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Despina Pavlou, certified personal trainer and founder of PCOS, recommends doing your intense cardio in the opposite order: Start with weights and then move to endurance training. “If [cardio] is done before, you will feel more tired and fatigued,” she says. How to Know Whether You Should Do Cardio or Weights First If you want to get faster: Do CARDIO first. In his study, Dalleck found that exercisers who did cardio later in the workout had a heart rate 12 beats per minute higher for the exact same workout intensity and duration as those who performed cardio first.

The findings of this study suggest that you can get the best bang for your buck if you split up your cardio and your weights. But if you don’t have the time to hit the gym four to six times a week. Lifting weights first, especially if you are lifting heavy using your entire body, will tire you out before you make it to the cardio portion of your workout.

That means you might cut. According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, “Exercisers who ran or cycled before lifting weights performed up to 20 percent fewer repetitions of the exercise—at significantly reduced weight.” This type of study proves that our muscles are best suited to resistance train prior to cardio. Whether you workout at home or at a gym, there is always the question if you should do your cardio first or weights. There are a lot of different opinions on the subject, with some even contesting that you should stick to only cardio or only weights.

Here at. Don’t get frustrated if your new workout isn’t perfect. Make a few adjustments and give it another week.

Continue to refine your program until it fits your needs. How to Build a Workout Routine Step #1 Determine Your Training Split. I suggest training 3 to 4 days per week. This is the best place to start.

Once we understand the goal of the routine and have a series of exercises picked out, it’s time to structure the routine. The order of exercises, how much recovery is given after each exercise, and the number of sets all determine the type of workout you’re about to get. If increasing endurance is one of your key fitness goals, doing cardio first will help build better cardiovascular health and improve the duration of your workouts.

A study in the Journal of Human Kinetics found that the endurance performance of participants was decreased when strength-training exercises were completed first. (CNN)If you’ve been following along, we’re well into the reboot of your workout routine. If you’re just joining now, take a moment to review how we’ve set the foundation for establishing a.

List of related literature:

They should be performed in that order because one exercise builds on the other.

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▶ If I am lifting weights and doing cardio in the same workout, which should I do first?

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In my opinion, cardio is by far the most important, and if you can do only one form of exercise on any given day, make it cardio.

“The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes” by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
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Second, because weight training requires much higher intensity than aerobics, you need more energy for exercise performance.

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If you are already planning to do both activities during the same workout, you can vary the order accordingly.

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Furthermore, as I mentioned, it’s generally a good idea to do your hardest exercises first in your workouts, followed by the second hardest and so forth, because you always have the most energy and focus in the beginning of your workouts.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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It’s important not only to do the exercises and different types of workouts, but to do them in the right order.

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I typically perform the first one or two exercises of the day with the goal of lifting heavy and then do the rest of my workout with a focus on the feel, not the weight.

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I do my best to get both cardio and strength training into my schedule.

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The order of body parts and specific exercises depends on what part of my physique I’m prioritizing at that time.

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  • nice video thanks! My question is can lifting weights be considered cardio? as in can i group the different exercises maintaining my heart rate. does this give you the most bang for your buck? or, am i sacrificing gains in the lifting to supplement my heart rate. I’ve been looking for an answer to this and cant seem to find one.

  • What if i do shoulders and lats Monday.. Tuesday cardio Wednesday weights Thursday cardio Friday weights Saturday cardio.. Will it still kill gains?

  • Can i do it on a separate day.. For example.. Monday weights Tuesday cardio Wednesday weights Thursday cardio Friday weights Saturday cardio Sunday rest?Plz help

  • Is doing push ups and sits ups every day bad for you? As well as running? I’m trying to get to 200 push ups, not all at once, and I run 8 mi and I increase that by 20% each week.

  • I looooved this video style! So funny but informative, and pretty unique from the fitness videos I’ve seen! Question, why do you do that little jerky movement at the top of your deadlift? Is it to emphasize certain muscles or because the weight is so heavy? Should everyone be doing that?

  • what kind of cardio do you suggest in the morning or after a workout? I like hiit because i can be dead tired in just 10 minutes or so.

  • I do both a lot! Lost weight, body fat, and gained hella strength over this summer! I run approx 3-4 miles a day at a 7:30 pace and lift 2 hours a day. Went from 182 lbs to 175 lbs and bench press went up from 260 to 280, pushups in doing 75 in 2 minutes, and 5K time is like 20:50! Key is more protein!!!

  • Do it after weight training. Build up a ton of lactic acid lifting and then flush it through your body with cardio after weights. Works every tyne!

  • watching this makes me super proud to be a fat waster…eating burgers,Fried chicken and basically anything I can in one go…it doesn’t bother me that I have to use a scooter to get around either as it can carry more food for me

  • those studies are nonsense, at the end of cuts, pro bodybuilders would be doing 40 mins of cardio per day in addition to weights every day, definitely not 24 hours apart, to hit that ultra low bodyfat %. If you are maintaining your weights in the gym, it won’t affect you at all, just a tool for fat loss.

  • Coach, next week I am ending a cut after about 3 years strugling with lose weight. About 3 months ago, I started to do 4 hours liss cardio per day (bike + walking), total burn about 350kcal per hour. What is your better advice for the transition phase? My idea is to reduce to 2 hours day (walking and bike for transportation), and stay in maintance calories for 2/3 week and 45 min weight training 4 times per week, focus in the compound big lifts 6-10 reps focus. My goal is lean bulk for about 6/8 months.

    Any advice? I am afraid to make any mistake and stay in the vicius cicle…


    i always saw lots of people doing cardio almost everyday but they have lots of muscles. they dont even use steroids, because theres no point of cardio if u using steroids thats why i know they dont use it. and i knew lots of CYCLIST that they have a HUGE LEGS and CALVES. its not genetics, im asian. theres lot of fighters doing Marathon jogging/running but still they dont lose muscle. the secret is this.

    our Body Dont use Muscle as energy if theres a lots of fat in your body. Common Sense people, the only time that your Body is eating your muscle is if you have a 6% Body fat and below, but if you have a 10% body fat and more, you’re Safe for doing cardio even almost everyday.

  • Very good as usual, Lee! I like to add that the American Heart Association suggests a weekly schedule with two cardio workouts and three resistance training workouts. After years of predominant aerobic / cardio now they finally recognize the importance of weight training.

  • I went to buy your app today.. but the permissions it asks for has put me off.. access to my microphone? location? my wifi connection info? my call information? wtf? lol

  • Awesome, awesome video Lee. Very informative. I’ve actually been experimenting with 30 second sprints in place of longer, slower cardio to see if the “studies” I’ve read about recently are correct that sprints cause faster, more effective weight/fat loss. I’m replacing 150 minutes of slower cardio per week with about 6-12 minutes of sprints per week (@ 30-40 second intervals each) in addition to my strength training. I’ll let you know how it’s going after a few weeks. You’re always right on point. Thanks man.

  • honestly this is a already a go to fitness channel for me, ive only found your channel today, but you also have a body similar to what i would want after years of training, not something SUPER lean, or massively muscular.

  • i do cardio hiit and it’s more better than jogging cause you immediately have that fat burning stage within just a short time i love it jogging for 30 mins is just too long just to burn like 300 cal doing hiit and strength training is very effective.

  • Hi Jordan! It would be awesome for a RM video. It’s something that i’m adding to my trainning programs. Any 1RM calculator to recommend?

  • I can take a preworkout and still get nauseated pretty easily if I hadn’t eaten enough carbs before working out. Going to die when I start the cutting phase. Lack of carbs is not fun.

    So I do my HIIT cardio, eat, wait an hour and 30 minutes then do my lifting. Works well for me.

  • Even with million of guys out there in the fitness industry you one of the best i dont need to spend 40 min to know how to do a workout you go to the point quick an efficient. Also love you allow us to see your struggles and heavy breathing. Keep it up you are a big motivation for lots of us.

  • I’ve been lifting lately and got bigger than what I was planning. I was scared that it’ll slow me down, but instead it just toughened up my hand for punching power. I’m still just as fast with jab and it seems to snap a little better. Still as fast as what I was and all my punches are more solid than what they were. No fists and wrist or forearm pain. all I do is my weight lifting then I hit up the bags (heavy, double end, speed and shadow box) for 30 minutes or so, oh every other or every third cardio session I hit the jump rope for a few minutes. Just don’t want to get too big to where I cannot defend myself. To meet that defeats the whole purpose of getting into a bigger shape rather than just healthy. when powerlifters walked into the boxing club we just sort of giggle and bump elbows with each other, calling out shirt colors of who they want to get in the ring with. Just saying

  • I decided to not care about this and to do cardio whenever and however I wanted. I’m happier for it because cardio is fucking awesome.

  • Great video jordan. When bulking and having excess body fat they say it’s better cutting first than bulking. Up to how much bf% is better to start cutting first when bulking?

  • This is honestly the best video ever, first off it made me realize I shouldn’t be paranoid on what I eat, secondly it made me realize that I’m not as weak as I thought. I do high intensity cardio before and when I get into weights I always felt so weak or I wasn’t doing my best. BUT NOW I KNOW WHY!!! AHAHAHAH THANK YOU!!!!! I subscribed the minute the video played!

  • I usually just walk to my gym once i got in 2000 calories (3kms) do my weights then jog home followed by 1000 calories. Seems to work for me

  • It really depends on what works best for you…If you have trouble doing cardio… I would suggest you do it first…B4 your work out Because if not.. you are most likely going to blow it off… until tomorrow… Tomorrow never comes to some Which happens to alot of the younger crowd…As for strength..U do something long enough and the body will adapt to it….And everything will go back to normal.. The easiest way to end all the talk, is just work out one day and do cardio the next… Which takes all the so called drama out of the equation.. Most importantly try not to have gym muscles unless that is your career…

  • Hmmm. What about after you finish your leg workout, you go back and do 200 reps of super light squats like 135lbs. Even if its 20 sets of 10. Keeps your heart rate up the entire time and it takes a while to get through.

  • Uhm actually it should NOT affect your gains one bit… if you still manage to eat over your caloric maintenance you’ll be fine and keep gaining muscle. Yes cardio will affect your gains but only if you don’t account the extra calories you’re burning from your cardio session ����‍♂️ you’ll gain weight and muscle the same way but at the same time you’ll increase your endurance. You just have to make sure you’re eating over the amount that you burned in the day! It’s literally as simple as that ����‍♂️

  • Really struggling to find balance….dropped from 252 to 180, and I am trying to build muscle and not put fat back on at the same time…only thing that seems to work is 70 minutes of cardio a day plus 1 hour strength training every day (circa Jack Lalonde routine). Cardio is every day but strength training gets 1 day rest each week…have been doing this for 6 months with some muscle gains…do I have to accept the fact I am just going to have some fat gain if I want serious muscle gain?

  • I’m surprised I just found this channel I love all the content thank you so much for these videos! I feel like you’re a p.e. teacher except I actually listen to what you have to say lol

  • I just love running i use to do cross country but i want to build muscle now so i still want run quite a bit of miles wtf do i do????

  • Hahaha I loved this one! GREAT job on addressing the sodium controversy! And YES pineapples Do belong on pizza!!!! So do anchovy’s! In fact, anchovy’s and pineapples together. But god damn your Deadlifts are beautiful!

  • As a certified PT with ACE and years of experience I’m here to tell you that this video is not well made with bad points. I’m not here to pick out every wrong point he made but do your cardio B4 lifting weights if you dont want it to touch your gains. Doing any type of cardio AFTER lifting weights you will guarantee affect your gains. Basic knowledge and i do cardio for 2 hours before lifting. So no it doesn’t affect your gains the longer you do it but the harder you do it yes for a longer amount of time you will burn your muscle. You need to be more specific

  • For general health.. having big muscle is less important than having healthy heart.. so i guess do have both beautiful physique and heart.. we should incorporate the two. Its just that your muscles wont be as big.

  • Hi Jordan, i appreciate a lot your videos and all the info which you put out here!
    My question as a next level after setting your weight goals, for the tracking stage would be:
    how do you count calories, as in, what do you use for counting and could keep it simple apps, sites etc? because this is where a lot of people get lost with it and quit on being consistent! I would love to join the inner circle as i m currently learning anything i can about nutrition and bodybuilding for my upcoming career change as a Nutrition & Fitness Coach.
    Thx for sharing all this valuable info!

  • Another critical thing to FAT LOSS when deciding on a workout structure is which TYPE of muscle building hormonal “cocktail” you want in your blood stream when you are doing weight training. There are 2 types of workouts: Those that boost TESTOSTERONE (TEST) and those that boost GROWTH HORMONE (hGH). Many studies over the years have shown that HIGH VOLUME workouts OVER 60-90 minutes will cause more hGH to circulate in the blood by the end of the workout, whereas HIGH INTENSITY workouts for 30-40 min or less will cause more TEST to circulate in the blood by the end of the workout. However, both hormones build muscle, but they have different effects on which muscle fibers they build and what other “global” effects they have on the body. Most bodybuilding Pros (who are obvious use supplemental TEST) are fond of the HIGH VOLUME approach (moderately heavy weights, 8-12 reps per set, minimal rest between sets, 12-16 sets or more per bodypart) because they want get the GH boost vs the TEST (which they don’t need because they’re getting orally or injectably), whereas, more “natural” bodybuilders will move towards the HIGHER INTENSITY workouts (very heavy weights, 4-8 reps per set, more rest between sets, 8-10 sets max per bodypart) to boost more TEST into their system. ***BUT, in relation to the question (cardio before or after), well, if you want more hGH in your blood when you’re training with weights, do the cardio FIRST for about 20-30 min at a moderate intensity (heart rate at 70-80% of max). If you want more TEST in your blood when you hit the iron, do a 10-15 low intensity cardio “warm-up” only, train with very high intensity for 30-40 min or so, then do another 15-20 min of cardio after as a low heart rate (50% of max heart rate) as a fat burning accelerator. HOWEVER, realize that hGH is a MUCH more powerful fat burner than TEST and will have other wonderful effects on your body because it’s essentially the “youth hormone” thickens skin, grows hair, strengthens joints, increases brain function, etc. etc.(just research the benefits of hGH supplementation in older people and you’ll see what I mean). To maximize hGH, however, do longer, more moderatley intense workouts (60-90 min total) and don’t eat a darn thing other than protein 2 hours prior to training because, if you eat carbs of any kind, the insulin circulating in your blood will supress hGH secretion in the body and cancel out the effects you’re after. Also, to help max hGH, rather than eating right after you work out, take a 30-60 nap and sleep to maximize the effect of the GH in the body, and THEN eat a good post workout meal to give the GH the materials it needs to build up the muscle fibers. If you must eat RIGHT AFTER a hGH-Based workout, make it Protein ONLY no carbs so you don’t get an insulin rush and cancel out the hGH production. Moreover, the longer hGH worktouts will help to deplete stored glycogen and increase overall fat burning during non-workout times because you’re simply burning more calories over all as well. Hope this helps! (P.S. Hello Lee, love your videos brother!). Enjoy! JM

  • I run high intensity short bursts and I sometimes do pull ups and my upper body is growing and getting stronger while still getting faster. I would have to agree with this video

  • Guys this is the reason i hate cardio
    I do resistance training at all times but sometimes i do cardio unintentionally everyday which totals up to about 45 minutes of cardio a day

  • So I can do lift weights then cardio then I can take after it drink my protein shake? Cause I thought I should drink it after lifting only

  • I’m 68 and just trying to maintain basic fitness. I’ve been doing a routine of: 20 min cardio, 20 min weights, and 20 min yoga/stretching. I’m wondering if I should strive for 4 days a week or 3? Or if I should do more like 15 min or cardio the 30 min of weights and close with 15 min of stretching? Any recommendations?

  • how can u explain big chiselled people here in my gym always do cardio everyday? they didnt lose muscle. theyre Big. whats ur way out now? “they are genetically gifted?” or “it depends” i dont think so. lol. dont believe in this myth guys. u can burn fat and build muscle at the same time just like what i did. 3x a week weight lifting and 3 times a week HIIT cardio. this is the best body i got combining both.

  • What a lot of BS.
    I run 3-5K every day and do full body 3x week. It has never hurt my gains. Of course I don’t (want to) look like those bloated non-functional muscled steroids freaks with distended bellies.

  • great video I found it searching for specifically this question and I’m happy that the video is so short straight to the point and you explained everything very well. thanks man

  • Nice video it’s interesting I have a question finishing my weight training workout and how long do to wait to take the fat buner supplement to do cardio? because the pre workout as caffeine?

  • Best thing about male youtubers is you don’t do a 5min intro where you’re checking out how shiny your lip gloss is while you ramble about a 2min topic. Thanks for being concise. I like to do cardio first but I’ll stop, this makes sense

  • Ah man, I didn’t know that you can do cardio after your workout. I thought it has to be fasted cardio in order to loose fat. And I thought you required to drink protein shake right away after your workout prior to your cardio otherwise you would loose your gain. Well, I’m glad to see this.

  • when you do cardio after weights then your taking blood from the upper body into your legs that’s why I do cardio before the weights for upper body

  • If u want to gain lean muscle mass. Do not do cardio, bulk up, store excess fat for fuel. After afew months then incorperate some Hiit to cut fat.

  • Thanks for this…have lost 60 lbs (252 192) over the last 6 months primarily for steady state cardio (eliptical), diet changes and fasting…loss included muscle, so now refocusing on strength training and less cardio…have been doing 1 hour strength training with HIIT cardio for 1/2 an hour for past 2 weeks, and results have been good…weight loss has slowed, but fat loss hasn’t and muscle coming back. I am 5’11″…goal is to be in the mid 180s with lean muscle mass….hopefully by October 1st.

  • If you have enough time early morning empty stomach with 500 ml warm water do cardio session for 30 minutes and evening do weights training

  • how about cardio on rest days? full body every other day & 20 minutes of jogging every other day? is it good for building muscles & burning fats?

  • I train with a p/t 3days a week, I lift heavy on those 3days, legs one day, deadlifts another day, and bench press the other train day. in between I go light. I don’t do cardio bcos it’s enough for me. Each to their own of their personal fitness. I get a laugh from your videos, keep them coming ����

  • I been following you for a while now, I went from 250-228. After watching this video I was wondering if after my weight training should I do the high intensity training to lose more body fat that you had another video on or should I just hit the treadmill?

  • Do you have any preset meal plans I could follow that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg? For muscle gain & fat loss.

    If not that’s okay.

  • As a calisthenic dude. I enjoy cardio alot, it helps me overall on my handstand time and overall hold exercises. Strong heart better helps your body, mind, focus, energy etc.

  • It’s better gains like a fighter on the ring (strong heart,power, ripped, fast, endurance) rather than gains like a Mr. Olympia (strong muscle, big, slow and very weak for cardiovascular activity)…Doing cardiovascular exercises is very good, but it is not mean you should do only running.. You can choose powerful exercises such as Slam Ball total body workout etc.

  • Cardio will keep your body fat down. Strength training will do that at a slower rate because it keeps fat down when more muscles burn more calories. Cardio specifically targets fat rather than muscles.

  • In the past a practiced for a while a discipline called “athletic biathlon”, where you compete in bench press (adjusted for body weight) + running (2 miles or 5k meters). And, it is really tricky to maximize performance in both of them

  • what do you think about mix Hiit cardio like insanity in the morning with weight training in the afternoon, it is ok or you can overtrain your body?greetings.

  • I got a question wat about swimming that hasn’t been touched on that it’s a low load on joints and water is over 700 times more dense than air so it would be classed as a resistance training aswell so would that kill you gains if done on the same day after power or hypertrophy traning or will it just add to then since swimming is resistive

  • U r right! Bfore this i do cardio 1st and weight..but after i change my training weight 1st and then cardio its more some fat burner and kaboom!��

  • Brad Pitt’s physique in Fight Club is proof that eating in a mild deficit while lifting weights and doing cardio = a body most men want

  • Hey Lee, Great video! I have a question. I broke my ankle a few years ago which has limited my cardio. Its stronger now where I can run on it, but my cardio has taken a hit overall for the last few years, sometimes to the point where I just throw up my hands and have gone with no cardio for months. I’ve heard it said several, several times, the body will adapt if one does the same cardio over and over again which will decrease the affect of the cardio after time. My question is, since I’m sort of limited in my cardio, if I do a HIIT (say 2 minutes walk, 2 minutes run for an hour on a treadmill) 5 days a week for a year straight, is that better than not doing any cardio at all for a year, even though I’m doing the same routine everyday? Any feedback you can give my on this is appreciated. Please let me know if you want me to be more clear in my question if its not clear enough. Thank you.

  • This is very effective. Especially in a caloric defecit. Your fat is gonna melt. Just make sure you hit high protein in your diet. I lost 5lbs of FAT in 3 weeks and gained around 5 to 6 lbs of muscle. So my general weight is still the same playing around losing 1 to 2lbs. But the important things is the fat is goin away. I recommend this:)

  • People do cardio for losing weight? What about athletes who need cardio for fitness.
    I hate assumptions that people who work out just want to be huge or skinny

  • Oh my gosh! That was too funny. I literally LOLed and I almost peed my pants. ��. I love this format even though you didn’t answer my question. Keep doing these, please. Love you! ������

  • I had a question. I’m a big guy, I’d say I’m obese. I’ve been doing meal prep and lost 30 out of my 90lb goal. Currently I have terrible stamina. I can walk about 20-25 min at a moderate pace. Would it be better for me to keep walking at a moderate pace (150-160 heart rate), or increase intensity, even if it’s only for 5 min?

  • I have very low blood pressure. Specially when I’m cutting. I actually take some salt to the gym, because I’m not a fan of salty foods. Regarding the “ cheat days “, ( I actually don’t like this expression), I stay in a slight deficit from Monday to Friday evening,so I can go over my calories on Friday and Saturday night. I also hate pineapple on pizza. My daughter loves it ������

  • Unfortunately, I should disagree with a few things:
    There are many studies that emphasize the lack of any issue about muscle enhancement…If Cardio is done correctly, in reasonable amounts, with Low-intensity SST. Done that way, it will not only burn your fat, as well as improve your heart work and overall health, but this type of cardio also makes recovery process faster, between muscle building type of workouts. The problem you talk about, is “Marathon” way of steady-state cardio (medium level of heart rate, about 150-160 or even more), but when we do low steady-state cardio, it is way less intensive (90-120 h.r.) and negative impacts on muscle building are close to zero.

  • Love it, thank you for this!! You and Rico are doing a great job!! And the sodium and cardio info both so useful!! Btw, how come you don’t sweat during your workout?:) Love you ♥

  • Time Stamps for questions you might be looking the answer for! If you enjoyed this style video with the Q&A mixed with a workout, let us know in the comments!:)

    2:02 Thoughts on Sodium & Sodium intake
    4:40 Can you still make progress if you have a cheat day weekly?
    5:40 What is the difference between glute bridges and hip thrusts?
    7:47 Is it still intermittent fasting if I drink greens at 4am?
    8:15 Can you utilize the Inner Circle without a gym membership?
    8:42 Is it better to do your cardio before your weights / strength training or after?

    Love you,

  • I always go to the gym and do cardio first, but now I’m going to start doing weights and be in the treadmill for 45 minutes. Shredding this summer!!��

  • Well if you do get your heart rate up along with metabolism it would also reduce your Myostatin which can also increase muscle improvement/growth.

  • Hey Jordan, I got questions. I workout at home, with only a pair of 30 kg dumbbells and physio ball. What’s your thought on doing hip thrusts on physio ball instead of a bench? How about switching RDL to SLRDL to work hamstrings, after 60 kg is becoming easy?

  • Great video man, good pacing! Question on the Bulgarian split squats I saw in your routine: I seem to struggle on fast, consistent reps without losing my balance a little, any tips?