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“There is no ‘need’ for a pre-workout supplement,” Goodson says. “While some consider them beneficial, for many a cup of coffee and granola bar can provide the same benefits to energy.” Stefanski also looks elsewhere before suggesting pre-workout supplements. Pre-workout formulas aren’t for everyone. If you frequently lack energy or have difficulty making it through your workout, you shouldn’t automatically resort to supplements. Adequate hydratio. For many gym goers, however, the kinds of pre-workout supplements that spring to mind come in pill or powder form with labels like “ extreme ” and “ LIT AF ”; these supplements often contain carb.

Pre-workout supplements are typically loaded with higher-than-normal amounts of caffeine, B vitamins, amino acids, creatine and nitric oxide precursors, and some studies have shown them to be. Pre-workout supplements have actually ended up being progressively popular. Supporters declare that they can improve your fitness and offer you the energy you need to power through challenging.

Here’s what you need to know before joining the pre-workout faithfuls at your gym. “Pre-workout” is any supplement, usually a powder drink mix, that claims to boost workout. A pre-workout supplement packing ingredients that most people would need a pocket M.D. and a medical pronunciation guide to explain—pyruvic and. Anyone who feels like they need an energy boost in the gym, or who has an ambitious PR in their sights, is a prime candidate for a pre-workout supplement.

However, even with the best pre in your gym bag, the best benefits are achieved over time with consistent training, continued use, adequate nutrition, and appropriate rest and recovery. Pre-workout supplements high in caffeine can cause abnormal heart rhythms and severe overdoses can be fatal. Potassium, a well-known electrolyte found in. Pre-Workout Supplements Are NOT Long-Term! Taking any one of the these popular powders will most certainly give you a boost in energy, focus, motivation, and even strength.

I do have to attribute a certain amount of these to the placebo effect, but overall, they do work.

List of related literature:

Who needs Supplements?

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Of course, since the aforementioned supplements will be in liquid form and will be ingested both before exercise and sipped during the exercise bout, dehydration, a potent performance killer in both strength and endurance athletes, can be staved off as well.

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I do take some supplements, but you have to be careful.

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I’m a big believer in supplements, but I know that the industry isn’t regulated, so buyer beware!

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There was a time when I would buy supplements like these and hope they worked.

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Who needs to supplement?

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  • Saluted. This is a 2011 video but its the one i found that made sense about pre workout. I agree. Coffe is the best. Well at least it works for me. Black coffee.

  • Most people are addicted to it. I only take it about 3 days a week for a workout because it looses its effect if you do it every workout

  • First time taking pre workout, I don’t even drink coffee it has idk if I wasn’t supposed to take a full dose or if it’s the fact that I drank it too fast but like my skin is tingling and I can’t even think straight am I dying

  • Lmao i have zero caffeine intake. Rarely i drink coffee. I wonder whats gonna happen when i take it. I already bought it. Ill onlu use it on leg days cuz i hate leg days and ill start off quarter scoop

  • Based on taste, which preworkout would you recommend? I take my preworkout in the morning and have a sensitive stomach. I typically will eat bland foods in the morning and find the taste of my current preworkout very off putting. I don’t know if they have a preworkout out there that tastes like coffee, but that would be amazing.

  • Guys please read this, i need help!
    I have whey concentrate and it says,,add 1 portion (35g=1scoop) tot 150 ml of water.”
    But the cup has 90 ml.
    Should i add a full cup of should i add only half of it?

  • I’m getting tired of these comments saying how they take cocaine and shit. It’s retarded. Why would you want to do that shit yeah it makes you feel lit but still it’s not worth it.

  • Hi Kevin. Great video. Do you recommend taking a post workout supplement, such as a whey protein shake? That’s the only supplement I take.

  • Tried PWO for the first time today. In the past i have taking coffine+kreatine as a diy “pwo”. Did not think it would be effective, but mai gad, fellt like cocaine my fellas.. My brain was like bom boak bomka laka bomka ka ka laka

  • I take my pre work out as soon as I get to the gym so I get my usual workout in then when the pre workout hits I go ballistic for another hour��

  • I’m reading some the ingredients on some of these preworkouts and I’m finding that most of these are heavily processed with natural flavors and even contain harmful artificial sweeteners like suclose. In addition, these have an over dose of caffeine and should be the only source of caffeine if someone is taking it the amount of stress on the liver is in excess. I’m currently no longer taking pre workouts cause I believe they’re too processed.

  • i just got a booster sample for the first time (not4pussy dmha) took half the scoop and got to say it was great
    i watched my pulse throughout the workout(around 120) and felt awesome
    more strength and fun, wouldn’t continue tho because it feels like cheating and possibly can destroy your body in the long term
    still nonetheless a cool experience
    im kinda late with this comment

  • Have you guys heard about how preworkout may lead to testicular cancer? I’m 20 and I’ve been taking it for a couple months now and am wondering if that’s true at all. I really hope it’s not bc I’m totally all about preworkout haha

  • I took a scoop felt like i was on steroids I try it again for my workout the next day didnt effect me at all how am i already tolerant after one use.

  • Study these �� There are studies that show oxygen causes aging. So one should only breathe on days your really work out hard. If you breath all the time your body will become accustomed to positive the effects of not dying and you won’t see all the benefits from only breathing on chest day. ������

  • I prefer keeping it Basic.
    Creatine + Whey protein.
    Sometimes Pea protein.
    It’s better to take real food for pre workout.
    Other than Caffeine and creatine All other compounds and chemicals are just Placebos plus Added sugar.

  • I have a friend who is very overweight and she’s been doing it for the past 3 1/2 years and she thinks she’s doing good. And she’s thinks it’s helping her out with losing weight but she’s gotten bigger

  • Even expensive preworkout is cheaper than buying coffee. I’ve never had a good enough boost from instant coffee. Even if I had an espresso machine at home I got to the gym straight after work so would be a bother. I think it’s best to look for preworks with 2 different types of caffeine in it

  • Lit is still my favorite. Plus I’m addicted to amazon

  • The first time I took preworkout ever, I fucked up greatly & did two full scoops.

    I don’t even drink coffee at all, so it goes without saying. I didn’t even go to the gym & just had a mild panic attack while sweating like I was in a hot car, for 10 minutes, for a couple of hours.

  • What other popular youtuber uses that same background music.. I can literally see his outro in my head but don’t remember the name…

  • Can be found in your food, but you’d have to eat a LOT to achieve the same amount that’s already in pre-workout. Plus, taking right before a workout helps with energy and motivation, giving you a much stronger and more effective workout.

  • Wow.i had my first scoop today on Freaked pre workout and im powering on rep after rep.but one scoop how i feel is not rite.i. could workout for hours.but wont keep doing i.

  • Guess I gotta start taking some supplements! LOL. I work out and train for endurance sports. I’m 40, and I’m just now starting to truly learn about the benefits of creatine!

  • Thanks, google: “The surname Cavaliere comes from the words “cavallaro,” which means a horse dealer; or from “cavalieri,” meaning a horseman, rider or knight.”

  • I’m 21, 136 pounds, 5″ 9″ ( really skinny ). My goal is to exercise everyday for about 30-45 minutes ( unless that’s too little then I will exercise longer ), and I want to gain muscle mass. Purpose of it? Well… I know this is going to sound cheesy, but I want to get recognized and girls to finally look at me. My face is average looking, but my body is more of a high schooler. I realize it will take a lot of time. I’m hoping by age 24 or 25 I will be really buffed. If not, I will continue no matter how long it takes.

  • Hi Nice Video, Can you review GAT Nitraflex hyperimia and testosterone booster? Or can you tell how does it fair with the ones you have mentioned?

  • i think most people don’t ever over-train though, most people under-train and over estimate how much they train. so i imagine damage of over-training by taking pre-workout is not a huge risk (but i could be wrong). I agree i don’t think pre-workout is necessary, i have used it in a competition prep as more of a mental support when you are tired and hungry but still have to train.

  • yeah ive been drinking coffee every day since i was like 12. my body has an incredible tolerance to it at this point. so much so that the only reason i continue to drink it on a daily basis is to avoid the headaches that i get if i dont. so a cup of coffee before a workout doesnt really touch me. atleast not in any meaningful way. unlike my uncle.

    so this is where the preworkout comes in. a dose thats 3-4 times higher most definitely touches me. but unlike my uncle i actually enjoy its effects and improves my performance.

  • Hi Jeff. I personally think that your videos are very helpful and inspire for people who really want to get in shape and get results, are very professional, and very detail. I honestly would like to work with you guys, that’s a passion of my life, I love fitness, sports and dancing, all that have a relationship. I wish you all the best and bless for you, your family and your team.

  • Atleast tell us for how many years did you take them supplements. You are already shredded using those supplements and telling us don’t use it, don’t be a hypocrite and act cool with this channel of yours. Be more specific and rational. Tomorrow I will also get shreeded and tell someone please don’t take supplements it’s useless.common man grow up.

  • Great and informative content as always! You’re helping tons of people save those extra bucks (from not patronizing pre workouts) haha! I just recovered from overtraining, I definitely felt and experienced the truth behind the non-correlation of workout intensity to workout effectiveness. Learned it the hard way lol! Anywaaay, Keep it up ��

  • Surprised that NUTRABIO PRE was not in your list!? Probably one of the Best Pre’s out there, Full label disclosures, No proprietary blends, and patented Versions of primary ingredients!!

  • Well there will always be a lot us that actually get lots of sleep and eat right.
    But just work a ton and really need that punch… would you recommend any preworkouts??

  • I know this video is 6 years old, but caffeine and b vitamins are not giving you the same energy and health benefits of DMAA/DMHA ��. Yes it has been sceintifcially proven that DMAA/DMHA can increase your blood pressure and heart rate, but so does caffeine. And the effects are temporary while the drug is active in your system. All those people who did die from it were either genetically predisposed to a heart attack to begin with or had high blood pressure to begin with or were stupid and took too much.What he is doing is exagerraring the dangers of DMAA/DMHA and he is not telling you the vast amount of health benefits that this stimulant actually provides and that is why it was actually banned because it works too good when taken correctly and the FDA was just looking for a reason to get rid of it. Look around you today, fast food is everything they are dumping massive amounts of sodium and fat calories into fast foods. Why doesn’t the FDA ban cigarettes or Alcohol? Because it helps control and weaken the population mentally and physically. Now, let’s go over the health benefits of DMAA/DMHA. increases energy, mental clarity and focus, increased dopamine, relief from depression, increased pain tolerance, improved memory and cognitive abilities, improved and heightened spatial awareness, temporarily increased strength, endurance, and speed as well as quicker reaction times, aids in fat loss and muscle growth and may in fact buffer lactic acid better than beta alanine, possibly even better than Carnosine which is a filtered pure beta alanine, also long lasting with a half life of 8-12 hours much much and I repeat vastly longer than Caffeine, Eria Jarenesis, Synephrine, Hordenine, and any other stimulant found in a pre workout. DMAA/DMHA can in fact be the perfect stimulant. It makes all the sense in the world for a government trying to control it’s people to want to ban something like this.

  • I’m 15 years old, been lifting for 6 months now, I’ve been wondering if I can take the same amount of creatine as adults, like 20g of creatine for the loading phase

  • I learned so much! There is no “WHEY” I’m going to pay for pre workout again!:)
    I applaud you for your research and the time to take a deep dive for this video!
    I enjoyed your many sidebars of commenters hah. You’re amazing! I can’t wait for more videos especially looking forward to a rant soon lol

  • Everyone needs to hop on the B12 train. I switched a couple of months ago from pre-workout to B12 and I have noticed vast improvements in both my cardio and lifting����

  • I take 5 1/2 scoops and a tiny little line of some white and I’m fucking straight. Like a match head bump just enough to get a mind change. Makes me want to lift semi trucks. And fuck everything

  • “so i said goodbye to my cookies and i said hello to my abs for the first time in my life.”

    5 years later and in correlation to covid quarantine and this hit so close to home, i bursted out laughing after feeling my abs in agreement.

  • Thanks Buddy…I am from India and spend lots of money on fancy preworkout supplement…now I am addicted to it…but after listening to you I will never buy it again…let’s hit the gym with Coffee..Thank again..
    one more I workout in morning at 8 so as per your another video my fasting window will be 6pm to 10am…so what do you think will be the last meal like…high carb/protein or fat

  • I stopped drinking this shit when I noticed I am having trouble breathing. Now, I am stronger than ever not with just lifting over all health I am stronger. I feel like I can last 12 rounds in a fight. ������������

  • Are there supplements you shouldn’t mix? I’ve had some friends tell me you shouldn’t mixing things such as glutamine and creatine? Is that a real thing and/or are there other supplements that shouldn’t be taken together/within a certain amount of time

  • The only pre workout I ever just immediately stopped taking because of how I felt, ( heart palpitations, rapid ) was 1MR, brand now makes vortex. C4 NO explode, Beast no issues

  • A-Z Multivitamins
    Glucosamine and Fish oil.
    Whole foods. Meat/veg/eggs/oats/fruit
    The odd serving on pre-workout.

    The rest is bullshit, what I noticed is most guys with shitty physiques take the most supplements. FACTS.

  • Some times I can’t get enough sleep because I’m in the ARMY and deployed. Sometimes I have to use pre workout because running mission and lack of sleep leads to severe exhaustion. But we have to stay in shape for the APFT. And then, sometimes we only get 1 meal a day. I had a time where I was on mission and only got 1 meal in 3 days. How do we overcome this?

  • I have honestly noticed drinking alcohol before a workout to get me just as hyped than pre-workout. Don’t get drunk of course but enough to get you a little tipsy… I don’t like how pre-workout makes me feel and it distracts me during my workout.

  • My friend has actually died from taking pre work, during his morning workout, my trainer says he has never taken pre workout it is not necessary.

  • Great video, but the research on when to take pre-workout really doesn’t apply well to the real world. It doesn’t make sense to hit peak caffeine intake at the beginning of a workout, when you should really be warming up and full of motivation. Instead, the energy boost becomes vital 20-30 minutes after getting to the gym, when warmups and main compound lifts are done.

    Deadlifting/squatting really diminishes energy, hence the need for gradually peaking caffeine to stay motivated and power thru leg day. Pre-workout 15-20 minutes before the gym makes much more sense.

  • What about bcaa and combining it wth beta alinine as a substitute???
    In 43 and I’ve felt some of the effects of these pwrkts and even now as I speak my body is still twitching from taking it like 3 hours ago…

  • If you lift for life you can’t say “hold up let me slam this shake” when you need to put the muscles you’ve built to use… Great video!

  • The problem with your preworkout use is you abused it. You used it as you would drink coffee. You should use it before workout, not after waking up and treating it as jumpstart for your day ( 1:25). No wonder you had a bad taste against preworkout. These products should be used accordingly and with caution. This video is a total fail right from the start. You are the problem, not the product.

  • This is hands down one of the best videos on all of youtube. Everything you said was correct. This is the kind of information that people actually need. Good Job. Keep up the good work. Beauty and intelligence is quite the combo.

  • Haha I haven’t got to that point where I can toss the pre workout aside. what do you think about pre workout while your in the fasted state? it says it has no sugar and no calories?

  • I on rare occasions use caffeine from tea or coffee and that gives me enough of a boost. But I use it rarely, my real pre-workout is my immense willpower and massive determination

  • Honestly, preworkout is a massively underrated gateway drug. I started with just half a scoop, and enjoyed that focused rush feeling. Soon bumped it up to a scoop, then a scoop with a mound on top, then 2 even scoops, then eventually meth

  • In my opinion the answer to this question is always no. Pre-workout will do more harm than good in the long term. Plus, the body builds up a tolerance fairly quickly, not just to caffeine but many of the other ingredients. At that point you just have to keep taking it to have any energy at all.

  • Pre workout is a marketing scam. In the old days, it was called Vivarin or NoDoz (caffeine). Now they use the same ingredient and charge ten times as much for it.

  • You charge $3 for a serving of creatine when I can buy perfectly good creatine-creatine monohydrate, one ingredient-for $0.10. That’s a 30x mark up. Basically, it’s the difference between always making your coffee at home vs always buying it at Starbucks. I can’t say that being poorer is good for one’s long-term health.

  • I’m 165 lbs and I take 440 mg caffeine

    I can feel it but it’s nothing crazy

    I already take 250 mg from other sources on top of the preworkout daily

  • He didn’t like DMAA. What a wussy. In another video you showed the study where it didn’t raise the heart rate. In this video you said it does.

  • Well that was quick and its a record I came to this video to find out if I should start taking pre-workout and i watched your video 2:30 seconds from that little bit of information you said I will never take a pre-workout ever in my life

  • So I intentionally avoided this video because I had just purchased C4 when you posted ��
    You are spot on with this and i didn’t know that BCAA supplements are useless given you have enough protein, and that helps me because that section is OVERWHELMING. Is black coffee an hour or so before the gym the best option? Or is it better to not use caffeine at all?

  • i still use pre workout but this is good advice. i work 11 hours a day with no days off for 10 months I work in a cruise ship its not that i need it but i want to use pwo.. i still cycle off or use stim free pwo.. and I’m not working a desk job so this works for people working in the offices.

  • Every point is dead on. The worst thing I hate about per-workouts is that if you take them at home first and then go to the gym, the longer you delay going to the gym the worse the nausea gets.

  • I’m 14 and I think I’ve genetically reached my best and I was thinking should I buy whey isolate I was worried it might slow my mentaolism down and actually slow my performance in sports aswell

  • At first, the pre workout helped with my workouts. But now I dont really work out like I used to and I’m addicted to the stuff. A lot of times taking more than the recommended dosage. Apparently I’ll just make my brain hurt over and over and never stop. So I’m done with them after the last of it. Starting over….

  • I just hate how dependent I feel on preworkout. That need to have it in order to have a good workout. It definitely messes with your head if you take it for too long I think

  • I want to attempt to get into better shape. I’m not really looking to put on pounds of muscle rather just a healthier lifestyle. I had only heard of pre workout and wasn’t sure if it was something I should be taking. This video is very informative so thank you for the advice.

  • Agree 100%. DMAA is a sympathomimetic and that can spell disaster for someone with vascular or heart issues. If someone has hypertension, DMAA could definitely put them at risk for stroke. What’s worse is that DMAA is not the only CNS stimulant ingredient companies will put in one product. It’d likely have some sick combo of caffeine, synephrine, yohimbe, and ginseng. All of which either raises blood pressure, constrict vessels, or increase heart rate, and ultimately stresses the heart. And the caffeine is not only a CNS stimulant, it is a potent diuretic. That makes the hypertension worse. While the effects of weight loss drugs can make you feel good temporarily, they can become neurotoxic and almost pathogenic if used carelessly. And great vid. You’re the smartest fitness guru on YT!

  • Yeah bro i totally understand the message, I bought my first pre-workout some months ago and i think i’m not going to buy another one, def improves my sleep if i don’t take it and i just don’t see the point in taking a pre-workout

  • About how long until you got your strength back after cutting out the preworkouts and creatine? Because I got really sick about a month or so ago and was hospitalized and when I got home and returned to the gym it felt like I lost 50% of my strength and it’s been 2 weeks now and I can’t seem to ever get the pump I use to prior to being hospitalized and in all honesty In losing my drive to hit the gym anymore. I don’t wanna give up since I’ve had a pretty miraculous transformation but I feel like my strength will never return and I see guys I use to train with far surpassing me. Please help

  • If you are reading this these are mediocre preworkouts at best. Try superbio freak or even rich pianas pre. Ive tried the 5th 4th 3rd and 1st.

  • To an extent this is true. But it also comes down to how educated you are on what your taking. I work at a nutrition shop and yes there are some brand that a total garbage but there are some that can and do benefit people greatly! It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Knowledge = success.

  • Hey, dies anyone have an idea what I can do if I overreact to that “tingly” feeling? Feels like I need to throw up even if I take half a portion.

  • I love how informative you are! I also like how you’re aware that science changes all the time and you’re open to being proven wrong. You seem very genuine about telling the facts rather than being right. Keep it up with the awesome content! ❤

  • I fell into the same rut; taking it as soon as I got out of bed. So did you just cold turkey it or are there a couple tricks? Ive already been dabbling in intermittent fasting for months and I have 2 24hr water fasts/1 24hr dry fast under my belt. Already my system is cleaned up enough to where it feels TERRIBLE when I take it but somehow I keep going back to it which is pretty scary

  • Best message I’ve heard regarding pre workouts! Thanks for sharing your message. True strength comes from within not a bottle or pill. Definitely something to think about, easier said than done about kicking the habit for most people. I’m glad you came out on the other end feeling better than being on it. Did you drink coffee or green tea to help curb your withdraws at first?

  • Glad you mentioned this..I thought it was just me re the morning hangover..even taking the most natural preworkout out have convinced me to try stopping.

  • I think I still take pre workout because I’m clinging to the nostalgia of my “glory days” when I was in my best shape prior to all my injuries. I was young, naive, and making good money so I would always get a massive $200+ box of supplements in the mail every month. Felt like a kid on Christmas. I’m trying to chase that feeling every time I buy a new PWO, but honestly, I can’t shake the feeling that not only are those days over, but I’m fucking poisoning myself. Sucks lol. Plus my anxiety is at an all time high now. Never used to have it. But maybe it’s from 10 years of pre workout abuse.

  • Pardon my bad english pls

    Your other videos are much better and informativ.
    Like your argument that you get whats inside a booster out of your daily food. Such a false statement.
    A regular (good) pump booster for example has about 6 grams of Arginine and 7 grams of Citruline. Well have fun eating 5 Kilogramms of meat/watermelon to get that needed amount of of the two.
    To get a good pump you just have to consume amounts of these aminoacids shortly before the training that you simply could not get them though your food.

  • Im actually thinking about getting off it. I’ve been taking it for almost 4 years now. What should I replace it with? I work from 7am-4pm.. I have no energy after work.

  • Hey I turn 15 this month I’m on my high school powerlifting team and I want to take my workouts to the next level. I have about a year of consistent workout experience. I eat literally anything and everything that will fill me up. I’m thinking about starting creatine 5 grams a day but idk what I should do. Any tips would be nice.

  • Excellent points! For lack of knowledge, I was always sceptical about pre-workout products. Now I see those’ ingredients indeed need to checked carefully before buying.
    On a very different topic: I wonder what Jeff thought about artificial sweeteners like Acesulfam-K and Sucralose? (I know he includes Sucralose in his products, but I read some worrying things about it)

  • What about the timing when should you take BCAA before during or after and if so when you talk about can to have some studies to back up what you are talking please?

  • I respect Jeff for all his work but I don’t agree at all with this video.
    My take on it:
    If you want to gain muscle, you don’t need any supplements whatsoever. Workout regulary have at least 3-5 meals a day ( good and healthy various meals ) and you will gain, what your body is able to get on muscle mass. In a matter of 2-5 month you will already have good results. Rely on old school body building/ callesthenic workout plans and everyone reading this will gain beautiful, cut muscle mass. Period

  • Glutamine does help.
    Creatine is really hard to get from just eating food, that’s why we supplement it.

    There is no way you can get enough arginine and citrulline from food sources, you would have to eat so much foods rich with them and nobody does that.

  • That moment when you lay on the floor demolished after an Athlean programmed workout and you realize “Train until you die my friends”

    wasn’t motivation, but a command… I knew ye all well.

  • I would not personally recommend multi-vitamins to everyone. If you have a high dietary variation, you are probably getting most of your vitamins already. And some vitamins can be harmful in too large a dose. The most common side effect of a vitamin overdose is nausea.
    It’s far better to find out what you’re deficient in, try to fix that in your diet, and if you can’t, then add specific vitamin supplements.

  • Lifestyle…from 14-40 range dramatically.
    Make sure that your not taking supplements believing “an increase in supplementation makes up for a lack of time”…big waste of money!
    … however, supplementing to “enhance your precious time to train”…
    “It’s necessary for any long term (lifetime) success!”

  • Was taking Pulse preworkout because it had no sugar,no creatine,cleanest one….Noticed though Alpha Gpc.a Nootropic…which is why I would mentally crash(this was not a caffeine crash) was a mental clarity crash….fing I needed this just to function….would love to get off it…roller coaster…Starting Intermittent fasting today to start the road there.Cheers

  • this is exactly the video and honesty i was looking for, i am not ready for supplements. thanks for your help on a path to a better way to get where i want to go.

  • All preworkout is a waste without steroids, test-e and small balls make your dick look bigger ���� it’s all in the recovery tho ✨✨✨

  • I appreciate that you cite your sources, and not just spitting bullshit. Coming from a bio perspective, I appreciate how you show paper when u begin going into your claims.

  • Jeff you need to get back to normal body fat levels like in this video! You look so much healthier man. Too low body fat just makes you look aged and worn out.

  • What a list curtis! All these products are great! Enjoyed last years too! Only one I found to be weak was the awesome supps pre workout so good to see it’s been knocked off top 5

  • If you’re ready to give up the burden of your belly fat and wants to bring excitement then this US.Secured.Kim is for you that marked no 1 in USA… The principal is amazing. I’m the visual example of this and got amazing result.

  • I’ve just bought ENGN Sred & Pro Supps NO3 Drive, I’m wondering can i use 1 serving of each and mix together and drink before workout???

  • Thanks for the video! What criteria are you using between your #1 and #2 choices? The ingredients or just the personal feeling of the two?

  • I just didn’t like the itchyness that my fingers would get. I also didn’t like that I felt like I “needed” it in order to even get up from bed and go to the gym.

    Also it made it want to throw up especially if I didn’t hydrate properly. Also it would cause an upset stomach and made me run to the restroom a lot as embarrassing as it is to admit.

    Yeah. No. It’s not worth it.

  • I used to take a lot of pre-workouts before but I don’t anymore cause I would just get all the side effects they name or just get itchy and hyper so those aren’t for me. Good to know about all of this you talked about.

    And I started the intermittent fasting, haven’t killed anyone due to hunger, crossing my fingers for it to help me out with my fitness life plan.

  • I had a spinal injury 10 years ago and one of the side effects is I get a headache when I get stressed or my BP goes up. Preworkout stops this feeling:-D its quite cool. Except it makes me feel so ill for about 20 minutes


  • Hey Jeff what do you say to the guy (me) who has trouble with nutrition? I have a six pack and a put on muscle pretty easy (115-150 in 6 MO) but I hate cooking and when I get bored you’re right it’s easy to just grab a pb cookie. I’m working on having better discipline but sometimes the cravings get to me and I pig out. I feel like because I don’t see what it does to me I don’t understand how bad it is idk. Anyone’s advice is welcome!

  • Like your view and wonder if cycling pre workout might be ok? Also your speech pattern cadence is phenomenal and made me think you might be on some stimulants (which ones? I would love to try it?)

  • Everyone in the comments is talking about using coke and ingesting pre workout without eating and I’m just here at 145 lb tryna get help with lifting more then 115 on bench

  • I am a chronic caffeine addict, so your comments on caffeine overstressing long term what do you think about the idea that I feel super stressed if I do not consume coffee and caffine in a day? Yet it seems to relax me when I do consume it? Is that crazy? The withdrawal seems way more stressful, is this crazy?

  • WARNING: if you’re an athlete Bucked up pre workout supplements sometimes fail tests for PED’s! My friend took it last year and failed a test at conference finals taking him out of the competition ending his outdoor season! Be very careful if you use this and do not take any more than the recommended amount. I wouldn’t recommend any bucked up products at all, I’m surprised this guy doesn’t mention this.

  • I’m 15 and I wish I saw this video. I was in LA FIT and I see it in the vending machine and I drank it. It literally almost killed me. My blood pressure skyrocketed. I became itchy and jittery. I had numbness. And vomiting

  • I don’t know if you’ll see this, but because of you, starting today, I’ll never use any pre workout supplements ever again. Big thanks!

  • I’ve been using creatine powder for years I’ve been using six star creatine powder it does keep me up before and after my workouts and I’ve took it on days that I don’t work out I get at least 8 hours of energy from two scoops drinking is 16 to 20 oz glass using a blender bottle

  • I don’t drink caffeine at all. Ima do like less of a half a scoop of the pre workout I just bought. Go slow so I don’t feel like I’m on crack and ice

  • I don’t fuck with this stuff for that very reason because I always used to wonder what all those long ingredients actually are. watching this video reinforced this belief. continue to just drink a small cup of black coffee with no added fillers for pre workout. cost efficient to do it this way. oh, and the added bonus of no potential brain bleeding, strokes, or heart attacks. its a no brainer. subbed for being honest and telling the truth about what those products do to you, respect for not just being another youtuber that sells their own personal pre workout for profit.

  • I think chemically, pre-workouts allow you to use a few extra % from your entire body in the gym (physiologically and physically) but the users are forgetting they can ‘find’ that extra % with self-taught motivation/ mental training and before you laugh everyone who visits the gym has undergone some form of mental adjustment; the main example would be you can suffer far more muscular pain/ burn than someone who has never visited a gym. See your brain and your attitude have been modified in a way that suits your lifting lifestyle.

  • I appreciate you want to sell your supplements, but there is absolutely NO need for bcaa or protein supplements if eating correctly, majority of competing bodybuilders know the benefits of eating calories from real food instead of supplements, off season if you can’t physically eat enough protein to gain lean muscle mass at the rate you want, then maybe have a shake after your meal, but absolutely no need for bcaa, bcaa supplements are one of the industry’s biggest scams, if you eat enough high quality protein from a variety of sources, bcaa’s are a complete waste of money, that would be better spend on extra food

  • Thank you so much for making this video! Someone was trying to talk me into buying Lipocide, and I was just thinking “there’s no way there aren’t any side effects to something like that”. Going to do more research still, of course, but love that there are open and honest people like you in the world of fitness!:]

  • Thank you for all the info, been taking preworkouts (on & off) for about 2 yrs now but my progress stalled horribly (even after changing my eating habits) & wondered why and if the supplements I was taking had anything to do with it…. wish I had found this video when you first posted it. Thank you, I love all of your videos btw

  • Question:
    Alternative stimulant.
    What pre-workout ingredient is comparable or interchangeable like caffeine in order to mitigate caffeine tolerance?

    Thanks for the video about pre-workout supplements based on research.

  • You really missed the mark on this one.. While I agree that the caffeine can be good/bad, you missed on many other ingredients. Most Pre’s do not contain BCAA’s (some do, but not many), and I could easily make the argument that if one trains fasted, BCAA’s are incredibly beneficial. You’re also making claims on the vasodialators, and I can promise you that Citruline, Agmatine, Nitrosigine, Glycerol, etc work. There is plenty of science on them, and you even admitted that. I don’t believe that the increased pump leads to muscle growth, but it is definitely motivating and it creates a more enjoyable workout. I also agree that prop blends have no place in preworkouts, but most companies have adopted the open label policy. You also missed other studied ingredients such as Betaine, Taurine, various forms of choline, Tyrosine, Teacrine, Yohimbe, Synephrine, Theobromine, etc. DMAA has also NEVER legally been banned and it has been shown to be safe in doses up to 75mg per day. The FDA has a hardon for it and has created a smear campaign and that is why Hi-tech Pharma is involved in a lawsuit with them over it. And the spiked pre was craze. It was spiked with ETH (NOT METH) and it was made by Driven Sports owned by Matt Cahill who is a well known sketchy guy, and that is a one off situation. You REALLY need to do more research before putting out a video smearing an entire product category.

  • 5:09 on forward: IN MY HUMBLE OPINION the most profound quote in all of YouTube nutritional/fitness/supplements/etc ‘hard love’ hurts! In the long run helps!

  • Recently bought the total war and I must say it gives me a great boost of energy…
    I take a little less then a full scoop and it works great

  • I only take pre workout on leg day which is usually twice a week, and it helps me a lot and I never really have issues other than having a hard time sleeping that night. What are yalls thoughts on taking it periodically?

  • To tell you the truth, I got into all fitness videos and was like wow I need to buy pre-workout! Tried it once, thought my face was going to explode, gave the rest to someone else. Best £20 ever spent ����

  • What’s your opinion on EHP labs supplements?

    I bought the Oxyshred (thermogenic fat burner, PSI & RPMAX preworkouts + acetyl

    I LOOOOOVED but after a few weeks, I started having heart palpitations. I also noticed that on the days that I didn’t take it (a total of 3 days) I was going to sleep at 5/6pm and sleeping through the whole night til the following day.

    My nurse/doctor told me the products increase heart rate and that there were other risk factors (I.e seizures from Acetyl) and the FDA can’t regulate supplements.

    I stopped taking them recently (little more than a couple of weeks and no more heart palpitations)

    I miss the pre-work out pump but for me I guess they just weren’t compatible?

    (Also I know this video is pretty old)

  • I was about to get a pre workout supplement until watching this video. I take whey protein and have been seeing pretty good gains. So I was wondering if taking pre workout would make me see more gains but I guess not. Thanks for the help!

  • 7:11 committed to a diet of junk food This reminds me of that one video from where they say that gummy bears are a great post-workout food, in which the “actor” is seen eating gummy bears with mad intensity

  • I just took a preworkout for the first time today and I am SHOOK!!! I killed it in CrossFit. I almost felt like I took that pill from limitless. I’m thinking “ is stuff legal?”

  • Amino acids were my gateway. Take some bcaa’s with creatine with a good ol dab and im going crazy in the gym. Going to order some ore workut from ryse today

  • I just don’t see how people can think that a product that is usually an abnormal bright color, overly sweet, tastes like chemicals, and gets you AMPED af could possibly be good for your health or body.
    Great video!

  • I have 7% body fat. 30 year old male. Have a hard time bulking up. Are testosterone boosters a good idea? I have a toned body, but cant seem to bulk. Im 6″3, 180 lbs.

  • I’ve spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of pre-work out tubs….the best pre-workout I’ve used is not even a pre-workout at all…It’s 1 mens multi-vitamin pill and 2 test booster pills (mdrive elite) with beet juice….Works better than any pre-workout I’ve ever used. It’s a different kind of NATURAL feeling burn…..and I think this guy is my youtube man crush. I love his voice. I love his face.

  • I don’t know anything technical about it. I just know that pre workout take a little more than 45 minutes to kick in. And if i run after taking it, i get stupid aggressive. I no shit start biting at the air uncontrollably and i start looking around like a dope fiend. It’s hilarious honesty. I didn’t actually know i was doing it until my buddy showed me a video he took of me����������

  • I’d be interested in hearing what you’d say about ucan’s products. I think they hype up their products a bit, but they do provide with some relatively natural energy for a workout.

  • I can’t have caffeine I am caffeine sensitive I have had some caffeine O.D where i felt like I was having a heart attack and passing out

  • Did you ever think about adding in vegetables or fruit in the protein shakes you take? That’s what I do it kind of helps me better.

  • Not just pre workouts but all of those supplements are bad for you. That’s why alot of gym rats start having heart problems because of all the years of taking supplements which is are actually just drugs.

  • I really dig your new channel Marisa! Especially since I do go to the gym myself. A tiny comment on your video: 2:03 > mirror effect, try to aim the “graph” like you’d draw it, from left to right, IRL right to left, if you know what I mean:D Imo it would transform this awesome vid into a superb A++ ��vid

  • Can someone tell me,if I’m bulking or just normally working out and taking whey or creatine,what happens if after few months I keep working out,but stop putting the protein supplements in my shakes?

  • I used the alternative DMHA, only a few times, but I have stopped now knowing the side effects that can occur. The stroke you mentioned really scared me as that could have happened. I’ll stick to caffeinated preworkouts with appropriate ingredients.

  • Pre jym all day! Only stuff that actually works.. I don’t get a crash and get a great focus/ pump and can actually sleep at night.

  • An extra benefit to pre workout is it helps you to add an extra ritual that keeps you fit. You associate your pre workout with going to the gym. So it’s easier to go to the gym. You wake up in the morning and take pre workout and boom. You’ve placed in concrete the fact that your going to go lift.

  • Guys, I can’t find any good info about my heart having sharp pains sometimes during and after pre workout, I dont do cardio on it. BUT I did fast tri cep pull downs today it increased my heart rate.

  • I’m glad you made this video and hey it’s better to be honest about these things and it’s also great you’re doing research to back all of this up.

  • Yes, pre workout is great! I got some watermelon flavored stuff from walmart it’s a little chalky but I like chalky anyways and it literally makes me feel like I’m on cocaine(people have described it to me) and yes it makes me tingle. A lot. My friend did not tingle.

  • I agree with you on certain substances being “questionable” but I think others are very beneficial. Pre workouts have moved to focus more on mood elevation, nootropics and general health lately. I love ingredients such as Lion’s Mane, Alpha GPC and Ashwagandha.

    Things like Alpha Yohimbine, Ephedrine, DMHA, DMAA etc I would never touch. If you want a cracked out feeling, fair enough, but they should not be included in a pre workout. Energy can come from a pre workout but motivation and consistency need to come from the individual.

  • I have one every single morning from my bed side table. Is that bad? Cant be that bad surely, just like having a coffee every morning right?

  • I’ve never taken pre=workout supplements before, and I won’t. But what SHOULD I be doing/eating/drinking before a workout and how much time should there be between doing/eating/drinking this and the actual workout?

  • I’ve used PWO before every workout for the last 3 years. Of course how many times a week I train have varied. But these days I train 5-6 times a week and takes PWO before every workout. I have never increased my dose above the recommended dose. And I still feel I can push myself more with it, than without it.

  • I don’t think pre workout works for me I’ve tried several and I get more or less the same bad effects 1 I start getting really anxious that alone is enough not to take it 2nd I get itchy all across my neck back and face I really don’t feel any better or pumped and a quarter into my workout I have to take the fattest shit it probably takes 15 mins of my gym time�� that shit is like Crack

  • I am 29, I am starting to take whey protein now. I am very regular with my workouts and I eat healthy. Can I just continue this supplement forever? Or is there a time or age I need to stop at?

  • Dude why even call this a preworkout video, you ignored every ingredient and it’s recommended dosage EXCEPT caffeine. I honestly can’t justify this with a thumbs up

  • So basically it boosts energy and stamina and helps your muscles grow back faster

    If you combo it with protein powder I assume that’d be even better

  • Dude this is a great video I’m spending so much on supplements keep making these cuz Ima save so much money hahahahaha <3 Please do one on BCAA's and pls talk about supplementing w BCAAS in plant based diets too

  • soooo as someone with 0 pre knowledge about workout and such, i still dont know what supplement the Pre workout now is or what i need to get that is considered the “pre workout”
    can anyone help me out?

  • So, how would you explain the non-stim/zero caffeine pre-workouts that still do everything that you say caffeine does? Personally I am sensitive to caffeine (along w/several friends), we all take different types of these pre’s and we feel even more effects from them than the high caffeine pre’s we prev took.

  • Jeff, what is your opinion on CAFFINE FREE bang energy?

    I sometimes use that as a creatine supplement for working out, mainly because it seems to work for me, but is it actually healthy? Should I be using something else?

    Please note, I’m asking specifically about the one with no caffine. I do not like the idea of 300 mg of caffine in my system before or during, or after workouts. I’ll stick with 0 caffine.

  • I have a question. Never ever any pre worked for me, unless I did like ten scoops.. (almost died and I felt it AFTER my workout…shit). Anyway, that’s why I bought powdered caffeine. You should take 200-300mg as label says, but it does nothing to me. Even on empty stomach. Just awful taste and if I do 600-800mg only sweat cones lol. Once I did 350mg and didn’t go to the gym, because I was too tired. Came home and I fell asleep like in an hour…. Wtf… And mind you, I drink only water and never did any stimulants, just tried once in a while… Why I can fall asleep like nothing?

  • Get more sleep and low dose depending on the pre-workout caffeine amount and never go over 400mg of caffeine at a time bro’s and ladies and that works for me.

  • Nice video. I can attest to this. I was off pre for a whole year and felt great. I should note I worked out fasted and no pre didn’t make a difference for me, in fact help me use mental focus on my strength to do big lifts. Anyway, I’ve been taking pre for the past 2 months and I’ve been feeling shitty in the mornings. Takes me a whole hour to fully wake up even after a cold shower… This confirms it’s the pre. I’m almost out in another week and I’ll go back to no supps at all.

  • Take 3 days stim free pre-workout and another 3 days stim junkie pre workout. 1 day rest day. Plain and simple. Train old school like Arnold, Frank Zane, Tom plate, not all this new days crap shit.

  • With the right diet, none of those supplements are needed until your age starts to interfere with absorption. If you’re 19 and loading on supplements, you’re wasting your money. I trained 6 days a week in wrestling and judo, squizing in gym workouts from 17 to 21 and ate relative crap (compared to my immaculate diet now). Full 8 pack shredded 180 lb 6’2 frame. Now at 37 I work out 3 days a week and run 3 days a week and it’s all downhill:(

  • I know a guy who went to rehab for pre workouts, that dude was a mess…. got kicked out of the gym cos he just went mental up in there (no roids), he over maxed his credit, emptied his debit car for that stuff cos he was like drinking that 3 scoops several times a day, he would always bring his shaker with him. When he went broke, he started to sell his stuff, like his bike, his PSP so in, borrowed money from his aunt but never paid her back that was like 20k, he ended up on the street corners doing tricks,like juggling and flame throwers, but one day he accidentally swallowed some gas and fired him self up, went to the E.R. parents sent him to rehab after that….. he’s now studying theology and planning on becoming a catholic monk in France. Just say NO guys!!

  • Try taking or reviewing outbreak nutritions pathogen and FPS. To date pathogen mixed with a pump formula gives you the best workout ever

  • I used pre workout once a day for about 2 months when I first started going to the gym. After that, I got more used to going and felt I didnt need the extra pump and motivation from pre workout. The only time I take it now is when I feel really tired and dont want to go to the gym. Imo, pre workout could be good for someone starting a gym routine. Then once u get into your routine stop taking it. Well, stop taking it everyday at least.

  • I can’t wait for your protein shake video! I’m a vegetarian, trying to gain muscle, but consistently get less than half of the suggested protein requirement.

  • I heard Ltheanine blocks or spikes caffeine so you wont get the full amount whilst consuming caffeine. I just know this as I take ltheanine as a supplement and done some studying before hand to see what ltheanine was as I like trying natural nootropics.
    Maybe that’s why people are getting a quick tolerance in caffeine.

  • Holy 1 comment and the most relevant, but ay since I’m one comment can u pls answer my question, what’s the best pre workout for energy want some stuff to make me go crazy at the gym but not jittery

  • Awesome video. Just subbed/liked.

    I am on a journey this year to get fit before I turn 40.

    If you could checkout my videos and give me any feedback, I’d really appreciate it!

    Of course if you want to SUB that’d be awesome as well:D

    Keep up the helpful content!!!

  • I´ve been working out for 15 months now and i´ve never feel the need for pre workout supplements. When i´m working out in the morning i just eat oatmeal and i´m set, during the afternoon i eat a small meal and take my bcaa because i also play soccer twice a week which helps with fatigue.

  • Curtis that Blakely tee looks awesome on you! It’s good to see a guy with some muscle in it! Now I know it’ll suit me (hopefully) top job on the list too!

  • So awesome to see Warcry in this list! I tried it for the first time last month and love it! MVPre is also very good! So is total war! Great job mate