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Lentils With 9 grams of protein per half cup, as well as 15 grams of fiber, lentils make the perfect addition! Try it in soups, salads, or as a side dish. Quinoa This plant-based, seed-like grain is rich in antioxidants, magnesium, and fiber, and is also naturally gluten-free.

Plant-based protein sources, such as whole grains, legumes, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, can get you to your daily value, too. As an athlete, it’s important you get an adequate amount. Protein helps synthesize new muscles and repairs muscle damage caused by training. How much protein you need depends on your age, size and activity level. This quick article, Best Plant Protein Sources for Athletes and Active People, provides a run-down of the benefits of adding more plant-based proteins to your diet, and some practical recommendations for where to turn for nutritious (and delicious!) plant-based options.

And it’s. Instead, add protein through natural sources like sesame or chia seeds. For competitive athletes, the best energy sources are fruits and starches. Weight lifters can substitute plant for animal protein with legumes and starches if they increase calorie intake by 20 percent. Add stretching and conscious breathing.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from a plant-based diet, Levin emphasizes. Among her patients, she counsels people who. Supplements for Plant Based Athletes. Do vegan athletes need supplements? Fair question.

Just about everyone who eats a 100% plant-based diet (and a lot of people who don’t) should supplement with vitamin B12, which doesn’t occur naturally in plant foods. Fifteen best plant-based proteins. 1. Tofu, tempeh, and edamame. 2. Lentils. Red or green lentils contain plenty of protein, fiber, and key nutrients, including iron and potassium. Cooked lentils contain 8.84 g 3. Chickpeas.

Cooked chickpeas are high in protein, containing around 7.25 g per ½. Pulses, such as chickpeas, lentils, dry beans, peas and grains, like rice, oats, wheat are all protein rich, with complementary amino acid profiles. Eating these foods throughout the day ensures. PlantFusion.

Nearly 3,600 Amazon reviewers have given this blend of pea, artichoke, amaranth, and quinoa protein a 4 out of 5 rating—a true feat for. Also known as wheat meat or wheat gluten, it contains about 25 grams of protein per 3.5 ounces (100 grams). This makes it the richest plant protein source on this list (8).

Seitan is also a good.

List of related literature:

Protein sources for vegetarian athletes may include beans, lentils, quinoa, black beans, peas, chickpeas, almonds, and vegetarian protein shakes.

“The Sports Medicine Physician” by Sérgio Rocha Piedade, Andreas B. Imhoff, Mark Clatworthy, Moises Cohen, João Espregueira-Mendes
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However, endurance athletes do have increased protein requirements, and vegetarian athletes should appreciate that a quality plant is not as concentrated a source of protein as an animal protein.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
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Beans, hemp seeds, Mediterranean pine nuts, sunflower seeds, and soya beans (including tempeh, tofu, and bean pasta) can be used to enhance the protein content of a diet for athletes and people with higher protein needs without going crazy with animal products.

“The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
from The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life
by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
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Protein Intake and the Athlete Athletes don’t need protein powders or amino acid supplements to meet the protein demands of athletic performance.46 Their best protein sources are high-quality protein foods, including legumes, low-fat dairy products, egg whites, lean beef and pork, chicken, turkey, and fish.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
Jones and Bartlett, 2004

Because plant proteins are not as readily digested as animal proteins, vegetarians should consume about 10% more grams of protein than the preceding recommendations.5 That is, if an athlete consumes a 3,000-calorie diet with 10% from protein, approximately 300 calories (75 g) are from protein.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
from Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals
by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Examples of foods that provide adequate protein intake include combinations of legumes and grains, nuts, or seeds (e.g., peanut butter on wheat bread, beans and rice, lentils and rice, lentils

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
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Plant sources of protein include pulses (e.g. lentils, peas and beans), nuts, and ‘novel’ or synthesised protein such as tofu (soya bean curd) and quorn (myco-protein).

“Gce Health and Social Care for OCR, as Double Award.” by Moonie
from Gce Health and Social Care for OCR, as Double Award.
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• Vegetarian athletes appear to meet or exceed their protein requirements; however, since plant proteins have less bioavailability, vegetarian athletes should increase their protein intake by approximately 10%.

“Netter's Sports Medicine E-Book” by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric McCarty, Craig Young
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Vegetarian athletes can achieve adequate protein intake and meet their energy needs by eating a variety of protein-rich foods from plant sources such as grains, nuts, beans, and seeds.

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Discovering Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
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You can get adequate protein to support your sports program by including kidney beans, chickpeas, hummus, nut butter, tofu, nuts, veggie burgers, edamame, and other forms of plant protein in each meal.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • I’m actually in the process of transitioning from meat eater to vegetarian and as a lifter it’s definitely a challenge (I really don’t do dairy because of lactose tolerance) but this is straight to the point and informative. Thank you

  • The science shows that we get the optimum amount of protein from a balanced diet of legumes, greens, nuts and grains. We don’t need extra protein, and don’t need to even think about getting enough as long as we eat from the 4 main food groups. There is so much evidence that too much protein is at the root of illness. And we already eat at least several times the amount of protein recommended for an optimal diet. Why keep looking for more protein?

  • Do you know that by eating only veggies and fruits your actually killing more animals with the products they use?heres one reason the pesticides and growth products they use on your vegan food is going underground and into the underground water which ends up in rivers and lakes heck even the sea!so when the animals drink it youve poisoned them with what you eaten.and im not even going to start with the plastics it comes in.

  • It’s easy to get protein as a vegetarian eggs have 6 grams per egg and I’m only 13 and I can eat 8 eggs for breakfast which is 48 grams already and some people are older that have bigger stomach that can eat more

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • We need protein, but most people ‘over protein’. We don’t need anything like the amount the advertising agencies want you to eat.

  • grains are actually also seeds; the difference is that grains are the seeds of grasses, whereas quijnoa (and ameranth and buckwheat) are seeds of broadleaf plants.

  • I went whole food-plant based and lowered my total cholesterol from about 220 to what now is 124 and LDL from 120 to now is 75. It’s stayed at this ideal level for over 3 years now. It happened within a few weeks of starting, also. In addition, I came off my blood pressure med with doctor supervision. That med was used to control my high resting heart rate over 100. Now, heart rate is 71 and blood pressure is near 120/80, sometimes slightly higher, sometimes slightly lower.

    Lost 55 lb, and still down 45 lb later. I’m a total believer now of course. I kept off the weight.

    I eat the same meals repeatedly: mix of whole wheat pasta and black beans without salt, with cayenne pepper and garlic powder. I include 5 ounces of raw spinach daily. I drink tea and coffee, as well as sometimes eat bananas and blueberries. I will bake whole wheat bread on occasion but it’s too good.

    Program is Starch Solution. For simple free description google “Mcdougall Color Picture book”.

  • So This is not everything you eat a day right? that was less than 2000kcal worth of food per day and about half the grams of protein, you would need with your size/weight. Unless you are a 45kg girl.:D So where do you get the rest of your protein and calories from? Due to those meals being low protein in my regards.

    This is a drag in society. Having the right to freedom will disappear if these issues keep poppin up.
    Vegan diet is bad for Ur health. At best u can be a pescatarian.

  • Guys. There is no vegetarian, no vegan, no meat. Just listen to your body and eat what makes you feel better. I learned gluten, Caseinand too much sugar is bad for me, for example.

  • You’re wonderful. Perfect content and delivery. I might actually get healthy now. Really…just the info I needed. Thankyou.

  • i will have to try these protein sure my rabbits will love them. im gonna have a delicious grass feed steak…peace out

  • so nice to finally find someone so sober minded, who does home workouts, fasting without being obsessed with keto and most importantly on the plant based diet! thank you so much for your all the great content and now I know that all I’ve researched myself (including finding PCRM) does actually makes sense. thanks again, you are doing amazing job for the people out here!

  • 50% of calories from LEAFY GREENS!? I’m 6’4 230 lbs. I require 2300 calories if I sit around and do nothing all day. In one large container of Spring mix there are 35 calories TOTAL. This means I’d have to eat THIRTY FIVE CONTAINERS of spring mix EVERY DAY just to meet this recommended daily requirement on a day where I lay in bed all day and do nothing to preserve energy.

    On a day where I’m active and need closer to 4,000 calories, in which case I’d need to eat 58 containers of spring mix lmao

  • soy is very very bad for you. It is only pushed on consumers because the government is making a ton of money off of its sales. Do Not Eat Soy if you want to stay healthy.

  • Hi Minus The Gym, just a quick question about Essential Amino Acids and your diet, do you account for the EAA each day? If so have you actively created a chart to ensure you mix the required foods together to achieve full EAA each day? I’m not vegetarian/vegan, but I don’t eat lots of meat and some days I don’t have meat at all, but I am curious to know how you mix it together.
    Also one other thing I am in my late 40’s now and have transitioned from weight training to more body weight, isometric, calisthenics for my exercise. I have noticed though that my calorie requirements are lessening, if I aim at 2000 calories a day it is generally too much, anybody else out there experiencing this? I have a sedentary job, but do train up to 5 times a week.

  • I used to be 385 pounds before I switch my diet to plants only I lost 60lbs in less than 2 months and my stomach was full 3x a day

  • As specialist, I believe Custokebon Secrets is great way to lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • Omg. So basically you consume about 280g of carbs and barely about 70g of Protein? wtf. Vegans and Proteins are never on the same page. I so want to turn into a vegan but the lack of lean protein just makes me want to pull my hair.

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  • You made a good point about Saponins, phytic acid and oxalates found in quinoa. You are correct about these antinutrients being very dangerous when large amounts are ingested. A cup of quinoa might very well do much more harm than good. I’m glad you mentioned the lectins in beans (another dangerous plant defense), and if the beans aren’t soaked and boiled, are poison.Lentils: contain antinutrients such as trypsin inhibitors and phytic acid, which reduce the absorption of some nutrients. From the internet: “Phytic acid in the hulls of nuts, seeds, and grains, which has a strong binding affinity for calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc, preventing their absorption. Oxalic acid and oxalates, which are present in many plants, particularly members of the spinach family, bind calcium to prevent its absorption. Thanks for the heads-up about the plant toxins

  • As a naturopath I can tell you that peanut butter is NOT a healthy food. It is full of aflatoxin mycotoxins that are known to cause liver cancer. Also spirulina use to be a healthy food until our ocean became so contaminated, but now when I do testing on clients who comsume it they come up with high mercury levels. I wouldn’t touch it. Otherwise, good information. Just pick a real nut butter, not peanut butter for your health.

  • That may be true. But learn a real lesson from history. The Hindu’s are the earliest vegetarian society ever found. they balanced their diets perfectly…. by 1526, their society had been completely conquered by the Mughal empire. The Hindu emperor fled, hiding in the mountains. If the British hadn’t intervened….. Hindu culture would be extinct. So you want to go vegan? What kind of soldiers will you raise?


  • Just my opinion, and I may be wrong, but cooking all those veggies, on a fire, is a criminal was of energy, why not use a pressure cooker?

  • This video is amazing! Very informative, it very accurately summarizes knowledge I’ve been building up through the years in just 12 minutes.

  • I’ve been on a plant based diet for years now. I enjoy very good health.
    I recovered from Arthritis after taking Gluten out of my diet.
    I’m so grateful no more pain.

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  • Thanks for info. I liked it a lot, so wanted to view your recipe links. Yikes, I can’t read your recipes the page keeps reloading every few seconds!

  • As expert, I do think Custokebon Secrets is great way to lost crazy amounts of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss methods.

  • The main issue with this kind of plant based proteins (Which are great, I’ve been trying to go vegetarian for a while) is that they are great in protein content, for sure, but they are also very very rich in calories (due to the fact they have a lot of carbs as well) making it very hard to have enough protein while on weight loss. If you have a solution for that I’d love to hear it.

  • Have you ever listened to The Real Truth About Health YouTube page? There are several doctors that I listen to that are frequently talking there. I think you would like them too! You mentioned B12 and it made me think about it. Michael Klaper, M.D. is one of my favs.

  • I really appreciate what the PCRM is doing. I searched for randomized controlled trials with vegan diets and most of the results were co-authored by Barnard. We can now tell those low-carbers that we absolutely have RCT’s showing the benefits of a vegan diet.

    PS. The new paper they published that Dr. Barnard is talking about in this vid can be found here:

    “Plant-Based Diets for Cardiovascular Safety and Performance in Endurance Sports”

  • ” why are people asking about if you are getting enough protein”
    Because during the 2000s a lot of vegans was really bad at getting the nutrients they needed. Because they were poorly educated.

  • Love ur info gorgeous…I have been a vegan for 2 months now n loving every minute of it keep up the good work and continue to staying gorgeous one love.

  • I don’t know if I’ll ever go plant-based the way this video suggests (I’m super picky about fruits), but I’m looking into at least eating more veg and replacing some of my meats, so this is really interesting and useful. There are a lot of different plant-based food pyramids online, too! It would be nice if they included a picture of what they meant, though.

  • You Mention fish as a vegetarian food. Fish is not vegetarian because it contains animal meat. Fish meat to be exact. Just some advice

  • Excellent content. One criticism: Diet can treat or reverse many medical conditions, BUT there are some dangerous consequences to saying, for example, that cancer can be cured with diet alone (eg, some people might take this to mean that they don’t need to see a doctor). Always consult with a doctor before attempting to replace medications with nutrition/lifestyle changes. Some conditions actually do need medication.

  • I have moved away from animal-based proteins for almost 2 years now and have not craved any animal protein at all and it really was not that difficult to do (for me at least it was not) but for others having an animal-based protein for so long it could be difficult, but this is a great list for anyone thinking of going vegetarian or vegan and want to make sure they are on the right path. Thank You for this list.��������

  • Legumes aren’t also known as beans! Beans are one type of legume. Other legumes include peas, peanuts, and lentils. Yes, I had to Google it for like the sixth time.

  • People, this is not the video you want to watch if you are looking for a Plant Based pyrimid. The base of a Whole Foods Plant Based diet is STARCHES. And nowhere in a WFPB diet will you find refined oils or animal products. This is a phony video. They are trying to come across as Plant Based experts but they are far from it.

    If you want to know what true WFPB diets are and the cures to 80-90% of all Western diseases, do a YouTube search for these doctors (the REAL Plant Based doctors): Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Caldwell Esstylsten, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Clapper, Dr. Pam Popper, Dr. Lim, Dr. Garth Davis to name a few.

  • I love tofu but i tried tempeh and it had a sour taste to it and me nor my family liked it How can i remove the sour taste from it

  • All seeds and nuts in their natural state should be soaked for at least 3-4 hrs or overnight Sugar,Oil and Salt free eaten with vegetables also for best results 1 concentrated type for meal.

  • 1st meal and Im allready out on it. I watched The game changers, and I wanted meaby to give it a try and then I stumbled across these meal prep and meal recipies to check if i can fit the macros that my trainer wrote to me for my weight loss + muscle keep during a light CUT phase.
    1st meal…. 80g CARBS?!?!?
    My trainer wrote me 60g carbs morning and 20g evening last meal when training is at afternoon, but only 60g afternoon if workout was in the morning (with 30g cleancarbs in shake after workout)

    How do I fit the macros written there if ONLY 1 MEAL overshoots the ONLY macro I must not eat xD

    Is there a vegan high protein no carb thing? couse if I eat any carb realted food I get 2 kg´s in 1 day

  • Great video! Food looks good and simple. How do you calculate all and divide it out by per meal? That’s one struggle I have when counting macros when cooking like this. Thanks in advance

  • What do you mean by ”mostly plant based”? I mean, you also eat some animal products? If yes how so? Which ones? How often and how much? And why?

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  • A lot of people nowadays are working to find out the best method to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that can work for you is hard to find. A crucial factor you want to understand is that a diet that works for one person may not operate for another. So you have to understand what your getting into before you begin one of those diets. Therefore we’ve decided to give you a good look in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This can provide you enough info to learn if this is something which is appropriate to your needs. Read more here

  • Do vegans and vegetarians realise that animals kill other animals
    And they don’t do it quick and swiftly like us humans do
    Half of all carnivores on earth eat their prey alive slowly and INCREDIBLY painfully
    Us humans are kind for doing it quick and painlessly… they should be thanking those respectful butchers… not harassing them for killing animals.
    I understand that there are Evil people in this world who do horrible things to animals and are terrible to animals and they need to be STOPPED and put an end too
    But it doesn’t mean u have to stop eating meat entirely… just buy meat that was made in a humane way, a happy life, with lots of healthy food and water with tons of space to live a happy life with other animals of the same species and a quick and swift death
    A lot better than any creature that has ever existed on this planet…
    But its ur life and ur opinion, and this is just my opinion.
    You don’t see a lion or crocodile stop eating meat because they rip other animals throats out or rip them to pieces alive. Just saying
    And I understand that there are disgusting people on this earth who need to be stopped, but like I said before, only eat animal products that were guaranteed to have been made humanly��

  • Hello, I’m Dr Akuza1, a herbalist from Nigeria, I sale and supply herbal herps for all types on diseases/viruses due to your health/body system misbehavior? You can contact me if you need any type of help from me on whatsapp: +2347054702462 or email me:[email protected]

  • Simple. EAT MORE!!!
    Gorillas are primarily PLANT eaters. They weigh on average 400 pounds. They eat on average 20Kg of plant foods per day. That means they eat on average about 100g food per/Kilogram Body Weight.
    Now If I was to eat a Gorilla diet according to my Body mass which is 64KG, I’d have to eat about 6.4 Kg of RAW plant foods per day.

    This means, 6Kg of a ‘Green apple diet’ would give me: (Low Fat, Low protein)
    % Daily Value *
    Total Fat 10g 13 %
    Saturated Fat 1.7g 8 %
    Sodium 60mg 3 %
    Total Carbohydrate 829g 301 %
    Dietary Fiber 144g 514 %
    Sugar 623g
    Protein 16g 32 %
    Vitamin D 0.00mcg 0 %
    Calcium 360.00mg 28 %
    Iron 7.20mg 40 %
    Potassium 6420mg 137 %

    However, if it was let’s say a ‘Mustard Greens diet’, it would give me a shocking Surprise! See below…
    % Daily Value *
    Total Fat 25g 32 %
    Saturated Fat 0.6g 3 %
    Sodium 1200mg 52 %
    Total Carbohydrate 280g 102 %
    Dietary Fiber 192g 686 %
    Sugar 79g
    Protein 172g 344 %
    Vitamin D 0.00mcg 0 %
    Calcium 6900.00mg 531 %
    Iron 98.40mg 547 %
    Potassium 23040mg 490 % (Again we see a low fat fat diet, but with plenty of Proteins
    And sufficient Carbohydrates)

  • Im 21 year old and have a good Body. But I feel sick. My stomach hurts and I have digestion problems. I’m tired all the time. I want change. I’m starting to think It’s the food I’m consuming.

  • Haven’t watched you in a long time such a pleasure seeing you again, I love your recipes everything is very good I use honey instead of sugar.

  • is there a way to get at least 150g of protein with three somewhat satisfying meals a day, while staying around 1500 (max 1700) calories. If I stay in those parameters in addition to my training routine (I have done it many times), I loose 2 pounds a week, while maintaining (or eaven increasing) muscle mass. I have never done it on a vegan diet, but I really want to try (for many reasons),…and I was wondering, if there is a way to do it for a longer period of time. It is also important for me, to have enough energy to make it through the day and the training. It was hard on my previous diet, but with a little bit of disciple perfectly manageable for me. thanks

  • My Cardiologist suck. They didnt take me serious because im 17. I explained to them that ive had palpitations which was written from the ER visit. Also told them i had chest pain, numbness, felt dizzy at times and all they did was check my pulse and sent me home. Didnt even do NOTHING. ive been on a plant base diet since and have felt better but still get numbness and dizziness. Never been this disappointed.

  • For three full weeks, I cut out all diary, meat, sugar, processed food and have not lost one pound. No way you will lose weight. Feel good though. However, I felt okay before. I have learned how to make all kinds of beans and bean recipe.:) Three weeks and no weight loss, goes to show you, if you eat you will be fat. Better off just having 4 bites a day of anything you want and keep hydrated. It’s all b.s.

  • long time amature vegan calisthenic athlete here: i would note that, though you did mention the first meal was getting a little high in protein, just to be specific, i would not eat more than 40 grams of protein in one sitting (and im a pretty big boy, might wanna punch in your own weight and sex into a calculator) just because you will be wasting whatever your body cant absorb at that moment. also i would NOT recommend taking a b12 supplement, for one: the exact same reason as the protein, you only need like 2-3 mcg a day and most supplements are 1000-2000 mcg (which just blows my mind) so best case: you piss 99% of that supplement away, worse case…. you may be doing some long term damage by overdosing (probably not, but there is little study on it) i would recommend just making sure you have something in your diet with it in it (alt milk and cereal have it fortified and a ton of fruits and grains have it naturally) then never think of it again, what i did the better part of a decade ago and have had no problems.
    btw: just found your channel but im loving the work you have put into it, thanks and keep up the good work!!

  • Im personally not vegan, im moreso vegetarian but imma show this to my girlfriend whos is vegan and were gonna try this cause it spunds FIRE

  • This video did not age well. Many vegan athletes and Gamechanhers athletes are now eating meat. Vegan bodybuilder Kai Green is now selling beef.

  • Want To Reach Optimal Health, Lose Weight And Increase Your Energy? Kick-Start Your Plant-Based Eating Journey Today With This Complete Guide! ->

  • I want to try it but what to eat i mean i love my veggies and cauliflower rice but to think of meals and recipes ideas..its hard…ill eat eggs, fish, cottage cheese, but if i skip all that its hard to think of recipes

  • Plants grown commercially for food cause great damage to the environment. The soil has to be ripped up exposing it to the elements and destroying its biomass. Then minerals are depleted from the soil requiring artificial fertilisers and chemicals to be added artificially and to top it off insecticides are used which to great harm to all the other creatures dependent on those insects which has a flow on right up the food chain. To add to the problems all vegetables produce toxins as their primary defence mechanism ( check this fact for yourself if you were unaware. Grass fed Cows on the other hand eat grass which is grown by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and converting it into meat protein and fat, the grass regrows absorbing more carbon, the cows crap out the processed grass and this returns natural nutrients back to the soil and the cycle continues. Veganism makes no sense when you check the facts and the human body is designed to be omnivorous.

  • Hello there, have you thought about this kind of diet plan known as the Custokebon Secrets? My buddy says it helps people lost a lot of weight. Is that possible? I also read a lot of great review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • I haven’t converted to veganism yet but removing meat and processed foods from my diet has really been good for my health. I guess you can say I’m a vegetarian. I lost my belly and about 30lbs. Lowered cholesterol to normal levels, normal blood pressure, etc.

    It’s just a little expensive to eat healthy but it’s worth it. Whole Food, Amazon Trader Joe’s and Juhub are great options to find good deals but I prefer though. I discovered a lot of unknown but good brands there. Seriously, eat healthy while young. Don’t dealt with the drama that come when you’re older.


    Plant-based diet is a diet for everyone that’s interested in reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and other health issues.

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  • To add to my story. When my son was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes he was a XXL in size. After he went plant based within the next 8 months he lost most of his weight and moved to a Medium in clothing size and was Type 2 Diabetes free. He has kept the weight off and still eats plant based. As for myself, I eat very much like yourself and feel very healthy. Thanks again.

  • Microwave, cans, processed ingredients, old cooked food…your liver cannot handle all this and that’s why you look older than you really are. The focus should be on quality ingredients not just the protein intake. What about adding high alkaline based foods like arugula and kale to help cleanse your liver from all that processed crap. Yikes!

  • I’ve struggled with dieting.. I never tried vegan. I am glad I found your channel because I’m getting the idea of how it works! Thank you for posting this, I’m definitely going by the grocery store Friday to give this a go for a month to see where I am, and go further in the future with it! I’m trying to get into weight lifting regularly for my career as a firefighter so I want to be as healthy as I can be for my community and peers! Any tips for when on vacation for vegan meals? And is fish oil pills still okay or is it a no go?

  • You should be the worlds best dr too many people consume meat processed foods salt sugar sedentary lifestyle your books are amazing

  • I’m going to become a vegetarian, I don’t think I can go vegan because I absolutely hate nuts and they make me feel sick, the same goes with tofu. I will try to reduce my dairy consumption though

    edit: And I could never ever give up chocolate

  • I went plant base for a month and ate a ton of plant based food. Seriously I stuffed my stomach and still lost a pound a day. Loss 30 pounds in 30 days while eating a lot. Try it. I did.

  • Plant based diet Here I come. I just want to exercise a lot, and get rid of toxins from my body. Plant based diet is the best for that.

  • Zero animals and zero oil. Your fat should come from avocados, nuts, and seeds.
    Re Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr T Colin Campbell, Dr Michael Gregor, and many others.

  • Lovely. I eat a plant based diet. My son was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and he went plant based. Within 8 months the doctor could find no signs of diabetes. I went plant based to support him and have never felt better. I even lost 30 lbs within the the 1st too months and I am not a big person so I couldn’t figure out where the weight came off from. Never look back.

  • Grains convert to sugar. Sugar causes inflammation. Inflammation causes heart, diabetes, and contributes to Alzheimer disease. Omit sugar from the diet

  • my experience as a longtime vegan has been that b/c I have so much roughage (fruits+veg), that adding whole grains is far too much fiber. makes for sluggishness and constipation. since I switched to durum semolina wheat (half white) and white rice + white bread here and there, things have greatly improved. may help someone else.

  • Both Science & Religion support a Whole-Plant-Based Diet. “…our natural food is that which grows out of the ground.” “Science is an effulgence of the Sun of Reality, the power of investigating and discovering the verities of the universe,..” Baha’i Faith

  • It works, but it is not necessary to cut out meat or oils entirely. Just minimize them to 20% calories. One fatty meal per week is ok, probably beneficial (think of the ancestors killing a chicken)

  • For the hardcore vegetarians (I mean the people who won’t even look at an animal), grilled skinless chicken breast is an amazing source.

  • Thank you for sharing this! The first bowl looks delish! I have tried tempeh but I think I was turned off by it because I wasn’t cooking it right. I tried cooking it in a pan but maybe I didn’t cook it long enough? Will give it another try baking like you did!

  • That may be true. But learn a real lesson from history. The Hindu’s are the earliest vegetarian society ever found. They balanced their diets perfectly…. by 1526, their society had been completely conquered by the Mughal empire. The Hindu emperor fled, hiding in the mountains. If the British hadn’t intervened….. Hindu culture would be extinct today. So you want to go vegan? What kind of soldiers will you raise?


  • Appreciate video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried Chireetler Deepest Relaxation Rule (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for learning to grow muscle when you are naturally thin minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my close friend Aubrey at very last got cool success with it.

  • Plant based = caloric deficit. Thankfully there is research out now disproving this. Haha Glycogen comes from natural starches and sugars BUT BUT it also comes from Gluconeogenesis and this process will supply all your glycogen requirements, and and our cells love ketones, much cleaner burning fuel to use a gas analogy and bodies reservoir for this is much much much larger.
    So much to laugh at in this short video

  • You should try instead of using purly almond flour for flour recipes try a 1:1 ration between flour and almond flour for a little bit of carbs and a little bit of protein and a little lest of the almond taste
    so its a heathier alterinitve to plainly just use almond flour.

  • I lost a shit load of weight. Ate nothing but spinach leafs, tons of avacados, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, some red and sweet potatoes, and some others. Also drank tons and tons of water. In under 3 and half months I was at 40w and dropped down to 34 waist. Still keepin at it.��

  • Garbage. Humans are omnivores. Stop polluting the minds of people with this vegan nonsense. I suppose the billions of insects and hundreds of millions of rodents killed while farming your vegetables don’t count as “sentient beings”? Eat grass fed beef on sustainable ranches and you’ll only kill 1 animal.

  • Hi, have you considered this kind of diet plan known as the Custokebon Secrets? My cooworker says it helps people lost a ton of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed numerous excellent review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • It’s not even a systematic review of different diets but an opinion piece. And you put “vegan” in the title of your video while confunding vegan and vegetarian diets in your paper.

  • When respecting recent studies saying 1,6-2,2g Protein per kg. bodyweight is best for building muscles, these meals aren’t really “high protein”. Although they look deli:)

  • It’s a Lie.
    It improves SHORT TERM.
    “How does it happen?”
    It is a fasting mimicking state. You go into “hunting mode”.
    This gives you additional Adrenaline and a “high”.
    Plant based intervals are great.
    PRO LONGED you run into deficiencies.
    You literally Burn yourself out.

  • this is a great video with accurate information…and you are a very pleasant person…and you look healthy…nice skin and bright eyes…..God bless

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  • Protein Cheat Sheet

    Recommended daily protein intake is 0.8g protein for every kilogram of body weight.
    Example: 130lb (58.5kg) = 47g protein per day.

    Protein per 100g serving

    Tuna 28g
    Chicken 27g
    Beef 26g
    Salmon 20g
    Eggs 13g
    Greek yogurt 10g
    Lentils 9g
    Tofu 8g
    Quinoa 4g

    *Make sure you’re getting all necessary amino acids too ❤️

  • Does Custokebon Secrets really help to lost crazy amounts of weight? I have read a lot of good stuff about this popular lose weight methods.

  • That may be true. But learn a real lesson from history. The Hindu’s are the earliest vegetarian society ever found. They balanced their diets perfectly…. by 1526, their society had been completely conquered by the Mughal empire. The Hindu emperor fled, hiding in the mountains. If the British hadn’t intervened….. Hindu culture would be extinct today. So you want to go vegan? What kind of soldiers will you raise?


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  • spirulina is often claimed that spirulina contains vitamin B12, but this is false. It has pseudovitamin B12, which has not been shown to be effective in humans

  • Honest question, not trying to sound like a douche, but what do those avocados look like after day 5? Ive never been able to make it last.

  • Kudos for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched Taparton Shape Transforming Takeover (google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for learning a short workout for weight loss minus the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my old buddy Taylor after many years got great success with it.

  • Thank you for the advice! I see that we’re precisely counting the protein grams we eat, but shouldn’t we be aware of carbs and lipids too? Like how much of it should we eat?

  • What are some ways to lost tons of weight? I read many superb opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a ton of fat. Has anyone tested out this popular fat burn method?

  • As expert, I do believe Custokebon Secrets is actually good way to lost crazy amounts of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • I am addicted to your channel. With what is going on with the coronavirus, meat plants shutting down, and the unhygienic practices around the meat industry (not only wet markets in Asia) I began looking into alternative protein sources. Your videos are really helping me with this. Thanks again.

  • I would say this is Irresponsible Medicine. I have been vegan for 5 years and my health has declined. I am not an athlete but here is an example here from someone who is. Please do your research before you damage your body like I have.

  • This is my first time enjoying your YouTube channel. Great work! I’m looking forward to more great content from you. Thank you so much for this informative video! I got so much out of it.

  • Unbelievable! This is not the first time that I’ve heard people say that you are a ‘Vegetarian’ if you eat vegetables and don’t eat read meat. Fish (and other foods like clams, muscles, oysters, lobsters, et al.) are animals, so are chickens, so are pigs even though their meat is not red. This is a ‘change the language’ ploy to fool our children who say “Mommy, the coolest student at school is vegetarian, so I want to be one too.” “Oh, my goodness.” their parents say to each other “Let’s change the definition of Vegetarian to include other animal meats, until our child forgets all about this issue and starts wanting a hamburger again.”

  • Hello and thank you for putting together this awesome, informational, helpful video! I really got a lot out of it, especially the tip about the avocado slices and just overall knowing that I can eat vegan without sacrificing protein since I think that we are going to be losing some of our meat sources in the near future due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyway, take good care and stay safe both of you! Antonio

  • Wonderful video, fellow fitness enthusiast and vegan ��. Small remark. When the quinoa boils, the water doesn’t evaporate but rather gets absorbed into the seed. That’s way it ends up becoming fluffy ��

  • If you’ve never cooked with dry beans, please remember this tip: go through each bag and make sure to take out any little rocks that have found their way in. Along with any moldy or ‘suspect’ looking ones. Give them all a good rinse before soaking them. It’s sometimes a little time consuming, depending on how big a bag you’re using. But it’s much better then to discover after cooking that some moldy ones have ruined the batch, or if you happen to bite down on that random pebble.

  • I’m new to your channel. Love this video as I was looking for protein plant based dishes. But there is one grain that is seriously under rated regarding protein….and that is Millet. Millet is very high in protein as well.

  • What a babbler you are an for what all that eye rolling?
    Come to the point. Make a 4 Minute Video. That should say it all after you take out all unnecessary yodelling and babbling

  • . Trying To Lose Weight Slowly Kills Your Chances Of Losing Pure FAT here is why please visit here

  • Same. My blood pressure went from 150/100 to 116/86 after 4 months of eating a plant based, whole foods, diet. No meds and no added exercise besides what I was already doing.

  • I like the meal ideas,they look very delicious, however be careful with using soy or soy based products they are found to cause cancer. Do some research on soy and soy based products. The finding are shocking thank you

  • After 40 years on an almost total vegan diet. I never once worried about protien. I just eat a variety of whole plant foods. Most would be considered low or no protein.
    I am almost 73 and still stronger per pound than anyone else i know.
    Protein is something you don’t have to worry about if eating whole plant foods.

  • Finding a plant protein is easy enough, the problem is you need a source for B 12, Essential Amino Acids & COQ 10. You can take supplements but that defeats the purpose if a natural diet.

  • I have started a vegan food page of anyone would like to follow and try my recipes, they are free

  • THANK YOU…for giving us a replacement for peanut….most of the time, people with allergies are not included in these diet/recipes.��

  • Hey Ryan, thanks for posting this and your many other awesome videos. I also had hypertension during my mid 20s (I’m 29 now). I’d like to know more from you about what helped you and how did you do your workouts keeping hypertension in mind. Please let me know you’d be interested in helping and how should I contact you? Thanks:)

  • Please see the bigger picture, if everyone takes up vegetarianism and meat farming is reduced, what do they use as fertiliser? It will be chemical based! As for soy it’s almost the biggest reason for deforestation. More trees are being cut down than ever to grow soybeans

  • No Thanks. I prefer to have animals sources of protein. The beans you cooked s video looks like you are preparing a poison(ricin). My body is far more healthier on a meat based diet. That means no hypertension and diabetes with all the sugar previously consumed.

  • Hello, I’m Dr Akuza1, a herbalist from Nigeria, I sale and supply herbal herps for all types on diseases/viruses due to your health/body system misbehavior? You can contact me on whatsapp: +2347054702462 or email me:[email protected]

  • At least 1/2-1 cup of beans or peas should be soaked for 12hrs the day before or overnight in water after washed and then pressure cooked for 10-15 mins.In 1/2-1 cup of water seasoned with salt,herbs and spices etc also eat solo with vegetables.

  • Whole food for sure
    Plant based no way, plant based troop is taking advantage of something that destroys you (standard american diet) and because meat is included, they blame it also, what makes people sick with metabolic syndrome, high triglicerides etc is the combination of refined carbohydrates, sugars, hydrogenated plant oils, high iodized salt (causes hypertyroidism, the source of high blood pressure) and also many high lectin foods that damages the gut (non-fermented wheat/gluten, high casein milk, peanuts protein, protein from gmo and organic soy) whole food plants are good source of energy and soil minerals, meat like whole fish, whole chicken, organs are good source of amino acids and vitamins the body cant convert

  • Hey, I’m recently trying to go vegan. How much did all of this come out to for your grocery shop? I know some of the items like bbq sauce or broth you may have already had. Thanks!

  • You should make a video about how to combine different proteins to make a complete protein. I am sure you know that you mix beans with rice to make a complete protein and that alone they are not. Good video.

  • Nearly half the population is moving toward diabetes or already there. They don’t need any carbs wirh their protein.
    Broccoli has protein but plant protein is less efficiently metabolized also a lot of fiber n water so you’ll need to eat more volume to get get same protein as from meat. And you won’t get a number of essential nutrients which are in animals only. So have fun with your delusions.
    I’ll have some high fiber veggies but not to act as an animal substitute

  • Nice video man! I have been eating these foods and living a vegan lifestyle for a long time. I just have chosen to be too lazy to organize myself and create useful videos for the world. Thanks again for creating this.

  • Looking for meals with 40-50 grams of protein… 25 too low. Eating more wont work. The macros are out of proportion… too many carbs… not enough protein.

  • Science shows, you have no idea what you are talking about. We evolved to eat meat, a LOT of meat.

  • Really interesting video. I’m going to have another go at being a vegan soon and this video has made me feel like it’s really doable.

  • All plants have at least 10 % protein which is what our body needs. Even potatoes have 9% protein. It’s a myth vegetables have not enough protein but beans, lentils, chick peas, nuts and seeds are good for you and recommend. Quinoa is expensive use barley it’s cheaper. Also kale is expensive so use sprouts as they are part with nutrients


  • Fuck you and your title plant based pyramid my fucking ass watch a whole goddamn thing only for no pyramid to be shown just wanted to know what were the best plants for protein consumption buckhead’s.

  • If you like nutritional yeast a lot, you can spray your popcorn with a little olive oil and sprinkle the yeast on it and it is so good.

  • If you are on a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet Program you can’t eat any kind of meat, Period! No Processed Foods or Dairy products.

  • I am an avid meal prepper, but the thing I do not understand is if you mix things all together, how do you know exactly how much C-F-P you’re getting per dish? What is you have more plans or temp in 1 dish than the next one? Right now, I basically measure everything individually and add it to my container. If I could grasp the knowledge of cooking it all together then distributing it per dish, that would be great. Why cant I understand this logic?! ����‍♀️ HELP!

  • So, I just have one question…Was GOD wrong when he fed the multitude….. sweet potato… bad….I meant…”Bread and Fish”???


    …. I mean I say God..because it was Jesus who fed the multitude…..and (Jesus is God)…
    So….was GOD wrong feeding them bread and FISH???

    Again..before you answer… Remember we are talking about GOD here…..the highest of the chain of command….the Supreme Being…the ultimate authority…etc..
    …okay.. Go ahead???

  • Fair play for trying. But these products are full of chemicals that are not healthy for the human brain chemistry. You need to use fresh beans, fresh made salsa etc!! This isn’t healthy and it’s false advertising. People need to become aware about what’s really in your super market brought products. The FDA are not our friends…

    Great recipes though ❤️

  • To get rid of the burnt pan’s try to put dish detergent and baking soda on the pans then hot water on it, let it sit for an hour then it should eat up the residue

  • Hey thanks I’ve been vegan for two months now and never going back. Everything in the entire video was under 30 you said or right around? Or 30 per day of meals.?

  • How you’re as jacked as you are is beyond me? I’ve looked at all the macronutrients of these ingrediants, and there are way too many carbs and calories compared to protein, so it’s nowhere near a balanced diet, am I missing something obvious? Maybe it’s the food in England has drastically different nutritional values to the states? Idk, someone enlighten me please, I’m not vegan, so I have no idea when it comes to this…

  • That is a lie!
    They quickly have performance drops, usually followed by career ending injuries that do not heal, until they abandon the deficient vegan cult diet.

  • OMG! I just found this channel, I’ve been plant based for a few years now I’m 64yo, and I’ve had all the common diseases, high BP, sleep apnea, depression, type 2 D, obesity, chronic inflammation, etc. I was on a bunch of pills, and decided it wasn’t The way I wanted to go. I did basically what this man is saying, and doing, and now 70+ pounds lighter, and pill less I just wanna say this IS the way to real wealth, health wealth! I’m currently doing stretching, and yogi, and breathing, and a little running, hiking, biking. So anyway you well discover as I have that all this plant based food we’ll start tasting better than all the other crap you use to eat, you well crave it instead, and your readjusted taste buds well thank you. I’m going to continue to follow this channel as it looks like there’s a lot of great information here to be had. AND THANK YOU.��

  • Bro, I’m sorry but U look too older than you really are. I checked some of your videos and 2 years ago u used to took too younger. Maybe it is your diet…

  • They look really tasty! But they’re too high in cals for such low protein content, makes me realise how cutting while avoiding muscle loss on a vegan diet without supplements seems kinda difficult

  • I’m not being rude man was down t try these recipes as my gf has wanted me to try vegan so we bought all these ingredients and cooked them all over the week and an honest review, the quinoa and soup meals were really bad, quinoa one had no flavor and you need to be specific on the nutritional yeast count on the soup recipe, other than that the tempeh was good and we’ll make again but man, the others sucked.

  • Okay its pretty harsh but it works amazingly….My partner heats up vinegar then pours in baking soda and it literally just dissolves the black stuck on the pan/pot. ����I’m bad about forgetting my food.

  • What stores can you get some of these plant based proteins because where I shopped mostly all the products where just tofu based, I like tofu but I also want variety could you tell me what band stores you shoped
    to get some of these? Thanks

  • I personally think the true, sustainable human diet (based on our evolution) is the Mediterranean Keto diet (basically a mixture b/t Pescetarian and Vegetarian based diet with a heavier emphasis on low-carb veggies), which shares some similarities with a purely plant-based diet, so cheers!!

  • So many ‘levels’ then instead of mentioning fruit, he went onto Meat! When Fruit should of been near or at the top level, and Animal Flesh at no level of human food.

  • Is Custokebon Secrets helpful to lost crazy amounts of weight? I’ve read a lot of good stuff about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • I’ve been Plant Base for 6.5yrs. I have never counted anything and don’t care. Google? Has anyone died of protein efficiency? NO. We’re only worried about protein cause we are taught that at young age by the evil dairy board. I’m a marathoner and don’t need all this protein I was taught to believe. My breakfast has more than enough protein for the day.

  • Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn methods.

  • Barnard looks like a giant balloon tied to the end of a stick with a tie wrapped around it. Maybe eat a few more beans or something.

  • I lived off of these last week and am hopefully going to make them slightly better my second week. Here is my review:
    First recipe (quinoa/pinto) -> amazing. So delicious, but definitely recommend a spicier salsa if you like spicy. I totally recommend adding this to a weekly meal prep and maybe try different beans like black beans.
    Second Recipe (soup) -> This failed for me big time the first week, and I’m not super interested in trying it again considering how long it takes me to blend everything with my little blender. Too long in the fridge, and somehow it got super gross and sour. Ended up not being good to eat and sadly had to throw it away. I could see onions and garlic making a big difference.
    Third recipe (Tempeh and mixed veg) -> I would recommend maybe a spicy BBQ sauce. My sauce was too sweet and got boring after a few days. Not awful, but not my favorite. Excited to try this again with way more tempeh (accidentally just grabbed a block 1/4 of the size).

    The fact that these are inexpensive and so simple is nice. Thanks for including the ingredients in the description, Brian. That helps a ton.