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Diet and Exercise Don’t Work (WASTE OF TIME!)

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It makes reaching your goal easier if you combine it with cutting calories, but too much may make you eat more, negating any calorie burn you’ve achieved by working out. But a new small study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology found high levels of exercise may not make us eat more. Working out may also affect the way the brain processes food cues. A 2012 study from Brigham Young University found that women who viewed images of food were less interested in actually eating. If you’re trying to lose weight, exercising and eating right is the way to go.

However, the fact that exercise by nature burns energy may make you feel like eating anything and everything as. “Exercise gives you benefits that dieting alone cannot, such as increased fitness, decreased stress, and increased muscle mass, which helps you burn more calories. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work out, or that you shouldn’t work out hard — if that’s what you like. Minute for minute, the harder you exercise the more calories you’ll burn overall. And.

Athletes on a rigorous training schedule may burn a significant number of calories, and some or all of those calories may need to be replaced to maintain good health and energy levels. However, investing more time in an exercise program doesn’t necessarily mean you need to eat more. Your goals and your hunger level should be the deciding factors. “When you start working out, your body starts burning more calories,” Armul explains. “And when you burn more calories, your body naturally wants to compensate by eating more calories to make. Your body also needs more food to fuel more activity.

The trick is to satisfy your appetite without eating more calories than you just burned. Schedule workouts before meals (but within a. Fueling your workout isn’t an exact science. Although there are some foods known to give you more energy and support your muscles (e.g., protein and carbs), you want to choose foods that you know.

Don’t forget, Dolgan says, losing pounds on the scale does not mean that you are more fit—it just means you are lighter, which doesn’t mean much at all. And keep in mind that if you’re exercising but gaining weight, it could be that your workouts are effective, but you need to get your diet in check to see weight loss results.

List of related literature:

► Physical activity: If you’re new to exercise or increasing your workout intensity markedly, you may experience an increase in your appetite at first, but not so much that the calories you take in will end up being more than those you burn off.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
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You build more muscle, you store less fat, you have more energy, and you keep your appetite under control.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
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Exercise helps your body to burn calories, boosts your metabolic rate during and after a workout, encourages your body to build muscle tissue (which helps it to burn more fat), curbs your appetite, and can even help you to maintain your weight loss once you reach your goal weight.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
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And you will get stronger and feel more active, which is an added benefit.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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Three weeks later you go to 5 × 5, and you get stronger and bigger and possibly leaner, too, although my guess is that you’re eating a lot more at this point (heavy weights make me hungry as hell).

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
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to maximize muscle growth, you eat a bit more.

“The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy” by Michael Matthews
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It also increases muscular strength and endurance, also increases metabolic rate which increases weight

“e-Pedia: Captain America: Civil War: Captain America: Civil War is a 2016 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures” by Contributors, Wikipedia
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Doing so will help to build muscle and increase appetite.

“Medical-surgical Nursing: An Integrated Approach” by Lois White, Gena Duncan
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As IF gets lower (meaning a slower finishing time), caloric intake can increase and food can become more solid.

“The Power Meter Handbook: A User's Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes” by Joe Friel
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And muscle requires more energy to exist on your body, so it raises your metabolic rate all day long.

“The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” by JJ Virgin
from The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days
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  • Hi Athleanx. Congratulations on your quote ” Diet And Exercise Do Not Work (Waste Of Time!) inspirational thanks for sharing. Good Nutrition & Training. Ok. Morine.

  • I was on keto diet, despite the difficulty to keep it I did shed off weight but once I came back to normal I gain weight again so easily, totally waste. It is better to learn to be calorie restrictive and learn how to appropriate portion meals.

  • You gotta enjoy what you eat instead of being boring and miserable by eating bland foods. For my first meal I like to have oatmeal whole milk a scoop of whey protein ground cinnamon and a banana turn a miserable diet meal in to a healthy meal you enjoy nice and sweet because I used to love cinnamon grayams I just want the feeling like I’m eating cinnamon grayams

  • Definitely some good advice but didnt really answer the question. Is it a waste of time to workout with a bad diet? Will the muscles still grow or will the body not change? I’m forever frustrated with trying to get in shape. I have the work ethic and determination but my body always runs into problems. I’m at 9 weeks of consistent training and a good diet plan but my knee joints are hurting everyday. I dont do any squats or leg training workouts because my joints simply cant take it. I’m only 32 and dont know if I should just accept that my body isn’t strong enough to develope and give up or keep going. I have to listen to my body though joint pain is never a good sign I just dont know how to get around the problem

  • Yes of course I am 13 and my family is poor I lived in Philippines I workout then go to house and eat without diet I only eat is on the table and I gained muscle for 1 year for what I am doing and I am really thank full to God that with that diet I got muscle from skinny to muscular with poor diet ��

  • I friggin’ love you, man! You’ve been a name at my house since my son started working your program a few years back, then got me to work your women’s program, and now my husband is a Jeff Cavaliere devotee! Every morning at 4.30 he’s down in the basement working out. We’re both just shy of 50. Hubby loves your rants about food. I just love looking at you, he he. JK, but not really. I love the fact that you are a physical therapist, so you really know your anatomy (and nutrition as well).

  • I don’t diet, never have, probably never will. I was lucky to have genetics that made it super easy to get muscle. However, to counter my diet, I run an hour everyday, just like I got used to in the marines. Easily the best habit I got and at almost 40, I still haven’t needed to diet, ever.

  • I really needed to hear this from someone who knows what they are talking about. I set a Goal to lose weight in 1 month, 2 weeks in on my diet. I’m losing the motivation, like you said. I lose weight, but I don’t look good with my shirt off. I really wanna get more fit, like I used to be. But idk, My ( Diet ) is really restricting.

  • Are you familiar with OrangeTheory fitness? It is a heart rate based work out that claims 24-36 hours in the ‘after burn zone’ will result with a high impact work out. Your video claims we have about 3 hours in the afterburn zone?

  • hi. i have been lifting for 12 years. i m 40 now. i eat whatever i want, whenever i want. never calculated any calories or proteins what so ever.
    if u wanna know how i look; i dont have six packs(never had, never cared) i have 4 packs some small love handles, little belly lower fat, not much of veins on sight on any of muscles. all my muscles look big and round, i m strong as f. (atleast i feel so), and most importantly i m happy with how i look.

    some of you may say i suck, yet you can compare how will you look if u go that path.

    notes: i m 186 cm, 94kgs, 3 days of full body workouts, almost no pauses for 12 years, never used any supplement but creatine. also i m a pilot with very bad sleep cycle.

    the best answer is “you will look hell better than how you look now if you are a beginner”
    or “you will look almost the same after 4 years of lifting compare to 12 years”

    much love.

  • Like i totally agree
    If someone asks u, how do I stay healthy?
    You can’t just say diet and exercise because diet is an unpredictable word it’s not specific enough. A diet can be bad and that person might think of having a bad diet. It just means eat and intake. But nutrition is the protein that we need to take in. And exercise is also not specific of how we need to live our lives. Some exercise can be bad for you.

  • So for me I eat what I’m in the mood for as long as it doesn’t have sugar and make sure everything fits my calorie needs and macros at the end of the day, is this what he’s talking about? Basically cico but macro tracking?

  • diets are good you can follow it for a month or so if you’re really over weight but then after that you need to go on a good nutrition plan that you can stick to for the rest of your life in my opinion I’m sure Jeff would agree

  • Need reason posting about your problems you can eat anything yes exercise is important I don’t worry about food just do fitness 5 days a week

  • This video is an excellent message without a doubt. It’s all about enjoying the process and building the momentum naturally. Simply put, just start and everything will fall into place.

  • I also hate it when people say “I want to lose weight,”. No you don’t want to lose weight you want to lose body fat. If you train your muscles, train your abs and burn of fat then you won’t lose much weight, this is because muscle weighs a lot more than fat. I’m classed as overweight but have six pack abs and huge muscles, am I gonna start trying to lose weight just cos I’m classed as “overweight”, no of course not, cos that would mean losing my gains

  • Boy slash girl comment killed me LOL. On another topic; I was wondering if you tell us or rant about coffee or caffeine..? Does it matter if its part of our nutrition? Or is it just plain bad? I’ve watching a bunch of your nutrition videos and I don’t think I’ve ever heard you comment about it. Correct me if i’m wrong but, I’m going to assume that you don’t start your day with a cup of coffee since you said wake up and drink 2 cups of water. Maybe I just need hear it from you ” Stop drinking coffee idiot! its killing your gains! ” or how ever you want to word it. Thx coach!

  • Absolutely right.. everyone is thinking that…. Perfect diet perfect gym planning than they do it.. and it makes it easier to get what they want… It’s not a army mission, it’s just about yourself… Feelings and emotions…

  • So simple but the best advice I’ve ever got regarding fitness.
    “Get the spiral moving in the right direction”

    I really enjoy working out but my diet makes me guilty and not motivated to workout the next day.

    But working out while eating crap will never make my body worst but just better.
    Thank you so much.

  • No offense but I eat whatever the hell I want and I don’t workout and I move around and get around just fine no health problems. I’m about to be 37. You see we can’t live forever. you can work out all you like but I know people who have died in their forties who were health nuts and people who smoke drink eat whatever live to be in their 80s.

  • I have a really bad diet because of force because my parents said im short and skinny and i have to eat alot i tried to explain but they said im just skinny but i excerise 10 minutes per day for 1 and a half week alreeady

  • Yeah, i never understood why girls would say they are on a diet so they are gonna skip a meal or some shit. A diet is whatever you eat, if you eat cake, cake is your diet, and if you eat nothing then you actually have no diet. The proper definition for a healthy diet should include healthy nutrition, there’s frankly no other way to have a healthy diet

  • I started exercise a few weeks ago and i measured my weight and I saw I had gained 3 kg weight….I was very discouraged….but after seeing your video I am felling pretty much good ☺️

  • i changed my nutrition when i was crippled by my right leg and unable to do much but hobble around on painkillers. I lost 80Lbs in a healthy way over the course of a year. But now that my legs been fixe and I can hit the gym ive noticed that my nutrition isnt up to par now

  • Nutrition and Training, it is semantic, there is a reason why you want to exchange the phrasing to create a better meaning.
    Training & Nutrition does change it to having a plan, good idea.

    I talked to people about my Life-style diet. And Exercising with the purpose of being fit, able to move large furniture without feeling awful the following day.

  • Listen eat what the fuck you want as long you train well it’s a publicity scare your body needs good and bad without saturates bad fats your brain can’t function as even bad things have nutrition value what good nutrition don’t have but they key to grow is sleep take the notice of all them pill popping Sted heads who probably more insecure than a 30stone fat man you live once you do it for your self no body else

  • Healthy diet is only for people who want to be cut, just so happens that most people do. I’m good friends with the GA strongman winner and he eats whatever TF he wants. Just a lot of it ��

  • I think that’s where I always have messes up, I love working out it makes me happy but could never get my diet right and always discouraged me to keep going not this time! Thanks

  • Thanks you explained what I’ve been trying to explain to people for years!
    When I’m eating my meat and vegetables for example and people say “ooh you on a diet that looks healthy” I’m just like “no I’m just putting in the food which my body needs to FUNCTION!”
    People are fussier about the fuel they put in their car or the dog food they give their dog then the food they put in themselves or their children!?

  • You are a good motivator. You’re right, it doesn’t matter how to start working out, what matters is that you stop procrastinating and start moving.

  • Currently i do a diet on training. Im so round and cushy now, i could be my own bed. Comfortable life is better life

    now if i could just manage to get up again…… wheres my homeroom scooter with crane mod, dammit

  • Diet is the hardest part. I need 2300-2500 calories, but eating clean means you can eat a mountain of food and only obtain 400 calories… You not only get stuffed, but discouraged.

    Heathy food is too low in calories. There isn’t enough time in the day to eat 2300 calories worth of good food. Especially when you work a 8+ hour desk job

  • im 16 and during quarantine ive been working out insanely. ive been working out for 3 weeks and eating healthy and I just started drinking half a gallon-a gallon of water daily in hopes to lose weight. instead I went from 163 pounds to 169 pounds in a week. I dont understand why this is happening and im extremely discouraged and I just cried about this because I am so disappointed with myself. I need help lets put it that way. my goal is 145-150 pounds and nothing is happening. help me please lol

  • Honestly, I don’t like to call or word anything such a so called “diet”. For me, personally, I just call it “eating healthy”. I don’t eat fast foods or processed shit or sugary cakes or refined carbs or pizza.

    I eat things that is good for me and gonna help me stay in shape by putting on muscle. I eat chicken breast, brown rice, black beans, lot of fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, tuna, etc. Just good things that are healthy and help you stay in shape.

    I think people make things too complicated when it comes to eating right. But when you first start working out, you’re not gonna be dieting or anything like that. Everyone eats like shit when they first start working out, including myself.

    You make a lot of mistakes in the beginning. I did a lot of that too but you just gotta keep learning and learning. Find what exercise routine works best for you and find a healthy eating plan that you like and enjoy that you can stick with. Everything takes a lot of self discipline and motivation.

  • I just finished the week 8 of a 12-Week-Workout programm from Heather Robertson. I eat healthy, cook my meals myself (no supermarket pizzas or stuff like that). But i still don’t see any progress. It’s so frustrating, it feels like i’m only getting fatter every week. I really want to continue but I’m losing my motivation and I don’t know what to do.

  • Just like the dreamgirl crush, or dreamboy crush. Just go say hi. Stop making excuses. Will she like me, will he like me? Just do it! Show them you’re a cool and chill person, but don’t ask for their number. Show them you care and like their company. ����

  • I work in construction and barley have time to go to the gym. My diet is poor because after a 10-12 hour days I’m too exhausted to eat dry chicken breast, tuna, or sweet potatoes. So I just eat something that will make me feel better then I hit the gym for about a 1 1/2 every day. So not all of us can get in a healthy nutrition.

  • Yes, you will look and feel much better if you exercise, regardless of your diet. And you don’t have to lift heavy either. What matters is consistency and being able to exercise for years, even decades. You don’t have to go to failure and lift as heavy as you can. You don’t have to build as much muscle as you can. It shouldn’t feel like a chore.

  • This is the first time viewing this guy, and I have to say I’m truly impressed by his approach! There are a lot of guides and whatnot, but this guy is seriously taking into account the emotional and psychological aspect of exercising, which is a tremendous part of the process. Starting small, and progressively building yourself to get to the assessed point is as much mental as it is physical. I truly am grateful that he angled the whole video with that in mind, a lot of the time the challenge is more mental than physical, and for him to point that our is very valuable. Thank you, good Sir, wish you and all the other viewers good luck in their journey to become a fitter, healthier and better version of themselves.

  • I told somebody on the internet that you can eat whatever you want, but you can still do workout and have improvement. They say I’m wrong, I’m I wrong? Please answer

  • Is there any point of working out if YOU ARE FROM A POOR FAMILY.
    And can’t afford to eat what already rich since birth bodybuilders eat????

  • Sir what happens, if we don’t take proper diet and eat the same food which we are taking regularly, My age is 30 & I have newly joined the gym. My main aim is only to have fit body not any body building, Please Advice

  • Thank you so much sir for your great speech.. there are so many great trainers nd athletes but no one was talking like that.. thank you

  • I know the video is 2 years old. But keto is the only way i stick to my diet fully. Why? Because its too restrictive. No 1 piece of chocolate, no one beer. I can only eat keto and that helps me extremely, because I dont have an excuse to eat a pizza. Unless with the cauliflower crust.

  • LOL…sounds like someone who says: “I’ll go to church when I’m free of sin.” For me it was like learning how to drive a stick shift car. I didn’t do it perfectly the first time, in fact the car died several times before I comprehended the process.

  • If I have not so good diet should I work out easier or harder,cuz if I work out harder I can’t feed muscles pretty good but if I go easier muscles will not be in pain tomorrow and I feel I didn’t do shit so I train hard every day, I mean with even bad diet I managed to gain 10 kg of clean muscles in 1 year and I look lot better then before

  • I’m pretty poor not going to lie I can’t rly foucus on my diet but I’ve been home working out I got a set of 25 dumbbells a homade curl bar jump rope and that’s all is there any way u can give me a homework that’s good for working out I would go to the gym but it’s either that or power I just trying to get in shape because I’m trying to get back into football and boxing

  • I just cut out a few things out of my food intake and then limited general intake. Lost fat quite fast and good. Now looking to get them

  • I’ve started working out for about 40 minutes a day which isn’t alot but it’s all hiit and body weight hiit and I’m so hungry all the time even after I’ve eaten loads what do I do ��

  • I just finished p90x program. I lost 4 pounds. I gained 2 inches on my thighs, 1 inch on bicep, lost half inch off my gut and body fat dropped 1%. When I started, I was 315 pounds (6 foot 1). I’m now 311. I definitely got stronger, my stamina and endurance are almost 3 times better than they were. No, there’s not a lot of physical change. But I feel so much better. Yeah sure I’d feel even better if the scale showed how hard I worked. But not dieting is a huge problem. But not eating right IS NOT a reason to not work out. You will still feel better and get stronger and build stamina and endurance. Just remember you won’t lose much weight due to not dieting so you aren’t disappointed and want to quit. The next 13 week cycle of p90x, I’m going to diet. The results from these next 3 months will be insane because the results from the last 3 months will show, as will the work I’m putting in now. Do not just sit there especially if you’re eating bad. That will do nothing but literally make you even further from good health.

    Edit: when I say I ate bad, I mean I eat fast food at least 2 times every single day, I eat before I go to bed, I eat in the middle of the night. I eat at least 4,000 calories a day. Still somehow managed to drop 4 pounds because of how rough p90x is. No, 4 pounds in 91 days isn’t good at all. But again, I was eating about as bad as you can

  • Good video brother! You make great points. It’s important to start small and slowly grow. Astronauts don’t start in space, they start with the basics. Thank you for the taking the time for making this video to help!

  • I am a teenager with poor parents. I use my own money to go to gym (all I have) is there point in me working out or will I look like shit until i somehow become rich when older and can buy expensive food.

  • dieting and working out requires a lot of discipline
    but its not like that
    ‘if you dont diet there is no point in working out’
    you can still make gains, but if you want the definition and if you want to look more healthy, better have a good diet

    if you dont have a good diet, i dont mean eating pizza and burgers everyday.

  • I wake up about 6 am. I want to work out, but I kind of wake up a bit drink water until 6:30. Then I’ve started working out. I usually don’t eat breakfast until 8:30. Ive been told not to eat before a workout and I’ve told to eat before a workout. Which is it? I tried drinking half of a protein shake first thing in the morning then I worked out about 15 minutes later and after I showered I drank the rest of it. Im confused though. Im trying to make this a new habit.

  • Is there a good web site that can tell me what food to eat
    I don’t know what you get from any kinds of food I don’t know
    What the fuck to eat most the time I here some one tell me o yes just eat chicken an rice
    Than that tell me o no your eating the wrong kind of chicken an no white rice wtf I’m confused on this

  • I dont care about this lazy fuck’s mental health, i wanna know if when i workout without eating proteins if i will gain muscles???

  • I find it cool, that you tell people how to train but I think you’re wrong about not being/looking healthy if you diet yourself down. I have done that for a lot of years and I have eaten 2 Times a big amount of vegetables but never really lot over the whole day. When I was 15 I looked like 11 or 12 and I may have been skinny but I was very healthy and happy etc.

  • I workout almost everyday and I have gained muscle but I’ve been struggling with my diet. I look like I’ve lost 15 pounds but I’m exactly the same weight. I don’t have terrible eating habits like some people but I do need improvement. Here’s an example, in the kind of person that will eat good like shrimp and broccoli and then kill the whole day with 5 cookies. Suggestions?

  • I eat like crap, big time. Started working out a week and a half ago and lost 7 pounds, literally losing my man boobs, and my arms and sholders are already getting bigger. Even though I am losing weight while living on fast food I feel very unmotivated, and guilty. I feel 1000 times better mentally and physically when eating healthy, but yes, I am living proof you will lose weight living on pizza burgers. But I don’t recommend it, you can literally feel all that bad grease in your body during workouts. Stick to eating a little less, a little more healthy, and when you go for your walks you’ll feel 10 times happier.

  • Experience from an old retired guy. I bike over 10,000 miles per year and swim one hour daily. Add to that lots of hiking.
    With all of that I added undesired weight. Want to go on a biking trip in Europe and want to be in shape. Cut out breads, Pizza, Potatoes, Noodles, Rice and cut down alcohol. Dropped 35 lbs down to 190 lbs. I agree genetics are very important. But so is nutrition and exercise.

  • I did the opposite and started with diet but you have to start somewhere. I’m slowly adding an exercise routine and weight lifting at home. I’m starting pretty basic. I clean after kids all day so adding that to my schedule has been tricky. A little start is a good start. Good advice in this video. I’ve so far lost 30 pound just adding 20 minutes of excersize a day. Took me 5 months.

  • Man great vid..I kept procrastinating to..I would b like “ima start on Monday and its Wednesday” or wait til I get rid of all da bad food in da house n grab sum clean food” lol no excuses jus start somewhere. And like u said once u start exercising, regardless of diet, ur going to get dat feeling of wanting to eat better and it will come naturally

  • Dr Beth, this is indeed very helpful. Can I use glucose powder in a glass of water or is there a special glucose drink I need to get.

  • @LeeHayward I came for a straight answer.
    I’m going to do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and run 10 km EVERY DAY, but I’m still going to eat pizza, fries, ramen and drink coke (in moderation of’ course). Question is, can I have the food I love if I put in the effort to negate its effects? Will I see the gains if I exercise hard but eat junk at the same time? I don’t want to gradually change my ways.

  • the whole training/exercising is wrong. exercise is physical activity purely for the sake of your own health. training is physical activity with the intention to use it in a competition, mostly athletics. athletes train. if you arent an athlete and are just doing it to better your health its exercise. so “exercise” is actually correct.

  • We do not need a diet. We just need to do moderate eating, moderate exercise, take in enough nutrition and live to the fullest. It’s not worth it worrying about what you are going to eat all the time and how each food will damage your body which it won’t as long as you don’t overdose or overeat on Something. You need to give ypur stomach a break also.but we need to prepare times for physical activity and it doesn’t have to be sport. If you hate sport like me, that’s ok. It doesn’t make you unfit. You can do stretching, running, working out those muscles or something active each day

  • Dear sir please help me.. i’m too skiny and weight is 45Kg as 25year old men.. Please need your plan and exercise as beginners please??

  • Been 8 weeks in caloric deficit with weight training and I’m starving lately lol body is starting to fight back. I am seeing results now. forsure but would I want to do this for long term hells to the know. This man knows his shit like him or not. ✌️������

  • I’m really confused if i will continue working out or not as im having poor diet and my friends says there is no point in working out without proper supplement.

  • Yeah the way I simplified it was just eat shit that doesn’t end in rito… Burrito burrito Frito usually that’s a good start when I started eating shitthat look good that they don’t usually try and ever since then I would just try new things sushis stuff I don’t usually recognize and that usually diversified my diet to the point where now I’m just eating healthy

  • They never say that exercise won’t help you lose weight. They say that exercise is harder to lose weight. If you workout a lot but eat a lot of junk food. Then you will have hard time losing weight. We all know that exercise is good for you but for losing weight, it is not the only option. Remember that diet is also very important.

  • If you’d like some help with planning out a realistic bodybuilding diet for building lean muscle and burning fat, just check out my website

  • I needed to hear that! I dieted for a few months and lost 20 lbs, but now I’m skinny fat.
    Now I have a much better idea of what I should do in terms of my nutrition and training!
    Thanks for your encouraging words Jeff! ��

  • I train alot and eat alot of shitty food. I dont make alot of gains but i do gains alot of strength. And i get big too but not super muscular.

  • Fat Person:Diet is best thing
    Me:I have abs but I dont follow diet
    Fat person:I dont but why am I fat?
    Me: Because you cant freaking stop eating every meal you encounter.

  • Fuck of u r all steroid i have noticed 1 thing in steroid person he became knowledgeable after taking steroids he things he know it all but the truth is it is drugs that speak through him

  • What are your suggestions for eating PRIOR to working out (kinds of food and how much time before w/o)? Also, what to do when we’re feeling depleted of energy even prior to our workouts? Thank you. ��

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