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Ankle Exercises for Injury Recovery and Prevention. Full Ankle Strengthening Exercise Routine.

Video taken from the channel: Caroline Jordan

Barefoot Running Injury Prevention; Foot and Ankle Strengthening Exercises. Building strong ankles and feet is paramount in switching to barefoot running injury free. This exercise routine will help build and maintain strength throughout your foot and ankle and lower your chance for injury. Do these exercises without shoes, with 3 to 4 sets of each exercise, increasing the repetitions or time as often as you can. Exercising and playing sports come with some risk of injury, but you can in fact prevent serious foot and ankle injuries with some common sense tips.

Many people forego proper warming up, for example, but that is one of the most important things you need to do on a regular basis to avoid tendon strains like Achilles tendonitis, muscle pulls, and worse injuries like hairline and compound. 16 hours ago · Use small movements — only your foot and ankle move. Repeat with the left foot.

Note: You can do this stretch every day, after any type of exercise that warms up your body, even a five-minute walk. More information. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has more exercises and stretches to add to your ankle routine. Ankle Strengthening – Basic Exercises.

To begin with, the following basic ankle strengthening exercises should be performed approximately 10 times, 3 times daily. As your ankle strength improves, the exercises can be progressed by gradually increasing the repetitions, number of sets and resistance provided they do not cause or increase pain. Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises To ensure that this program is safe and effective for you, it should be performed under your doctor’s supervision. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about which exercises will best help you meet your rehabilitation goals. Runners who’ve had ankle injuries in the past may be all too aware that they can be prone to further injuries: “If you’ve had an ankle injury before and it’s not been rehabbed to 100% then.

The high lunge works the front and back of your ankle while the warrior 1 posture works the sides. As you have to turn your back foot to a 45-degree angle, the outer ankle is stretched and strengthened. Start in a lunge pose.

Take a small step forward with your back foot. Rotate it 45 degrees outwards to press the outer edge and heel to the ground. Perhaps the most specific foot strengthening exercise for runners is barefoot running. Adding just a small amount of barefoot work to your training can make a big difference in how your feet feel. Plus, it has the benefit of reinforcing proper running form!

This is a progression of how to add barefoot running. Strength: Strengthening the muscles that support your lower leg, foot, and ankle will help keep your ankle joint stable. Keeping these muscles strong can relieve foot and ankle pain and prevent further injury.

Flexibility: Stretching the muscles that you strengthen is important for restoring range of motion and preventing injury. To help prevent injuries, Stonehouse said you can work ankle-strengthening exercises into your routine around three or four times a week. If you’re already dealing with pain.

List of related literature:

The athlete should also perform daily strengthening exercises, by walking barefoot on the toes, the heels and the outside and inside of the foot (Fig. 35.5).

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Ankle-strengthening exercises are also recommended to prevent ankle sprains and to further support the ankle when running on uneven surfaces, such as trails.

“Strength Band Training” by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
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Injuries common to running sports are similarly found in Nordic athletes and include patellofemoral pain, patellar tendonitis, medial tibial stress syndrome, stress fracture, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and rupture, sesamoiditis, and hallux rigidus (skier’s toe) (Fig. 78.2).

“Netter's Sports Medicine E-Book” by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric McCarty, Craig Young
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Although running was difficult for several weeks, I found I could do other activities—doing specific foot and ankle exercises, working on a foot-driven lathe, cycling a jigsaw, and getting physio treatments twice a day.

“The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
from The Art of Running Faster
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To obtain proper form and avoid injury, runners should routinely perform movement drills as well as exercises to develop hip and hamstring strength, elasticity in the legs, and range of motion.

“Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong” by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
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The stimulation from the sensory receptors helps the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the foot adapt to provide natural shock absorption during all forms of gait, including running.

“Biomechanics For Dummies” by Steve McCaw
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Athletes are managed operatively to assist with rehabilitation, accelerate recovery, improve plantar flexion strength and resting tension of the tendon, and to decrease the incidence of re-rupture (Fig. 45.5).

“Foot and Ankle Sports Orthopaedics” by Victor Valderrabano, Mark Easley
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Intensive running occasionally leads to “runner’s knee,” “runner’s heel bumps,” shinsplints, Achilles tendonitis, and bone deformities of the foot such as bunions and hammertoes (Subotnick, 1977).

“Successful Aging: Perspectives from the Behavioral Sciences” by Paul B. Baltes, Margret M. Baltes
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In a review of the literature on running barefoot published in 2001,17 the author concludes that the use of specialized running shoes can be a negative factor in the development of some injuries including ankle sprain and plantar fasciitis.

“Triathlon Science” by Joe Friel, Jim Vance
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Barefoot running has its purposes, particularly in the strength exercises and form practice we’ve done.

“The Cool Impossible: The coach from Born to Run shows how to get the most from your miles and from yourself” by Eric Orton, Rich O'Brien
from The Cool Impossible: The coach from Born to Run shows how to get the most from your miles and from yourself
by Eric Orton, Rich O’Brien
Simon & Schuster UK, 2013

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  • My dog who weights more than I do pulled on the leash too hard and I sprained my ankle so bad I had to have a cast for a month. Thank you this is helping me get back to working out and stuff.

  • I had gone through ankle bone jointed well..but I lose my flexibility..I can’t move my ankle…m I able to walk…?? Pls give me suggestion..

  • I’ve already got a stability disk on my Christmas wish list. �� I’ve been using it at the gym, but I’d love to do it barefoot at home…NOT CHANCING THAT AT THE Y!!! ��

  • Thanks for this video. I am going to try doing it daily and see what happens. I have had unexplained foot/ankle pain for 2.5 years in my left foot. I have had all the tests—X-rays, EMG, MRI. Have been in a boot, brace, have used orthotics for 5 years due to needing arch support. I have tried chiropractic and acupuncture. I do have yoga toes and they do help some. I came across your “hurt foot” series over a year ago, and I’m glad to have some exercise to do when the pain is bad.

  • Thank you for this wonderful informative video! I cant wait TP try these…however, I have a question…
    My knees hyperextend/hurt badly….is the exercise in the beginning still effective with a pillow below My knees?

  • Very useful video. Ma’am I had met an accident and I broke my femer bone. I also have severe knee issues. My problem is my operated leg ankle is not touching ground hence i am limping. I need your valuable suggestions and the exercises I need to do so that my ankle touches the floor.

  • hey hiie… i m falling ur every vedio after my ankle injury and every video of yours help me a a lot in lockdown….thanks a lot for ur effort

  • Thanks so much! My ankle was popping and couldn’t do jump rope. (Exercise for basketball) now it’s not. Was much easier the second time.

  • This really helped me! I fractured my tibia on new years eve and I was in a cast, boot, and brace over the course of around 6 months. My left toes are really weak now and this video really helped me!! ;w; thank you!!!

  • I’ve had issues with calf strains and the rare rolled ankle, and my PT suggests a lot of this comes from having relative weakness in glutes, hamstrings and quads, forcing extra work down the chain. I heard this logic repeated re Steph Curry (NBA player) who came in to league and had terrible ankle problems which he has addressed with upper leg and core strength work (in addition to lower leg work). Great video today Seth, keep it up. ��

  • I’m a figure skater and as a result of not having proper skates combined with track and field and other sports the injury got worse and worse. It’s been 2 years and it randomly started hurting again. I’m hoping this helps.

  • I try to do this video every day. It is just great. During lockdown I have been doing lots of walking videos and in my head I am in my 30s and can do running and jumping around. In reality I am in my 60s and my body doesn’t want to run and jump! As a result I have hurt my left foot and ankle quite badly and have been struggling just to walk to the shops. By doing this and a few of Caroline’s other seated videos I feel I am beginning to improve. However, I am never get back to the fitness levels of my 30s again!

    Thanks again for all your great videos.

  • Hello, I’m Spanish and my mum and I have really bad ankles so I tried this routine and I think is wonderful but my mum can’t do it because she doesn’t speak English. I really want her to do them so could you turn on the comunity translation so that I can translate it? Thanks in advance and Thanks for the great exercises ����

  • I actually rolled my ankle yesterday. I was getting out of the way of a car and the shoulder had a small drop off I didn’t see. My ankle rolled and I hit the pavement. It was scary at first but I popped up and kept running. It feels ok today.

  • I loved these video! Keep them coming, I really need to rehabilitate my ankle it’s been shaky since I sprained it 3 years ago, never fully recovered

  • Man just got my Carbon X’s and was pumped to get out there yesterday and do some 800s to break em in and right before my first interval I rolled my ankle real good. Ended up going through with the workout mostly pain free but paying for it now with a big swollen ankle. Ankle sprains are the most frustrating injury because it could seemingly have been avoided at the time. ��‍♂️

  • QD: Near the half way point at this year’s Chicago Marathon, there were two uniformed soldiers with automatic riffles standing on the curb. They looked a little out of place. The guy running in front of me was looking at them too. Just as I looked forward, I saw his foot go into a small, but deep, pothole and his ankle twisted pretty bad. He limped off to the side. I felt sorry for him since I’m sure he couldn’t finish the race.

  • Thanks Dr. Jo. In your expertise, do you believe that having weak ankles and poor mobility in your ankles can cause a myriad of problems for the entire body, almost having like a systemic effect like the weak ankles are a root cause to more problems all around your body? I ask this because I was reading Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality and he states,…”It’s important to treat the root cause and not the effect. I always made sure my ankles were activated and moving. If your ankles are stiff, that can create problems in the knees, hips, back, and all the way up. So I’d spend a lot of time before games working on my ankles-the core of the problem-so that I wouldn’t exacerbate the symptoms” (page 46) I just wanted to ask you because I know he always had a team of doctors and physical therapists around him so this is likely correct but wanted more details. Thanks for your time, I know you are very busy!

  • I just came back from rollaero o r a roller skating area and i broke my ankle so when i do these exercises they make it worse becuz the pain

  • i do skateboarding and have sprained both my ankles and luckily not broke them. and this was many years ago. but befor i do skateboarding i do ankle warm ups by rotating both my ankles in a circle left 10 times and right 10 times, then i jump up and point and land flat and squat 10 times to get my back leg muscles working. but today i tried it all and still my ankles are stiff and ive noticed when i rotate my left ankle left circle. it clicks. but my right foot doesnt. its like the same as when i squat down my knee caps click. do you think i should see someone about it all? i ride bike to work everyday and i stand on flt picking items and standing on hard floor all shift and i believe since ive sprained both my ankles they have become stronger and not weaker because ive done same incident on a skateboard and nearly sprained my ankles again but it hurts buit not as much as it did first time i did them and thought i had broken them. any tips and help will be greatly appreciated caroline. x edit: i will also try ur technique and thanks for the video.

  • QD. I sprained my ankle last july on the second technical downhill of Dolomyths Run Sky-Italy. It was just 2 week before my family travel/holiday in USA and 1 month before Pikes Peak Marathon. I registered to the race in Colorado January 1st, as soon as they opened it and I couldn’t wait to run it ��.
    Without the last 4 weeks training and with my left ankle still painful I ran and finished PPM. I didn’t care the pace and how fast or slow I was running but I enjoyed the race, course, mountains, runners and all that people cheering. Never give up!

  • From 1:46 to 1:52, i can only do it half way. Please help me gain more mobility in my ankle. I can’t get it all the way down like most people. It’s really tight and my ankle hurts when I play sports, like tennis and basketball. Thank you

  • Found your video. Want to say thank you! I fractured my fibula in Feb. luckily no surgery. Wore the boot for 7 wks. Now the therapy starts. Ankle is very stiff with slight swelling still. Started your exercises. Feels good. Slow and steady. I also teach Barre so its imperative I get full range of motion back.

  • Great and helpful video!! Do you have any recommendations for every day shoes for weak ankles/feet with a high arch? I struggle to find supportive, cute shoes that I can wear, other than the shoes I use to work out.

  • I used to get injjries all the time from stiff ankles when I rolled them while running or especially while landing from a mark attempt in AFL. Now I can roll my ankle while running with my full 90kg body weight and it barely hurts. Totally worth doing. I do them in bed before I sleep.

  • I watch yr feet exercise because I am trying to strengthen my right foot especially cause having surgery need lots rehab to get it better. And yr videos help a lot:) thank you:)
    I did buy a steeper from Amazon but I think it was wrong thing to do. I think yr exercise, just walking is better to do.

  • I liked it. As a figure skater, we spend A LOT of time on one foot as we execute our elements, so this is really nice as part of an off-ice routine.

  • QD: I’ve rolled my ankle but nothing serious (knock on wood). Injury prevention is on my mind every day. I had a serious injury that put me out 6 months last year. Never want that to happen again. Have a good weekend Seth!

  • Wow this whole time I coudint figure out my hip pain tightness etc I even thought ankles but forgot about the feet i feet better already thanks.
    But I do have a question when i sit on my feet i get pain on the top of the foot is that area weak

  • Hey Dr. Jo! I had a sprain a couple years ago that I didn’t let heal properly and now it’s causing me a lot of continued pain through out my legs. When I do these exercises, I mostly feel it in my calf muscles. My podiatrist said this was normal, but wanted to get your opinion. I’m doing these exercises in conjunction with daily use of an equinus brace. Subscribed! Thank you!

  • I have foot drop and toe drop and restricted knee ROM.How to improve my toe drop as I face a lot of problem in walking and I am not able to stand straight. Kindly help

  • Tysm, I’m only 12 but I’m 6 feet and 2 inches tall, so my ankles are really weak. These exercises really helped. Ty, and keep up the good work:)

  • Great Videos for my XC team…especially now more than ever with Covid19 and a shorter summer pre-season. Thanks! Coach Chris Wilson

  • I just discovered your channel and I want to say a big thank you! I’m not injured, rather mildly disabled as all of my joints are so weak that I easily twist my ankles just standing still. I want to start doing the strengthening exercises once every day and see if anything changes. My brother who has shortened muscles finally learned to walk at ten years old because of exercises like these and I’m very hopeful!

  • I have terribly weak ankles and this has helped them so much. I love to do these exercises when I wake up or before I work out. Helps so much! Thank you!

  • As an Ankle rolling enthusiast… trail conditions when you are near the end of a tired long-run are critical. Look out for roots/rocks of course, but don’t forget about my nemesis… the lowly acorn.

  • I’ve gone to my physical therapist 5 times got these exercises with a fraction of this detail and explanation and was sent away with a 9 minute video (including all exercises) which expired. This is much much better!!!!Thank you!!!!

  • Great video as always.
    I’m going to purchase a disc. I want to start doing strength and stability exercises on my rest days. How often do you those exercises?

  • In Yorkshire we say get down to the real meat n tatties please try to use this in your next video in a yorkshire accent.
    Great video by the way thanks for posting.

  • Thank you for such great routines! I have mild bunions and am working to correct these as well as build my arches. Do you have a routine specifically for bunions? I’d love such a video from you!

  • I have to do physio on my ankle and this video is soooo helpful, usually I get bored and lose concentration but your chattiness and positivity really kept me engaged! Thank you!

  • I’m so glad I found you! These exercises helped so much! I’ve got mid foot arthritis.. My feet are feeling happy after a really long time!

  • I don’t run but I do have bad feet from a lot of walking and standing. 2yrs ago I broke my right ankle for the second time and it has not been the same since. This video has helped me. Thanks ����

  • I’ve one stability disk like your’s, same color maybe not the same brand but it loses air when im on top of it doing my exercises. Some tips Seth?

  • I am having foot drop after my accident and my total hip replacement had done 1 year ago now my foot slightly moving how it can Fully cured pls suggest me

  • I had a ankle surgery for trimaleola fracture 2 wks ago. My Dr. told me to do ankle joint exercise at today’s visit. And he bent my ankle up hard, hurted me tremendously. He did 3 times. Now I lost confidence in him.
    So I want your advice.
    Is it right to do joint exercise only after 2wks post surgery?

  • Hi dr. Jo,
    I just got my second mri result after 6 month injury. The result shows that an osteochondral lesion in the medial dome of the left talus remains overall similar in size with small subcortical cysts showing interval increase in size. Please, the doctor said it’s not loose, so do I need surgery or not?

  • thank you so much Caroline for your routine that its healing my toes from a surgery, also for the positive energy you share within it! its really healing not just to exercise with you but to spend. this healing journey with you, I can’t thank enough for all the inspiration you are bringing to me [email protected] PT: and I love the magic of your vision boards! I hope all your dreams already became true!

  • Thank you so much mam… Ur videos is so important to me.. Also and u gave a correct explanation.. And then i don’t need to open a book��������

  • where are you from??? i love foam rolling lol, but i dont feel as much pain as everyone else claims they do when they roll, so do i have nerve damage or something

  • Hi Dr Jo, I have been struggling with my ankle for about a year now (overuse injury) and I’m unsure what to do. The strengthening exercises and alphabet exercises make it worst. I do the towel strech and it helps… I have a hard time going in dorsiflexion with my ankle. Only goes about half way compare to the other ankle. (Like it stops half way). Any advice. Thank you very much

  • QD: Rolled an ankle playing soccer in college on a very hard and dry field. No fun.

    I read an article that talked about running injuries. They said for longer distances runners, most of the injuries were lower leg injuries. Similar to your, and I’m sure others, experiences.

  • Hi Dr. Jo,
    I have some minor strain in my ATFL ligament for the past 4-5 months. Will these exercises help relieve the pain? Are there any other exercises I should do?

  • I have broken my harris bone (ankle) a month ago and there is little swelling and very little bruising could I use these exercise to help strengthen it? Xx

  • Nota bene on no. 4don’t forget to keep your toes parallel when abducting the leg to the side, this will ensure you’re activating glute med and not your TFL! Good stuff ankle man!

  • Had bad PF in right foot in late 2015. Kept running hard and tore the plantar fascia in March 2016. Very painful. Took until Nov 2017 to fully recover and run another marathon. On Dec 1, 2017 on first long run after marathon, I grabbed for some GU and hit some leaves on street full speed. Leaves covered 6 inch deep pot hole. Rolled the left ankle, heard the three snaps and got 3 severe grade 2 sprains. No surgery, but another two years of PT and slow recovery to get back to marathons. Just completed first marathon back two weeks ago. The things we do for the sport we love. Running for 37 years.

  • I don’t know. I’ve been doing these type of strengthening exercises for over 2 years. Once you hurt your foot, no amount of strengthening will ever get it back to the way it was. That’s been my experience
    I just had to finally admit it and learn to live with it

  • I felt it so much when he said sand in the gears. Idk if my ankle has ever moved like that before trying the exercises in this video. Thanks for tips, hope this helps me improve on my running performance!

  • I have been twisting my ankles and falling several times. I think this set of exercises are going to be simple enough to do on my own. Thanks!

  • I’ve had a pesky ankle injury from a bouldering fall months ago! Working through this video alleviated pain instantly and made my ankle feel loose again!

  • This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I’m a new runner and I could run several laps if my ankles weren’t so flipping SORE. THANK YOU! I’ll be doing this daily with my other stretches ��

  • Weird question but how long should I leave the tea bag in? I’ve never made it before and I bought some of the stuff you drink yesterday.

  • Rolled my ankle a few times over the last 30 years. All were minor and I did not even have to stop running. Therefore no injury at all. I must have ankles of steel I guess.

  • Had my foot in elavation with an ice pack on it…. then watched video did the foot rotation…. and even got my foam disc out and managed to do pistol squats on it…. Thank you!!

  • Thank you for making this video! It’s great for feeling more grounded when you dance, as well as for improving balance in yoga. Thanks so much!

  • Hello doctor please help me! I am very nervous these days.2 month ago I ran on 2 km hill with heavy weight and immediately take rest after race keeping my foot down below bed.My calf muscles still numb, heavy & tingle after 2 month.I also twisted my right foot that time due to that numbness while standing after rest.Sprained Foot ( X ray shows no fracture) is also red and swellon after 2 months. I had lower limb color Doppler ultrasound which is normal.What can I do now? Please share vedio link for regarding my “foot swelling with light Pain” and tight / heavy/vibrating calf muscle recovery exercises..Thanx & Regards.God Bless You!

  • I’m a runner myself this really helps some of these I naturally do already like the walking on heels and toes thx for this video!������

  • Only on week 3 of the NHS couch to 5k plan but noticed pain on the outside of my ankle straight away. Been doing these exercises for only a few days but already makes a difference! Now I just have to wish my breathing improves! (any tips on that? I have low lung capacity)
    Thanks everyone for the tips.

  • Thanks again I am 57 and my feet are broken down I have been working on them for Better than 2 years and they are improving. This adds two wrinkles I haven’t been doing always great to add to the fight against old age. Thank you. I am also 210 lbs so my feet take an extra beating.

  • Would you recommend wearing an ankle brace?? Or just strength training and stretching?
    I sprained my ankle 3rd degree last year. Is feeling a little strained and clicking as I am starting out my training. 3 weeks in for a half marathon in April. Thanks!

  • Hey Coach Nate your helps and advice please. Did a Park Run this morning using my new Salomon Speedcross 4 and rolled my ankle and had to walk back. Advice on recovery and also advice on running in different trainers? I normally run in Saucony and never had this issue. ��

  • I have a fair of shoes with less support and I notice it a bit in my ankles. These all make sense and this is something I need to do and am sure will help in many ways. Thanks!

  • This and your other hurt foot videos really helped me. After a 2 month break from dancing due to an injury I came back with better balance and turns. (Also, foot grip strength that can crush a grown man, thanks Caroline!)

  • Caroline. Thank you. I fractured my ankle last July. Everything healed up and thanks to you I’m improving foot strength, balance and ankle mobility.
    I love your videos. You are awesome!
    Thanks again for helping to motivate me and really kick start a true ankle recovery.

  • QD: rolled ankle in 2017 and ended up having an avulsion fracture of the medial maleolus. I had to go non weight bearing for 8 weeks and was around 6 months before I was able to run again.

  • Did today your work-out 1,2,3 on hurt foot and this one.You are a genius! My body is more tight, and I had a lower back pain in plus and that is ALMOST GONE, by we made my hips stronger, the noises from my spine I was getting two weeks ago when I started your program, its way lessen, actually I feel I do have hip. _ Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!!!

  • It has been a year since I’ve worked and on my third week on my new job, I injured my ankle from standing too much and too long. Your videos have been helping me a lot! Thank you! ❤️

  • This came at the PERFECT time! Having some stability issues that caused me to slightly roll my ankle, pulling my posterior tib tendon. Love the videos by the way, albeit I may not comment on social media things often. Been watching for about a year now!

  • great video. the little tip on balancing when walking on your toes is great. i’m trying to hit 10k, started a vlog about it and your tips and exercises have been really valuable. keep up the content

  • Thx for your videos. I am 6wks post ankle fracture surgery and find the exercises helpful. I can’t do all of them yet but they add variety to the ones my physio has prescribed until weight bearing.

  • Dr Jay Dicharry was on Trail Runner Nation podcast ep442 a few weeks ago. They discussed these wobble discs. He says based on science and research they don’t improve foot strength and stability. What they actually do is train your body to compensate for your foot being unstable.

    They also discussed upper body posture exercises to improve breathing efficiency. Some of those exercises might help with your arm carriage.

    He also designed his own board that is supposed to build big toe strength and arch stability. It would be fun if you could get one to test for the vlog.

  • How long does a foot take to heal. My foot was run over by a car. It didnt break thankfully but ive waited 5 days to be able to stand maybe a minute with my crutches or take 4 steps before i retreat to the safety of the bed where i get stuck ��

  • Thank you so much for mentioning about the fear thing after injury because I have had some of that and know I’m not alone feeling that and I just work so hard at trying to get my strength back yours is the most helpful YouTube I’ve seen so thanks heaps

  • Medam iam midhun iam from India an I have an problem of an ankle feet..then iam a pressional runner..i cant run in last 7 month..please medam any pain relif excise or idea..please help

  • Hey,

    I injured my ankle ligaments, the inward injury. it’s been 2 months. when I try doing exercise it hurts. not unbearable but yes pain. is it normal? should I continue doing?

  • Brilliant. Thanks for sharing your sports specific insight.

    I injured by big toe many years ago and it never recovered well. I walked on the outside of my foot and it gave me so many problems.

    2 weeks into doing this series of exercisers is a life changer

  • I was running a warming up before the 1600 at regionals and accidentally stepped off the track and my ankle touched the ground. Ran a terrible race but I healed pretty quickly

  • yr great:) I had neuroma surgery on right foot in 2017, still having problems getting back to shape. Just wanted to walk on trails, strenghten my legs and feet. Gone to pt but still need help.

  • I have bilateral club foot and I have almost no mobility in both ankles. X-Rays are “normal” and I’ve been working with a resistance band like in the video but nothing seems to help. I’m at a total loss here.. any suggestions?:)

  • Yea I fell from my electric skateboard like 3 months ago and still have reasonable pain in my foot.. some joint tears maybe.. horrible. Trying everything now to get the strenght back and get the pain to go away. Hope this helps. After three months I am still unable to even fast pace walk without pain.

  • Even after doing it twice, I feel relief in my strained tendon. Thanks for this. Doing it with you is not so boring as doing it alone!

  • New follower looking for some help with my recovery from major foot surgery 6 months ago working on getting out of the boot but needed some more exercise to strengthen. My physical therapy are not much help not aggressive enough per the surgeon. I’m going to add these exercise tips of yours.

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Ankle Strengthening Exercises & Stretches in this video here:
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  • You are very good at this. It please could you confirm how many weeks post surgery you can do this? It looks like you’ve had your boot off for a six weeks post bunion surgery and have only just had my boot off.I certainly can hardly bend my big toe.please let me know

  • It’s the first time I twisted my ankle heavily, first time I have to use crutches… I’m a dancer so feeling my muscles relaxing so much is scary… What you are saying in this video is so helpful… Thank you!!!

  • I have a problem with my ankle. I fell from my skateboard and i twisted my ankle years ago and i didnt properly rehab it. Now years after it has laxity. I just dont know what to do. Is it evwn possible to get it back to normal?

  • Ironically I got a running shoe ad and I have to say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, about a 3 inch heel lmao wouldn’t call that a running shoe
    The shoe: hoka Clifton edge

  • Thank you. My ankles have been feeling very stiff as I do a bit of walking but no stretching. I’m going to keep this up. Hopefully I’ll stop hearing the cracking sounds when I stretch

  • Thank you so much I loved this routine and will do it daily the first day was hard but then it got easy and my ankle recovered quickly thanks soooo much Caroline this is the best ����

  • thank you for so much for you to show some of the very good proper movements was for me to see if I could manage to do some of them for so much. and I just hope that we’ll be a lot all right for some time for tomorrow then.

  • I’ve had foot stress fractures since the end of May. Because my bones keep cracking, doctors found I have osteoporosis (at 55!). They said to do resistance exercises. Could I use those exercises to prevent bone density loss?

  • I suffered from PF at the start of this year. The stabbing pains in the morning are gone. But I still get dull aches in my feet. I am going to try some of these strengthening exercises to see if they help me. Thankyou so much for this video! The best I have seen! If I am successful and I am pain free I will let you know! Watching your video has given me hope. I am excited to feel like myself again.

  • My couch potato self couldn’t handle suddenly pickup skateboarding. No falls, just pushing too much every day for about a week and got inflamed tendons and ligaments. Definitely need to build up foot strength, and this seems about right.

    I’ve also heard about doing this raises on an elevated surface with the toes hanging off so it will strengthen the calf muscles and help take off load from your tendons, have you heard about that? Just curious. Thanks!

  • Hello.
    I had a “trainer” long ago that teach me some of those exercises (he told those were stretches). This year I’m almost exclusively running on track, and i make those exercises before I run, but I do them with shoes on.

    Should I just do them at home barefoot?
    Also, I sprain my ankle about a year ago and when I do the ankle circles it cracks constantly… is that “normal”.

  • I watch this so much I can almost recite much of what is said lol (so yes I think it’s helping). Couple observations… Caroline is a bit like an elementary teacher with a bit of a dour streak here.. “you’re smart”. Then, “don’t be stupid” lol. Proly her own self dialogue at the time; also guessing she was just starting to date whoever was shooting this vid for her and they gave her those blinged yoga toes. Sometimes it seems like she was talking more to the camera person lol

  • Hello dear thanks for the video. I had my surgery on december 30 2017 and now I have been advised by my doctor to join my office. I broke my fibula and doctor have put plate and screw on my ankle. I have been asked to wear ankle brace and use a walker for 1 week and then use a stick to walk. If I am going t the bathroom and moment I put my foot on the ground I feel I am going to fall, any suggestions how much time it takes to heal. it is very painfull. Only thing i do is hot water massage and putting oil on the affected leg. thanks

  • I rolled my ankles many times between cross country and basketball in high school. I had NO IDEA I was supposed to rehab them. Now it’s 10 years later and I’m having some foot problems and I discovered I need to strengthen my ankles. Thank you so much!

  • Sup fellow runners. I just got home from a 8 mie long run (don’t laugh) and was nearly seeing stars. i chugged a Gatorade and relaxed for 5 minutes on my couch and I feel a little bit better but my question is that do you guys also feel this way after a long run. it’s very demoralizing to see me end up dying. aslong as I finish my weekly miles im happy, however, I just feel like I shouldn’t be feeling that horrible. Anyone else have an equally as awful grind getting to your marathon/half marathon goal?

  • Where do you get your bands from? I have weak ankles from running a lot so I experience some pain would these exercises help to improve my run

  • Everytime i type something in to try to help improve my physical abilities your videos pop up first. Might as well subscribe! Thanks boo! ��

  • I’m recovering from a stroke were I was completely paralyzed on my right size. I did rehab in a facility for 3 months. I’m now walking pretty much perfect and it’s only been February since my stroke My physio did these exercises with me when I started regaining strength. They totally work and you have taught them well. Congrats!

  • Just sent a message to my ortho asking if everything my foot is saying to me is normal or not as I try to wean off my boot. It is a little bit HARD to know what is pain (meaning stop what you are doing right now) and what is discomfort (things waking up that haven’t been used in a while). I appreciate hearing your experience with this!

  • I had a freak accident at home… all I know my sister said I did a turn like a ballerina and my left leg stretched to the back. When that happened my left foot stretched to the back and turned to the right. It was awful, this helped me a lot thank you.

  • I just ordered some resistence bands and I think this exercise will be a real game changer for my horseback riding lessons! I have to constantly keep my heels down in the stirrups with my toes pointed inward. Its been a struggle!

  • So I’ve been doing these ankle exercises for about a week, and I can get them feeling easier, but I’m wondering if the ankle popping will ever go away? It’s annoying and hurts after a lot of use. Also, as he mentioned in the video, the ankle circles might not be perfect circles from the beginning (which I expected) but I am wondering if it will ever get to the point of smoothness across a full circle?

  • So generally speakingdo you feel the over cushioned shoes are detrimental overall? Do you prefer to split the difference in a way, using more responsive less cushioned shoes?

  • Wow, this is GREAT! Some are the same as my physical therapist gave me, but it is more fun to do them with you! The push off is new, and terrific just what I need, also the toe wiggles. I had a bilateral ankle break and surgery bolts and plates, etc.My foot felt like a lump of concrete when I got out of the cast and then boot. Now I can do everything in this video except one thing stand on the ball of the hurt foot. Maybe next week… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  • Carolinedid you initially have any pain/soreness on the bottom of your feet when you were getting back into it? How did you restart to do things like planks and lunges?

  • I will have to say this was one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube you have such beautiful photos work out hope to see many more can you please do a close-up Work out with the spread those toe spreaders

  • Hey Seth have you ever heard of Jay Dicharry’s Mobo Disk, it’s made from plywood and because of its design it offers superior propreoception and improves strength and mobility of big toes

  • Great stuff! Thank you! When I’m not working out I pretty much always wear flat shoes/sandals without support and it’s never bothered me! I wonder sometimes if it’s actually GOOD to not constantly wear supportive shoes to keep your feet strong!

  • Hey girl! I hope by now you are totally recovered from your injury. Whatever it was, it sucks but bad things happen for good reasons. This is just what I needed! You are such an adorable sunshine! I am going to follow you on FB.
    BTW, I rolled my ankle running like 3 years ago and it never really got 100% again and then I got Plantar Fasciitis from running downhill like a cuckoo (it was worth it, I got a belt buckle for that:D) now I am done with hurting and I want to get well. Your exercises will help me. THANKS!

  • Thanks for this video, my ankle rolls just standing and doing nothing. I watched you and I am terrified of rolling the ankle again.

  • Rolled my ankle about 5 times last year. Worst time beeing after 5k at a 40k mountain race. Hurt like hell but the podium was possible so i just tried to run it of. Finished 3rd, but should have stopped. Good thing tho is that ive learned to recover fast from twisted ankles.:D

  • Nice video. I purchased a stability disc like 2 months ago. Most of my ankle problems disappeared after just some weeks of regular training with it. Can only recommend people to start using it.

  • Thanks caroline!!! I’ll do this routine later!! just so happens I DO have Yoga toes at home (rare for me cos I’m in Singapore and we don’t have the same products you do). Bought them off Amazon months ago and didn’t think they worked much but now I have an exercise to do with it! I’m also in rehab and return to activity phase for sesamoiditis and fracture so this is PER.FECT ❄�� Have a lovely and a wonderful new year Caroline!!

  • Now after finally having my stress fracture healed every time I run I still have ankle issues and my left foot lands fine and can bend but my right foot still has to land flat ish and causes me pain still

  • At 4:57, my ankle can’t come down all the way like most people. Please tell me how I can improve my ankle mobility. Both of my ankles hurt after I play tennis or basketball. I would like to improve my ankle flexibility. Most people can easily sit on their ankles and they would just be flat to the floor. Mine are so tight. There is actually a big gap in between when I try to do that, say 1″ gap.
    Thank you

  • After switching 95% of my 100K per week onto rough grass-I can say categorically-My whole body all 626 muscles ( 206 bones) is 15-20% stronger.Stability is an issue on every step of the 5,000 per X’s 12K.
    This developes stability way beyond some gym gizmo disk.

  • I’m recovering from an achilles injury at the moment. I will definitely try out some of these work outs to prevent this injury from occurring again.Thanks Seth!

  • Wonderful video….has helped tremendously. I had bunion surgery and want to condition myself for my favorite thing: Argentine tango and afro Cuban dance!!!!! My feet love again!

  • Rolling my left ankle seems to be just part of running for me. Well, trail running. The last time I rolled it bad enough to see a doctor was this time last year. I was running a trail race in the rain and managed to roll it 3 times! And stubbornly didn’t stop. It took weeks to recover fully from it. I’ve dabbled in some ankle strength work but this may be just what I need to really get focused! I just ordered the stability disc you linked to, thanks Seth!

  • My I ask? I broke my leg ( my foot, tibia, and ankle ) about 8 mos. ago. It is coming off soon but I wanted to know if you know any ankle exercises I could do to strengthen it?


    PS. I had a in home physical therapist but he has had to sequester/Quarantine himself. {As have we}. He doesn’t have it but he is in the age group that can, so that’s why.

  • Please hear this. Do you know what is causing your foot problems? cushioned, supportive shoes you wear. Leave these shoes. I’ve been running regularly for 1 year and I have a problem with my right foot since I started. Three weeks ago, I bought a $ 10 shoe and I found the problem. High heel and high cushioning. I’m not as experienced as you but believe me. I live in turkey. I just found the merrel here and I’m going to switch to it this week. I hope google translation has translated well.

  • Thanks this will help! What do you do when comes fo exercise and you get tight calrfs/hamstrings? I tend to injury my anckles even when i have warmed up.. maybe different warm ups maybe help? Do you stretch alittle but after a warm up to lossen the carfs? My phsyio therpist said i had really tight carfs.. so yeah ahahah thanks

  • rolled my ankle and tore the ligaments in my foot a few weeks back, the first thing I did was get a stability disc! Crucial for coming back from injuries. Keep educating us Seth!

  • Hi, Caroline! I’m a first time viewer and love your foot exercises. Can these exercises help with Hallux Rigidus pain and stiffness?

  • For those looking for stability disc in Europe:
    Aldi has them on sale during certain periods, very cheap. Keep an eye on them!
    I rolled my ankle pretty bad when I was 17 in a volleyball game. Ended up in an open plaster. Went to the physio afterwards, he removed the open plaster immediatly:-). That was the day I learned that as long as nothing is broken the quickest way to recovery is controlled excercise and NOT immobility. I actually do the jump and move into a single leg squat. Part of my warm-up in the morning:-).

  • this looks like Mac’s cousin from always sunny in Philadelphia a.k.a Rob McElhenny, I definitely got some GOOD tips from this video

  • I had a ankle sprain during a training session about a year back and have not recovered yet. I started training again despite the swelling n pain. Will these exercises help recover faster. Especially the hops are very painful. Should I still do them?

  • An ankle injury and stress fracture caused me to quit D1 running(I transferred to this school) after being injured for 7 months and the negligence of a training staff at a smaller D1 school

  • I got operated on my left anckle, i thought this foot can mobilized properly since i can walk already, and even run at that. However, when i bend my knees for the past months i noticed its painfull. Will this excersize relieve pain even if this already took, maybe 12 months or so?

  • Excellent exercises. I run Ultras (cross country very long distance often starting 6 am and running into the night pm). Tired sore feet 100%!!
    I’m currently dealing with some bad pain in the foot muscle (Hallucis group). I’ve found that after weeks of stretching this to little effect, strong plantar flexion (toes making a ‘fist’) works really well. I’m loving this video and will incorporate these exercises into my routine! Thanks

  • I’ve done this 2 days in a row and I’m already seeing a big improvement in my balance during the single leg stand
    I don’t have any preexisting ankle injury except for quite severe pronation and a terrible sense of balance and posture so I’m trying to build a little strength in my ankles to hopefully prevent twisting and just get a better ability to stay on my feet during yoga balances
    thank you for this as it is fun, easy to get myself to do compared to the fuss of a big workout, and I just really liked the workout thank you <3

  • This is good-what I did while living in Portland, Oregon is even better.
    I ran 7 miles barefoot in a rough grass field every morning-then 5 more quick & slightly uphill on the treadmill @ night.
    I won SO many races doing this & a ton of 4:39 4:55 mile repeats in spikes.
    I credit foot strength for the success.

  • QD: I rolled my ankle badly when i was running last winter in the dark. I was going probably too fast given the conditions. I didn’t see the uneven surface of the pavement and rolled my ankle and tore my ligaments. Cast for two weeks and total of 2 months recovery, which I felt was very fast.

  • thanks so much i didn’t realize that my knee pain was connected to my feet! i appreciate your positivity. My Yoga toes will be here soon!

  • Good tips but jeezus “talk to your feet and tell them they’re doing a good job” right OK….. Americans can be so cheesy or “corny”. No pun intended

  • QoD: Fortunately never rolled my ankle. But struggling with ankle pain reaching up on both lateral and medial sides… definitely plan to get a stability disk in the near future.

  • thank you so much this helped a lot i had sprained my ankle back in February 2 days before a cheer competition and being the flyer (the one that gets thrown into the air) i need to have good strong ankles as well as stability and i’m going to be stunting again soon to help my boyfriend so i really need to work on my ankles, sorry that was like a long kinda story but this helped and i’m going to be working on them a whole lot more from now on, now that i found a good video ��

  • Hi Seth, sorry to be a pedant, but I think its important to note that when you are doing these exercises, strictly speaking you aren’t strengthening your ankle. The ankle is supported by ligaments, and these have a finite inherent strength that cannot be improved by exercise. With these exercise what you are doing is improving your proprioception, i.e. your bodies ability to understand its position in space. This does reduce your tendency to injury though. You can strengthen the small muscles in the foot, but once again I think that major benefits probably relate to improved proprioception. Anyway, great work, thanks for you videos.

  • Just watched several of your videos: very informative, good exercises, thank you and keep up the great work you’re doing!:-)
    However, I’m just concerned about the fact that you haven’t pointed out to focus on rising with weight between first and second toe, especially as it is recurrent that you yourself rise with lots of weight on your small toes (probably because of your joint mobility).

  • Man, I wish the physical therapist would’ve given me some of your exercises for my bunion surgery therapy. Lifting up on the ball of my foot has been impossible! Hoping these help me…

  • Awesome Vlog Seth, I always enjoy you sharing your exercise & training tips��

    on how to improve as a Runner… keep them coming!! QD: When I played

    basketball �� i use to roll my ankle from time to time. Would have been nice to have this stability disc.����‍♂️

  • Might be obvious but, I think running trails strengthen your feet and ankles quite a bit but you could obviously roll an ankle easier on trails as well lol.

  • I just think i got an ankel injury. Should i just don’t run until it’s gone? I thnik i happend because i went from around 20 km a week to 40 a week really fast

  • I jump rope wearing low support shoes (Chuck Taylor low cuts) doing various poseshigh knees, butt kicks, hopping, etc. to get more total body engagement.

  • Love this video, you’re a great teacher ��. I’m putting this disc on my Christmas wish list. I’ve had particular trouble with bobbling ankles on trails lately with one particularly scary instance. Would love to have something available at home to do work on this daily since I only get to the gym about twice a week. Thanks again for all your great content!

  • So.. I cried through most of my exercises until you had your Oprah moment which I’m really grateful for because that really helped me calm down. It’s been 4 months since my surgery and I’m rehabilitating. This video was SO helpful thank you

  • Thank u somuch maam I’m from india Kerala once I played football I got my left angle sprained and I don’t what to do at the same time I got this notification of ur video it was helpful

  • I’m a couple weeks in on the C25K after a devastating Jones fracture. My foot, where the break was, feels fine but my ankle is stiff and weak from all that time in a NWB cast. Thank you for this video.

  • Ive been rolling my ankles a lot lately and my feet hurt a lot. I’m adding the foot log, stability disc, and trigger point roller to my amazon list!

  • Seth, do you follow Vlad Ixel? His Instagram feed is full of running exercises with many focusing on ankle and hip stability, uses a lot bosu balls and resistance bands. Check him out, I like following along to them when I can:

  • I’ve rolled my ankles several times and it sucks! Once during my sophomore year of CC and I missed a month of the season. Another time I went on a trail run about 4 days before a road half marathon and rolled my ankle! Ugh, that was demoralizing. So now I have a new rule: No trail runs the week of a race (unless it’s like a local 5k or 10k that I don’t really care if I miss).

  • So glad I found this video of yours. I have double jointed ankles and my ankle rolls over very easily on uneven terrain totally unexpected at times. I’m hoping as I do these exercises, it will improve my ankle strength and decrease my chances of falling in the future!! Thank you so much for doing this training!!

  • Yay, 27th!!! Maybe I’m first on the west coast! Lol. QOD: haven’t rolled ankles too badly while on the run. Though while running on grass (crabgrass!) during a recovery jog I did roll my injured foot a little and then as I tried to catch myself rolled the other ankle! Again not too bad. Just embarrassing since I was running around a full soccer field on a Saturday morning and probably looked like I was dancing badly….

  • And again thanks for this amazing exercise routine. I’m doing it everyday and my feet already feel soooo much better! Super burning sensations that I love and show me that my body is happily alive! You are an amazing instructor!:)

  • QD: I rolled my ankle about 5 weeks before my marathon last year. I was just doing a long training on the trains and just lost concentration and took a wrong step. Took a couple months for it to finally go away 100%.

  • This is fantastic. Thank you so much for posting this. How often would one suggest to do these? I guess my question is: should these be done everyday?

  • QD: I grew up and ran xc in upstate New York OF COURSE I’ve rolled my ankles tons of times running super technical trails in high school �� Never appreciate groomed single tracks until I moved back to NY from California. Also lived in Lone Tree for awhile and loved running around the Denver area! Hope you’re having a great day man!��

  • My ankles are really bad, any food recommendations for ankle strength? Because I feel a lot pain in my ankles after my basketball games

  • Hello Doctor Jo. It’s been 2 months since my ankle injury. The pain is totally gone but still I can’t run so should I start with these???

  • Seth, I just have to add here… I bought the stability disk from your link maybe a month ago. And in addition to feet and ankles, this is really great for hip strengthening. I’ve had issues with my IT band in the past due to weakness in hips and lack of glute activation. While I balancing on this disk, I immediately feel those areas getting a workout! It’s amazing!

  • Me not first. Again… By the way, 4:15/Km is my tempo run…Thank you for the exercises! Very useful. When you do blind eyes balance, do you hold the wall with your hand?