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Balance Exercise for Seniors

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Balance Training Exercises

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BOSU Ball: 10 Best Balance Exercises for Athlete & Post Rehabilitation.

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Balance exercises for athletes Banded triplanar toe taps. Put a resistance band around your lower thighs, just above your knees. Come into a Single leg cross-body punches. Hold two dumbbells at chest height. Yield your weight onto your left.

Some of these balance training moves require a bit of strength as wellif an exercise is altogether too hard, it’s okay to skip it until you feel stronger. How to do this workout: Warm up first: 10-15 minutes of light cardio is sufficient. Move through the workout doing the move for the indicated number of repetitions or time periods. Balance on one leg, with the torso straight, head up and hands on the hips. Visualize a clock and point your arm straight overhead to 12, then to the side at three, and then circle low and around to nine without losing your balance.

Increase the challenge. 2 days ago · In fact, balance training actually improves memory and spatial cognition, research has shown. Balance exercises also require the attention and focus of. Keeping your left knee very slightly bent, lean forward onto your left leg, raising your right leg behind you and reaching toward the floor with your hands.

Your head, back and right leg should form a straight line, parallel to the ground. Hold for a second and slowly return to the start position. Bottom line—one way to increase you balance is to keep strengthening your core. Exercises like planks or hip raises, or methods such as Pilates, are all going help you build up your core strength and, in turn, have better balance. In fact, taking your core training onto an unstable surface can give you a big bang for your buck.

Perform exercises to improve balance at home on a regular basis. It’s important to work at your own pace and incorporate stretching exercises for additional benefits. Always make sure you have good posture when you are performing balance exercises: head up, tummy tight, and shoulders back.

But specific exercises designed to enhance your balance are beneficial to include in your daily routine and can help improve your stability. For example, balance on one foot while you’re standing for a period of time at home or when you’re out and about. Or, stand up from a. It’s best to start off with a simple balance exercise for seniors.

Here’s how you do this one: stand behind a steady, solid chair (not one with wheels), and hold on to the back of it. Lift up your right foot and balance on your left foot. Hold that position for as long as you can, then switch feet.

Stork Swim 1. Balancing on your left foot, bend your right knee and raise it behind you to hip level. 2. Reach both hands (palms up) straight out in front of you. 3. Bend forward and extend your right leg straight behind you. (As you become more comfortable with this move, work 4. Hold for 10.

List of related literature:

My favorite weight-less exercises include dips between chairs, pushups (done with your feet elevated, such as on a chair, and with your fingers facing each other, five inches or so apart), calf raises on steps for each leg, lateral raises with chairs, backhanded isometrics in a doorway, and handstand pushups.

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Other balance training can be done using balance equipment, agility exercises, Wii Fit balance exercises, exercises like the toe towel grab, cushion stand, sit-to-stand, heel-to-toe walking, and backward walking, or even tai chi, qigong, and

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Most of these exercises can be done in gyms using equipment, but they also can be done using props at home.

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For best results, an exercise circuit should alternate between upperand lower-body muscles or between movement patterns like moving from pushups to rows to step-ups or from squats to overhead presses to lateral lunges.

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Home-based balance-training exercise programs are also available.

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This can be achieved by simple postural exercises such as back flattening against a wall, challenging balance using a Swiss ball (Fig. 12.1.3) or balance board and single-leg stance to increase postural tone.

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In addition to balance-specific exercises, you can find some helpful gadgets for training balance at equipment specialty stores.

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Of course, beyond just standing on a vibration platform, which quickly becomes easy (and, frankly, boring), you can do squats, push-ups, and any number of balance poses and yoga moves.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
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One of the best ways to improve balance is by practicing simple yoga asanas.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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Older children may prefer calisthenics, such as pushups on the floor or against the wall, resistive exercises with elastic tubing or TheraBand, cooperatively pulling up a partner from a seated position on the floor, or yoga poses requiring weight bearing on the upper extremities.

“Case-Smith's Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents E-Book” by Jane Clifford O'Brien, Heather Kuhaneck
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  • Thank you so much for this video! I am way out of shape from staying in my very little room to exercise apartment during the pandemic. I usually (not this summer) do standup paddleboarding which I feel keeps my feet and ankles strong. My thrice sprained ankle has been sore lately so I purchased a BOSU ball to get me back into good balance. I know these exercises will surely help me. Thank you again!

  • FINALLY!!! Some serious CERTIFIED, experienced professionals who really KNOW what they’re talking about…
    Most health/medical information is presented by UNPROFESSIONAL idiots who gives poor advice!
    Thanks god that you exist:)

  • Great exercises…but what do you do for those who don’t have someone to throw the ball to you?? A wall wouldn’t work because you’d have to get down each time…

  • You don’t have to be injured to benefit from this. I would assume that the Basu could greatly increase athletic performance correct?

  • “However, standing on the platform side of the BOSU® Balance Trainer is not recommended, as this information is also stamped on the bottom of the unit. Standing on the dome side offers a balance challenge with the least amount of risk or injury.” from BOSU FAQ

  • You should know that this should be done barefoot, especially for rehab. Barefoot gives you a whole other dimension of sensory feedback.

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  • Found your video. What a great quick and very effective workout. I was really sweating, which is good. Burning that energy and toning with balancing work. Love it.

  • WOW Great exercise to improve balance. As a nurse I know most fractures especially in the elderly are due to lack of balance. Continue your good work HASfit!!!

  • Hello people watching this! You might know me, you might not, but have an amazing day! Stay home stay safe and healthy everyone! Keep exercising,…….and……. yeah. Go outside sometime. This video was very helpful btw:) also the doggo is adorable ����

  • Unfortunately, these people speak TOO FAST for many seniors, even those with normal hearing. They just do not process information at this speed.

  • oh wow this is new! thanks. that finger step lose me. will start to train these more frequently. finally some love for my cerebellum:)

  • This is really good. I had broken my leg and torn all the ligaments in my leg and ankle, from zero coordination and balance back to playing sport and running again.

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  • Shoulder Width:

    Feet staggered

    Heel to toe

    One leg, foot in the air

    Heel to toe:

    One arm up, one in frontlean back

    One arm up, one to side lateral sway


    Follow hand
    Follow hand eyes closed

    One leg:
    Swing leg forward
    Swing arm back in opposite direction

  • would it help if i blindfolded myself, tied my hands behind my back, had ear buds in all while on one leg, and then i had a friend come in and shove me so that i have to keep my balance and be prepared to move in any direction.

  • 85 and working hard on these exercises, Not as easy as it looks. But I’m working on it daily. Having NEUROPATHY adds to the challenge! Haven given up…….

  • Fabio!! today well actually tonight is my lucky day because I “found” you video on balance… It’s scary to realize that my balance is not that great… Doing balance exercises like this one, will improve my balance? PLEASE REPLY… Thank you!! Marina

  • Thank you so much for this video!  I had a brain injury and they discontinued my physical therapy, but I am still having trouble with balance and walking at times.  This video is helping me tremendously. I wish I knew about it before.  God bless you!

  • As a physiotherapist working with the elderly, I find the concept of these exercises excellent. Naturally, I plan to modify them. Fall prevention is key! cheers. Good instruction.

  • Hello Bob and Brad, I recently shared a video of yours (stroke and the upper limb) with my physiotherapy year at Keele university. A tutor liked it but would have liked a little more usage of appropriate terminology. Thanks for your videos, they are a great help and I hope to see many more.

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  • I’m a gymnastics coach and I mainly train 5-8 year old development squad girls (they will be in level 1 next year) and a couple have horrible balance. This is simple enough to make it fun for them ☺

  • Am I the only one who finds it difficult to keep my balance in these exercises? Well, I’m trying to do lots of core workouts to help out, mostly sit ups.

  • Ogni gesto è correlato all’equilibrio, le informazioni che la vista trasmette al cervello consentono di effettuare opportuni adeguamenti nella postura e tono mscolare per mantenere un perfetto equilibrio. Alleniamo quindi la consapevoezza cinestesica.

  • I live with BPPV now (didn’t have it before) and have gotten weaker over the last year or two. These exercises are a challenge to my inner ear and I can feel the muscles working harder than they have in a long time thighs, hips, behind. It’ll take some time to get stronger but this is a great beginning. Thanks for the vid, I had lost hope. Can you recommend other strength training exercises that don’t require getting on the ground or bending over?

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  • After a rare brain tumour in 2007, involving my equilibrium being almost destroyed my balance is the main focus when I work out @ the gym or @ home I dont want anything 2 drastic so this is challenging enough for little old me, Thanks people xxx

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  • It’s been shown many times over that static balance training does not translate to dynamic balance in most cases.. so if your into parkour as one person mentioned, make sure your training ALSO includes dynamic balance exercises..

  • Dear dr Tera thanks for shear information But I need to carry out intensive training courses for us as physiotherapy I can arrange courses in my country if you a agree I appreciate thanks for your passion

  • I have head surgery and my motoric skills in my body were injured so I teach myself walking. how to shift weight so it will be even in the right leg and left leg? is the shifting means leaning toward one side or moving the pelvis only towards the weakest side?

  • Nice one guys. Ive been using a wobble board and recently a slackline to help improve my balance. These exercises will be a good addition to my programme, thanks.

  • Very useful video. I like the fact that you only need a dumbbell. When do I change to a heavier dumbbell? You We all thank you a great service with this video! Are sneakers necessary?

  • VimoFit is the only fitness app for designed for Android Wear smart watches and will soon be available for the Apple Watch

  • Do you also provide a video of these in progression, timed, using both sides, for someone who is more challenged in taking the info and adapting it and following through for a complete balance training effort? I like it for myself, will just start and pause when necessary to do what I would like to see in a “complete” training video.

  • You wanna learn balance? Go to a park find a small sturdy log that has fallen over a ravine, walk across that back and forth a few times. That will definetly improve your balance. More of a Traditional style of balance training