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Back Strengthening Pilates Michelle Merrifield

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20 minute Pilates for Low Back Pain: daily strength & mobilise

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Pilates For Lower Back Pain Pain Relief Series

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15 min Pilates Workout for Back Pain Be Pain Free!

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Pilates For Back Care Lower Back 30 mins

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Katie Mackenzie Pilates for Lower Back Pain

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Fast Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Pain Relief – Beginners Yoga Stretches and Poses

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Pilates for Back Pain: Pilates Lower Back Exercises for Pain & Stiffness. Pilates exercises are fantastic for building strength within the core, increasing flexibility, and correcting weaknesses and imbalances in muscles around the spine. Pilates has a multitude of superficial benefits (toned abs, a firm, shapely body and long lean limbs, to name a few), but it can actually serve as a serious ally when it comes to.

Pilates Strengthens the muscles that surround your back Pilates consists of exercises that target the smaller stabilising muscles in the glutes, abdominals and back. These muscles act as stabilisers for your lower back which can reduce your pain and help to protect your back from further injury. Here are 3 exercises that you can do for eac. Pilates is a system of exercises widely used in patients with low back pain.

The practices based on this method have promoted the restoration of the function of muscles involved in lumbopelvic stabilisation, that is, transversus abdominis, multifidus, diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles. A pilates-inspired workout that’s suitable for people with chronic back pain. More research is needed, but there is some evidence to suggest that pilates can be helpful for people who have lower back pain. This 29-minute class focuses on improving the strength and flexibility of muscles that support the back.

This series of exercises is closed chain and helps to take stress off the lower back. The key is to bend from the hips and isolate hip motion from spine motion. It may seem like a simple concept, but is very challenging for many people to do. When the hips are bending and low back is stable, we refer to this as dissociating movement at the hip.

Published on Apr 2, 2020 If you suffer from lower back pain or stiffness, Pilates can help! In this video, we’ll focus on stretching the areas that are most likely tight and overactive, and. Published on Jul 7, 2020 This video shows a gentle Pilates based movement routine that can help reduce pain and stiffness through the lower back. Pilates may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of alleviating back pain, but you can use pilates exercises to relieve lower back pain.

It is critical to a back pain patient’s well-being to understand the necessity of neutral alignment of the spine and the need to strengthen the postural muscles that fosters said alignment. Mat Pilates for Back Pain If you are new to Pilates and have experienced back pain, you can begin to strengthen your back and alleviate pain by incorporating a Mat practice into your routine. Starting with a few simple exercises performed consistently can make all the difference.

Becoming fearful of movement will only make your back troubles worse. The exercises listed below will not only help to loosen the lower back but the mid and upper back too. I would advise that for long term benefit you will need to include some core strengthening exercises such as Pilates for lower back pain.

Best exercises for lower back pain. 1.

List of related literature:

Pilates can help prevent and relieve back pain.

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Pilates is often advocated for chronic low back pain.

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Depending on what is causing your back pain, some Pilates exercises could even make it worse.

“The Healthy Programmer: Get Fit, Feel Better, and Keep Coding” by Joe Kutner
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Therapeutic spine stabilization exercises have been shown to be effective in treatment of chronic low back pain with concomitant spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis (Nelson et al. 1995, O’Sullivan et al. 1997, Spratt et al. 1993).

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There is also evidence that McKenzie physical therapy exercises, which use gentle backbends resembling yoga poses, can help with back pain.

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There is some further evidence in human research that specific stabilisation exercise is effective in reducing pain and disability in chronic back pain, neck pain, cervicogenic headache and pelvic pain as well as reducing recurrence after acute back pain (Ferreira et al. 2006).

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This 40-page pictorial, from a Pilates great, offers solutions to prevent pain, relieve pain, or move you forward with strength and alignment.

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For this reason, people with back pain should consult a physician or physical therapist before beginning any exercise program—and should expect a period of trial and error before helpful exercises are found.

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Pilates for low back pain.

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  • thank you very much katja.
    these are particular days for me in Milan and your stillness it’s something more than Pilates.
    you’re helping me a lot.
    with love

  • Thank you so much, you explain it so well that I feel more relaxed doing it, and I can move on my own rather than having to always check the screen.

  • I know the pigeon pose, Is supposed to stretch out the glutes predominantly; but with the bent leg, I mostly feel quite a bit of discomfort in my hips (I think the muscle is called the tensor fascia latae or the sartorius)Just wondering if this is a normal feeling to be hurting there. If it wasn’t for that pain I quite like the stretch. I love your videos by the way. I’ve been doing the post partum, low back pain,
    and shoulder one daily.

  • Thank you, I have lower back problems and my gluts are very thighs, I really needed to work on them and most importantly stretch them

  • I was really shocked from this back problems guide called. The plan was basically the reason why my knees, hips and back are realigned. I no more experience agonizing feelings each and every time get out of bed. In addition, I observed developments in my knees due to this program. Research this guidebook on Google, the tip name is Mason Κonozback
    good luck

  • I’ve been loving this routine the last few days and notice a significant decrease in my sciatic and back pain throughout the day. I enjoy doing it daily along with other gentle practices. I am wondering if you think it is safe to do daily or is it better to have days without?

  • I messed up my back pretty bad, my daughter who is a doctor suggested these exercises. I just started but will let you know how it goes. Thanks

  • Hi. Thank you for this great workout. I’ve had a sore back for three days and after completing just one of your fifteen minute sessions I feel an improvement. I’ve never done pilates before but I’ll be joining you again tomorrow xxx

  • Hi,

    I have been doing sports and training for years and consistently have low back pain when I take some time out. I was in agony this morning and done this one simple video, and the pain has almost completely subsided. I will be doing this on a regular basis as tightness seems to be a key factor.

    One question I would like to ask. I feel as though I have been getting ill after prolonged hard training and feeling way more lethargic than I ever have before. Could this be related to muscle tightness?

  • Have been searching youtube for a gentle set of back exercises after getting debilitating back spasms a second time in 4 months, this is truly perfect for me and I thank you. Best Regards, stay healthy and safe Sharina in Australia

  • thanks Katie @eFit30. great video. will do my pilates with this vid now that i can’t attend gym. i wish it was a bit longer. i’ll search and see if you have any longer workouts. thanks heaps Katie

  • Every morning both my son and I begin our day to your videos! Your videos have helped us to feel stronger, both physically and mentally. Thank you so very much!!! ❤️

  • This is my go-to routine for both giving me the stamina for, and helping me recuperate from extended sitting time in front of the computer.

  • First and foremost, if the muscles of the hamstrings are tight, they are more susceptible to tearing. No matter if you’re an elite athlete, stay-at-home-mom or average Joe, a muscle tear in the back of your legs can take months to heal and recover from making life very challenging.

  • Really helped my sciatica pain. I have 3 slipped discs and 4th one is not in a good position, this’s all thanks to me smoking for years till I quit 6 years ago but damaged had been done made my discs dehydrated.:��

  • Katja, just wanted to say I love your classes. I love your calm and how clearly you explain every step. Unable to go to my regular classes due to quarentine, yours have helped me feel so much better. Thank you!

  • This has been a game changer for this lower back. It feels stable and painless after a week.

    It’s also nice to be in Europe and feel like back at Essence again.
    Thanks Michelle!

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  • I have Spondylolisthesis in my lower back like many people do even if they don’t know it. Is it possible for you to produce a video to help this please. My GP referred me to a Sports Centre that have given me sheets about Pilates for the lower back, some of the exercises are ok others aggravate it more. Some exercises such as twisting the body in different ways aggravates the pain and for some reason something like the Clam Level1 hurts as well.

  • This is video is always a go to for me when I’m experiencing lower back pain. Thanks so much!!! ���� I literally feel immediate relief.

  • I cannot tell you how many times this routine has helped me over the past 3 years. Doing this routine consistently will strengthen your lower back, increase the flexibility of your back and has helped me comeback from injury many times. Thanks so much to Michelle!!!!!

  • I’m a professional musician (drummer) who plays really fast, intense music. Your videos have helped me heaps to warm up before a show/recording and after. Thanks from Australia! ����

  • I just did this for my SI Joint pain and it helped a lot! Thank you for this, it’s hard to find quality pilates videos on youtube.

  • Thank you so much ��
    I had a severe lower back pain I just ‏practiced twice with your video I feel way better, thanks, thanks …��

  • I exercise regularly but I still have dull constang back pain, discs are ok. I hope this will help, the exercises are quite easy to do and 15 mins is not that much to take out of your day. Thank you!

  • hi, I am desperate to find an exercise/pilates for lower back pain but I have a total hip replacement so afraid of dislocation:(

  • I felt pain in my lower back following the leg raises in table top position. the cool down and stretch helped a bit but the pain still persists. what kind of stretches should I do to minimise the pain and release the tension in my lower back?

  • Thank you for this! I recently found out that I have a pinched disk and have not really be able to do any exercises. I was actually on here Monday and did a search for Pilates exercises that are suitable for people with bad backs. How many times would you reccommend that I can do this a week and any of your other videos you would recommend?

  • Thank you so much for this pilates lesson. I do your lessons about a month. I have to say that, it looks you really love this, because you explain every move and excersice so good. Your pilates lessons help me to have healthy body due to qaurantine.

  • I feel an instant relief! Thank you! I run a lot and have 3 young children. one of whom is still a baby, so I am finding more pressure on my back than before. The tight legs and weak core is most definitely me. I am looking forward to feeling fabulous in a few weeks of doing your exercises every day:) Thank you!

  • Hello Katja. Thank you for your calm and precise lessons. I have been doing your sessions every day for around 8 weeks and my body feels and looks very different.

  • This is great i like that you don’t rush (i had a bad experience recently following someone who didn’t really hold postures so actually made my issues worse!) and explain clearly. What i love would be a longer more complex workout incorporating some more pilates exercises, about half hr length? that would be great:)

  • That was a very effective 30 minute routine my back was very sore the other day which is why I decided on this routine and the following day it felt so much better. Just back for my second go! Thank you Katja!

  • 1:28
    If someone need something simply try
    Its cool for everyone in 2020!

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  • These might be helpful but not at this speed if you genuinely have a sore lower back,this is not stretch enough…and it’s definitely not relaxing doing it this quick

  • This routine literally saved my life. I’m two weeks in and I never seen so much improvement in my back and I’ve tried everything that western medicine has to offer. You’re amazing and thank you so much!!!

  • slow the actual heck down, homie, damn!!!! I don’t get why yogis treat relaxation and release exercises like it’s a basketball game with 10 seconds left on the clock

  • Definitely help with my back pain and prompted me to take 3 in person 1:1 Pilates classes. Katie thank you because what you do in this video is what 1:1 instructor did with me plus a bit more. You are right on with this video

  • I love your exercises so well explained and nice and slow. I am 68 years old would these be suitable for my lower back pain? Thanks so much, Jean

  • I paid a silly amount of money to a silly chiropractor for my excruciating hip and sciatica pain during and after pregnancy. I stopped going because it was not working effectively. After 2 rounds of this the pain is next to nothing. Unbelievable! Thanks so much, I was never a fan of yoga… I LOVE THIS.

  • This was a really therapeutic work out for my lower back? It is short enough that I can do every day just for maintenance thank you so much and God bless you!

  • Thankyou Katie! This video was great. You explain so well. I have two bulging disks with sciatica that led to muscle wasting in my leg. I could do every move without feeling uncomfortable. And my low back feels like the compression is eased off a little for now. �� Will definitely repeat tomorrow and checkout more videos ��

  • Excelent!!! thanks a lot! You are very good. Please if it is possible, continue posting this kind of help. It makes a difference.
    I found it a perfect mix between effort, softness, balanced pace, sometimes necessary pain, and care. Thank you.

  • I have had lower back pain for some time now and this morning felt enough was enough. Although I go to the gym regularly I wasn’t focusing on those areas that were giving me lower back pain. Loved these stretches. I could feel that it was targeting my lower back and appreciated the knowledge of how thigh and leg stretches can alleviate lower back pain will definitely be doing this routine regularly now thank you so much….I also think the stretches could be done more slowly though so that there’s more time from one inhale/exhale I had to pause the video… but loved the calming voice of the instructor relaxing ��

  • I’ve been suffering for 2 years with pinching lower back pain which Drs haven’t been able to source. Due to shift work I can’t attend regular classes. 2 days of this simple routine which is only 15 minutes of my time and I feel less tension in the lower back. It hasn’t eliminated my pain but I feel more relaxed

  • Glute strengthening, bad hamstring strengthening, some core, thoracic rotation, anterior stretch…. ZERO back strengthening!!!! (some stabilization but with no real awareness pelvis all over the place!) Bad video, does not include what it set out to.

  • This workout was amazing for my lower back pain & the gentleness of Katie voice while explaining the exercises really helps not feel rushed at all ����

  • Energies invoked by yoga in the lower back, because yoga is of Shiva and of the tree of death, are energies of false accusation, false flattery, gender confusion, poisoned/contaminated food, concupiscence and even homicidal tendencies (possibly in the person doing yoga, or those around him or her, or both). There are spiritually and medically safe ways to alleviate pain. Try prayer to the Creator, not the Destroyer.

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  • Thank you so much Sarah, amazing and beneficial video for lower back pain. I run 5 days a week and do hot yoga twice a week. But all summer battling with lower back pain. Found your video and tried it every night for three weeks, amazing results. Back pain gone and I am doing this routine most nights and it really works for all the reasons you give. Thanks again.

  • This is a great video but you missed out a whole side when draping they right leg over the left. Have you remade this video anywhere because its difficult with the missing bit!

  • I really need to strengthen my core and loosen up my hips/legs. If i did this video more than once a day would that be better or worse? I have no sharp pain when I did it the first time.

  • I suffer from chronic back pain after having 6 babies in 12 years. It’s been getting worse each time (no more!!) I’m working with a physio, but I was wondering if this will be good to do first thing in the morning or a bit later on in the day? The reason I ask is sleeping causes a lot of tightness and pain in my back, so first thing in the morning is the most painful and I can hardly bend over. I can’t lie on my back for more than 10 minutes in bed before my back hurts.

  • Just finished stretching the upper, middle and now lower back with you and I’m ready for bed. Thank you. Hopefully, I will get a better night’s sleep than last night. My back feels so much better. Will continue to stretch with these plus the morning routine until I’m fully recovered. ��������

  • Hi Lindsey. I just had a question. Why do you only do the drape of right leg over left, with no gaps…. but then not left over right?

  • The video edit at 3:51 shows the right leg then cuts out the right side of the exercise and goes straight onto the left leg. So you only get to do one side ��

  • I’m like all the other posts I’ve read. I’ve battled back pain from my neck all the way down to my hips. The right side of my center back is a huge knot. I’ve gotten injections every year for the past 10 years, but can’t afford those any longer. I now catch my body crying at night in pain. A friend recommended yoga and there you are. Today is my first day, but I feel like this will be the beginning of creating a pain free body. My only question is about breathing. When do you take the deep breath in? At the beginning of going into a poise?? Just trying to learn and appreciate any and all advise!! Thank you all for your comments

  • Hi,I want to get me back on exercise after a break of 6 months.was suffering from back pain (inc burning/needles)after MRI learnt that I had 6 slipped discs (cervical and lumbar) no pains now except occasional burning/needles.just want to know if these exercises are okay for cervical slipped discs too? Thankyou

  • I’m 66 this year. I had been having very severe lower back pain since 1984. It had not been easy. I’m a tennis player. I do about 15k steps everyday. I’m very active but I had not been stretching as I should be. Just last week I decided to look for YouTube videos for full body stretches because the pain was getting worse. I luckily came across your videos. Omg as I’m talking now, it’s like I never had lower back pain in my life. My body is very calm and pain free. The pain of more than 20 years just vanished within a week. To all those who are suffering from lower back pain, believe me I’m a living testimony. Don’t try it, DO IT and you will find peace in your life. It’s like I have been given a second chance pain-free life. God has been amazing in my life������. THANK YOU PSYCHETRUTH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ please subscribe now and enjoy your life again.. All the way from Botswana, a small landlocked country in the southern part of Africa, this is ME smiling again��������

  • Katie explains each exercise thoroughly so I can be sure I’m doing everything correctly, without rushing or my feeling like I’m being patronised by a professional. She has a kind and happy demeanour which really is the icing on the cake to her professionalism. Thoroughly recommended and useful video! Thanks!

  • Badly herniated disc 10 months ago. Have tried EVERYTHING since, including injections and extensive physio. Was all set for surgery. This video has single handedly saved me from that route. Back much better. Try and do this routine 2-3 times a week. Tough but effective.

  • This is such a good video and really helps… behave to make out Time to do it regularly and also do the 7 day challenge. I’ve shared this with a lot of people. Great work!!!

  • I was hungover from work last night and this woke up every part of my body—feeling so refreshed. My only issue is I’m so tall that I can’t touch my toes while doing some positions what do you recommend for a 183 cm man?

  • Thank you…. a great way to begin recovering. I so appreciate your detailed and clear instruction about body positioning, breathing etc

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    [13/08, 12:00 am] HAKEEM SHAHID ALI:

  • Thank you so much for putting this video up. I had joined a Pilates class for the first time, it was 45 minutes long and did hurt my back, but this short routine is really helping. Thanks, Juliet

  • I started training with weights around 2 months ago to help tighten my core lower back as have a slip disk, I hurt my back a week ago and have a twinge constantly. I did your work out and found not hard to do as I am quite fit. After doing so I must say feel no pain and the stretching felt good. Do you think I should do this on a regular base to help? Thank you once again ����

  • It’s gotten pretty cold right now, so I cannot go out and walk like normally. My back pain came back, I have 3 split discs and minor scoliosis. So I’ve started with your workout today. I’ll keep up and let you know. I’m feeling good already.

  • I’ve just started with one video having trawled through the web over the last few months of Covid. Most leave me feeling inadequate or that I’m just not getting something right. I’m not a complete beginner but I feel like one. This video has been my best find so far….everything so well explained, breathing, positioning etc. Also telling me when it shouldn’t hurt and how to sit if crossed legs are a no-go. (I’ve never in my life been able to sit cross-legged easily). Looking forward to moving forward with Katie….

  • I do Pilates on a regular basis as I have a bad lower back. It makes such a difference. This routine is excellent to do regularly as a maintenance and is of a length that easily fits into your day. Lovely voice too. Thank you.

  • Hi everyone! I’m now running the 7 Day Back Care Challenge on an ongoing basis as the feedback has been great. Lots of personal coaching from me and 3 x online Pilates workouts specifically for back pain. For more info, have a look here:

  • Thank you for this really brilliant video. It flows so well and unlike other videos I’ve tried to follow, you don’t give 2minutes of explanation having put me up into double table top!

  • Wow! This kicked my butt and it felt great! I’m having back issues and clicked on this and as stated by some it looks easy but man!!!! Thank you for the video and I hope to have legs that look like yours someday. ��

  • Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for this instructional video. I do have a weak core and, since lockdown cannot swim. I’ve taken up running for fitness but needed something for my core as well. This has been a great lunchtime workout!

  • This video is easy to the extreme. It should be titled Pilates for Lower Back Pain and Out of Shape. However, not many people with lower back pain can sit with their legs crossed.

  • Love this for my back, I am doing it every other day and yoga in between and the compression pain and arthritis is so much easier. Thanks so much

  • Trying to correct some fatigue and pain while sitting caused by a car accident. This was perfect for someone who is not a beginner but needing a simpler routine.

  • Hi there and thank you for this video. Just a note that threw me off the first time I watched it. At 3.44 you moving into another hip stretch but it cuts out following through on the right side and jumps partway into the left side. I’ve decided to just pause it and do both sides before resuming, but the first time was a little painful for me as it neglected to do both sides.

  • Really enjoyed this yoga practice, so much so that I decided to share with my family. Huge mistake. To my surprise, at the very end, she has an advertisement for soft-core p*rn 18:32, and shows previews to the videos that exclusive pateron members can get, as well as a link to her website. Last time I try to get my family to do yoga lmao. Thanks so much Lindsay… and “Namaste”… ��

  • Hi
    I’m 6″5 ex military who served 8 years with commando forces. I’ve found that in the last 3 years my back has been slowly getting worse. To the point now that I’ve completely stopped training until I can get a grip of my back pain. I stretch every morning for 30mins and evening. But after watching your video pausing it and completing your routine 4 times. My back is definitely feeling better than it was before. I know this is a long steady journey but just wanted to say thank you and great video.

  • Katie this pilates has literally for me through a year of back pain. I had two bulging discs, I do this workout everyday and it’s amazing. Thank you so much

  • Thank you so much for sharing this video. You just don’t know how much you’ve helped me with my backpain. You’re a blessing to us who’s suffering from severe pain. Thanks again and all the best. ☺️

  • This was great. Effective, communicated well, and not intimidating. I’ve had lower bain pain for about a year with an L5-S1 bulging disc and Bertolotti’s syndrome (not to mention pelvic floor dysfunction) and I think this will be helpful to work into my routine! Thank you!

  • Those leg exercises hurt like hell but my legs feel amazing afterwards! Chronic severe lower back pain so am trying a video like this everyday to help, along with physio. My pelvis is being pulled out of alignment by short glutes as you mention in the video. Thanks!

  • Just started this yesterday. Your video stood out to me and as an online video coach (who sits at his desk too much) I’ll be using your video as an example to review this Thursday. It stood out to me and I’ll reveal why. Thank you ��

  • I literally woke up with an annoying back pain from tidying up my place yesterday. I just randomly chose this back pain stretch to hopefully ease the pain a bit and when I stood up after the 15 min routine… I really can’t believe it…the pain was gone �� Thanks

  • just followed this and its exactly what i need! my back has been so sore after work and low and behold its because i have no core strength at all… even just this one session helped!

  • have had a bit of tightness in my lower back for the longest time (from bad posture I think), my sister showed me this video and it’s helping a lot! thanks, your voice is really relaxing. me and my sister love your british accent:)

  • Do you have any advice for me?
    I feel as if my hips are curling inwards and every time I do a table top position-based workout I feel extremely awkward with my legs… Getting my hips to stack over my knees makes my legs spiral inward, and I have to lean heavily on my grounded side because being ‘centered’ makes me fall to the side that I’ve lifted (in any scenario).

    I Know it’s a posture thing but I can’t afford a trainer so I don’t know what posture thing. Mirrors… Don’t really help me visualize what should be happening either.

  • Thank you! I cycle frequently and use a backless stool at work for long periods, so have started to really feel low back pain and super tight hamstrings, despite being under 30. I’ve been following this routine daily for a week now and have experienced a massive improvement in this short time, particularly with the stretches. I’m finding there is instant relief combined with reduced aching later in the day. First attempt at pilates definitely converted! It’s truly amazing the subtleties of tight muscles / poor posture and how this can impact on daily life yet be fixed with a bit of patience and good advice. Great video!

  • Thank you Katja for a slow and gentle exercise that focuses on the lower back. I have a lot of ongoing neck and back problems with TMJ, and during this period of lockdown my pain has been pretty tough as I have been unable to access the Pain Clinic, Pilates classes, and the chiropractic massage specialist who was working wonders with me! She recommended I do Pilates every other day to help with my pain, but the channel I was recommended was far too advanced and intense and left me in more pain—especially as it was too fast and so I couldn’t correct my position. I am a “shoulder huncher”, and your regular reminders to drop my shoulders were really useful.
    Sorry for the long comment, but if there are any other workouts you can recommend I’d be really grateful. I have extreme muscle tightness in my neck, shoulders and back, which is now causing all my upper arms to be incredibly tight and painful too! My husband is massaging them each night to help relieve the tension. Can you advise anything I can do to ease this? I am also trying to study for my Masters degree during this time, and desk study obviously aggravates my condition further, but I am determined to achieve my MA. I will definitely continue trying your workouts to help self-manage my pain. Thank you so much.

  • This is very helpful, I do a lot of watt bike and cross training in the gym and actually have strong legs, I also work in a bar and in the past year suffered with really bald lower back spasms, tension, pain and stiffness, I also have fallen arches and even in my pelvis and had symptoms of cpps. I think a lot of it stems from not stretching properly, particularly the hamstrings. I noticed huge relief but also discomfort when I did the stretch where the legs are bent in and leaning forward, gona try this every day now so thank you!

  • This practice was lovely and soothing. I have a job where I bend a lot, and this was wonderful. I’m also on my period today, so this gentle practice was appreciated. My back feels better too! Thank you so much! This will have to be a regular thing for me!

  • Wow! Just did that routine for the very first time and my back feels amazing! Definitely will do this on a regular basis thank you!

  • Thanks for posting this, I’ve been having hip and sciatic nerve pain, and these exercises have been a relief. The workout is high intensity but this is what my body needed to target those sore areas and improve flexibility. Thank you!

  • This is a REALLY nice, subtle low-back pain work out….Katie explains things so well-it seems to really be helping my low back pain! Thanks for your great work Katie!!

  • Hello Katja.
    I’d like to express my wish for the lesson with you: it’s possible something for cervical pain or in general something for the neck?
    thank you for your job with us.

  • Until I tried your Pilates classes I have never really understood what Pilates is about. I tried it every now and then but almost always I would find myself in a yoga class instead, thinking it’s a superior form of workout. However, I finally understood the difference. In yoga you move with the breath, which seems so natural and really helps to connect mind and body. In Pilates the movement seems to happen on an exhale and almost always from abdominals which makes me really aware of the alignment of my body. I have tilted pelvis which at times can cause a lot of pain in the lower back, however these classes finally helped me feel and understand what’s happening in my lower back and abdominals and how to control/balance it throughout the day. Still a long way to go for me.
    Thank you for such wonderful classes.

  • I hope you don’t mind, I did a review of your video on my live just now. Very happy to help with the colour if you’re struggling but as you’ll hear, I chose your video over the slicker beach one as I felt you genuinely connected with me so well done, great example. (My review )

  • Thank you so much, Katja, I do exercises with you everyday since the two past weeks and you are now my very good friend:) I love your calm, and benevolence (bienveillance in french). And your exercises are perfect! Take care

  • Michelle. this just kicked my butt. I’ve been lifting weights for 25 years but this is a game changer. loved it even if I was rubbish

  • Thank you very much! I am a dancer and have been dealing with lower back pain for 3 years. While taking your lesson, I experienced pain while standing in all fours, and doing cat-cow movements. Should I in this case give up on this exercise until it starts feeling ok again? Dancers in their education tend to push through pain in order to get a better technique (which is, to some extent, required and doesn’t have to be bad for the body if done wisely), so I don’t know anymore if I should really experience absolutely NO PAIN (injury pain, tingling in the joint, etc.) during the entire lesson?
    I was also wondering, about the position of the pelvis in pilates. I saw teachers telling that the pelvis should be “neutral”, so it does not touch the floor while laying on the back with the feet standing. Some of the exercises you’ve proposed should be done with the flat lower back on the floor does it mean there are two schools, two approaches of pilates, or rather that there are exercises that require “neutral pelvis” while others require “flat lower back” on the floor?
    I would be super grateful for your answer!
    Thank you for the class!!!

  • Thank you for this! I woke up this morning with a tight lower back like normal, and I did this routine before work and I’m incredibly relaxed. This will be a daily routine I believe.

  • Best back strengthening pilates video ever! Just try 3 times and feel much stable and relief already. Thank you for posting this Michelle!

  • For more than a month now every day in the morning I have been exercising with your videos, I really enjoy your calm way of explaining the movements; they are the best videos I have found on you tube.

  • My mom suffered herniated disc for years now and she gained quite a lot of weight over the years. I want her to live a healthy life so i hope this pilates would be a good start for her to lose some weight. I will share her progress with you guys here.

    Current weight: 82kg
    Current height: 157cm

  • Hi Emma Robinson (I can’t seem to reply to your comment so will post here instead) that’s great to hear! What lovely feedback! It can work so well and yes, do keep doing the workouts, it’ll make a huge difference… You just need to give your body the time to get the strength and flexibility in the right places. Keep me updated on your progress… I’m doing new videos over next few months, so more things to come…:-)

  • Just starting pilates at home. Back pain because of a hernia. Let see how it goes watching you. Also i have a physiotherapist helping me.

  • I’ve suffered with back pain for the last 8 years of my life, and its been getting worse these last 6 months. I tried this for the first time today, and despite the stretching pain and uncomfortableness I had throughout the routine, my back pain has eased! I’ve not found anything else that has worked like this. I’m excited to start doing this every weekday morning, hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to stretch a lot further! (I am the opposite of flexible currently haha) Thank you so so much, this is wonderful. This is the first time I’ve tried pilates, and I’m glad I did it with this video <3

  • Wonderful video. I have very bad aches in my tail bone and I’m only 20 years old girl height 163cm and weight 90kg. Can you suggest me what to do for that pain?

  • Hi I love your videos thank you! I was doing your ab exercises for diastasis recti and I think they were strengthening my core but started getting lower back pain, so am now doing this routine and it’s brilliant. I’ve swapped in the Bird pose for the plank as I’m not sure it’s safe to plank with diastasis recti. I also found the bird pose just so powerful!

  • thank you! very nice and simple explaned! i am suffering with back pain for over a year now, I tried many types of exercices and this is almost the only one who can give some relief. i am doing it for a few days and i am getting better and better at it, i hope i can get to the day i can do it all correctly. I am gone keep follow you. Many thanks!

  • I very much doubt that for me as I’m in remission from multiple myeloma bone marrow cancer which broke 9 vertebrae in my back i can do bits and pieces but thats way out of my league

  • Sciatic pain is really worse to have this. If you have this pain then i should suggest you to use this solution, Nerve Shield Plus:

  • Been to a GP who’s told me I have muscle spasms in my back as one side of my back has much larger muscles than the other. Not great for kids my age as we like to run around seeing how far we can push ourselves. Hope this works!

  • Hi Sarah, hope this video helps me with my back pain. I wanted to sign in your webstite for the 12 week programme but something doesnt work there properly.

  • Hi there thanks for watching my videos, and reading the comments!:) I just wanted to let you know that I do a weekly Pilates & health newsletter to which you can sign up on

    >> Also, if you want a more structure approach to improving your back issue, I offer a 7 Day Back Care Challenge (with the option to continue to the full Back Care Programme) for just £5 / $7.

    And don’t forget that I’m always here for advice so any questions about your back issues, drop me a line on sarah (at) ❤️

  • Thank you Sarah for your videos! Going from being a very active person to not being able to move at all through disc injury, your videos got me back on my feet. Literally! The lateral breathing alone was a gem to discover. I am a dance teacher, now all my students are doing lateral breathing and your basic pilates before i teach them anything else. Thanks for the inspiration! Ps Just signed up to your 7 days challeneg too. Thanks, Conor

  • First time for me this morning Katie, hoping this will help my lower back pain. Great video, very informative as we progressed through, made it easy to know if you were performing the movements correctly, many thanks……

  • Hi, thank you for this workout. I have been having severe pain for around a month so I found this video and i’ve been doing it every day for three days so far. A little bit of relief. I will continue. The pain is very much in my right hip and lower back right side the excercises don’t release the pain yet. Any ideas around pain in the right hip/lower back feels a little like sciatica? (not sure of spelling)

  • Thank you so much!! My back furt becouse I drag my baby all the time and I found out, thank to this video, how bad my body posture is, so I have a lot of work to do:D but I enjoyed this and I know how to fix it, so again thank you!

  • I’m sorry,….but as someone who has done exercise their whole life and is also a qualified PT, and has now been unfortunately been diagnosed with back pain and found it is caused by a herniated disc in my lumber spine…..I was absolutely told by physios to avoid with every muscle in my body a bending from the waist excersizes..thus could actually cause more damage for someone who has an underlying disc herniation. And also for someone to do these exercises without correct form could cause tremendous damage.

  • Loved it. The first part was challenging. My tabletop position didn’t look as stable as yours. The breathing and stretching were excellent.

  • Very good routine. Been weight lifting for 2 years now but over last 6 months sustaining constant injuries especially lower back muscle strains. Found this video never appreciated pilates before and how challenging it can actually be. Especially enjoyed the initial part where back endurance is really challenged through exercise progression. Highly professional presentation, clear instructions and (will of course not lie) highly motivating being told what to do by this gorgeous lady.

  • Great video, I was in a car accident over a year ago where I broke my back and some other bones. This routine has really helped me gain back some strength when I was anxious of movement for a good while so thank you! ��

  • Hi everyone I’m hosting a 7 Day Pilates challenge for Back Care and I wonder if you may be interested in joining? You can find out more here:

    Lots of great tuition and personal guidance which I feel is exactly what I’m all about:) Any questions, just drop me a line on [email protected]


  • Thank you very very much michelle. Because of you my back pain has improved. Thank you also thats its free. God bless you. If you ever have a class in person i will definitely attend. Thank you

  • Honest to God. She makes this look so easy ����. Im 26 year old male. Often active and do body building workouts but this work out burn me out. (I wonder if this targets the QLs muscles (Quadratus Lambordom)

  • When I first did this, I couldn’t do it without taking 4-5 breaks. A fortnight later that is today I only took 1 break. Thanks a lot Michelle. Keep up the good work

  • Excellent Lindsey you are the best. Been using your videos for some time via TV YouTube they really help and thought I’d check in on my iPad to say thank you on the posted comments. Glad I did because having seen these comments below I now know I can slow the speed of the video for those times when I need that. (I’d been pausing with my remote) I recommend your videos to all experiencing back pain. Best wishes to you. Thanks again!

  • Hi Katja, I just wanted to say I love your channel. I have been alternating between yoga and Pilates everyday and your videos are perfect. I used to do yoga as a teenager years ago when I lived in Germany but I haven’t done it properly for ages. I hope you upload more videos but more importantly I hope you and your family stay healthy

  • Meh, I’ve been getting that sharp pain shoot back of my left hip joint, mornings when I rise and especially if I turn to step. I do yoga twice daily but recently added a dancer’s suggested ‘frog pose’….. which was killer. At any rate, I was a bit afraid to go at my regular routine so tried this. It was sooooooo very soothing and thoughtful, obviously professionally consulted. Thank you for taking the time to help! ��

  • Exercises are not as easy as it can appear from the first time:) But of course they are very useful for the back.Thanks:) I found another interesting way to strengthen my back muscles. It’s strange, but it’s interesting:) I think its worth to take care of our health already now:)

  • fantastic, i really appreciated how you explained each movement and what i should feel, i felt reassured and safe to relax into each posture.

    thank you

  • Hello, so I have been doing these exercises almost every day for 6 weeks now and unfortunately have not seen any improvement with my lower back pain, although I do feel better in my body, mood and energy levels so I am still grateful for them. I have had this back issue for 4 years now so maybe it will take longer to improve… have already seen an NHS physio who was crap so I am hoping this will help in the next few months. Will update as I go along.

  • I just tried your video as i get that burning musuclar pain in the middle of my back (across where the bra strap goes), especially if I have been standing/walking a lot or doing physical activities as well as numerous other core strength issues. I just did this session (first EVER pilates) and already feel more engaged with my body! Got a long way to go, as not very strong at ALL, but hopeful =) My body also feels like it has just been stretched like it’s never stretched before! Thank you! p.s. your video also felt like I was right there in the room! Loved it x

  • Thank you! I’ve been doing this for my lower back, but I’m finding it also helps improve my plantar fascia pain. I appreciate the pace and focus of this video.

  • WOW! I have watched tens of videos and worked out by them but this is video shows so many new stretches that I am very surprised. The lady obviously speaks from her long experience, she is articulate, calm and explains very clearly! One of the best lower back pain videos on Youtube. Thank you very much!

  • Fantastically difficult workout! I’ve been doing this several times a week for my lower back and hamstring issues and have noticed great improvement. Thank you so much for posting this.

  • I haven’t been able to go to pilates class or my chiropractor in a few weeks and my back got so much worse. This video has been a lifesaver for me during the pandemic.

  • I’ve followed heaps of YouTube pilates classes but yours are impeccable. They’re difficult when I want them to be, but also can be easy while I’m nursing a leg injury (shin splints). Thanks Katja!

  • Sending you love and light! Thank you so much for sharing this practice. My lower back thanks you! Liked, saved, downloaded. This is just what I needed

  • Wow I was so sceptical at first, thought give it a go. First time even doing yoga. I’m 33 with lower back pain and now I feel amazing. I will be doing this daily.

  • I have been doing this workout for a couple years now and still enjoy it, feeling that lovely awakening through my back!! Thank you for your workouts Michelle ��

  • ……..

    If you had low back pain, flexing, bending and rotating disc could make your symptom worse. Because, your bulging may touch nerve root when you bend, flex, and rotate your low back.

    Low back consists of 5 vertebrae. And, between vertebrae, there are discs like cushions. Also, there are nerve and neural structures. A disc has two layers. An outer layer is called annulus fibrosus which is thick and strong. An inner layer is called uncleus pulposus which is soft.

    There are mainly three types of disc herniation which are a herniated disc, a bulging disc and a ruptured disc. If you had a ruptured disc, you must have surgery. Because your inner material splits out and touches nerve root.

    However, most people have a bulging disc. And many people tend to prescribe twisting, bending, and flexing low back. Because, those should help to release tight muscle from a spasm of protecting your low back. However, those might damage your disc and make your bulging touch a nerve.

    There are a lot of movements to treat your low back pain and make your posture better without taking risks. This is your choice to choose any movements. However, many times, pain doesn’t respect your choice.

    This is not wise to trust anything without checking or testing. You can avoid wrong information by checking it at least once or testing it before you completely trust it.

  • I’ve been doing this and your shoulder video 2-3 times a week since we first went into lockdown. Thank you very much, it’s helped me enormously ��

  • I wish she was my hot neighbor who came over once in a while to smoke up with me! We could do other things together as well… damn reality sucks! I’m going back to sleep =p

  • I’m sweating just watching her!
    (I don’t know if it’s the difficulty of the workout or her attractive body that’s making me sweat!)