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“When someone is not sweating during a workout and they are working hard, one of the first things I look for is whether they are properly hydrated,” says Todd Durkin, a certified strength and conditioning coach and owner of Fitness Quest 10. I asked a trainer: If I don’t sweat, was my workout hard enough? But you’re not the only one concerned — celebrity trainer Gunnar. A common cause of lack of sweating is dehydration, or not getting enough fluids in your body before, during or after exercise.

If you are not drinking enough or are going to the bathroom a lot, you might not have enough fluids to sweat. Another common cause of anhidrosis is lack of intensity. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, though: How much you sweat during any given workout depends on the amount of energy you’re exerting. A good rule of thumb is that when you’re doing cardio, you should start sweating within the first 10 minutes of exercising or you’re probably not working hard enough. Increase the intensity to a level where you break a good sweat and keep it.

Never fear, there’s a quick fix for even the most ingrained workout no-nos. Check out these 7 workout habits you should drop: Not only will ditching these help you lose the pounds, they will. In fact, by doing a few push-ups, squats, lunges and triceps dips, you can get a full-body strength workout in less time than it takes you to shower—which you won’t need to do if you take a quick 30-second break between moves to keep your heart rate down to a no-sweat. When we don’t have enough (usually because we’ve lost it through sweat), our cells can’t send signals properly, and we experience symptoms like cramping, dizziness, headaches, and nausea.

“If I’m not sore, am I still building muscle?” If you’re not sore after a workout, that may mean your body is more acclimated to frequent, intense exercise, rather than serving as a testament to the effectiveness of your workout. Read more: 5 Signs You’re Not Working Out Hard Enough. You forgot to eat and drink Trainer workouts aren’t usually that long, but you still need to think about fueling, says Newkirk. “We have.

List of related literature:

The longer and harder you train, the greater the risk that your sweat losses will impair your performance.

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Hypohydration compromises exercise by reducing sweat rate and evaporative cooling and increasing body core temperature.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
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If you went to a cardio class and the instructor forbade sweating, it would negate its purpose.

“The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime” by MJ DeMarco
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As discussed in chapter 8, if your exercise puts you at risk of becoming underhydrated, you should know your sweat rate.

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Regular exercise accompanied by sweating is also very important.

“Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bournes
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To make matters worse, high-intensity workouts increase core temperature more than lowto moderate-intensity rides, especially if you’re riding indoors, and sweat evaporating off your skin is your body’s primary cooling system.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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An individual who sweats too much during exercise without replenishing essential liquids runs the risk of developing heat exhaustion or dehydration.The amount of sweat produced is not a measure of energy expended.

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Athletes with high rates of sweat loss are at increased risk of dehydration, which can impair athletic performance and contribute to fatigue.23 The aim of hydration during exercise is to avoid significant dehydration (a loss of more than 2% to 3% of body weight).

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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As part of your cardio training, you may exercise at a low intensity to cool down, or you may take a short walk until your heart rate returns to resting and you have stopped sweating.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
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Depending on the temperature, you may need to actually warm your muscles by raising your heart rate, especially if you plan to strip off layers and hit the start line wearing less than is optimal, knowing you’ll soon be exerting yourself and possibly sweating.

“Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning: Training for an Ultramarathon, from 50K to 100 Miles and Beyond” by Hal Koerner, Adam W. Chase
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  • @jeff what would you say to people who are not going near 1rm because they want to hit say a 4×4, yes they may be able to hit 5/6 on the first set but then the subsequent sets would suffer? This also is the case for hypertrophic sets that last longer, hitting your failure on first set results largely in a drop in reps on later sets and therefore decrease in overall volume? No?

  • I am a footballer and i play 90 minutes not one drop of swet on my body its just my temperture and my breathing that goes up is that normal?

  • I leave reps in the tank every set. Every set I leave a little less in the tank and on the last set I either go to failure or one rep until failure

  • One thing I that really causes acne is if you drink protein at night before you go to sleep. stopped drinking it and my acne got a LITTLE bit better:D

  • I tried lifting weights for 3 weeks and my acnee was the same that was before,but when i took whey protein,it became worst,like..WORST

  • Thank god because the past week of working out has been hell, lifting more and doing more reps just to leave with a little sweat spot on my shirt was really disappointing

  • I don’t sweat when lifting… and I’ll do sets until I go limp. I sweat like crazy on cardio though… sweat from my face, drips on my forearm. Pool in the ass crack.

  • I sweat weird like I remember I would play basketball in the summers and through out the games I’m fine but once the game is finished I’d bust out in pouring sweat especially inside gyms no sweating but once I step outside I start to start

  • In my opinion if u sweat it opens up ur pores and gets all the dirt covering it off, yes it can maybe make ur skin look oily but that can easily be fixed. Acne is cauze by the way that u wipe of the sweat u either use a surface thatvis to rough or u are wiping ur face to fast or hard,the best thing is to gentle dab the sweaty areas

  • What are some ways to cure your acne naturally? I read many great reviews on the net about how Fopobiacne Secrets can help you cure your acne naturally. Has anyone tried this popular natural acne remedy?

  • I think it is genetic. I sweat like crazy whenever I workout and when I don’t, I still sweat. Eatting hot and spicy stuff also make me sweat like a decent workout.

  • I have a question PIC FIt you said have a shower straight after a workout does it matter if it’s straight a way or can I have a shower 5 hours or so later all you said especially hair do you mean you sweat more there?

  • Hey man im 17 ive been an athletic kid since i was little but ive never realy swaeted much i only swaet on my back and other places not my face i only get a little wetness on my forehead is this good or bad or normal

  • How can someone not sweat lifting lmao. One set of squats and I’m sweatin. Sweating is to keep cool, so if you don’t sweat that’s like having a AC in your car that blows hot air.

  • Hahahah you think acne is bad. Imagine this you had just done a massive workout, you felt pain at your neck you ignored it and a couple of hours later you went to bed. Next morning you woke up and your muscles are super sore + you just realised you got a boil at your neck and now it has gotten worse that it’s super painful.

    Now, not only that you can’t move your limbs but you also can’t move your neck or else it’s going to sting you because of that boil. Imagine trying to sleep in that condition, actually no, imagine waking up the 2nd day when your muscles and boil are at its worst.

  • If I do sets of 10 on the bench I’ll be doing 4 sets. Typically my first two sets I don’t know how close to failure I am, I’m bad at guessing, but I do know that my third set my tenth rep feels like I’m really close, and my fourth set my tenth rep is like 1 away from failure or even sometimes makes me reach failure.
    These people who are getting 16 reps, it would be their first set. Would it not be reasonable to expect that after like 3, 4 or 5 sets of 10 reps they’d at least be getting very close to failure?
    I guess I’m not sure how much your reps are expected to drop over sets, I’d just have imagined that they would get themselves close by the end of their last few sets.

  • Do anyone know about Fopobiacne Secrets? Does it really work? I hear lots of people break free from their acne with this popular natural acne remedy.

  • Honesty if you sweat excessively while lifting you’re just out of shape. Of course you’ll break a sweat deadlifting. But if you sweat doing something like dips, bench presses, bicep curls. Am sorry your overall fitness is crap.

  • I have experienced of acne after workout…actually when I started it after some days…I got acnes on meh face but I tried to find causes of it but at last I think workout remained the single cause of acne because it opens our skin pores ��

  • Sweating is your body’s way to cool down when you are over-heating. The heat is generated both mechanically (i.e., by movement, which causes friction) and by metabolism as your body works to maintain its chemical balance while fueling the movement. Other than helping you keep cool, sweating has no health benefits, and actually depletes the body of vital fluids. In other words, sweating in the gym is just unnecessary spewing. Interesting fact is that only horses and humans sweat profusely,…like the work animals we are designed to be?

  • Do anybody know about Fopobiacne Secrets? Does it really work? I hear most people clear their acne naturally with this popular natural acne treatment.

  • I didn’t used to sweat At All In The Beginning. Now A Week In I am sweating just From doing the most regular job… I really need some help. I have never shed this much Sweat, not even the summer…

  • That was the realist words you can give not only an athlete but anybody PERIOD. If this video doesn’t motivate you then your dead!! Incredible video man!! # Respect

  • I wonder if there’s any correlation between being genetically predisposed to high blood pressure and hypertension and not sweating. High blood pressure make you retain water. I wonder if that makes us not sweat

  • I have a load of acne on my back and face and none everywhere else, I workout everyday, then play basketball and totals to about 8 hours per day, I take showers every 3 hours and I drink like 7 liters of water per day, so why do I still have too much acne? I’m 14

  • It’s for sure genetics, It can be cold af and I will still sweat, when I train my shirt will go from red to dark crimson. It’s gross af. To all my brothers out there who sweat like crazy, wipe down those machines and benches, no one likes ball sweat.

  • Best video on YouTube!!! I was getting discouraged cause I run 1 hour everyday after work but I recently started to sweat less even tho the treadmill says I’m burning the same amount of calories. Thank you for the reassurance I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal.

  • Working out helped me reduced acne, maybe because I started to have a daily shower and because it might helped regulated my hormones balances.

  • Guess I doing a bench press (bar only workout..) To failure…on Saturday now….guess if shoulder fine that day..I put small weight on each set and go up from there…..I got 3 months till my shoulder surgery so this should build it up strong for that….thanks for video.. Jeff…

  • Excellent, excellent video. I am an ESL teacher and I am going to play this to support their work toward learning the English language.

  • Thats why im training for failure and not for reps. i choose my weight inside a rep average i know i’ve been doing. If i say “i can do 12 reps with this weight” probably rep 10, 11 and 12 will be a struggle and not as fluid as the other 9

  • Well… you tell them a weight that you could for multiple sets. Furthermore, you start at a lower weight than your heaviest last working set? Not just multiple exercises. I could be missing something, but this doesn’t say anything in my opinion

  • I wonder if Jeff likes to workout. The time he is putting in to research to workout effective he could save him self and workout less effective but have more time. So I wonder how effective this research video are…

  • It really got to me when he said: It’s easy to make excuses like you didn’t have enough sleep or this and that… It made me think, I MUST work hard no matter what, and if that means in the worst case scenario that because of the situation I pass out, then so be it! Thank You for this video, means a lot to me right now.

  • I’m the opposite. My main problem in the gym is overtraining myself doing too many sets and doing it 1 rep from failure. In effect I’ve been through injuries in the peak of my form which prevented me to progress. I’m working on it tho.

  • no mention of stress? when you lift weights, you’re physically stressing out your body. and we all know, stress is 1 of the causes of acne.

  • Im not sweatimg when exercising but im sweating like shit when going to work?

    My work is stress free and too fcking fun and EZ btw. So no related anxiety and sh1t.

  • Now if you’re hitting chest twice a week (say you run a push, pull, legs split) isn’t lifting to failure discouraged so you can recover?

  • I think it would be interesting if they test single males and females and get models pretending to be scientist administering tests. �� Injuries may or may not happen.

  • QUESTION: do you wash your face before and/or after a morning workout? I feel like cleansing twice a day is too much, so I don’t know.

  • My 17-year old son really loves the excessive sweating treatment method “tomvoko press” (Google it) that I bought him. My boy, plays varsity football, and has tried almost everything. No other item worked for him. Great item!

  • Perhaps the test subjects were able to perform more reps if they were being spotted. I know for myself I am a lot less confident going near failure on the bench press without a spotter.

  • Hey Jeff. Know this is an older video but would you be able do a video explaining the balance of training as hard as you can without overdoing it on volume? I have seen studies which show overtraining can lead to a plateau effect in many cases.

  • One thing that keeps me from training heaver on bench is not having a spotter. I wonder if that is something that affects other people. I’m not afraid to go heavier unless I’m training by myself and don’t want to get stuck under the bar lol

  • I’ve always worked out and sweat very little if any. My mom never sweats either. I’ve done some pretty hard classes but only get a little moist under my arms. I’m glad I don’t sweat a lot but it would be nice to cool off. The heat really gets too me and makes me tired. I’m 65 and in good shape.

  • Sorry this is not me. Idk how anyone could do a set NOT to failure? I just don’t understand how u could have ‘reps in the tank’ like I’d just feel so damn lazy…

  • Not sweating for me is actually a huge deal. I overheat very quickly and often it leads to heat exhaustion. I have seldom found very many solutions to this unfortunately.

  • lol Not bragging I’m not in great shape (2 years of bad health, move, baby, life) I struggle to not overload and not be able to finish the reps I want (hit failure HARD), hitting failure every set and over using (apparently) failure techniques. Watching this guy to learn a more reasonable training loads.

  • This is great! An amazing workout without needing to break a sweat! Thank you, I’ll share this with my kids, they’re glued to their screens all day, I need them to move. Keep on doing what ur doing!

  • Exercise lowers blood sugar in our body thus limiting insulin production which is the cause of inflammation that leads to acne. So exercise is good

  • Hi Jeff! Please be careful with your titles. New research almost never PROVES anything. You have to look at about three dozen articles to be able to make any kind of conclusion on a topic.

  • But shouldn’t you take into account all the sets? Maybe you can do 16 reps on the first set but after that you are burnt out and maybe can only so half

  • I was always jelly of people that don’t sweat i.e. the majority of the already skinny or fit people in exercise situations. Always have been a little bigger. It’s annoying. They don’t even have to shower and so.e women don’t even smear their makeup.

  • What you do is my trademarked ‘Chopped and Screwed reps’ until failure, then you crank out half a dozen fast reps you still have in there. Minute long sets.

  • I think a potential source of reporting bias is that people could underreport the weight in order to avoid failing in front of the researchers.

  • To be honest, I think this research is flawed. Most of participants probably don’t have 10 reps as their work out program, which would lead them to under guess the weight for safety bet. This would not mean that that’s how their workout is like.

  • The pimples isn’t a problem, the hyperpigmintation or the black spots that the previous pimples leave, my face is covered with it.

  • Once again, Steve Shaw. Rep goal system. Fantastic video. I appreciate everything Jeff does. The premise is if you’re doing 3 sets of 10 that’s 30 reps. And you take each set to failure. Maybe the first set you get 14 reps and the next set you get 9 reps and the next set you get 7. That’s 30 reps so you accomplish that goal and you increase your weight. And you do it again next time. And you keep going until you meet your rep goal, this way you maximize every single set to failure. Right before your form would break down or you don’t think that you could do another rep.

  • i have alot of acne on my face, jaw, neck, back and chest:<< im rlyy stressed right now and i dont know what to do��... i tried everything from aloe to different products but my acne keeps getting worsee and im worried my girlfriend wont love me anymore�� i need help pleaseee!!��

  • I am glad there has been a study about this, I can see it at the gym, people seem lazy, or rather unable to just.. PUSH, try hard! And usually these same people find working out boring, they are missing out on the fun part

  • Been away for awhile, revisited this channel. still pumping out good content.

    anyone else sweat more on larger body part days? Like I straight drip the second I work Back or Legs.

  • Glad i saw this vid. I was thinking of taking hyrdroxycut capsules again bec i noticed i havent been sweating much no matter how long i run. But i hate the capsules �� they feel like kidney destroyers

  • This excessive sweating treatment “tomvoko press” (Google it) is by far the best solution I`ve discovered to sweating excessively. I normally sweat really bad when I`m nervous and it can be viewed through my shirt. I suggested this treatment plan for everyone who wants help regarding sweat!

  • Hi Jeff, great video!
    Does the ten reps of bench pressing refers to the first exercise or to the second exercise in a training plan? Because if it’s the second excercise people would not be able to make as many more extra reps as mentioned in your video.

  • I think observation bias is at play here, although it probably won’t explain all of the observed effect. You can sort of see that by 0% making <10 reps, i.e. every subject was conservative enough to do at least 10 reps.
    From my experience, when you bring people into the lab (especially at universities) they tend to get the feeling of dealing with something official and want to make a good impression. That’s often enough to bias them. I do come from a different field, but I see no reason why this shouldn’t apply.

  • I’ve been looking for a short ‘no sweat’ work out to do during my lunch break working from home to feel like I have been a bit active but not have to worry about showering straight after and this is perfect, thank you!

  • for me it is sugar, no sugar = no acnee… and that’s it! no other thing has noticeable results for me, nor does dirt or dust or sweat cause any acnee for me.

  • What is Fopobiacne Secrets and how does it work? I hear most people clear their acne naturally with this popular natural acne treatment.

  • hi everyone,if anyone else wants to learn about cure excessive sweating try Panlarko No Sweat Planner( search on google )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

  • for the past year I went from acne filled face to almost none, I think going to the gym actually made my acne problem a lot better

  • How bout this, i give you MY data
    And you tell me what science says i should do to look like
    Lets go for Marl Walberg from transformers

  • In my case, my acne cleared up by using honey masks everyday. I also workout and it is effective for me. I always take a bath after working out then apply honey face mask.

  • Hey man, do you think it’ll be possible to make a video on ‘is whey protein bad for teenagers’ cause I’m 15 and have been working out for 3 weeks now and the whey protein powder I use says you need to be over 18 but the protein powder has done nothing bad to me.

  • Lol I’d probably pick a weight I can actually bench for 9-11 times. I tend to leave just one rep in the tank and come sort of rep goals in the later sets

  • As specialist, I believe Fopobiacne Secrets is actually good way to cure your acne naturally. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • I workout 5times a week, drink more than 3liters of water, eat healthy food to keep my body strong and muscular at 13% bodyfat and guess what i got tons of acne,pimples,cysts on my face. Thanks god for ruining my face

  • I don’t sweat when I exercise:( I can run up to a mile and not sweat:( does this mean if I want to loose weight my only solution is dieting

  • im 29 short(5ft5) and ugly. decided to go the gym to make myself feel better. I have been called ugly on and off my entire life, all I wanted to do was make myself feel better about my appearance and work on myself, and to my complete horror I realised that bodybuilding is a massive cause of severe acne for me. I look worse after exercising these past 6 7 months, my nutrition is decent but could be better, I have 4 meals a day and enough protein and plenty of spinach and veggies. I drink much water before and after exercise.

    I am on Lymecycline and take Clindamycin cream for my acne treatment, its making little difference.


  • Its so frustrating I want to go on a cycle of testosterone and anavar (steroids) but I can’t. I just know my already bad back acne will just get worse. Worsening my physique…

  • Sweating is good for your body. It means your body is cooling off. Just try to stay hydrated. If you don’t sweat even during hard work out or don’t sweat at all. I would say do see your physician. It can be lethal. Anhidrosis is the inability to sweat normally. When you don’t sweat (perspire), your body can’t cool itself, which can lead to overheating and sometimes to heatstroke — a potentially fatal condition. so please be careful. Thank you

  • Guys. cure your acne naturally does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a popular acne treatment called Fopobiacne Secrets (do a search on google). Thanks to it I have clear my acne naturally. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I don’t really want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I’m just simply in a great mood today and so I will share the wealth lol.

  • I do really like your scientific approach as a Youtuber and the fact that you think it through as well. I do, however, have some thoughts on my mind(basically elaborating on what you said, which lowers the validity of the study in my opinion). The studies did not use a lot of spread in height, weight and age, which mainly relates to leverage differences. Also the research set-up, leading to an underestimation of 3-4 reps, leads to the potential of effects that cancel each other out (assuming that the results would remain similar). In concrete, the underestimation leads the average to near the 13-15 rep range(10+3 or 4), such that the 10-12 and 16-18 rep range cancel each other out due to similar weights(22% and 21%) and variation from the average(13-15 reps). Hence, only the seeming outlier (19-20 reps) seems to be an effective forecaster. Yet, as there is a logarithmic component to the correct estimation of repetitions on the bench press and training experience, it is hard to extract valid conclusions out of this(diminishing growth potential at the end, measures elasticity rather than an intuitive effect). Moreover, the fact that 76% was doing bodybuilding limits the validity of the conclusion as bodybuilders tend to leave ‘gas in the tank’ to maximise total volume. I think the conclusion may be limited to bodybuilding and should, even in this spectrum, be taken with a lot of caution. I hope this long remark is not too cumbersome to read haha

  • I guess some people is allergic to their own sweat, i mean how can they not sweat? I see them in my gym and they remain dry the whole workout. I honestly can’t imagine how they manage not to sweat, but for me the point of working out is sweating the sh*t out of your body.

  • When i run in the jym i put extra hoodie on me and i still dont sweat that much like just a very little bit can this make harder to lose weight?

  • switch to (or end normal showers with) cold showers. this seems to help many, especially with the acne on upper back. hot water opens your pores, which allows stuff to get in them and cause acne, while cold showers close the pores, preventing that. longer cold showers also increase the blood circulation which helps with cleaning toxins and whatnot, its also good for your hair, increases testosterone levels, and is much better at waking you up than 10 cups of coffee. you also dont wanna spend as much time in the shower, which saves time and water! trust me, you get used to it quite fast.

  • Thank you I though something was seriously wrong with me. I’m the heaviest I have been, I am trying to get fit for the army so I’ve been running the past couple days and will everyday to get my 2 mile down and I barely break a sweat even though I’m exhausted as hell!

  • Based on my own experince, dairy products are the culprit behind my acnes and breakouts. When I started consuming less dairy products, I can see the significant change already. Breakouts start to minimize and dry out. So, goodbye milk. �� Your next eggs. �� I will miss you all. I know that it will make my gains slow but I will just double the effort at the gym. ��

  • Working hard is:1) doing something every day, even if you dont want to, 2) working your mind is just as important as your body…read, expand your vocabulary, learn to see/read problems from different perspectives, 3) working hard is stupid if you are injuring your body; many people work so hard at their goal, they stop listening to body warning signs, this cost me a international level track and field career, as i would push through every injury (like i was some kindof hero, it was stupid) and finally, 4) remember this is a GAME, and will never be hard work as compared to working in a coal mine, airplane fuel cell or being a combat-troop…enjoy it and be thankful. Signed retired military old guy

  • But if you are to lift a given Weight 10 for tree sets, you might not be able to do so you do 16 instead of 10 for the first one. Thoughts?

  • I stop eating dairy, sugar, processed foods, high glicemic foods, fry foods and i still have acne, i pretty sure bodybuilding makes my acne worst.

  • Guys. get rid of your acne problem doesn’t need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice now. Look for a popular acne treatment called Fopobiacne Secrets (do a search on google). Thanks to it I’ve cure my acne naturally. I should not even be talking about it cause I do not really want a lot of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just simply in a great mood right now and so I will share the wealth lol.

  • go by your heart rate instead…. If your heart rate is sitting at 60 while you squat, you might want to increase your intensity a bit.

  • im training till failiure but i still dont think im workin hard enough kinda, does anybody got this feeling aswell, i mean sometimes i cant push anymore and dont have a pump

  • I wish I could work on my game everyday but the thing is education will always get in the way of that. As a student athlete living in the UK playing basketball is tough, the fact that it’s a football (soccer) country you won’t see a lot people playing bball. In the video, he says that we need to work hard, smart and be consistent, but realistically some of us can’t do that, and it pains me to say it.

  • I don’t train with a spotter normally. I’d be curious to know how many of those participants are in the same situation. Fear of breaking the neck parts limits rep count in my experience.

  • So simple yet so powerful and changing message, working smart and consistently cannot be separated from working hard, otherwise you will be running in circles, thanks for the message!!

  • It’s like you are just trying to avoid dairy. We know most of the acne comes from bodybuilders and gym rats who drink tons of protein shakes and milk or cheese. Dairy is one of the main causes of acne including oil consumption and lack of hygiene. I mean look at Brian Turner who had severe acne and essentially got rid of it after going vegan.

  • Depending on how the question was presented to the test subjects, they probably chose something a little lighter just to be on the safe side that they can complete those 10 reps.

  • It also seems that gyms are very air conditioned and there are many fans. When i do my workouts in my garage or anywhere else i sweat a ton!

  • interesting points,if anyone else is searching for controlling excessive sweating try Panlarko No Sweat Planner( search on google )? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbor got cool results with it.

  • Nice, but that wasn’t to failure. Sure you could decide that you can’t do with good form anymore and therefore it was to failure, but she didn’t fail.

  • Was it indicated whether they trained alone or with a trainer? Having a spotter makes a world of difference in pushing through to get a few more reps.

  • 40, never had acne, started hitting the gym hard and started getting acne on my forehead (mainly near the sides above the brow)… no steroids, no supplements other than whey, and showers after the gym. Go figure.

  • I sweat a lot when I run or workout all my body even my arms and my hands, if i do insanity It will be like a river. But in my normal life I don’t sweat