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So, do you need to worry about your shoes wearing out as you walk or run on a treadmill? Read on to find out. “Miles Are Miles” Whether you prefer pavement or would rather spend time on the treadmill, “miles are miles,” says pro runner Morgan Gonzalez. A: “Most runners wear the same shoes whether running inside or out,” says Runner’s World shoes and gear editor Jeff Dengate. If anything, Dengate says, treadmill runners might opt for a lighter. How do I care for my shoes?

Treadmill shoes, much like other footwear, do not last forever. To maximize their lifespans, the following can be done: 1. Keep track of their purchase date and mileage. Shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles of use depending on the wear to maximize their performance.

2. The treadmills have become the national standard for the working out since there is a lot of options to exercise in aerobic style when using them. Some of their biggest fans are supporting the extreme idea to run on the treadmill belt with no shoes on. Because of lack of wind resistance while running on a treadmill, the effort of running on a treadmill at 0% incline is less than that of running on a level road at the same pace.

Below is a chart that you can use to get approximate equivalent efforts between running on a treadmill at different paces and inclines and running outdoors on a level. According to Greg Weich, a manager and shoe-fit expert at In Motion Running in Boulder, Colorado, the life expectancy of running shoes should be measured in miles rather than months or years. 1. Know Your Routine. Walking on a treadmill is different than running, and the same shoes may not work for both activities.It’s a good idea for exercisers to know the type of movements they will be performing during their workout on the treadmill.

Running on the treadmill is a very different motion than running on the ground and there is a much higher impact absorbed by the balls of the feet. I’ve never had a problem wearing my minimalist shoes on the treadmill, but I generally don’t have the patience to do more than 2-3 miles. I wear running shoes for. Most treadmills have a mph setting. If you have the treadmill set at 3 mph, and you walk 3 miles in an hour, that would make sense.

It’s a pretty safe bet you are not walking outside at 6 mph unless you are an accomplished race walker. 3-4 mph is a typical, brisk walk pace for most of us. You wear the wrong shoes.

This is not a good time to be vain—so when selecting your sneakers, go for function before style, says Michele Olso.

List of related literature:

The shoes you race in should have enough mileage to have that familiar feel, but not so many miles that they are beginning to break down.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
from Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way
by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
VeloPress, 2016

A good rule of thumb is to replace your shoes every 300 to 400 miles, depending on your style, body weight, and the surface on which you exercise.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

The hyperpronated runner should use stable running shoes and change the shoes every 500–600 miles considering that shoes loose almost 60% of their capacity to absorb ground reaction forces [27].

“Triathlon Medicine” by Sergio Migliorini
from Triathlon Medicine
by Sergio Migliorini
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Different shoes, a different running surface, a sudden increase in mileage or intensity, or suddenly starting running after being sedentary are factors that should be considered in any case of MTSS.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
SAGE Publications, 2010

Of course, some running shoes are better than others; but in general, most running shoes should be replaced after 300 to 500 miles of use or every six months, whichever comes first.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Recently we saw a huge surge in minimalist shoes and barefoot running, and it had a lot to do with the idea that shoes (mostly negatively) affect the biomechanics of running.

“Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running” by Jim Vance
from Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running
by Jim Vance
VeloPress, 2016

For example, if an individual is uncomfortable or inexperienced on a treadmill during a gait evaluation, that runner will often tend to shorten his or her stride length.

“Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen, Robert C. Manske
from Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Why is it recommended that running shoes be replaced every 350 to 500 miles?

“Study Guide for the Board of Certification, Inc., Athletic Trainer Certification Examination” by Susan Rozzi, Michelle Futrell
from Study Guide for the Board of Certification, Inc., Athletic Trainer Certification Examination
by Susan Rozzi, Michelle Futrell
F. A. Davis Company, 2019

The suspension found in treadmills means that treadmill running typically has less impact on your feet and legs than running outdoors—even less than running on some trails.

“Training Essentials for Ultrarunning: How to Train Smarter, Race Faster, and Maximize Your Ultramarathon Performance” by Jason Koop, Jim Rutberg
from Training Essentials for Ultrarunning: How to Train Smarter, Race Faster, and Maximize Your Ultramarathon Performance
by Jason Koop, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2016

The reduced airflow over the body is unlikely to be a significant factor, but the subject’s awareness of the limited length of the treadmill belt may cause them to shorten their stride.

“Whittle's Gait Analysis E-Book” by David Levine, Jim Richards, Michael W. Whittle
from Whittle’s Gait Analysis E-Book
by David Levine, Jim Richards, Michael W. Whittle
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

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  • You need to keep up with the times. Army Recon and special forces don’t use Goretex. When it’s cold it’s easy with almost any waterproof jacket. The hard part is around 12-16 degrees C. You will sweat more than necessary. Look up scientific research from Natick Labs, etc.

  • The voice sound so sinister. I get the man is wearing a mask and modulating his voice for privacy and opsec but comes off as “terroristy” lol

  • he make it look so easy and it is so hard for the normal person-watching this videos should teach us a lesson to do the best we can do because we all know mo is a freak abilitiesmo is a beast mo go mo

  • Got a pair of these for $60 last May after watching this video. Honestly like these more than the Epic Flyknit React’s I used and even the Vaporfly 4% Flyknits for Daily Running (huge emphasis on Daily Running/Training, the 4%’s are still my road racing shoes).

  • PLEASE Consult a running expert before buying any shoes! I work in a run specialty setting, and I almost never pull these shoes unless someone requests them. The only shoe I agree with on here is the Rincon. You pronounced “one one” wrong (it is not like the number 1), and the peg Turbo is a way to break the bank if you are a couch to 5k athlete. I would only use that shoe for faster if you can run under 20:00 for a 5K workouts. Next percent SHOULD definitely NOT be used for training to make that clear! You should get a racing shoe and a training. Using these “hybrid shoes” is a good way to get injured.

  • I have had the Pegasus Turbos since January and my only complaint is the that the heel has started to split on both shoes. I’m pretty sure it’s because I have done a variety of sprint workouts and long runs in them throughout the season. Although I would still reccomend the shoe since it is the best shoe for running in my opinion especially for workout days.

  • Love Nike and the peg 35’s. I had the same thing with the heel the first few times I wore it, could swear it felt like my heel was just going to slip right out, especially during toe off. But it never did and now I just trust the shoe and it’s perfect, the lockdown is fine. I did have a bit of arch irritation at the start like you until I broke it in aswell.

  • Good job! coach Holly and coach Morgan. I’m watching this on my weekly running day which can’t get out of my place for outdoor run due to the pandemic, so I was running in place instead(more like a jogging if you will). Keep the inspiration going!����

  • ZazazzazzazzazazazzazzazaaazzazzazzzazzazazzzazzazazazazzazzaazazzzazazzzazzazazzazazzaazzazzzazzazaazazzazazzazzazzazzaZzazazazaazzzazazazazzazzaaazzzazazzazzzazzazzazzazazzazzzazazazazzaaZZZazzazzzaazzaazazzazaazazzazzzaza

  • Morgan needs a mic, acoustics were off like she was on a stage. As for the gear, you missed out on gloves for our digits! Also for those that have trail running shoes, it’s nice to use in the rain since some shoes have goretex to keep your feet dry.

  • Okay…im sold. Love the colorway you chose. I also found these Nathan Bell edition Nike Pegasus 35s where the rubber is like a blueish transparent material…I wonder if the performance is the same.

  • Check out these retro running shoes plus they look good with my jeans if I have a casual night out. Saw them on IG. Crazy comfortable and hand made of Italian leather.

  • During a race would you stop and do air squats and walk it out a little bit or is that only in training? Are you adding those pauses in to your overall pace?

  • Nice video. I live in the Willamette Valley, so I run in the rain ALL the time. I rotate pairs of shoes and definitely use your newspaper method. I tend to underdress in the rain so I will look into those jackets.

  • 2001: I said that dreaded phrase when reality finally hit my stupid ass: “I don’t want to be here” on the first day of training in TACP, my fantasy of bombs and bullets came crashing down in an instant when an extremely pissed off cadre started digging my ass out with a studded shovel. I quickly snapped back to reality and sucked that shit up because I knew it was faster to go ahead and get through the pipeline than to feign injury and bitch out. They know when you’re bullshitting too, because those that tried instantly regretted the fact that they stayed behind for a year on med hold pending discharge. I learned that just from basic training. To say the least I did my time and dipped out, that life isn’t an easy one and it’s not for everyone, atleast I can say I did something with myself while I was in but damn If I would have stayed in I would have been retired this year. I should have just retrained into an office admin job.

  • Why would you hide everything but your arms? Unless it’s fake tats I’d rather go off your tats then remembering your face if I had to identify you.

  • The actual running is different on a treadmill. I kept overbalancing and had to learn it. It is not the same thing, the movement is different.

  • I recently was put in charge of a ruck march for my platoon, my DS said go at a good pace, an hour and a half later 20 people fell out and we had gone seven and a half miles

  • I always wear a buff, no matter the weather.:) I run on dirt roads in the forest after dark so then I use a head lamp. Great stuff.

  • one who only use tread mill will never be able to use his legs in real world….
    cuz real world won’t suit there desired temperature, it would be bad for their posture because of uneven surface and air would be too dirty for them to breathe ��

  • I made a version of your “pig egg”. I was taught by Marines when I was a Poolee. We called them “dinosaur eggs” We just went to a hardware store, got a 50 pound play sand bag and taped a whole roll on that sucker. Popped it in our backpack, tightened our straps and went on rucks. I’m in the Reserves and I still do this ever day. With pullups, push ups. This shit works your core more than crunches and leg raises. When you run with that weight, even if you are strapped tight, it will shift. So you got to kind of run low to prevent the bouncing. You will destroy your PFT if you do this lmfao. The only bad thing is I do it with my work steel toes and I do it on the road. I need to get a camel back and fill it with cold water and some pedialyte when it gets hot. Fuck it pain is leaving the body right? Semper Fi. Earned a like and a sub.

  • PR’s set on a treadmill don’t count in my opinion. I know people that’s post ridiculous times during the winter to strava then can’t come anywhere close to it outdoors

  • Great job Holly! Hopefully doing the Broad Street Run in October. That’s a 10 mile race. Does TRE have a 10 mile training plan or should I just scale back a 1/2 marathon training plan?

  • Being from Ireland, surely you just mean running… ��

    … or do you live in some mythical warm dry sun drenched land, like that exists.

  • Greetings from Australia!! Am loving watching you run. Makes me feel like I am there. I have run the same path and some day hope to return to San Francisco. You will certainly get that 1:50, Holly!!

  • If run on the treadmill for years and just little tips like that incline to protect the knees is gold dust. I find I get more calf soreness on the treadmill compared to running on the road, anyone else?

  • Is a frame on your pack absolutely necessary or can you get away without using one? I still have my old Alice pack along with a plethora of other rucksacks but the frame for my Alice is MIA. Thanks.

  • An atlas bag? Oof. Those are like $350. Could I just use normal school bag with a 25 and 10 pound weight plates? Also, I’ve been using my high top vans instead of boots. They weight around 3 pounds together. Idk if is okay, thanks

  • I love running outdoors and think its better but where I live(Canada) I can only run outside for 6 months a a year before it gets too cold.

  • I just won state championships for middle school varsity and I’m going to be varsity cross country as a freshmen and I accomplished this with the epic react flyknit two and I have just under 800 miles on them and there the best running shoe I’ve ever had so I strongly recommend these.

  • Just got done with 12 mi in a little under 3hrs, with only about 20lbs. first day back and rucking since middle of last year, I’ll apply any tips you’ve got to knock out much more faster!

  • Interesting to run a minute slower on a shorter run than your target pace for a longer run… I don’t get it. I thought we were supposed to be able to run faster for shorter distances to ensure that you could do a lighter pace on the long run

  • That’s the one thing I hate about treadmills. I like to use longer paces and kind of bounce off my toes and I can’t really do that on a damn treadmill but it’s helping get me back into running so I ain’t hating

  • I’m 16. I threw about 80 pounds of dumbbells into an old Alice ruck I have and went for a walk. I did a mile just to test it and I wanted to cry a little lmao

  • I live in a really big city and the only places I can run are on concrete or the treadmill (we have no trees anywhere in sight lol). Will the souls with traction affect this?

  • I started running after the lockdown I love outdoor running now I do my 12km every second day in 55mins and I burn 1,635 calories and its for free I’m enjoying it than being in the gym I’m always checking things on the phone and get bored easily no more gym��

  • You are going to crush it.. Your gong to be like what? Done already? That was fast. And you look at your time and be like heck yeah!

  • I’m currently running outside because of gym closures in my home town, there’s 100% a difference idk what it is but I’m struggling outdoors on ground eg: I could run on a treadmill for 5,6,7 mins with walking intervals however outside I walk 10 minutes and can only run 1:30 2:00 mins and feel completely gassed! I’m still trying to transition to outdoor running

  • They made a huge error. I can get into the science behind it but in short running isn’t that bad for your joints. Running is certainly better for your joints than walking.

  • Hey I’m looking for a new pair of trainers for running what are your opinions on the Legend React 2? I tried them on in store today felt really good but thought I would try get others opinions

  • I would have thought they’d talk about the disparity between merely moving one’s legs, versus actually propelling themselves. I recall being in the military, running five milers on the treadmill in 35 minutes, over and over again, only to get out and do the PRT where a nine minute per mile pace was kicking my ass.

  • Are you new to running and want to know the basics before setting out? Check out these running tips

  • A good video but I didn’t really see a lot of good social spacing. Although I encourage keeping active there seemed groups of people out.

  • Advantages to running outdoorsmore fun, change of scenery, fresh air
    Advantages of running indoorsclimate controlled year round, convenient, less strain, videos, run when you like day or night, interval and hill training are easy, no rain or heat issues.
    Use both to your advantage. I do both and love both.

  • i refuse to believe that you burn more energy outside due to air resistance, it’s most likely due to your inertia, your center of mass doesnt really move on a treadmill, it does outside

  • Mo’s coach Alberto Salazar is a big believer in treadmills and has written a book about treadmill running. Salazar used to run about 1/2 of his weekly mileage on treadmills in prep for his Comrades win.

  • Good video. I personally don’t like any cardio machines. Uh, I very seldom run. That said, they can have their place. I think the video explains thing well.

  • Hey! Great video, can I ask you how you keep a muscular physique and still run long distance? I struggle getting the weight training in and the runs to keep stamina up, I’m much older, maybe that’s why ��

  • Treadmill is lower impact and safer for sure, but it’s not as difficult. Running for everyday exercise, I choose treadmill but it’s cool to do some outdoor runs too

  • After two years of fairly consistent training,the only serious ish injury I have had was a pulled groin,two months out,I did it warming up

  • I did this already once with a 17kg backpack over 16km distanz at minus 20 degrees in snow. My issue i had was when i runned my rucksack bounced like crazy and the straps loosened up. i have a 5.11 rucksack. Do you have any tricks do avoid the bouncing? I usually pack clothings down below and the heavy weights in the middle but it didnt help to keep the ruck in its place. best regards smash

  • Rubbish! The single fact that outdoor runners have significantly higher injuries justifies treadmill running. This video is not apples to apples comparison. If you want run outside run on a track to minimums injuries especially for age 40 & above crowd. Taking age into consideration treadmill far outweighs outdoor running. Pay attention to varying speed & incline to avoid repetitive injury on treadmill. Good luck!

  • I use both, the outdoors and the treadmill. I use outdoors for low intensity cardio on days when I don’t lift and treadmill for high intensity interval training after my weight lifting sessions. In this way, the derive the benefits of both. Happy exercising!

  • When I tried to replicate my gyms 8km in 1 hour run on concrete, I ended up doing it in bout 45min. It’s true; we push harder outdoors. (I’ve been running concrete 6 months now against 4 years at gym)

  • Running on a treadmill has to be the most boring form of exercise, I’d only consider that if I’m in a hotel and I don’t know the city (or it’s dangerous to go out alone).

  • I noticed you have some different shoulder straps/kidney pad on your ruck. Could you do a video on how you upgraded your ALICE in the video to make it more high speed?

  • I tried the nike pegasus 35. Did one 6k run and came up with blisters on the arch of the foot. I sent them back and bought some Hoka napali’s and I couldn’t be happier!

  • Just walked a half marathon on Monday! Most I’ve ever done before that was eight miles. My left Calf is still a little sore, but I’m proud I made the distance?
    Is it better to run a shorter (but closer) distance first to gauge reaction?

  • Yes the treadmill should be used for steady training not sprinting from the start and tire out and injure yourself for likes on the internet. The treadmill is such a abused and sometime overlooked piece of equipment which stood the test of time compared to most fads.

  • what do you think of michael johnsons idea of black americans being good sprinters cos of the slave trade?
    in my opinion slaves would have had stamina not muscles and speed.
    so michael johnson is WRONG.

  • I had come here because I’ve been running on treadmill for over a year. Usually just for 5 min warm ups with 20 min runs during the week. But after a year on a treadmill to running outside I couldn’t last 3 minutes. It was way harder

  • I was always under the impression that treadmill running promoted less wear and tear dur to treadmills being padded? I’d think it’s safer for ligaments and joints to run on a padded treadmill than outside on an uneven terrain? Can someone with knowledge confirm?

  • I don’t suggest you guys for white Nike shoes. White shoes gets dirty too fast and you have to wash it often.But it will be cool for the race.

  • Thanks sir, i have a few questions. I have trouble walking at a fast enough pace to stay under 15. I can run with the ruck and get an 11-13 minute mile, but after 4 miles my lower back starts to hurt really bad.

    Combined with the fact that everyone discourages running with a ruck, how do i get faster by simply walking with one?

  • Cool tips girls! I use a bright color hat as well, has been a game changer no water getting into my eyes anymore and improves my visibility

  • Outside is better. I find running @ 10 degree temp is more challenging and very long stairs. I don’t run with gears in any weather conditions. It’s not comfortable. Do not run in 8 degree temperature without gears. It’s not so fun unless you want to test your limits.

  • Definitely through the nose… I keep a cadence and breath through the nose in cadence. I don’t run faster than my ability to keep breathing through the nose in cadence. Over a couple of months I went from 10:20 to 8:30 pace. over 10k

  • peg turbo 2 is defiantly number 1 nike making a big mistake discontinuing it replacing it with that horrible heavy looking tempo.
    I can understand getting rid of the zoom fly 3 for the tempo but not the peg turbo 2

  • i think running on a treadmill is very effective, i ran my first half marathon yesterday in 7 years its was my first big run in 7 years, but you have to know how to use the treadmill, i always start on 10 km with an incline of 5% for 15 minutes, then 12 km on incline of 2% for 20 minutes then 12.5 km on a incline of 1.5% for 25 minutes

  • I think the main reason to run on a treadmill is to be able to exercise in poor weather. Outdoor running will always be superior, but treadmill running is better than nothing at all.

  • I’m not that fast, but I make it a point to beat the people I see wearing shoes that cost over $200. So far, so good. Shoes are nice, but not magic. When people refuse to pay over $200, they will stop charging that much. So can ridiculous Forest Gump people realize shoes are not magic? I understand the better shoes will cost a little more, but $400? for those dumb elf shoes I keep running past? come on.

  • First I did run from 8 to 9, 10, 11.5, 12.5 and I had 5km’s in 27 minutes. Now, I wanted to achieve 5km’s in 24 minutes and started right the way from second 1, running 12.5, so that I could reach my goal in 24 minutes. Very bad idea, I stopped right the way after 4 minutes running 12.5 without any warm-up. I will do it today again, I will do it as I did it the first time but better and follow your example. Thanks mate!

  • Hey, good luck. Don’t be disheartened by shelter in place orders. Those heel lifts are a great way to build muscle strength in the calves and gluts without leaving the house. You know better than I do how to get good muscle activation without stomping around. It hurts to get stronger. Sometimes junk miles are a runner’s best friend.

  • agreed but everyone is saying the peg 36 has the same midsole as the 35… I have both and my 35 are softer and more responsive than the 36??? defect??

  • If my weight comes from plates, is it a good idea to pack the bottom with soft light things like a blanket, and then put the plates on top? I heard that the best way to pack is the higher the item, the heavier, but the only heavy items I am using are weight plates.

  • Those of us who usually wear glasses would be very greatful if you give us some tips on how to keep rain off our glasses, it’s really annoying when you go running in the rain and you end up seeing nothing because of the raindrops in your glasses.

  • Nice video. Thanks. I still use my trusty 300 mile lunar glide 5s. I have a fear that i won’t be satisfied with anything else i get. But the 35s seem like my next running shoes thanks to your video. Cheers.

  • Darn shin splint on my left leg has had me out for 2 weeks so far, it’s getting better but I probably won’t be running in Hokas ever again, I think my feet just like Newtons too much.

  • Would be great if health facilities could realise that runners don’t want to look at a blank wall when running! A mirror is a good distraction, you focus on your breathing and on the improving physical form rather than the numbers and how many more minutes of physical discomfort are left to endure!

  • Hi can you help me I am doing a sponsored run for Alzheimer’s when all the virus is all over the run is half a marathon I am new to run could u help me please do u do training program please b

  • Hi! Thank you for sharing Coach Holly! Everyone at The Run Experience is truly a great inspiration and to look up to. I’m currently working on my long distance running. I would like to ask for advice about gels. This is my first time hearing about them. Although I have seen Gatorade gummies. What do I need to look for when shopping for gels?

  • I run on a Treadmill because running outside get‘s you weird looks and makes you feel uncomfortable, on a treadmill I can decide how fast I run, I can always stop at any time and drink or leave or eat, this chnnale is such bullshit

  • my tread is not the most confidence inspiring. For one if you run without touching the side and then you touch the side again you get electrocuted (extra motivation?)… plus its freaking small so you need to touch the side because there very little margin for error. Keep you fit though… but running holding something isn’t natural.

    Part of the issue with running is if you’re going out you have to really watch what you eat (atleast i do)… otherwise you find you need to toilet pretty quickly (usually a few miles in), which is pretty nasty! A tread you can step off any time… so its not too bad for getting in the miles. But at 9 miles per hour on my tread and it feels scary because its too small!

  • I guarantee if you take person who runs on a treadmill with me on one of my Las Vegas summer urban concrete runs, I will crush them into dust. Treadmills are for the weak “runners.” I’ve destroyed others 20 years younger than me on 1/2 a road run.

  • Hello Holly, great run and video. Could you comment on how the Nike Reacts compare to some of Hoka ( Bondi, Rincón, etc ) shoes. Thanks again

  • 1 year of wear and tear, almost constant use: here’s what I can say.

    The biggest selling point is comfort for sure. They fit like a padded glove on my foot, and if you’ve ever had a shoe that makes you feel like a superhero you know how awesome it is to just feel incredible walking around in shoes. These are some of those shoes.

    Another point is they have an amazing pace, after running a couple 6:30 or so miles (casual but faster pace) I got into a really nice pace quickly. If I can say one thing, the curve of this shoe makes running both long and short things easier to run. I tried out some slimmer shoes, they were cool and had good tractionbut the padding is just next level. I could get into such a good flow with these.

    Seriously some of the best, if not my favorite shoes I’ve ever gotten.

  • Running shoe manufacturers usually say to NOT put running shoes in the washing machine handwash only. Check Runner’s World and shoe manufacturer websites they all say no washing machines for running shoes it weakens the support. DO NOT spread incorrect information.

  • Concise and short video. Perfect. I’m doing the Norwegian Foot March next month for the second time, and I’m doing the Bataan Memorial Death March in March. Good info I will use.

  • In Indonesia, people smoke in great outdoor. So NOPE, running outdoor in Indonesia is even more hazardous than one would think otherwise. And not to mentiom various air pollutants from burning the waste and such

  • ► Links to the running shoes we listed in this video:

    ► Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 ✅

    ✓US Prices

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    ► Hoka One One Rincon ✅

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    ► Brooks Launch 6 ✅

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    ► Nike Zoom Vaporfly NEXT% ✅

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    ► New Balance FuelCell Rebel ✅

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  • New runner here Nike Peg 35s are trash. Have run 200 miles in them. Legs in pain. Feet all beat up. I thought it was down to my fitness but no. Finally changed shoes to the Reekbok Floatride Energy and I feel like Kipchoge out there now. Avoid the Peg 35s unless you weigh 45kg and run 5 min miles. Trash shoe.

  • They are pretty much just as good it mostly just depends on who you are, I personally prefer treadmill tho, since when you are done you can literally just walk off it and go directly to the bed or bathroom plus if you own one it’s literally 2 steps away and in your home too. But that’s mostly just my preferance due to my personality other people may prefer outside and that’s really good too. Botomline it doesn’t matter as long as you actually run/jog so stop arguing please.

  • I never heard of the “Hopper’s Hands” thing, so I had to look it up. Cool tradition!

    What kind of water bottle is that? Im building for my first half marathon, and need to find a way to hydrate on my long runs.

  • My Pegasus turbos didn’t last 50 miles before the react and ZoomX foam separated.Give me the standard Pegasus any day over the turbos I don’t rate the turbo at all and I’ve had most of the Pegasus over the years

  • If you think about it at the beginning of the video he just walks and puts the camera down in different angles then runs by it the goes and picks it up to take it to the next angle ��

  • Just found your channel and subscribed because of this video! It’s great from your explanation to the background music keep it up, Zach!

  • I just want to say THANK YOU. Dude the amount of resources you’ve laid out for us has been amazing. This channel literally came across when I most needed it. I’m tired of being a mediocre defender. Security forces ain’t for me man. I crave more and have begun training for that next step. As soon as I started my training blindsided your channel popped up on my feed. Thanks again man. Y’all got a subscribe and a like from me

  • Ohh I’m just really starting ( again ) where I live is so hilly though not sure whether to go for distance or speed or what at current my 5 km is very slow??? Any help is appreciated xb

  • Great video! I have noticed that in parks and other tree dense areas reflective bands and strips are not so efficient, so I wear a small flashing light clip somewhere on my torso (if I don’t use a head lamp), to let other runners and cyclists ntice me well ahead of time.

  • And be been wearing the Brooks Men’s Levitate 2 from July XC preseason last year through track this year, but I’ve been thinking I wanna do a slow transition to minimalist shies overtime. What are your thoughts on the 2019 Nike Free RN 5.0 and 3.0 Flyknit for that?

  • Hey i have 6 months to train for 5 mile hike to qualify for search and rescue. I am overweight and I have a lower back muscle issue which has caused chronic plantar faciatis. loosing weight will improve the back condition but i am looking for helpful tips to manage this….

  • The day before yesterday I ran on a treadmill 10km in 44min(without inclination) and yesterday I did 10km in 48min outdoor( facing many hills).. today it’s my day off.. so I can conclude that going outside I felt much more tired in the following day than on the treadmill..although I went much faster than running at the park.

  • Hi Mo, I discovered something awesome recently, my flat out 5k time on a treadmill was 20:30 and when I decided to modulate the speeds from 17kmh for 5 mins the 3 mins 14.5, 2 mins 17, 3 mins 14.5 etc etc I immediately got down to low 19 mins! The 14.5kmh 3 mins zones acting as a recovery phase helped me hang on. Is this a recognised way of running? After a year of no improvement I improved by over a minute in a week!!

  • I still run outside everyday. This Flu shit can’t stop me! Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride nobody gonna slow me down oh no I got to keep on moving! Ain’t nothing gonna break-a my stride
    I’m running and I won’t touch ground, Oh no! I got to keep on moving!

  • Thanks man I really appreciate the recommendation. I was just thinking about buying new running shoes and I’m definitely copping these!

  • I always wondered what this guy is he is obviously active duty because he is covering his face and changes his voice, awesome videos nonetheless ��

  • more injuries falling and especially if running next to cars, not a good idea, know people that have been killed and broken ankles from running outside. Thanks I’ll pass and stick to the treadmill for running and just walk when I’m outdoors

  • the Brooks revel 3 are great for short distance runners, they may seem bulky at first but they’re very light considering how much cushioning and support they have.

  • my favorite is the brook levitate I’ve never really loved Nike shoes for performance, but I really like them for when I’m doing workouts for other sports, they don’t feel specific to running, i was doing some footwork drills in brooks and they didn’t feel secure for that like the nike

  • Thanks a lot, these tips are really helpful!! I’m gonna order some reflective armbands right now! Can you please also make a video about what you wear when you’re running in the cold (under 40F)? That would be very helpful for me, I’m always either freezing or too hot and sweating a lot����‍♀️

  • @ the run experience i would recommend bamboo purifying bags for drying shoes and odd baking soda if your shoes really get stinky work way better than newspaper which will not purify the shoes!!!
    I find a waterproof waist belts works well for storing your phone aswell

  • I usually run for 2 miles start off with 9 mph then about at half a mile I go to 10 mph then when I hit one mile I got at 10.5 mph and finally at a mile and a half I go 11 mph.

  • Question: what pace were you running at in terms of HR? I’m assuming a tempo pace well under your anaerobic threshold. You looked fresh at 10 miles. Well done!

  • Personally, I use to enjoy running on a treadmill as oppose to the footpath/park as you have the convenience of doing it at anytime, and you can track your progress much better, without the need to purchase other products like a watch/heart rate monitor. I know the argument could be made for running outside that you wouldn’t buy a treadmill but that’s just me. What I found more useful, and least stressful on your knees and ankles is bike riding, outside or indoors. It takes the weight off of your legs and helps release the stress caused by the forces you place on them. It is also very useful for people who are overweight as again, it would alleviate injury during their weight loss journey. Let me know what you guys think!

  • Excellent run coach Holly, I’m beating you’re smash 01:50:00 can we win a pair of shoes if the first person guesses your exact time for the half marathon, I’m guessing you’ll do it in 01:42:50 ��

  • Sad that you race was cancelled, but you have done some great training! Do you find carrying the bottle in your hand affects your form on that side?

  • Really useful tips, I do find the really heavy duty waterproof stuff turns you into a mobile sauna which sucks. The gear you ladies use seems to avoid that.

  • Thank you very much for sharing your insight, as an aspiring distance runner and adaptive athlete I’m finding this channel very useful in making tweak into my training regimen so thank you again!

  • First let me say how pleased i feel for finding this video. Thank you for all the information:) But i have to ask something important to me. Say that you wear the hat and the jacket you mentioned, and afterwards also put the hood on top of the hat, and then at last wear the buff on your neck. Say that you wear all of these, Does water going to get inside your neck and then to your torso? I am asking this cause i really would like to run in the rain, but i don’t want to get a cold:( Please guide me a little more.

  • Last 2 half marathons have been rainy. The first one my Garmin heart strap about sawed me half, so the next one I lathered up in body glide. Everywhere. In that one my feet got completely shredded and I didn’t know how to fix it. I’m ordering those socks stat.

  • Awesome! Just picked up a pair yesterday. Nike Reacts 1st series are also awesome!
    Digging the Penn Relays shirt….a classic yearly event.

  • There’s also a RASP prep guide too for anyone who’s curious

  • very poor conclusion the best solution is to use BOTH, there is no reason to only run outside or only on treadmill, by alternating that is how u get the best of both world, what is not mention here is to increase ur Vo2 Max and increase ur speed incrementally, treadmill is the only accurate way to go, so for an athlete who is trying to improve his/her performance, both are indispensable

  • i try to run in pegasus so bad, but i cant. i feel that im using more energy and get tired faster in them. anyone else have the same problem?

  • zoom cushioning tech hasn’t been my fave in the past.., after watching many reviews (with yours sealing the deal), I picked up a pair.
    I am not dissatisfied, this is a pretty good shoe. great videos man.., be well

  • Same here, I was a great hoka fan and recently move to Nike also, love the vomero 14 and recently bought the zoom fly Flyknit, Nike is doing a great job, feels so much natural running with this shoes especially if you are a forefoot striker, great video ��

  • As a medically retired 1T291 I know the “suck” but damn sometimes it was just fun(now that I am retired I can say that)
    Appreciate all the videos
    At 55,need a little motivation to get to gym 4-5 times a week(with pandemic going to my barn)so these videos help

  • Great Video. A+++++ Today I am buying a treadmill. Allow me to tell you why. I find the air outside quite toxic in many places which means I have to drive further to get the benefits of outside. Outside can also be quite dangerous. Many of the issues raised regarding repetitive strain and over use can easily be off set with mixing up the running stride, pace, form, direction and so on; especially hydration and diet with joints in mind. Treadmill Stretching Exercises can also off set RSI combined with outdoor walking. A good qualtiy treadmill from my decades of experience can be more forgiving on joints via a good suspension + the assist via the motion of running belt can be used to great affect during times or recovery, injury or just those times you feel low but still want to boost. Owning a home treadmill offers the ability for personal placement options that can off set the issue of no fresh air and sunshine. I often find tweaking my environment with a window, fan and air con much healthier that allows me to go further for those longer meditative runs where I am also feeling much less stressed in my own world; a much safer and less hectic one. Walking later on outside is always an option to get that much needed sun. I know for me when I am just walking outside, my body is more open to making the most out of those rays. Let’s also not forget the extreme temps that can making running outdoors less favorable and even in some cases dangerous.
    The ease of use, convenience and physical assistance re a treadmill after having let one self go for lack of activity and or fear of outdoors, makes the treadmill a Godsend for many. I really can’t say enough about how a treadmill for many can be way more beneficial.

    I am prone to many of the negatives of outside running such as higher impact, high temps, air pollution, too much noise, hustle and bustle {makes it dangerous] social anxiety, more ware and tear on expensive shoes, having to care about what I am wearing. Road rage is on the up and up (victim myself most recently) so to is sidewalk anxiety/rage on the up and up. Additionally, the treadmill is also invariably most effective for those of us that suffer with bouts of mental instability. This results in less medications and for me when doing well; I then take none.

    I am not meaning to say that either running off or on a treadmill is better than the other. I just wish to highlight how both have their pros and cons. Each have their place.

    So it is that I am respectfully inclined to suggest that a treadmill is in many ways safer, smarter and more effective for a wide variety of individuals based on varying degrees and circumstances. With a home treadmill I am more able to negate the rigors of outdoors where having the proper knowledge of how to set up and use a treadmill gives me the strength to make the most of outdoors where I can at times enjoy the benefits of both. Once more though… for me, a treadmill wins out every time re my general state of health. both physically and mentally.
    Today I go bank some money and buy myself a new treadmill. I have been without one for too way long:D

  • After one month my Pegasus 35 it’s very painful for me because my right shoes totally losse it’s cushion and left one is making a crecker sound from zoom air pockets it’s very bad experience from nike

  • Great video.
    In the British Army, we do a standard ruck fitness test of 8 miles (approx 13km) carrying 55lbs including weapon and water. Standard is 2hrs. In my unit 1hr 50 mins was the minimum standard; you need to be smashing 12-14 minute miles. We would usually smash this at least once a week, minimum.
    We would also do an advanced assessment. Day 1, 20km carrying 66lbs (weapon, water and ammo) followed by some form of platoon/company attack. Day 2, 20km back in minus ammo, usually about 44lbs.
    The Army and Royal Marines realised the importance of training their troops to tab (tactically advance to battle) primarily from the 1982 Falklands War where the Paras and Marines disembarked off ships and inserted inland towards the enemy covering over 90km in a little under 3 days carrying on average 90lbs of kit per man.
    I admire your military history, so I thought I would share mine with you.
    Good luck. Be safe. Happy hunting ��

  • My favorite post-rain-run tip is to bring a dry change of clothes to put on after your run. As soon as you stop running, your body starts cooling quickly, so anything that’s wet will start feeling very cold. Addendum to my tip is to bring a dry sack ( like these to put your wet stuff into. I sweat too much to stay dry inside of rain gear, so my focus is on staying warm which means a merino wool layer and a windproof layer on top of that.

  • 43 lbs, 6 miles, 90 minutes. Been doing it a few weeks, I feel fine but I don’t want to push too far too fast. I might go back down to 35 for a bit to mitigate any risks of injury. Stretching and warmup key at 41.

  • Years ago I was recon with the airborne in Vicenza (3/325 ABCT back then.) 80lb minimum (large alice pack) for a 6 mile ruck run to Mt Berico and back. This was on Tuesday, which followed Monday being leg day.
    Fast forward 25 years, my knees are not happy at times.
    That being said, many of our guys went on and did very well in SF selection at Bragg.
    I got out to get married, and of course divorced 10 years later.:-p

  • It always amazes me how the people that disliked and committed negatively could not appreciate what this brother has done for free get the fuck off this Channel

  • How good are the Nikes around the heel? I found some of their models to feel as though the heel slips out when running and had to steer clear of that brand. Maybe I should try out a few Nikes again…

  • I’m joining the marine infantry in one year after high school ���� so I started running with a 20 pound backpack 3 times a week. Thanks for the video dude

  • After 60 years of running here’s some advice; One: run with

    zero drop shoes, no heel height (but not barefoot shoes) make sure you have

    cushioning. Two: don’t run any further than 6 miles 3 times a week. Three:

    don’t time yourself. Four: don’t do marathons. Five: the important one don’t join

    a running club; the reason, you’ll end up ignoring 2, 3 and 4. If that happens

    you’ll end up like me and 90% of other club runners, requiring new knees because

    your cartilage will be gone. Another bit of advice just ignore the above and

    get a bike. Anyway don’t run or walk with a heel its unnatural; and that’s just a fact

  • In my opinion these are WAY better than the Nike fly knit epicreacts. I’ve tried running in those and they’re ok but I prefer these way over the epic reacts

  • Ok this is wierd: As an older guy (50), I’ve never been able to run a 5k any quicker than 36 minutes. On Monday, honest to God, I timed myself by my usual app, and I ran it in 29 minuites! When I finished, I was stupified, and still don’t know how I did that!

  • Great tips! Thank you for sharing! I especially like the newspaper to dry shoes and using the buff to dry off!

    I haven’t tried merino wool yet but, may try it this winter season thru training.

    I also like my base layer to have a zipper for temperature control. Only because I tend to overdress in rainy/snowy days.

  • Anyone likes to get wet running in the rain? I do. Hope Im not the only one tho.. No jacket. Shirtless if I can, it feels sooo so great!

  • It’s me Alok from India….m really lucky to watch you giving so interesting information about running & many more… question is I want to loss 5 kg of weight.. how much should I run in a day.

  • Hi Zach, nice review, i am skeptical about the very little material all around the ankle. It doesnt seem very strong. It seems that the ankle will be collapsing running at higher speeds.. What is your opinion, would it be proper for sprint training?

  • I have the darndest time switching to a treadmill… it seems way harder on a mill to run my outdoor pace… and when I slow the thing down a lil I find myself running into the control panel…. I just have a hard time transitioning…

  • I bet you have not tried the Adidas Boston series if you don’t think that that is not just the best all-round runningshoe but also the most durable and economical runningshoe around:-)

  • Took my son on your suggested runs. He takes his paw patrols pak and cap gun XD Was doing it to lose 25 lbs. Well shit. Lost it all in a month, but now me and my son are eating like ravenous teenagers �� He was the picky eater and I had to watch my daily intake due to being sedentary. That took care of that.

  • Running on a treadmill kills your ass.

    I just realized for every mile I’ve run outside, I’ve probably run eight on a treadmill. If the incline on a treadmill is anything less than 10, there’s hardly any glute activation because it’s the belt that moves. In actual running, you move forward.

    If all your muscles are equally strong, then it’s natural to use the glutes when you run outside. But once you get used to a treadmill, even when you run outside your body relies more on quads because the muscles are stronger. Treadmill running uses mainly quads.

    Over time this creates a big imbalance. Furthermore, when you don’t use the glutes your speed is affected.

  • I totally disagree with most of the factors in this video. It is much harder to balance on a treadmill especially when you’re moving your head around. In terms of repetition of the same movement every step you take on a treadmill is affected by your balance and how you feel, it is very hard and better training to actually manage to repeat any foot position or cadence. Also the perception of speed is exactly the same when you get used to running on a treadmill. If you have prior knowledge of your regular speed before trying the treadmill and then you aim to run at the same speed as you normally do it feels exactly the same.
    At full speed full effort in a hotter environment I can just about match my straight line flat speed outdoors. The difficulty of not running into air is a disadvantage similar to wind resistant which often pays you back anyway if you run a circuit.
    I can improve my PB times in a matter of weeks if I work hard on a treadmill because it is more controlled and has less factors to alter perception.

  • False: Shoes liek Nike, Adidas are all over-priced sold on hype for people t oshow off and brag about som ridiculous shwoosh. True: you don’t need to spend more than $30 for running shoes. I don’t. New Balance are som of the most affordable shoes. If you train properly, you will outrun all those $150 shoes with modest $30 you can get on sale! Hint: It’s NOT the shoe that makes you better. True: Shoe companies’ main goal is to make a shoe that does not last more and a few months.

  • Very helpful. I’m an aviation mos so the pt isn’t intense at all. I’ll definitely be working some rucks in for the selection I want. Just wish I had a more open schedule haha

  • I don’t know where to buy them. The link in desc doesnt work, and they dont sell them on I have always bought shoes from store and this year i wanna try buying online. any suggestions?

  • I couldn’t possibly wear a shell while running, even in rain. I just sweat more than normal people so the moisture doesn’t leave fast enough �� I have half marathon in a day and it’s going to be heavy rain. I can’t win ����

  • I know the SARC pipeline changed this fiscal year, are fleet returnees still able to get into the pipeline if they get approved to lat move to HM?