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The muscle soreness you feel 24–72 hours after a tough workout, called delayed onset muscle soreness (or DOMS), is a sign your muscles are changing at a cellular level. “In order for muscles to get larger, a process called hypertrophy, there needs to be muscular damage, mechanical tension and metabolic stress placed on the body, explains Rain Burkeen, a personal trainer with the. “It’s actually good that you don’t feel sore, if you’re an avid gym-goer, because it just means your body has built up and adapted to what you do to it.” —Rondel King After all, muscle soreness. You don’t need to feel sore after a workout for it to have been worthwhile. According to Hoggins, it’s an “ancient fitness myth” that if a workout is decent, it’ll leave you with the badge of. If you’re not sore after a workout, that may mean your body is more acclimated to frequent, intense exercise, rather than serving as a testament to the effectiveness of your workout.

DOMS or No DOMS The pain you feel in your muscles 24 to 48 hours after a workout is delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Many people associate sore muscles with a good workout, so they are concerned if they don’t feel sore after exercising, or the next day, then it must have been a waste of time. Or alternatively, some people may only get sore muscles after some workouts and not others.

If you’re asking yourself the question, “if I’m not sore after a workout is that bad?” you’re not alone, but this is a bit of a fitness myth. Sure, when you first start working out your muscles are likely to ache afterwards, but that pain won’t last long as you gradually gain in fitness. The answer is YES.

Just because you don’t feel muscle soreness as intensely as when you first began doesn’t mean a workout is not benefiting you. Your body is an amazing machine and it adapts very rapidly to whatever challenges you present it with. Even though you might not feel sore, you should consider whether your body is in the best condition to train. Stress can seriously inhibit the efficacy of your workouts and slow your recovery, so.

However, what if your abs don’t get sore after a workout (“after” meaning the day following)? Did the routine used to make your abs sore? And now they don’t get sore?

Yes, the muscles have adapted. It’s time to up the ante with the routine if you’re not satisfied with the results. On the other hand, what if a workout has never made. According to research published in Sports Health, extreme muscle soreness can be a sign of overreaching and overtraining syndrome — especially if coupled with other symptoms including reduced exercise performances, fatigue and depressed moods.

While there’s no one rule for how often you should or shouldn’t feel DOMS, by listening to your body and watching out for those other sign.

List of related literature:

Yes, you might be pushing yourself, and yes, you might feel a bit sore, especially if you’re doing an activity for the first time, but pain should not be part of your exercise routine.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
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This is especially prevalent in the first few weeks of training, but you may continue to feel sore even after becoming an accomplished trainee.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
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Being a little bit sore does indicate you’ve had a good, hard workout; being very, very sore simply means you’ve abused your body and should take things a little easier.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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But if you are still sore a day or two later and you feel stiff and weak, you are likely experiencing delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which peaks in intensity 24 to 72 hours after an activity.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
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If you’re not used to moving in a pilates workout, then yes, you’ll probably be sore in the beginning.

“The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates: The Essential Guide to Total-Body Fitness” by Brooke Siler, Editors of Women's Health
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If you’re more than just a little bit sore a day or two after the workout, you’ve done too much.

“Arthritis For Dummies” by Dr. Barry Fox, Dr. Nadine Taylor, Dr. Jinoos Yazdany, Dr. Sarah Brewer
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You may be a little sore from that hard workout, but that’s when it’s important to do some lower-intensity mobility training to help your body fully recovery.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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If you feel sore then stop doing the exercise.

“Improve Your Eyesight Naturally: Easy, Effective, See Results Quickly” by Leo Angart
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Soreness is not indicative of a good workout.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
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Even if you complete a few reps, it’s likely your body will later feel sore from stretching the muscle.

“Traveler's Gift; Mastering the Seven Decisions” by Andy Andrews
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  • I started working out a few months back and I’d do ab exercises and feel sore these days I feel nothing I was starting to think I’m not doing enough

  • I’ve noticed growth after awhile but never ever got sore besides legs. It scared the shit outta me I thought I was doing no work but soon it shows change

  • Same with the soreness on my chest it’s only where my chest meets my holder & same with legs and lats on me nothin els gets sore.. Hmmmm

  • what do you guys consider sore?  If I lay off of my routine for a month and hit the weights I get that newb soreness where I can barely walk for a 2-4 days.  but once I’m in the routine and I work out, the next day I definitely feel like I worked out.  However I wouldn’t call it soreness.

    If people are feeling that “newb” soreness every single time they work out I would say they are overtraining.

  • Yesterday, I basically only did glute dominant exercises (hip thrusts, sumo deadlifts, one legged deadlifts, glute bridges, kickbacks and b stance glute bridges), but today I feel mild soreness in my hamstrings and even a tiny bit in my quads, but not in my glutes and I’m scared��

  • Very well said. A google search brought me here and I feel more at ease. How often do you recommend changing workouts? Every time I don’t feel soreness after a particular routine?

  • It’s my first time to do ab workout. After the first day my lower abdomen hurts (sore). Is it Ok to continue to do ab workout on the next day? Is it normal?

  • My chest always gets sore for some reason. But my shoulders, back, and biceps never ever get sore no matter what. My legs get sore sometimes. I just find it weird why my chest gets sore without fail.

  • I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever try this popular lose weight methods?

  • How I look at it is that will just get me back in the gym quicker�� don’t gotta take a break because of the soreness which I’m sure that’s why most people rest a couple days

  • Iv been back in the gym now 6 months and i dont get the pain in my lats i used to do i start doing more sets? Life a little heavier? I like to feel the tightness the next day and im not getting it anymore i train 6 days a week because of my split

  • Complete opposite for me. I felt it really hard when i was doing starting strength when i started gym, after 6 months i went to a 6 day split routine. Legs, Arms, Upper body (mon,tue,wed) Legs, Arms, Upper body (thur,friday,sat) sunday rest. I don’t really feel it that much. My body literally goes back to normal like 2hrs after my workout. Maybe i’m just a genetically superior human being with insane recovery.

  • I’m pushing school buses full of children, mate! If your heart is beating and you’re breathing hard then it’s cardio! Eagle Buggies…u wot m8?

  • Sir pls tell do we gain weight after leaving gym for 6-8 months but then join back again…….and what if we don’t go to the gym for a month…..does it means we’ll loose our muscle to fat

  • Hello Jessica, what do you know about cramps? I have always been very prone to them in my calves and cant do jumping exercises because of it.
    By the way, I love your exercise classes how you remind us to work with our body, and your fabulous encouragement and comentry!!!

  • I started working out again, 3 weeks ago. I’ve been working out the same muscle groups twice a week. So basically I get more than 48 hours rest for each muscles group before I hit it again. I stopped getting very sore, even tho I’ve been increasing my weight and hitting to failure. I just came in here to double check that I’m still fine. I remember this happening to me years ago. It was very difficult for me to get the same soreness that I did the first couple weeks I worked out no matter what I did. I still got results. I see a lot of dudes in my gym that hit the same muscle group every single day. (I go to the gym 6 days a week). It’s crazy to me, in my mind I want to ask them why are they not giving themselves time to recover. But, I know that a lot of the ones that are doing it, do it because they are not getting sore and think that they have to work out every day to make up for that. I wonder if that’s really slowing their gains.

  • Okay after seeing this video it all makes sense now because normally after a workout I always feel sore so I figured I did everything in the workout right. Then there are days where I’m little to no sore then I figure that I did something wrong because I’m not in pain. Now I understand that if I’m not sore I’m still getting stronger but at the same time my body is getting used to the workouts. Thank you Vince!

  • Lol shit I was feeling discouraged for not feeling sore enough. I’m sitting here thinking “I’m already going hard af in the gym, am I supposed to waste myself at the gym everyday?!” It got to the point where I was going to add way more volume, go to failure on every single set until I can’t move no longer. Glad I came across this vid, thanks.

  • I don’t know who complained about how long your videos brother, but I appreciate that you take so much time to not only help us get results and help us stay safe while doing it! But that you also help us better understand why what your telling us helps over what we’ve seen from other sites, and that’s why I trust your insight more than most! Keep doing what your doing because I greatly appreciate you V Shred for all that you do here!

  • The explanation is circular and didn’t really provide logic. You said if you’re not sore the body was able to adapt. When the body is able to adapt then no additional strength is needed so the body doesn’t increase in strength. If so then you’ll need to shock your muscles. If your muscles are shocked then they might get sore because of the it hasn’t adapted to the new routine or load. In essence, your explanation is so shallow it doesn’t support itself. Not saying you’re completely wrong but you need a better explanation than this one.

  • Hello everyone. Fabulous movie.

    My dad was once an overweight gent. He went from 283 lbs of pure fat to 200 lbs of massive lean muscle. That shit was outrageous! I just subscribed myself because I plan to improve my body. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  • Cool, thanks for the reply! I just bought some creatine from bodybuilding (dot com) site. was only like $10 for 100 servings. I will let you know how it is… lol =)

  • Just got back in the gym this past week after about 10 days of a break. It was a little longer than I wanted but now I’m lifting what I was before I took my break. I even increased some weight on a couple of them. Now I’m feeling sore. Does Protein or Amino Acids help with soreness after workouts? Thanks for the Advice, and I look forward to hearing more! =) Also do you recommend Creatine? =)

  • I would like to know where do you train people because i would really like a teacher like you….i really think you are the best man!

  • I’ve only been training for 4 months. I stopped feeling sore after the 1st month, but still getting decent gains. I’ve gained about 13-14 lbs (obviously some fat, too lol). Soreness doesn’t seem to be much of an indicator to me. I instead get a slight fatigued feeling in my muscles throughout the day.

  • Ive been going gym for 4 months straight now. And the other week i took a break from it. I returned to the gym for the last couple of day and both days i didnt feel sore after. i didn’t switch my routine or anything so does that mean I’m doing something wrong?

  • Short answer, yes
    Just change your workouts so your muscles don’t get use to the same exercises so you could shock the muscle and get sore

  • Need help I’m trying to get back to the gym. I’m 51 I just can’t get back to workout I lost 80 pounds I’m still watching what eat I don’t what to do right now

  • I’m not a professional, but I think that soreness IS an indication of how well you damaged your muscles. Look if you are new to training and you train really hard your muscles are not used to anything and they will get obliterated = a lot of soreness. After weeks of training your muscles are used to the training and are already adjusted and will only damage a little bit at a time. If you want to destroy the muscle again you have to “shock” it as Arnold Schwarzenegger would call it. You must do things your muscles are not used to. You normally go 3x 10? Try going 1x 30. You normally do 3 sets of 50LBS? try 1 set of 70LBS. You normally go with slow? go fast. The things your muscles are not used to will make them burn the most.

  • dude great vid thanks for the info ive been thinking about this for the past 2-3 weeks i havent been sore at all. I wake up the next day like i have just been sitting around doing nothing lol even though ive been working out like hell at the gym. Now i know!

  • Mine personally only do on rare occasions, your legs will likely not get as sore as you go more consistently but sometimes you still get soar

  • it helped me to not get sore where my shoulders and chest meet to keep my shoulder blades pressed down towards the bench when im doing bench press. and not lift them up when i push up

  • You are on the right track in what you saying here Elliot, DOMS is generated on the eccentric part of the lift,so slowing down the negative part of the lift will certainly yield the chap better results,and get his muscles sore and fatigued due to this and a further increase in TUT.

  • Oh. Sometimes it looks like I push too hard to myself and feel like hitting by a truck on particular muscle. I just thought it could be overcome if I continue the training to build enough muscle. Am I wrong QAQ  Btw, I like adding some salt or few bags of green tea in hot/warm water to soak my feet for 30 minutes = ) After that, doing few more deep stretching before sleep. It really works.

  • Muscle soreness has nothing to do with intensity. It has everything to do with frequency. If you work a muscle, and you don’t feel soreness, than you’re training it to frequently.

  • I was discouraged from going to the gym because I wouldn’t feel that deadly pain of a sore after work outs. Thank you this was helpful.

  • Im a beginner ive given up workouts in the first week about 10 times, because i do everything right go to failure proper form EVERYTHING but nomatter what i do i cant get bigger cant get stronger cant get sore and cant gain any weight, can somebody please help? Im getting really pissed, im a plan right now im 2 months in havent gained a single pound and havent been sore not stronger at all.

  • Can you prevent muscle soreness by stretching your muscles? I’m always stretching my muscles after a workout, and even after a rest peroid I never get sore

  • i see a lot of people in the gym lift heavy and get really tired and really in pain i joined them they all died from the workout and no more energy me however by the end of the training i have so much power and energy left in my that i can still keep on going more than 3 hours also when i do heavy weights sometimes maybe i feel the pain but usully i dont feel anything even when i made sure my trainer is beside me seeing im doing it 100& right i been lifting for more than 1 year now and im really scared to go on heavy weights because i dont feel any pain i have felt muscle soreness the first week of training after that nothing the only bodypart i feel the pain of it is my legs day and also noted that i change my workouts every 3-5 weeks sometimes i go for 12 weeks workout plan people in the gym told me that i have something called sweet nerves which makes me really strong since i dont feel the pain or the pump and sometimes i do feel the pump but it goes away after 2 minutes may anyone please tell me that i have not wasted most of my time doing stupid shit because i have been reading a lot about workouts and position and i really wanted to be able to compete in the future however i don’t have the money to buy workout plans niter the money to spend on supplements i barley can pay for my membership which i work from 7 am till 4 pm which im making 100$ a month i hope that one day someone will guide me through and help me with my workouts im willing to put all the effort if you are willing to help me message me here maybe we can talk:)

  • You don’t need to be sore to have had a good workout like I said in the video! After your body has adjusted to working out consistently you will be less and less sore even if you get a fantastic workout in, it’s ok!

  • I’m 12I do body weight workouts like push ups, inclined pull-ups-I think they are called, and use an abs roller, I have never gotten sore, unless I have been working very hard on abs roller, why is this?

  • I max at 6. I feel the heat. But I don’t get sore. Just began lifting. That’s why I’m confused. I drink too much alcohol. Overweight too. The only thing that is sore is my joints. I Know drinking is hard on joints, and Im genetically predisposed to bad cartilage. But I am trying one day at a time

  • Sometimes I think I do worse on certain workouts than I did before because of the choice of the body part i chose that i did the previous day.

  • Thank you man I’ve been going through it just wondering am I not pushing myself hard enough also rest weeks what’s that no seriously what’s that is that something I should invest in anybody please give me some advice about that

  • this video really helped because when I workout I don’t feel sore anymore and I am doing high volume every time I am working out my muscles must be really strong then and are able to handle a lot of high intensity of working out

  • Im 14 yrs old.. 5 feet and I do calisthenics. I dont feel sore the next day even if I went beast mode when I worked out, but why? I get gains but I dont feel stronger. But I managed to do one pull up as a result of calisthenics. Is it okay for me? And is it normal not to feel sore?

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  • My back recently doesnt get sore any more and I dont know why!
    I lift heavy but 2 months ago till now didnt feel it even my traps..
    any one knows what the problem is?

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  • Hi im a brand new subscriber, i appreciate what you are doing, i have a question: can i get a big chest lifting light weights at high reps until failure? And one more question, and what is the best way to target my chest during a bench press? I would very much appretiate a reply, thanks pal.

  • When u take bcaas and you eat enough you don’t really get so sore and especially when you sleep enough you will recover. But if you’ve gone up in weight or reps dramatically or you’ve added something new to your workout you will feel it after maybe not really sore but noticeable. That’s just how it is with me

  • Myofibrils cilinder shape muscle fibrils.They are made from myofilaments.Filaments are made from actin and myosin that are structural unit of myofibril.They are responsible for the elastic and contractile properties of muscle.And all this are inside the muscle fascia.Thickened connective tissue that envelopes a muscle or group of muscles.

  • Nope my biceps rarely get sore and if they do it’s not much. I dont feel as sore anywhere else when I take BCAAs. I perform 3 to 6 sets per body part twice a week between 5-10 reps each set

  • yo Elliott I am doing high volume workouts right now I am doing 5 sets of 15 or more reps but I notice I am not getting sore the next day I workout once a week i don’t know if i am still getting stronger even though I am not feeling that soreness the next day

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  • Nah, protein and amino acids won’t help with your soreness just go weekly consistently and you’ll eventually stop being sore. Creatine is awesome use it!

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  • Hi I’m 179 cm tall
    Weight 96 kg

    I started gym yesterday, and today I don’t feel any soreness how is it possible?

    I’ve spent an hour and half doing all kinds of workouts and don’t feel anything lol

  • Foam rolling is great way to release tight and sore muscles the day after a hard workout. You can find rollers online and they work well on quads and hamstrings. Gotta love that DOMS! -Kathy, PT, DPT

  • i already know all that but im wondering how lo keep the muscles sore and shocked without taking a week off. how long should i do different exercises before switching back to my old routine. or should i not do that? should i keep switching exercises? Are super sets the best option? should i completely change my routine?

  • Great explanation of good and bad soreness! I am happy to know that it is ‘okay’ not to feel extremely sore the next day.  I have figured out that my body needs more time to warm-up.  If attending a class, I arrive early and do a couple of laps.  When working out with a video, a quick walk is in order first as well.

  • Not being sore the next day is actually a good sign that you’re getting enough protein in your diet and staying hydrated. my diet was really good yesterday but I had 4 beers and I feel sore as shit today and that’s because of the beer drying me out and not allowing my muscles to hydrate. stay away from beer the day of a workout lol

  • I go to the gym every other day, Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 2 hours each day, I do power sets mostly everyday and work with my own bodyweight, But I hardly do my legs because I walk a LOT, I usually walk up a mountain every week so I guess that’s a wok-out for my legs but when I feel I haven’t done much work on my legs I will do. When I work with my own bodyweight I NEVER get an ache the next morning but when I work with weights, that’s mostly when I start the ache the next day, is it natural

  • No, it doesn’t. Even if you muscles aren’t sore it still needs rest, take a day or two to rest after a workout. The harder the workout, the more rest you need.

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  • Can you make a video on a diet for building muscle? I used to weigh 235 (I’m 15 and 6’1) but I’ve lost about 60 pounds and I don’t have a lot of muscle, its sorta like flappy skin, I have stretch marks. I’m taking a weight training and I run three miles everyday, but I just don’t know what to eat.

  • I worked out to exhaustion a two days ago and I don’t feel any soreness I thought there might have been something wrong with my brain or my nerves lol.

  • I have a question. I started working out about a week and a half ago (calisthenics) and yesterday I went extra hard on my wotkout and I even did an hour and 20 mins but im still not sore. is that normal?

  • I’ve watched a few of your videos and decided to subscribe. I like the real talk and you guys are f’n hilarious. Keep it coming and thanks for the input. 

  • Diet Plan called Custokebon Secrets kept appearing here on different youtube and I thought they were scam. However after my mate follow it, and finally lost a ton of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Don’t take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  • I have a Question for you…. Pre-workouts??? Can I stop drinking them and change just for regular water or it is better with them??? For daily routine at the gym. And what about black coffee it helps too?  In this case coffe works very well for me.

  • No I have a thing where I would work out get sore a little in one arm but my non dominant arm I feel jack shit I feel that when I do curls I feel like I have a better mind to muscle connection with my right than my left arm. Even when I do bench a bench press

  • great video keep up the good work your videos and very informative and believe it or not when I’m sore the next day after I leave the gym I’m glad let’s face it we all are glutton for punishment that’s why I call soreness good pain

  • definitely a decent video. Muscle soreness is something that keeps me coming back to the gym. Admit it, you all are gluttons for punishment ������

  • I’ve been training for hypertrophy for about 8 months now, and feel like my muscle growth is beginning to plateau. I’m not sure whether I need to increase the weight for each exercise, or if I should switch to strength training for a couple weeks so I can lift heavier during hypertrophy training. If anyone could give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciated.

  • I’m starting to not feel as sore when I first started working out. I guess I should go harder and more weight. Gotta beat the shit outta my muscles!! lol

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  • my tip is just don’t do the same thing over and over again. like two dumble side lateral. I go with one dumbell but heavier. I do dumbell fly’s next week I’ll do cable fly. like that

  • hello i’m a beginner, for you guys how much do you increase your reps/weights do you do it like every week or every day?How often should i imcrease?

  • thanks… when i first started working out i couldnt even raise my arms afterward and i knew i got a good workout. then i stopped getting a that some sore feeling and was wondering if i need to go harder

  • my arms never get sore and i do the slow focused movement you described. i even upped my weight too. its definitely sore while im doing it but i wait for the next day (like a weirdo) smiling in the morning waiting for that intense soreness and i get nothing……..just regular non sore me

  • This is so crazy. I looked this question up and you do the same workout routine I have been doing for years. I was taught push pull legs by a guy in 2015 and have been doing it basically every since. It is a freaking easy but genious.

  • Hey i feel like when i workout my chest, its not sore afterwards. Or ever. I lift as much weight as i feel comfortable that will still make me strain on the last couple reps. I feel like i workout hard enough but dont get the soreness and its depressing lol what should i do??

  • The only time I feel pain or struggle of any kind is when I’m in the middle of the exercise. But immediately after I put down the weight or get off the machine, nothing. I don’t feel pain when I walk to my car when I’m done nor when I wake up the next morning either. I’m 5’9, 158.8lbs, skinny-fat, and workout every day except Friday.

  • I am working out every single day now for 1-1.5 hours a day and then i go for a hour walk to relax, I had soreness in all my muscles since i learned how to hit them right. but now i dont feel soreness anymore. i’ve been going like this for a month now and everytime i woke up i feel that i trained that specific muscle but no sorenes this really got me depressed to the point that i wanted to do research, I perform better each time i train any muscle group thats why i know you are 100% right, thanks for making this video!

  • Thanks for the great tip Nanci (Managamasplymiad)! I love essential oils too:) And thank you for your great question as well. I’m adding it to our Q and A jar for future episodes!

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  • I never get sore anymore but my lifts are going up. Just means your getting in better shape, body is getting used to weight lifting. As long as your lifts are going up then its all good.

  • Yo Elliot, I don’t ever gain size! I’ve started intaking more protein and carbs (I’m currently 5’6″ 135 pounds) along with working out hard. Using as heavy a weight I can handle comfortably to complete my sets and reps. But I’m not seeing any size gain! I want to gain! I would like to at least reach a weight of 185 of solid muscle, looking lean and cut! Help!!!

  • Here is a question. I actually really enjoy working out and like to workout six days a week because well…. I like it! How should I split up the workouts properly to gain muscle strength and density and also lose the fat in the process?

  • An interesting mix is when you do like a boxing style circuit.
    The gains aren’t too crazy but holy crap can you perform like a superhero with enough time.

  • I can’t get my abs sore, during my exersize I don’t get sore even if I work out till I can’t any more, to) my stomach can’t do anything anymore. yet I dont feel sore and I do those intence muscle exercises. why?

  • I train to failiure and my muscles feal exhausted after my workouts and I don’t feal sore. That scares the shit out of me for some reason.

  • Hey Jessica!
    You’ve done some exercises for the feet in a few of your walking DVD’s
    so it’s obviously important. Could you elaborate more on barefoot walking, pros/cons, ways to strengthen the ankles & feet? Also do you think it’s important to have different sneakers for different workouts? I would love to see a video about this. Thanks:))

  • When I first workout I’m super weak and sore, but the second time I do it, I’m not weak or sore at all. It’s only about 3 days later so I don’t get it… someone explain?

  • I’ve been doing chest for the past 3 days no rest. The reason y I keep going is because I don’t feel too sore. After workout out I take super cold shower then hot shower then I meditate for 20 minutes. I hardly feel sore but should I rest? I’m new to working out

  • some people say that you should take one day off with a complete day of rest from workouts

    but other people say that you should just do light exercise instead

    so what should a person do

    take a full day off and not work out to recuperate

    or on those days do very light exercises

    what’s the best thing to help in the recovery of sore muscles

  • I started lifting for the first time this week (with a trainer because I’ll be honest, idk what I’m doing lol) and i haven’t been sore. But it’s been a struggle during the actual work out so i don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I WANT that soreness

  • #You’reOurNumberOneTool thanks man for the video, always enjoy the more scientific aspects of makin Gainz. Bro I need to ask how do i train around an injured rotary cuff? I find it hurts with most upper body workouts, my Physio told me to take off 10 days straight but it feels way to long to be out of the gym, any tips?

  • I just start a new program. Firts day legs and shouders, i couldn’t walk properly 5 days. Im not even joking. But when i do it in the next week nothing. It was like i didn’t trained. And I even do it with more weights.

  • Yes, but just keep in mind that eventually all you’re going to be doing is pushing up your body weight. So do different variations of them like diamond push ups, declined push up’s etc.

  • *************I have a question: What About isolation exercises like curls or lateral raises, would I train for strength and shoot for a higher intensity on those workouts as well or do I only do that for compound exercises such a squat bench, or deadlifts? Could I train for strength in compound exercises and turn around and train for hypertrophy in the isolation exercises and still get that HYBRID muscle you have recently Been speaking of????

  • I always.. always have to do a couple strength and endurance exercises to start of my body building, totally adapted naturally I didn’t know.. but it felt easy when say I squated my 170-190-205 like 20-25 times and got the blood pumping throw my arteries faster

  • What are the bodyparts people feel most soreness? For me nr 1 is definetly upper legs! I often feel intense soreness for 3-4 days. Followed by lower back and chest. Shoulders, arms, calves and upper back is much less sore. Except when I haven’t trained for a while, then triceps is really sore too.

  • I’m 16 and I go to the gym and lift weights. In the beginning I left really sore, but now I don’t feel sore anymore like the next day. Any help?

  • I have the opposite problem. I play high school football. I’m having trouble practicing I’m so sore I can’t run faster than a jog. also I can’t sleep at night

  • Thanks for this video! I ended up with sore muscles this week and had this same question, especially since I am not normally sore after doing your workouts. Your answer really helped quell the doubts I was having that maybe I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. This video also reinforced what I love about your exercise philosophyfeeling great after a workout is always better than feeling sore!

  • I’m sore everyday. I never do the same workouts every week. if I do chest, it’s different every week. same with every other muscle group. I push as hard as I can. Only I know how hard I’m pushing.

  • Any one have some good chest workouts. Ive been doing bench press but i dont get a good pump in my chest like i do in my arms i’m thinking my form is fucked up or something. Any one know what i might be doing wrong?

  • I already told you. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well.

    And my senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise.

    you can see it here

  • What I’ve come to realise is the amount of rest I have in between sets counts a lot for soreness. If I’m having a slow day and rest a lot I will not feel sore as to when I’m resting for 30 secs max

  • So, for example: CHEST WORK OUT DAY.

    Bench press 4 sets X 6 reps. (1 warm up set then proceed with 75% to 85% weight capacity)
    Incline bench press 3 sets X 6 reps. (1 warm up set then proceed with 65% to 75% weight capacity, seeing as the flat bench might have reduced my energy, just saying….)
    Decline bench press  (reduced weight) 3 sets X 12 reps.
    Flat dumbbell flyes (30 lbs) 3 sets X 10 reps
    Incline flyes 3 sets X 10 reps.
    Dips 4 sets X 10 reps.

    Finish with 3 tricep exercises at 3 sets X 8 reps.

    My first 2 exercises would be strength incorporated while all others are for hypertrophy (bodybuilding)? Would this particular work out yield good results in general?

  • i got a question. when i started training i only trained an hour and feel great soreness. now i train 2 to 3 hours a day. and for those 2 to 3 i smash it, going to my max and i feel no major pain but im still gaining? why?

  • Yep I agree. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. btw!but ye My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. get to know here

  • So it’s good to feel soar I’m your muscles because when I workout I get soar and my arms just hurt but since u said it’s good I guess I’m making progress

  • I worked out my biceps and back for the first time last week and I was aching and this week I did the same routine and felt no pain the next day wth?

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  • I used to work out got pretty strong but then stopped but recently started working out and my first week was bad/ good. Like not even being able to bend my arm without force type sore. but after that week I barely got sore. Mostly in my biceps they just stopped being sore. I pushed and worked even double what my first workout was but still not sore not one bit it’s the fourth week now.

  • Yay, an another great episode! Wednesday is a good day ;-). Last month I’ve had a  soreness in my knee from running and I use a massage oil for some relief. It’s an oïl made from sunflower and olive oïls, arnica and birch. It smells good and it really did miracles!! Then I choose to be back at my power walk routine because that’s the way I like.
    For a future video, could you talk about muscle flexibility? How can we improve it and what are the benefits of a flexible body? Thank you very much!

  • Teeth are a sign of health and vitality. It’s like a peek into the health inside the body. It also means he has meticulous hygiene. People appreciate that.

  • Potassium and sodium are great nutrients to prevent/alleviate soreness too.:)
    I’ve found nutritional shakes like Vega One and Health Warrior are great on-the-go sources of both (add a banana and you’re golden!).
    And of course stretching at the end of the workout helps too. If anything, taking 3-5 minutes at the end of the workout while your muscles are warm really centers your mind. It also makes you feel like you’re rewarding yourself after the hard work. 
    Good luck to everyone on their fitness and nutrition journeys!

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  • Thank you:).
    I was thinking a lot of if I was doing something wrong because after I started to go constantly to the gym the sore wasn’t there anymore.

  • Dude I can do crazy reps, less reps, heavy lifting with proper form but I never get sore at all especially in legs why is that mate?

  • I really needed to know this my chest recently stopped getting sore but everything else does, I tried increasing reps, sets, lifting heavier etc. Even after having the biggest pump I’ve had in almost s year I still barely felt sore!! Great video ��

  • Soooo, like the other day I did ab workouts w heavy weight…till failure, till I was dying.

    I’m confused?! I JUST got into weight training. Could it be my post workout meal?! Helping me heal?! Weirdly fast?

    @[email protected]

  • i wasnt aware about the stretching tension being that much effective, no wonder why i can feel my chest much much better doing inclined push ups on chairs instead of regular push ups on the ground, i almost regret doing them after my regular push ups sets

  • Vince gotta a question for ya, idk if you’ve sent out a video on this yet, but is it better to workout on a empty stomach then eat right after or maybe eat then workout like 30 minutes to an hour after.

  • My family laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with “Ripped Max Stagger”, but then they saw the results. Google Ripped Max Stagger to see their reaction.

  • Crazy clip. Fabulous clip.

    My close friend had been overweight. He revolutionized himself from 290 lbs of fat to 210 lbs of absolute lean muscle. I came to be stunned. I just registered myself because I wanna strengthen. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  • Gentle stretching immediately after a workout usually prevents me from feeling sore later on. I find a warm shower right after a more intensive workout also helps in preventing or reducing muscle soreness. Once I have muscle soreness, I use light intensity workouts like walking or Yoga it seems to me the soreness disappears more quickly that way than by resting. I will still rest on the couch if I’m so sore that just walking/moving is a real pain.

  • Hey, have you tried “MuscLeader” (just search Google)? On their website you can watch a nice free video demonstrating how to develop notable muscle mass easily while dropping fat all at once. Geoff is one of the many guys who had amazing success because of this approach. Hopefully it works for you too.

  • ya ecto?
    first of all gain some wight than establish your nutrition HIGH in carbs becouse you burning the helll out of your body
    take it easy whit cardio and EAT healthy stuff
    i presume u skinny [as the most of ectomorphs] and need the gain weight first like a “bulking” stage than start adding cardio in your routine

  • the first week I went to the gym I was so sore literally I couldn’t even walk, but I saw results so I kept going. now I’ve got decent size arms and chest, and that is all because I pushed past the hardest part about the gym.And I’ve been going for about 6-8 months, and I never get sore unless I’m using a muscle I haven’t worked out before.

  • I have been powerlifting for a year now and am always sore for about 3-4 days after a lift! Now I am wondering why I am still sore after powerlifting for a whole year it never goes away lol! Maybe your advice is more for bodybuilders idk?

  • Thanks for posting this informational video. Appreciate the share. I have been wondering about this all the time and did not have a logical explanation till now.

  • I did 40 sets last night 20 for chest 20 for back supersets heavy for me weight. Im a little sore but right shoulder is hurt need couple days off. Awesome workout though I changed things up. Chest isnt really sore at all.

  • So I been going to the gym for about 5 months and I don’t get doms in my bicep but I did make 2-3 inches Gains on biceps and has increase weight but no doms am I still building muscle

  • sooooo? if ur not sore then you building muscle slower then the muscle growth of sore muscles? i think thats what i got from this vid. am i correct?

  • For a good workout:
    1. Do compound movements with heavy weights
    2. Change up your workout to include new and different exercises
    3. Do stretched and contracted exercises
    4. Incorporate volume to maximize metabolic stress

  • Thanks so much man! This helped a lot, especially knowing the science of it all! Really appreciate this and thanks again for getting back to me on Insta! As I said, love your videos! ������

  • when you say reps,i been doing like 5 sets of 20,mid weights,its more or less but what im asking is lots of reps like im doing is that good to build?like my 2 arm curles,i do like 1 set of 30 add weights do 3 sets of 20 add more weights do like 3 or 4 sets of 20 but i dont go too heavy but kinda heavey to me.then some days ill stay at 45 lbes and thats all i will work out with,,any advice on that?

  • The reasons why people get sore is they are doing a combination of things. They are training a muscle only one time a week and or doing too much volume that a given muscle can recover from in a time efficient manner. After 48 hours a muscle stops growing in natural lifters so these whole chest days and leg days make no sense. You’re not a professional bodybuilder or on drugs so stop emulating their training. Ok I’ll end it there

  • I need your help.
    I am a man of 39 yrs old. I used to train lightly but after I trained hard for 2 months (lifting), I became exhausted and got muscle soreness 24/7 up to now even after one month off the gym; and I am still off the gym and I still feel exactly the same! So, what has happened???
    Thank you

  • So i work out 3 times a week and have two days where i take a crossfit class.

    I put on a ton of weight for my leg press and hamstring curls for low reps but i felt barely any soreness at all and this was after a week i missed a day of weight lifting and crossfit.

    I started going to the gym about 3 weeks ago and this is the first time i havent felt sore.

  • So,that guy is doing all the “heavy” stuff on monday and,since Eliott said that “he is got three more days through rest of the week” does it means that he take one day off and doing BB workouts until the weekend (then two days off,logically)?
    I am trying to incorporate olympic lifting exercises into my training,cause I really want to learn that (snatch in particular) I like that,its very impressive,skill and strenght,but its not easy-it takes time and makes rest periods harder…

  • I’m no real expert but I used to get very sore like anyone else but it doesn’t really happen anymore. I get sore from getting hit and my CNS will be sore sometimes but actual muscle soreness doesn’t set in to bad. No one asked me but I believe it’s from your CNS getting stronger and making you move more efficiently and repair better. I do get a lot of cardio though I think that is huge with DOMS recovery.

  • I want to start lifting but it just seems really difficult to figure out the eating right and how much to eat ad what to eat part. ca u make a video about this?

  • Great information man! I never knew this and it makes a lot of sense now! Really appreciate the tips buddy! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Listen up, a question! I’m currently training and focusing at getting better at the martial art Judo. Therefor I’m training an explosive programs and not that concentrate-bodybuilding-programs. Now in the video he says the you don’t feel as sore when training these programs, and I agree, you don’t feel as sore. But, my question, are these programs effective? Are they making you stronger? What do you say guys?

  • Woah, no disrespect to your video, but if everyone jumped right into explaining things like that, YouTube would be a much better place

  • I think you nailed it on the head there, but why not get just a bit bigger and more solid? You’re in great shape but it’s like your always just 3-6 months away from looking top alpha, you know?

  • Why do most arms look big and bulky but not ripped. Like yours, it’s muscular and big but why aren’t there any muscle details showing of the tri and bi? Is it body fat percentage or you’re still bulking?

  • Sorry for the late reply brother! Taking time off is generally the smartest idea but if you are stubborn like me you can find the movements that don’t hurt you and do those instead of others. Also, make sure you warm up your rotator cuff for 10 minutes atleast.

  • As a skinny guy training to gain weight, should I be focusing on hypertrophy while doing squats (slow, full range of motion) or training the cns (explosiveness, muscle twitch recruitment)?

  • Im someone who was never athletic as a kid and I go in and out of phases of activity. I am someone who tries to go easy on myself because I am constantly getting so sore I feel like I got hit by a bus and my range of motion is compromised for up to 4 days later lol. I think some of it is my muscles never get used to it and I’m never starting small enough as a beginner + low protein + not enough h2O. I feel great when I’m working out, not to failure, and then Im crippled for a week straight

  • wow, that’s what happened to me! the first week when i trained, i felt soreness, now the second week i don’t feel sore even if i work out hard. i was scared that i will not grow. thanks for the video:)

  • I went to the gym One day. DID warmup with 100kg squat. Ended with 205kg 17reps straight and BROKE my rep record for THAT weight. Did it with Perfect form REALLY slow and stopped a few sec at bottom every rep. And I swear to god after THAT last set I couldnt STAND up for 10minutes. I almost couldnt breathe either. I rested for 2days after that. Now YOU are REALLY working out hard enough. And im THAT type of Guy who still can grind out reps even WHEN IT feels LIKE I CANT do more

  • I just finished deadlifting yesterday and im not sore. Im switching to a fullbody workout and everything is sore except my back. This was only my second week deadlifting after a long time. Ive also been working out for two years but have bwen trying to get serious the last month. Why isnt my back sore?

  • I know that the 40-minute leg day workout, the first of the #Summerofstrength  really had me sore the next few days, but not enough that I couldn’t still do activities and workouts. Plus, it gives me an excuse to take a relaxing bath, which I always love!

  • Research pretty much shows that DOMS is not caused by muscle damage. Chemical markers point to nerve growth/adaptation being the culprit. You can have DOMS in the absence of micro tears, and you can have less pain after a second workout even if that workout caused more muscle damage. This is also the reason that none of the “proven” techniques to get rid of the pain are really effective.

  • I assure you that you will know the difference. Pulling a muscle causes a sharp pain especially when activating the muscle, soareness is an ache that is sort of dull but still pronounced.

  • Hey, Elliot, could use your advice. I am a not looking to grow mass so much as I want to improve in all aspects of fitness. At first it was easy but after a few months my body began to adapt and my workouts had to become longer and more complicated. I tried to let my muscle get lazy but it took months for them to regress and only weeks to recover. How do I imporve the intensity of my workouts without making hours long at a time? This wouldnt be problem but i have a lil girl on the way?

  • You are changing the workouts constantly or more likely you are lacking in your diet somehow. Try getting more potassium in through your diet and drinking more water throughout the day brother!

  • I think clean is best and I usually aim for 400-1000 over my maintanence on a bulk. You want to gain 1lb or so every week! Good luck man!

  • Brian some people say  that to much protein is bad for the kidneys, how do you tell when there is to much by weighing your food? Or macro calculations? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  • I used to believe this. Then, I realized I was intentionally making myself sore for about 90% of my life. Seemed like a dumbass reason to work out everyday.

  • Great video man! Just to branch out on the topic of no soreness, I take protein After my work out and brass during. And no soreness I really don’t get it. If in not sore am I still making gains?

  • I started working out a week ago and now i dont get sore anymore, i was afraid i wasnt making progress so i kept on pushing and still wasnt sore. thank you so much for this video, it helped me a lot

  • I feel like thev more you train a certain muscle( ex. Biceps ) it is harder to gain that muscle. I train biceps a lot and they haven’t been sore in a while. Every time I work them out I just feel a pump but in the morning I feel nothing. Am I still gaining or should I do more sets and heavier weight.

  • I work my ass off in the gym, started 6 months ago. I was so soar I could not move at first. Now, I do not feel soar at all the next day, I can feel that the muscle is tired, and worn out.. but not soar. I used to hate being soar, now i hope for it.

  • So, Noobies + Returners to the gym, first 1-3 weeks equals soreness. On the 4th week and beyond, your body knows what’s up, no soreness but gains still coming bro. Did I sum it up right? I don’t have a bachelor on anything. I just want to make sure my conclusion is accurate.

  • No matter how much I change up my routine or how hard I train I never get sore (not even on leg day). I only got sore after my first week or two of lifting but I never got sore after that. At most I’ll feel a slight weakness the day after in the muscle(s) I trained, but that’s about it. I do mostly bodybuilding but occasionally I’ll throw in strength training. I can do drop sets until the world ends but I still won’t be sore the next day. I’m eating right, my rest periods are short, I’m doing slow and controlled concentric AND eccentric contractions, and I’m still making decent gains. Is there something wrong with me?

  • Is it good to not rest? I work out 7 days a week but it’s not “intense” hour workouts. Maybe 20-30 minutes of just lifting what I can lift, pull ups and push ups till failure, some abs, and legs. I just feel that if I stop I won’t gain as much as if I were to workout everyday.

  • You’re right. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly.

    btw!but ye My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly.

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  • I really love these question videos you do, I learn a lot from it:) now I know I probably push myself a bit to much sometimes, because I’ve had some bad musle pain a couple of times. so I’ll be a little more carefull from now on:) Thanks!

  • Very easy to understand. I learned a lot especially regarding muscle damage on stretched muscles.

    Also, I’ve been watching a few of your videos and I just love how you refer to your viewers as “nation”. I’m like, “I’m from and in another country!!! lol”

  • Thank you for every single word you said, i have this problem where I work out but I don’t feel sore, and now by this video, you helped me understand somethings about it.

  • Jessica thank you so much for tackling this question. It is always a constant worry for me and I think the “no pain, no gain” logic is stuck in our heads. I always did think that the soreness was the indication of a successful workout. Since I have started working out with you the soreness is rare, even after a tough workout, and I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong.:P Thank you again and I am looking forward to your next Q & A!!:)

  • Long time follower/ 1st time caller here lol..  I know you’ve probably already dicussed this a million times to people but my? is this:  I just started lifting and Im splitting it up into three days 1st upper body, 2nd lower, 3rd abs.  This gives me a 2 day rest period between muscle groups and im not sure if I should be letting my body rest that long?  Im 5’8 164lbs and athletically built, just not big and musclular where I want to be.  Im I doing this right or should i change up my routine? Also using the Epic Power preworkout and Creatine as well as GNC Energy and Motablism suppliment as 3rd shift kills my energy levels.

    BTW: Love the vids (keep ’em comming) and thanks for doing what you do and staying positive… I work third shift in a prison and seriously use your positivity to keep myself going!  Thanks.

  • Hey great information!! I’m always looking to advance my knowledge when it comes to my body and my training so I appreciate all your help!

  • Jesus loves you and he thought about you when he died on the cross, Say Lord Jesus I repent of my sins come into my heart I make you my Lord and Savior in Jesus name amen live Holy cut off sin. Pray everyday and read the Bible. God bless u

  • This was a good video, I would like to change up my chest workout a bit but what can replace bench press and incline press? I been doing those two for over a year.

  • One of my favorite remedies for muscle soreness is peppermint essential oil. You should mix it with a carrier oil such as olive oil or almond oil so it doesn’t sting. It also works fast for headaches.
    Jessicafor a future Q & A, I’d love to know how you get your ideas for the workouts? How do you plan for them or does it just come to you naturally? The moves fit together so well and you make it all flow effortlessly:)

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  • Love your videos man! Great workouts as well as good background information! Stay on your grind and keep making these videos and you’re work your way up ����