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Yes, it is possible to exercise too much. If you’re hitting the gym almost daily and still not seeing results, you might be overtraining. Here’s how to tell if you’re working out too much—and. Given how HIIT classes have taken over the fitness industry, it’s common sense that we want to build the most muscle and burn the most fat in the least amount of time.

And it turns out that your workout can be too long. Take a squat, for example, says Miguel Aragoncillo, strength coach at Cressey Sports Performance. But is it possible to get too much of a good thing? It turns out that the answer is yes. Exercise provides many health benefits, but at some point working out too.

It may not seem possible, but exercising too much can have a negative impact on the body. Instead of building the body up, excessive amounts of exercise can actually have the opposite effect. It’s important to learn how your body responds to exercise and then schedule your workouts accordingly.

Alternating the type of exercise is also beneficial. Working out too much or too vigorously can cause such muscle damage. So can dehydration, getting crushed by a car, a falling building, or Superman/Supergirl, falling and laying motionless for a. Well, the short answer is that your car’s air conditioner might start blowing out hot air.

This is because if you have too much coolant in the system, then the compressor will have to work extra hard to move this coolant. The compressor can only work so hard though, and when it reaches the maximum it can work, it will kick off. Yes.

It is very possible to workout too much. It is so awesome to be ‘addicted’ to the post high feeling of working out, but at some point we need to take a chill pill and let our body heal. The funny thing about going to the gym too often is that it can actually make you. Too much exercise can leave you exhausted, and the extra sweating doesn’t always pay off.

Research backs this up: When Danish scientists had couch potatoes do. Exercise is supposed to be good for you — but exercising too much or running too fast can have serious consequences for your body and brain. Over.

Sometimes, working out too much can be a sign of compulsive exercising, as can exercising in place of other activities, working out for too long at one time, and not feeling right unless you exercise. Intense workouts every day may not give your body enough time to recover.

List of related literature:

Sure, it’s better to get enough rest, not to overtrain, and to eat well enough to fuel your workouts, but no matter how bad you feel or how much energy you lack I have found you can still

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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If you get too much rest, then your long­term fitness will deteriorate.

“Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 2nd Ed.” by Hunter Allen, Andrew Coggan
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Raising the workload significantly by doing two-a-days can cause you to become overtrained in just a few weeks, depending on how well you cope with training stress (see Chapter 10 for more on overtraining).

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
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Yes, your normal conveniences and logistics may get a bit messed up, you may not have access to a gym, you may not be able to prepare your own meals, you may need to change your sleeping pattern —but nothing should stop you from continuing on your fitness path.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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You can’t force in the extra workouts, because there is a limit to how much stress your body can handle.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
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Of course, it is possible to overdo it.

“Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies” by Alan L. Rubin, Cait James
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Well, by the time you get to the heavy, muscle-building sets, you’re so fatigued from what you’ve already done that you can’t handle the heavy stuff nearly as well you should be able to.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
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You can achieve excellent fitness taking two days off a week from cardio (you may still be strength training on those days, or you may choose to take complete days off), so if that’s what fits best into your schedule or feels best on your body, don’t sweat it, so to speak.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
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If exercise is followed by more fatigue, it is too much.

“Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy E-Book: Modern Herbal Medicine” by Kerry Bone, Simon Mills
from Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy E-Book: Modern Herbal Medicine
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This wouldn’t be so hard if you did the same workout every day, but if your workouts vary from day to day, then each day requires a separate calculation.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
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  • If at some point more volume is harmful for muscle gains, what do very large workouts, such as x hundred pull-ups a day (not necessarily in one session) or one thousand burpees in one session (for more examples visit the channel IronWolf), for you?

  • I ran a marathon about 10 years ago and weighed myself before I left the house for the race at 185 pounds. I drank at every water stop possible and drank a LOT of fluid after the race then weighed myself when I got home and I was 178 pounds. This was all water weight that I put back on over the next few days, but it shows just how much water you can lose via extertion and the importance of replenishing not only your water but your electrolytes.

  • How do you always know exactly what I need to hear, LOL? Finally learned that too much of a “good thing” is not always good…even if it is exercising with Jessica Smith:) I’ve had to cut back and it helped me get over the plateau and shed a few pounds!

  • Monday: Leg day
    Tuesday: Chest Day
    Wednesday: Arms day (biceps and tricep)
    Thursday: Back day
    Friday: Shoulders day
    Saturday: Ab workouts
    Sunday: Rest

  • I’m a little bit sceptical about this video. Pro athletes working out 6-7 days per week and engaging one muscle group more than 2 times a week. Your body will adapt to work out on your upper body every day if u doing so, for a long period of time. Anyway routine depends on your preferences, so as always just listen to your body

  • I agree with there is a such thing as too much exercise. Last summer I started calorie counting and working out about t 1 1/2 hours, 6 times a week some times even 2 hours.. It got to a point were I was exhuasted. I maintained my wieght exercising here and there. Recently I started wieght lifting and focusing more on nutrition I’ve lost 4 pounds in a month exercising just 45 minutes 3-4 times a week! I am a stay at home mom so I try my best to move around the house and its worked out for me.

  • I really like how you comprehend all sort of cases that should be taken account of to get what we actually desire in the first place. “It depends” is more reliable and comprehensive for everyone rather than just a yes or no ����


  • Well said, though certainly nothing new. I have noticed an increased focus on the micro details of exercise/diet where it becomes a 24 hour a day focus. Make time for God first and always.

  • Unless you are a professional athlete and need 100% efficiency, just be consistent with your routine and always take into account proper rest times, adequate exercise form and good nutrition.

  • Monday soccer (leg day):P
    Tuesday Boxing
    Wednesday Chest and bi
    Thursday Boxing
    Friday Back and tri
    Saturday Boxing
    Sunday -PS4 day

  • Here’s my Full Body regiment that works perfectly for everyone of all ages and/or gender: 1 SET & 20 REPS (3 Count) of EVERYTHING

    Pull Ups
    Standard Pushup
    Diamond Pushups
    Wide Arm Pushups
    Elevated Pushups
    Tricep Dips
    Sit Ups
    Weighted Sit Ups
    Inclined Sit Ups
    Mountain Climbers
    V Ups
    Dragon Flags
    L Sit
    Knee Taps
    Donkey Kicks
    Pyramid Jacks
    Standard Plank
    Side Planks
    Flutter Kicks
    Russian Twist
    In & Outs
    Frog Kicks
    Weighted Squats
    Goblet Squat
    Reverse Lunges

    Follow Up with a standard day of weight/strength training at least once per week and you’ll find yourself completely shredded in no time. I’ve been doing this regiment for 13 years and I literally get paid to look good.

  • He basically said that you decide how many exercise is too much for you, because fatigue is an emotion, examples of running and swimming were to show this.

  • Iker Casillas….the goalie of the Spanish National Soccer Team and currently working as goalie for a Portuguese 1st division team (Porto FC) just had a heart attack…..

  • mfw the reasons my arms aren’t getting bigger is because I do pull ups by the hour, never resting.

    the wait for arm day is killing me!

  • I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week for about 2 months or so. I don’t feel any additional hunger but I don’t feel any thinner either…? My husband asked me if I’m doing too much, but I don’t think I am. I work out between 30-60 minutes typically and I do a different video every day so usually nothing is getting worked 2 days in a row. I know you said it’s different for everyone, but does what I’m doing sound ok to you? Thanks for your informative Q & A’s!

  • Love how he talks about strength training than cardio… I wonder how cardio plays into this if you can answer that would be awesome

  • is my workout days good.

    monday chest and back
    tuesday arms and shoulders
    wednesday legs
    thursday chest and back ( light )
    friday sunday rest

  • As a girl for me it looks like this rn;
    Mind you I dance hip hop or go running almost everyday on top of this ✊��
    1) Upper body
    2) Lower body
    3) Rest
    4) Upper body
    5) Lower body
    6) Rest

  • Monday
    Chest,Back, Shoulder,Legs, Biceps Triceps

    Tuesday Rest

    Legs,Tricep, Biceps, chest, back shoulder

    Thursday Rest


    Saturday Rest

    Abs exercises and 1Hour Powerfull Cardio

  • Will anything bad happen if I exercise 5 hours over a 12 hour period? I play a game with an auto play feature, so I spend a lot of time walking in place while watching the monitor. Of course I am not constantly walking 100% of the time, but I am out of my chair more than half the time. Will this stress my body out, or is it fine since it’s spread out and low impact?

  • Sounds like Yamaha Keyboards jogging en masse into a neon city where the 80’s style inhabitants defend themselves with a sweat powered mech wielding a glowstick warhammer

  • I’m currently unemployed and do a bit of cardio at the gym every day that I don’t lift to loose some weight and keep me going. As far as I’ve come to understandyou don’t want to mix cardio and weight lifting. But some cardio will decrease your fat mass so that your muscles become more visible, so I pretty much hit the gym almost every day of the week now with good results.

  • Hi Jessica I have been doing your workouts on u tube for past 2 months. Everyday I workout for an hour or 1hr 15mins. I do bare, strength, walks n I enjoy it. But I feel tired n fatigued throughout the day. Whole body aches n not able to move around comfortably. What am i doing wrong. Do i need to take protein supplement. I am a vegetarian, n 61 years old. My name is Amita Mehta & I am from Mumbai India.waiting for your guidance. Thanks

  • Many of us former athletes and former military suffer from this. We are taught push hard and often. Now in my 50’s I am paying dearly for this. I still exercise but more sanely and enjoy my activities more now.

  • wow, so she’s an expert on space and fitness…. hadn’t watched Amy’s channel in awhile so was surprised and delighted to see her here. She’s awesome!

  • A dietitian I used to see told me daily workouts can cause an abundance of inflammation in the body. This drain’s your metabolism’s enery because your body is focused on healing the inflammation rather than putting energy into losing weight. Over-exercising can also cause weight gain for this reason.

  • Interesting. Loved the ending of the video, to me wraps everything up… it’s not putting down working out but rather lifting up our spiritual selves… reminds me of Matthew 23:23 “But these you should have done, without neglecting the others.”

  • Great video! You nailed every point very well. However, one important factor not mentioned is the importance on the type of clothing we ought to wear, and not wear, when we visit the gym like those demonic leggings and booty shorts, for example. Very worldly!

  • Do not read this. If you do you will die in seven days if you don’t put this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. If you do, tomorrow will be the greatest day of your life.

  • I have a question how do you get back into working out and eating healthy when you’ve gone a week of eating nothing but junk food and no exercise due to a long vacation

  • Wow. I’ve ran 12 marathons, and I can tell you the reason that guy can run so fast in the last bit of the race, is because he was conserving his energy. Any semi-professional runner would know that. He’s not running as fast as he can throughout the entire race, and he’s concerning his energy for the last kilometer. He’s not at his most tired before the last kilometre like this guy says. That’s against every standard and technique I’ve ever studied in running.They made an entirely hypothetical Model without even consulting the runner from what it sounds like. I don’t necessarily dispute their conclusions per se. How they got there was completely through a guessing game. One that does not hold truth to us marathon runners techniques.

  • You are absolutely right, Jessica. I’ve been workong out for many years and I observed that I’m in better shape when doing short workouts (20-30 m). And yes, an active lifestyle helps a lot. I see a great improvement since I’ve got a little dog and have to take him for a walk three times a day.

  • MON: Back, Biceps & abs…… TUE: leg day… WED: chest, triceps & Shoulders… THU: Cardio… FRI: back, bi, abs… SAT: leg day SUN:Chest,tri,shoulders…. Is this too much?? thats kinda what i do.. sometimes cardio day i use as rest day with no gym at all

  • This is very timely for me. Over the past few months I have found myself working out as a much as 2-3 hours a day. I was unable to sleep, I was ravenous and my muscles were so sore I was unable to walk comfortably. I believe it began when I started using an activity tracker and got worse over time.. This week I finally had to decrease the amount of exercise I did each day and within two days I felt better and lost a pound and a half ( I actually was putting on weight because I craved sugar and simple carbs all the time.) I am 50 years old and I am not going to be an Olympic Runner…..exercise is supposed to be fun and I was losing that in my pursuit of meeting my unrealistic Apple Watch fitness goals. This week I walked without pain, slept better than I have in months and didn’t dread exercising. Thank you Jessica for your sensible, balanced approach towards diet and exercise. I am learning to strive for my personal best and being healthy, not only a number on the scale.

  • This is the problem with science like this. Either people haven’t done proper research. “I looked this up this morning.”
    So studies that are done are biased in some form. So people have many different “facts” about how to reach the same goal when it comes to nutrition or fitness. Plus this video didn’t answer what happens when we train to much.

  • Well, I came here to learn about how much exercise is too much. I’m a little peeved that the talk had nothing to do with that question but I did learn some new things so I’m not entirely mad.

  • Jessica,   I have been exercising 3 hours a day for years.  I want to stop.  I used to be heavy in my twenties and am now in my fourty’s.  I am so tired of working out so hard, but I am afraid of gaining weight back.  I never feel like I get enough exercise in even at 3 hours, yet I feel dead all the time.  I am a mom of four and run for my family all day, too.  Any suggestions?  Thank you so much, and I love your videos and your channel.  You are a blessing.

  • Hallo Jessica! Is there going to be workout with long bar weight? I have one at home from mine brother and I do not know what to do with it..thank you

  • if only tim noakes was interested in facts and rigour,he might not have made south africans a laughing stock in the world of nutrition science.

  • Hi Jessica,
    Just wondering what your advice is for post-workout health. What exactly should I make sure to do after a good workout? What shouldn’t I do after a good workout?

  • I was following a workout month thing and part of it was 200 push ups a day and on the 5th day I busted my shoulder up, and by that I mean I badly damaged my shoulder muscle

  • Soreness is not necessary for muscle growth. Just because you sore doesn’t mean you didn’t have an effective workout. Watch Scott Herman.

  • This is what happens when the person conducting the study doesn’t even participate in the subject. Like getting a tattoo from someone without tattoos

  • Hello Jessica! I really like your videos and your fitness advise! I would like to ask your opinion on if you think being a vegetarian is safe or healthy. Thank you!

  • this is just how I am feeling right how, exercising everyday for 40mins, and an incredibile hunger! so as you said I have to calm down a bit..I already move the whole day while working so, in order to eat less,I ‘ll working out a bit less..

  • Great question! Thanks for the info makes so much sense when you explain it like that and I definitely can see the need for mixing up the workouts both in intensity and length. I’ve learned so much through these Q & As!

  • Great video to show that business science and science in general isn’t always credible and don’t believe every fad, health and evolution in general is incredibly complex and we still don’t know everything about diet and fitness, but one thing that is a fact plant based diets are like super diesel compared to traditional animal protein in n terms of sports performance.

  • At one point in my life I was giving 12 hours off aerobics\step\tae boxe classes + I was training at least an hour 5 or six days a week….at one point I noticed my cardiovascular capacity was declining and I was really tired all the time. A simple beginners step class was hard to teach so I had no choice but to cut way back and eventually I got better. Now I don’t teach anymore, I train with you and follow your nice schedules so I never feel as I did back then.:)

  • Yes, I have exercised too much. I used to workout 2+ hours every day. I wanted to loose weight and I thought I had to exercise like The Biggest Loser show. I still struggled in losing weight and when I crashed I gained it all back plus more. I ended up having adrenal fatigue and I am still trying to recover from it.

  • I do 1 hr of yoga a day as it’s fairly light as workouts go but stretches most of the muscles then do hiit on a bro spilt for 20mins. Sometimes i do hip openers for 30mins after because that’s just sitting on the floor stretching essentially.

  • I definitely believe you can exercise too much…why? Because I have done it before. My weight-loss routine doesn’t involve dieting. I eat what I want when I want. However, I track every single calorie and work out more to eat more. It works for me most of the time, but for awhile there, I couldn’t stop eating (or so it seemed to me) and just kept exercising more and more to be able to eat more. It was a vicious cycle and I finally realized that instead of looking for more to eat, I should busy myself doing other things. My other problem is that I work at home, so I rarely (if ever) leave the house. I am almost literally chained to my computer all day long, because if I don’t write at least 10 articles a day (weekends included), we don’t have enough money to make the bills. I can’t “get more active” throughout the day without using those super short and sweet 10-minute walking workouts. They’re a nice little boost of movement in an otherwise dreary and boring day. I can’t stand and work (the computer desk doesn’t adjust) and I really don’t have the desire to go outside (I hate bugs). I usually do the recommended workout that you so helpfully send each week, and then try to add in 30 more minutes of walking workouts throughout the day. I might do a full 30-min workout in the late afternoon, or may do 10 minutes after lunch, 10 minutes around 3p and 10 minutes around 7p. I find that is usually the best balance for me, because I get my sweat on early in the morning, and then add in a little walking. Now, instead of reaching for the cupcakes (or add any sugary/salty/fatty treat here) I do a short walking workout. If I still want that cupcake (or whatever) afterwards, I’ll have it, but I usually don’t want it:)

  • I train on a straight week and don’t get any soreness. And ofc the volume keeps getting high by time I continue, what should i do? ;—;

  • thanks for the information Jessica:) Along with exercise i try to move throughout the day specially with kids. I tend to get alot of tension in my neck and shoulders, any particular exercise that would help?

  • Just when I thought I’d get to a point or find answer, it just flew all around in a flurry! Had to come to the comment section to maybe get the answer to some degree.

  • I read in Self Esteem Without Selfishness that the definition of pride is a distorted sense of self, and humility is when we are able to see ourselves clearly-as those made in the Imago Dei, but also as broken. self esteem was defined as a positive attitude towards ourselves. Therefore humility and self esteem are somewhat complimentary.

  • Jessica, you are such a role model because you encourage wisdom and health, not just exercise! Thanks for all the intelligent support!

  • The talk wasn’t really related to the title but it was fantastic and essential! Excellent lecture just they need to edit the title.

  • I love getting sore.
    I dont care about improving with number of repetitions. I lift slowly and feel the muscles so I know how it’s working.
    I stay away from testosterone because men already produce enough until they’re in their late 30’s. I’d rather not complicate a system which I’ve had working well for the past 10 years.

  • I really needed this! I have been praying about this for a few months. I am a bodybuilder, and consistently ride that fine like between health and narcissism. What has helped me is to pray before the gym as I drink my preworkout. I invite God in the gym with me! It keeps my pride at bay and it strengthens our relationship.

    Thank you IMMENSELY for this video! I will refer back often to keep myself in check.

  • I do full body 3-6 times a week. Mind you I don’t go heavy all the time. I am able to recover pretty fast. I use very basic exercises and nothing too complicated
    However I reduce the sets to 2-3 and play around with the reps.
    It just keeps my body active in a busy lifestyle

  • Rain is good. Pain is good…. to the extent of a safety, only. Getting, and staying limber far outweighs the values of exersize!

  • The problem of many of these scientists is most of them can’t articulate their messages properly and keep hopping from one thing to another and getting further from what they initially want to talk about, and in the end, no one gets his message, he is just throwing meaningless stats one after another without having an actual context relatable to the audience.

  • This guy does not do weight training. What the heck does he know about too much or too little exercise. Running is just one faction and weight training is way more important.

  • My question is how could rest days be when the days, weeks, months or even years is actually nothing but a matter of time. So which means everyday we workout, everyday we get rest and the other day same cycle goes on++++

  • Very interesting. Supports the fact that many of the studies we see and guides we read are not correctly vetted too many unsupported “trends”.

  • The idea Of the song is that! Workout! But It talks about a relationship! About Who works out And Who dont! Ay the end says Were Done!! It’s my point Of view.

  • The Title has to change but still you have very informative and scientific evidence to show that the sports drink industry has been deceiving the American public for too long and that it must be changed in order to cut the number of deaths due to overdrinking. Thanks.

  • 10:00 that may be true in cardio activities that rely on O2 for energy, but not in strength activities like sprints or weightlifting. Once you’re done, you’re done. There is no reserve. No more ATP, and the muscle has been stressed with no energy source left.

  • we i understand what there mean maybe no one can really answer how much what we can do, but i hear something what important there saying.

  • Don’t agree with the conclusion, it is not that fatigue is purely emotion, the runners obviously conserve energy, if you blow it all in the first 100m you are going to lose.

  • Regarding muscle fatigue, he is generalizing way too much. You can, in fact, beat fatigue mentally, but there IS a limitation to that. It’s really hard to hurt yourself by pushing past fatigue if you were in proper shape and well rested before the event, but if you were not either well rested or in proper shape, you could injure yourself. Your muscles literally start to tear when you push the limits and if you don’t get in proper shape and rest enough, you will pull a muscle. What he was talking about was probably the balance of stretching and relaxation in running technique. Many runners (even elite) do not get completely stretched and relaxed until well into a race, especially the longer races, like a 10K. And his explanation of the slide showing the speed of the 10K runner throughout a race was complete bogus. The speed pattern there is based on competition, not perceived ability. If he put up a slide that showed a record attempt, the speed pattern would be nearly a straight line, not quite top speed, because it’s such a long race.

  • I know this is an old episode, and As @oldSchoolHipHopHD pain is not necessarily gain. You can overload and over stress muscle. I used to be big into the gym and I wasn’t always sore. As Trace mentions, After a long time if i go running I feel a lot of pain but I have noticed that the pain is in the tendons. For example If i put pressure where my muscle tissue is, it doesn’t hurt most times, but putting pressure on the are where the tendon tissue is supposed to be i feel a lot of pain. I would love to see a redo on this topic with hopefully someone who has more knowledge or more experience. Not trying to be rude to the guest presenter but some things are missing.

  • I recently went through something that freaked me out. I Had hit a plateau on my weight loss, and so I decided to boost it up a bit. I was eating even smaller portion sizes (I’m a vegan, so that was already hard to do) and then I kicked up the workouts to 1-1.5 hours a day 6 days a week instead of the usual 30-45 mins/d/4 or 5x wk. The weight came off, but as I was working out I noticed that I was feeling weak, like really weak, less than half way through and I was always STARVING. Which kicked my anxiety into full throttle and so, I of course started to eat more. This was a week ago, and I still am hungrier than usual, but I’ve cut back again to 30-45 mins a day still smaller portions on food, but I eat more often throughout the day. As I was going through this I remember seeing this video in my feed and remembered to watch it today and now I feel a little more at ease with why I was feeling like I was feeling.:)

  • +jessicasmithtv thankyou for your fast response and for the link:) will also try the workout for good posture:) love your workouts!!

  • Keep moving and drink when you are thirsty. Don’t drink or eat too fast. Fatigue is an emotion and affects you motivation. Fatigue responds to pain which is also linked to the emotional part of the brain. Mix of fats and balance diet(Protein, Fats, Carbs) is better. Watch out for carbs and sugars.

  • base on the title, i thought a simple explanation would provide….. but in fact, gain muscle Workout is really not simple…. TvT

  • Great video. I’ve always wrestled with this. I view my physical strength training in three ways: me being a steward of the athletic ability and health God’s given to me, as a means of evangelization, and as an offering to God.
    Still, it’s a fine line to tread. Praying before training is always a good idea:)

  • Listen dudes, you don’t need to go to the gym to get a good workout. If it’s chest day you can just do your max amount of pushups in your room. Or if it’s leg day then your max squats. You can do multiple sets of your max. You don’t need a gym membership or have to travel anywhere. That way working out will take FAR less time and money to do. This would especially be good for those of us who are very busy throughout the day or are too tired to go to the gym.

  • So, “How much exercise is too much?” did he ever answer the question directly?? he showed marathoners’ hearts and other things, including the truth about diet… but can we know WHEN we got too much exercise??

  • This guy is us a doctrine about health and fitness and you don’t appreciate it.
    Or maybe are not very bright to get it.
    Use your logic, you can exercise as long as you like: if you are old don’t exercise for 2 hours like a young athlete, because your old bones will break. If you are eating ealthy and resting enough, don’t be leazy tell your brain to get together and endure a moderate amunt of exercise. If you don’t know how to eat healthy and how long or how intense, talk to your doctor about it. Use your common sense.

  • doms is not a good judge of how well your session was most intermediate to advance lifters don’t really get sore anymore while still getting stronger.doms is caused by the micro tears in the muscle fiber (thought that was obvious)injecting testosterone is actually safer than orals because your kidneys don’t have to process it

  • I myself tried Fat burners and they do work by increasing your heart rate by about 25 % in corresponding states. But like any other medication/drug/alcohol u got to take them in moderation and strategically. 2 months in 6 months is highest doze that can benefit u beyond that it will only harm & not benefit at all. For max benefit use only during last month of cutting phase.

  • I too have worked out much and I did eat more sugar foods. I believe that working out can be very additive so I try to workout an hour before work then every hour I walk through my office just to get the blood flowing to my legs since I have a desk job.
    Thank you because I wasn’t sure why I was eating more sugary foods before and now I know. ��

  • I needed this because my love for creating has gotten out of control, so it’s good that I got here. But as a scrawny guy who dreads exercise I never would have realized that this video was about idolatry.

  • Thank you Jessica! It’s so obvious people are at the heart of your preoccupations and their happiness is your priority. I believe that’s what makes you the best trainer in the universe.This Q&A is a huge help to me! If I don’t watch myself, I start overexercising and it backfires, resulting in this or that injury. Was slipping into that pattern again before watching this. Now I’ll be moving in the right direction:)!

  • This is like Jeff Lynne from ELO with early 80s Bowie drinking cocktails on a golden precipice while ABBA makes out with Cindy Crawford and Blondie in front of them for their amusement

  • I think everyone should consider the amount of time they spend on themselves each day, and the time that they give to God. If you can give two hours to your self, shouldn’t you also give that same amount and even more to God? God is #1. When we give more time to ourselves and little to our God, that’s when it becomes a problem. We create in ourselves our own God when we religiously spend too much or more time on anything other than our true God.

  • i started listening to mgmt now after tame impala (i was late to the parties mainly because i dont dig psychedelic pop musics or anything interrelated with that) and now i am already amazed especiallh the bass holy shit

  • I imagine the lyric video as one of those old workout videos where they dance and stuff, while some of the people in the back are just jamming out, and the people in the front are just casually doing the workout while looking towards the camera when they sing.

  • Does anyone else realize how DXM this album is? This song itself is just entirely based around a single meta double-meaning wordplay joke. It’s the most dex thing ever.

  • I really like all of their music, but Time to Pretend is one of my favorites, and Electric Feel and Kids are really good too, but I just don’t get how this doesn’t sound too far off, yet this is what they wanted to make and that was music they made because they thought it sounded like trashy pop. It’s just kinda depressing. I like all their music, but those three songs were gateways to their music and mean a lot to me.

  • After listening to that video I realized that Tim Noakes is a snake in the grass! He did answer the question on “how much exercise is too much” through covering so many interesting topics. The answer comes very clear. Nobody in this world can answer that question. If you ever meet somebody that claims that he can put an answer other then there is no limits or it depends on so many facteurs just run away as far as you can from that person. Very refreshing to hear somebody who laugh at the biggest oaks of the century which made so many people obese. Brains like Tim should tackle the current problems of immigration that we are currently having to determine what is the best way to handle the situation.

  • I’d saw from a documentary about sport drink experiments the conclusion was in order to exercise for healthy perspective. U don’t need sport drink though, they measured sugar, electrolyte lever in blood in periodicity turn out it drop a bit then back up on, they’d proved u need to extreamly worked out like up hill speed biking continuously for more than 2 hours in order to gain benefit from extra sugar n salt in sport drink.
    Long story short, in training state u need pure fresh water (need though, not want)
    Evidently u’ll benefited from sport drink in long length competition like Marathon or such.

    Personally I will go all sport drink in any-ever length of competitive game. It’s the game! The aim to win not healthier!

    In exercise I just aim for hydration,other than that I’d considered cookies! cuz if I ran out of water but tasty bevery were in reached, u know nothing physically healthy but obviously tasty drink made me drink more than the just water!
    The extra sugar? well it much more of that where it came from right? 😉

  • Does anyone know any other songs with this kind of 80s woman’s voice? 8 heard her kind of voice a lot but dont know specific songs

  • tried figuring out what she says at 1:36…played it backwards and all i could make out was “excercising is a lot of fun!” or something like that

  • Why my regular exercise don’t work no more, so maybe I get to work out longer. I don’t even get sore at all, for It just make me want to quit. Im gone try this 4 to 5 hour and see what happen my normal work out is an hour to 2 hours.

  • In retrospect this so-so album was seriously over-hyped (particularly by a certain online music forum), but it was amusing for the first week or so.

  • Um… so was waiting for the part where the talk about what happens if you exercise too muchit never came. lolre brand the episode still interesting, but not informative as far as the context. in my opinion. lol

  • Dudes sloppy and lazy. It’s clear he hates exercise! Who’s to see he doesn’t have any obstructions going on in his lousy physique!

  • I don’t lift but I run sometimes up to 6 hrs a week in preparation for competition but I don’t pray 6 hrs a week and I’ve been thinking about this recently. This video is really great and seems to have come at the right time. So thanks Bobby �� Thank you God ��

  • Thank you, I’m a Catholic who enjoys CrossFit. I do like the community and I like getting stronger but it is also a good place to, “offer it up.” Don’t like the Hero WODs, offer it up. Don’t like the Assault Bike, offer it up. Crossfit is a great place to get souls out of purgatory.

  • This talk is a logical paradox. If by his own admission 50% of what is taught is rubbish, then the question I am asking is: what 50% of this talk is BS? Clue: the injunction on fatigue.

  • I workout, not just for me.. but, because, he calls me to protect others, and being in fit form is important for me to do that.. however, it never comes before Him, I never miss a service or study, He is never put second.. we have saying, at our church.. Faith, Family, Fitness, and then Finance..

  • Great video! I got a solution for you! I am having a two year + walk through the Gospels on my channel starting tomorrow! It will be called Following Him. Thanks!

  • these people reminds me of politicians…. u ask them a question and they answer to something else. “but what about my question..” “we’re gettin there”

  • This girl is awesome! This is the first time I’ve heard someone say they like muscle soreness and it’s SO TRUE!! I love that pain; it means you are growing.

  • I have always told this and will continue to. The day we start looking for God as if we are looking for the charger for our phone that has only %5 battery, that day we’ll start the process of becoming holy.

  • Until you can’t recover from one exercise session enough to be stronger/faster/fitter etc (strength and fitness returns diminish on the exercise investment the longer you’ve been exercising for [in terms of years]) in your next exercise session is the answer to the title question by the way. If you’re exercising to get better at it then then the must know rule is that (technically) the “exercising” doesn’t make you better; it’s the recovery (rest) from the exercising that make you better because this is where adaptation to the exercise stimulus takes place. So you can exercise too much to never recover enough for adaptation to take place. This of course differs from person to person and depends on a number of factors such as diet, sleeping habits, PED usage, genetics and the use of recovery therapy to name a few.

  • Worship “adore or venerate god or any person or thing considered divine.” You use the word too liberally. Under that definition isn’t it any wonder I worship nothing.

  • Wow!! Very interesting, Jessica (as always).
    I have a question: how can I know or differentiate low intensity workout from a high intensity workout?
    P.S. My name is Ronnie, by the way:)

  • Some very interesting concepts. Some of which i have pondered about previously and not known any better besides using personal observations. I have found siping on water when thirsty and that to just to get maybe a gulp down but thats it hydration during exercise is a little different than drinking like you would through your normal day to day activities.

  • Thanks a lot, Bobby! (He said sarcastically…). I was going to do a video on this. Oh well…I guess I’ll just hang out over here and do a bit of deadlifting…

  • This is great!! I own a crossfit gym and we don’t have mirrors specifically for that reason. My husband and I do not hide our Catholicism from our members, info fact many cane to our wedding. Your point is so valid though! God first, always❤

  • When humans idolize the good gifts of God we take it to both ends of the spectrum. We either over-spiritualize by doing no exercise and convincing ourselves that the physical is unimportant, or we go nuts working out 2 hours every day and it dominates our lives. But God has created a physical universe with physical creatures. Keeping our bodies fit acts as a bulwark against the Gnosticism in the culture…and the Church.

  • This is SUPER helpful, thanks Jessica:-) I have a question for possibly next week’s Q&A. Are activity trackers like Fitbit and other trackers you wear on your wrist or use on your phone while you’re active, harmful to your health? I’ve heard of some radiation exposure. I’d like to invest in one, but I’m nervous about this. Can you please tackle this question next time? Thanks:-)

  • This MD is promoting unhealthy meat & dairy consumption. He may not know which 50% of what he teaches is wrong but nutrition doctors do. Eggs & meat cause heart disease, diabetes, and 85% of cancers. He’s a shill for the meat & dairy industries.

  • I agree! Exercising too much increases stress hormones in your body and causes more harm than good! I had to learn that the hard way. There are too many exercise programs out there that push people too hardthat’s why I was so excited to find you and Peanut. You keep us balanced! Thanks for all of your awesome workouts!

  • I do:
    Sat: Back/Chest
    Sun: Shoulders/triceps/biceps
    Mon: Legs/Core
    Tue: Back/Chest
    Wed: Shoulders/Triceps/Biceps
    Fri: Rest
    Does anyone have improvements or suggestions?

  • If you stop feeling sore does not mean you are no longer building muscle. That’s a huge misconception. Your lifts can go up every week without much DOMS.

  • Heart attacks run hard in my family (my mom died from her 4th, my younger brother had one). Back in 1978, I decided I’d try to postpone the “inevitable” by trying to be in “monster shape”. I ran a total of 262,200+ miles during the next 3.5 decades (over 2.5 hours a day, 20 miles a day per year; with 4 years at 10,000 miles = 28.5 miles a day, with two weeks off; overwhelmingly on hills). For my 62nd birthday, I ran 62 kilometers in 7 hours at high elevation (10,000+ feet, over mountain tops). The day before and the day after I ran 4 hours each.

    When the “inevitable” finally caught up with me, I was 66. The doctors said it was more massive than any they had ever seen somebody survive and that survival was due to my heart being over 2.5 average size and 3 times average strength. A year after the heart-attack, going in for my every-3-months echo-cardiagram, which usually took 20 minutes; he spent much more time. When we got to 40 minutes, I thought, “I must be in really bad shape”. But then realized that if that were so, I’d have been taken to the emergency room. It was clear that he just didn’t want to believe the results he was getting. Finally at 2 hours (!) he said, “We’ve never seen anything close to results like this; what the bleep have you been doing?” I said, after the first 3 months, I got on my exercycle and had been doing 2.5 hours pedaling a day (with ankle weights on my wrists). He said, “You’re heart is now in better shape than most teenagers”.

    btw, the only “weight work” I ever did was with the ankle weights on my wrists.

    The ONLY negative? Irregular heart-beat; quite irregular I’m taking pills to control for that (and have a pace-maker to ensure the pills don’t push my pulse too low). At my 2-year check-up, they said that the pace-maker “wasn’t doing anything”. Why? My pulse has been locked in to 69-70 beats per minute non-stop for months. I guess I can live with that!

  • The first man who ran AT Marathon dropped dead after delivering his news.
    So from the start, marathons appear to be an excessive form of human effort.

  • I do a chill medium 30 minute session where I workout many different muslces. I have been doing this for a few months and haven’t felt a bit fatigue. So would rest be necessary for this?

  • Hi, I work in a Hotel here in Puerto Rico and I do work alot on my feet and walking around all day. That’s why I get tired alot on my feet and feel it on my knees. So I work out at least 3 times a week. Thank you for your information and yes too much is too much, and I really like to work out.

  • Day 1: train every muscle like crazy
    Day 2: rest
    Day 3: train every muscle to almost kill yourself
    Day 4: rest
    Day 5: train every muscle until you wake up on floor

  • Great video! I would add that for women if you start to get irregular or missing periods that is a sign you are exercising too much and under eating. This I something which has effected me since I started running longer distances. Missing periods puts you at risk for osteoporosis so it’s a serious issue.

  • This seems less a talk about exercising ‘too much’ as much as it is about keeping exercise in context. I would offer a distinction between proscribed training (to improve health, improve fitness, improve work capacity), versus the more-ambiguous ‘working out’ an ambiguity that can lend itself to imprecise and maybe less admirable motivations that lead to worship of the body, putting emphasis on anything other than squats, deadlifts and bench, possibly Oly lifts everything else logically being auxiliary. 😉

  • I’m really happy to hear this. I have recently come to the conclusion that I might have been exercising too much because I was always ravenously hungry and even eating more protein didn’t seem to satisfy it. Also, my joints and back were starting to bother me. I’ve cut back on my time each day and am actually taking a real active rest day each week. I’m feeling much better and haven’t gained weight. I’m glad to hear it confirmed by you, though!

  • Too much is not only in duration but the degree intensity of exrcises,isn’t it?The degree intensity depends of each personne.If you are just walking in the park everyday you should not be in forces to begin a high intensityn workout as the kickboxing!!But I am always wondering for loosing better to make for ex.your 35 min kickboxingor do the 42 min walking workout…?The second is longer but easier for me….
    The other thing..according to a study that they made,the people who are working in an office would be preserved from cardio vasculaire danger if only they walk around for one minute every half un hour!Or alternatively not to sit all the time..

  • I just got back into MGMT recently and I’ve been thinking for like a two weeks now that LDA was from like 5-6 years ago

    IDK why but I think I love LDA even more now that I realize it was released in 2018!

  • What is the church s position on coregasm? It’s very frustrating as it puts a limit to exercising if I consider that I sin if I don’t avoid it. It doesn’t happen everytime but unexpectedly, maybe more when I’m working abs. So I can still go running but I would have liked to target some other muscles and running doesn’t relax my whole body and it takes much more time; I don’t want to stop exercising as it makes me feel well in my body and it’s the only way I have to decontract and relax, as I have to study whole day. Often I just want to revolt against the laws of the church: it seems weird that sth natural, that God has allowed in human nature is forbidden by human laws.

  • I guess I still have that old boot camp mentality where I know somehow I’m working out but we don’t workout every single day but somehow we do anyways

  • so would wolverine grow muscles as he works out? If he heals in a few seconds, then would his muscle tissues build back stronger if it was caused due to working out? I want to say yes!

  • Hello Jessica! Thank you for all your lovely vídeos. They make me feel wonderful but I do them at my rhytm because i am 63 with scoliosis and kyphosis. In any case can you suggest exercises for séniors? Thank you.

  • Is it just me or at the end when it says, “Ok, we’re done.” Sounds like she’s done with him? (Talking about like in a relationship)

  • you actually dont have to be sore to have stimulated the muscle enough to make it grow. when you become a intermediate or expert lifter it gets very hard to get a good soreness and it should definitely not be your main focus. if you always go to the point of being sored you will need a lot of rest, if you are natural that is, your nervous system will be very heavily taxed and you run the risk of joint pain pr injuries.

  • He says overdrinking is bad, but drinking what? water or isotonic drink? If drinking too much water makes sodium concentration go down, are sotonic drinks good or not? and how much do we have to drink, 1 liter per hour? So many unanswered questions, the first one how much exercise is too much

  • Basically eat the Keto diet, or carnivore diet, and don’t become a marathoner for a living?? 

    Stands to empirical reason that anything extreme in any exercise will have health consequences if done repeatedly. And who doesn’t do that after you taste victory!!

  • this just talks about steroid use and doesn’t answer the question of what happens if you exercise too much. Why title a video about something you didn’t even talk about?

  • You can end up with a torn Achilles tendon. I do not take any supplements or steroids, had previously broken leg and dislocated my ankle. I made a pretty good recovery, then hurt it first on trampolines then continued my rock climbing routine of 4 hours a day 5 days a week, adding in some one footed jump roping to end my workout. It finally gave while I was bouncing on my toes punching my heavy bag. I was only 24, it is an injury more common to people over 50. After three years of rehab Im back up to light jogging 3 miles

  • your muscle sore becoz you break it not like a big break but just a little but on a lot of part of ur muscle and then it grows new cell which is stronger and better if you support it with Alot of good nutritions, you guys are dumb

  • … so wait, in that ramble about steroids, did they ever answer the question about what happens when you exercise ‘too much’? or do we first have to answer “How much is ‘too much’?” Honestly, enjoy these blurbs, but click-bait always bugs me. Here I was expecting a video on the negative effects of major over exertion in exercising, not a steroid PSA.