Does Exercise Cause You To More happy Than Money


Exercise makes you happier than money

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Money DOES Buy Happiness | Scientific Research Explained

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Exercise Can Make You Happier Than Money, According to VIOMATIC VIOMATIC

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Exercise Can Make You Happier Than Money, According to Science

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Marshmello ft. Bastille Happier (Official Music Video)

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Exercising can make people happier than money can | Skymet Weather

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Exercise Makes You Happier Than Money, according to Yale and Oxford Research Study

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Exercise is more important for your mental health than money, Yale and Oxford research suggests. Ruqayyah Moynihan, Business Insider Deutschland. Feb.

While there might not be strong evidence exercise can make you happier than money, there is research that breaking a sweat helps prevent a range of chronic health conditions and is associated with increased happiness. In other words, exercise can make you feel like a million bucks. Tags fitness studies Workouts. Getting exercise might actually make you happier than having more money, according to a study conducted by researchers at Yale and Oxford, Business Insider reported. We may have all heard of the runners high and experienced that moment of euphoria after particularly challenging workout or yoga practice but now research shows that exercising makes us happier than money, or at least that regular exercise is a determining factor of happiness more so than income.

While money may buy comfort, status, and safety, it certainly does not buy happiness or longevity of life. Research from Oxford and Yale University shows that e xercise makes you happier than money. Specifically, exercise is more important to your mental health rather than your economic status. Exercise brings more joy than making money: Study FOX Business correspondent Mike Gunzelman talks about a recent report done by Yale and Oxford.

Science Says The One Thing That’ll Make You Happier Than Money Isn’t Actually Love. Feeling the rush of adrenaline and the blood pumping through. You might want to start by breaking a sweat.

According to a study from researchers at Yale and Oxford Universities, when it comes to mental health, exercise may be more important than money. In the study, published in The Lancet, scientists collected data about the physical behavior and mental health of more than 1.2 million Americans. You might want to start by breaking a sweat. According to a study from researchers at Yale and Oxford, when it comes to mental health, exercise may be more important than money. In the study, published in The Lancet, scientists collected data about the physical behavior and mental health of more than 1.2 million Americans.

Does Exercise Make You Happier Than Money? View this post on Instagram. Watch this video to learn if exercise beats money when it comes to happiness!

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List of related literature:

Even more importantly, exercise doesn’t equate to happiness.

“You Can be Happy No Matter what: Five Principles Your Therapist Never Told You” by Richard Carlson
from You Can be Happy No Matter what: Five Principles Your Therapist Never Told You
by Richard Carlson
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Obviously, you don’t have to be depressed to benefit from exercise.

“Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life” by Melissa Leong
from Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life
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That is, you will be more motivated to exercise after you experience the mood benefit for yourself.

“Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
from Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being
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As an observation, you might conclude that as the number of exercise hours goes up, so does happiness.

“Essentials of Public Health Research Methods” by Ralph J. DiClemente, Richard A. Crosby, Laura F. Salazar
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Many studies have found that exercise can actually trigger happiness, tranquility, and euphoria.

“Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends' Journey Beyond Death” by Kim Sheridan
from Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends’ Journey Beyond Death
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But when you exercise, you create a way for your whole body to benefit – and this produces a sense of happiness.

“Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness” by Mo Abraham
from Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness
by Mo Abraham, 2016

Even more important, exercise doesn’t equate to happiness.

“You Can Be Happy No Matter What: Five Principles for Keeping Life in Perspective” by Richard Carlson, PhD
from You Can Be Happy No Matter What: Five Principles for Keeping Life in Perspective
by Richard Carlson, PhD
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For me the best by­product of exercise is the improvement in my mood.

“Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting” by Nicole Avery
from Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting
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Now, researchers have discovered another advantage: Physical exercise has a powerful effect on brain health, and the benefits go beyond the release of endorphins, the chemical in the brain that improves mood.

“IELTS Superpack” by Lin Lougheed
from IELTS Superpack
by Lin Lougheed
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I get it, you may have a family and you need to work, but you’ll be a better worker and a better friend and family member if you’re healthy and feeling good, which is the primary benefit of exercise.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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  • Marshmello is such a big motivator to me, he’s one of the main reasons why I started making music and I hope to be as great as him one day, it would be a dream ❤

  • It’s sad that i play roblox in 2010 was the last time he logged in i was sad i logged in but he never was online i decide to make no friends and forget about him but i got banned

  • As someone who grew up poor, having my children grow up with a sense of financial security is more important than my own personal satisfaction.

  • If you say money doesn’t buy happiness you are correct happiness is what you make out of it without money you have nothing,no resources, no net worth you are basically broke for me money buys me happiness I can’t speak for anyone else but myself

  • This is one of my favorite videos of all time when it comes to the question “Does money buy happiness?”. I have been saying this every time i hear people say “it doesn’t”. Everyone is different, there are so many factors such has home life, work life, relationships with friends and family, personal outlook on life and personal goals. Some people are content with living frugal and money may not personally make them any happier. But for others (myself included) money may be the most desirable thing in life. I make between $60k-$65k a year, for alot of people that sounds like a ton of money. For me, it barely satisfies me. I grew up lower middle class/poor, not having very much for myself or my family, but we got by. Personally, i don’t want to have to worry if i have enough in the bank to make a certain purchase or to spend a little more than normal. I have been told that i have expensive tastes, but i have been on the opposite side not being able to afford anything. So for me, money does buy MOST of my happiness, of course if i didn’t have my friends, or my family than i wouldn’t be as happy, but realize that would be true even if money wasn’t a factor. I believe that true happiness is like a puzzle, if you don’t put all of the pieces together, then it wont be complete, same thing for happiness. In order to be truly happy you need money but you also need all the other pieces such as good health, great friends, loving family, etc..

  • Love this lol question everything…people think research is so concrete when it’s not & like you mentioned, people also fail to critically analyze all aspects including the flaws of studies as well

  • Being a college freshman and having access to peer-reviewed articles for the first time, I realized that there was a lot that could be misinterpreted or something in the article itself was false. I really appreciated this video and I’m excited to see similar ones in the future!

  • Why didn’t this video include theory of Hedonic adaptation? Or any mention of Martin Seligman who is the pioneer of the field you’re looking at, positive psychology?

    There are so many missed opportunities here… Like the PERMA model of wellbeing and where money fits and doesn’t fit in.

  • Great video J

    I am compelled however to point out the irony in this video. In your self-displine video in May last year, you cited a Baumeister study on willpower being a finite resource (I.e., ego depletion). Due to publication bias (among other things) other researchers have been unable to replicate this finding, and as a result, this notion has been disregarded by most academics in this field (a simple Google search of papers written about the replication crisis in psychology will confirm this).

    You make a great point that people summarizing studies on the internet in an easily digestible manner can often make the findings misleading. But perhaps you may want to update that video in taking your own advice…

    Anyway, food for thought. Thanks again for sharing, you do a great job.

  • You are a good person! You have the ability to do well in life! Keep doing what you love and live happily!☺️
    Life is about experiencing the journey!

  • one criticism I would give is that you don’t actually point out your own conclusions based on the information. You just say that people’s conclusions on the study are wrong (which from what I gather is true). do you think the 75k study demonstrates anything? or does the methodology of the study keep it from being able to provide any true insights?

  • You are on such a great mission and this video was something other than the bookish material and quite practically helpful. Thanks a lot ����

  • I’m a pre-med student very soon to be a med student living on the equivalent US$7,500 a year in Australia.I have been doing so for the last 3.5 years of my undergrad. Talking about how money doesn’t make you happy while also saying that it plateau’s after 75 grand US makes my head spin. If I was making 10 times what I am now, all the problems I currently have (making rent every week, constantly talking to government agencies to extend bills, eating healthily, having any money to spend when with friends or family) would evaporate. Of course money makes you happy if you use it in pursuit of things that make you happy. And of course poverty makes you unhappy. I’ve heard a few of your videos where you claim to debunk the myth that doctors aren’t rich by stating that some doctors only earn 200 grand US. 200 grand! In 5 years they’ve earned a million dollars, more than I’ve seen in my entire life. In more competitive specialties they can earn half a million a year. That is rich in my books anything above that is just filthy rich. I didn’t get into medicine for the money, but it will sure make things easier.

  • Money doesn’t equal happiness. Money equals security. Money equals choices,which can make us happy. Money also gives us time to play, which includes nice restaurants, cars, clothes, etc. it’s what you do with it that makes you happy. I like nice cars, so I need a high salary to allow me to keep purchasing and enjoying my car hobby. That’s it. It allows you to do things. What makes you happy? Is there something that you enjoy doing which makes you happy which money can assist with? That’s really it. I also like to eat out a lot. Money let’s you do that.

  • I know how that feels like to you don’t get to spend time together with you and your dog because thay dude I’m sorry for your loss ����������������������������

  • Money is really the last thing that could make me happier.
    Living below the poverty line is thought to be harsh, not even livable. But it could not be further from the truth!
    Half of my income goes to renting my big enough studio apartment, a third to living and the other 1/6th are spent on classroom material.
    Of course I do earn more than that, but every month I save half of my income for future use. If I have children someday we’d all be better off if my partner or I would stay with the children.
    If I ever need a car I’d be better off saving for it rather than paying (more!) afterwards.
    When I’ll buy my land, the more money I can put in it without borrowing, the more I save (positive interests instead of negative!).
    If something happens andi cannot work anymore, I know I’ll have enough to keep on living for at least 3 years (I am just starting my career).
    Living simply is easy… Living in clutter is hard.

  • Money doesn’t buy happiness but the things that make you happy, usually require money. It’s almost impossible to be happy without sufficient income in the modern society.

  • Why do people dislike this.This is a beautiful video and I keep crying at the end�������������������������������� R.I.P DOG��������������������������

  • You’re the coolest dr I’ve ever seen!! The ideas and techniques that you been sharing with us are precious. As an M.Sc grad I just wish we had every piece of your advice back in school ����. But thankfully we have you now!! Please keep making great videos and you are changing the world!

  • I used to listen this song with my dog and now he’s not here,I always cry when I see this but he will always live inside my heart with me

  • Hi Dr.jubbal,you are doing a great job..your content are really informative..thank you….. am in med school….am a bit confused on what speciality to take up…pls make a vedio on how to choose speciality…. your vedios are superb….so pls do make one….

  • The things you own ends up owning you. Happiness doesn’t require money status power or intelligence. The person needs to change his nature towards trivial human desires and aversions and instead liberate his mind from unhealthy attachments. The wise man who can let go of the petty pleasures of the peasants will accumulate all the things he no longer craves or cling on to will naturally start accumulating these things in abundance in any case. To have everything and to be happy requires that you let go first, just let go.

  • I feel like we should also look at the way we view the statement.

    The phrase isnt neccessarily saying that happiness increases in increments that correlate to the amount of wealth said person has. Ie as W (wealth) increases, then H (happiness) also increases.

    Is says that money, at any amount, doesnt buy/equal happiness.

    However this phrase in itself makes is illogical because an emotion cannot literally be purchased.

    Now if we look at happiness as a secondary emotion we can see that happiness isnt the only reason someone may want to acquire wealth. Ie money buys power that translates to happiness. Or money buys oppurtunity which equals happiness. From this perspective it could be argued that anything that a person chooses to do with their money, could be “buying happiness”. For eg the pet lover that buys a cat could be buying their happiness. Or even on a smaller scale, paying you electric bill in order to have a hot showers that gives you tingles = buying happiness.

    From a sociological POV I think its fair to say that for the 13.4% of Americans that live in poverty, who daily deal with the stress anxiety and unhappiness that poverty brings money could buy their happiness. Or rather money coukd be used to bring them happiness.

    We live in a capitalist world where everything is monetised.

    Health care, college tuition, safe housing, nuitritous food. They all come with a price point, often hefty, and can leave those in poverty very very unhappy.
    Can poverty, hunger and lack or eduction equal happiness? Absolutely not. Does your favourite meal make you happy? Yes. And did you buy it? I hope so.

    In this respect I think it can be argued that yes, money DOES buy happiness.

    Is that to say people in poverty dont experience happiness? No. Its to say that people in poverty doesnt experience happiness as a result of their poverty.

    So if we strip this phrase down and address it in the binary that its presented in;
    A) It can be argued that if poverty = unhappiness, then wealth (as its opposite) must = happiness.

    And in a less literal senses B)
    money can buy [the things that incite] happiness.


  • I am very happy volunteering for my community and donating to worthy causes. I spend most of my money on experiential ones-vacations with families and medical missions.

  • Still can’t believe you dropped your plastics residency Dr. Jubal, is there any chance you would be permitted to return to your training IF you decided you wanted to go back?

  • I remember having “critical thinking” as a part of our curriculum in grammar school. We we’re asked how we would solve a problem and discuss different strategies in achieving desirable results. In this society, we are taught how to think and what to do. Some of us are fortunate to have parents or guardians who’ve raised us to be inquisitive and challenge the system. You have to be able to form your own opinions and thoughts in order to “think for oneself and sift through information.” Ppl who are striving versus ppl who are thriving have different mindsets. Money is a tool. It’s easier to go with the “current” than it is to go against it. If we spent more time learning about self, we’d be happier and at peace.

  • Thank you for this. A good friend of mine informed me that “milk is bad for Parkinson’s” (my husband has this condition). This sounded odd to me, so I went on a Google search to find the study she was referring to. Mind you, I assume she had not actually looked at the study, but instead had read an article referring to this study. The study showed a correlation between having consumed low fat liquid milk and yogurt in childhood with increased chances of having Parkinson’s as an older adult. NOT that milk was “bad” for people with Parkinson’s. So many misunderstandings can happen by not spending a little extra time to look at the information.

  • My best friend who was a border collie died recently and this video is just one that reminds me of him and I so much. He died of old age and I grew up with him since I was little. He didn’t like any other kids in my family beside me and my brother who live closer to my grandparents. He died at the age of 10 and me being 13 I mean I literally grew up with him and knowing that I won’t be able to see him again hurts knowing that I’m not going to pat of play with him again it just hurts. I’m going to miss him so much and I’ll never forget him and all the memories he gave me.
    I love him until the end of time.

  • I’ve never commented on a video before but I really liked this video! Hope to see more of this content. I cited that fact from the Kahneman study in past conversations lol… and never thought about it in that way, so thank you. Since graduating from college, I’ve thought a lot about happiness too. In Crazy Rich Asians, Nick’s mom says to Rachel how chasing her dreams and happiness is very American. Do you agree with this or do you think its universal?

  • Thank you for an awesome video! As a first-year medical student, I really appreciate all the work you are doing on your channels. I find your tips extremely useful both for studying and personal growth. Your goal about reducing the rate of suicides among students and residents deserve so much respect.

  • U think id like to work most random dental cases if i had a ton of money? Hell no id just focus on my health family and probably work 4hours a day.. so money=happiness

  • I think a sense of accomplishment grants me more happiness than any money in the world, but I do agree that people need a certain amount to at minimum not be struggling with poverty and have shelter and food.

  • Money is a physical thing. It cant buy emotions. I know alot of people who have an income of $100,000 per month and aren’t happy. There is something beyond money… I don’t know why people with millions or billions of dollars commit suicide…and there are people who are homeless and are happy.

  • Excellent video. The honesty and straigthforwarddness of it, makes it so interesting. This Is how all information we get, should be approached. Thank you so much!

  • Happiness comes internally. If you’re happy living off the land or living a simple life then sure. But if you want to get a nice house, travel etc you’re going to have to work hard and get a job that will help you make money.

  • money just allows you to do the things that make you happy. And that can be different for everyone. For me its just being able to be independant from my parents and have my own home, occasionally vacation, and possibly get married and start a family in the future.

  • Money = security, better food, better living place, better education to give to their child’s, better environment, better medical stuff etc = happiness

  • I thought I came here to find how much to try and make annually to find a more secure and there for comfortable living in a few circumstances

  • Been watching your videos for a while. Definitely helped me create momentum and facilitate better habits. Thanks for all the insight!

  • Great video, but sometimes the reason why doctors don’t know what’s wrong is because 8/10 they let their arrogance take the lead.
    Awesome video though! Loved it.

  • A short answer is yes, but that is honestly short term happiness. After a while no matter how much money you have, the fancy car,big house,or whatever, get boring and just a part of a regular day. Honestly in the end you can’t take anything with you, and you cant buy time. In the moment money might seem amazing but the root to evil is money, so up to a certain extent it can, and can’t (buy happiness)

  • So true! There’s commonly some kind of misinterpretation on scientific literature when translated into plain English, and rarely look at whether it’s correlation/causation.

    What I love is how you look into each different aspects and explain them well. Thanks for this amazing eye opener!!

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  • Do more content like this! I appreciate content that compares and analyses with neutral perspectives ( with your own opinions as well)

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  • What I really find interesting is why we care so much, why probably over a million people will watch this video. Obviously it’s ingrained into almost all of us to care about money whether we believe it or not

  • this is stupid, ya iam not gonna be happy making 75 k a year with no life, but i will sure as shit be happy not working and having 5-20 million in the bank, money does buy happiness and it sure as hell buys freedom.

  • Are you criticizing research in general or this particular research? Your counterarguments were not specific to the idea you’re arguing against. Very general to every topic or research. No need to put a specific title then give general criticisms.

  • I just want to earn enough to not worry about bills and support a family. Not with material goods. And memories with loved ones rather than being a workaholics for only a little bit of more money.

  • Have you read Dr. Pamela Wible’s Physician Suicide Letters book yet? It’s definitely inspired to try to combat it, and I commend your efforts to that cause! Godspeed.