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THE ARGUMENT FOR NOSE BREATHING DURING MOST WORKOUTS Since breathing through your nose allows your body to utilize oxygen more efficiently, it can reduce the level of stress in your body during exercise, says Stonehouse. The more easily your body can utilize oxygen, the better you perform in whatever workout you’re doing. Does Nose Breathing While Exercising Burn More Fat? Breathing is probably something you take for granted — if you even notice it at all.

Unless, of course, you’re huffing and puffing after climbing a few flights of stairs or finishing a sprint on the treadmill. Then, suddenly, that flow of air in and out of your body is everything. Nasal breathing, as opposed to mouth breathing, has another important advantage, especially for effective and efficient exercise: It can allow for more oxygen to get to active tissues. Since breathing through your nose allows your body to utilize oxygen more efficiently, it can reduce the level of stress in your body during exercise, says Stonehouse. The more easily your body can utilize oxygen, the better you perform in whatever workout you’re doing.

To produce this energy you need to be taking in more oxygen, which is when your proper breathing techniques are key. By taking in more oxygen your body can produce energy more efficiently, so you can exercise longer to burn more calories and store less. These findings suggest that by breathing through the nose, both at rest and during exercise, more CO2 would be expelled (exhaled), and the removal of fat in the form of broken down triglycerides would be significantly increased. (3). Many sports trainers and elite athletes, as well as average weekend joggers and basketball players, easily accept the notion that it takes less effort to breathe through the mouth during exercise. However, it turns out that nose breathing is easier, more efficient and more.

Improving your breathing patterns can help you exercise more efficiently, meaning you can work out more intensely or for longer durations to burn off more calories. Poor breathing patterns such as breathing too shallowly or holding your breath -can leave you out of breath, cutting your workout short and minimizing your weight loss. The more you exercise, the better off you are health-wise and mindand body-wise, but you already knew that.

What you might not know is 80 percent of the fat that leaves your body is expelled. Researchers have stated that when weight is lost, the majority of fat leaves the body in the form of carbon dioxide, making the lungs the primary excretory organ for weight loss.

List of related literature:

As activity level and BR increases, the fraction of air inhaled through the nose decreases to 0.4 for light exercise and 0.3 for heavy exercise.

“Comprehensive Handbook of Iodine: Nutritional, Biochemical, Pathological and Therapeutic Aspects” by Victor R. Preedy, Gerard N. Burrow, Ronald Ross Watson
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Exercise also decreases blood flow to the nose because more blood is redistributed to the working muscles.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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The more you train, the more easily you breathe during longer activity; the oxygen you take in helps convert fat to energy.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
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However, the ability of nose breathing alone to provide the appropriate ventilation required during vigorous exercise is often overwhelmed due to increases in nasal resistance.

“Clinical Asthma E-Book” by Mario Castro, Monica Kraft
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Furthermore, the mouth is substantially less efficient at absorbing gases than is the nose, and the proportion of air inhaled through the mouth increases as the ventilatory demands of exercise rise.

“Murray & Nadel's Textbook of Respiratory Medicine E-Book” by Robert C Mason, John F. Murray, Jay A. Nadel, Michael B. Gotway, V.Courtney Broaddus, Joel D Ernst, Talmadge E King, Jr, Stephen C. Lazarus, Arthur Slutsky
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at Furthermore, the mouth is absorbing gases than is the nose, and the proportion of air inhaled through the mouth increases as the ventilatory demands of exercise rise.

“Murray and Nadel's Textbook of Respiratory Medicine E-Book: 2-Volume Set” by Robert J. Mason, V.Courtney Broaddus, Thomas R Martin, Talmadge E King, Dean Schraufnagel, John F. Murray, Jay A. Nadel
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As exercise rate increases, cows and dogs breathe through their mouth in order to bypass the greater ainlvay resistance associated with the nose.

“Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals” by R. Michael Akers, D. Michael Denbow
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Breathing solely through the nose during long periods of aerobic exercise becomes problematic, often excruciatingly uncomfortable.

“The Evolution of the Human Head” by Daniel Lieberman
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A scientist sees that you do burn a higher percentage of calories from fat during a lower-intensity aerobic workout, but that’s not the wholestory.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
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Respiratory muscles are similar to other skeletal muscles but are less prone to The nose  To heat and moisten the air  To remove particulate matter.

“Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine E-Book” by Parveen Kumar, Michael L Clark
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  • Thank you so much for the exercise tips hopes it’s work for me for my sometime sleep apnea this is very nice tips for those who don’t have money to by the gadgets for sleeping

  • I’m low risk but occasionally wake myself up with a snore �� I generally sleep on my side but sometimes I toss and turn in my sleep so there’s not much I can do there.
    I want to do a sleep study but I live with my grandparents, who are high risk, so I’m waiting for the pandemic to be over.

  • I’ve been mouth breathing my whole life until 22 y/o since i had a smaller passage in my nose. After i had a surgery i remember how great it was to breathe through my nose again. It made me calmer and thus made my thoughts more clear/ and it helped me think before “opening my mouth” to speak. ��

  • Hi Floris, thank you for hosting this wonderful interview with Mr Patrick McKeown. I have been practicing nasal brething for my entire career, not knowing its huge benifits especially in conseving energy and preventing excessive water loss. How ever it is natural for me too to start mouth breathing at the final stages of each run. I came to know the advantages of breath holding before the start of a race. Advantages of nasal breathing while sleeping, its true that one feel exhausted even after sleep if he mouth breath. Importance of nasal breathing for children at young age to develop their intelectual abilities as well as facial development. thank you.

  • I’ve read on another video that by doing push-ups it gives you instant relief of your blocked nose. Me: Does 60 at 3:30 in the morning and still have a blocked right nostril. ��

  • I breathe fine from my nose in the day time but as soon as I lay down with the intention of sleep (only when going to sleep) I can’t seem to keep my mouth closed. When I do, I wake up with my mouth open:(

  • Wow, great interview! I liked that he said we could breath 20% less with same effort after we get fully adapted. I’ve been a mouth breather for my adult life and have had to really work hard to focus to nose breath all day. My wife is a nasal breather and was confused when I first brought this subject up, she couldn’t believe everyone wasn’t a nasal breather. After 3 months I’ve had significant improvements in my sleep quality and have worked up to several miles a week nasal breathing while running. The journey continues! Thank you for Floris for bringing this subject to endurance athletes! Your podcasts have had a huge impact on my life, can’t thank you enough!

  • This version is much more effective than the previous one, I felt it right from the first move. It is the first time I felt the “muscle sore” due to intense workout, and it is very easy to follow you to do it. The time is not too long or too short. (just right! When a video is too long it is hard to do it routinely). Following you to do the set makes discipline much easier. Thank you for making the video, doing the candid demo, and being delightful and handsome. (It seems you have young-ed in two years. Keep up the good job.��

  • That moment when your nose is about to switch and you think your cold is cured cause u can breathe for a second but ur nose gets congested again…rip

  • While most here seem to be impressed, I am not. This feels too artificial. I prefer to follow the natural way. Already the way Patrick McKeown speaks is disturbing me. Too absolute, if not dogmatic about his views. One of those prophets about his own method. I see this as different from the otherwise very pleasing interviews seen and head on this channel, which is also the merit of Floris Gierman.

  • Thank you so much Floris, Patrick’s work and message on the Buteiko method has to be passed on and on, as widely as possible. Not only for runners, but for people suffering from respiratory problems too.
    I already have the Oxygen Advantage, so please do not select me for the book prize.:)

  • I tried the tape and it works for me. (Though I often nose breathe naturally).
    You learn to take deeper breaths and yawns though your nose and it engages your diaphragm more strongly.
    I tried it for sleeping and slept normally. I still have to mouth breathe a lot if I do anything strenuous like cardio exercise but maybe I can learn to rely less on that in future

  • Been using the microtape for 2 years now. Still need it every night. When I do sleep without it, my breathing goes back to what it was before.

  • Have any of y’all been experiencing ur left nostril closing from the sides? I’m lowkey scared,it’s itchy and hurts when it dries up

  • I have sleep apnea and a bad neck. The mask and hose are always a problem. Can you do a videio on managing them. Most Doctors and Durable Medical Supply people are clueless.

  • I had sinuses and such nose my whole childhood hence constantly breathing through my mouth. Now I get why my jaw is slightly set back and my teeth not that perfect. Now it makes sense.

  • My brother was mouth breather i never knew untill today

    Also i never knew people breathe with mouth instead of nose

    Thank you so much i love your content ❤️
    Love from india

  • Semi scientific. They are not less smart. They have worse sleepquality. And they breath through the mouth because there nose does is stuffy.

  • I got all the way through a PhD and almost a decade of teaching at a university breathing through my mouth. That said, now that I’ve had surgery to fix deviated septum and reduce turbinates and use CPAP, I can tell the difference when I fall asleep without using CPAP in my energy levels the next day.

  • Hi Adam, can you explain more about mouth purse exercise (min 11.15-12.05), after pursing (closing the mouth with some strength), do we just take deep breath with nose for 15 seconds then let it out or we need to hold the breath for 15 s? I dont feel my throat being pushed with air.. i wonder where i take it wrong

  • I get apnea if I try to sleep on my back but not in any other position. Also we are giving ourselves awake apnea wearing these damn masks lol

  • Could it not be that the Sergipe study was simply a correlation and not causation? Maybe certain other mental functions that cause worse cognitive function also lead to mouth-breathing…?

  • This video was so highly informative, I learned much about how the body uses breath in sports. Thanks man. You clearly pit a lot of time and thought into this video. Really appreciate it

  • For those wanting to try mouth taping but are afraid of taping your mouth shut: you don’t have to tape the whole mouth for it to be effective. A one inch-sized square of 3M micropore tape on the middle of the closed lips suffices to ensure you’ll nose breathe throughout the night. Easy to take off, it allows for coughing, and not as scary as going full Sinaloa cartel kidnapping style. Check out James Nestor’s tips on the matter.

  • WOW WOW I’m a big snorer my wife booked me a doctor appointment a few years ago to try get it sorted out but they stopped doing it the nose op. I held my breath while sleeping and she get worried at nights. I don’t sleep the best but try to get 8 hours a night. guess what I’m going to bed to night with tap on my mouth.

  • Thank you for this video. I watch your videos often, my son watches them occasionally. I have been encouraging him to have a sleep test done because he does snore all the time and very loudly and frequently gasps for air or coughs. Your video just may have convinced him to make an appointment. He scored 6 out of 8 on your test.

  • Jebus, I went to bathroom for tape, hell yeah I gonna do this, then I listen the last seconds and you say don’t do it when you had been drinking. Gaahh, wth. ��

  • Hey for me it’s like if one nostril open..the other is completely closed…I cant breath if I close my working nostril as the other one would be completely closed.
    And while sleeping if I sleep on one side..the other side opens.
    Can you tell why is this����

  • Doctor Adam thank you soo much for these videos. I am trying to do them every day. And my sleep cycle is getting a better.
    Your helping alot of people with these videos. Keep up the great work Sir.

  • Ran 14 km today only with nose breathing in 28 C sunshine. I was sweating way less than usual.

    Really cool the 42% higher hydration retention.

  • I have a burning sensation whenever I breath it burns the side of my head, & I’m sick too like I can’t smell or taste anything can someone help me out & tell me what i can do

  • I learned about sinus.
    istril size. Child breathing bad habits. Changing breathing habits. Hypoxia and hypotension from low oxygen. Can’t remember all the good points that relate to my growing up trials.

  • take less breath but breath fuller breath? If I got it right I d be better breath “small breath” …..I m getting confusing how to have fuller breath yet small one?? please help. Thank you in advance. Amazing wonderful distinct indeas.

  • I did a self test some months ago. I laid on my back and relaxed my neck and I had trouble breathing. Now I just sleep on my side.

  • I have found nasal breathing running easier than MAF method running. I was struggling nose breathing when going over 145 HR and I now can go up to 160 before I need to open my mouth. Is that ok or am I doing it wrong?

  • Thank you so SO much again I’ve been doing your exercises now for three months, along with usual singing lessons and this is really a lot thanks to you and your exercises: All good to you!

  • For me right now, it’s got to be at 5:30 when Patrick links breathing with emotions, sleeping and, if course, physical activity. Thanks Mr. Gierman��

  • Interesting to hear that nasal breathing is less “natural” to the body because there is more resistance initially since it’s a smaller airway

  • Thanks for yet another great interview Floris!

    The most insightful take-away for me was the 42% greater hydration loss for mouth breathers!

  • Dude mostly all my life my right nostril has been more dominate than my left, my right can get nose bleeds and can exhale and inhale air fine but my left feels like it’s been clogged my whole life since I can remember I cant exhale or inhale any air from it, its obnoxious including I have asthma it’s not helping at all and my inhaler legit doesnt do anything and I have to pant like a dog, when i eat any food like salad,sandwich or anything i have to breath from my mouth 100% or else it well be uncomfortable for my chest area and when i even sit down i have to breath from my mouth, I cant even do sit ups or jumping jacks comfortable or anything exercise related, I hate my left like why cant I breath out of it and this is mostly all my life I have had these 2 problems, I tryed to move the little wall between them nostrils but pressure doesnt fix it and fun thing I left(��) the left nostril hole is bigger than my right nostril hole, and funny thing the little flesh wall between them the left side is bending to my right nostril hole

  • I’m very very glad for your return. I have TMJ, and I sometimes suffer a lot… These exercises are streched my mouth and all its parts….I’m too grateful for this new and useful video. From Buenos Aires

  • Thank you for this awesome episode. I like Patrick’s “sh” way of speaking instead of “t”:-) I’m afraid I could not digest a lot of what he said, that’s too much information for me as a person who has non-English mother tongue. The bottom line is: try to practice nasal breathing to improve as a runner and as a person who sleeps better!
    Completely agree with your final thoughts: don’t overdo it, experimenting with a lot of things at the same time. Thank you again, take care!

  • I’m confused by the comment that mouth breathing at night makes you use the restroom more while you sleep. Any explanation or did I misunderstand?

  • It’s kinda cool because I hear babies making these sounds before they talk. It’s like they’re getting their mouth exercises in! Thanks for the connection there ����

  • We will now begin the pacer test left, right, left, right, time for a break now again left, right, left, right


  • Once again thanks for the help to all us folks. It’ll be good to add these! Sadly I’ve yet to stop grinding & clenching!! My dentist told me I was a tick away from lock jaw!! �� ��

  • This is all very ineresting, but I’m a little disappointed that the video fails to even briefly mention the cruel nature of those monkey experiments…

  • For anyone starting to ducttape their mouths tonight listen to Patrick explaining the tape he uses:

  • I can’t thank you enough for this video and the previous one too. I have chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis and a deviated septum and have started snoring as a result. Unfortunately I actually snore with my mouth closed. I never even knew that was possible. I can only breathe through my left nostril too so am a noisy breather when sleeping even if I don’t snore. After two days of doing these exercises I am already noticing I can breathe more easily. Many thanks.

  • Thank you so much. What is the name of the instrument you mention at the end? Also, do you have a doctor recommendation in austin, tx for sleep apnea,

  • Checked your strava & Started nasal breathing 4 days ago,
    Earlier i was doing nose in,mouth out
    Now doing nose in, nose out.
    My pace increased by 5sec/km from very first day.

  • Thats nice and all but i have a small nose that is mostly blocked about 90% of a year. only thing that unblocks it is spicy food which i rarely eat. This video made me breathe alot more through my mouth rather than the opposite although sometimes i choose to not breathe at all for at least 40 seconds.

  • I’m encouraged to hear it gets easier, because I finished the book like two weeks ago and running with my mouth closed isn’t getting much easier yet. Today I managed like 3km at a decent pace, but anything that gets my heart rate over 145 or so is a struggle when keeping my mouth shut to exhale. But.. patience. Thanks for sharing the talk. Floris.

  • For those curious about how the claims of the Buteyko method stands up to clinical scientific scrutiny, and more on Konstantin Buteyko’s eccentric background. Check out this article:

  • Great show Floris and I love that you explored a new topic with the nasal breathing this time!

    What I got from this podcast? that I should tape my mouth to fix my dry mouth issue and improve my sleep. definitely gonna try this in the next few days. plus, while looking for the show on youtube I saw your posting for an assistant and submitted my interest right away. this in the end might be even better 😉

  • Guys I had this problem and like I didn’t even complete the video and I just moved my nose left and right and it got fixed. Try that it might work for you too.

  • Enjoyed his lighthearted approach, found very informative, would love DVD to pop in every day follow. Been mouth breather, very shallow all life. I will continue especially clucking, ah ing, roof mouth, thank you Dr! Keep teaching the world we need you!

  • Is it still healthy to breath in with the nose then exhale with the mouth like when lifting weights? or should I be going full in out nose?

  • I am 62 year old American male and I have just found out that there is such thing as a nasal cycle. Thank you very much young man with glasses and buttoned-up shirt. Why don’t all general practitioners know andmention this to you when you go in to their office for sinus related cold related issues?

  • Mine right one mainly has been blocked completely for about 2 months now. & the other one is usually opened but occasionally mostly blocked, then rarely they switch

  • I am the last comment here. I was diagnosed with stage 2-3 bladder prolapse. I became hysterical and read everything I possibly could about it. I started to do Lady Bits breathing, then tried another kegel. You answered my question positively and I kept up with it. I love it, and when I went for the first check with my physiotherapist she said I had strong muscles and with more work I may be able to avoid surgery. I have adopted other diet tips and bathroom tips, but this video has made a major life change for me. Thank you so much.

  • Oh hello there my name is Emma Ellis and I have a stuffy nose and I don’t know y because I don’t how it got there just one side I need some information on my nose

  • Wow I wish my parents knew about this before they had me. I breathed through my mouth for the most part of my childhood and the only person who told me to breathe through my nose instead was my dentist who said that most of my teeth/mouth issues were due to my mouth breathing. I didn’t even realize this was a thing…and didn’t notice other people breathing that way… which prob shows how cognitively it affected me and my observational skills. I had a lot of sinus issues as well as asthma growing up and eventually they got under controlled and i started to breathe through my nose since then.

  • Hi Dr. Fields: I just discovered your videos this evening because I realized the reason I don’t drink enough water is because it is a physical effort to swallow and it sometimes hurts to swallow. So, I connected this to my neck tension and realized that I needed to do something about it. Anyway, I am going to start doing this exercises. Also, as another one of your viewers mentioned, you are looking great even younger than videos from several years ago. What is your secret?

  • Cool trick: if you tilt your head to one side, your nose will eventually switch to the side that is down.

    It works all the time for me, idk if that happens to anyone else

  • holy crap literally minute after watching the video i felt this swap
    sorta feels like a dense liquid slowly moves from one nostril to the other
    for a brief moment felt like both nostrils can freely breath

  • I’m currently going through where I can breath and smell out my nose but it feels like it’s stopped up a little to wear I can barely breath and it’s hard wearing a mask during this pandemic cause I feel like I’m dying of no air

  • I’ve’nt got any cold but “having said that” my my both nose are close a few is open with which I I breath otherwise some times it also closes. I’ve irritated of it.

  • Does this work to even the strength of my tongue? My right side is stronger than the left and while pressing my tongue on the roof I feel just pressure on the right

  • What about the switching of the nasal cycle, when the sides of the nose switch roles, in that moment you can breathe completely in both sides with no congestion

  • When I was a young man, a certain person I was hanging out with saw me breathing, for whatever reason, with my mouth open. He made a quick poke at my mouth with his finger.
    From that day forward, I’ve breathed through my nose.
    (He also tended to use the term “mouth breather” as an invective, to be fair.)
    And, I have to say that I am one handsome bastard.
    And single, ladies.

  • I tell you my dad out of all my 12 years of knowing him he has only been sick once on everything and I be like how the you do that

  • I recon it’s breathing through the point between your mouth and nose… Its a naturally self alternating technique. You kind of do both when needed naturally!

  • Thanks for this, guys. I have a suspicion I have it and I’m going to get it looked at. I have SUCH fatigue in the day. I do have anemia, but it could be a combo of both. Lots of headaches. Consistently wake up in the night. And I snore VERY loud apparently. All of these are pretty likely symptoms for sleep apnea, so please get checked out, everyone.

  • I’ve been using the v1 video for over a year to correct my sleep apnea OB & Central Apnea. Started using your video v2, for over 3 months and found the v2 was giving better results..My tongue has come forward and the opening of my mouth is close to normal-WOW. When you instructed to do the exercises, I made sure I would do to its maximum. In other words if it’s done 100% you get faster results. My nose breathing has improved greatly. it’s made my lips stay closed, another WOW! Thank you Dr Adams you are a gift from GOD! Julie Rosenberg

  • I recorded the audio of my sleep a few times using an app, I don’t particularly snore but I roll around every hour or so, could this be sleep apnea? Feels like I could be waking up during the roll over.

  • Your exercises are amazing! I also do this when i have globus sensation/lump feeling in my throat and the sensation goes away after i do your exercises. Sleep apnea symptoms are also fading away slowly. Thank you so much!

  • I would like to thank for your videos, Mr. Fields. I have been doing quite a few for a over a year now for my health. Although I would like to ask if there are any of videos of yours where it can help for my lateral hip shift (right hip higher than the other, left should higher than the other, one leg feels like as if it is longer than the other, even though my feet aren’t flat)?

  • This is absolutely awesome and it really works! My Fitbit even shows much less variation in oxygen levels while I sleep. Thank you, Doc! I love it!!!!

  • Thank you for bringing such different and varied content to the running community. This was yet another wonderful interview. I have been a mouth breather most of my life with lots of allergies and so often a stuffy nose. My breathing is much better over the last couple years since I started running. Today is a good day and I’ve been nose breathing for the last couple hours which is unheard of for me. I’m going to try and start implementing some nose breathing during my runs and work on changing my breathing habits during normal life to start.

  • I went to ent last month they said had deviated septum/rhinitis. Plus getting acid reflux. So i cant sleep last month. Going to doctor for stomach and sleep specialist Should i get surgery for nose? I got appointment with chiropractor in july in ny

  • This and your other tmj videos are fabulous and have become part of my daily routine. Could you look into doing one that works on the laryngeal muscles? I’m looking to defeat Muscle tension dysphonia (I’m determined) and anything for neck and throat has helped me! Thank you for your time to help us all! ����

  • A warning to those of you who will want to start breathing through the nose for everything, your sinuses won’t be all that used to it, so you may get bloody noses at first.

  • MOUTH TAPING & Stuffed Noses

    Some points about the mouth taping to be careful. For the most part taping the mouth isn’t dangerous unless you have a nasal obstruction. If you can’t breathe with the tape on then you wouldn’t fall asleep in the first place. However it is possible that in the middle of the night you could roll into some position that makes it hard to breathe through the nose, which should just cause you to roll over again or you’d just wake up. However, just in case:
    ■Make the tape easy to take off: You can pat the piece of tape on the back of your hand to remove some of the adhesive before putting it on. Fold it at both ends to make a tab you can pull on to take it off
    ■Don’t tape your mouth after drinking alcohol (or drugs) and it’s better not to wear it if you’ve eaten dinner soon before bed. Patrick McKeown recommends to finish dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping
    ■If it makes you anxious, try just wearing the tape while awake until you’re comfortable with it. If you really don’t like the idea of taping your mouth, you can get an anti-snoring chin strap instead which will keep your mouth closed.

    [Stuffed Nose]
    Patrick McKeown addresses this in the book, here’s one of the nose unblocking techniques:
    -Sit in a chair
    -After a gentle exhalation, close your mouth and pinch your nostrils
    -Gently nod your head back and forth until you feel the urge to breathe.
    -Keep your mouth closed but attempt to gently inhale through the nose
    -Unless you simply cannot breathe through the nose at this point, continue to breathe lightly in and out through your nose.
    -If the nose is still stuffed, repeat the exercise. (Repeat up to 4 times in one sitting though)

  • I just found out from my wife of 5 years that I snore every night a lot and I can never breath through both nostrils of my nose:/ im sleepy every morning and during the day. I do sinus rinses twice a day. I take Z quill every night now to help me sleep in usually some kind of tea that helps you sleep.

  • I am a singer w SA and had ACDF surgery 2 summers ago with some residual swallow issues. I am going to give these two videos a try and see if I find improvement. Thank you for sharing. I felt silly doing them because the video makes you feel like you are watching us! LOL

  • Loved it! feels like I have more breathing capacity. Is there a video about tendon pain?? Since Covid I’ve been using the computer a lot and now I have pain from wrist to shoulder:(( I’d help me a lot, just like this video

  • hi doctor, thx for all this info it really helps, i have one doubt that havent found an anwser yet, i do a lot of neck excercises with weights like neck curls and extensions, and jiu jitsu training has made my neck grow a few inches, can this make sleep apnea worst? i read that when you are overweight it does affect becouse of neck size increse, my doubt is if it makes it worst to when the increase of size is because of muscle development thx

  • Waheguru jioji, bahut shukar and bahut khoob bahut hi piare lovable son really thankful for ur this technique of �� tongue exercises hopefully it’ll work for snoring. All the best, with regards and best wishes jioji. A big Salut��❣️����❣️❤️��

  • Excellent video, I intend to check the source information my self due to the ever changing world and vivid struggle. I am now a fan of this channel!

  • I have been trying sleep with a closed mouth but purely because of drooling. Now that is see this I will definitely have be more aggressive in my methods.
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