Booty Bootcamp, Round 2 Lower Body Workouts in your own home


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[DAY 2] Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge: Booty Burn + Leg Firm

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HIIT BOOTY BOOTCAMP// Butt Workout + Glute Activation ��

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THIGHS + BOOTY BOOTCAMP // Slimming + Toning Workout

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson

This second version of the Booty Boot Camp is sure to leave your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and inner and outer thighs screaming. In this case, pain is progress, so let’s jump right into the lower body workout. Workout Structure: • Warm up by doing 10 minutes of.

Boot camp routines are made with the purpose of burning a high amount of calories in a short period of time and getting results quickly, and this workout is no different. Specifically targeting the butt and legs, this Booty Boot Camp is designed to burn fat, tone, and shape to give you legs that will stop. Whether you want to lose weight or just make everyday movement easier, focus on strengthening your legs, thighs, and calves. Try this 20-minute lower-body workout at home. This lower body boot camp class is designed to tighten and tone the lower half of your body through a three layer workout system.

Sandra Augustin will guide you through each round from easiest to most challenging. Throughout each round feel free to adjust to the level the works best with your skill level. Training versatility seems to hit its peak during the summer, so don’t get caught without exercise ideas while you’re on the move!This head-to-toe body-firming boot-camp workout will change the way your body tackles fat. It’s meant to challenge you physically and mentally, with moves that work the shoulders, chest, core, and entire lower body. This boot camp workout challenges all of your major muscle groups, builds endurance and cardio fitness, and burns tons of calories to whip you into shape fast.

10 Moves for a Cardio Workout at Home—No Equipment Required The Best 30-Minute Boot Camp Workout bend both knees to lower your body until both your legs are at about 90-degree angles. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Barry’s Boot Camp “Booty camp Workout” Lower Body Blast at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Step forward with your right leg and slowly lower your body until your front knee is bent at least 90 degrees. Pause, then, raise up and bring your back foot. Barry’s Boot Camp “Fat Blaster Workout” Lower Body.

DVD Barry’s Bootcamp Extreme 1000 Calorie Workout! DVD: Barry’s Famous 45 Minute Calorie Burn Barry’s Boot Camp “Booty camp Workout” Lower Body Blast. 3.5 out of 5 stars 3. DVD $13.15 $ 13. 15.

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List of related literature:

Note that this is the Glute Lab periodization strategy that I discussed on here, where you switch the focus from month to month, and it is the same format that I use in my Booty by Bret online training platform (except I also include a well-rounded month and a single-leg month in the rotation).

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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To make this exercise more effective, do the movements in a 4-count sequence1) step to side, keeping hips and shoulders square, 2) lower body into a squat, 3) stand, 4) drag non-lead leg in, placing feet together.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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Participants were designated to eight-week resistance training for the quadriceps femoris muscle consisting of free-weight Squats (SQ) and Knee Extensions (KE) in a machine (MatFitness®, São Paulo, Brazil) in this precise exercise order.

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• Group 2–leg extensions, front kicks, sissy squats, and similar variations.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
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The sample programs found in this chapter will highlight both full-body and push-pull routines.

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The principles are the same as for vasti retraining, and the two programmes are easily integrated, such that the gluteal muscles are activated in a coordinated manner with the VMO during tasks such as lunge, squat and step (Fig. 48-5C–H).

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The exercises are split into four sections: PUSH, PULL, CORE, and LEGS & GLUTES.

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Early-phase gluteal exercises are targeted at hip abduction, hip extension, and external rotation isolation.

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I like heel beats (one of the best exercises for your butt).

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Glute Rainbow 10 reps on each side 5.

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  • I’ve been doing Pamela Reif fat burn plan for 4 months. It’s quite intense, you know, and i had thought now anything will be easy. Although this workout went well, i had sore legs for two days!! Haven’t felt this Nice pain for a while!
    I love your workouts so much! They are special, i will always keep coming back to this channel ❤️�� thank you Heather

  • Perfektes Workout für die warmen Tage:-) Die Integration von Warm-up und Cool-down finde ich super. Dann drücke auch ich mich nicht vor dem Cool-down 😉

  • Ich finde deine Workouts toll.
    Deine Stimme vermisse ich schon.
    Aber ich höre sie im Kopf:
    Halten, halten, halten…..
    Du hast es gleich geschafft…..
    Wenn du heute noch nicht gelächelt hast, dann schenke dir jetzt eins:).

    Namaste Nikki

  • Another one done in the books! This was great Heather! The legs are what I struggle with the most… we all have our trouble areas. Thanks again!

  • Completed this one another time, but after a day at the beach….. now this was brutal as I was already baked from the sun, now I’m twice baked… now for a cool shower and bed. Thanks Heather for getting me out of my comfort zone and challenging me to no end.

  • Awesome leg/glute workout and that HiiT finisher is nassssty �� thanks for providing such dynamic and enjoyable workouts Heather!

  • For starters. I am grateful to have you as my Yoga Guide!

    This boot camp had me flowing with sweat! (Gross) haha, but I know I was working!

    Enjoyed Day 2 in a big way!❤️��❤️��❤️��❤️

  • Another amazing workout from Heather. Keeping me both sane and healthy during lockdown. In fact I am enjoying them so much I am considering scrapping the gym membership and sticking with Heather for my workout needs! Very professional and stylish too!

  • I loved this, it’s one of a few workouts that I actually feel in my glutes not just thighs.
    Thank you Heather!
    Look forward to working out with you ����

  • I completed this workout tonight ❤️❤️. I got my energy back���� water and rest was the key.�� This was the bomb �� of workouts for thighs and booty �� workouts. Music was on cue too. Seems this workout was fresh off the press. Thank you Heather. Life is good…❤️❤️

  • Does anyone else notice that some people gave it a thumbs down and wonder WHAT ON EARTH they could be thinking?! What a kickass workout!

  • Tolle workouts. Wie immer. Ich trainiere gerne mit Dir! Auch wenn ich mir hier und da paar Hinweise von Dir gewünscht hätte da man schnell in Hohlkreuz rutschen kann oder den Bauch nicht anspannt oder Knien falsch positioniert…. Ein Tipp an die Leute: schaut euch Mady genau an und korrigiert euch selbst am best im Spiegel!��

  • I love this about you Heather, variety, consistency, kickass workouts, no crap, great music, no unnecessary excessive chatter, balance…..and it goes on…..❤❤❤

  • 11day done from your 28day free calender2019.Each and every workout of yours keeps my heart rate sky rolling high and drenged in sweat.Thnks onece again Heather.��������

  • Wahnsinn wie ich ins Schwitzen komme, dabei schätze ich mich durchaus als trainiert ein…Super Übungen����‍♀️ die richtig stark machen⛓����

  • Nach Tag 1 gestern hatte ich ein bisschen Bammel vor dem Workout. Aber es hat sich so gelohnt, auch bei 28°! Tausend Dank für diesen großartigen Content! Tag 2 → Check!

  • This was an excellent workout. I loved doing the strength portion first and finishing off with cardio. Thank you for all of your hard work, Heather!

  • Gracias!
    I’m again very grateful that I found you, I totally love your way to share your yoga practice with us! I feel amazing after your class!

  • You have an exceptional take on fitness. I deeply appreciate all of your classes. Creative, challenging in a good way. Thank you ������

  • A big Thumbs up ��for this amazing workout, thank you sydney for sharing with us your joyful energy. A big fan �� from Morocco ����

  • Thank you for this killer workout i love it..If you dont mind could you make a new booty hiit workout with dumbells and no repeats..thank u in advance

  • I had planned on doing an one hour workout but then figured I’d just do this… twice? I’m not sure how but I finished the second round better than the first one! I’m currently writing this lying on the floor in a pool of sweat. I don’t know what I was thinking ahh but I feel awesome now! ‘:D Thank you for the amazing workouts!! Also, the new website looks and works so great! Thank you both.xx

  • I LOOOOVE HEATHER…..OMG….NO NEED FOR A GYM MEMBERSHIP…I started Heater’s workout about 3 months ago and let’s just say my Body is (on Fleek) per my 16yrs old daughter. Being prior Military I’ve always loved working out but being a single mother of 2 well, no time for gyms….Well Heather managed to provide all that’s needed to get fit from the comfort of your home. Heather thank you for all you do and I pray God continues to bless you and protect you so you can continue being a blessing to us out there in the world.

  • Love your workouts. They’re so complete. Could you please make a workout with no squats or lunges? Some of us tend to feel those more on our quads and don’t want to grow them so much. Thank you!:D

  • OMG!!
    Honestly this is the best lower body workout I’ve ever done!
    Yes it is Short but including warm up activation, glutes and thighs workout and cool down as well.
    PERFECT for busy days…
    thank u ♥️♥️♥️♥️��

  • I can’t stop recommending your videos to my friends! As soon as a new video is uploaded, I do it! Please keep them coming! You’re the bomb ����

  • I happened to stumble upon her by searching kettlebell workouts and I’ve been working out with her ever since… I love it! I love the music and the challenging workouts she has and she kicks my ��!!! Definitely recommending her to my friends!

  • Love this. I’ll keep doing it as often as I can (and others, too) because I desperately need to lose 2 inches off my ass for my recruiter. Then I’ll be golden. ���� Thank you for these amazing videos!

  • For my liking, in the strength portion the resting part was too long.. resting for 20 secs after 30 secs of work that wasn’t THAT exhausting.. i felt like I was standing around for too long;) But that was only the case in the middle part. Besides that, GREAT WORKOUT!!! Thank you!!!

  • Danke für deine Workouts. In der Zeit probiert man sich so durch bei Youtube mit Sport, doch am Ende lande ich immer bei dir. Ich vermisse deine Stimme dazu, die einen motiviert. Aber ich denke innerlich an sie, zur Not rufe ich ein altes Workout ab 😉 LG

  • Thank you for this great workout. This is my today’s workout together with Arm TONING + STRENGTH Workout // For Strong, Toned Arms! Love your music as well.

  • OMG just the thing I needed! I didn’t think I would have much energy left after a long day but boy, did this sequence hit the spot! And those full body leg/ lifts I managed to do even better and stronger the second time around! WOW and thank you Allie!!

  • Workout ✅. I love your vids! I can’t believe you post everyday.. I’m so appreciative for all the content. It’s helping me get back into fitness. I have horrible anxiety lately and don’t want to go to the gym. I love to workout. Thank you!

  • Deym it had me sweating like a man but I pushed through with it. And I didn’t do the easy versions because I over ate this Christmas and I need to burn them fats haha! Loved this! Thanks Fitness Blender. Your videos really motivate me to do it. I tend to do get lazy if I’m just doing it alone.

  • Thank you Allie for this wonderful flow! I just added it to my „favorite yoga flows“ list and felt neither overnor underchallenged with it, just perfect! I keep on recommending you to my yogi and non-yogi friends:) Thank you again for your great work and the enrgy you dedicate to these videos, it flows right through the screen to my body and mind:) Namaste from Germany!

  • Love Love Love your workouts! Thank you so much for sharing! Can you tell me where you got those awesome leggings you are wearing in this video??? TIA��

  • I didn’t feel like working out today, it’s incredibly hot here in Italy �� Still, I have noticed that my glutes are as tired as I am��they are smaller and not as strong as they were before summer, maybe because in summer I usually stop using weights. So, I did this one with my 8 and 10 kg. kettlebells, at 9 p.m., half an hour ago, and I feel much Better now��there ought to be another word to say Thank you����

  • I can’t say I love malasana to standing, I do however love how I feel after doing it….twice!!! Loved it as usual! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  • Yes, I love how I feel safe during your practices, they are about breath, safety, slow and precise. I feel like I know I will not injure myself and my body and mind feel safe. Thank you!

  • Thanks Heather for your super workouts. I love your routines so much and appreciate your effort and commitment to putting these together for your followers. Love your black shoes. What brand are they????

  • You are not f%$king around!! (Haha) that was wonderful. Thanks so much for that strengthening practice. I have been getting into yoga. Been doing it for a while, but really struggled with some mental (health) things. My mind was very nervous and so it was hard to connect to the practice. I’ve gotten on some meds, and although I avoided them for years, I am feeling a LOT better. Enjoying these practices. Seeing myself as the potential to be stronger. Your flow of the practice was awesome! I feel like I’m learning in a way I like to move, artistically/dancingly. I enjoy that. And the building strength is going to be awesome! The yogis what are they called jumps(?) Those were awesome! This practice was definitely hard/challenging. To all the more experienced yogis, wow! U guys are awesome! And all the ppl keeping up with this, or even modifying, that’s hard work! I love it. Thanks for inviting me to “the next level” or challenging in a way I crave. Btw, I am loving ur chakra series too. I am trying to do them both (atthesametime!!!!), although, I am sore today haha. I downloaded your moon meditations and intentions etc and I’m excited to get into that. Thanks for your resources!

  • Loved this workout and especially LOVED…and cried during the last part! Thank you SO much. I really needed to hear this today!!! ��������

  • Loved this one. Did it this morning. Always a great start to the day. I get the energy to get through “homeschooling” my 6-year-old and working from home for eight hours. ❤️

  • Thank you! I feel so relaxed and calm, which I hadn’t really expected from a booty-bootcamp. Totally ready for an amazing day:) Namaste, everyone.

  • Day 2 down, my body is very sore from yesterdays practice, and coming on with a bit of a cold. Gotta make the best of it though.:)

  • Mir haben Tag 1 und 2 super gefallen!! Ich empfinde die Musik als total angenehm und finde es auch gut, dass nicht gesprochen wird. Ich hab mich nach beiden workouts richtig gut gefühlt. Ausgepowert, aber glücklich. Bin gespannt auf die nächsten Tage!!

  • Going through this series again after being off the mat for 2 months (due to illness and just plain laziness ��). This felt awesome and I feel so alive after completed it! You make those fire hops look so graceful while I’m over here feeling super dumb…I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’ll get there. Thanks for this awesome flow ����

  • I found your channel yesterday when looking for a full moon practice I loved the Moon Salutations I want to make it a regular flow so I can get that FINESSE! Just started the boot camp today! Thanks for sharing! Peace <3

  • Tausend Dank Mady!!!!!Diese Challenge ist genau das was ich gerade brauche! All deine Videos haben mich schon an so vielen Tagen so bereichert, du bist Teil meines Alltags und dafür danke ich dir aus vollem Herzen! Bleib gesund, alles Liebe! Lotta

  • I like this format Heather when we are doing repeats. It was good to put your mind in the “ok let’s get these three sets done and move on.”

  • Ich hätte nach dem Full Body Workout von gestern (und meinem Muskelkater heute morgen) nicht gedacht, dass ich das heutige Workout durchhalten würde, aber es ist super gelaufen! Danke für die tollen Videos!:)

  • This practice made me feel extremely energized and relaxed! I added a 15 min meditation on at the end, focusing on letting go of fears. Thank you so much for being out here doing what you do! <3

  • Also ich bin mir nicht sicher,aber von Yoga zu diesem Hard Core Bauch Beine Po, da kommt der “normale” Yogi wirklich nicht mit liebe Mady (ich habe dich erst letzte Woche entdeckt ;-), möchte das nicht kritisieren,, aber vielleicht Anregungen geben. Du hattest auch ein Video kommentiert wo du darum gebeten hast dich nicht “unangemessen” zu behelligen. Ich könnte mir aber wirklich vorstellen, das es an dem großen Unterschied liegt, Yogis sind nicht so zwingend auf der Leistungsschiene, viele machen gerade Yoga um diese zu verlassen. Nun ist es so, das ich nenne es jetzt mal die “Fitnessvideos” ich diese auch meist nach 2-3 Übungen schon abbrechen musste. Erstens ist es sehr schnell, die Muskulatur über säuert dadurch und schmerzt dann nur noch und wenn man vielleicht immer wechseln würde also Arm Übung, Bauch Übung, Beine, Po und dann wieder von vorn, hat die Muskelgruppe einfach die Möglichkeit wieder zu entspannen unm wieder zum Einsatz zu kommen.

  • Sehr cooles Workout ���� Vielen Dank Mady; auch für deine ganzen anderen Videos. Man merkt, dass du viel Liebe und Zeit investierst ❤️

  • i was sleepy, tired, feeling really lazy and i had no energy for anythin this morning. i decided to do this workout after i put my daughter to her noon sleep, i almost fell asleep while feeding her. but then i got up and pushed my self to start. i had no belief that i could find the strength and the energy to complete this brutal (for me it is!) workout, but i told my self that, i could try my best and it doesn’t have to be perfect. but i completed it, yet almost followed Kelly closely. Almost didn’t have to cheat at all. And i felt very energetic, happy, strong as i finished..i was really surprised by my strength and endurance, and i was really happy to be able to see the workout complete screen �� i am very glad that i found you a year ago, my life really changed, and i really love you guys. thank you for everything.

  • Started the Boot Camp yesterday! I’m always slow to get started but I put my butt on my mat and never regret it afterwards! I have you to THANK!! Love your videos! One question…Got any tips on not feeling like you are going to roll on your back from the squat pose? Gets me every time:/ Thanks in advance!

  • Doing this challenge for the third time since I found you in September. It is just awesome, challenging, invigorating, empowering and I just wanted to thank you for coming into my living room and being my yoga teacher every damn day. Your yoga brings me so much joy in my life. Namaste.

  • You are great and inspiring! I’m new to yoga and was wondering what else you do along with yoga? I have always weight trained but no longer feel aligned with it. I’m wondering if I can get the same muscle benefits with yoga??? What do u think???

  • Sydney I love how you post videos every day during this challenge, esp since the gym has been closed due to the covid. I enjoy working out with you, your energy, instructions, easy to follow, variations, and let’s not forget the cutest outfits. Thank you so much!

  • whoefff I didn’t have much energy today but I did it anyway!! With the same weights as normal, just with a little more complaining:-)

  • Thank you!!! Seriously I look forward to your workouts everyday!
    God bless you! Obviously you are anointed and called to do this!!!

  • Liebe Mady, das Video hat richtig richtig Spaß gemacht! Bei so viel Abwechslung wird’s auch einfach nicht langweilig und die Zeit ist super schnell vorbei! Bin gespannt, ob meine Beine und mein Po morgen Muskelkater haben! Vielen Dank für das Workout! <3

  • This was a fun but tough workout… went by so quick I added a 10 min booty band work out on..I’m stuffed now. Thank you Sydney love love love your workouts!!! ��������️‍♀️

  • wow. Well done and your body(butt) is amazing. believe me Kelli. i say to you like a woman. to be proud of yourselve. Take care and keep it up xoxo, Agnes:)

  • Phil 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ

  • Just wanted to hop here and comment that I love that you took out the calories from the title.I was always so focused on burning more calories than I was on the actual workout!I didn’t even realise it until you took them out.I was constantly watching my fitbit to see if I’m burning as many calories as you that I stopped focusing on giving my best on the actual workout!Today I decided not to check my fitbit until the end of the workout and guess what, I’ve burned more calories than the days before, because I focused and challenged myself with heavier weights instead of checking the calories after each exercise!Thanks a lot for that Sydney, you rock!����

  • Found your videos and started few days ago! My whole body hurts but I love it ��!! Baby steps but looking for more! Tks for your time!

  • Crunched it today as yesterday is my rest day.finishing with add on 500x strong jumping jacks.tq girl for making me stonger everyday ❤

  • Sydney you are Amazing! I enjoy all of your workouts and all your positive words may me kipping going thank you so much! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS �� GRACIAS!

  • vielen Dank dir liebe Mady! Mal ein ganz anderer Style: ich mag die Übungen ohne Sprache, nur mit Musik und die dezenten Reminder, wenn eine Übung beginnt und wenn sie endetauch die Übersicht immer zu Beginn der Übung ist super! Gerne mehr!

  • I appreciate someone else who gets a completely red face while working out:P I’m not alone! I also appreciate the quality content you all produce and that you seem like relateable people. It’s a real service you all provide. Thanks so much and praying for you both!

  • What I love and appreciate about your practice is it’s very methodical, at a perfect pace and really focuses on the breath. I always feel like a rockstar after.

  • Hey guys! I just want to thank you all for the support and thank you to everyone who loves the workouts and supports the channel! I want to address the calorie burn questions!! ***I’m going to post a video on the reasoning I am choosing to no longer include my personal calorie burn on the channel anymore very soon! Long story short, we will all burn calories different and my calories will never be everyone’s calorie burn. I know some people use it as a gauge but it was becoming the overarching focus and I want you all to work your hardest no matter what the workout is. We need a combo of low and high calorie burn workouts and that’s why I program the workouts so that you can follow along day by day with me! I want us all to focus on working our hardest to get stronger for ourselves! I get hundreds of messages daily telling me I lie about my calorie burned, people feeling that they failed because they couldn’t hit my calorie burn, people doing way too many workouts just to hit a calorie burn number and developing an unhealthy relationship with the numbers. I just want the focus to be less on a calorie burn number that is going to vary for every one every day and all trackers have a pretty high degree of inaccuracy and variability based on your brand and a million other factors! People also tended to avoid strength workouts which don’t have as high of a calorie burn and go for all cardio workouts when in reality we need both in our fitness regimen to maintain healthy, strong, and injury free bodies. Hopefully you can respect my decision to do this and focus on working hard together! ��Love you all!

  • @FitnessBlender Do you think that 30 mins per day have enough impact on muscles? I’m doing these excersices with you every day for one month but I have not found any change on my body yet… Is it normal? How long does it take normally to acheive visible changes?

  • Thank you Heather I really enjoy your workouts very much!!! I do not miss going to the gym after following you and doing your workouts I have toned and slimed down way more than going to the gym thanks once again! Def feeling so great now and always full of energy.

  • Eigentlich wollte ich joggen gehen es regnet aber. Habe mich also an das Workout getraut. Stellenweise hart für mich, aber machbar. Superschön und eine tolle Alternative zum Yoga!

  • I didnt do this today but I’m gonna try tomorrow, definitely do it again this week and rock it!!!�������� Can’t wait to see what you have on Sunday! Yay thank you Sydney!!!

  • Something about this particular workout. It’s jinxed for me. Every time I do it, the next day I fall sick. Seriously weird! The others I have no issues with at all.

  • Did a booty band workout the other day, and the day after my lower back went out, started to hurt.any tips to avoid this? Want to grow my booty not hurt my lower back! Thx ����

  • Loved the workout so much that its going into my routine now. You are such a positive and strong soul. More power to you Sydney. Keep inspiring!! ❤️

  • Such a good one! I have been out for two weeks after a car accident and this was my second workout back at it! Loved it, but tough!

  • Hi Sydney I love yours exercises, but honestly I liked do more rounds with just repeats☺ so keep going I love yours “happy hour” of exercises������

  • Only had to pause video thrice! Twice for side plank kick as I was doing full side plank and third time was coz my battery was 3%!

  • This workout is buuuuurning like hell, my goodness. I came back to it today after a 2 day break where I did some other leg workout on one day and abs on the other and I can feel I can keep up a bit longer already… after the water break it gets really tough tho lol. I’ll try to do it at least 3x/ week with other workouts in between, thanks so much Kelli for killing me, haha! xx

  • I used to weigh 91 kilos and now i weigh around 79:) Thanks to fitness blender combined with a little diet review. In my case a total bye bye to all kinds of sugar.
    Keep up the amazing work guys! God Bless.

  • Sydney, can you do a video sbouy overtraining or how to assess how heavy to push. I feel really sick and dizzy when I workout and my knees crack really bad all the time.

  • Whoa, this is a very hard, advanced workout….! I did “most” of it alllots of squats a bit hard on my knees….this will most certainly be a gage to my stamina increase as I work thru more of Sydney’s incredible workouts

  • It was a good one, I loved the warm up and also the general length and type of workout! 2 repetitions of each move makes it ideal for me!!

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    Oder kann mir jemand eine Playlist empfehlen, wo man die Videos täglich der Reihe nach machen kann?
    LG ��

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    Thanks Kelli and Daniel, been following you guys for 4 years now and your workouts never disappoint. Love from Australia xxx

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  • Per my Apple Watch the workout burned 133 calories. There weren’t many variations that could have increased my output. I liked the workout and got a good sweat on.

  • These have been some of the best online yoga videos I have found to date! I love that you are consistently reminding breaths and giving a lot of guidance on movements. Giving more advanced and ways to modify. Plus teaching how to eventually get to the more advanced movements. Thank you! Just what I’ve been searching for for years!

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    Anyways, before this workout I feel lazy and tired… after the workout I feel tired but the good kind of tired and stress free! (at least for a few hours.
    Thank you for the videos!

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  • Thanks Allie…. I’ve been stop and go with working out and Mindset for a few months now! I found your 7 Day Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge and I’m in this to know I’m worthy of a healthy body! I love following you and the energy you give off is pure love and beauty for all! Thank you!

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    Ich möchte an der Stelle auch Danke dafür sagen, dass die Hintergrund-Musik immer passend und vor allem angenehm ist. Mich stört die Musik bei den meisten anderen Fitnessvideos, die auf viel rhythmisches Tamtam setzen und auch viel zu laut sind, meist schon nach kurzer Zeit.

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  • Sydney, I don’t know what it is about you, but you are extremely inspiring. You are truly one of a kind and i appreciate your motivation each and every day. I’ve been doing your workouts since COVID started and you do NOT disappoint! You are a godsend! God bless you and your family!!

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    Habe die letzten Wochen alle deine Yoga-Videos rauf und runter „geturnt“ um dem stressigen Arbeitsalltag etwas entgegen zu setzen. Deine neuesten Workouts bringen die alte Power zurück. Die dazugehörige musikalische Umrahmung kann nicht besser gewählt sein.
    Herzlichen Dank für deinen unermüdlichen Einsatz��

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  • Sydney, I have been doing your workouts for about a month now. I always walk away dripping sweat and feeling so amazing. I have to say that what you said at the end of this workout is so true and dear to my heart. I couldn’t have said it better myself and it means a lot for you to share that with me. You’re awesome. Kudos to you!

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  • Hi Allie.
    I just recently discovered your YouTube channel and I love your yoga vids so much already. Thanks for this wonderful yoga bootcamp.
    I was just wondering if you could do a vid especially for soccer players. I have a slight anterior pelvic tilt due to tight hip flexors and weak glutes. Would you please make avid in which we target this muscle imbalance, stretching out the quads, hip flexors and low back and strengthening the glutes and abs?
    That would be pretty awesome.:-)

  • Burn, baby, burn! I usually do HIIT training 5 days a week and yoga 1 day, but decided to give the boot camp challenge a go. Day 1 was awesome; day 2 has my booty quivering! LOL! Happy I joined:-) Thanks so much.

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  • Just throwing it out there that I started following along with your workout videos near the end of April. I’ve been eating super clean and working out alongside your videos 6 days a week with Sundays being my rest day. 48 days in and 16lbs down and I feel incredible (14 more to go), shout out to you Sydney, your youtube workout videos are life changing!!

  • haven’t worked out to this one yet but i will. Just started working out with you and am loving it. I just purchased your royal blue glute band (the thicker one )….LOVE IT!! Thanks and have an awesome day!!!!

  • Hi Allie!! I have a question, doing yoga every day with the calendar that you give me can I lose weight and tone up in addition to a good diet? Sorry for my english ����. Thanksssss for all videossss! Are amazinggg!

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  • Hallo Mady, die neue Workout-Reihe ist wirklich super! Sie lässt sich perfekt in den Alltag integrieren, weil die Workouts so effektiv sind – danke dafür. Gibt es alternative Übungen zu Squats, da ich leider Probleme mit den Knien habe und sie mir nach den Workouts oft weh tun… Das wäre auch mein einziger Wunsch für die Zukunft. Ansonsten bleibt einfach so wie du bist!

    LG, Yoga& Workout-Fan,

  • I love it….hard work, but feels great afterwards, and I can get my husband to do it too as long as they are 30min or less. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much Sydney and Dustin! Your workouts have made me love working out again because my focus has been on improving my form and my endurance and focusing on the small accomplishments rather than just the weight on the scale. Thank you! crushed it!

  • Hi Heather, you are so AMAZING! I just love watching your videos it is so motivating, inspiring and you really make workouts FUN. I look forward to waking up working out with you. You are AWESOME. Thank you! Take care!

  • thanks @sydney for your awesome hiit workout plan. I wait every night (Melbourne, Australia) for your new upload and prepare my mind to crush it in next chilly morning.

  • I have just purchased my medium band resistance and i cannot wait to start using it. i was challenging my self with just the weights so far and im SOOOO ready to pump it up! Thank you
    Sydney for pushing me everyday! i feel so much stronger and leaner! <3

  • that was so intense. Kelli I cannot thank you enough your seriously the inspiration to finish the work out as you talk through the interval.

  • Whoa oooowie this is amazing yoga I enjoy the poses and I am a beginner. Husband and grandson went to deliver food and on their return they stopped in the lounge to talk with me, as I was enjoying downward dog pose, then our grandson who is 12 decided to lay underneath me as I was in downward dog, he says as he looks up at me ” hows it going nan and a little giggle.
    So they both continued chatting merrily to me haha, happy happy men I shall continue this yoga poses later. ������

  • God has gotten me through all of the trials in my life and he is preparing me for my future. He laying a path for me. He has plans for me, plans not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and future. I pray you find your strength in the Lord. Christ has over come the world so that I can over come.

  • Hands down the! I absolutely LOVE your workouts. Just a little recommendation…. a little more upper and lower body strength training would be awesome! Your videos are the bester then the gym

  • Hallo Mady,
    Ich heiße Sayaka Marie und bin 12 Jahre alt.
    und habe dich durch meine suche gefunden und bin Jetzt ein richtiger Fan von dir!!
    Ich liebe Workouts und Yoga!
    Da wollte ich fragen wann du mit alldem angefangen hast? Lohnt es sich in meinem alter Workouts zu machen?
    Würde mich mega freuen wenn du mir antwortest!!:-)
    Ganz Liebe Grüße

  • Oh and i forgot about the calories looooong time ago. Keep doing the exercises, eat well and youll see how your body respinds. This team is awesome!

  • My past is a strengthening exercise!! I love it!!!! Thanks for another great workout Sydney. I feel myself getting stronger in every way, every day, and you guys are a part of that, so thank you. <3