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Blair’s Before & After: 9% Body Fat Lost, Muscle Gained, Back Pain Gone Meet your fellow Blender, Blair! Read her entire interview below to learn how she did it, why she did it, how long it took her + lots of great tips on making changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Most people trying to lose weight want a trim yet toned body. Oftentimes, traditional weight loss programs focus on cutting body fat and hitting lower numbers on the scale rather than gaining muscle. Introduction.

The 1-year global prevalence of low back pain (LBP) is 38%, with the highest rates occurring in women and persons aged 40-80 years.The population incidence of LBP is directly associated with body mass index (BMI); moreover, risk factors for LBP include overweight and obesity.Obesity is defined as a BMI exceeding 30 kg/m 2, and overweight is defined as a BMI of 25-29.9 k/m 2. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese.In addition to health risks associated with being overweight or obese, it can be costly. The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008.Because of the health risks and associated costs, there has been a push. Pain that persists in a subset of patients after surgery Marc Russo, MBBS, DA(UK)FANZCA, FFPMFANZCA Executive Officer, International Neuromodulation Society, 2011-2017 Hunter Pain Clinic, Broadmeadow, NSW Australia.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (or FBSS) refers to patients with persistent or new pain after spinal surgery for back or leg pain. The mean age was 10 years: 25% were ages 1-5 years, 40% were ages 6-11 years, and 35% were ages 12-17 years. 55.2% were male, 78.2% were White, 2.9% were Black or African American and 4% were Hispanic. The mean body mass index (BMI) was 18.7 kg/m². The mean duration of diabetes was 3.9 years and the mean HbA1c at baseline was 8.2%.

Even a small reduction in belly fat can result in improved health. A study published in September 2016 in Translational Behavioral Medicine examined the effects of a 5 to 10 percent weight loss. Throughout a 15-week behavioral weight loss program, patients ate a calorie-restricted diet and engaged in 150 minutes of moderateto vigorous-intensity activity per week. Having a normal-range body mass index, or BMI, may help lower your A1C. According to, you fall in the obese category if your BMI is over 30.0.

Overweight is 25 to 29.9 and normal weight is 18.5 to 24.9. You are considered underweight if your BMI is less than 18.4. 1. You Have Too Much Body Fat Covering Your Abdominal Wall. Strong abs aren’t the most important component of a visible six-pack; low body fat is. If you have too much subcutaneous body fat covering your abdominal area, then no matter how many hours of crunches or leg raises you do, you won’t be able to see your six-pack.

11 foods that are causing your joint pain. If you happen to be sensitive to one (or more) of these hidden joint pain triggers you very well could be making your pain worse without even knowing it! 1. Alcohol: Many of us enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine from time to time.

After all, experts say in moderation alcohol could have some health.

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  • I can vouch for the “cut the sugar increase the protein” plan. Not only when I was younger and wanted to join the military and they told me that but also now that I’m back at it again. First thing I did was cut processed sugar as best as I could and add as much protein. I just got done doing my first weight in on my channel and gained 10lbs putting me at 536lbs but I lost inches all over my body. I can only assume that the weight gain has come with regaining my muscle.

  • very pretty lady and well explained video. thx will give this method a shot. otherwise I’ll take bit of bit exercises and join them up with my simple squat, side lunge and sumo squat along with plank and side arm planks with press ups. before jumping onto weights the very next day

  • okay so im one of those skinny fats lost weight with mostly diet alone got flab and fat on gut and my pecs just started cardio and lifting im so weak weaker than ive ever been i want to gain but i say i still have at least 30 pounds of fat to lose what should i do continue to cut or start bulking

  • Are you considered a newbie if you’ve been going to the gym for 10 years, not really changing your diet therefore you still look the same as did 10 years ago?

  • I was skeptic about NextLevelDiet because I thought that I would have to eat only broccoli to lose weight. I am eating only food I like and still losing weight.

  • My girl used naturekindness .com for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • Whats your age, height, and weight? Also waist size?
    So far I’ve lost 120lbs. Currently I am 29, 6ft, and weigh 180lbs. After I’m done losing the fat (another 10lbs maybe?) I want to bulk and gain muscle.

  • If im hungry and i dont eat till 3-4 hours because im waiting for food, does that killing my gains?
    Answer this please because i often get hungry and could not eat until 3-4 hrs..

  • Summer is over and my bench has decreased a lot. My football player friends that I was stronger than are now above me and I feel very insecure. It’s a weird feeling knowing you can lift something, but when you try you can’t. All the equipment I had at home during summer was a dumbbell. I curled most days all summer. I’m upset

  • Hi RP Docs,
    I just have 12 questions, 3 comments, and a limerick.
    Why do I see stars after I brace for heavy compound movements and what do I do about it? Thanks so much.

  • Guys make you smoothies do some laps every day sit ups push ups burpee‘s squats do it ever day I’m 13 I was lazy now I got abs it you might be sore but keep going

  • Some background information before the questions.

    I started to train at the age of 16. My broad jump was 180cm. During that time, most of my physical activity came from P.E. classes at school. After 6 months of following plyometric routines online, I got to a 265 cm broad jump. Then I joined a gym and after a year of linear progression, I achieved a 300 cm broad jump. I was afraid of “slow intermediate gains” and did a bunch of resets on a program with similar loading parameters as “5×5”. That got me into a 6-month plateau. Then I switched to a similar program to the Texas method and in 5 months acquired a 315 cm broad jump.

    What yearly rate of progress could I expect? Is a lifetime goal of a 375 cm broad jump totally unrealistic?

    What are your thoughts on accommodating resistance for broad jump training, especially for box squats?

    I never do deadlifts, but do plenty of power cleans and hang power cleans. Could that limit my rate of progress?

    What are some good resources on a good broad jump technique? I have been studying broad jump videos of NFL combine. It seems that everybody jumps differently.

  • Watched a video shot fasting while maintaining muscle. The body has become used to going days without eating from the hunger gather days while maintaining muscle to survive.

  • Good information but it was like listening to a fast tape, had to stop and replay the info a few times. The baby crying in the background made it hard to hear.

  • I get around 1200 calories per day and I noticed I’m losing weight but it’s so slow it’s demotivating me I want to be 85 to 80kg at the end of this month but I’m losing 2 to 1.5 kg per week

  • You should have devided by 0.15 not 0.3 because will nr 2 will probably fill the rest with carbs and they take 15% aswell to digest.. so this is a mistake which makes your calculation double as it should have been

  • You say at 44:50 that artificial sweeteners increase insulin. However this paper says otherwise: for sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Can you explain that?

  • Hi, I’m gonna try this. I’m not overweight or something, but I just don’t really like my legs. So I’m gonna workout. I will try to keep yall updated. Please comment so I won’t forget, I will update this tommorow.

  • Does someone know if you stop working out let’s say for few years, and then you start again. Does that make me you a beginner again?!

  • ok heres me:i was 64kg eating only 400cal and run for 2 hours/day no rest day(for 2years)
    one day i got fed up i binge like crazy even i was full stuff my mouth with food and wamted to kill.myself i guess had enough and my solution raise my cal to 1200….boom gained i read about reverse diet……now i only run 4km/day mon-thirs and weight lift 1hour and 30….now increase my cal 1350 my weight is steady now to 74kg no change but im happier, no depression since im concern fat…i mean when i was doing running im buns…now i can feel my muscles are harder but i have fats jiggling around me….whyyyy???

  • IMO getting super lean is not worth it for the average person. I did a couple years ago and was pretty irritable to everyone around me. Being that lean just wasn’t helping my mental well-being. And you know what? Nobody gives a crap if you’re lean lol. Sure, you’ll get compliments but in the end that’s not all that gratifying. I’m happy now and I think I’ve just accepted I’m not going to be shredded. It really doesn’t matter. I can still look good at a higher bf %. In fact, with a t shirt on, I look way better and more muscular with a higher bf than a low one.

  • Will, I’m 47 and currently trying to lose 80lbs. I am 20 pounds down so far. Just wanted to say thank you, your tips and challenges are amazing. Your content challenges me to try harder. Gonna try your mother’s raspberry chicken recipe, that looks delicious AF. LOL! Thanks again man, I am hoping I don’t lose too much muscle and am working out with bands during the pandemic. Eggs and egg whites are magic when it comes to weight loss.

  • I bulk for 3 months and gain about 7lbs and a bit of that is muscle and then diet down for a month and lose 7lbs. I have been able to keep most of my gains this way. I did work out for about 8months before my first diet. This works for me as I put on muscle quite easily as well as fat, so a long term bulk would not benefit me. I am 6foot 218lbs at about 20%. We are all different and have different needs.

  • Oh wow I had the EXACT same thing going on for me. Started being fat my whole life, making a change when i was 17. I was really thin when I was 19, like i lost 20kg and was thinner than my gf, like you in the second pic. So now im at the third pic, gained muscle, not fat but a little chubby. Im trying to work up to the 4th pic and im 21 now!:D. any tips anyone? im working with a Personal trainer now too and its REALLY helping out for me.

  • How do you eat high amounts of protein while still not eating a ton of calories? I’m 5’6 and 200 lbs. I’d like to be at 180 with muscle. Love your videos

  • The calculation at 2:15 is a lil false as you only consider the calories burned by digesting protein. Fat burns only 0-3% (I think 0 is quite unrealistic), vs carbs (5-10%) vs. Protein (20-30%, all according to quick google search). So the amount of calories saved varies pretty much and can range from 524*0.10 to approx. 524*0.3 or so, depending if your replacing with carbs or fat.

  • Thanks for the great content! Could you please maybe do a video on egg whites consumption and the possibility of biotin deficiency?

  • I started bulking 3 months ago and I love it!! Lost almost 100 pounds since last September and I put on about 10 pounds during this bulk. My benchpress, squat, deadlift have all gone through the roof and it feels good to be strong!!

  • Will, how do you incorporate this method of eating when you are a skinny guy who is squishy, but not wanting to lose weight per se?

  • As specialist, I believe Femalix Secrets is great way to completely erase your cellulite naturally. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • What i did was i went for cardio every other day after lifting weights it’s pretty effective in losing weight and maintaining you can just alternate the meal plan too high carb and low carb days

  • I came to to learn how to lose muscle because I’m genetically very stocky with thick muscle.
    I’m huge with 30 inch thighs naturally.
    Instead of running marathons or doing crack or meth this vid may work. ��
    I will do HEAVY Squats, Deadlifts and Flat Bench to raise my Testosterone level because of my age but will do HIGH REPS and cardio for the other days. I have the Helmet Strebl workout too.
    I guess the main problem is that I love protein too much…been trying to more towards a heavier veggie & fruit diet. I try to stay away from dairy and too many carbs that are not veggie carbs. (Mainly sweet potatoes, potatoes & rice) I feel it’s much easier for a skinny guy to get muscular than a muscular guy to lose muscle without it turning to fat. Defeating genetics is hard. My Dad looks like a thick ass powerlifter and so do I.
    So eat 1000 calories or less per day and limit my protein intake. 1000 calories a day is easy just 3 to 4 meal replacement drinks a day and water and add Lucein Amino Acid to my meal replacements with supplements.

  • The best treatise on thyroid function that I have seen. Brilliant and thank you.
    Just trying to put it all into practice.
    Noticed some positive changes already.
    It works!!!

  • That shirt makes your look huge. Or the angle? Something you just look broader. Maybe I’m just a crazy person…That could also be a thing

  • I wasn’t able to lose weight without demonizing the foods that I liked to eat. I hate to admit it but I was moving towards mental illness just to achieve success. I really related to your weight loss story

  • Nice simple workout that you can do without anything and can do anywhere nice. I want to lose weight but I’m lazy, the most I do is walk.

  • Too fast, too canned, too much effort to be funny. Presentation information was probably good if you could follow him. Selling a book. He is also overweight and tries to get you to believe it’s all muscle. Needs work on his ego. Sorry for the negativity but he seemed to present his ego over content.

  • can i drink my calories from gazpacho i make at home? 1 liter has like 100/150 calories because i use very little oil
    even if i drink 2 liters every day thats only 200 or 300 calories.
    is it a bad idea?
    does this even count as driking my calories?
    or by not drinking your calories” do you mean “dont drink your carbs,dont drink your proteins” because drinking macros wont make u as full

  • I weigh only 60kgs(132 pounds) and im currently 4 months into a push, pull,legs plan. I eat around 60-90 g of protein a day, is that enough protein?

  • Little fatty boomba. I was pretty fat there for a few years too (65 lbs or so). I don’t see how you avoided a bit of loose skin. I lost the 65lbs over the last year and when I bund over (kinda in a crunch position) I have a bit of sag on my lower abs.

  • I did these exercises every mrng and evng.After 3 weeks I felt my thighs are almost slim. This is Damn amazing..I will update after 3 weeks

    Now my thighs are in good shape and I ve lost some 2 pounds…I’m very happy with the get better results you can also do additionally skipping and situps etc…all the best to everyone who’s going to do..

  • I’m lucky to live in Arizona and see Dr Nally. I switched to him last year after hearing a podcast. I am at goal weight and have seen many other benefits of Keto at 68 years old.

  • My girl used for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • Thank you! I wish you had gone a bit more into nodules…but still one of the best presentations I have seen yes. Humorous and informative

  • Anyone know what is Femalix Secrets about? I hear lots of people completely remove their cellulite safely with this popular cellulite erase secrets.

  • what about if you are trying to bulk is it still better to focus on protein and low cals or go all out with protein and high cals while working out. I’m new to all this and really trying to change myself

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

  • Anyone else start a fitness journey because the pandemic wrecked your life and now Will Tennyson videos are what keep you on track?