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How to be a good swimmer Swim faster

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5 Pro Tips To Swim Faster With Lucy Charles

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Top 5 Essential Swim Skills To Master | Triathlon Swimming Tips For Beginners

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Become a Better Swimmer in 5 Simple Steps Step #1: Head Position. Where your head goes, the rest of your body follows! This applies to every motion you make from Quick Takeaway:. Step #2: Hand Position & Feel. Your hands should enter the water just in front of your head, finger tips first. 7 Tips to Become a Better Swimmer 1. Wade In. Unless you live seaside, odds are you haven’t swum since last summer, so take your time and set realistic 2. Breathe the Right Way. You probably don’t give much thought to how you breathe most of.

Become a Better Swimmer in 4 Simple Steps #1 Practice Like You Mean It. There’s no use hitting the pool if your heart isn’t set on working out. To get the most #2 Slow it Down. Though it might sound contrary to your workout goals, swimming slower can actually help you become a #3 Pull With. And taking pride in the process of becoming a great swimmer.

Here are 33 simple ways that you can start being a better swimmer. Today. Let’s go!

1. Work harder than everyone else. Here’s how you can become a better swimmer to reap the physical and mental benefits faster, beginning with expert tips from Olympian Steve Parry on how to perfect your freestyle technique. Join a swim club.

When you don’t have anyone to talk with at the pool, swimming can feel like a chore, and a lonely one at that. Going to work out with other swimmers might score you free training advice for free. At the very least, you’ll make friends who share your desire to become a better swimmer. This will lead to a sense of. Swimmers can use the following checklist of 10 items to learn the basic methods of swim improvement, like swimming frequently and achieving a better body position.

The first obvious step for swimmers is to get to the pool and get swimming. As one of our swimmers pointed out, people can swim around 5 miles an hour, while small fish can swim 25 miles an hour. Fish are more flexible than people. Plus, you see very few fish working out. Gather Swimming Gear. You will want comfortable goggles, several competitive style suits (baggy trunks are good for the beach, but are like wearing hiking boots for a run), a waterproof wristwatch, and a swim cap (to keep your hair off of your face or to keep warm).

So keep your head down, listen to your coach, don’t take anything for granted and follow our 5 steps to becoming an elite swimmer. Becoming an elite swimmer Make it to nationals – the first big target for any young swimmer is to make it to the pinnacle of the sport in England and swim at nationals – either the British Summer Championships.

List of related literature:

Swimmers should include some sets of IM repeats in their training to help them perfect their changeover turns from one stroke to the next.

“Swimming Fastest” by Ernest W. Maglischo
from Swimming Fastest
by Ernest W. Maglischo
Human Kinetics, 2003

One must get into the water, splash around, and practise various techniques with advice from someone who knows what skills swimming requires.

“Human Resource Development: Learning & Training for Individuals & Organizations” by John P. Wilson
from Human Resource Development: Learning & Training for Individuals & Organizations
by John P. Wilson
Kogan Page, 2005

The coach must help the swimmer understand what achieving each goal will require on a day-to-day basis!

“The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II” by Dick Hannula, Nort Thornton
from The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II
by Dick Hannula, Nort Thornton
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

One of my goals might be to learn how to swim.

“Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits” by Peg Dawson, Richard Guare
from Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits
by Peg Dawson, Richard Guare
Guilford Publications, 2012

In developing your swim skills, the most important thing you can do is have a coach or swim instructor who frequently gives you feedback on your technique.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
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After that first step, we can start to learn various strokes, and only after that process can we begin to master different swimming styles, such as the breaststroke, crawl, backstroke, etc.

“International Handbook of Early Childhood Education” by Marilyn Fleer, Bert van Oers
from International Handbook of Early Childhood Education
by Marilyn Fleer, Bert van Oers
Springer Netherlands, 2017

Within freestyle, executing the turn could be the best way for the swimmer to obtain better results.

“Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming IX: Proceedings of the IXth World Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming, University of Saint-Etienne, France” by Jean-Claude Chatard
from Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming IX: Proceedings of the IXth World Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming, University of Saint-Etienne, France
by Jean-Claude Chatard
University of Saint-Etienne, 2003

■ Swim restricted-breathing sets: Instead of breathing every one or two strokes, breathe every three, five, or seven.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

This technique is now taught by swimming teachers and coaches throughout the world.

“Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise” by Peter Merton McGinnis
from Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise
by Peter Merton McGinnis
Human Kinetics, 2005

To improve my freestyle technique, I would do a drill that involved me keeping my elbows high while I pulled through the water with my fingertips.

“No Limits: The Will to Succeed” by Michael Phelps, Alan Abrahamson
from No Limits: The Will to Succeed
by Michael Phelps, Alan Abrahamson
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

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  • I’m 10 years old and I have a swimming competition four days after the first day at school c b and a squad are there it’s at the aquadome in Inverness one like equals one good luck charm

  • Please check out the small boat called the Seahorse
    It is an ideal training aid for triathlete swims in open water and coaching.
    It is a bicycle powered catamaran that has a large trampoline, it is very fast, can be sailed, transported in a pickup truck bed, trailored, roof racked, camped on, fished from, raced, thin ice fished from, lived on, etc. Any bike powers it, from mountain bikes to road bikes, tandems, recumbents.

  • My main problem is my nerves. It’s crazy when you have a meet and I freak out and mess up but once u dive in it’s no going back and it’s hard to relax my body after that, but the cold water helps

  • I do this, but I still get out of breath, I’m only 13 so I’m pretty sure that that would have something to do with it but I need tips please!

  • I am ready to improve my technique. Your videos help me think about how I swim. I swim because it make me feel amazing physically and mentally. I will never lose interest in the sport of swimming. Thanks for all your outstanding videos!!!

  • I love your channel so much. You have great content and amazing tips. After watching one of your videos i shaved off some time on my swimmeet! My original time was 44.41 in 50 freestyle, but now my time is 38.53! You have done great my friend.

  • I dont swim but when i go to the pool some kids play gator where u have to cross the pool without getting tagged basically color tag in the water and i wanna swim fast to be the last one tagged im still good a swimming i just wanna be better

  • Would someone please watch my swim video and help me troubleshoot it? I’m new to Triathlons and the swim is my weak event. SUx:
    Thanks in advance.

  • I am 32 and hydrophopic but I over came that and started swim lesson about 9 months ago. Right now I can swim without worries about water and do just fine but very slow in water which I think it will show progress with time and practice.

  • for some reason i cant breathe out with my nose underwater in a pool. Its impossible for me. But i was able to do it when i tried it out in my bathtub. I dont understand whats stopping me from doing it in a pool. Some advice?

  • I was thinking, I’d love to take my son to Mexico, just because.. but its a long way away.. but hey.. your camp is in Thailand!. thats only about 6-7 hrs flight time:) Unfortunatly its not in his school holidays..

  • I am a gymnast but tried swimming because I was a diver back in high school and we had to. And nope I found out I had asthma, coughing+water=death. (I guessed I did in gymnastics but I never had to hold my breath so yeah) I still swim to help my lungs continue to somewhat breathe. Any tips on not drowning…snorkel maybe?

  • What suggestions do you have for swimming while menstruating? How can I swim in such a way, in which I won’t have additional cramps? Also, which brand of tampons are best for swimming? What is the best way to prevent yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis when swimming? Can you swim after unprotected sex?

    Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Thank you. With the sprinter breathing, I’ve been doing static breath holds in my room for free diving (but no free diving), a spin off I fould was I could lift more in the gym. I thinks its because when do the breath holds (1.5 minutes to 3 minute) u have a lot of contractions in diaphragm and ribs, I think that strengthens the breathing muscles as they can get rather forceful and over time I I’ve strengthened breathing muscles. I haven’t done any swimming since doing the practice but I’m keen to see if there’s a positive affect with swimming too.

  • I am on my 63th birthday and I am starting to swim my second year with a master swimming team which allowed extra swimmers to join the team that are not racers themselves. To join that team in training was a very good decision as they are so motivated and are constantly working on their technic. I get so many recommendations on how to improve that I am sur that it is also an excellent exercise for my brain. I guess my next step will be to go to a training camp to move up another notch in my technic. Last summer I swam in an outdoor 50 meters pool and it was nirvana. What a beautiful sport is swimming and proper technic surely enhance the pleasure specially when learning each different strokes which each have something special to offer. I will check about your training camp but not this year.

  • As a former County level swimmer I would say one of the best things swimmers of ANY level can do is to have themselves videoed as they are swimming. The amount of people I see training in the pool who are probably kidding themselves that they are the new Michael Phelps & yet are slapping the water with arm entries, being all out of shape when breathing & a multitude of other easily remedied problems is phenomenal! The arm slap is a big one, end of the day noise is energy, you should be like an aquatic ghost going through the water!

  • In my home country (Dominican republic) I’m scared to swim deep because I swim in rivers and there they are kind of crab type animal and I’m scared i will step on it and it would bite me

  • Thank you so much for having this channel. I can say I’ve learned a lot of things watching your videos.

    Please, make the swimmer camp next year too, I definitely want to have that experience.

  • It’d be useful to know exactly how long the rest should be between each 50M sprint set. The less rest, the more likely this is going to be a threshold aerobic session (which I think is what she’s doing), and not an anaerobic session. Ie 50M sprints with only 10sec rest is still a kind of CSS training.

  • I love swimming ���� but I’m not good at it so my dad hired a coach but I was still bad at it and then I saw your videos and everything changed to the better so thanks ����

  • 1. Pull the stroke all the way down
    2. Have a bigger lung capacity
    3. Have a right head posture
    4. Pull the shoulder out of the water
    5. Make your stroke count
    6. Strech your feet
    7. Put your fingers together
    8. Do your kicks together
    9. Better start and faster turns


  • For a 50 free my coach told me to try too breathe as little as possible because it slows you down (one to two breathes for 25)But then this video said the opposite…

  • I started swimming when i was 5 now i am 13 and a half and swim 50 m butterfly for 29 seconds and 100 m butterfly for 1:06 and i was second in the whole country on both disciplines last year

  • I’m in my sixties and was a good swimmer in my school days. I need tips on how to gain my swimming fitness. Like the above video, I tend to hold my breath a little, especially when I start to tire. I would love to be able to swim lap after lap after lap. I can run all day in a basketball game, but swimming, no way.

  • I swam from the start of the pool and the end of the pool in 5 Seconds! When i go down i bend my feet and push hard on the wall and it helps boosts me fast

  • I live in a town of India where we only have public swimming pool and coaches there don’t give a shit about u if u r above 14( which is me 23 ) coz it won’t fetch them anything ( age limit for national game ) Soo I learned everything with the support of you my man.

  • I inhale through my mouth and exhale through my nose but no matter how smooth my transition from water to air I ALWAYS get water in my mouth. Is there a way to prevent this?

  • Great bit of advice on breathing! When swimming my breathing is all over the place and I find it difficult to style a stroke properly in addition to copying with the cold water. It’s so humiliating to go back to a beginners swimming class and look a complete fool!

  • I’ve been working out a lot because I have football to get in shape for and I don’t eat healthy but I’m still losing weight just slowly any tips to lose faster

  • Swimming with a wetsuit in a pool, is it advisable? I have to get used to swimming with a wetsuit and would like to know if I can use a wetsuit in one of my swimming sessions at an indoor heated pool? We have ows but limited with time, temp and weather. Thanks for the tips Lucy Charles and GTN.

  • I swim with long slow powerful-ish strokes. If I were to increase my cadence, would that mean my stroke would have to become less “efficient” (pushing less water with less force) in order for me to be able to sustain the effort?

  • Love to see something on psychology of going farther for relative newcomers to swimming. I’m 72, former marathon runner, but my pool “toughness” definitely needs work. Head down and plow through it? Love your videos. Many thanks.
    Peter G

  • I’m swimming from around one and a half years I’m not the fastest but coach says your technique is good and other members of pool are keep asking me about techniques all thanks to you.

  • the thing is, i can swim well but after around 75 m i get very tired and thats due to me not doung full strokes. now, when i try to do full ones, i usually sink quickly then i have to get myself up and i gotta do it quickly but that requires more energy and makes me tired and it just continues. im not sure what to do and any advice would help me. this is very important for me since im 15 and got a swimming test 200m and in sweden they are very strict about swimming. im nervous for it since every year ive had troubles with it and the relief would be amazing. thx (:

  • This video is just what I needed. Tried swimming for 30 mins earlier today and had to stop every two lengths to get my breath back. I’m back in the pool.on Monday so will try this breathing technique

  • One thing I notice people doing, is carrying air bubbles with their hands, this slows the swimming down, and uses up more of your energy

  • Thanks for the video, definitely going to check out the app. Once lockdown is over I’m going to hit the pool and try some of the tips discussed here.

  • So I just downloaded the App. I usually swim with my apple watch. Will there be an autonomous Apple Watch Version, so I dont need the phone to choose my workout? I always leave my phone in the locker so it wont get stolen.

  • In a swimmer and Breaststroke is my best stroke. However a 100m freestyle tires me out because I use up all of my energy in the first 50 m

  • I started swimming when i was very young, i had 2 silvers, i was living in UAE, when i came to Egypt (my home country) i found out that i couldn’t be in a team in a club coz i must a 3 star certificate which have to be taken at a very young age and i was not in my country that time, however i am not giving up. Is there any other country that could give swimmers like me a chance?

  • It’s better if you just breath out twice as fast as you breath in and you must be totally relaxed and don’t hold your breath to the maximum about 60%

  • Mm, didn’t get much from your video. Was hoping for tips that would help improve my swimming technique. Didn’t get that. This video was more about philosophy of swimming then anything else. Really wanted more. Overall a good video to help people get mentally ready for swimming. Hope you can appreciate constructive feedback. Good luck. ����

  • I m 59 and started just few days back…. watching your videos… excellent videos..
    Now I m amazed to see my progress..I beat other regular swimmers with graceful swimming

  • I’m trying to be a better swimmer for when I go to the lake. Good tips. One question though, why do you have your mouth open while underwater?

  • i really wished i can swim.. i can run marathons and go cycling on full ironman distance… but im traumatized by drowning at sea when i was a kid… maybe im not made to become a triathlete.. just a marathoner/ cyclist. �� and im already 28 years old.. LoL ��

  • I love your channel, turns out that I want to go back in swimming again. I quitted because of some circumstances but every time I watched your videos it encourages me to go back. Thank you for the tips, it helps me to think wider in swimming

  • No comment from either of you on the bicep curl you use to pull yourselves over when doing your tumble turns… Hands and palms pull from hip to over your head so arms are extended out in front before you push off the wall… Every one does it, but almost no one teaches it.

  • Tips:
    1: Keep your fingers closed
    2: Structured swim sections
    3: Control how fast/slow your strokes are depending on water environment
    4: Breathe to both sides
    5: Focus on your speed

  • Glad to hear working on the weaker side doesn’t have to make it as strong as the strong side. Probably put a bit too much work onto it myself from the sounds of things.

  • I got to swimming for the first time in the previous not know. When i gone to the pool i not know anything about swim how to swim, there in that pool many people comes for swim, i was see everyone swimming but me scared of water when a guy throw him in the pool then me decide throw myself in the water everywhere seems white in that moment i feels anyone not hearing my sound and i feels i not able yell.nearly i drowned completely but a guy saved my life thanks very much for him after that he taked me out of the pool i was very dizzy.

  • WHAT THE HECK IS THIS. 1. Wait till evening. 2. Drink water. (The only one that is ok is number 3 cause what you wear does effect your swimming) 4. the pool is a gym. 5. Film your swimming. HOW DOES THAT “HELP” you “SWIM”? This isn’t teaching me anything about how to “swim”. Thanks a lot.

  • You are incredible! You just gave me the confidence and let me see the fun in becoming good at swimming. I kind of lost my ability to swim properly over the years (17 now) and I am gonna apply for the Marines of the Netherlands soon. That’s why I need to get a lot better at it within a few months. I will definitely check all your videos and save up for your programs! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the us!

  • 훌륭한 수영인이 되는 데 얼마나 걸리냐고요?

    훌륭한 수영인이 되는 데 얼마나 걸리냐고요? 글쎄요, 그것은 당신이 “훌륭하다”를 어떻게 정의하느냐에 따라 달라지겠지요. 예를 들어, 마이클 펠프스가 2000년 시드니 올림픽 출전권을 얻는 데는 8년 걸렸습니다. 마이클은 7살에 수영을 시작했습니다. 200 미터 접영 세계 신기록을 수립했을 때 마이클은 고작 16살이었습니다. 그러므로 7 살의 마이클 펠프스는, 최고가 되는 데 9년이 걸렸습니다.

    그렇지만 여러분은 마이클 펠프스도 아니고, 7살도 아니며 딱히 세계 최고가 되고 싶은 것도 아닙니다. 글쎄요, 만약 어떤 사람이 수영에 대하여 아무것도 모르는 상태에서 시작하고, (코치 없이) 혼자일 수도 있는 최고의 코치가 있으며, 배움에 대한 최고의 열정을 갖고 있다면, 아마도 20시간 정도만 신중하게 연습한다면 두 바퀴 정도 헤엄칠 수 있는 법은 배울 수 있을 것입니다. 하지만 그때부터 진척은 더 어려워지기 시작합니다. 가장 어려운 점은 진척 상황이 일정한 선형을 그리지 않는다는 사실입니다. 즉 일 년 내내 아주 열심히 노력했다 하더라도, 작년보다 느려질 수도 있습니다.

    그러므로 진척은 당신이 얼마나 열심히 노력하느냐, 유전인자가 얼마나 좋으냐 등 많은 것들에 따라 달라집니다. 하지만 저는 무엇보다 당신의 의지 그리고 겸손하게 새로운 방법을 찾는 것이 중요하다고 생각합니다. 제가 나이는 언급하지 않았음에 주목하십시오. 그것은 당신의 나이가 몇 살이든 헤엄치는 법을 배울 수 있기 때문입니다. 실제로 많은 분들께서 자신은 60살 혹은 70살에 헤엄치는 법을 배우기 시작하여 지금은 수영이라는 운동과 사랑에 빠져있다고 우리 비디오에 댓글로 남겨주셨습니다.

    제가 8살에 수영 시합을 시작했을 때는 우리 팀에서 가장 빠른 헤엄이 중 하나가 되는 데 대략 23년 정도 걸렸습니다. 놀라웠던 것은 제가 키가 가장 크지도, 가장 힘이 세지도, 가장 열심히 노력하지도 않았지만 그럼에도 제 동료들 대부분보다 더 빠르게 헤엄칠 수 있었다는 사실입니다. 그럴 수 있었던 단 한 가지 이유는 제가 우리 팀에서 수영 기술이 가장 뛰어난 사람 중 하나였기 때문입니다. 수영 기술이 좋았으므로 저는 팀 동료들보다 적은 노력으로 더 빠르게 헤엄칠 수 있었습니다. 이것은 숨겨진 사실도 아니었습니다. 제 가장 친한 친구들과 제 형제는 훈련이 끝난 후에는 언제나 도와가면서 서로의 기술을 개선했습니다. 이것이 제가 항상 우리의 전문 분야는 훌륭한 수영 기술 가르치기라고 말하는 이유이며 수많은 분들이 기술을 향상하는 데 도와줘 고맙다는 댓글을 우리 동영상에 다는 이유입니다.

    슬프지만, 유튜브를 통해 저희가 여러분께 드릴 수 있는 것은 오직 보다 일반적인 비결과 조언들 뿐입니다. 어떤 사람을, 정말로 자신이 가능하다고 생각하는 것을 넘어서도록, 도우려면 직접 그 사람의 수영 능력을 분석해야 합니다. 그것이 우리가 수영 캠프를 개최하려는 이유입니다. 저는 여러분께 한 주간의 캠프에 참여하여 기술을 향상하시라고 초대합니다. 한 사람 한 사람에게 집중할 시간을 충분히 갖기 위해 오직 15 20 명만 받고 있습니다. 그러니 서둘러 이 기회에 대하여 저희와 상담하십시오.

    수영 캠프!

    아래 링크에서 더 자세한 내용을 알아보고 자리를 예약하실 수 있습니다:

    시청해주셔서 고맙습니다!

    빠르게 헤엄치세요!

  • Other fun fact: Psychologists widely agree that only those with sociopathic tendencies use the thumb, index, and middle fingers as a sign for the number 3.

  • For people that don’t wanna watch the whole vid:
    1. Swim in the evening cuz there would be less people
    2. Bring water!
    3. Wear jammers
    4. Treat the pool like a gym
    5. Film ur swimming so u can see ur mistakes and do better

  • The only advantage i have is that i can hold my breath for a good amount of time (got that from voice lessons) and thats about it. ��

  • Not an issue. I don’t swim fast enough to get exhausted. Maybe I should try pushing myself harder so I do get exhausted.
    One day I just kept going in thre pool. Had nothing else to do since I was away from home on business.
    Swam 20km in a 22m length pool in Shanghai. <30 second electrolyte pause every 2200m. Total swim time 7:09:56.
    My avg pace was the same as when I swim 6.4km.
    Didn’t start really swimming until I was 43.

  • Great video, not a problem I suffer from but something I DO see in a lot of adults that are taking up swimming for the first time. The concept of breathing OUT while their face is still in the water never occurs to them and they struggle to both breathe out and in during the short gap when their face is out of the water.

  • Thank you so much!! I’m swimming 2 relays, 50 backstroke, and an 100 freestyle at my Championship trials on Saturday!
    50 backstroke is my best ever event, so I’m not too nervous about that. But I was so scared when I found out that my coach put me in 100 free! I’m not a very good long distance swimmer, and I’d rather do a 50 free, but it is what it is. I’ll make sure to use these tips at trials!!

  • Thumbs Up. From Shaun’ I don’t want to put all my name online. Shauna. ‘ what did I enjoy the most I learned You are Short and Slim and You need more movements than Rest…

  • Oh so it’s ok to exhale while your head is up. In all these years my understanding was that you had to exhale everything underwater by the time of your third stroke.

  • I am a Korean.
    I’m watching the video you made.
    Thank you all the time.
    I want to join a swimming camp.
    But it is too painful.
    I have to get some help from the video.
    I am not good at English, but I hope you understand.
    Thank you!!

  • I don’t know why but when I get distracted thinking about dumb stuff while I’m swimming I forget that I’m swimming and it makes it easier to swim but then when I start to rember I can’t concentrate and I start to kind of freak out

  • To all the young ones out there good technique prevents injuries. If you are injured get it fixed. If I roll over in my sleep the wrong way my shoulder pops out and my arm goes numb and it’s 20 years later. I was too hyper competitive to have a slow season to fix my technique. Don’t wait till your 30’s to think there may be something to this technique thing.

  • Thank you GTN, Mark… I am 38 and recently started training for triathlon mainly for fitness reasons. You guys are doing a fab job getting people fit and healthy. All the best to your entire team.

  • Hello Sir,

    My niece started swimming at age 9 years 6 month. Now she is 10 years 5 months. Her timing for 50 meters are

    Freestyle: 00:40.00
    Breaststroke: 00:44.46
    Butterfly: 00:47.45
    Backstroke: 00:47.00

    She wants to swim competitively. Please let me know how is her progress.

  • I’ve been learning to swim for 40 years… without any success. Just because I love to be in water and I’m fearless I started to go to a swimming school 6 months ago. Unfortunately I’m not flexible at all, especially my legs and hips, so my kicks are horrible. Today it was my 60th lesson and I have to tell you there are some small changes in my technique already. So I don’t want to give up:) Swimming is cool.

  • I had a 100m swim like 10 mins ago waiting for the thing to end and I’m doing a 200m

    I swam the 100m max all the time



    I’m dead

  • Those underwater shots are awesome! Started Training for a Triathlon 3 Weeks ago. My best is the Bike second best run and then swim����‍♂️ my last time swimming was horrible�� but im looking for the pools to open up again so i can train for it��

  • No. 1 is wrong because kids go to school at the start of the day! Everybody who swims and is a kid is usually going to come in the evening!

  • Question: My friend swam the Irish Sea a few months back and I asked her how she did it. I mentioned my heart rate Is high after a 100 or so metres. She said it’s because the pools water is warm. Is that true?

  • I swim breastroke fo two hours in the pool (either slow/easy or with a strong pace). But whenever, I do front crawl (aka “freestyle), I am knackered by 200m, then I stop to rest (I am more knackered doing freestyle than butterfly)… Why is that?

  • Came to this channel due to low back pain in March 2017 watching smooth freestyle from zero. Today at 47 years old still have to learn one google underwater and endurance still sucks but my 100m time is consistently above 1:50ish below 2 min with 25m in 11 stroke. 3-4 times a week starting from 300m each session and now 600m. Progress is like revelation. 1 year sucks, then the next day boom, you just know the correct way and have to keep practicing it and maintain it. Self taught until today but thinking on taking lessons this year. Never underestimate the power of YouTube. God bless guys ��

  • He says, “Bring on the windmill arms”… and then the next background has a windmill in it…

    coincidence or was it ment to be that way?

  • Hi Justin! I noticed in this video that you swim without using your hands and raising your head for air from time to time ( 1:43 2:07). Can you please do a video about how to do this?
    Thank you!:)

  • Anyone else pay attention to their hands like I did during the whole vid? Their hands are so big and good looking, omg those 20 long fingers

  • Could you please accept me I have put my information in and I know I am only 12 but I train so hard every day and it’s my dream to go to the olimpics. I really hope you guys could help me. At my school I never win the swimming and I want to change that and improve my times. Please accept me. I have the dedication and I will never quit. Most of my friends have suffered from injures and my coach tells me that my technique isn’t right and I really hope you can help me. I was just wondering do you pick the swimmers or is it first come first serve? I know I’m only 12 but it’s my dream and I don’t ever give up and I give everything my all.

  • Hi! I was wondering if you could help me. I wanna try out for my school swim team but I have no experience. My school is really competitive and has been winning state for 25 years.I was thinking about doing joining an out of school team and try to prepare myself. Also my parents aren’t really sure about the idea. They wanted me to do a sport and so I picked swimming( I have a feeling ). I’m not really sure how I can convince them but I don’t want to do swim if I’m just preparing to fail. I’m planning to actually try and practice but as I said I don’t want to do it if I’m just preparing to fail.
    Do you think I can/should do it? My school tryouts are in October.
    I was wondering if you could could give me tips on how to prepare, what to bring to tryouts and practice, what strokes I need to know, tips about swim and strokes, what gear I would need,how to do starts and turns, what conditioning exercises, etc.
    Also my school team is a swim+dive team. Do I really need to know how to dive?
    Also I know this shouldn’t really affect my decision but I’m worried about what other people on the team will think. I’m not really friends with any swimmers but I know that they know that I don’t do swimming. I’m just worried that everyone will judge me.

  • Which of these tips do you think will make the biggest improvement to your swimming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below ��

  • In my local pool in the morning theres old people doing water aerobics. So I have the deep end to myself, thing is, Im kinda scared of not touching the floor

  • I’d love to swimwith the experienced swimmers. They might be intimidating, but they might help you. Even if they don’t, you canwatch what they’re doing and try to imitate them.

  • All about technique boys, my max was 75 meters then i had a whole session trying to correct my form and breathing and i did 225 with ease, u can do it

  • Story time

    So one time my brother dared me to dive from the top step of my “4 foot pool” and when i was going up the stairs to dive, I see a warning sign that said do not dive from here and of course… I didn’t listen so I dove in the water and hit my head.

  • I’ve started swimming lessons at 5 y.o. (thanks mom!) and have always swum. I was on a master swimming team from 1993 to 2002. Now 56 y.o. and still learning. It’s one of your videos which taught me not to stick my fingers together when I swim freestyle and it makes a difference. Never too late to improve or shed a bad habit. Thanks!

  • Pro tip: be afraid during the competition because it will make your body release adrenaline which will increase your muscle strength and you will be able to hold your breath longer. This really works I have experienced this.

  • I love swimming and while in practice, I feel so terrible because I’m the slowest, I’m always behind. Everyone is done and I’m still swimming and finishing the practice. It sucks ��

  • bro, i have watched your videos but i still have fear of staying in the water.
    Can you make a video on how to get rid of this fear

  • I’m 14 and really want to join a swim team but I don’t have any experience. I’m scared I’m going to be very far behind. Should I take lessons for a while first?

  • For the past 5 months in my dryland training, I’ve been doing yoga regularly on a daily basis! And what it taught me is… deep belly breathing! Which my deep belly breathing technique REALLY REALLY helped me a lot with my swimming!������ It helped me a lot with pushing through my freestyle flip turns without running out of breath out of my freestyle flip turns! It helped me with, reaching farther & long as long as possible in my freestyle stroke!

    In my Butterflystroke, I did the same technique for my breathing, but I learned to when doing the Butterflystroke pull, you should pull gently and relaxed! Do NOT pause then do the pull!! That will cause you to loose momentum and speed in your Butterflystroke!

    So that’s how my swimming went TODAY!����

  • 0:47 Do not look forward when swimming. His body position is not good here. Even with a buoy his lower back in concave and he is dragging his fanny.

  • Sir pls upload a video, regarding about pull buoy and which type of pull buoy we buy. pls reply nabaiji pull buoy is better or not sir,tq

  • Thank you for this lovely swimming demo and vital tips. The duo is remarkably awesome to listen too. Quite articulate with elaborations. I am an enthusiastic swimmer and indeed have learned salient swimming techniques on how to become a better swimmer. Thank you again lady and gentleman. Keep it up please lovely duo tutors!!! Appreciation from Samuel

  • Fun fact i can hold my breath for 2 min with no excersise but it cuts to 16 seconds when i do swim. Luckily i only take 13 sec for a 25/lap

  • If you don’t have a swimming background, and many Triathletes do not, you should see if there is a Masters swim team in your area. The quality of coaches for Masters teams will vary a lot, but if the team is fairly stable and has more than 10 or so people then it likely has someone on deck who is a decent coach. Teams with poor coaching tend to fall apart pretty quickly. If you can’t find one, look for year round teams (ages 6 18). Obviously you can’t swim with them, but very often the assistant coaches will do coaching on the side and they may be a less expensive way to get in some focused stroke technique work. I haven’t met a coach yet who will turn down some side work as long as they don’t feel their time is being wasted.

    Have your spouse/significant other/friend video you, and since many phones are water resistant, you can get video under water. No endless pool + mirror or coach required.

    Drills are very helpful, but you need to know which ones to do, when to do them, and how often per practice/week to do them. If you overdo it or do them incorrectly, you can end up worse off than if you hadn’t done them at all. Being told, “Do drills to improve your catch” or “Keep your elbows high” or whatever the case may be doesn’t mean YOU should be doing them, or that there aren’t other issues with your stroke that should be sorted out first.

    Don’t rely on fins, paddles, bouys, or boards. They all have their time and place, but if they are overused they become a crutch. Kicks without a board are fantastic for core strength. Same for pulls without bouys.

    Don’t rely on only swimming freestyle. Breaststroke is extremely useful. Backstroke kicks (without fins or a board) are excellent for overall endurance. Butterfly for strength and endurance. Basically, don’t just roll up, swim a ton of freestyle and be like, “1 and done!” because you’re doing yourself a disservice.

  • We get help from our local High School coach who comes many Mondays to dispense tips. Above water video helps him point us in the right direction. We haven’t started doing underwater video, but maybe soon. What equipment do you use? What camera? Home made stick?!
    I’ve improved immensely, though “two steps forward and one backward” often defines my progress. Drill, drill, drill, swim, drill, drill, swim. Watch videos and get better! Your great videos and those of others have moved the needle a lot! Thank you!

  • Does anyone have some advice for me? I can barely swim 100m in a row because i get super fatiqued quickly, especially from my lats. I have a strong upperbody and good cardiovascular shape so I dont understand why this is happening.

  • I’m not actually a beginner, I’ve been learning strokes since I was about 3. I do however want to join a swim team so… Edit, those tumble turn things are the things that I’m not very good at though. I’m always too far from it. ����‍♀️

  • Entendi la idea pero pudieras subir algun video en español? No hablo ingles pero veo toda la informacion y me apoyo en eso. Feliz fin de semana!��

  • This was helpful. I’ve been swimming in the ocean since childhood (60 years) but never took a lesson or picked up freestyle till last month. I had a reasonable side and backstroke. Once I began practicing freestyle I found myself doing this two-part breath. Halfway when my head first reentered the water from a breath and then an explosive exhale to finish just before I took another breath. I didn’t know if this was a good technique. Now I know it’s ok and I’ll focus on more on stroke dynamic and getting fit before I think again about my breathing. I am somewhat out of breath at even 75M and I usually take a few seconds every 100M to get my breath back, but I think this is due to lack of fitness. Thanks for the helpful video.

  • Why was we been taught 3 strokes between every breaht, back when I, at the end, trained 6 times per week as 9-14 year old (1989-1994)? I unfortunately stopped swimming just a little after turning 14 y…?

  • Excellent tips here and really good video of technique. Extending the reach allows the swimmer to gain a long, taut body position and balance in the water, thereby getting the legs longer and closer to the surface and reducing drag. Think of paddling kayaks which would cut through the water better, an inflatable kayak or a carbon fiber racing kayak? The swimmer’s body needs to be long and more rigid like the carbon fiber kayak hull because of the power from “paddling” with your “blade” (fingertips to elbow) needs to transfer to a hull that can cut through the water (unlike one that is soft, legs splayed, bent at waist, etc).

    Many triathletes are “adult-learned” (aka adult-onset) swimmers and need to improve swimming technique efficiency and increase sustained power. There are 2 common traits that experienced swimmers possess and which most adult-onset swimmers lack. Coach Conrad Goeringer, author of the excellent book “The Working Triathlete”, cites 2 factors that adult-onset swimmer need to swim better:

    1. Improve body position to maintain a long, taut, strong body line from head to toe. When swimmers drag their legs and feet, this creates a lot more drag, which requires more energy expenditure to cover any set distance. The common causes are weak core muscles and lack of awareness of the need for a long bodyline balance in the water.

    2. The ability to sustain a propulsive catch: Many poor swimmers “drop their elbow during the stroke, and this causes the arm and hand to slip in the water, rather than getting a hold on the water. Also, adult-learned swimmers often swim with a “monospeed” pull, thereby not engaging the large muscles of the Latissimus and upper back that are essential for propulsion.

    If you want to get faster, more powerful, and efficient, I recommend this free 5-part course with coach Karlyn Pipes, Masters swimming world-record holder, and internationally recognized Freestyle technique guru:

  • Thanks for this! I noticed you mentioned exhaling through both nose and mouth just prior to breathing in. I have been concentrating on just exhaling through the nose. Doing breathing drills yesterday after swimming 4 X 25 yrds alternating fast and easy in each 25, then doing 50s with 25 using 4 breaths, then 25 using 3 breaths, then next 50 was 25 in 2 breaths and 25 in 1 breath impossible! Thoughts?

  • I started swimming at 3 years
    13 years old my times in 50m are

    Freestyle: 30.15
    Breast: 41.23
    Back: 36.42
    Fly: 56.75

    Give me your opinions if u want to

  • I really struggle with breathing to my left, normally in open water every 2 breaths I throw my head up quickly. But this has helped greatly:)

  • I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to do this weird thing. One hand glides very well when making contacting with the water while the other hand isn’t as efficient. If you watch the last clip, his right hand has very good technique while his left doesn’t. Something I may need to look at and see if I’m doing as well

  • As a birthday gift to myself, at 60 y.o. I took up swim lessons. (Was on my bucket list).that was 2.5 years ago.. I’m still not the best or fastest swimmer but I can do front crawl. Must note that I’ve always been afraid of the water. Not water per se but drowning..not sure where that fear came from…but I’m living proof that one can teach an old dog new tricks…haha… Thanks for this video. ��