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You don’t have to stretch, especially if you’re one of those people whose joints are working efficiently, and you haven’t damaged any muscle tissues over a lifetime of exercise. But it’s. Stretching is also ideal for times when you don’t plan to exercise, but you need to loosen your muscles. For example, if you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and immobile, a quick stretch session can be a great way to get your muscles back to their ideal length. Stretching allows for that heads up.

When you stretch, you’re actually deforming the muscle tissue into a lengthened position. Over time, stretching will increase the range of motion at the joints and ultimately lead to overall improved performance. You can use these five basic stretches below as a starting point to begin your program.

So, the question remains, do you really need to stretch? It has long been believed that stretching prior to exercise helps prepare the muscles for activity. Stretching after a workout helps aid in.

You don’t want to stretch too quickly or too far. This can cause your muscles to contract as a way to protect themselves from injury, but contractions also cause muscles to be less responsive to length change. You should feel tension while stretching, but NOT pain.

Do YOU Need To Stretch? If you lift weights or play a sport and can touch your toes, you may be a-okay without regular static stretching. “If you’re a healthy, regular exerciser, you may not need to worry about stretching because. But do we really need to stretch when we exercise? And does stretching increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, reduce soreness and enhance sporting performance?

The answer is neither. It turns out that not all health experts agree that you really need to stretch before workouts—some even profess that doing so could be harmful to your health. If you love to stretch, by all means knock yourself out.

If muscle tissue is truly shortened, some long duration stretching or at least frequent stretching may be warranted. This is not as common as you might think and if it is the case, soft tissue manipulation is usually much more effective than static stretching alone. Do I need to stretch after I finish a workout?

At the end of a workout, the last thing most guys want to do is stretch and cool down.If they do dedicate time to stretching post-workout, it usually.

List of related literature:

When should you stretch?

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I have often seen how a lot of people underestimate the importance of stretching.

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You have never experienced stretching as an activity that can impact all

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If your body is already messed up or injured, stretching can actually create more problems than it fixes.

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Stretching is not important.

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While I am not someone who stretches regularly, I find that these are the times I look to stretching.

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It can be difficult and impractical to warm up every time if you are trying to correct a condition that requires you to stretch 10

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Stretching should always be done in a relaxed and steady manner.

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I’ve never had to stretch as much as I do now.

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Some people find it helpful to stretch first thing in the morning while others prefer to stretch before bed.

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  • Before the workout: active/dynamic stretch and light weight warm-up.

    After the workout: static stretch before sleeping.

    You’re welcome

  • What about stretching between sets? As stated on Jeff’s article?

  • Sir, I had an accident just 1month ago and the recovery results is little slower and in the x-rays doctor told they couldn’t find any facture in the rotator cuff or anywhere one bone areas but the symptoms r so.
    Can u please reffer me an exercise to strengthen the muscle areas near the areas of rotator cuff?Plz. Sir I would be so faithfull for ur advise.

  • Recovering from fourth rotator cuff surgery ( two for each ) and Jeff is addressing problems no one else has for me. A real life saver.

  • thank you jeff you just solved the thing that has been bothering me for months! i thought my external rotators were too tight but turns out it was my supraspinatus, it feels amazing now.

  • I like how this guy doesn’t say STRETCHING LE BAD WAA and actually goes into the good factors equally with the bad and shows things where stretching may be necessary for things like gymnastics which Is what I do so I support this and It’s also entertaining to watch

  • Fantastic video, but if I may suggest an alteration to your final conclusion. How about suggesting a dynamic warmup at the beginning and then a static stretch at the conclusion. Increased flexibility does reduce injuries and increase agility in most sports. Stretching while your muscles are all warmed up makes your stretching more productive and less prone to injury during the stretch. Warm up first, exercise, stretch.

  • Stretching before doing martial arts is probably beneficial, don’t wanna start throwing head kicks without a little stretching, and stretching a muscle after you workout might not make it less sore, but saw a study that said that it made the muscle like 20% stronger or something like that compared to ppl who didnt stretch over a period of time. Would def keep stretching.

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to uncover hip flexor pain exercises try Letza Joint Relief Lessons ( search on google )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbor got excellent results with it.

  • The current training for fitness instructors and personal trainers is to do some cardio to get the muscles up to temperature, then some dynamic stretching with the aim of maintaining the muscle temperature then the main exercise routine, then cool down, then static stretching.

    The thing to bear in mind with stretching is that the more flexible a joint is, the less stable it is, so for purely strength athletes, they only want enough flexibility to allow for the range of motion of the exercises they are performing.

  • Such bullshit mate, I literally stretch before every soccer game of mine, however, last week I did not and I tore my entire quad. There certainly is a correlation between stretching and reducing injury during exercise.

  • I didn’t understend anything in this video. Is he talking that if you straching yourself that your body will have more flexibility and because of that you wouldn’t have good gain because your muscule than become more relaxed and weaker. But in which way that effect your gain can someone explain to me because l don’t understend how the fuck this can effect on your gain? And isn’t the streching even the static straching good for example before a match in football on that way you preventing injuries. But if you are straching he said that you wouldn’t have good shot( in golf like he said but that means that you wouldn’t have good shoot in football to) but how l musn’t strech myself when straching preventing injuries??? And how the fuck doing squat in way that your body isn’t used to can effect your gain and how he know that your body trying to see diference between doing squat on wich your body isn’t used to and the diference doing it on regural way and because of that, it effect you gain, that makes no sence.

  • So, say that your hip flexors and the other muscles you mentioned ARENT the problem? Well I ask this because the patient is trying those stretches for reason..that is, they have tightness!
    So, if the patient is feeling some kind of hip pain and it’s not addressed through those muscles, what are some other muscles they can stretch or strengthen? Also, is it possible to tighten up those loose morals-I mean, Joints?

  • I think these guys have really good info but I find them so annoying I get extremely irritated for some reason hearing them banter back and forth for only seconds.

  • Then the next question is, why is stretching a thing or should it just be something never needed to be done?
    It seems, to me, a warm up is like a weighted stretching of the muscle, preparing it so you don’t tear it.
    A no weight stretching would just be a lighter form of getting the muscle ready to be stretched out before any weight is applied, so you tear it.

  • How exactly can it damage your muscles to overstretch?
    Are the muscles not designd to move and hold positions no matter how much time placed in that position?

  • Any RCT, randomized control trial, data to back these claims of benefit in range of motion and athletic performance? Thanks for the good content, Mayo Clinic.

  • I thought he’s being dumb when he said Stretching is KILLING Your Gains. After he explained it, though, it finally made sense. The title is just clickbait but true at the same time.

  • Hello… There is a practical called the 10 Key Moves you need to loosen your hip flexors and unlock the hidden power in your body. if you want know about it and see the video for the practical Email me: [email protected]@t

  • If stretching makes you feel better, by all means, stretch. Really depends on your objectives though. Martial artists may want higher kicks, so it would make sense to incorporate various hamstring and “split” routines into their training. A center fielder on a summer time soft ball team may have their own objectives for performing various stretch routines regularly. A 12 year old gymnast, may want better balance or just an increase in over-all flexibility to avoid injury. Whatever the desired end result is, self discipline plays a vital part of one’s exercise regime. Once you know the reason WHY you’d want to stretch-simply follow thru on a regular and consistent basis. Not everyone will agree with what you do, and that’s ok. They don’t have to.

  • Well yea but you’re talking about static stretching, in that case yes if done before activity it can lead to injury and also decreases performances.. however if done it correctly to cool done, after the activity, not only flexibility and mobility will improve but also strength and explosiveness. BTW you can always do dynamic stretches before and during activity.

  • This is confusing. Next time just show the test… then say if X happens, stretch muscle #1 with exercises ABC, if Y happens strengthen muscle #2 with exercises DEF, if both happen do exercises GH to achieve whatever, and if none happen do exercises IJK to achieve whatever other goal.

  • That military statistic is wrong because most injuries in the military are due to not stretching. Can’t believe everything on the internet

  • I haven’t watched this video yet, but I have doubts that stretching before exercise is a good thing.

    One of my friends in college used to go to the gym and workout without stretching. One day he decided to do lots of stretching before a workout, because people kept telling him to, and he tore a ligament in his leg.

  • Please respond Bob and Brad, Patrick Gallant stated that you (contrary to what you’re warning about here) gave advice in past videos to stretching these. I’m a relative new subscriber and this info confuses me because of the same reason. You’re my go-to guides, so please don’t let us hanging…

  • Throughout my life I have played a number of different sports and I have also done quite a bit of weight lifting and working out at gyms. The coaches that I had always stressed how important it was to stretch and warm up before we practiced or started our weight lifting. So, since I was taught that way I have always thought that stretching and warming up were very important so I didn’t get hurt. It does make sense though, that if you stretch too much before certain things it can decrease your muscle strength. Now that I am no longer actively playing a sport, I typically go to the gym to work out. I have gotten into a habit of not stretching anymore before I work out because it didn’t really seem to be helping, but I still warm up a little before I get started. If I am sore I tend to stretch to help with it and typically it does help loosen me up a bit. I agree with the video though that the more flexible you are the easier you could get hurt. I knew someone in high school who was extremely flexible and she was always getting hurt. I still think that warming up before you start to do any kind of exercise is very important. It warms up your muscles and get your heart pumping and helps your body get prepared for whatever you are going to do. I completely agree the warming up before exercise will help your body more than if you don’t.

  • He is incorrect on this one sorry… especially after exercising, increases muscle growth due to it mobilising the fibramiagla around your muscles

  • I don’t really care what the studies say about stretching not helping with soreness. Every time I don’t stretch after a workout, I get DOMS and my muscles are not ready to be worked again the next time I train. If some study goes against what I have found, then a) the study’s scope was limited, b) the result is for the average (for half of the people it helps, for half it hurts) or c) there are outliers and I am one of them (for example I’m somewhat hyper mobile, so that could be a factor). Nevertheless, generalizations suck.

  • I totally disagree!!! I find stretching very useful to release muscle soreness. Like A Lot!!
    Also, it helps improve flexibility and relaxs my sore muscles. If it wasn’t for stretching i wouldn’t be going to gym after doms set in

  • Your “studies” are looking at short term benefits/changes. I dont think stretching works short term. Long term benefits are why we all stretch.

  • Oh my God what a sick man. Suffer some lot of psychological and personality disorders. I take it you’re teaching children the difference between a professional and a prisoner

  • Hold on, why not just jump into high intensity exercise? That’s the fastest way to warm up. You didn’t actually discuss why we should increase intensity gradually, which should have been the whole point of this video.

  • Why do most of these “stretching” studies emphasize muscle soreness?
    1. Why worry about muscle soreness?
    2. Who’s training regularly and is still getting muscle soreness?

  • I agree, stretching promotes flexibility and reduces injury before exercising. And a person like me that is on my 40s with lots of medical issues but wants to stay fit by going to the gym stretching is a must and I can totally feel my performance is better whenever I do my head to toe stretching with breathing exercises specially on my chest and legs day.

  • I went on a run Sunday morning hardly stretched and now I have a pain in my groin area, I would suggest stretching before a work out for sure

  • All the young people under 40 saying they don’t need stretching will find that in their 50’s it will become one of the cornerstones of their training (that’s if they are still training in their 50’s). We loose flexibility as we age and even if you’re working out but not stretching, you will become less mobile and capable if you don’t stretch.

  • I would rather not. Holy shit this looks like a great way to turn a 20% into a 80% tear real quick.
    People only think about this once it begins hurting. If it hurts it’s likely in need of medical intervention.
    I was told over and over I cant just “work it” to fix it.

  • Could you make a video about general after workout stretches? A set that goes through all the important muscles in a healthy way. I just found out that you don’t have an after workout stretching video (at least I can’t find it in search).

    Edit: I did, it was just titled wrong time:) although it was only for legs and required a band. For example I have trouble stretching many back muscles effectively.

  • I talking from a pure bodybuilding-powerlifting perspective about streching..Let’s say you are warmed up and ready to go in first set..Streched person before workout will have felling that is stronger due to strech, but in fact they will be weaker as a non streched person..Think about muscles and tendons in a slingshot band way..The more you pull and hold rubber band on a slingshot the more elastic and weaker it gets over streched period of time, you lose conctracted force in the muscles that was build for that first set to explode or lift heavy..Im not saying streching is bad, it’s great but after the workout when you wanna ease your muslces to relax and increase joint mobility and flexibility

  • Since it increases flexibility, i can see how it would reduce strength/power since the muscle is being elongated instead of dense and close together.

  • I was expecting a degree of failure for some reason, but I’m glad to report that everything was according to the curriculum I memorized before starting my education to become a fitnesscouncelor:-)

  • 59 yr old truck driver trying to stay in shape…Rotator cuff problem right shoulder…getting better! Thank you so very much!
    You are better than a rock star!����

  • If I didn’t already know what you were talking about, this video would be confusing as hell. For those confused in the comments you can stretch it if there is a tightness meaning your leg doesn’t drop when you do the test they showed, the leg stays up in the air. You shouldn’t stretch it if the leg drops completely in both cases at the thigh and hip level tests because that just may mean that you hip flexor is weak and needs to be strengthened. Stretching a weak muscle does not do any good for you because you are pulling a part an already loose and underworked muscle and can cause more injury. The answer to whether or not you should stretch the hip flexors lies in if you find a tightness or a weakness in the test they showed, depending on the results of the test, you address your hip flexors accordingly. These two just kind of circled each other aimlessly. The video was very all over the place.

  • A Practical, Easy-to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release
    Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy.

  • Stretching after a run is vital! If I just sit down and forget to stretch after a long run all my leg muscles tense up and I can hardly walk!

  • Thank you for making this video. I’ve been needing to stretch these muscles for a long time. I thought I was getting the stretch in by rapping arm around to stretch the shoulder. I do need to go per chase a bar, or maybe a pvc pipe

  • I find stretching does help me with my fitness, but I do martial arts to stay fit. I can kick higher after stretching and it makes grappling easier. I also do weight training and cardio 3 times a week and doing some stretching before helps my range of motion for exercises like squats.

  • Don’t Stretch before workout, because for example if you do squats you can go downer than you usually do and that’s is not healthy if you already go down enough. Warm up instead! Every muscle group should be warmed up, that’s how you avoid injury. Stretch is important but still not after workout because it can kill your gains. It should be twice a week in a warmed up state too on a rest day, because your muscles get shorter with every workout and you will suffer after some years…

  • streching should be done after your work out. it is extreamly dangrus to do it before you work out. also your musscels are cold. so all it will do is make you stiff, if you want to strech fir do some arobic exersizes first then when your wamed up then stretch. but yes working out after you strech will just lose all results of it

  • Stretching is awesome to increase performance but only when you do mobility moves of stretching pigeon,back sit up,(hip and shoulder mobility)

  • I do warm up exercises before I lift light and medium weights. I don’t lift heavy. I also hit the sauna after exercise. My routine has kept me injury free for decades. This was learned through trial and error. It’s what helps me. You should find what works for you and stick with it.

  • Should I stretch my hip flexors after a specific training where they were highly involved (L sit, etc) even if they are not very tight?

  • I love the videos, but there should be a clear distinction in what you guys are promoting to normal people who are not athletes. Athletes have to train their body in a different way than people are not conditioned.

  • Is there a relation between stretching and muscle growth? I have found an article somewhere I don’t remember but it links stretching with muscle growth. Is that true?

  • I was doing it wrong for along time Jeff. Before lifting I would do static stretches every time. It’s a good thing I found you and your programs. Now my warm up consists of 5 to 10 minute jump rope as prescribed in your AX-1 program.

  • I realized I don’t have a very large range of motion when doing the external rotation.(without being in pain) Can someone tell me what does this means?

  • Hooooly crap, what a stretch! I have bad posture issue or lets say i am like jessie was but worse.. and i seem to have an issue with my right shoulder ( new video on that.. like i ordered it or something..) this felt like raising the dead (..muscles)! Just thank you jeff!

  • This is why I quit my cross country and track team. They spent, it seemed, more time stretching than actually running. Before doing those two sports I ran by myself, with no stretching at all, and had no injury at all. All you need for a warm up for running is what he said, Dynamic Warmup. Jog for maybe five minutes, before doing your main workout.

  • My cross country coach always made us warm up before we stretched (like jumping jacks) then stretching, then running 6+ miles, then stretching again to cool down after. EVERY DAY. I miss being skinny, lol!

  • I really enjoy your videos and I am a fairly new subscriber. I appreciate how you both respect the body and are tough and gentle with it all at once. There is a lot of love in your stretches and exercise for the body. I enjoy that you don’t force things and you encourage the importance of each movement while educating your viewers in a comical way. My beautiful grandmother was a 6ft tall runway model and is now in her 70’sshe is about 5’9 now due to lack of knowledge and years of not exercising/stretching. She suffers from various back and hip issues and it all could have been fixed if she had simply stretched and worked out. I know times were different then but she encourages me to not be like her in that way. To educate myself and keep my own body strong. I have 3 autoimmune diseases and suffer a lot of pain due to them. I listened to her and got my body healthy. I stretch and exercise daily and eat clean. I educate myself on a daily basis on health and fitness. I’m 27 now and almost pain free. It’s taken me years to get to this point but here I am. The more I learn, the more amazed I become, the body needs the gentle but tough love that you two show and I genuinely enjoy the information and experiences you bring with each video. Thank you!!!

  • I think most people confuse warming up your muscles with stretching. If you gonna do peak-performance you should warm up your muscles with some low intensity movement.

  • yes dynamic stretching definitely helps and prevents any muscle pulls for me. No more shoulder pain since I started doing dynamic stretches before

  • Waitttttt jeff! I have a bif question? So i run track right, so does this mean I’m not supposed to static stretch before my sprint training that day, or is that different

  • I’m not very flexible at all but I stretch every day a little bit before and after each exercise.  Is that too much?

    Sometimes it feels really good to my back and legs.

  • So I play football, and I got injured and the doctor said I have a sprained hip. what can i do to help it heal, it’s been two months already, but I didn’t let it heal but now I regret not taking care of it. What can I do?

  • I have slight pain in my left shoulder when i workout, I’m not sure what caused it. On rest days i don’t have this pain. I don’t know if it’s because of rotator cuff, can anybody help me out?

  • people always saying to strenghthen the rotator cuffs but not enough people say to stretch rotator cuffs. it’s so overlooked and after doing so many facepulls u really need to stretch them by bodyweigt internal rotation stretching or else u’ll get scapula winging

  • Wow fantastic video. I have been having rotator cuff pain for ages… followed Jeff and I swear over time it’s healed. This guy is just brilliant, and it’s all available on youtube

  • Great video duo..just out of curiosity, what are the stretches one can do everyday(with frequency) to avoid tight hip flexor or weak hip flexor in the first place?

  • Should you always stretch antagonistic muscle pairs such as the quads and hamstrings together, even if you suffer from an imbalance such as anterior pelvic tilt (tight quads, weak / overly stretched hamstrings)? Or should you focus on stretching the quads and strengthening the hamstrings WITHOUT stretching the hamstrings?

  • The points these guys raise in most of their videos are valid and valuable, but it’s hard to take these clowns seriously, especially if the subject matter is of high importance.

  • Dislocated and cracked my rotator cuff just over a year ago in a dirt bike crash; recently my masseuse pulled my bent arm back (just like you demonstrate with the golf club here) and it felt like she was going to tear it off! Ow! So yeah great stretch, gonna keep it going until it doesn’t hurt any more. Thanks.

  • After few years of training my shoulders suddenly started to hurt there was a pinching pain which started coming up every time I lifted.
    I stopped weight training for a while and it appeared like the pain faded. But every time I resumed training it started hurting badly. I consulted the doctors even took a scan. Nothing helped.
    This stretch worked like magic and the pain disappeared in days.
    Thanks Jeff

  • Stretching before and during ISNT KILLING YOUR GAINS World record bench press holder Julius Maddox stretches before benching over 700

  • Any advice if I can’t do the golf club stretch for the subscapularis? I simply can’t get even close to reaching the club with the opposite hand because I have horrible shoulders. Thanks

  • i walk,then jog, then sprint,then stretch. i find it to be a productive combo in terms improving flexibility. what im looking for is something that works on strength and flexibility at the same time

  • What a shameful coward. very unprofessional and a disgrace to the health and fitness industry. Professionals do not make presentations while they are shirtless. Now we know the difference between a professional and a prisoner

  • Some good information from an individual that “wants to look like an athlete”.
    Any throwing motion athlete that does not stretch their external rotators is an injury coming.

  • A Practical, Easy-to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release
    Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy.

  • Look at that physique… jesus… he must be what, 5% body fat? 8% at most? How did he achieve that? Can’t be just training. He must’ve had some kind of amazing nutritional habits…

  • I feel dumb for not knowing how to do this sooner, but literally after doing both these stretches I can tell it’s making a difference.

  • Ive been told stretching before a work out is more harm than good. I never stretch prior to my work out. I start slow, and like a cars engine only when i get hot will i go full out. Works like a charm every time. Same for sprinting. I dont stretch there either. I walk, jog, run, and finally sprint. Its a gradual ramp up. After that i can bang out sprints w/ out the walk, jog, run, i just throw down another one full blast.

  • Psalm 139:14 KJVS
    I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

  • Didn’t realise how much I needed to do these untill I just dome them shoulders feel just better not that the weren’t but yeah…nice one

  • A lot of young people that are growing that workout don’t won’t get any benefit in listening to this, since no matter what there bodies are going to grow and change

  • When your wrestling coach is a better trainer then your professional trainer. I now know why I can lift heavier at home. I do a light run to warm the muscles and then start lifting then when we do our entire flexibility training before lifting at the highschool

  • JEFF PLEASE READ! yesterday i did shoulders at the gym, had a bad shoulder for ages but today having real trouble with my infraspanatus like cant push my arm/shoulder from my side outwards. Could this be a muscle strain that will get better or is it torn?

  • I have had Rotator cuff problems for over a year now, mainly caused by bench press. I am not able to do any upper body exercises because the pain is bad. It’s mainly at the back of the shoulder rare delt area. I have tried resting it for weeks then months and I have also done multiple rehabilitation exercises for months too. As soon as I go back to the gym to step up my rehabilitation I get really bad pain the next day then I can’t train again. I haven’t been able to do chest for year and 5months now. I’m losing patience and motivation because doing legs and abs evey week gets so boring. And no one even notices your legs n abs anyway. It’s you’re face and arms they initially see. I have recently aggravated Rotator cuff again third time in over a year. I was using the lightest settings in the gym and week before I was OK too but now I’m back to square one again. I have had 2 Xrays 2MRI Scans and 4 different physios none have helped me.
    Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks J.

  • I can never stretch my sub scap. It just feels like it’s closer to my tricep?? Is that right? Please someone help ive been stuck for ages my scapular winging is driving me crazy

  • Stretching is Good, as long as it’s the RIGHT Stretch for what you’re about to do. And don’t forget some Potassium & Magnesium for that muscle soreness…
    AND lots of water.

  • It’s wild all these new studies that have us shifting the way we train nowadays. Back in my childhood days we thought it was all about stretching before doing whatever sport you were doing. Now it’s all about the warmup routine with very mild stretching. I warmup then very very lightly stretch after the workout but not too much stretching. Just to get loose. Then I’m ready to go

  • It’s a great thing to do before a exercise I do it in the morning.but don’t bother working out after that Lol, that becomes my work out.������.

  • Don’t even have to watch this video to tell you that based on personal experience from playing soccer the past 11 years that stretching does help if not is required before a good training or game, many of reasons why I have gotten injured before was because I did not warm up properly before playing extensively so yes, it does help with most sports

  • You’re starting to gain some weight lately. How could an intelligent person who knows about science and a lot of things let this happen!

    Yes. I think we don’t have a free well and I suggest making a video about it.


  • stretching doesnt do shit, i ever stretch and ive only lightly pulled a few muscles and when i stretch in gym class than i pull muscles and badly

  • no wonder i feel so much relax and wasnt able to perform well after stretching and before my workout. totally agree with the stretching for muscle soreness. it doesnt reduce it but only temporary get ur sore pain reduced. after a while, same exact soreness and sometime it is worsen

  • Yes i agree you should always keep stretching/flexiblity exercises in your routine. But as for a warm up dynamic stretching in the form of jumping jacks or light joggging or warming up with 50 RM is enough. Static stretching to length muscle is probably best on a separate session or after a rigors workout. But it does depend on how far you push your static stretching and weather your working out for a max out or if your just working out for another reason. Also overstretching can be an issue when it comes to static stretching…

  • As far as the really loose flexible people, some people have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Also known as EDS, there is a test that can be done the thumb to forearm is one, but another is for checking how loose the skin is.

  • Well I used not to stretch before jogging and every time after stretching my groin would hurt. And then I started stretching and it went away. Stretching is very important!!!

  • That really bothers me that you completely missed a burn pun at the end… Should’ve said “speaking of burning, got a burning question you want answered? leave it in the comments below”

  • I’m naturally very hyper mobile and did / hope to continue acrobatic gymnastics but because of my flexibility I used to over stretch with out feeling any pain (as mentioned in the video) and have recently found out that I have bi-lateral pars defects in my spine (spinal fractures) and am out for 5 months at least:(. Let this be a lesson to not over stretch:)

  • Darn, I was really hoping that you would say and give scientific evidence that stretching doesn’t help so I could show it to my P.E. coach!  Guess I’ll have to wait at least until college to not have to do warm-ups/P.E.

  • As a 16 year old weight lifter, I don’t have time at the gym to do stretches. I just get straight into my workouts. If you want to “warmup” just start with a lighter weight if you’re lifting

  • Yes, too much stretching can be bad for you but only if you over stretch your muscles. If you over stretch your muscles then there will be a decrease in muscle strength this occurs because once over stretched the same muscle become unresponsive for up to 30 30 mins.

  • The oldest fittest people that I’ve seen in my life is all they do is work hard all day climb trees to pick their food grow and ho the fields build their own house and that’s it, they’re never sick they never have muscle skeletal issues and they never run… obviously growing all your own food and picking ripe fruit from trees is obviously a big component….there you have it what works for everything…the last one I talked to was 96 working the field…his brother is 104….yep you guess it working the field and able to work bent over….lol….I know people 40 that can’t bend over…lol…

  • This video only makes people undermine the importance of stretching. Flexibility is more important to your daily life than being able to lift 20 lbs. You should stretch, it actually reduces the risk of injuries no matter what sport you play and no matter what activities you do everyday. The increase of range of motion and mobility will improve your performance over time.

  • I stretch them because my muscles were pulling my hip out of place. I am interested in this though. I’m never sure if I’m overdoing it

  • A Practical, Easy-to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release
    Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy.

  • Holy fuck my external rotation was FULL of trigger points. The stretch was one of the best I ever had in my life. Weirdly, I don’t feel a stretch doing the broom stick one at all. I can almost rotate the stick horizontally and no stretch.

  • Just like I always wondered… Did cave men stretch before hunting and gathering? Did Native Americans stretch before the went on a hunt, or folded down the village before they moved? Do 3rd world tribals stretch today before taking on exerting tasks?

  • warming up has to account for fitness level of every athlete/participant. The more fit you are the quicker your body adapts to exercise. The less fit you are, the body requires at least 10-15min of exercise at 70-75% of your max effort. The reality is that someone can overdo warming up and start fatiguing glycogen stores and therefore diminishing performance for the intended event/activity. Listen to your body.

  • A Practical, Easy-to follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release
    Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy.

  • Stretching is not for competition.
    Stretching is not for Instagram post.
    Stretching is not for survey purposes.
    Stretching is not for comparison purposes.
    Stretching is not what somebody tells me about baselessly.
    Stretching is not for your YouTube videos to gain likes and dislikes.
    Stretching is not for you to run your mouth.

    Just SHUT UP and STRETCH for your own good.

    �� To be honest sometimes I wish I was suicidal lol so I can get the fuck outta this dumb as$ world. But damn it, I can’t even pinch myself, coz I love myself so much. (�� oh Didi, you’re so cute telling myself)

    Hey don’t come back here to count for your dislikes and likes. You don’t need it to be healthy, if it’s what puts food on your table, oh well. Typical of the world today. Everyone selling fake sh!ts!

  • This video says streatching dose not help aginst muscle pains after training. but all my life i have been learned that it dose. what to belive?

  • Funny how I come across this video as I thought about the topic of stretching to relieve muscle soreness. The next day after our company conducted an APFT, my battle buddy noticed that I was stretching a bit.

    He said, “Hey battle, I don’t recommend ya stretching because you could do more harm to your muscles in this state because you’re not warmed-up yet.” I was like, “Mhm, thanks battle. I’ll look into this…” I stuck with massaging the sore muscles groups instead for the rest of the day.

    But it got me thinking… because I have always heard that it is “best practice.” This video was a great tid bit to explore that idea. Thank you for the upload. ^-^

  • I’ve stretched my rotator cuffs for like 12 or more years. I didn’t know for sure what that actually stretched till now. I just put the back of my wrist near my last area of my sides and just push my elbows in front of my body and that stretches it the best for me

  • Wtf this is bull shit because when I stretch my rotator cuff I can lift so much more and my shoulders never hurt if I stretch lol if y’all don’t stretch gl with not tearing a rotator cuff lifting big

  • Jeff….cant tell you how much you have helped me with shoulder pain..i thought my days of lifting were over…but you have got me going again…..keep up the great work & thanks again…

  • I am 70 and I’ve been training over 40 years with various injuries coming from playing high school in college as well as in the gym later years. A year ago I fell and broke my glenoid bone. I really enjoy your videos and I learned a lot but I need help to get my shoulder back in shape and out of pain. I would love to see a video or I text from you giving me some pointers. Thanks Hank Mays, St Petersburg Florida. 7 27 641 2667. My email address is [email protected]

  • Dynamic stretching (e.g. Frankensteins) before a workout and a bout of static stretching before you are about to sit for a long time is what I’ve started to do lately. Helps a lot.

  • Halfway through I gave up! Useful information embedded here somewhere but…
    1. Keep it short. Time is limited.
    2. Into of 4 mins is ridiculous. Ridiculous!!!
    3. Using technical names for irrelevant muscles is confusing.
    4. Get to the point!
    5. Instructions are vague, rambling, full of digressions, stuffed with corny jokes, and the mind cannot latch on to the relevant facts. This is not Happy Hour at a bar with guys exchanging fish stories. It is a demo. Cut to the chase and cut out everything else. So we comprehend the heart of the matter.

  • I’m wondering about something regarding all these stretches and band exercises in all these videos. Are you supposed to do the stretches before workout only? Or do them everyday? Do I do them the rest of my life or only until the problem seems to be solved?

  • In my experience stretching after the workout definitely improves the soreness the next day. By a lot. If I skip it, get cramps and horrible soreness. Otherwise, almost none.

  • Stretching also increases the muscles to be more like a rubberband. Thus making it ideal for athletes who take physical contacts in a game. That’s why we say it causes less injuries.

  • 2 years 4 months ago at 58 I joined a gym after a 20 yr absence..AthleanX was and still is my go to Utube site for form and Jeffs wisdom/knowledge..61 this upcoming June and I am looking forward to shorts and t-shirt weather.I am a new man and living life.Not enduring it

  • 1. yes and i know why because when i was lifting weights and doing cardio 7 days a week in high school i was stiff as hell and slow in punches and kicks
    2. now i stretch 2 hours a day and work out a lot at the gym when i have the time but recently i havent been stretching because of college but i am taking a yoga class which we stretch for 2 hours so i make up for it and my punches and kicks have vastly increased in speed because of my gym routine
    3. but recently for the past 6 months going on 7 months i have been doing push ups and squats at high, medium, and low positions and am still very flexible even though i only stretch for 2 days out of the week instead of 7 days
    4. i cant wait until i have the time to do my gym routine again
    5. BRUCE LEE is the perfect example of what stretching can do who is also my fitness goal

  • This is great video. It actually teaches people. Nice work. This is what I tell my work colleagues or research colleagues in my research lab when they ask the basic exercise questions to me. I greatly appreciate the real information that can help people in their training regimen, this is what I teach people.

  • Jesus that’s a good stretch. Have about an inch of mobility in there so this will really help (rugby stresses from back in the day and now lots of long-haul flights = bad posture!). Thanks, man!

  • I’m sorry but Athleanx Made a video about a year before you with the exact same tilte and exact same cover photo. I follow you both, but this feels like a copy

  • Fake, stretching is because the same humans injure the nerves by pinching them and they lie they call it acupuncture which is a very bad thing

  • Jeff said to stretch at night before bed. But is it good to stretch right after lifting? I’ve been doing this for a while and it feels good.

  • There are so many benefits to post workout stretching that I don’t think the person doing these videos actually exercises anymore than less moderately. Anyone who runs long distances will tell you, slow or fast, you’re going to benefit from better blood circulation and have much more comfortable muscles to work with if you roll and stretch post work out. This vid is silly.

  • What do you do if you feel tightness in the area of the hip flexors while walking…that is they become tight after walking some distance? But you are one of the stretchy people with loose joints and the test says your hip flexors are not tight at all? I can put my palms flat on floor with straight legs. So what is the tightness I feel then while walking? And then my lower back gets achy too. Any ideas? I also have natural hyperextended knees. Is it caused by weak core muscles?

  • I have leg muscle collapse to where I have to work on standing up straight. This is kind of like walking around like Groucho Marx with my knees bent.  I started having stability issues maybe six years ago.  I’m a 60 year old house painter and do okay during the warmer months and if I am not recovering from work related muscle stress.  I would like to know if I can exercise my way out of this.  I still climb ladders and do okay on  I get to the gym for walking and basketball and swimming.  I also do walking outdoors for half a mile.

  • Im on a gymnastics team and my coach makes us stretch before its not because she doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves its so we can get more flexible

  • Lies. Not everyone cares about stretching unless you love exercising or you got the right education to know why stretching is important.
    Depend on the person. Swimmers should consider swimming if they want to avoid those stupid cramps in the toes

  • The content may be helpful but the title could lead people to think no one should ever stretch their hip flexors. Isn’t that what the title says. I know the point was to try and get clicks but perhaps there is a better and more accurate way to do that?

  • Q: I EXCELLED at strait leg off the bench, but TIGHT at bent leg off bench BUT I can excel at the rectus femoris lying stretch. WHY? this doesnt make sense per your video any insights appreciated. thanks and PS WOW you guys are in great mobility! Thanks for this!

  • Do you have any hip flexor stretch recommendations for seniors? So many of my patients spend the most of the day seated and are constantly in a flexed hip position, but they have very limited balance and range of motion to facilitate stretching.

  • I m speechless,.. you seem to be very nice people, but are you really passing on this kind of advice to such a broad audience? Please hit the books again, do some real research about the Myofascial system and it’s underlying principals., Integrate them into your body and mind, and then come back to teach. Maybe right after you overcame Impatience while stretching. The way you present the excercises are fundamentally flawed on so many levels,.. please, please you have a very broad audience that seem to believe you are actually professionals,..

  • I once had an abdominal muscle injury. I took a break for 2 months so that I know that it would heal completely. I then started abdominal exercises again and added an abdominal stretch at the end. It decreased my injury related muscle soreness after the muscles healed.

  • Is it just me, or anyone not able to stretch with the one knee on the ground pose to save his life? Tight as vice, but still can’t stretch it. Frustrating.

  • Stretching prevents injury in all activities because it promotes greater flexibility and eliminate body pain. Almost all runners even boxers, it helps them to achieve their speed after performing enough stretching. Of course over stretching before running will reduce athlete’s endurance. I do stretching almost every day and I’ve felt the great benefits in my body and even psychologically.

  • DOMS is not a result of Lactate build up. Delayed-Onset Muscle soreness is caused the damage to the skeletal muscle fibers during exercise. The symptoms related to DOMS, swelling and inflammation, are in response to the immune systems attempt to repair the damaged fibers. Lactate accumulation is cleared shortly after exercise has stopped, whereas DOMS symptoms usually occur 24-72 hours after exercise. Hence, you get the name Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness.

  • Of course stretching is killing Your gains.All you guys want is your muscles always flexed so that steroids do a better job… That’s not healthy… Muscles should be relaxed once in a while so new muscle cells can be generated….

  • Fuck off you morons with that killing your gains. You cannot think of a new joke. Jeff is a professional who does his job to help you lot with fitness with his efforts and you lot will just return useless and unhelpful comments. You say, you have a harder life after watching his video? Fuck off that’s your own problem.

  • it is safer to strecth before to loosen up muslces so you dont get a pull, a tight muscle will cause a injury! most coaches do static then dynamic. you must strecth after the workout or game to loosen the muscles that get tight from the workout. shoalin monks strecth before and after and they are the best athletes in the world, anciet wisdom is better than confused science

  • I do freerunning and in the 4 years i have trained i have never stretched regularly. I am always considering it because of the sore muscles i sometimes get but if it doesnt help why should i even start. flexibility isnt a huge issue so if we skip that why would i need to stretch?

  • if you stretch before exercising you are actually just going to tire yourself out what you want to do is stretch after or do it like barre class and during so that way its an exercise in itself

    i can now have my hands touch each other with the other the shoulder behind the back stretch with either hand

    thx for this ha bisky vid

  • Gymnasts do static stretches as part of their warm up and I would say they are pretty damn strong and perform incredible jumps. So it can’t really be that bad for you

  • Im glad i never stick with anything. If I did I would have injured myself all over!! The best thing i ever did was to give ip yoga. The worst thing I ever did was to DO yoga. Injured my back badly doing yoga!

  • ‘soreness’ is way too vague. If you’re referring to DOMS, then yes, but if you’re referring to soreness and pain from lack of mobility and inhibition, then it absolutely does help with soreness.

  • You are right. Usually i do 25 reps of diamond push ups without streching but if i stretch before my workout I can only do 15 reps. Quick warm up is a better option. Thanks Jeff.

  • Any input about how to adjust in yoga which, in my experience, has a lot of hip flexor stretching built into it, but is considered (and I’ve seen) to be positive for the body? I am also wanting to increase strength and flexibility (as in being very limber overall for dance and fitness purposes) and classes all have you stretch the hip flexor, for example in back bends, etc. When I do these exercises you show, I know I am not tight, yet, in classes like the ones I mentioned above, I’m not necessarily considered “super flexible” or able to do all the moves. Could the issue be strength in accompanying muscles and not tightness in the hip flexor? Or something else? Any thoughts? I don’t want to hurt myself. Much appreciated, love your channel!

  • Only static stretching after exercise helps me avoid the tightness and soreness of the next few days. Warm ups are far better before exercise than static stretching.

  • Lactic Acid cannot be produced in The body because of the physiological pH of the muscle and proton consumption during glycolysis. Lactate is produced instead with hydrogen ion excess from ATP hydrolysis. This build up of hydrogen ions “metabolic acidosis” is considered a main factor in muscle fatigue.

  • I would have liked to see a mention of Sever’s disease and Osgood-Schlatter disease. They’re very, very, very common amongst teen athletes! They are the main reason why young runners, basketball players, volleyball players, etc are supposed to stretch their knees/calfs/heels.

  • Uh, no. it is good it enhances endurance, ease of range of motion, and prevents and helps reverse a cramp even as it is starting. I see you’ve never started walking up a mountain and then realized that you didn’t stretch because of the tired feeling in your legs. After stopping and stretching your leg muscles for about a half a minute each you resume your up hill walk with no tired feeling and it doesn’t come back, atleast not for a long while. There are more benefits but those are the most obvious.

  • Ok first of all. The last time i injured my shoulder was the time i didnt stretch before lifting weights. I got injured a lot during that time. It wasnt until i added stretching in my routine before exercising that i stop getting injured. I never been injuered yet since i added stretching in.


  • If I don’t stretch before I workout, I usually strain a muscle. Also, it gets all my old man joint popping out of the way. Why is there so much studying being done on something that takes a minute or two and doesn’t hurt anything? Now if I believed eating pizza and smoking was the best way to warm up, there would be cause for concern.

  • Stretching used to scare me because of muscle cramps. But I noticed since I started doing body weight and dumbbell exercises some what regularly, I almost never get muscle cramps anymore.

  • Stretching/Warming up is EXTREMELY important.
    Muscle tightness caused me to miss almost a week of training because it made me dizzy, increased my heart rate, vomiting, lose of appetite, trouble breathing normally etc.

    Having to deal with stuff like that makes those 2-5 min of warm-up worth it.
    I used to be one of those dudes who didn’t care for warming up but after that experience I will never skip warm-ups or stretching ever again.
    It’s a pretty scary experience when you don’t know what has caused it and haven’t dealt with stuff like that before.

  • If I put my left foot in the handle of a (dog) leash to lift up this (straight) leg further then 45 degrees my quadriceps start to spasm ( right leg lieg lies down). Have you any idea, why?

  • Anyway you guys could link your references? Im doing a research paper on flexibility as it relates to injury and have found very little that could back some of these claims.


  • Is there a good superspinatis stretch that you have in a video? I have alot of tightness on the left one. Been doing some rotator work for a little while but still alot of pain and tightness causing my should to sieze up when i work out

  • Don’t know about stretching, but warmup (better full body) before physical activity definitely decrease chance of injury and soreness. Also if you have muscle pain after workout you overworking them take a break from exercise till you muscles recover (little warmup should suffice to ease soreness/pain). If you regularly workout and increase load a bit each time (weight or number of takes) there shouldn’t be pain and/or sore muscles.
    If you took a long break from exercises and then don’t go easy at first, then you definitely will get muscle ache.

  • Iam personally a powerlifter but I know from personal experience and my PTs that flexing for a strength exercises is pointless, if u are involved in heavy athletics bodybuilding powerlifting strongman etc u dont need to stretch before work out/competition as it will not improve your strength performance. Thou this is legit for light athletes runners etc.

  • Hands down the BEST fitness channel on YouTube. If your are planning on lifting, you should make an investment in one of Jeff programs. It will save you so much pain and frustration. Thanks for the quality content!!!

  • your take-away is that the most important things is actually to raise muscle temp. So what about literally warming up your muscles e.g. by starting off with extra warm clothing? And does this support the view that we need more of a warmup in winter than in summer? What about post-workout stretches/warmdown etc?

  • This is a fairly simple concept. If you are training with weights, you need sufficient flexibility to allow for full range of motion of each exercise. Anything beyond that is not beneficial. Given that the more flexible something is, the less rigid it is, you don’t want to increase flexibility too much, if you want to lift heavy weights. Maximum performance with weights is achieved through having a rigid base to push from or against, in the same way that you would be able to jump higher or run faster on pavement than on mud or sand.

  • from Abbott and Costello:
    Mr. Fields: You know why you can’t do it? It’s because your brain is tootenths.
    Lue costello: Too tense?
    Mr. Fields: Too tenths the size of a normal brain.

  • Every single time I stretched before a hockey game, I’d get injured.
    When I stopped the pre-game stretching I never got injured….well….except for that stick in the face.

  • Great line from the movie Zombieland. Woody Haroldson character. ” Stretching i don’t believe in it. You ever see a Lion strech before chasing a gazelle? “