Cardio Core Workout 3 Beginner-Friendly Belly Dancing Moves


30 Minute Belly Dance Workout For Beginners Step By Step

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Isolated Abs and Core | Bellydance Workout For All Levels

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StepFlix Belly dance, Cardio Fitness, Workout 3

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30-Minute Belly Dancing Workout For a Toned Core

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spring belly dance workout BEGINNER FRIENDLY

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15 Mins Full Body FAT BURN Workout | No Jumping | Beginner Friendly

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10 MIN CARDIO / No Jumping silent & neighbor friendly / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

Video taken from the channel: Pamela Reif

How to: Gently slide your ribcage to the right without moving your hips. Now contract to the back, slide to the left and arch to the front as you push your chest forward. Try circling your torso eight times to the right and eight times to the left, each time smoothing out any rough spots. Three Beginner-Friendly Belly Dance Moves for the New Year. By Michelle Hoeing Bauche, MS RDN LD CSOWN. If you’re like millions of others in 2017, you’ve placed exercise at the top of your list in the New Year.

Here’s a new exercise that can add a pleasant “twist” to your workout plan. Fun Dance Workout #3 For Weight Loss, Core, Abs & Flat Tummy at Home Beginners Cardio Aerobic Exercises ♥ Our FREE Yoga App for Apple: Have a blast while you burn calories with this belly dancing workout from Leilah Isaac.

No dance experience required — just get ready to have a blast while y. Belly Dance Cardio Workout for Weight Loss with Leilah Isaac is a sultry 10 minute belly dance fat burn routine that features flowing, total body-toning step. Belly Dance Workout for Beginners: Cardio Fat BurnLeilah Isaac Uploaded by Creu on February 25, 2019 at 1:04 pm workout that uses belly dance-inspired steps to jumpstart the metabolism, activate the core and boost weight loss potential for a total body toning experience on the dance floor!Kick calories and boring crunches to the curb with this high-velocity workout that keeps you on your feet with ab-chiseling dance moves like the Snake, pump squats, hip Rolls, side knee crunche. Here are the best free workouts to do at home, including free weights, dance, BeachBody and yoga.

These free streaming workouts are on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Facebook. 1. 30 Minute Total Body Burn Cardio Dance Workout Denise Austin is the name in the game for dance workouts. This one is only 30 minutes long and really gets the heart rate up!

Of course after taking my technique classes, you will want to use your new moves to add fun, creativity and grace to your workouts! Burn calories, work your abdominals and legs while sharpening your belly dance skills.

List of related literature:

“Why should one learn to belly dance?” says a blurb on the home page of the Web site

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A client of mine recently started belly dancing and loves it—it’s great exercise and she laughs and has fun.

“Will I Ever be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers” by Karyl McBride
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Belly dance, Belly danc(e,es,er,ers,ing).

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several exercise stimuli such as tandem foot standing, multidirectional weight lifts, heel–toe walking, line walking, stepping practice, standing on one leg, weight transfers (from one leg to the other), and even modified tai chi exercises and dance.

“Guccione's Geriatric Physical Therapy E-Book” by Dale Avers, Rita Wong
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I felt that I needed to balance my feminine and masculine sides and energies, and belly dancing achieves this with its focus on isolating opposite muscles and moving around a center core of the body.

“The Secret Pleasures of Menopause Playbook” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from The Secret Pleasures of Menopause Playbook
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Belly dancing is a great way to tone uterine muscles.

“Women's Herbs, Women's Health” by Christopher Hobbs, Kathi Keville
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Belly Dancing: Oh, this is so much fun!

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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Such exercises include walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, and aerobic dancing.

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The following sample routines provide simple aerobic choreography to assist the novice instructor.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
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There are many other forms of dance that offer benefits similar to belly dance, including African dance, samba, hip hop, and Bollywood dance.

“Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today” by Jena la Flamme, Mama Gena
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  • I can’t believe i found this workout ONE YEAR LATER. I have always wanted a belly dance exercise and have never found. Can we have more of this????? ��

  • This is really good sorry For my englisch nur i‘m German and i wann this Four week and it‘s Good really really really Good i‘m 12 And i want this sorry For my englisch

  • I’m on holiday in a chalet rn and there’s barely any room at all, so I thought I wasn’t going to be able to work out much but turns out I’m doing it more because I get bored easily lmao
    Thanks for this btw it’s really good and hopefully I can do this every day

  • Dank dir ist das Gym im Gegensatz zu diesen Workouts jetzt schon fast ein Klacks haha:D Also muss schon sagen, dass meine Ausdauer viiel besser dadurch geworden ist:D Danke:D

  • I like the video and the 30 second counter with beeper. However, I’m a beginner. I couldn’t keep up. Had to quit half way. During my 5 minutes of cardio, I had to substitute some of your instruction for my own idea, just to keep my body moving until the next move. Have you considered a 10 minute beginners video for cardio? Thank you for the workout this morning!

  • Chloe, it’s taken me a few weeks to even get my mind on board with working out. I saw someone’s results from your programs awhile back and I started thinking. I started doing research and for 3 weeks straight I fought with my mind to start. Yesterday I started with 3 workouts and this morning I committed myself to waking up early @ 6 am & I did 4 workouts. It took me 3 weeks to convince my mind to do this but after seeing how wonderful you & the community you’ve built is my mind is finally at ease and I want to continue incorporating your routines into my mornings. I am so sore today but it feels great. I’m excited to see what my cesarean scar looks like when I have abs to go with it. May not be in 2 weeks or even 6 months but I want to feel alive because admittedly I haven’t felt good in such a long time mentally and definitely not physically. Thank you for these videos and all your dedication to assisting people like myself who may have a hard time with this mentally more so than physically. I am ready to live a healthy life style.

  • You say silent but me screaming “kill me please” at 3 in the afternoon doesn’t seem to be silent to the 8 other families in my apartment-

  • does silent burpees an ad starts to play ends up doing silent burpees a minute instead of 30 seconds because i don’t want to take a break

  • U r doing such a great job.. personnaly after having a baby I’m kind of being embarrassed in the jim so I prefer working out alone.. ur videos helped me a lot.. thnxxxxx

  • Why do I find this workout soooo hard lol maybe cuz all the moves gotta be so in control �� I’m sweating bullets! The silent burpees are almost as hard as the regular ones ��

  • Why can’t I download the video? Can you please do something about this not all people are privilege to always have internet connection

  • If you insist on ads put them at the beginning of the video, not throughout it. Such a dick move.

    Besides that fantastic and super fun little workout. I’ve done it a bunch of times at the end of my exercise routine. Always leaves me feeling great.

  • At first i think “ oh it’s silent version so i won’t get sweat “
    After done 1 yours “ wtf, hell i haven’t sweat like this before”
    I also doing sb workouts for 20 minutes but it’ve never gotten this sweat guys
    The burn is real omg
    I love u pamela��������

  • I’ve been through a few belly dance tutorials since the lockdown, and this is the first I’ve watched that’s explained how to do the shoulder shimmy in a way which i understood. Thank you for going through it slowlyit’s difficult to do!
    I haven’t been through your channel, but I would like to request that for future videos, either increase the volume of the mic or decrease the volume of the music as sometimes the music overshadowed your voice.

  • I’m doing this for 30 days
    Hoping for the best results ��
    Thanks Pamela for this super awesome work.

    Day 1: Did it halfway because I rarely exercise and I got very exhausted in the middle of it.

    Day 2: continued till the end, feeling exhausted but feeling a lot better. My body feels sore but I’m happy I did it!!

    Day 3: I’m feeling full of energy, body pain has reduced and I can easily do it till the end.
    Sweating like anything, but feeling more energetic

    Day 4: I’m very excited that I made it till day 4, sweating a lot today, also i took lesser breaks than previous days! Yay��

    Day 5: Couldn’t do this workout today because I was sick��!

    Day 6: Almost a week, and I feel soooooo great!!
    I’m full of energy whole day, I can sleep well at night..

    Day 7: On my periods’ first day, I wasn’t sure if I could do it but it was really easy, I can feel cramps are reducing.

  • I love it, but you put some moves in there repeatedly over and over, I appreciate this 10 minute thing, but there was lots of repeating

  • hi to everyone annoyed about the ads you can skip all the way to the end of the video and then replay the video, it will get rid of all the ads!

  • Does anybody know how much calories you can burn doing this workout? I know it differs per individual, but an estimate will be of help.

  • This was harder than expected �� it has shown me that I am not do coordinated because the shimmy with the step front step back hop up double clap was NOT what my body was doing!

  • Kann mir jemand sagen wie viele Kalorien bei diesem Workout verbrannt werden können? Vorausgesetzt alles Übungen werden richtig ausgeführt?

  • Thank you for keeping me in shape during quarantine!! I’ve been doing your workouts each week and it is such a great motivation for me to workout without making the excuse of it being too hot outside�� Love these challenging exercises!! Thank you❤️❤️

  • Disclaimer (I am doing this just so I can keep track so I’m not looking for likes!)
    Day 1: complete✅ I was really ache after this workout I was sweating so much and I couldn’t walk my legs were so shaky but I did do this at the night!
    Day2: complete✅ Wasnt as bad as yesterday but it was tiering and tough but overall a good workout! I was also sweating a bit
    Day 3: complete✅ I am starting to see a difference in my belly fat (which is why I am here) this was tough again but it seems to be getting less harder as I go!
    Day 4: Complete✅ this was really hard for my legs for some reason but it was probably because I did a leg workout 30mins before this! (If your looking for a leg workout that is really good! Here is the link if anyone is looking for a really good leg workout! This really make me sweaty and I couldn’t do the last exercise from how tired and ache I was but I pushed through it and did the most I could!

  • If anyone is wondering whether it works or not. Yes! It works. I started doing this 1 month ago and I m seeing good results. I can feel and see my body getting into shape. You should try it too.����

  • I filmed this workout about 1.5 weeks ago and some parts of the burn on my leg blistered up after I finished the workout! I wasn’t ready to workout yet but i’m still glad i got this filmed! Haven’t really worked out since. ��Hope you guys enjoyed this program so far!

  • After two weeks of the abs challenge and one of the 3 weeks arm challenge i can finally do the UP and Down Planks, I AM SO HAPPY AND PROUD c:

  • Aug. 16 31, 2020 (14 days=2 weeks)����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����������������‍♀️����‍♀️��

    Aug. 16 (Day 1) Sun ✅
    Aug. 17 (Day 2) Mon ✅
    Aug. 18 (Day 3) Tue ✅
    Aug. 19 (Day 4) Wed ❌ rest day. Sore af
    Aug. 20 (Day 5) Thu ✅
    Aug. 21 (Day 6) Fri ✅
    Aug. 22 (Day 7) Sat ✅
    ����‍♀️WEEK 1 ✅��

  • Oosh love those hips ❤️ better than Shakira tbh. I swear to God that I really liked yours over Shakira’s you have such a stunning and amazing “hips that don’t idle”

  • I feel so wronged… I was feeling lazy so i clicked on it because of the “no jumping” in the title. Ended up jumping for 15 minutes ��

  • Thank you so much, PopSugar & Leilah! I’ve been waiting forever for a belly dancing workout! This is by far my favorite dance workout!

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “belly dance tutorial video” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Tiyammad Belly Bulldozer (do a search on google )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got great success with it.

  • Hey Chloe! Do I need to follow the full schedule in lean arms challenge? because in day 1 to 21 there are 3 workouts, do I need to follow the 3 workouts by day?

  • Hi Chloe! I was wondering do I still have to warm up before this workout? Because I watched your warm up vid and the start of this vid is kind of the same with that. I use your warm up vid as my warm up, please do tell! >.<

  • Got 5 minutes in and had to take a looong break. When I came back I kid you not my body was incapable of doing even the low impact versions lol. My goal is to get all the way through this workout eventually! AND do it without stopping OR doing anything low impact or modified. Might take a few months but I WILL get there

  • I did this workout earlier this morning and when Im finished, I feel dizzy, nauseous and my heart rate is faster. I feel like I’m gonna pass out.

  • this kinda does have a lot of jumping that maybe doesn’t seem like much but if you live in an apartment building your neighbors will for sure see it as jumping. also does anyone have a tip maybe for a stupid fitness mat that keeps sliding away over the floor?

  • Day 1: I loved it I didn’t get a lot of sweat but it’s okay.
    Day 2: it was fine same amount of sweat from yesterday but I had more on my back
    Day 3: Rest day (I wanted to lol)
    Day 4: UP and energised!!
    Day 5: Rest day (I couldn’t exercise because we had to go somewhere for 7 HOURS)
    Day 6: I did another workout but I can’t do some as I’m not that fit
    Day 7 (now): Finished workout and sweating crazy

  • Day 1: have completed this workout, albeit with a LOT of rests and I didn’t manage to do all of the exercises (I have literally upper core or arm strength). Am now sweating like a pig.

    Please spam me to come back tomorrow guys, I need to finally start exercising. I’m hoping the peer pressure will get to me

  • I think this is the one for me for now until i can do your other intense workouts, been doing this specific one and I had to stop, my head even hurts after it.. so i decided to look for another video of yours and i found this, i’ll stick to this till i gain enough strength to do the other videos that include intense jumping and shit <3

    Day 1: Got through with the exercise but wasn’t satisfied because it was hard.

    Day 2: (I planned on managing my eating but ended up in the night drinking tea and eating crackers because i sort of felt uneasy with my head). AnywayGot through with the exercise, broke a lot of sweat, I had to stop at certain iintervals of the video tho to drink water for my dry ass throat so i dont pass out, I have to work on the elbow bicycle one, the up+down+jacks and the V up+straight leg crunch cuz those were killing me which hindered me from being fluent with the whole exercise. Hope tomorrow is better than today �� and imma manage my eating strictly this time for the sake of results.

    Edit: Guys i couldn’t, the pandemic started, and my parents not stable in the money department so you know i cant be begging them to buy me this healthy stuff or that, so i’ll have to eat what ever that’s been carried in and cooked, plus as much as i’ve been trying to eat less, its not working out for me, its stressful and gets hard after a while, if anyone who’s been successful in this area can help me out? because it seems im just not doing something right.. imma still thinking up ideas to get over this tho, until someday where i can make my own money to finally buy what i need, especially for the consistent eater habit like what i have, maybe there’s a snack out there low in calorie that’ll just fit me right, but for now i have a feeling quick results are gonna be a bit slow. If your willing, continue to stay with me in this journey cause its gonna be loooooooooooooooong:) and thanks for the likes so far

    Day 3: rest day ����
    Day 4: Rest day..

    Day 5: Did the exercise, i guess im a bit satisfied than my previous results.. im getting use to the workout a bit, but i gotta say the side planks are fking me up, so i substitute that for a crunch instead till im light enough to do that shit lol my body and my arms do not agree on that exercise:) anyway hope tomorrow is better than today!

    Day 6: Whew! got through with the exercise once again:D think it was better than last time as well, and i sweat aaalot! my side was hurting tho during the workout but i got through with it somehow, boy who brought about ads in the first place? they’re my hero from now on �� anyhow, off to tomorrow! Hope its better than today ��

    Day 7: Done! and i could feel myself getting use to some of the exercises i’d usually feel really tired to:D hope tomorrow is better than today! ��

    Day 8: Yay, got through with the exercise finally.. my mom saw me and request my little sis do it also so when i finished the exercise and start it over for her to do, as soon as she finished the second exercise in the beginning she quit and went back up stairs X’D i felt it for her tho.. anyway, off to tomorrow ��

    Day 9: Whew! it was tiring but i got through it.. i hope to hurry and get use to these exercises or it’ll kill me! but i burn a lot of sweat �� off to tomorrow!

    Day 10: –

    (hey guys so im switching up my exercise routine, every 1 week i go to a new video and try out her exercise. So currently im over on 10 minutes morning routine to burn belly fat | no jumping. Then after a week i’ll go to another video, then come back here again after the week’s end and the cycle rotates till i feel i can add more to the bunch.) So if you wanna find me, find me over there, i’ll notify the other video i’ll go on when the week’s past again, so if your interested at all stay tune.

    Day 11: –

    Day 12: –

    Day 13: –

    Day 14: –

    Day 15: rest day

    Day 16: Rest day

    Day 17: ( im over on the “Intense Abs Workout | Lose Belly Fat Fast | Cardio Abs Workout Routine
    ” ��)

    day 18: –

    day 19: –

    day 20: –

    day 21: (im coming back here again starting monday) ��

  • Hi…I hv been following ur video since two weeks n something hv chnge lil n choeting please suggest m wht food I should hv during workout time.. so dat I cn get result soon

  • last day of the lean arms program:)
    I notice a lot of changes in my strength, posture and toning! I’m really happy.
    You can do it too!

  • I’m literally laying in bed about to get up to do this workout and I haven’t worked out in FOREVER and I know I’m about to feel so bad after. ��

  • Hey, is it possible to loose weight just doing this workout every day? I already eat mostly healthy but too much ( i already work on it:))
    I’m just wondering if i can loose some fat only doing this or do i have to do more exercise?
    Wish you all the best and stay positive:3

  • I tried it this morning, several new steps and combos to learn. We need something cheerful these days. Your creative work has become even more priceless during this difficult time. We can achieve keeping fit, entertainment and uplifting spirits all at home. Made social isolation much easier. Thank you ����

  • Am I the only one who couldn’t do the side plank table top kick and switched to low impact ver but couldn’t even do the low impact ver either?������

  • This is a great workout but for some reason today I felt a little dizzy and nauseous doing this. Maybe its just my condition that is not good today or maybe I need to take more deep breaths.

  • Anyone actually here from the lean arms challenge?
    Day 12 and dripping in sweat but SO worth it. I’ve noticed so many changes already and in my body image and confidence, I’m so grateful for you Chloe! Thanks from Colorado ❤️

  • Can you please do all moves sideways so we can see what part of your body is moving and how it moves, it hard to see just by front view
    Thank you

  • I am greatly motivated to do some workouts this quaranchronicles ugh like I am tryna making some foundations and make myself lighter so that I can dance easier since I am fat:”)) the workout is still hard for me but I will keep doing this until I can reach my goal hehe love you Chloe!! Keep safe❤️❤️❤️

  • As much as I enjoyed this, I do not think this is beginner friendly because you aren’t really explaining the moves and are very quick to layer. Great for intermediate, but probably frustrating to people just starting out. I think you would have more viewers if you had more basic classes

  • It’s so weird… on here, I hear your voice, but on my TV, all I get is the music and it’s like you’re on mute. It made me sad… At least now I know I can watch it here if anything.:)

  • Sweetmoves, I don’t know if it is just my notice or my ears, the sound of these two latest videos is less clear and lower volume than previous videos.

  • Ok so I’m 14 and I don’t really work out so it’s kinda hard for me to start and I’m trying to do something not too hard but I want results and I don’t know which video to do can someone help me out please?

  • Hey Chloe!!!! Iam a new subscriber. Thank you sooo much for the workout. And I also appreciate that you filmed the video even after you burnt yourself. I was a girl that was shy to do workouts, but now with your help. Iam finally able to do this. Thanks a lot and keep up. Be happy and safe. Love you sis. ��❤️ And……. One more thing!!! Get well soon!!!!!!

  • Wonderful thank you! I am a bit low on iron right now so didn’t think I would be able to manage the routines I normally do from your channel, this was so lovely and gentle <3 I added in my kettle bell where I could just to up it a little bit and it worked perfectly ��

  • I’d like to learn the moves properly first, then a warning before we shift into new moves. It was WAY too quick for a beginner. That being said, this would be a wonderful routine / workout! And I love your costumes. ������

  • Who ever said dance is not a sport they need to do some of these videos im sweating everywhere like i just finished a Olympics triathlon

  • Poor black girl..u can tell she so is uncomfortable at this poing!! Bless her heart….I’m assuming she missed the memo for rehearsals!! But I’m lost too girl…so we are in it together lol

  • It’s fun but in my opinion it’s really hard to keep up because there are so many new moves at once and then on top of it you have to do them right after each other

  • I\’m not sure but,if anyone else is searching for how to belly dance video lessons try Letza Fast Dance Lessons(do a google search )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it.

  • hi everyone,if anyone else needs to find out about can i learn to belly dance online try Letza Fast Dance Lessons(should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my neighbor got great results with it.

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to discover how to belly dance video online try Letza Fast Dance Lessons(Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  • I loved the workout so much! Would it be possibly to play belly dance rhythms throughout? Like baladi, malfuf, etc.? I would love that. It keeps me in the vibe when dancing.


    Language Bae

  • it was a little bit frustrating that she was not on the beat and that was confusing almost on the whole workout BUT anyway it was funny and different:) thaaaaank you

  • Day 3 of doing this every day for 2 weeks, I can’t do the full 15 minutes as my body will completely collapse so I have to ease myself into but I’m really close to doing the workout fully

  • Just wonderful, I have been researching “basic steps to belly dancing” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Tiyammad Belly Bulldozer (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.

  • I wonder if the one in the green isn’t wearing real leggings, the lady in the green they show of everything they are too thin������

  • Want more workouts? Check out our workout playlist with LONGER workouts, ones for ARMS, LEGS and CORE and STRETCHES.

  • The black girl is so cute and so lost. �� I can’t take my eyes off of how lost she is. She represents everyone scratching their head right now.

  • Hi Leilah. I love the videos, but I am an older, overweight and out of shaper and find the steps too fast. Do you have a video that is not only for beginners, but also for slow pokes?

  • 3 adverts right in the middle of the video! I get youtube wants us to pay for the premium but I think that’s a bit much! I normally love this workout but that really put me off!

  • I liiiiike this workout a lot �� Silent Burpees are so much easier than real Burpees haha!
    I tried to adapt all exercises to a more silent version, even the Mountain Climbers are a “walking” version instead of jumping.

    Hope you enjoy it!!

  • am i supposed to do all workouts in this challenge everyday for 3 weeks? because i skip a lot of them and i feel dead after one video already:'(

  • Aw man! These are all of the moves I hate because I still really struggle with them. Piston hips are super hard for me. I will have to pause and rewind a lot here.��

  • Okay, so that’s my 2nd day with this workout and I will do it for like 30 days
    I’m starting with weight: 66.5 kg (146.6 lbs), if I don’t forget, I’ll comment there after my workout everyday
    btw I’m doing 2 weeks too!
    3rd day: it was hard, I’m so sweating and my elbows are hurting ;(

  • You don’t clearly show the stapes… If I was a belly dance expert why would I come to you?? Please explain the steps.. it’s not possible to follow so fast and understand the stapes at the same time.. plus your voice so low..

  • The eighties got that step from the sixties at which time it was known as the Temptations walk. Because the Temptations used it on stage in their performances. I don’t know where they got it from.

    Great work out!:)

  • Want to extend your dancing, perfect technique and learn choreography?? Become a Choreography Shimmy Shaker now on Patreon! Learn a full choreography with exclusive videos: ��✨✨✨

  • This was great, thank you! I have been looking for fun workouts to do while in quarantine to keep my fitness going lol and this was so much fun and honestly a much more difficult workout than I thought! I’m definitely subscribing to this channel lol thank you!

  • This video was sooo helpful, and it was a short way to get a great exercise. The music was excellent and I really appreciate that you put in the countdown so I knew that it was almost time to stop. Thank you so much for this video

  • I love the exercise and dancing that you prepare for us. You make the steps easy for me to learn. Specially when you perform the steps not only in front but also from the back and the sides. Thank you so much.

  • So i need some learning about workouts. If I’m trying to flatten my stomach or lose some fats in there, should i do cardio workout instead? Or should i straight up do an ab workout? I really need an answer. Thank you so much in advance❤

  • Hi Elisa, this is the second time this week I have followed this exercise. Today I completed the whole workout. Thank You. I feel calm as well as energised after the workout. You are a great teacher. BW. Tokunbo

  • Thank you so much for this video. I’m using it daily whilst on COVID-19 lockdown here in England. Have always wanted to Belly Dance. I’m glad it’s not just me who says they need to work on coordination! Loved this. Thank you. Hope to make it look like you do eventually! Haha:) x

  • Thank you good workout. At least we sweated. Some of the other beginner videos are too easy and kind of makes us beginners feel like we are special needs or something 😉

  • just loved this workout! the trainer was always so positive and smiling all the time ☺️�� I can feel I burned a lot of calories �� but had tons of fun! thank you ✨

  • Work out at home, and have fun while doing it! Here’s 30 mins to get you hot and sweaty. That’s the recommended time of exercise we need each day.

    Thank you everyone who had been requesting this video. Enjoy it! Be sure to comment below. ����������