Why Writing Well Matters
by Harold Evans
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Leaning forward weights the front of the ski, and you lose traction.

“Survival Wisdom & Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Thrive in the Wilderness” by The Editors of Stackpole Books
from Survival Wisdom & Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Thrive in the Wilderness
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Skiing gives you a good overall workout.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

Sometimes when you do dry-land training or cross-training away from the snow, such as cycling and balanceboard work, the most important ingredient is to see yourself on the snow, moving your hips and shifting your weight and in the perfect rhythm of downhill skiing.”

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
from Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel
by Steven Ungerleider
Rodale Books, 2005

Some people enjoyed the adrenaline rush of a perfect run while downhill skiing.

“Summer at Lake Haven: A Novel” by RaeAnne Thayne
from Summer at Lake Haven: A Novel
by RaeAnne Thayne
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Do specific strength training for downhill ultramarathons.

“Lore of Running” by Timothy Noakes
from Lore of Running
by Timothy Noakes
Human Kinetics, 2003

I got my ski legs on the beginner’s slope and then took a lift to one of the more advanced runs.

“Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide to the Mind” by James J Mapes
from Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner’s Guide to the Mind
by James J Mapes
Sourcebooks, 2003

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  • I like this video and will try out some of the exercises and get back to you about the effect.  I like the way you included the sun salutation at the beginning of the video.Thanks

  • After reading all this comments I don’t feel so bad after all!! Got to do all the first 4 ( struggling sometimes) but had to almost stop on the last one! So that wasn’t so bad after all!!!��

  • This is a lot more cardio than the man makes it look. I’m breathing heavily through all the slow exercises as well! It would be better if he did all the exercises along with us, and got sweaty, instead of just repeating the recordings!

  • K.I.S.S. Walk up and down hills and climb up and down stairs with weights in your hands doing curls. Climb stairs sideways facing in both directions. Great for understanding the weight change in skiing.

  • This kind of training leads to a pretty trained guy

  • The training is good but there not targeting the right muscles for the sport which can apply better ones.
    And the balance training that I see in all these athletes,I know that there are the better ones training for them to improve quality and bring the gold �� home.

  • During the whole workout I was just swearing at the guy cause he was making me suffer but at the end I was like oh yea this was good thanks man

  • My husband and I are skiers so we tried this workout together and It is challenging. This workout brought my husband and I together…usually we do our own thing. Appreciated the explanation of the purpose of each exercise and will incorporate this into our routine. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to hit the slopes

  • IM 220 LB not done any form of meaningful exercise since my last ski trip a year ago. This killed me:) I mean i collapsed in a heap on 6.41. I can see however, this is great conditioning for skiing. Im gong to give myself a break and not try and do all these in one 30 min hit right away. Give myself more time to learn the individual workouts and then in a couple weeks I’ll go for gold and try the 30 mins non-stop

  • Added this 1X a week to my meager workout routine for about 6 weeks before skiing, and what a difference!  Also dramatically improved my cardio endurance during my runs.  When I went skiing over the holidays I skied the best I had since I had my daughter!  Also, couldn’t even get through all the sets the first time I did this, and even now I need extra breaks.  This 32 min workout takes me closer to 40-45 min to get through.

  • Damn that’s brutal fast. He is reading a script. You need to differentiate between your carving and mogul turns. It’s two different things.

  • I did this with my parents before a ski trip, this is a grueling exercise regime but certainly worth it! The first time we got just over halfway and now I can do the whole thing with no breaks. I run 5k often and this is a good muscle builder for that type of thing! Highly recommend for people starting to get into fitness, but anyone with a knee injury it might not be suitable since the strain it put on my knees was immense.

  • It is imperative that when you do rotation drills that the head stays forward as lower body rotats
    to avoid rotation in the ski turn. While skiing the shoulders should be facing down hill. Have fun Dick Paschke  Aspen Co

  • Would these workouts work Nordic skiing (both skate and classic)? I have about 3 weeks before my skiing season starts and I really want to work this off season

  • The first day I did this I felt like I was going to collapse half way through. Then I got delayed onset muscle soreness (normal after a new routine). The advice said to work through the soreness so, I tried this routine a couple of days later, and it was actually easier. Amazing how quick the body starts to adapt to new workouts!

    So for anyone aching after the first time, don’t get put off, get stuck in!

  • Definitely the best from home workout I’ve found. I try to keep my knees loose and bent during the hop exercises. This makes the landing less jarring and I would think also make this more ski-like. The lateral hops are hard on my ankles, so I two-leg those and concentrate on the distance of the hop and I keep going right through the “switch” break to keep my cardio going. Also, I try to keep my hands and lower arms in front of me and level, as if I were holding ski poles. This way the arms are not contributing to upward momentum in the hops and I’m isolating the exercise more.

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  • @IlonkaP1 It’s meant to be a challenge to finish all of your repetitions in this workout, so don’t feel too bad! Do as many as you can and build up to the full routine, if you need to. -Daniel

  • I just invented my own ski exercise. It’s just what u do without the jump. For a minute I thought I was inventing a new exercise but wondered if there was such a thing already so I typed into YouTube skier exercise and found your video. Even though I wasn’t the founder of it, at least I know Iam creative lmaoo

  • Hey guys, i wanna know when do you rest and for how long. For example after every set, or after completing a set of the two or three exercises in the group. Thanks in advance!

  • After going on my first ski trip this season, my legs were super sore. Now I have just done this workout and I find that it would have helped me a lot. My friend was conditioning his legs since october and he kicked my ass on the slopes at Whistler. This will never happen to me again. I will train them ahead of time.

  • Will this prepare me for skiing possibe in 7 days time hahaha I know ive let this late and im not in the best shape tbh not fat but got a little flab on the stomach and i get breathless a bit earlier cus of my asma any tips for me thanks

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  • super Aksel Lund Svindal flies downhill in Pjongschang on winter OG 2018 and beats all athletes; number 1, the first Norwegen who will win a gold in DH in Pjongschang 2018! Good luck Svindal (y):D

  • I do these using weights as well as calf raises, leg curls and leg extensions for my leg day workout using weights. Is there any particular amount of reps and is it of benefit to lift heavy?

  • This is a great workout! It took me a few weeks until I could make it through the entire session. Nicely produced and high quality.

  • GROUP ONE 0:27
    exercise 1 (isolation jump squat) 0:28
    exercise 2 (russian twist) 1:20
    GROUP TWO 5:28
    exercise 3 (agility dots) 5:34
    exercise 4 (tricep dips) 6:42
    GROUP THREE 11:35
    exercise 5 (single leg lateral hops) 11:40
    exercise 6 (high knee stepover) 12:37
    GROUP FOUR 19:02
    exercise 7 (single leg ventral hops) 19:08
    exercise 8 (three point squat) 20:05
    GROUP FIVE 25:15
    exercise 9 (low squat jump twist) 25:20
    exercise 10 (lunge with rotation) 25:51

  • Fitness Blender ROCKS!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful mix of workouts. You guys are doing your part to be a solution to the obesity epidemic.

  • thought this wouldn’t be too bad after checking through it quickly. Boy was I wrong, looking forward to doing this workout for the next few months before hitting the slopes

  • I’ve had ski related knee injuries in the past and was looking for exercises to build knee strength for ski season. This workout definitely targets the muscles that protect your knees and is great for balance and stability, so I think continuing with this workout through the fall will be really helpful. I would not recommend it to anyone with fresh knee injuries as there is a lot of twisting and impact on the knees!

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  • I’m going skiing in 3 weeks and decided to start exercising now. I am not in the best shape due to injuries and lack of exercise. This program is amazing. I got out of breath, sweated and exhausted but I’m sure if I do it every day for 3 weeks I will be in a decent shape for skiing. Let’s hope it will help my knees because I always end up with a huge pain in my knees after skiing.

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  • Depends heavily on what the rest of your weekly training looks like but 3x/week combined with our other cardio & strength videos would be great.

  • I loved the way the camera cut the exerciser up into parts, like a chicken. A close-up of his legs; a close-up of his upper body; there was even a close-up of the kettle ball-I got a lot out of that! And the close-ups of the instructor were excellent. Why should you show a whole person exercising, so that the camera does not break him into parts, but lets the viewer watch a person working out? Oh now, chop him up into parts and show what a clever camera operator you are!

  • Great workout for ski conditioning. It’s punishing, but 30 minutes well spent. I”m glad to see from the other comments below that I’m not the only one that finds this hard:) Recommended

  • Yes I agree cant even believe it. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well.

    Listen I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

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  • Hey Guys, when you say add in a 30-60 min cardio routine, does that mean straight after this? Or at another day of the week? What is a good weekly regime to get me ready for the slopes. Thanks:)

  • This is amazing. I am in my late 50’s and having knee problems. Last year I thought i would not be able to ski. My osteopath told me the muscles around my knees were weak so I started this video VERY GENTLY at first. Sometimes I did double legs on the single and jumped in one spot. The first time I didn’t finish the video! Eventually I did and last year skied (for the first time) from 9am 4pm in powder (the most snow in 30 years). I recommend this for anyone with knee problems like mine. Now I can bend down and leap I’m back doing slow gentle running, I feel more stable walking…and I can ski!

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  • Really, really great workout, man. I could not imagine to find something as awesome as this before a few days of Sunrise to sunset skiing. Thanks a lot and God Bless!

  • happy to join your channel with a big like…been following your trainings to prepare for our coming ski holiday…. fingers crossed:))

  • Hey! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Avalorexon Training Program (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried this ski training known as Avalorexon Training Program? I’ve heard some extraordinary things about it.

  • Crazy clip. Terrific vid.

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  • This is kinda stupid, since redbull tastes like piss, and isn’t healthy at all. but he gotta holla holla to get dalla. I wonder if he will make a “training after injury” video after his last fall too.

  • THANK YOU!! I’m 58 years old and for the past 5 years we have gone to Colorado for a week of skiing and I have had to take off day 3 or 4 due to severe muscle soreness despite conditioning prior. This year, I did this workout 2-3 x weekly x 6 weeks and also added actual stair climbing as well I just returned from our trip this year and I was able to ski 6 days in a row with minimal muscle soreness! I was SO HAPPY. I recommend this workout to anyone who wants to feel good on the slopes I kept hearing the trainer while out on the mountain making sure my legs were responsive to what I wanted them to do. I’ll do this workout again next year!

  • At least the lateral box jumps with feet together are moguls-specific. Of course mogul skiers need plenty of leg power (and core strength), but they had better not get as heavy as a speed racer. She might be better off training with US Gymnastics Team if the ski team is not going to tailor her program to the event.

    He says in the intro that the goal is to “maximize your ability to generate high force and high power in the turns…” NO. Speed in the moguls (only 20% of the score) is not achieved with high power turns. You might say the “opposite”.

    The fastest way down a mogul course is to make no turns at all since there are no gates. I’ve seen plenty of guys do it, but only to practice speed control using absorption (not on the steeper courses, and usually in a bit of slush). Since this would be too dangerous, turns are judgedbut only for aesthetics.

    The best turns are the smoothest and quickest, executed to allow the skier’s upper body to travel down that straight fast line, in control. You never use a high edge angle or need to hold a carve to make a gateboth requiring high power. In that sense, the skier using the least power in the TURNS could take fastest line, and also earn the most style points.

    You need some “explosive power” to hit the kickers, but again height and distance are not the metricsonly the quality of the tricks (greater amplitude is aesthetic). The mogul skier has to train for power like a figure skater not a speed skater.

    There is no doubt that leg power is essential in the moguls for absorption, recovery from a mistake, injury prevention, etc. It doesn’t hurt to have a strong upper body if it is not so massive as to hamper execution of a twisting double back flip (yup, coming soon). Lateral box jumps: superb. Barbell squat jumps: probably useful, if they can be done safely and don’t build too much massthe soft landing aspect seems directly relevant for absorption in the bumps. Explosive medicine ball toss: Why?

    Also: how is Heather going to safely practice her aerialson a tramp, on a water ramp, at the glacier campif her legs are exhausted with hard weight training (and recovery the day after)? These dangerous tricks require extensive practice reps on fresh legs.

    More explosive power definitely aids development of quickness and agility. More body mass aids a downhill racer (has to be muscle not fat, of course). But it hampers a mogul skier. By analogy, explosive leg power is required for the Olympic high jumper. But are you going to give her the same training exercises as the shot putter?

    Elite mogul skiers are some of the greatest all-around athletes in the world. [Imagine if the 100 meter hurdles race included two tumbling runs or vaults that scored tricks close to the difficulty level in gymnastics competition]. It’s too bad that the US Ski Team lumps them together with the racers just because they ski on snow. (I doubt things have changed since this video from 2012).

  • There’s no way that he was actually drinking that poison, Red Bull. Poor bastard is a slave to sponsors. World Cuppers like him are looking more like NASCAR drivers now.

  • Do one of these for figure skating. I am trying to get back into the sport after taking a break and need to be in better shape especially my legs

  • subd & liked. yes! easiest yet most efficient!!!! thank you thank you thank you:))) will repeat this couple of times more. I wish you made your video longer so I can follow real time

  • Dont really understand why he is wearing soft trainers during squats as an athlete, especially when he needs to use a heel elevation. Wouldn’t proper weightlifting shoes give him a lot more stability on top of the elevation?

  • 0:23 I wonder if he really drinks Red Bull during workouts or if that scene is just for the benefit of the sponsor? I would think it would dehydrate rather than refresh you, but I guess with all that cafeine you’re too buzzed to notice…:-)

  • Wow. This was to some extent awful. The warm-up was close to a waste of time and the squats themselves were of low quality. I’m very disappointed.

  • I’m going skiing in 5 weeks so thought I’d look for some workout videos and tried this last night. I told my wife that I was sweating like a fat lad in a chip shop after doing it, which is ironic because she reminded me that I am a fat lad and I do work in a chip shop…

  • Great video! I am looking forward to watch some ski racing this season.
    Thats an impressive gym setup without the crowd…have some safety bars on the squat rack if you want to avoid potential injuries.

  • Is it fine to start it in the middle of the season? (now mid Feb)I wonder if it makes the muscles exhausted for the real ski. 
    If yes, what is your recommendation for doing it? Daily, every other day,… (I know it depends on body condition. for me, at the end of a day skiing in muguls must of the time, I felt pain in my thigh muscles and could not control very well while skiing!!)

  • day after the first work out, agility dots, I landed flat on my face, not as agile as I thought I would be! but fantastic work out.

  • Your excersice are very very good and clearly shown. The orde ist explained precisely. You are a great team. Thank you and greetings from Black Forest.

  • Yay…I do my squats too!:)….perfect muscletraining and shaping of the butt and makes the body tighter as well:)
    Fine traning video and the core exercises were inspiring for sure.
    Sweden do have Jens Byggmark and André Myhrer as great downhill-skiiers nowadays and Aksel L Svindal from Norway is a fast fast ski-racer and our country-neighbour, so I cheer for him too:)  When I stay in the lil’ holiday-cottage nearby of Åre I can see some great World cup events…not just on television:))  Ha en meget god jul och godt nytt år alla goa i Norge og god tur på ski <3

  • that was wicked!  great cardio and exposed a lot of weakness in my legs.  if i grab a core workout to alternate with this one i’ll be rippin’ it up this season!

  • Actually really enjoyed this one better than the snowboarding conditioning, no idea why but I am drenched in sweat and feeling amazing. Thank you Daniel and Fitness Blender! No days off!

  • These exercises are creative and are sure to get you advanced skiers ready for the slopes. Nicely done! I just launched a video with beginner-style exercises. I did it for my ski club, and most of our members are over 50 years old. But they keep up that fit lifestyle, thank goodness!

  • Thank you for the video, I just have a couple of questions to clarify. How many reps/sets on Russian Twist? Same thing with front squat. When you say 10 lunges, do you mean 10 lunges per leg or all together?

  • Great thank you. What are some gym work outs we can do to get in shape for skiing? I run a lot on the treadmill and use the bicycles but I’m not sure if they directly help me be physically ready for skiing. Thanks