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Oh, right: A bunch of studies say this short-workout approach can be just as effective, if not more so, than less regular workouts. It can help prolong your lifespan. It can reduce your risk of chronic disease. If you amp up the intensity, you’ll burn more fat. It improves your mood and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It boosts your metabolism. In other. In fact, longer workouts can actually be less effective than shorter ones for a lot of reasons. And your long workouts may be the actual reason you’re not in the incredible shape you want to be in, or can’t seem to keep a consistent workout schedule.

Here’s why shorter workouts are better than longer one. If a 10-20 minute workout is something that you can squeeze into your day, rest assured that what you are doing is worthwhile; not only can multiple short workouts be as effective as longer duration workouts, they can be even more effective. Short workouts (i.e. ones you can do in 10 minutes or less) are the antidote to that modern frenetic lifestyle—and they still offer plenty of. Performing small workouts throughout the day has similar benefits to completing one longer session. Quit taking exercise off your to-do list because of time.

One Workout Vs. Exercise sessions as short as 10-minutes can have benefits. In a study published in The Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers compared the effects of three 10-minute exercise sessions or two 15-minute ones to a single 30-minute session. Studies have shown that interval training can help people burn more fat, and increase fitness levels even after just 15 or 20 minutes of exercise. And a new study found that people with Type 2.

Lack of time is often cited as a reason that so many Americans — about 60 percent — don’t exercise regularly. So a shorter, more. On one hand, I want you to get as many minutes of exercise as possible during the day, and if that means two 30-minute sessions instead of one 30

The best thing to do, according to Kayla, is to do both long and short duration workouts. Manage your time between long duration low intensity workouts and high intensity short duration workouts.

List of related literature:

One long workout is better than two shorter ones in this case.

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And longer is not necessarily better.

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Given that time and intensity are so closely linked, harder workouts by necessity must be shorter.

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Of course longer is not necessarily better.

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So long as interval workouts are intense enough, the shorter, harder workouts can be just as effective, and perhaps even more so, than longer, less intense workouts.

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The second is that intense effort for short periods, followed by intentional rest and recovery, is more efficient, more satisfying, and ultimately more productive than moderate, continuous effort for longer periods of time.

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Shorter workouts are better than no workouts, but don’t get the impression that it’s the best or only way to train.

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Generally, the same relative work/rest ratio can be maintained for both long and short sprints.

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For shorter Sprints it is usually shorter.

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Long workouts are the most specific workouts that athletes can do.

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  • It’s nice to see others doing similar routines. I work full time. With no car. (Job is a mile uphill at the local Walmart market) I ride my bike to and from and it’s roughly 10 minutes of intense cardio. I workout 30 minutes before work and 15 minutes on my lunch break, which I ride home or. That’s atleast 30 minutes of cardio minimum every workday. And 45 minutes weight training. I eat a huge balanced breakfast everyday and smaller portion meals throughout the day. I have to portion everything spaced out because I also produce edm/hiphop and I’m a student (currently at Purdue Global). I do this because there’s always an excuse to not improve but it’s my purpose to make it happen. Thanks for the motivation and I can’t wait for the next 20+ years of training no matter what life throws at me!

  • I have just started thinking about training smarter as I am feeling the effects of ageing ie slower recovery… so your message is strikes home! Do you have any thoughts on multiple shorter workouts during the day as opposed to one long workout. People who work in physically demanding jobs tend to “workout” all day every day. Some of them are as fit as any gym rat. Any thoughts?

  • Good advice for beginners, but I feel like at some stage in order to make progress building muscle you need to progressively overload, where “just getting it in” doesn’t cut it, and anytime of the day is not always the best time to have the best workout. Additionally, workouts at this stage can’t just be 10 minutes long.

  • Thank you for all this help Matt. You showed me a better way of getting my workouts in. I used to skip them often because I thought that I needed a lot of time and I did not have that time, or when I did have the time I was too tired. I use the Convict Conditioning exercises, because I can do them anywhere. I do them every day throughout the day like I’ve seen either in your vids or listened to on your podcasts. I am slowly moving up with the progressions and have noticed my body transform. Up until I tried your approach I had not seen the same results that I do now and I really enjoy the freedom I feel from not being able to make any more excuses because my mental blocks are out of the way.

  • My man…….you say more in 4 minutes than it takes most people to say in years. Just wanted to share my admiration for what you do

  • @Rafael Zamora To me, it’s the same for all branches. You workout regularly all year long, doing different types of workouts so your body doesn’t adapt to any particular training modality. Then, about a month before the test, self-administer 1 or 1 actual PT tests and do your very best, just like you were getting graded for the record. Come test day, you’ll smoke the test!

  • Incredible videos!
    Please keep up with the short workout videos.
    I’m really interested in this series!
    You are a great youtuber. Thanks!

  • Great video. I’m finishing up the 2nd half of my full body workout while watching this video today. I ran out of time yesterday so I said I said I’d finish it I’m my “off day” so this video was perfect timing.

  • I’ve been watching you for a year and a half and every video is straight, simple, and to the point. I love them! Be Fit, Live Free

  • Looking good, mini workouts can complement the home exercise well. There is a big difference between putting on maximum size and exercising to look and feel good.

  • If you would like some help with a customized fat loss workout and nutrition plan, just visit my website and we can brainstorm some ideas that will be right for you.