Cardio Day 5 Minute Beginner Boxing Workout (Video)


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This workout is a great beginner workout for people not familiar with cardio kickboxing or those who want a fun, 5 minute cardio jump start. The workout demonstrates the four basic punches; jab, cross jab, hook and upper cut along with the front kick and one basic sequence. Your warm-up should include dynamic range of motions. Subscribe for more workouts and tips: Additional fitness tips: Quick Workouts: Sometimes fitti. Get ready to PUSH your limits with this dance and cardio kickboxing workout from Joseph D. You’re in for a killer workout, and Joseph’s infectious energy wil.

Fitness expert Joanna Hall takes us through a 5-minute cardio workout. Kickboxing Cardio Sculpt & Burn Workout Duration: 10:18. BeFiT 1,762,584 views. fitnesscentral 233,826 views. 6:38. 7 DAY CHALLENGE 7 MINUTE WORKOUT TO LOSE BELLY FAT HOME WORKOUT TO LOSE INCHES Lucy Wyndham-Read Duration: 11:23.

Lucy Wyndham-Read 73,592,281 views. Get ready to burn major calories with Eliza Shirazi, creator and founder of Kick It by Eliza. This high-intensity workout combines dance, fitness, and (of co.

We estimate that this cardio kickboxing workout burns between 10-15 calories per minute, or roughly 270 – 405 total. The following is a quick description of the motions used in this workout video, just keep in mind that the motions performed here are for an aerobic workout only and not for use in competitive kickboxing. From, a 10-minute cardio kickboxing routine with our own Coach Nicole! Suitable for people of all fitness levels. This routine wil.

Torch calories with this cardio boxing and kickboxing workout with Equinox’s The Cut. Christa DiPaolo is going to take you through a high-intensity workout t. If you want to have fun and burn calories, then this 30 minutes Cardio Kickboxing session is for you.

This full workout aims to burn an average of 250 300Cals. We’ll be doing lots of punches and kicks and they are great moves to burn fat and to. 10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share by Email More Sharing Options.

VIDEO: 10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Workout Health & Fitness Tip Videos; Beginner Workout Videos; About Us | Contact Us.

List of related literature:

Part III (“Group Exercise Modalities”) focuses on the practical teaching skills required for the most common modalities: kickboxing, step, stationary indoor cycling, sport conditioning, boot camp, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), water exercise, yoga, and Pilates.

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Be aware that aerobic kickboxing programs, such as Cardio-Kickboxing, Tae Bo, and Aerobox, are not self-defense programs.

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On as many days as possible, either later in the morning or immediately after this routine, if time permits, perform 20–30 minutes of fasted, aerobic cardio, such as an easy walk in the sunshine, a yoga routine, sauna, hot-cold contrast, a swim, or a bike ride.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Before starting any training session, from the easiest to the hardest, you must be able to answer one simple question: What is the purpose of this workout?

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
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  • That was an insane 5 minute workout for me. I did a 30 minute workout before hoping onto this video and let me just say this one was the toughest for me. Just goes to show how I need to start doing this every day

  • BRUH i did this workout without eating for 4+ hours (last thing i ate was a breakfast sandwich and started this workout about 6 hours later) and almost fainted ���� thought i could pull through but NO

    moral of the story: EAT!!!!
    day 10 of FB Fit Round 2 complete! yay

  • I’m a Muslim woman and prefer working out at home ( where I don’t have to cover up) and ur videos are honestly my go to workouts they’re always keeping me in shape and the moves are always simple and very effective ❤️

  • I m nt any of ur enemy but please don’t be fake
    Learn the skills urself before teaching
    Punches if thrown wrong can lead to serious rotator cuff or other shoulder injuries

  • Reading the comments makes me feel better about being out of breath lol
    I’m 18 and I was really active most days until quarantine started

  • I LOVE doing this workout in the morning before work or as a little warmup before my not so cardio-based workouts. Thank you so much Bailey for everything

  • wow its sooo great this kicking stuff haha I feel so good thank you guys for your videos <3 I took my before pic, 18 days ago, I will wait a few weeks and cross fingers that all my efforts and eating well are going to show some results:) Wanna but up and belly in and no more noodle arms <3 I can hold planks longer and touch my toes without prior stretches <3!!

  • THIS is exactly what I need! I want to be one of those people who can follow 45-minute exercise routines but I lose motivation after about 5 minutes! I’m much better at “little and often” and this routine has just the right amount of challenge without being too strenuous. THANK YOU!!!

  • i dont know if it’s supposed to be this way, but i find these kickboxing, extreme cardio workouts waaaay harder than HIIT. I feel like I’m gonna faint…my heart is weak lol

  • I Love it����
    I have started a new YouTube channel Karan Kalekar Fitness…… and I need your continuous love and support on this new journey. Hope my videos motivate you to get up and workout everyday because fitness is your first step towards happy and healthy life.
    Go give a visit and subscribe because it’s free!❤️

  • I really like this workout. I have a hard time keeping bouncing on my feet while I’m doing the kickboxing combinations. I typically hold a partial squat, like in the stationary runners. Any tips for how to get the bounce along with the combinations? It’s just very hard for coordination and I don’t feel like I can put as much oomph into the combinations when I’m bouncing on my feet. Christy (not Wes)

  • Hi Bailey, thank you so much for this exercise. I would like to request a 5 mins Low Impact (knee friendly) cardio, I hope you would make it someday! ����

  • Thanks, Mr. Kozak. This has done so much for me in 8 months. Half of those days I cursed at you by Round 5 but now I can do things I never thought possible. Hope you had an amazing year, too.

  • Next time you want to kill me, just shoot me!…….
    Go to your happy place…well this is where I come to to run away from my life…

  • I’m a footballer and after doing nothing for 2 months and football season coming close I need to get in shape, this looks like a great starting point��

  • Perfect time for someone who’s just starting out with kickboxing like me! I can’t wait to do this daily and I think I can do a 30 minute video tomorrow!

  • Absolutely magical. I just changed jobs two weeks ago and I no longer have access to a gym BUT I have 45-60 mins spare when I come home every afternoon before the family arrives.

    I can’t train home without some sort of frame of reference/encouragement. Having a strong background and affinity with Boxing and Karate, this is an half hour of pure joy.

    Thank you so much for this.

  • Woah ��I did this cause I am feeling lazy and unfit in quarantine I my country has been under qurantine for 6months so I am doing this and I hope it works to make on the go��

  • @FitnessBlender
    Doing this workout during my period got me thinking. It’s my favorite boxing workout and normally easier. Since the endurance is lower for some days. And the ligaments softer and easily over bends.
    A workout video for those days when the body doesn’t work at it’s optimal?
    Love your work! Thank’s for awesome and fun workouts:)

  • Did this one for the first time yesterday. I run marathons and even I was gassed out by the end. Today my arms, shoulders, hamstrings, they’re all sore like they haven’t been in a long time. Great workout!!!

  • I needed this. Been unemployed for couple months, grandma is dying on the other side of the country and my bike was stolen. Its been difficult but I’m going to conquer my physical, mental and spiritual health. I need to blow off some air and I’m going to make this year as nothing is going to stop me or get me down.

  • Andrea, this video was exactly what I needed! I appreciate that you didn’t talk about weightloss and only focused on the purpose of the moves. It was perfect for reintroducing me to exercising after taking a break for self-acceptance reasons. Thank you!

  • I have been doing this while I wait to cook dinner! Perfect for that in between time when I don’t want to walk away from the stove BUT I want to be doing something ��

  • Did this today and after 5 minutes I was literally out of breath. Shows how unfit I am. Going to do this till it becomes a piece of cake. ��

  • Hello.. please help me bro
    I’m from Syria and I train MMA here
    Can u give me a peace of advice please
    What about “Training mask”? Is it useful? Have you used it before?
    Please answer me
    All my love ❤

  • Had a go at this, i used to box 7/8 years ago and was surprised how well i did and how much i remembered. i think i may have rekindled my love for kickboxing. Amazing workout. I feel great <3

  • I lost 4lbs in 2 weeks. This is quick and surely will hit an impact. �� Highly recommended forbeginners or if you don’t have much time. I did this everyday after an 8 minute yoga of course with a balanced diet. �� More whole foods that are high in fiber and protein then I also lessen carbs and sugar. Goodluck guys.

  • I’ve noticed that you always give a range of calories burned for each workout. Does it mean that the lower limit is how much you burn doing low impact versions, or does it mean that the amount of calories you burn is anywhere in the given range depending on your body weight?

  • I only made it until 6 minutes oof. Better luck tomorrow bc it’s my time of the month

    Edit: FINALLY After more than a week of only doing parts of the workout, I FINALLY COMPLETED THE WHOLE THING! Yaaay!

  • I’ve been doing this for a month. Its the only short cardio I come back to consistently. Would love it if you uploaded more 5 or 10 mins cardio workouts like this!

  • Not good front kick technique, instead of just throwing your legs like a goalkeeper shooting a ball, the knee should be folded upwards to the chest with thigh touching the abs before explosively pushing the foot forward using the waist rotation as a spring to push and pull back to original position.
    It is difficult to master but when done properly it can be harmful to the opponent and it is also a good exercise.
    Besides that, it is a great workout drill.

  • Omg I’m sweating so bad, I’m 15 years old and I’m trying to get more in shape, this channel is helping me a lot! I’m so happy and tired

  • That was great.. I’m starting to work out after a long time and i was literally dying in this 5 mins. But I’ll do it daily.. and a general query aprox how much calories burned in this cycle..

  • Hey Tapp bros here, thanks for watching! Today’s question… What would you like to learn from Mike Zhang next? 

    Grab the follow along workout here: 
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  • Love how your videos are quiet except for the beeps for countdown!!! Cuz when u r actually doing all the movements, you can’t always look at the screen

  • I found you on a pinterest blog about an arm workout….on Xhit…literally I do that arm video every day then i realized it was a ghost channel:( so glad to have found your channel!!!!!!

  • I will update till I could do all of it properly.
    Day 1. I couldn’t finish the last 2 exercises properly. I had to stop now and then.

  • Can you do more kickboxing videos? I’m finding it hard to find good kickboxing videos without equipment that say things like, “kick him in the face!” ������. I enjoyed your video a lot.

  • I did this 1 week ago and then the next day I was soooooo in pain…. but in a good way. But holy crap I’m doing this again because I saw an immediate change in my body. But I’ve always been doing hiit and cardio but this one made me sore and as what i have said ‘made an immediate shredding’. Wooohooo! Do it babesssss. ��

  • I’ve been meaning to start exercising in quarantine. After realising I could hardly run without getting out of breath I realised how out of shape I was! This video is fantastic and I’ll definitely be using it more!

  • These were the best follow along workouts I have ever come across… The beeps make this super easy and hella satisfying

    I’m sold…

  • Ok, I’ll be doing this for 1 week straight without any particular diet, I’ll TRY to stay away from junk food and I’ll tell ya the results, as of day 1 I completed all 6 rounds and I’m sweaty!
    Weight: 71.45 Kg
    Height: 1,70 m

  • I liked this routine so much. My problem with other abs workouts are that one exercise you are doing an HIIT standing up, and then you lie down in the next with relaxes your body a bit. Then the up and down of relax, hiit, tires you down as a whole. But in this one, you made it in parts which i absolutely love. you segregated the lie down exercises and the kickboxing and did not cross them one by one. so thank you for that <3

  • I’ve been working out with these videos for 5 years now and I’m not planning on switching it up with anything else:) I’m in the best shape of my life! Thank u Kelly and Daniel <3

  • Hi from Canada! You are bomb and your motivation is awesome! I laughed when you said ‘your legs are lying’ Right on and thank you!!, looking forward to more…������

  • WoW
    You have a wonderful, angelic physique.
    Please tell me your eating habits and what you eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. I really want to know your fitness secret.
    Amazing, you are.
    Please share or make a video on each and every single item that is there in your everyday diet.

  • This was a great video, got my upvote and got me to subscribe. Having done a lot of aerobic kickboxing myself, I would have liked to have seen a change in the lead foot. Since this is for sculpting as well as fat burn it’s nice to have symmetry in the workout. Personally, I just switched lead foot depending on round. Otherwise, great video, I really enjoyed it!

  • Heyy Bailey!! I love so much your routines and you have so complet videos! We can work all we want! Big kiss and thanks for your videos you’re the best ��

  • Just did this 5 mins hiit, out of breathhhhhh, but i am glad it’ll help me boast my energy level pretty soon. 5 mins are enough to start with����

  • This video was 10 minutes of getting my ass kicked! Awesome! I would’ve almost been easier to be the attacker, getting kneed in the face.

  • My sisters and i just started working out every morning, we love doing your five minute workouts! Thank you for making videos that are easy to follow along and also so effective ♥️

  • I did this workout with my son yesterday and it was great we had a great bonding over this. I can see behind you a “balance cushion” not sure how they are called over there. We actually have an hour classes on my gym using that and they are great, of course gyms are closed now and I have one at home but can’t find a good workout for this. I would love it if you upload one at some point. We love your workouts I’ve been a member way before the quarantine but now we are working out with you everyday. Love from Israel!

  • Mr. Kozak I love you so much Sir. Im able to go all 6 rounds with maximum intensity, of course towards r6 after the 1-2s I occassionally drop my hands for a second but thats all it takes to get slept by an overhand R, will work harder:)

  • Best tutorial I’ve seen in years!, it will really help me out with is addition to my workout I will lose at least 2 pounds of stubborn Brady fat! I’ve been workin on it for almost a year, I was even in the 2017 challange on the Facebook page and I just couldn’t burn that Brady fat, now I can! Thank you for sharing this

  • I feel bad that I can barely do this without dying and sweating up a storm. I’m 15 and pretty average when it comes to weight. 5 minutes after this I’m still out of breath. Honestly that’s kinda sad to me. But I’m going on a journey and I’m going to do this every bight till it’s too easy, then change to a higher intensity.

  • this was surprisingly really fun! ive been holding off on trying this for a long time cause it seemed hard but acutally its amazing! i feel energized and as if i let go of all the negative of my day:D and my arms are used to lifting weights but these sort of punches will definitely make them sore tomorrow

  • U should be more famous than u are at the momment❤ u helped me loose 1kg a day I actually did 3 hours between the whole morning and 1 hour between 3 o clock in the after noon and another hour at 4 o clock and 2 hours at early night basically I lost 1,200 calories an hour tho I had a few breaks plus I was watching Netflix while doing this but let’s say an hour and like 10 or 13 mins I know I did too soon but I was desperate but dont worry I had alot of hours to rest and I ate whatever I wanted I know its unhealthy but ye

  • Dude, this is the benchmark to a great kickboxing video. I’ve used Nike apps and even the so called “pros” couldn’t put up a video as intense!

  • Thank you so much Bailey! I am just a little over 2 weeks of my weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey and I have been seeing RESULTS! Increased mood and energy levels, weight loss; but most importantly, change in mindset. Thank you once again!

  • When I checked my FB calendar this morning and saw what’s the scheduled workout for today, my heart stopped when I peeked Daniel in the thumbail for a 51 min workout. I’m already dreading what’s to come tonight when I finally do this.

  • Day 2. Longest workout I’ve done in a while. Felt impossible but now that it’s over, i feel like crying.
    Thanks for a great workout!

  • This workout got me through college, “push! push! push!” Got me through some very difficult moments because in the last 6 years I’ve heard Coach in my head��❤ I’ve never been the same!!!!

  • 1 minute 17 seconds before you show us the actual work-out? get snappy, people have better things to do than listening to irrelevant info.

  • Coach Kozak doing this while talking, good movement, and grab small weight resistance. Meanwhile I stop every stage with extra seconds lmao

  • One big mistake: after heavy execrices of abdominal and back muscles in this video, you start relaxing exercises for the arms and legs. Totally wrong man. Totally wrong

  • Dno if you’ve answered this yet or im looking at things too much but where do u look while doing parkour.Look ahead or the obstacle or feet

    Wud help a lot

    This is coz i mess up a lot����

  • @Tappbrothers i have been wondering how to vault over things that are at the bottom of my collar bone is there a technique or just jump height -Big Fan peter.

  • Hey tapp brothers lots of love from india. I am a big fan of yours and I would like to give you a big thank for introducing Mike, the routine showed by him in last video helped me reducing my love handles. Thank you Mikey ���� have a good day man

  • You can find 30 days of these kind of workouts+ with core de force on Beachbody on demand.
    CDF also works in better interval trading and kicks

  • I took a look in the Hasfit store to see if I could find a pair of those shoes Coach Kozak is wearing. If anyone knows what those shoes are could you let me know. I need a good comfortable pair of shoes to do all these workouts. Thanks.

  • OMG that was amazing! The only problem was that my waist length hair decided to fall out of the bun I tied it in so was going everywhere ��

  • I imagined my father’s wife standing in front of me and let me tell you guys I’m swimming in my sweat it looks like i just got out of shower ��

  • hii, are these okay to do while fasting? i find low impact workouts don’t work as well during fasts, but i feel faint anyway, so i might as well do hiit?

  • Hey my name is wahib and i am using may father phone i watch your allmost all videos i am 14 years old i cannot do side filp because i gone afriad

  • How many times a day should I do this to lose weight before the summer, I have fat mainly around my thighs that I want to get rid of, also your workouts are amazing! And I love the scenery!��

  • I am suffering from extensor tendonitis in my foot and I was able to do this work out (no jumping jacks or boxer shuffles… well jumping..period) and I still was sweating a river! I’m used to doing the way harder stuff but this made for a great alternative with injury

  • As soon as I saw you on your reverse jab twist your foot I was like yes this guy knows what he’s doing I’ve been doing kickboxing for past year and half and honestly this and fight tips flexibility guide is the best videos I’ve seen on workouts and conditioning

  • Thank u so muchhh..i was searching for an 5 min workout as a beginner for weight loss and ur video popped up..u r more encouraging…the way u say 3 21…
    Love u and make more videos��ur new subbieeee

  • One of the top comments is saying that it burns like 50 cals at most if we do this at an even faster pace than you how many calories do you think we might burn? I’m gonna do it twice anyways I was just wondering

  • I’ve used a lot of workout videos and I don’t usually care about the person, I just decide whether the exercises they do suit me or not. But I really like Bailey. I get good vibes from her!

  • Thank you coach for this workout, I was really struggling with my belly fat after having a c section 20 months ago. I did this workout for 5 days a week and 40 minutes daily walking over 3 weeks I saw amazing results. I have my abs back. You really helped thank you so much.

  • Hey, I love your content! Though I was just wondering… should these 5min workouts of yours be done in 3 sets or are they just meant for a one time thing in combination with sth else..etc?

  • Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your workouts and videos; I’ve been doing a selection of your videos each morning to form a general 25 minute workout and I have felt so amazing. I thought that when people say that morning workouts make you feel uplifted, it was just talk to get you to exercise but I feel so refreshed and productive and I suddenly have a rush to do so many things and get on with my to do list. Your energy, motivation, positivity and down-to-earthness is inspiring and just makes me feel so good when I workout now because it feels easy but I know it is effective. Exercise doesn’t feel like a chore now, thank you so much.����

  • This is so perfect for when I want to do HIIT but don’t want to commit to a full HIIT workout lol. Do you have any tips for healthy snack food? I love my cucumbers and carrots, but sometimes I just want more carby snacks and it is nigh impossible to find carby snacks that don’t have a ton of sugar in them. <3 you and your workouts:)

  • Short but effective! I’ve done longer workouts that didn’t get my heart pumping at all. I also appreciate that you created a cardio workout without jumping or squats and lunges. I prefer to do those during my strength training.

  • Guys for reference I’m 115 pounds and 5.1 ft and burned 339 calories from this workout. My heart rate monitor is the most accurate. I hope this help you

  • This is one of my favorite videos of yours. I use it so many times a week! Could you make another one like this? Love everything you do! Thank you! ��

  • i have been trying out different fitness youtubers the past few days and no one could really motivate me.. but you’re literally amazing!! i love your vibe and energy and will definitely continue doing your workouts:)

  • This was amazing. Tried for the first time after trying other videos. This is rewarding (just my first day), and a lot more encouraging. I pushed myself in the last set and it feels great. I burnt over 350 calories here.

  • This is my favorite cardio routine from FB, it is effective AND so much FUN to do kickboxing. Im constantly returning to this workout. Great Job!

  • Hey Kelly or Daniel, quick question! When doing kickboxing moves, should I be keeping my hips still and just twisting my torso? Or does it depend on the move? P.S. Really love your videos, I do them at least 3 times a week

  • Would love more of these 5 minute burns; they’re fab when I’m short on time in the morning or to lift my energy later in the day ❤️❤️