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How to Build a Home Gym on the Fly. ANY HEAVY CONTAINER. With so many people suddenly finding themselves temporarily out of work, buying new fitness equipment may not be in the cards SUITCASE OR BACKPACK. WASHCLOTHS, PAPER PLATES OR FURNITURE SLIDERS. STAIRS AND CHAIRS.

LACROSSE OR TENNIS BALLS. How to Build a Home Gym on the Fly. By ISG With many gyms across the world closed for the foreseeable future, people who never exercised at home are scrambling for the right equipment and tools to get an effective workout from their living room.

Bodyweight workouts are a solid option, but having some equipment (DIYed or otherwise) at your. If you’ve got more time on your hands and are up to the challenge of less recovery time, here’s a four-day split you can use to build your workout on the fly. Monday Bilateral squat variation: Back squat, front squat, double-kettlebell front squat.

How to Build a Home Gym for Under $1,000: The Effective, But Budget-Friendly Equipment We Recommend Starting With. Without a doubt, a home gym can be expensive to build. In fact, I’ve seen people spend upwards of $50,000 to install a fully decked-out gym in their garage. But, just because some folks decide to spend that much on working out at.

**April 2020 Update: With the COVID-19 response, many people have been displaced from their gyms, bringing into question how they will train.With as much uncertainty as there is surrounding the virus, there may not be a better time to invest in a home gym. Similarly, with as much volatility and uncertainty surrounding the economy, building a home gym on a. While building your own home gym might sound like a luxury, gym memberships can easily cost £500 each a year. So, with a bit of careful planning, you can have all the benefits of fitness equipment available for your exclusive use whenever you want it.

My home gym. Creating a home gym depends on two main factors: your budget and the amount of available space. And I will say this – it’s not mandatory to have a huge home gym.

You don’t need a lot of equipment. Sure, variety is nice but you can get strong, lose fat, and build a healthier body with just a few tools. The chest fly is a part of the mainstream bodybuilding tradition since the 70s when the movement I-Want-Big-Pecs-Like-Arnie was born. On paper, the chest fly isolates the pectoral muscles and make s them work directly without limitations induced by the anterior deltoids and the triceps, which are the other primary movers during pressing exercises. BANANIAC’S SIMPLE VEGAN RECIPES: Like, Comment, & Subscribe to stay updated with latest content on Plant-Based Nutrition, Vegan Lifest.

10+ Homemade Gym Equipment Ideas to Build Your Own Gym Gym memberships add up quickly and the gym is often overcrowded when you finally do find the time to get there. Manufactured gym equipment can be extremely costly, it’s typically very heavy, and it’s difficult to move.

List of related literature:

Articles on how to build a home gym and follow the program online are also available.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

In terms of where to set up your home gym, I recommend you pick a room that has a concrete floor, like a garage or unfinished basement.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Put some time and thought into creating your home gym.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

BARE-BONES HOME GYM You can start building your home gym with just a kettlebell, a jump rope, and a place to install a pull-up bar.

“Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong” by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
from Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong
by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
VeloPress, 2014

I don’t expect you to spend thousands of dollars on a home gym setup and a menagerie of equipment just so you can work out effectively in your house.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

If you were to walk into my home gym, you would find a setup similar to this:

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

“How to Design Your Own Home Gym.” http:// 2588.

“Residential Interior Design: A Guide To Planning Spaces” by Maureen Mitton, Courtney Nystuen
from Residential Interior Design: A Guide To Planning Spaces
by Maureen Mitton, Courtney Nystuen
Wiley, 2011

Above, we discussed how inexpensive it can be to set up a simple home gym.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

You can do the same type of thing with a home gym that has dumbbells, a weight bench, and a free bar.

“Triple H Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body” by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
from Triple H Making the Game: Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body
by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
World Wrestling Entertainment, 2010

Our gym in 2017 is full of equipment that the business needs to run: a reception desk with a computer and maybe a turnstile, exercise machines, some weights, shower fittings, lockers, mats, and mirrors (“the most heavily used equipment in the gym,” as one gym owner joked).

“Capitalism without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy” by Jonathan Haskel, Stian Westlake
from Capitalism without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy
by Jonathan Haskel, Stian Westlake
Princeton University Press, 2018

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  • Everyone watching this in July 2020 laughing that they can’t even find a workout bench in stock to go with their 20lbs of weight they have at home lol

  • Just did this myself, thanks for the diy tips (including the cut it yourself aircraft cable machine at home Depot �� haha). I use it with powerblock dumbbells so everything is kept compact

  • Great content brother..For me the home gym will always be a poor substitute to training with like minded people that surround, encourage and support us in our training sessions. We collectively build adherence to training through this.. a second pair of eyes that objectively looks at your form and brings to your attention weaknesses or strengths in your technique.. lastly and more importantly it’s a place to go which is not in your home it gives you that mental disassociating which focuses you on the job in hand. It’s been amazing to be fortunate enough to have one these last few months..adherence has been tough but I have trained sufficiently to still make some progress..

  • These puzzle mats are not the way to go, I would highly recommend stall mats. You can find these stall mats at your local tractor supply store, they offer a lot more protection to your floors and do not need to be replaced as often.

  • I just realized that most guys who show how they build home gym’s don’t look like they even lift at all. They waste money on heavy equipment they most likely are never going to use and rather focus on the aesthetics of the house gym than it’s efficiency.

  • What lights did you put behind the mirrors? Can you link in description?

    Nice garage gym build BTW. Loved everything! Used this as an inspiration for my project.

  • Im currently in the process of making this. I want to try this prior to investing the money in the Monster Lite Stinger attachment (400$)

  • Watching this in August of 2020 and the prices are more than double for everything. The “”Beast” Bar went from $125.96 in this video to $395. We need a COVID update to this list ha.

  • I listen to Brandon because of the practicality/rationale, thought process, elaboration/details put into his arguments/point of view/perspective…not to mention having little/no bias

  • So much you could have done with the space, you could have painted the walls way before installing anything.. i.e white it makes the gym space look more spacious, also the flooring you could have gone for rubber horse stable mats, you can hear the sound on the current floor you have now also with that much space you might have to think about insulation when it comes.. anyway good job so far, if you need any advice you can hit me up.. I have a garage gym.

  • I saw a guy on Kijiji, which is Canada’s Craigslist. He was selling an adjustable bench for 900$ and I got the exact same adjustable bench for 100$ four months earlier������

  • If you insist on benching alone without spotter arms, just don’t put collars on. This way you can lean one way or another and dump the weights off the bar.

  • Product availability and price gouging are the major problems right now…Companies don’t have anything…and consumers who do have stuff are tripling the prices..I’m seeing $140 Weider benches you can normally buy on Walmart for $400 on ebay/Offerup…and weight plates and dumbbells at $2.50-$5 a pound so there goes the budget aspect….I’m waiting on a Contender series Barbell from Solid Bar Fitness,a Hoist Fitness 5165 FID Bench from Fitness Outlet, and I ordered a Rogue RM-4 Rack with accessories on 5/5 when the In Stock alert came in. I know Rogue says 14-30 days but its definitely looking more like on the higher side time frame since its already 5/30 and there is no shipping status. I don’t have shipping status on any of these things its been 3 weeks. But i’m lucky enough to have 2-50lb dumbbells, a simple Marcy Pro adjustable bench and i grabbed the Fitness Gear 300lb weight plate set with a 7′ barbell from Dicks for $235 just in time back in April, which people are selling for $500+for the weights and $200 for the barbell lol. And i also grabbed a good set of Resistance bands on Amazon called Whatafit Bands which are actually quite impressive.

  • For me, if you are in this type of budget you would be better off with adjustable dumbbells, a doorway chin up bar, and a bench that inclines/declines.

  • The price gouging on weights is ridiculous, and there are very clear instances of hoarders buying pallets of equipment and selling them at a premium. Here’s hoping that commercial suppliers will be able to restock soon. ��

  • Would you be open to posting a new video of $500 or < now that we are nearing August and quarantine is nowhere near end..also because prices have changed for some of these products? lol. help.

  • Yes! Thank you! I just bought a rack and wanted to have a pulley system. However, I was appalled by the price of the Spud Inc one. I looked at each piece and was like…wth it’s just a cable and couple of pulleys. Came across your video today and was like THANK YOU!!!

  • Great video. Would you mind elaborating on that CAP Barbell spotter thing? How does that help spot you when you’re bench pressing alone?

  • Right when I felt like it was time to build a home gym I see either everything is sold out or the prices went up by at least 2x original oof

  • Even before the deadlift disaster, check out 1:22. Those bench dips are a terrible exercise, both because they just don’t do much for you but even more importantly, they are horrible for your shoulders. Are you trying to end up with a labral tear?

  • There is nothing wrong with a 1″ bar you can get them 6′ so take up a little less room, and is more than most will ever need. I was benching 180 lb and dead lifting 240 lb bough 3 sets of 12. If you just want to get in to shape to bench your body weight and dead lift 1 & 1/2 times your body weight is what you should be looking at. I am 180 lb so that is what I go for on the bench lift and 240 for dead lift. I all ways do 3 sets of 8’12 if you can not do 3 sets of 8 your lifting too much and once you can do 3 sets of 12 it is time to add weight. I will go for 12 different exercise for upper body one day then the next do legs and guts. and the 3 rd do body weight like pull ups; push ups; dips, and planks; revers lunches and step ups but will add weights when I do step ups. Then take a day to rest if you are 65 + years. at 71 years I take longer breaks between sets. Doing this will put in very good shape far better than most people. I also have a cable machine that is a 1-1 ratio just a simple one station is fine. I have the V03 impulse series lat pulldown/row machine but there are ones that cost less that work good. The best way is to get set up with enough equipment that you don’t have to keep changing things as you work out so 26′ bars and a curl bar and lots of dumbbells is a good start.

  • I bought all the products you stated and after 2 weeks of using it, the pulley burned the coated wire during a set and fell on me. The metal gets extremely hot during the sets. Any way around it?

  • Hey Coop. Thanks for the advice. Went to Home Depot and everything worked out great! One thing I ended up doing a little differently was having the cable on a pulley a little shorter for standing tricep pushdowns. Then I created a cable extension a couple feet long that I could clip in for the lat pulldown on the floor. Thank you!

  • Dude!! What a cool ass gym but I think we can all agree that you and the guy helping you with the ceiling are the cutest couple EVER. #RelationshipGOALS

  • You can put holes all the way through and not just for your height. The integrity is still there because the holes are the same dimensions and stress is a dependent on the available cross sectional area. So technically one hole has the same strength as multiple holes as long as they are at different heights

  • dicks sporting goods routinely sells a 300 lb barbel/plate combo for like $250 something…that includes the 45lb bar so your getting 255lb of plates for $250…hard to beat if your just looking for $/lb

  • Love the tour of the home gym! Definitely a great space with everything you could ever need for fitness! I also really loved how you mentioned that its nice to have all the equipment, but you really only need very little to get started. Most people feel they need/want a set up like this from the start but all you need is a concept 2, sandbag, and a pull up bar and fitness can happen! Love the vlog, keep it up! Maybe next episode you can share how being a new dad has changed your perspective on training/competing and how you’ve been keeping up with your fitness.

  • Try to find ANY plates or bars at this point! I had a place that always had a shit ton of new and used iron. I about two weeks they were SOLD OUT! And 6 weeks later, STILL NOTHING!

  • Do yourself a favor and upgrade that pulley as soon as you can. while that home Depot 420 lb pulley may seem strong enough we have broken one and galled the shaft on another.a much better bet is to use a snatch block sold wherever winch accessories for a truck is sold. They are much more durable and that equates to safe

  • nice video, a good show. we share this video on our blog

  • So where do you keep your seriods at. Jk
    Wtf where the leg press. I fucking love that machine. I can lift 720 lbs. Light weight baby

  • Great job! I’ll be doing something very similar in my new home. The thought of being able to get out of bed in the morning/ work from home and get a session in without having to travel is getting me incredibly excited!

  • Alot of attention to detail on the look of the gym but hardly any on the actual gym equipment! Get some resistance machines,leg presses ect in.

  • Careful with that deadlift form, that is super dangerous….look up some form videos and focus on that before u start adding weight:D

  • A budget is a budget but if you are serious weight lifter just save up until you can afford better the stuff will last forever and by then time you save up they might be back in stock and back to normal prices!

  • I had to replace that bench.. it was too narrow for me. 9.5” vs 11.5” on new bench has made a huge difference on shoulder pain for me.

  • OMG so much talking.
    Here are the Basics.
    Step 1. DON’T BUY ROGUE.
    Let me buy all the Rogue gear first and then you can buy Rogue.

  • Hey,

    We own VT ( with over 27 million viewers and we’d love to feature your video on the most suitable channels and websites that Jungle Creations own. We’d link all the credit back to you (with a short watermark if video is used on Snapchat).

    Let us know if this is OK by emailing us at [email protected]


  • Love this only I only need the pull up bar and the thinking maybe a swing instead.. and mybe a balancing board like a see saw. what do you think? I’ve been wanting to design a rustic outdoor gym for decades.

  • For the best home gym equipment and amazing prices get your set up at They specialise in home workout equipment

  • Not bad, but I would still recommend the Archon Pulley over DIY. It’s not expensive, and you don’t have to do all this, and it’s very smooth and quiet. Had mine for 2 years and only used WD-40 on it once. Comes with a nylon loading pin and some strap handles. Highly recommend.

  • I tried making this. When I pull down there is tension but when im at the full concentric, there is no tension no matter how heavy I go. How can I fix this?

  • men looks great awesome, i am also trying to build one now in London, if you can tip me would be awesome i got my items from originfitness so far

  • Quick question: assuming your garage is single skinned garage wall like most U.K. new builds what was the reason you didn’t seal the brick walls?

  • Enjoying your videos. I’m in a small one bedroom and want to turn my 6’x8’ living room corner into my home gym I thought I’d go the Powerblock / adjustable FID bench route for space, but I technically could fit more. Do you think I can get great results with this set up or do I really need to go the barbell route?

  • Definitely liked what you done with the gym! I’ve ordered most of my equipment already but only missing on flooring, I’m not too sure on is it holding up in terms of noise reduction and is it easy to slip on? I was considering rubber flooring instead of plastic but quite expensive at the moment, maybe I go with plastic and just DIY a 6 x 4 olympic platform

  • Great video James! I have just uploaded a tour of the home gym at my family home for anyone interested! (Inadvertently been preparing for this pandemic for the past 5 years or so luckily ��)

  • This looks really solid! How much weight have you tested out?

    So far I’ve made a bench press and parallel bars in the lockdown but squat rack is next! Would appreciate any feedback.

  • When you use the pull up bar, does the structure bend from side to side? I what to build this and use it for musle ups and calisthanics training. But i want to know if this thing is secure enough:)

  • The project of yours is really helpful for sure!! You always come up with great things and amaze us!! Keep the hard work and dedication of making videos… You sure will reach 1 million and above!!!! Apart from this…. I also really didn’t knew the lockdown

  • Great video! i’m currently in a small house share in london, but plan to build my own home gym when i move back to Australia as i will probably be in your situation with family commitments and not much time. Thanks for the info!

  • There are a few other brands at pretty much the same price range as Eleiko. Just saying:)
    On a side noteAmanda Lawrence needed an extra plate but Rouge only sell in pairs so she turned to…Eleiko!

  • I spent over 30 years going to a commercial gym (which was less than a 5 min drive) but was starting to get sick of it. I asked a good mate who had worked there ‘if I was to start training at home what should i get? His reply was to start with a couple of kettlebells as you can do a lot with them. He also gave me a website to a fitness supply company and that just opened my eyes to other methods of training. My ‘home gym’ which is basically a Rogue 3 tier storage rack which holds my kettlebells, slam balls, 3 bulgarian bags, power bag, portable landmine and a couple of weight plates to use for the base and a fat bar barbell which sits horizontally across the rack when not in use. I also have several steel clubs and maces. I often will use these implements outdoors as the weather in Australia is a bit more friendlier than you people in the northern hemisphere.
    My points are these,
    1 What I have is very space efficient.
    2 What I own is also easily transportable (in case I feel like going to the local park).
    3 I started out small and just added as I felt the need to and not outlaying a huge amount of money upfront for things I may not use or use very little.
    4 I don’t own a rack (they are a huge footprint) but I do appreciate their value but my cars are always garaged.

  • Great video gym came out awesome in the process of doing a garage gym also so this video really gets me pumped up to get started on my gym.

  • people price gauging their fitness equipment, makes me want to sell my barbell and weights for 5 times the price.. but then i wouldn’t be able to train…. hmmmm

  • I’m looking up all of these things on Amazon and it’s making me so mad how much overpriced everything is now. That bowflex bench that you show was $229 is now starting at $372. Total BS.

  • Brandon where do you suggest we look for home gym equipment given the current amount of equipment that just isn’t in stock due to quarantine?

  • How does equipment and racks hold up under an outdoor semi enclosure when it comes to rust? I’ll have a cover over the top so it will not get rained on but moisture especially from morning dew will accumulate on the metal. Any thoughts on preventing rust?

  • That pulley sucks. It has way to much resistance. You can hear it grinding away at itself. I tried a knockoff rock climbing pulley with a climbing rope and it’s the same but not as bad. Does anyone know of a smooth operating bearing pulley?

  • How do the adjustable dumbbells compare to normal dumbbells? Do you soon get used to them having spent many years using regular dumbbells?

  • Hey, Brandon. Recent subscriber and powerlifter. I watched your video on home gym flooring and horse stall mats. Would you say that it would be safe to deadlift inside my house with wood flooring, granted I had a single layer of the 3/4 inch mats? If not, how many mats should I stack, or should I just deadlift outside? Thanks!

  • great stuff, and enough weight if you wanna lift like spongebob doing his teddy bears. need MORE WEIGHTS…but lets be real, they expensive af lol

  • Great video, can you do an updated version of this for July? Prices are basically out of the park now on this stuff! Looks like Amazon is allowing sellers to price gouge gym equipment now!

  • If you’re not grunting on your last couple of repetitions. Then you’re not lifting enough weight to gain muscle. Your last couple repetitions should be pretty dam hard. If you hold your breath so you don’t make any noise. That causes your heart to separate over time. Creates too much pressure inside your chest.

  • Thank you for a very helpful video! I was hoping to use it to do tricep pull-downs, and I want to connect/hang it to the hook on my heavy punching bag stand. It’s rated for 100 pounds, and I have a bag that weighs 100 that I really bounce around when I workout on it. Has anyone ever used their bag-stand for this purpose? If so, please let me know how it worked out for you! Thanks!

  • I just did this following your video. The rack fell into me and took out my front teeth. Who is your lawyer and can we setup a call?

    Just kidding. Great tip for those that doesn’t have the space for a lat machine.

  • Any recommendations for mirrors in the gym dude? I’m seeing a lot of silver acrylic used which is a lot more affordable. I have a wall and a half to cover up

  • Fully agree on the time saving. Instead of leaving work driving 20/30min to the gym, having to work around people during rush hour, and 20/30min home i can drive home, work out, shower, and still eat dinner with the family. So far got a power bar, bench, echo bike, weights, and the rest of my rack should be here monday. Just need some damn steel 10s and some flooring. In the future planning on ironmaster adjustable dumbells and adjustable bench with the leg ext/curl attachment, as well as a landmine + beater bar, and then maybe a lat tower. Goal is to have most of the things id have used at the gym besides maybe couple machines id use occasionally. Solid video.

  • With a home gym you can grunt and yell and not have to listen to silly little people complain about you grunting…. and trying to pull a sissy lunk alarm or complain to the staff.

    This helps force oxygen into your system as well as gets you into a good state of mind for that last rep or two. There is literally a legitimate reason to grunt.

    Also you don’t have to put headphones in to avoid horrible crappy music….and can choose what you listen to.

  • Too bad making a home gym is impossible right now. And I live in IL so the earliest I’ll even be able to see the inside of a gym is June 26th, which probably won’t even happen.

    Gotta love facism!

  • I have two little girls and they will come out and cheer me on when I lift. Time spent with family is HUGE to me and having a garage gym affords that to me. I recently made some money on selling some old equipment so I was able to upgrade some pieces.

  • Dope set up! Would appreciate it if you could check out my DIY garage gym video and give me some feedback!

  • Great video thanks for making, although the WD in WD40 stands for water displacement.its not made to lubricate and over time creates a coating on your hardware which will gather and trap dust creating the need for more and more. For example you wouldn’t want to lube a bike chain with WD40 long term but you might want it to clean the bike chain. WD does make a product that lubricates, but don’t use WD40. I think it’s called lightning or something like that… “pro tip”. Cool video though I’m definitely going to do this.

  • This is a video about building a home gym but you also have a video about why you shouldn’t work out in a home gym.

    You’re obviously just putting out content just for the sake of putting on content.

    Good job on contradicting yourself man

  • Just spent 2200 bucks on a power rack with vertical cable attachments, dip bars, pull-up bars, and incline/decline bench, and a 5-50lb hex dumbbell set from rep fitness plus an Echo bar and 260lbs of bumper plates from rogue. Then spent 700 dollars insulating and lighting my garage, picked up two very large mirrors on Craigslist for 20 bucks, 200 on horse stall mats… and some extras from amazon like three cable grips, a set of pull-up assist bands totaling 100 bucks. 3320 bucks sounds like a ton but my fiancé and I will save 1200 just this year on gym memberships and will have no excuse not to lift and train anymore!

  • Not sure how I @ you on the Youtubes but I said once I would make a garage gym tour video and I just did. I’m betting it reaches 100 views. Video is here:

  • Thx for the video. Great effort. Just a bit of advice: you could spend less time than 2 minutes explaining why. Most people already know why they are watching this video.

  • Thanks for making the video. I think it would work better if you used 90mm pull like the one used one gym equipment. You can hear yours making noise so I bet it does not roll very smoothly.

  • Disagree on usability of the spin lock. You are right if you only have one set of handles. But if you spend a little over half the money of those iron masters you can get 350 lbs. of plates and three sets of handles. You make two or three sets of dbs up ahead of time, and you are set. And, you can use those plates on a barbell to get more use out of them.

  • It’s cheap for a reason. That HD pulley is complete junk. I bought one a few hours ago and it will be returned tomorrow. After not even 20 pulls with 50#, the pulley was hot enough you couldn’t hold a finger on it. Not to mention it sounds terrible. The reason is this pulley has no bearing. It’s just rubbing on the attachment bolt

  • Think the time I “save” from driving to a decent gym is the biggest benefit from having a garage gym. Now that I’ve got a kid aswell I value that time I save so much more than I previously did.

    Think i calculated my home gym setup to be currently 9 years of training here for me and my girlfriend to “pay it off” compared to both of us having a gym membership. But it wasn’t that pricey to begin with. Have been upgrading gradually. Started with ER combo rack, rogue ohio powerbar, GHR and calibrated plates. Now I’ve got a lot of stuff and I recently purchased some more items that are on the way (you sorta get addicted and want more and more stuff).

    I am still thinking I may upgrade more, I really want a rogue powerrack aswell, but currently how much spare room I have in my garage is the issue.

  • Idk why you tubers keep mentioning craigslist and marketplace for equipment, there’s nothing but junk. And a lot of people on the comments mention they can wait next year to buy rogue or expensive equipment for half price, it’s not gonna happen, if you can afford rogue you don’t care about money and “recovering money”, also the idea of a home gym will now be cemented in our psych, how coop said the idea of home gym is here to stay

  • I did not get the “saddle, dead horse” analogy, what are you talking about, there is only one logical place to put the clamp. Also why so much slack??

  • I’ve been getting a lot of requests to cover and review more budget-friendly home gym options; so, I’m listening! Expect some cool DIY stuff coming up…

  • I started putting together my home gym back in 1993 I was in a local gym and noticed most of the people worked out in a certain area so I started buying equipment here and there for the next 20+ yrs I’ve paid as low as 19 cents a pound for plates. Now my gym is a full of commercial grade equipment all in 12×24 garage. I’ve trained hundreds of people over the years out of that little gym and made a good livin for my family one of the best things I’ve ever done.

  • such a waste of money imo. I used to compete in swimming and judo and I could setup a fairly decent strength conditioning setup for close to $100

  • Brandon would you recommend the 43” depth or 36” depth on a rouge monster rack setup… biggest issue is I want the flip down safeties to be able to military press off without trashing my power bar. Rouge only makes the for the 43” model for whatever reason

  • Spent $1,000 for powertec Olympic bench with squat rack, pull-up bar, barbell, weight plates, and spin bike.
    My biggest mistake/regret is buying the expensive rubber plates instead of going on Craigslist

  • Kind of want a diy reverse hyper where it’s just like a tall table and you just attach some weights to your ankle? Idk
    I know ppl did that before reverse hyper became available to buy. How about diy very low stands to do floor presses.

  • Brandon, do you think that a few months after commercial gyms open up, we’ll be seeing a huge influx of people attempting to sell their quarantine gym setups?

  • There should have been two linear pulleys for this system to be of any use……..who does lat pull down while pulling at tht angle…your cage is probably bolted to the floor….some guy is going to do this and get the cage crashed on his head

  • You should redo this video and title it, HOW TO BUILD A $5000 HOME GYM ON AMAZON, IF YOU CAN GET THE WEIGHTS!! This video is pre-Covid. Covid changed everything.

  • Anyone know where that landmine attachment came from? I’m looking for something like that for a used Elite FTS rack I picked up. They dont make a lot of rack accessories.

  • Literally everything is 3-4x the normal price. I refuse to pay 400-500 dollars that is originally valued for 180.00. Hopefully sometime in 2021 there will be a surplus in inventory with major selloffs, or people selling their equipment. I’ll wait.

  • Thank you that will help me alot �� and like that I can use those equipment to make better youtube video on my channel

  • I see you use chains as well, but I noticed you have some kind of cover for them to prevent damage to bars and rigs I assume. Where did you get that?

  • Can u do a review on Opti equipment from argos���� I’m interested to see what you think. It’s stupid cheap, like two 10kg plates for twenty dollars

  • So jealous of your 12′ ceilings! Had to put a Castro Rig in my backyard so I can do all the movements. You inspired me to film my own home gym video! Coming soon!

  • Wow!!! makes me want to get out and build one. Thanks for the info. Yes I am going to makethis, enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing

  • Good equipments, but for me only you need is resistance band set. Best thing ever you can do anything you want and its simple to use and you its cheap. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google) they are awesome and they have more products for home training.

  • I’ve had a home gym since I fell in love with weights at age 13. One thing I discovered by mistake last year. I had some spare cable laying around from God knows what. I made a triceps press down, put maybe 40 lbs on to test, and it felt like 90! The plastic protection on the cable was thick and that was biting down on the pulley… Absorbing the weight and not letting it roll. I had to go buy some with a very light coat of protection. Just wanted to make your viewers aware of this.
    You can wrap black tape around the cable if it begins to fray.

  • I just put the same items in my cart and it was about a grand. It’s crazy how much they’ve price gouged since the quarantines started.

  • Bare cables fray because everyone uses too small of pulleys. Use a 3″ pulley and that stops. The smaller pulley is going to shred that plastic coating on the cable too.

  • A little off topic but…Thanks for sharing that picture of your family in church. Believe it or not, seeing that you’re a believer is encouraging!

  • Had difficulty finding a vertical plate tree. Found one from a company called Christians fitness factory (CFF). Anyone else own one?

  • Once I can get a set of Ironmasters that aren’t exorbitantly priced I will be 90% free from the gym. Being patient is very hard right now! Lol.

  • I went with a similar setup, former bodybuilder now just a dad trying to stay fit.

    Power cage: $250
    Barbell$ $100
    300 lb of used plates: $140 (going to repaint these)
    Merax adjustable dumbbells$ $300
    Slightly used Nordic track eliptical$ $350
    Easy bar: $30

    Roughly $1200 out the door but I really want a back extension in the future when I get a couple hundred bucks I won’t miss. I went with the merax dumbbells because they were slightly more expensive but they also go up to 71 lb each which was what I was looking for.

  • So after watching this video made the exact same pulley system for my home gym. Craziest thing happened! I was using lat pull down and noticed the cable looked weird looked at it closer….it MELTED and the pulley was very hot!!! �� no one else had this happen?!?!?

  • Hey buddy, really nice looking gym. I’ve got a garage the same size as yours so I got some equipment now after watching your video a few week back and I am going to add the flooring now. Would you recommend the flooring you got? Or if you was to do the flooring again would you go with something else? Thanks!

  • This is an excellent video.. thank you for that.. what is the part that is hanging on the top of your cross member, which was used to hang the pulley

  • BEST deal was a $500, 1,000 lbs capacity power rack with pulley system, dip bars, pull-up bars etc, adjustable bench w leg developer for $180, 300 lbs Olympic weights w bar for $280, Yes4All 200 lbs adjustable dumbbells for $200 and then, quarantine happened and everything tripled in price or sold-out, buuut, I’ve managed to put 30 lbs back on!:)

  • This is a video I did for Joey Stazmary 2 months back.He has a great channel and I link it in the description. Wanted to reupload as I still think it has some good info, but also b/c even though in my last video I mentioned that I think a majority of people would end up going back to public gyms, it’s always team home gym for me! Video really kicks off at 1:55

  • Hey Brandon, great video as always. Question: have you considered a functional trainer, if so which brand would you go with? And what would be a good price to pay for?

  • Really missed out on pricing.. the CAP 7 Foot Olympic Bar in the video is shown priced as $125.96, as of today (7/29/2020) its listed for $269.99. I just wanna get big at home:(

  • The plastic on the cable I bought came off after a week of use. I don’t don’t know how you’re is holding up but this didn’t work for me.

  • I go to gym to just to get out of house its not about saving up its more of a relaxing than sitting at home for me a home gym will be boring than going to gym and train between people thats my opinion:)

  • Great job! Did you just use tape to neaten up around the metal frame that holds the door runners? Also… are you colour blind by any chance? There’s a strong link between being red/green colour blind and being obsessed with blue… same for me if that’s the case!

  • bro u can buy a attachment for like 100bucks or little less from rouge, if thats what ur rack is, I would get the actually attachment. they make the pulldown attachment for their rack

  • Nice job! Check a look at the one that I build at my channel. Of course most things what I used were pre-made, but who cares when you have a bench press, squat rack, boxing ball & a freaking LAT PULLEY?:)

  • That’s a pretty decent set up. I was looking at the Primal Strength Power Rack and Smith Machine which is around £3,000. Yours is a bargain for £1,000! What’s the size of your garage? I’m looking to build a garden room so don’t want it too small. This size looks good.

  • Nice looking to do something similar, now you’ve been living with it for circa 6 months, is there anything you would have done differently?

  • Another DIY idea… how to make a Cable Pulley system without a rack. But for real though if you got ideas plz. I’m needing cheap and don’t want to have to buy a rack.

  • Like I love the gym but I hate how it’s overcrowded weights would be missing people hoggin shit but the pro I met some people that were cool and gave me some cool advice

  • hi…i have the same power cage as you and want to purchase the ProSource Fitness Mats…just wondering how many should i buy to comfortably fit the power cage? how many do you have under your power cage?

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  • Made mine today! Works a treat thanks Coop! I also used a piece of galvanised pipe along with a flat piece that screws onto the bottom of it as a weight pin! Cheap weight pin from the hardware store too woohoo!

  • Has anyone built this thing yet? If so, what do you weigh and what was the max weight you put on the rack? I’m curious if this is good for hundreds of pounds.

  • This was really excellent and helpful in my process right now. Waiting on my RML-390C and really like the stabilizer feet you’ve added to your white Monster rack. I don’t know why, but Rogue doesn’t make an RML version of those. However, REP makes them for their 4000-series. I’ve asked in a few places, but haven’t heard anything yet. I can’t believe that I’m the first person to want to know, but do you know (or any of my fellow subscribers) whether or not the PR-4000 Front Foot Extension Pair will work with the RML racks? Thanks in advance.

  • I want a home gym because that’s the only thing keeping me from getting fit is just going to the gym. Definitely gonna be buying some of those weights and a treadmill. Saves so much time and money in the long run.

  • Great job man. Really like the transformation. One thing I want to know is how did you hang the mirror to the frame that you built. You showed the frame going up but not how you attached the mirrors. Can you let us know? Thanks

  • Do you have a link for the flooring? Also did you use square edge or tapered plasterboard for the ceiling with you tape and filling rather than skimming it? Cheers

  • This pulley is junk, it isn’t smooth AT ALL and the squeak is like nails on a chalkboard. Tricep pushdowns with 20lbs feels like 80lbs

  • Any insight on how to make the height adjustable using the same weight stack? I’m thinking along the lines of a standard gym setup so you can vary the height between barely off the ground to above head, just can’t visualize how the pulley system would go.

  • Bonjour SUBLIME MAGNIFIQUE ������������ ������
    Est que tu as ( ou Ta communauté ) déjà commandé du materiel ( disque en grande quantité, haltères, machines ) sur Alibaba? [[ malheureusement beaucoup de matos vient de Chine…..]]
    Si oui merci de communiquer le fournisseur et le type de materiel acheté….Je pense que je ne suis pas le seul à me poser ce type de questions. Cela serait sympa de partager les informations ������

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    With FNXmatteo code you have 15% off on whatever you may want.
    Stay safe and healthy!

  • Could you be able to make a full tutorial on how to make this, like the width and lengths, the pricing etc.? Lol im tryna build this too please and thank you ����

  • Brilliant conversion! I want to do something similar in a much smaller garage but just have two questions. What brand and where did you get the flooring panels and the cool digital clock!? Great video!