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Expensive Health Trends Worth the Money (And Three That Aren’t) by Macaela Mackenzie. January 17, 2017. 34 Comments. MyFitnessPal and Ally have teamed up because they both recognize the connection between finances and physical fitness and the important roles they each have on personal well-being. When resolution season rolls around, we’re all faced with the tough question: Is.

3 Ridiculously Expensive Health Trends. Lacie Glover, U.S.News & World Report LP Here are three trends to steer clear of if you want to get more for your money. Story continues. First-Generation Fitness Gadgets.

For just one month’s worth of meals, that’s $1,500. I also can’t think of any other industry where they come and go quite as much or as often. And while most of the discussion takes place around the New Year, we thought it might be appropriate to take a mid-year inventory and have identified 9 health trends that aren’t good for you.

Enjoy! 9 Health Trends That AREN’T GOOD For You 1. The 20 most expensive health conditions in the US.

Feb 14, 2018, 21:01 IST 20. Liveborn HCL Tech’s new chairman Roshni Nadar is the richest woman in India with a net worth. The 12 biggest health trends of 2018 fueled healthy living – from fitness to healthy eating and even beauty.

As for 2019, who is to say what will actually rock the world of health, but we have. As Congress looks to shake up the U.S. health-insurance system, it’s worth taking a look at what lawmakers are up against: an expensive health-care network that doesn’t deliver the best results. Each year comes with its own unique brand of health trends.

Some wind up being passing fad diets, while others prove surprisingly on point. The key to healthy living is knowing which trends are worth your time. To that end, here are the year’s shape-up and slim-down trends we’d like to forget and the ones we hope will stick around into 2014.

That’s according to a 2016 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association that examined trends in dietary supplement use among U.S. adults from 1999’2012. Unfortunately, you’re probably throwing your money away if you’re among those supplement takers!In-ground pools and above-ground pools are expensive and require time and money to maintain and insure, not to mention additional safety measures to consider if you have young children.

With this approach, they estimated that of the 7.5 years of life expectancy gained between 1950 and the early 1990s, three years (or 40 percent) could be attributed to health care.

List of related literature:

For example, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, massage, and natural health products can be prohibitively expensive.

“Physical Examination and Health Assessment Canadian E-Book” by Carolyn Jarvis, Annette J. Browne, June MacDonald-Jenkins, Marian Luctkar-Flude
from Physical Examination and Health Assessment Canadian E-Book
by Carolyn Jarvis, Annette J. Browne, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Most of America’s health dollars are spent on the late stages of heart disease, strokes, hypertension, diabetes, and the common Western cancers of the breast, the prostate, and the colon.

“Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure” by Caldwell B. Esselstyn
from Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure
by Caldwell B. Esselstyn
Avery, 2007

Disease can be extremely expensive compared to getting healthy.

“The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration” by Robert Morse
from The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration
by Robert Morse
Kalindi Press, 2012

All of the recently developed treatments—biologics and small molecules—are on that expensive side.

“The Autoimmune Diseases” by Noel R. Rose, Ian R. Mackay
from The Autoimmune Diseases
by Noel R. Rose, Ian R. Mackay
Elsevier Science, 2019

Our society spends a fortune on health care, fad diets, pharmaceuticals, and a variety of short-term remedies that help somewhat; but there is often disappointingly little effect on our long-term health and longevity.

“The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade S tudy” by Howard S. Friedman Ph.D., Leslie R. Martin Ph.D.
from The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade S tudy
by Howard S. Friedman Ph.D., Leslie R. Martin Ph.D.
Penguin Publishing Group, 2011

Most of these costs are paid for by Medicare and Medicaid, but significant out of pocket costs are also incurred [5].

“Neuropalliative Care: A Guide to Improving the Lives of Patients and Families Affected by Neurologic Disease” by Claire J. Creutzfeldt, Benzi M. Kluger, Robert G. Holloway
from Neuropalliative Care: A Guide to Improving the Lives of Patients and Families Affected by Neurologic Disease
by Claire J. Creutzfeldt, Benzi M. Kluger, Robert G. Holloway
Springer International Publishing, 2018

These things are all expensive, and so is health care.

“Healing Anxiety and Depression” by Daniel G. Amen, Lisa C. Routh
from Healing Anxiety and Depression
by Daniel G. Amen, Lisa C. Routh
Putnam, 2003

The personal costs of limited health literacy also bear consideration.

“Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Neuroscience and Behavioral Health, Committee on Health Literacy, David A. Kindig, Allison M. Panzer, Lynn Nielsen-Bohlman
from Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion
by Institute of Medicine, Board on Neuroscience and Behavioral Health, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2004

Treatments that improve health and save cost are considered superior and should be adopted.

“Rutherford's Vascular Surgery, 2-Volume Set” by Jack L. Cronenwett, K. Wayne Johnston
from Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery, 2-Volume Set
by Jack L. Cronenwett, K. Wayne Johnston
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Treatments that have both higher costs and less effectiveness are eliminated.

“Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare Revised Reprint E-Book” by Diana J. Mason, Judith K. Leavitt, Mary W. Chaffee
from Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare Revised Reprint E-Book
by Diana J. Mason, Judith K. Leavitt, Mary W. Chaffee
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • 15:56 “modern art shouldn’t looked at in terms of value”
    … they should really start calling it “modern Picasso-ism” apparently Picasso went around drawing paintings for people in exchange for goods and services… cos he didn’t have the money to pay for it and he was a pompous prick

    imagine inventing the auto-mobile in the early 1900s and Picasso shows up, says: “build me one of those and I’ll make you a painting”
    tf? gtfo!

  • Obagi has pretty much dominated the skincare industry, who tf is Rodail? Please don’t enable/encourage this lame trend exploitation of bees!! This isn’t my personal endorsement of Obagi, but rather me stating that the skincare industry in general, has labeled them as one of, if not, THE Best.

    Also, that’s great and all that Seafolly Australia “stays with the trends” but I’d rather support USA businesses that specilaize in quality swimwear, cuz my JOLYN swimsuits have lasted a really long time & they also have great variety!!!

  • Marketing companies really do brainwash us as customers. Only in America and Europe do they make a big deal out of everything. I’m in Trinidad and my tree gave me around 100 avocados and i didn’t have to do half of what the farmer said he had to do. Growing up the US the avocados were tasteless because of how green it’s harvested, resulting in less nutrients in the fruit.

  • Too Faced foundation isnt to good.The born this way is TERRIBLE. Ive had 4 dollar foundation work better and thats 40! I returned it and got me fenty. I regret purchasing it instead of my fenty but it seemed really good at the time. My eye would but water, nkt crying just watering a bit and no foumdation was left on thag side of the face, after a while my makeup looked like trash! Just wasnt good. Did anyone else have the same results?

  • Say what you want about the others….but the brushes was pretty good…..worth the money???well…they did work soo hard for it….sooo

  • Damn some of those modern art seems like some people would only but to show they are rich or act like there is something they are really seeing just give funds to kids or a charity let them do the paintings if that is what you are into.

  • Wrong again….!!! Who writes this crap. I know this gay dude that buys and sells vintage Louis Vuitton bags and luggage. He’s rolling in dough. He collects rare bags and resell them…. people from other gay dudes to women are lining up to buy his bags… he also has other bags made from crocodile to rare animal skins that you cannot leave the country with. So rare that the skins are banned.

  • 7:50 “The intricate work and dexterity required means that these brushes are almost exclusively made by women”

    Men have dexterity too!!!:-(

  • You know whats most profitable? Motioncapturing yourself for a 3d anime girl’s onlyfans account.

    Its a shame mainstream media never seems to touch on the particular lucrative realities of the internet industry.

  • blacl girl talking about “brand”
    samsung ��
    android ��
    apple ��

    android is not a brand though…
    IF she was she talking about phones only.

  • if only cows were the same as camel, in terms of how they produce milk, they wouldnt have to face the mistreatment that farmers and consumers do to them. why not treat those animals the same whether its a cow or a camel.

  • Apple users are so simple, I don`t even understand how any of them have the ability to earn the money they spend on their products.. u r the reason they r over priced!

  • Fancy a plate of snot with a hint of feces? Fancy a canvas slopped with paint by a drugged up bum. Fancy a bottle of fizz way way overpriced by a bunch of thieving Frogs? Then you’ve got too much money and are easily conned

  • 17:52 The only reason why a bunch of cuts or some random colours splashed on a canvas gets more money than the health and education budgets of most states in the world!

  • A lot of these products are not expensive in the slightest, pink salt, oysters, lobster, avocados. Like really you guys need better producers

  • I want to hear the logic explaining why the dexterity and intricacy required to make series 7 brushes mean they are exclusively made by women? is this channel really saying women have more dexterity?

  • after watching this video i just realize that we should be bathing ourselves with broth rather than sipping it’s soup. but somehow it also makes me wonder if there is anyone brave enough on plunging on a boiling broth. no wonder why anti-aging is so impossible to achieve.

  • The only valid reason I can think of regarding how ridiculous “contemporary art” prices are is that when some famous guy dies, his works become rare and therefore, naturally valued highly regardless of the actual quality. Come to think of it, wasn’t this the same case with those “limited edition” (tactically discontinued/”retired”) stuffed animals they used to sell to collectors?

  • Im sorry abstract art is such a buch of bullshit, its just ridiculous. 60 mil $ for something my newborn or a monkey could paint….V

  • Quality wise luxury and designer brands are usually better than mall brands, but not 10-20 times better like the prices suggest. You’re paying for the designs and brand names mostly. I own a few luxury items, for example, a Saint Laurent leather jacket. The leather is surely not 10 times better than my cheaper jacket, but it looks great. In my opinion there’s only a few things worth paying luxury prices for, like suits, leather jackets, coats, watches and shoes.

  • Episodes Featured:
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    Japanese Melons 31:23
    Bonsai 38:24
    Manuka Honey 44:13
    Racing Pigeons 50:28
    Lobsters 56:29
    Supreme 1:03:31
    Wagyu Beef 1:10:46
    Air Jordans 1:17:18
    Printer Ink 1:25:08

  • There are two possibilities for anything in this video, either
    1: it’s expensive because it’s difficult to make and in tight supply, or
    2: it’s expensive because a company wants you to pay more for it

  • Puffer fish evolves to be poisonous…..but humans eat it anyway…. literally endangering them…

    Years of evolution wasted…


  • This video is all over the place. From the first part covering CL, it seemed that the video would focus on price vs. quality for the consumer. Then it got into the longevity of the KKW brand?

  • Today’s so-called modern art can be a few tins of house-paint and a drugged up coke-head with a brush and no sense of balance. There’s a thing called ‘The Black Square which is a black square and it sold for millions. Just who is conning who in the art world?

  • What confuses you about “Worth the money”?
    We want to know what overpriced makeup isn’t worth the money, like anything from Louboutin, not “What makeup brands are problematical according to an American YouTube account”. That’s not why we came here.
    Laneige for instance has quality products that are more than worth their price.

  • I know that facial Yoga Works because I’ve experienced it personally. You hold the skin with your fingers to prevent wrinkling while working out the muscles. I’ve seen a quite obvious difference and Improvement in my skin and it’s laxity or lack of it.

  • I’m thinking about starting my own line of bags what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go out and shoot these people that buy expensive bags, skin them and make them into bags

  • They are saying the artisans are training for years and years yet the name of the bag is birkin and credited to hermes. Hahahah ������‍♂️����

  • ehhhh I think I would rather pay the couple of cents extra to get the right fuel that’s is pointed out in the vehicle manual that the manufacture recommends,over paying a couple hundred bucks for repairs. But hey that’s just me more money in my pocket.

  • “They might train for 10 years to make a bag” I “trained” for 4 years in college before I got my first related job. Stupid rich people trying to show off other stupid rich people with how greedy they are.

  • About the pink Himalayan salt. What she said about the aesthetic having no benefit, I believe that is a falsehood. Here’s why: Things that are aesthetically pleasing bring peace of mind to we simple humans of earth. Peace of mind, (when practiced “correctly,” in other words without hurting anyone or anything else) does, in fact, contain proven extraordinary health benefits in and of itself. We’re living in strange times during a new age. If you don’t think peace of mind is valuable? Then, I really just don’t even want to know about you anymore. I’m too weak now from too much of that bullsh*t, to want to make any time for it in my life. Go on and talk back all you want. My mind won’t change until I see some GENUINE PROGRESS, and that’s that. Have a nice day.

  • I compared the feel of a Walmart brand shirt and a black polo shirt and…

    They felt the same. It’s really only for the flex be honest. Y’all have the “I have money for it so imma buy it” mentality.

  • Lol, you are not supposed to value these goods by the cost of manufacturing and materials used., you are paying for the design which is artistic expression and the desirability factor. You dont have a valid argument.

  • I used to be a business intelligence engineer for HP’s printer marketing division. It’s true that most printers are sold at a loss, with the expectation that profits will be made on consumables. The tricky thing is that the only way to change that model would be for the entire industry to change its model. If one manufacturer starts selling a printer that costs $120 to manufacture for $200, while the rest of the industry sells an equivalent model for $65, the company selling at the higher price won’t be able to sell their product, even if the consumables are massively cheaper. Most consumers don’t think about the cost of replacement cartridges when they are purchasing a new printer. They look at features and performance per dollar. I’m not saying that it’s good or right that the model is the way it is, it’s just that the market won’t accept a change.

  • For Fugu you need to eat more than just one piece. The trace amount of poison will make your mouth tingly and give you a slight high.

  • Luxury goods is how the rich keep money to themselves. They would rather buy a stupid bag just to make a statement that the money is their’s than to make reforms and work towards decreasing the income disparity!

  • If it gets a Halal certification, I’m out. I used to work for an Indian boss. He talked me through how cruel the halal practices are. I appreciate him walking me through that. Halal is cruel, and ridiculous. I hope you do your own research, don’t trust me. But when you understand what Halal means….you will never buy anything from a store that tells you they are Halal again. It’s just cruel, and unnecessary.

  • as a person who used to work in a factory for womens bags i just dont see the apeal of it all…everything we made was high quality also but they only sell for like 1000 euro

  • So basically every single makeup brand? This is a stupid ass list and I’m sick and tired of people who have nothing to do with anything determining what is and what isn’t problematic. I thought this was going to be a list about quality smh. Just a bunch of crybabys who can’t handle not getting what they want

  • My rare pedigreed mini toy aussies and my champion merle chihuahuas were stolen by a ring of kidnapping human child trafficking identity thieves actively trafficking myfamily

  • another thing i want to say is how have people not realised that kurdistan was split into 4 different countries because of it resources purely because of this new world system and are people really that ignorant to not realise this what else can i say

  • so firstly are you fcukking serious we use mummies to make paint so we dig up decades old graves to make paint we should just all die in one go if we do i wont regret it the only thing ill probably regret it us the human race not split into ethical but as a whole 1person accounts for another persons no matter what!!! thats how its supposed to be we need to go back to the basics seriously

  • Pink salt is the biggest scam invented by hipsters like avocado, and other oilshit….������������������
    you actually have to add two teaspoon instead of one with regular salt. So no thank you.

  • of course a birkin bag has no logos, the only reason people buy name brands off the rack with massive logos is because they get to feel wealthy, it’s nowhere near exclusive, nor is it luxury. It’s just upscale off the rack

  • Wait, if 55% of the melons are considered 3rd grade, 25% are second grade, and.1% are 1st, then what happens to the remaining 19.9%?

  • Is the puffer fish only harmful if you digest it? What if you have a cut on your hand while you are butchering it? Can it seep under your skin and kill you?

  • So you’re telling us not to not one product but then telling us to buy another? It seems counterintuitive to suggest specific brands��

  • Rolex overhyped?������

    You have nooooooo idea how much effort is put into making these type of watches. Omega is factory made watches, not hand made.

  • You are not buying the bag, you are buying the lifestyle.
    Its less of a bag to put things in, but more of your social tag.
    You don’t buy high end things for practicality, otherwise buying things from walmart would have u covered for the rest of your life.

  • If we go according to your logic on what’s worth it and what’s not based on prices, then why don’t you wear a casio or swatch, use a plastic bag instead of a handbag, wear adidas instead of louboutins… they are all cheaper and can serve you longer. YOU ARE ALWAYS PAYING FOR THE NAME. LUXURY IS NOT A NEED, IT’S A WANT. AND WE WANT IT! SO SHUT UP WITH YOUR WHAT’S WORTH IT AND WHAT’S NOT. EVERYTHING IN LUXURY IS NOT WORTH IT IF YOU ARE BASING THEM OFF UTILITY AND WHATNOT, COS THERE ARE DEFINITELY YOUR PEASANT BRANDS TT CAN DO THE SAME SHIT. BUT DO WE WANT PEASANT BRANDS? NO.

  • Omg that louboutin is so wack. Your feet carries you all your life. Beauty and comfort in this case the health of your feet should go hand in hand and not to forsake one if you really want aesthetic.

  • Honestly complaining about not enough shades while in china there are max of 4 shades: white, white, white, and white. Most only have 2, white and white. Im just like non of thats gonna match me.

  • If you want reasonable price and quality, I highly recommend Burberry, Gucci, Omega, Grand Seiko, and Hermes. Rolex is actually very good in terms of quality, but it’s a little bit overpriced due to the high demand and the technologies are quite primitive compared to the likes of Omega. If you want to buy a quality watch, only buy from brands that specialize in making watches.

  • Most of them have alternative which are almost 5 times cheaper and twice durable.Please note I dont mean low quality chinese products. I mean premium leather spanish turkish and portugese products

  • I agree except the, Rolex as a lot of have mentioned on the comments; It’s hand made, made to last and holds value.
    I own a LV bandouliere bag which I use to travel a lot and still looks brand new, it did set me back a bit but never needed to buy a new bag since, furthermore LV can repair any damages (at a cost). However most LV items are lucrative or plain stupid. If you are gonna treat yourself to a big brand make sure it’s an item you’re gonna use often and treat with care.
    But the old term goes without saying to act your wage.

  • In today’s market, you experience what the seller wants you to. They create different levels of their product so they can do the math themselves to squeeze the most profit out of you that they can. Usually out of people who are not good at math and believe what the seller says without doing any research. Plus companies are big into lying now, so unless you have an octane measuring device, chances are your paying extra for regular about half the time. Stop trusting the advertising. And stick to one gas station so that way, if you start knocking, you’ll know who to blame. They will deny it of course and force you to pay for court.

  • You can buy comfortable shoes for 10 dollar. Obviously when creating something exquisite, comfort isn’t the main objective. Same with food. You can buy something healthy or nice tasting for a couple bucks. If you however wish to elevate your senses or eat something you will remember, a good restaurant might be better suited. The best stuff in life just isn’t one dimensional.

  • Okay… I agree with them all except ROLEX! No, sir! No ma’am! The customer service and support alone for the product makes it worth every penny spent.

  • The rich need to spend spend spend or they will die without having benefitted from their wealth. So you sad lonely rich t..ts keep buying. At least some tax is going to a good use.

  • Part of the appeal of expensive items is the idea that it is expensive. It feels good for a woman to know that her bad is $3000, not $200. You can get plenty of nice bags for $200. So they’re paying for the feeling of having “high end”.

  • Louis vuiton is worth it you are paying for the hand made bag the highest quality leather the traditional brand that IS OVER 100 YEARS OLD

  • People are smartening up. No one pays for the name brand much anymore. I still do, but I wait for a price drop. I buy D.C shoes at 60 bucks when I can get them down from 120 bucks.

  • that lady talking about frenchies is so true and so sad. Our baby girl (6 months) sounds like a freight train because of poor breeding, her airways are so clogged. She also had a lot of issues when she was less than a month old with tear duct issues. We love her to death no matter what though

  • There are plenty of black owned businesses that have your shade. Black people need to realize there are brands YOUR people are launching but you rather buy “known brands” ��

  • Best way to buy designer and luxury brands is from the damn goodwill. I can get a designer jacket from france for 10$ when originally it probably would’ve cost thousands.

  • We all have been punked by Louis Vuitton…he has been using bad materials since his rise… people know that but they love being stupid ��

  • I mean for laneige im good with it and the products are especially nice because im asain and my skin is fair.
    TBH when americans of a darker shade try to find local cosmetics in countries like japan and korea chances are they do not come in your shade because their target are LOCAL consumers. So ya dont bash on laneige. It’s just that their target consumers differ

  • Pregnant struggles…i can’t sleep all night without a bathroom trip �� �� I definitely feel fatigued from waking up from a deep sleep every night. Im never getting beauty sleep again ��

  • Louis vuitton and gucci and other similar brands, are in fact pseudo luxurious brands made for poor ppl to be able to make them look rich. Fact is, what makes you rich, aren’t the clothes you wear, but the amount of cash you re worth… Gates, bezos, zuckerberg, they don’t need that shit. The sell you that shit.

  • The something like eating gold or adding jewel food are really not worth that money because It is not delicious to add gold to eat and you can make even more beautiful without jewel

  • Luxury brand that’s actually worth it: apple (a status symbol, and daily use item, you can do shopping, business, work,etc. On their products whichwork amazingly well together). They are cheaper due to subsidies, contract,plans, and even at the second hand market). This is one luxury brand that you’ll use daily, while looking rich at your local starbucks.

    Btw, all my apple gadgets are second hand. And no one can tell the difference at the coffee shop. XD

    Come at me haters.

  • The facial yoga/massage is painful, arduous, and actually I do not think it worked. I did it several times and it actually made my naso labial lines a little worse:(

  • Hello Cassandra, thank you for all the content you prepare and share with us! I am curious about the micro current equipment. Is it similar to Foreo Luna technology?
    I would really appreciate to have your opinion on Foreo tools for skincare.

  • People complain why Korean brands don’t have darker shades for African women, but if you tell an African make up brand to make lighter shades for the Western European, they’re going to call you a “degrading racist bastard” who cannot appreciate black skin.


  • I would never spend $2,000 on a purse even if I were rich. I have 30 purses and my most expensive purse cost $300 and I’ve had it for ten years. I normally spend anywhere from $25-$162 but that one purse cost $300 you can still get quality purses for low cost. I have a purse made in Italy and it only cost $25

  • i am not rich but i like have couple designer bag, not to looking rich i just like bag, i am bag girl and buy designer bag like make me happy. if i bored already i can resale even for loose.. not like my normal bag hard to resel when i bored with it ��‍♀️��‍♀️ if designer stuff make you happy who care everyone have different preference for what they like if not for you then don’t buy simple

  • Wow people be complaining abt the shade range from k-beauty cushion…like please understand that the produce is produced for the standard beauty in the “specific country/region” and the beauty standard is different.

  • Ok so IT COSMETICS says they can’t go darker with the foundation shade range because of the SPF??!

    That’s got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard especially considering that being a pasty white girl myself, I can think of AT LEAST 5 Drugstore ( price range ) Foundations & at least 2 high end Foundations ( price range ) that have a decent amount of SPF as well as a decent shade range for Casper the ghost �� types like myself as well as much darker shades SO ONCE AGAIN…..IT COSMETICS couldn’t be more wrong, ignorant and hypocritical.

  • Keep in mind that Armani, Nars, and Cleau de peau all test on animals. There are many cheaper brands that are just as good too, and contain more natural and safer ingredients.

  • Am I the only one who’s never gonna throw my makeup away until a makeup brand really commits a crime? Bitch I bought this with shmoney

  • Dhuuuu cuz Lanage is an Asian Brand ofcourse it doesn’t have western tones. If you want it in your shade then buy one in a different brand who has a ton of shades

  • I have been using the Clinique eyeliner that Tati was reffering to saying “it gets everywhere” but in my case it was the best product ever, I never had eyeliner that stays all day. Is tottally worth it

  • I am planning to get the Balenciaga Speed Trainer, I really love the minimal design, aesthetic and comfort of the shoe, but I know that the high price is mostly for the brand name. Is it worth buying? ��

  • I don’t think you understand what face yoga is. Face yoga prevents the facial skin from SAGGING and nothing else. Some people do it to make their faces look more symmetrical, some other do it to fix their double chins, puffy under eye areas, heavy cheeks and general sagging eyelid skin. It’s just to help the muscles underneath get trained and lift up a little. If that reinforces wrinkles, so be it, that’s okay. Wrinkles can then be targeted with other things, such as oil massage and retinol. Plus 15 minutes is a gross exaggeration, it’s 2 minutes max, give or take. I mean I love keeping my face energized and active with my OWN movements rather than buying super expensive devices that send electrical whatever into my skin. That sounds like replacing normal exercise with those vibrating gym belts people used to use to get abs. Smh.

  • Make-up companies who chose not to invest in darker shades like they do lighter shades can keep doing what they want and keep losing out on the trillion-dollar buying power that is black and brown dollars. Do you and we will continue to do us and buy from companies like Fenty and Pat Mcgrath that think we are worth the investment. It’s that simple

  • Becca aqua luminous foundation can be termed as tinted liquid highlighter! It’s soooo good when used at night for a party or any event! Beautiful natural finish

  • What do you mean about Becca cosmetics? They are inclusive from the very start and had foundations and blushes and highliters for all skintones before it become mainstream, before Fenty.

  • I somehow totally agree with this list… Never happend before with lists of any kind whatsoever including WatchMojo… Good List and NARS has no right to claim that they’re cruelty free if they can’t live without China…

  • Really? Laneige? Really? It was targeted for korean people originally and now it gets accused for not having products for african-americans? Some people are just like random passers-by barging in korean videos and dislike it because it is not in english.

  • What a shitty list. I thought I was gonna get a list of brands that had shitty ingredients for price, or had shit results for price. You’re bashing brands like Laneige who’s main market is fairer. Yeah they’re trying to expand more which is why they added more shades but it takes time. People who are super super fair must have a hard time finding a shade too in many cosmetics brands. Nars makes great products too. It’s not that the results aren’t worth the value, it’s that people don’t agree that they went ahead with animal testing.

  • I cannot wait for the Kardashians to lose popularity. I don’t think they’ve done anything to earn that popularity and they seem to love controversy.
    Also, stop coming after Korean brands for their shade range. Their shade range is geared towards their consumers (who are primarily Korean and have lighter skin). Fenty has an amazing shade range largely because it is geared towards a wider range of people (which is great).

  • so Kylie Jenner makeup isn’t worth buying because its tied to a single influencer and not a purpose? her makeup already has a purpose the same one every brand has: to make you look and feel good. and my thoughts on L’Oréal is how many lipsticks of the other brands did they test, cuz if they tested way more of L’Oréal lipsticks than the other brands than those findings aren’t the most credible in my opinion. as for clinique if the eyeliner sucks, then i agree the eyeliner aint worth the money. but if i try a product and i have a reaction (i have sensitive skin and even a skin allergy) i don’t get mad at the brand and label them sucky, i just find another brand my skin isn’t sensitive to. can’t blame a makeup company for allergy, which is what that person who used the eyeshadow was experiencing.

  • Damn, so many people complaining! Geez, sometimes you will get a skin reaction our bodies are all different. This is the kind of world we live in political correctness on everything. If you don’t like a product, don’t buy it. If they don’t have a foundation in your skin tone, don’t buy it.

  • NARS products are no longer cruelty free because of shipping to China, so NO. As is Clea de Peau Beaute and Armani products. Rodial is made of Bee venom?

  • Bruh laneige is a Korean brand targeted towards the Asian (mostly Korean) market instead of the Western market it is quite unfair to say that the brand is bad just because they don’t suit your need sis

  • That face tape works like magic! It literally makes your face look ten years younger. However, they should only be used on special occasions and never put them on hair:)

  • The music reminded me of the commercials on tv that is for diabetes or something that is called a weird name and has like a billion side effects and precautions ������

  • Unpopular Opinion: Makeup brands dont need to make dark shades for darker skinned people like I have quite dark skin because im Puerto Rican but I dont mind if a brand doesnt have my color if your brand isnt marketed to darker colors then dont add those colors its your brand you do what you want.

  • Mary Kay cosmetics are very good quality and safe. Your review was poor and focused more on being a pyramid (which it is not) versus the quality!!!

  • nobody that knows what designer is like and owns something from designer brands knows how the quality is…. the quality in designer brands is not always comfort but it is reliability and quality of the stiching, fabric, and simplisity.. think about one thing would you reather spend 300$ a year in H&M chlothing and have to buy new hoodies or pants about every two months or would you just buy for only 50$ a year in H&M and then buy three high quality sweatshirts or pants.. people wake up! You buy too much of clorhing that just ruins after 10 washes, but often the high quality chlothing can last for years!! I have a stone island hoodie and i take good care of it and it is three years old and its like new.. stop saving and extra 50 or 200$ a year for bad quality chlothing and then just toss it away and fuck up our earth.. buy fewer and more high quality clothes and have it for longer reather than buy 10 low quality hoodies and toss it away after a year..

  • The reason a lot of expensive makeup brands dont cater to deeper skin tones is because of the racial wealth gap. White people are richer than people of color on average so they are more likely to buy expensive makeup products. It’s market targetting. It’s unfair and frustrating but it is what it is.

  • Palm Oil: The reason so much of it is used in our food today is that it’s so cheap, the cheaper anything is it means more profit’s for the manufacturers who use it! If you want to know about the NEGATIVE side of Palm oil go to

  • The answer is a tank printer. Our friend thought we were crazy to pay over $300 for a printer scanner, but we told him that we print and scan so much for our small business that we weren’t buying another disposable printer. In two years, it’s paid for itself in ink and is still going strong. My mom was so amazed by how little we paid for ink that she upgraded to one a few months ago. Cartridges are a rip off. With ink tanks, you pay for ink, not a plastic case and sponge. Thank you Epson.

  • I use Nars concearler. I have it in the wand but prefer it in the jar. The jar’s thicker product and covers well and I HAVE A LOT TO COVER. When I work; its expected of me! and use only Mac Lipstick because it never ever leaves a sticky residue

  • The problem with diversity of shades is that if you have shades that don’t sell you will be left with colours. Years ago I tried to bring darker shades into Australia, however my clients and customers only bought the lighter shades. I was left with a huge inventory of deeper shades for women of colour and it cost me dearly as a new brand.

  • Okay but Loreal owns almost all the brands mentioned here. Some people just don’t understand that Chinese laws requires cosmetic brands to test their products on animals if they want to enter their market. Therefore most of the brands are not cruelty free. However this doesn’t mean they are not worth it.

  • It’s pretty depressing that so many of these brands that have skin products still do not have a decent shade range that can cover light, medium, dark and deep dark colors with equal undertones.

    While Korean brands are aimed towards the common skin color of their clients which is very pale in Korea, the issue is when they decide to sell in other markets, for example, the United States. When the brand is fully aware that they are about to sell products in a market where people come in diverse skin tones yet they still decide to not expand the shade range, that is where the problem lies. We KNOW that Korean brands are typically made in KOREA where the average person is very light skin BUT if you are going to sell INTERNATIONALLY, you have to make the effort to be able to sell to everybody.

  • Designer brands are a personalised message to show others who you are without even opening your mouth, so if you are going for a luxury piece of clothing or jewellery, you will not be paying for the materials, you will be paying for what all luxury goods buyers are paying for and that is to be unique and to be true to your self.

  • Regarding the counterfeit Burkin bags, the guy couldn’t really give any solid pointers on how to spot a fake other than handle length, feet, and the leather. If its that difficult to distinguish the two, maybe it isn’t so bad having a counterfeit

  • Lancôme Maybelline and L’Oréal are all owned by L’Oréal. They try out ideas t The Maybelline or L’Oréal price point. Then they slap on the Lancôme label on a and triple the price.

  • You know all this “I’m black and this foundation doesn’t match my skin color” debate is good and justified but has someone ever thought about tall people and clothes? The larger sizes are made for let’s say “not so skinny” people but they never seem to acknowledge that not only you can grow in width but also in length…

  • Got 10 second into the video and saw all those yellow bars. Decided to find something else to watch. People are so greedy with those ads.

  • So what if some one puts make up on an animal I mean seriously that’s better then cutting them open and planting stimulators on there nerves

  • people use premium gasoline because their cars need premium gas to run well. He should be saying “If your car DOESN’T need premium gas don’t pay for it.” Also people pay for better coffee, because it tastes better.

  • The flaw in Jenners brand is buying some and receiving AN EMPTY BOX! I’ve called, emailed sent everything but the pony express to say hey! Where the hell is my lip kit? I’ve NEVER and WILL NEVER give that greedy biotch and or her family a nickel of my hard earned money. You might be rich beyond anything I’ll ever have in my bank account but I’ll always be able to look myself in the mirror because you can’t buy honesty and integrity. IMO your dishonesty and lack of integrity is the base of you and your makeup. Perfect match.

  • Laneige or kbeauty products are targeted to Koreans, which prefer fair skin tones. Hence, for their benefit, they are gonna make light foundation shades. (Please don’t hate on my words, I’m already depressed and anxious)

  • I really don’t care about the price of high end designer clothes. I get a buzz going to football matches wearing high end clothes, somet non designer clothes won’t give ya.

  • Laneige is really money worthy, you can’t say it’s not worth it just because of shade range. It’s the quality that count. Laneige have amazing skincares and lipstick. Lack of shade doesn’t equal not money worthy!

  • I have to say, almost NO ONE makes bronzer in a light enough shade for me. Kylie does. I don’t any product but the bronzer because the reviews are so terrible, but I do love that one product.

  • Just coz he may be a good designer, doesn’t mean his make up line will be good. He should stick to his designing shoes & leave it to people who really specialise in make up. Better to be good at one thing!

  • As a black person I understand It Beauty about their CC Cream. It’s scientifically impossible to get a good dark shade with mineral SPF.. the darker the shade gets the more ashy and gray the color will be and it’s not cute at all. I tried their darkest shade and it was very gray and doesn’t look nice even tho the level matches mine. It’s just the way mineral SPF works. It has nothing to do with IT Cosmetics not being inclusive.

  • Why should Korean brands have deep shades? They r targeting at Koreans (Asians that r LIGHT) the same if u would be angry at cosmetic brands that would be made in Africa and would be targeting people with DARK SKIN TONES

  • You clearly know very little about facial exercises or the correct way to perform the exercises. 62 years old: no nasalabial folds, no crows feet, no wrinkles on forehead, eyelids are not crepey, eyebrows lifted and nose tip not drooping. The only area that I haven’t been able to stave off the look of aging is under my eye and therefore I have hollows. Been doing them for 30+ years. I also added microcurrent in last few years, but found proper execution of facial exercises much more effective.

  • Hi Cassandra �� love your video contents always ��
    I am practising facial robics it’s not yoga just as when you workout, the coach takes care of not having wrinkles by isolating face muscles. She is Australian and is fantastic. I am practising since February and it does work tremendously, my face is glowing. I love it and I am addicted now �� there is no fatigue because there is week rest between working out. I can assure you that it doesn’t cause wrinkles, working out the face muscles at the contrary make them grow so smooth out the wrinkles, that’s my experience.

    When I was a teenager I used to have a ponytail and I noticed at some point that my hair line were falling… at the moment I stopped my hair grow back ��
    Have a fantastic day ❤️

  • Before talking absolute nonsense about face yoga, and showing moves that ARE NOT PART OF FACE YOGA, look up Ranjana Khan…almost 60 that looks 40 because of face yoga!

  • 0:20 Vietnam oh! I did not expect my national flag to be uploaded by BRIGHT SIDE, on behalf of Vietnam I thank you very much! ♡
    Wishing the channel more and more success and development in the future!
    If you have the opportunity, friends from around the world to visit Vietnam will certainly not disappoint you, Vietnamese people are very hospitable and friendly, do not worry ����

  • @cassandrabankson can you do a video or just reply, to instead of face yoga, what about face massage yoga? Where you really just massage your face to get rid of a double chin or eye wrinkles

  • Omg thank you so much for this video that yoga person in the video I was following her and never made sense to me and now I’m convinced!

  • Fine Art is how the super rich launder thier dirty money from place to place, this is why rediculous shit is priced so high……… Modern art (and alot of classic art) are just vessels for dirty money.

  • Hi there, I have a question.
    Is the mini version of the nuface device as effective as the trinity one? Because the price gap is substantial ��

  • Tea, coffee and lemon they have certain amount of acid, so it’s a bad idea to drink them first in the morning since it’s harmful for an empty stomach. Just drink water, water is enough.

  • There’s underground designers who aren’t as great just yet who actually care about what fabric they use and the stitching that goes into it. Some people don’t even look around at these designers to check it out because all they are concerned about is the name. With that being said most times it’s about the name and looking good to society instead of caring about how long something lasts because if it was really about that you could STILL get it from another designer who isn’t as known and makes great products but just isn’t as much money. So please spare me

  • Why it’s expensive?
    Basically if it’s Japanese, it’s due to the painstaking labor and skill-intensive work involved in producing it.
    If it’s Western, it’s because the supply is controlled.
    And no, hand-made Birkin bags don’t count as skill-intensive. The Chinese can counterfeit them pretty well. I’d like to see the Chinese try and counterfeit that Japanese Melon.

  • I’m going to stick with my caci quantum. Microcurrent is my absolute favourite treatment. Facial yoga is just gonna loosen out your skin

  • I’m am upset and confused. Is this sponsored by sio? Your verbiage is confusing and honestly borderline dishonest. It’s not clear if they sponsored this video, or what? Please can you clear this up!!

  • 1. I’ve used fave tape for photo shoots. They work. I love them for a quarterly basis. I use them for my nasolabial (spelling.?) folds which are sooooo deep. Agreed… there are consequences for using face tape consistently over time. Does the suggested alternative product have FRAGRANCE? 2. I own NuFace… has helped overtime with my naso folds…3. Never tried moon milk… interesting lol

  • HI CASSANDRA, just wanted to point out that unfortunatly lot of people on the autism spectrum/asperger do not produce enough melatonine and have to take supplements/circadin or the like, avalable over the counter freely in the US but only via a psychiatre in the UK. vitafusion sleepwell gummies is a good one, it is recommanded however to take 5 days and have a break of 2. also can give you really weird vivid dreams. but when you do all the tricks in the book, no blue light, no excitement, weighted blanket, relaxing pillowspray and are still turning and tossing then they really are worth taking. I hope this help someone outhere

  • i guess you should also cover the most biased beauty product in each country like in india,dark and dusty shade women were skin shamed by ”fair and lovely ads” and were mocked to use it and the ads were quite racist…….

  • Face tapes from what I’ve seen is for makeup looks purposes which is done maybe twice a month or less.. but its not to use on regular basis for an actual face lift purpose… damn didnt know ppl were this dumb

  • I do just wanna say Face yoga has helped me so much with my TMJ Pain and facial assymetry…so it can be really helpful but it depends what your goal is. It wasn’t really about what I looked like…I just wanted to be able to talk properly and actually be able to make facial expressions ��

    No offence intended, I do really like you, but I just wanted to clarify that:)

  • Face yoga works really well!You can work out your body and face too!! There is no need to pull the skin fed with tools, just train and relax face muscles knowing how to do it properly… We have to eat and drink well and work out… that t it!

  • can you do a video on how to get a slimmer face. i know for me i eat like crap so thats why my face looks bloated, but any other tips?

  • Person talking negative about Yoga has no knowledge whatsoever! I have done face yoga for years and now incorporated foreo Luna cleaning brush to my skincare, my skin is literally glowing, with no scar and pores enlarged which I don’t see on a person preaching in video so loudly. And ya, I too did suffer with acne for many years before.

  • We exercise to look thin and weight train to have firm youthful skin.Same for the face. Facial yoga is the same. Not in excess of course.Common sense. I do facial yoga them do facial massage and it makes my skin look great.

  • I am confused..we don’t stick the tapes to facelift but we stick the patches…once she was taking out the tape that was also pretty stuck…��

  • Hello Cassandra your videos are amazing!!! Can you give us some information about lymphatic facial drainage massage??? Thank you!!!

  • i simply hate how ppl attend those stupid “modeling competitions” with > working dog breeds < and artificially increase their price because of some regional / national "championship" badges..
    every single “dog breeder” i checked when i wanted a dog claimed to have “national champions” in these “posing competitions”..

    while you have 0 guarantee their puppies would be 100% healthy..yet they would charge you 2-x more just because of some crap ^
    and often those “dog breeders” were some fat women..

    how about the dogs that are trained specificaly to find truffles? im sure some puffy IG dog will be superior in every aspect right..
    truffles can be expensive as a MF..

  • Could you please recommend some good micro current devices? I looked on Amazon for the one you are using, but I saw some 1 star reviews claiming in was a fake.
    Please leave the link from where you purchased it (if bought online), or some websites that you trust.

    Thank you so much for all the effort and research put into each video!:)

  • Tired of hearing about the silicon skin patches. All of the YouTubers really promoting them usually are getting kick backs. It’s evident. Disappointing. Frownies were around for years and we used them in the beauty/dermatology industries to flatten the 11’s before Botox, etc.. But for the most part these are temporary. Don’t waste your money. Keep it simple and stay with the big guys: C serum, retinoids/retinol, HA, Niacinamide (if it works for you), sunblock, peels, micro needling, sleep, great hydration. Add in some Botox and peels and laser when needed. ����

  • It drives me crazy how many times she touches her face with her hands and pulls her face skin back… Ahhhhh stop touching your face. Lol

  • I went to buy a Rolex watch ($10,000) seen my monthly income on the tag of one of the Rolex watch………….

  • Have you looked at the Ziip and/or have you found some research behind that device? And, what research is there for microcurrents? Thanks!

  • The face taping was a makeup artist technique used on actresses it gave a temporary lift. the NuFace works even better if one uses a bentonite clay make before hand, followed by a galvanic device finishing with the NuFace and for both the galvanic and any microcurrent a ionic gel +/needs to be used not cream. I like to do some facis release before the treatment.

  • It cosmetics’ shade range problem is not existing only for people of colour. Fair skintones has only one option which is extremely yellow.

  • I would think not using face tape which pulls on your skin would be common sense! I know a lot of drag queens do it for the illusion it gives but why on earth would anyone use it otherwise?

  • Another know it all who doesn’t know it all?, and I got an allergy from those patches that you use ��. If moon milk was paying you I bet that your tune would change….

  • You actually need to do more research in facial yoga though it actually works, the exercises you’ll notice are to prevent everyday bad habits like frowning, squinting, creasing forehead this stuff works and it’s free!!!! There are some dud face yoga moves out there of course but check out face yoga method she has legit moves!!

  • What about lymphatic drainage massages? I’ve been doing them and the texture of my face has improved a lot! They can be a little rough at first, so here is where I have some doubts about them.

  • I have migraines behind my right eye so my right eyebrow has actually dropped compared to the left. So I have to tape that up. But that’s it

  • I’m smitten with your knowledge…and hang on your every word! You are fabulous on an international scale! CHEERS from Robert in Kansas City, MO!

  • This is one dumbest videos I’ve ever seen. You literally just compared a Montblanc fountain pen to a Bic idiotic. Also idiotic regarding Rolex vs Omega. Both fantastic watches but Rolex’s hold their value better than almost any other timepiece. Also, you don’t buy designer shoes for comfort.

  • Hi Cassandra! Thanx for all the info you share with us <3
    I’m not hoping to receive a reply back, but if you’ll answer I’ll be sooo excited!!
    Hope my questions would be inspiring for you cause I feel they are pretty average questions that don’t have simple answers around!

    I’m interested to perfect my simple BR without falling into Mkt bullshits!

    Here’s my dubts:

    I’m confused about Toners: seems everyone always includes them in the BR. I don’t. Should I try one?

    Would you recommend to use the FOREO? It’s not really clear to me if it’s bullshit or not! Should I wash it in a proper way after using it?

    How can I find the right face cream for me? I don’t specifically need a dermatologist!

    Why is it necessary to use a cream for the day and a different one for the night?
    (I’m using just a Q10 night cream from fall to spring, and finishing a bullshit-eye-cream for the rest of the face cause it’s lighter and as u say, it’s just a normal cream LOL!) (Then, why specifically I’m using a Q10 cream god only knows!)

    I now feel the need to just use a Vitamin C serum instead of a day/night cream cause it’s lighter, because it’s summer and I never go out for the pandemic! How wrong is that?

    Love you!

    Marta from Italy!

  • Hi, Cassandra! I would love to try the microcurrent devices but i once heard that if you have migraines it can make them even worse, so what do you think? Is it true or not? Thank you!

  • Hi Cassandra! Thank you for your videos! Please explain one thing about patches don’t they block oxygen on our skin if we put them all night long? Thank you:)

  • YouTube Is My Version Of Watching Cable T.V. Why Pay For Direct Tv Or Some Other Cable TV Company. At Least With YouTube I’m Saving Money ��.

  • The premium gas claim isn’t 100% true. Many high end and high performance cars require a minimum octane 89 rating or higher. What you shouldn’t do is put 89 octane fuel in a car that was designed to run on 87 octane as it could potentially cause damage.

  • Easy way to get rid of ads is to turn off autoplay, the scroll to the end of the video, wait a second or 2 for the yellow dashes to go away then scroll back to the start:)

    Psif you know of a good addblocker drop it below for me plz

  • First class may not be worth it, but business class is more reasonable for those with extreme height because even two hours cramped in tour seat like a pretzel can have lasting negative consequences. Or your just forced to stand.

  • Um don’t tell people not to buy premium gas…… tell them to read the owners manual and just use the one stated… SOME care DO need premium gas because of things like high compression engines etc.. the higher octane is needed otherwise there will be a lot of predetonation and pinging and cause damage. I watch a lot of these videos and i love them! but there are times where the info is wrong or lacking important details.

  • 1% of cancer is still cancer. It comes down to what risk, value is perceived by the consumer. This video is so wasteful in its assumptions

  • I do face yoga and it works, my down turned mouth corners are now gone, my cheeks have filled out and my even my eye area is a little lifted

  • Higher octane gas is better for your car, in a regular car only put it in once every 10 fill ups. High end sports cars need it exclusively.

  • Louboutin: red bottoms as signature. For only 5000 dollars

    Me: goes to dollar store buys red paint for 5 dollar, a pair of secondhand shoes for 5 dollars

    Also me: paints bottom red for only 10 bucks…

    Thank me later

  • Yeah well peasants my net speed is 150 mbs and I ain’t kidding. Although I live in India
    1 gb downloads in about 2 minutes, video never buffers

  • I promise you on that flight to China first class gave you a literal capsule from those capsule hotels it would have been worth it

  • There’s no way 5GB a month on average is right… Maybe back in like 2011 or whatever, but nowadays it’s not uncommon for people to go over 50GBs a month.

  • You forgot sketchers sneakers, ed hardy purses, Jennifer Lopez clothes & shoes, Jessica Simpson clothes & shoes,
    & others… Go to the damn thrift store people save your money

  • Bright side: I disagree with the gas. My truck does run better and travel further with a higher octane. “I only do this 4 times a year”. but i do see the difference.

  • I’m happy with my current phone deal. Not bother for a deluxe deal. I’ll always fly economy due to my budget. I do not order food delivery. I walk to my local shops to buy fruit, veg, meat and fish:). However, I will buy organic food despite the cost. Never trust chemicals and gmo. I was not born a guinea pig.

  • I have a brand new 6.4 liter hemi in my ram power wagon, a 6.0 liter high outout LQ9 in my silverado SS and a 4.9 Liter FWD V8 in my Cadillac Eldorado. All 3 call for 93 octane from the manufacturer. Your saying I’m wasting my money…? Should I send you my mechanic’s bill or voided warranty when my knock sensors kick in?

    I guess you assume all your viewers drive a camery.

  • There are certain exceptions to extended warranties: the electronics store, The Source, in Canada has an extended warranty on their store-brand earbuds, Headrush, where for $5 extra on a 14.95 item (less when on sale), you can have unlimited replacements if they malfunction in the first year, and two replacements in the second. I think I have saved over $50 dollars over the years for replacements with this arrangement.

  • Like with any exercise, one can do it wrong. What IS important for facial exercises is that the skin is supported by the fingers or hands over the muscles you want to build up…like cheek or forehead area. Doing them how you quickly demonstrates, is indeed the wrong way.

  • Oh how did we survive without owning any of these brands. Do you have a house and is it paid off are you renting? Have you worked long enough to have access to a retirement plan? Do you have a six month savings minimum? Do you have more in your wallet than you owe on your credit card or the cost of your handbag? Answer yes to any of these and you need to shop marshalls, target and department store clearance and sales while upping your professional skills. Educated people laugh at this crap.

  • What? So paying for a handbag that keep its resale value and is actually useful is stupid…

    Splurge on…Foundation and swimsuit is genius?


  • I’m actually surprised a video that pronounces Hermès right because people say it Hermes, Her-mez instead of Airmez or Ermez. Plus, I FREAKING LOVE HERMÈS! ����

  • I spend money on laser and IPL with organic skincare. Regular workouts and spa sessions. So I do not need to use make up. Cuz they’re dirty and clog pores.

    Would not buy any of the products on this list!

  • I’ll stick to dupes and put my money to better use, thanks. Drugstore makeup has really stepped up their game or you can go get your 3 daily Sephora samples everyday and maintain that high-end skincare routine.

  • Nars, Armani, ysl, and Rodial are not cruelty-free and not mainly made of natural ingredients. There are so many brands that make better quality products and are cruelty-free to boot. We absorb 60%+ what we put on our skin so it’s best to go with natural ingredients, organic, fruit and mineral, no chemicals and the brand I use for everyday brand is also vegan and cruelty-free

  • Well this video mixed everything together. Heavy metal in lipstick and personal decision of KatVonD to vaccinate or not her son. It is crap. I don’t care about the personalities. Cosmetic it is effect and formula. As long as it is safe and efficient I don’t care about philosophy

  • Quit coming for Korean makeup brands for not being “diverse” enough, when western makeup brands have guilty of that since the very conception of western makeup, and why Asian makeup brands started to begin with…

  • It’s a matter of choice, if you’ve got the look & good taste, it doesn’t have to be the ridiculously high priced name brands.
    I create an illusion of having IT. ��‍♂️������ l’m happier giving to the underprivileged!

  • This video got the answer wrong for all of these. The REAL reason these commodities are so expensive is because there are plenty of suckers out there willing to pay that much for them.

  • Only God can make truffles. This is a divine concept. Artificial processes don’t come close. God is real. Evolution could not produce truffles.

  • Every review I’ve seen of cle de peau has been the product is too expensive for what you get and that there’s absolutely nothing special about it at all