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Here’s a list of the best Wii games for weight lossones that get your heart pounding, your muscles working, and your brow sweating. These are the options that burn the most calories. Zumba Fitness – This burns calories just as well as any of the real classes do. This is one of the best options for weight loss because you end up dancing extra pounds right off without even. Wii Fit Plus is an exercise video game played with the Nintendo Wii.

The game includes exercises in different categories, including Yoga, Strength Training, Balance Games, Aerobics and Training Plus, which the Wii Fit Plus website describes as a combination of exercise and fun. I have 5 fitness games for the wii, Zumba, Biggest loser challenge, wii fit, jillian michaels, and this one. This is by far my favorite!

I love that I can chose a quick workout or work with a personal trainer that gives me a daily workout. Boxing is, in fact, the best sport to lose weight; in 15 mins you may easily burn a hundred and twenty calories. It’s as an alternative correct for strain alleviation too – you may even make a Mii of a person you do not like and use them as your opponent. Tennis is the second one fine game to assist lose weight. It’s not vital to run across the residing room but does deliver an effective.

After recently covering the Cyberbike title for the Wii, we were thinking it was time to look at the other weight loss games for the Wii and roundup the top ten. In some of our picks the fitness goal is explicit, but not always. Our focus was on games that could promote weight loss whether through strength training or the cardio that happens while dancing up a.

In many ways, Get Fit with Mel B feels like the rightful successor to the original My Fitness Coach game (which most people agree was one of the best Wii exercise games of its time). It features Mel B (otherwise known as Scary Spice) serving as a “personal trainer” walking you through a variety of fitness and aerobics exercises. The best way to lose weight with this game is to utilize every tool in its arsenal.

Each one was added because it aids in achieving health and fitness goals, so by taking advantage of all the Wii Fit has to offer, you will be pushing and encouraging yourself towards successful weight loss. How I use video games to lose weight and feel fit There are more options than ever to gamify your workout By Jeff Ramos Jan 20, 2020, 12:00pm EST. Our 20-week “Wii Club” intervention for overweight and obese adolescents demonstrated weight loss, increased self-efficacy, and improved peer support from cooperative exergame play. Videogames that require motor activity in a social context may be a fun, effective tool to promote healthy weight and physical activity among youth. So what are the most effective games for weight loss on the Wii?

Well fortunately when you buy the Wii, it comes with Wii sports as standard, which includes Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, Golf and Boxing. You invent a little virtual you called a Wii Mii and cleverly this little you can also turn up on some of the other games you play on your Wii.

List of related literature:

The game, which sold 22.69 million copies, was bundled with the Wii Balance Board to perform activities such as yoga, aerobics and strength training.

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Wii Fit offers four game categories: aerobics, balance games, strength training, and yoga.

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These games are certainly fun—the only problem is that the expected weight loss is more myth than reality, as several recent studies suggest.

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The Wii club: Gaming for weight loss in overweight and obese youth.

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Wii Sports and Wii Fit are also great games for the non-gamer.

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the ability to test ideas in a consequence-free space, while the Wii Fit series tracks calories burned during exercise activities and offers tips and goals to encourage players to stick to a healthy regimen.

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The Wii Fit, in particular, has an exercise program that incorporates aerobics, balance, and strength training.

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In my ongoing personal transformation quest to find entertaining and engaging physical activity, Wii Fit Plus took me to yet a higher level of engagement thanks to the Wii Balance Board.

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A few years ago I also purchased Nintendo’s Wii Fit, mostly because it seemed like the perfect workout regimen for someone who needs to be distracted (in this case, by a video game) in order to exercise.

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For the first time doctors, until then fierce opponents of videogaming, found themselves advising too-sedentary patients to exercise with games like Wii-Fit and Wii-Sports.

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  • i lost over 40 lbs playing just dance 2 3 and 4 on the wii.
    and i cheap out while playing. as i have AS (arthritis) it can be hard most days to dance.
    i play 4 to 6 songs a day 3 days a week. going to be under 200 really soon.
    healthy weight here i come. oh and sprint vector is still my number game to get for the year so far.

  • Watched this already, but this is the first time I’m watching after I bought Ring Fit Adventure and man RFA kicks all these other games’ asses.

  • Superhot VR makes me super hot and sweaty when I play it and I did notice a weight difference after a week of playing it for 2 hours a day.

  • No joke though ring fit does actually a ggod job.. I’ve started seeing a difference everywhere on my body but mostly pecs, legs and back because I do more exercises for those three

  • Honestly it’s kind of annoying that they got someone who works out a ton and has a “routine” to do it. Like I’m sorry, but not everyone can be as fit and fab right at the get go. For me I really enjoy the ring fit, especially because I don’t have a set workout “routine” and it’s always been hard for me to get one and stick to it. This has really helped me with that and will at least let me get started with doing better for myself. It just makes me feel really discouraged almost when someone like that says that something I consider to be a good workout for me, is boring.

  • I have my own way to lose weight by playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Original and Winter Games. It has really helped a lot. I went from 154.5 pounds to 150.0 pounds.

  • Golds gym cardio workout is a real good exercise game and will give you a real good workout so dont listen to this guy ea sports active sucks now ea sports active 2 for xbox 360 kinect will be a different story and when it comes to push ups most poeple know how to do them right any way so big deal.

  • my record with Wii Fit Plus was 60 weeks without missing a single day; I’m up at 1300+ days, having exercised about 85-90% of those days; these days I allow myself to skip a day, or two per week.

  • The wii worked. The problem with the wii wasnt the wii. The problem with the wii was developers not wanting to change their money-making “formula” to make games that actually used the hardware as intended.

    Change is risk and risk is a bad investment strategy. So they mitigate risk by changing as little as possible. That’s why we’re on Assassins creed 27.

  • i used to play DDR a lot and one day it broke.
    I still went outside a lot but I still gained weight so I guess DDR is a good workout

  • I am smoking crack whilst reading scripture (New International Standard Version) and spreading the Food Word and jerking off Whilst crying simultaneously. Walk with blessedness my brother’s an sisters.

  • I’m trying so hard to lose weight my thyroid has been sp crazy lately plus i have days where i just can’t stop eating and theres days where i don’t eat anything

  • I’m buying a slide board to use with sprint vector. Costs $80. I hope I don’t bust my ass!!

  • I’d love a PSVR title that connects to a exercise bike. I play racing games all the time on mine as it somehow spurs me on to do more.

  • As a Wii fit enthusiast, Scott was measuring his BMI without updating his height since being 13 years old and I can assure you that Scott being the same weight as he is now as a 13 year old his BMI would be pretty high.

  • lol i have mario sonic olympic games or w.e

    anyways i have a mario and luigi mii

    so i got mario,luigi,mii mario,mii luigi

    it was kool

  • Take this as positive Criticism and not negatively!! But Promises? You shouldn’t be making false promises..Really sorry but do u understand the concept of losing and gaining weight?? “U will lose calories”… Yes this is correct what u said, but one major factor u r missing is that it’s calories in vs calories out! So promising someone they will lose weight without a full explanation is really bad and it can lead to overeating and further weight gain! Someone who doesn’t understand that u lose weight by burning more than u take in, can be led to over eating as they feel like they lost weight by playing the game u recommend or jogging etc and this lead them to feel like they can reward themselves with a treat, but if they are maxed out on their daily intake already after playing the game, then they are going into a surplus and therefore over eating which will lead to weight gain! I think u should have 100% addressed this video in a better way as it’s not accurate and again can lead to people gaining weight rather than losing weight! Sorry but this is my area of expertise and ok it’s great to push a healthier lifestyle but it has to be the correct information and addressed the correct way, in order for people to fully understand.

  • After my surgery I stopped exercising and developed bad dietary habits. It’s been a few days and just making this a habit is really rewarding. Once I build my stamina up again I plan to start jogging in real life. The games many pauses makes it so I have too many opportunities to recover and by the end I was barely sweating. That might mean I need to increase the difficulty though.

  • My girlfriend’s boss lost 30 pounds on Wii Fit. no joke. I gotta get these VR games because I stopped playing PS3 Move games and I’ve gotten super lazy lol

  • Hey there, have you considered BellyFATtack yet? Just search on Google. On there you can find a beneficial free video presentation by an experienced medical doctor teaching about the best way to get rid of excess weight. It made it easier for David to reduce his tummy fat. Why not give it a try. Perhaps it will help you as well…

  • well, since the video didnt make the challenge i will talk about MY experience with this game.

    im in my 25 day, i usually play it for 4 or 5 days per week (i dont play it after parties or night eatings), and i feel great!, i play at intencity 17 now (but i begin with 14) and always 2 or 3 stages per sesion (always making 15 or 20 min on excersise, dat is almos 40 or 60 min IRL).
    I feel my abs stronger and harder, i enhance my flexivility, my arms feel stronger, firm and bigger and my legs too. (I focus my repetition on abs then arms and legs, i try to not use the yoga abilities).

    Somedays i just dont wanna play it, so i try to convince my brother and cousin to play it too. Dat keep the motivation high, and like i say before i dont play it every day.
    at the beginning when u discover a new muscle, the next day always huts so u need to learn ur intencity.

  • Superhot get my heart pumpin’ and I actually break sweat playing it. My kids got Just Dance 2018 and I also play this, yeah I know it is not VR, but it is a videogame still, and that gets me sweatin’ bullets, remember to rat healthy too 😉

  • 6:34 Oh god I remember once our school made us do zumba for a couple P.E lessons bc our P.E teacher was off for a while. I can confirm everybody looked exactly like Scott trying to do zumba.

  • DDR can be the exact equivalent to jogging if you play it enough times. I used to play DDR every Saturday and lost an average of 1000-2000 calories in less than 2 hours.

  • It think the game classified you as obese because you might have not changed your height.
    I hadn’t been on Wii Fit in 7 years, and when I weighed myself, I was classified as obese. Changed my height respectively, and went straight to healthy.

  • Please review dance dance revolution for the Wii! It was the last console version of DDR and the balance board support is surprisingly good! (Only supported on DDR Hottest Party 3/4, not 5)

  • There’s a fitness game i liked as a kid, the game was Nickelodeon Fit and it stared the Backyardigans, Go Diego Go, Dora the Explorer, Moose and Zee (the faces of Nick Jr. back in 2009 2012) and my favorite kids cartoon of all time, Ni Hao Kai Lan. The main premise was to get a gold medal on every game but, since this is a game meant for kids, it was easy as shaking your Wii remote.

  • @babypink744 Amazing! you experience was so inspiring. Just like you I have tried a lot of plans and I didn’t worked. But now that I found the perfect diet plans that truly saved me. The site name is WeightLossAction. Info.

  • hey hey! Have you heard about the Fat Blast Furnace (google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy lost lots of yucky fat.

  • Can’t believe you didn’t cover “Walk It Out” on the Wii. I was somewhat convinced that game was just a dream I had until I found a several-years-old video reviewing it. Guess the Walk it Out community isn’t too active anymore.

  • Okay, what’s the point of this video if all of them just kind of quit work on it? Maybe you should remake this challange into “Try to Finish Ring Fit’s adventure mode under 3 months” or sometin’. since it looks like they don’t play the adventure mode that much and mostly play the mini games (which is really easy to stop when you’d like to).

    I just bought my Ring Fit and have been using it for 4 days. I always making sure to increase my difficulity making sure I’m always on ‘Energetic Exercise’ and play it for at least 20 min per day. And it makes me sweats more than my normal skipping rope or morning jog.

    The game is fun, it’s both punish you for not doing the work out correctly and rewards you when you did it right.

    I hope I’d have the commitment to at least finish the story mode. I’ll be back here after one month.

  • Fucking downvote waste of time watching video. I’m so mad if ur paying these fucking people make them actually do the damn video. Seriously no damn effort put in this video. Might have been just a review.

  • I love how I saw this video before I bought the game and I was like yeah, I’ll probably be on the same level as the girl so it’ll be ok but nooooo man, it’s intense and fun!

  • I had the biggest loser video game because my mom played it. I tried selling it at gamestop but they said they don’t even take that game. So now I am cursed

  • @vze3bxvg you go girl!!! i am not an adult yet but i am a girl so i know how you feel when you can’t get outside (i have 4 little cousins)

  • As someone who has this game and also regularly works out normally holy crap was the blond woman annoying. she’s literally the definition of why people do not get into Fitness in the first place from other people who do Fitness.

    I don’t even know why they had her because her only experience unlike other professional fitness trainers were “it’s cute but I will stick to my normal insano routine.”


    Taking advice from her if this game is good or not is like shroud playing a first-person shooter and calling it boring.

    And it’s that sort of snooty self-entitlement that turns off people from working out besides laziness.

  • Looks fun but unless someone got me this for free I think I’ll use my Switch to play Mario Maker 2 and Smash bros and do my workouts separately lol