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Put simply, the longer you hold your plank, the less payoff you might get. “While changes can vary by individual, holding a plank for as long as possible may actually create a bell curve of diminished returns for the time spent,” says Jennifer Novak, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and owner of PEAK Symmetry Performance Strategies in Atlanta, Georgia. If you can’t hold a plank for 120 seconds, you’re either a) too fat; b) too weak; or c) doing something wrong in your workouts. A fit, healthy guy should be able to do a two-minute plank. What actually matters, Matheny told the outlet, is “keeping perfect form,” and only holding the plank for as long as your body can take it. So, I mean, if you can hold a plank for a long-ass time.

Put simply, the longer you hold your plank, the less payoff you might get. “While changes can vary by individual, holding a plank for as long as possible may actually create a bell curve of diminished returns for the time spent,” says Jennifer Novak, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and owner of PEAK Symmetry Performance Strategies in Atlanta, Georgia. Instead, McGill believes you will see greater benefits from planking for three 10-second intervals rather than long holds. “Basically, holding repeated holds of 10 seconds is best for the average. If you’re holding a plank for 60-second intervals or longer, you’re doing it wrong. Plenty of experts say planking for an extended period of time is not a more effective way to strengthen your core. If you can hold a plank that long, you’re fit and likely have a strong core.

Holding one longer isn’t necessarily more beneficial. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning showed that doing multiple 10-sec plank holds during a workout led to the greatest increase in torso stiffness. How Long Should You Hold Plank For. Image: Source You may want to hold the plank for 30 to 60 seconds, depending upon your resistance and strength. However according to fitness experts you don’t need to hold the plank for more than 30 seconds.

Holding a plank for more than 30 seconds will only build endurance in your shoulders. You can use long planks to break the training barriers in your mind, but don’t let them break your form, too. The Plank challenges (where you aim to hold the Plank for 3 or even 5 min) are getting very popular.

But these challenges train your willpower and your mind more than your core. When a Plank is performed with the right form it’s challenging even for a short time. If you find the Plank too.

The concept of a plank is pretty simple: You hold yourself up in a pushup position for a set period of time to tone your core, glutes, and hamstrings. But while you probably already know how to.

List of related literature:

Usually numerous planks are laid until the curve across-plank becomes too much.

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Sometimes I do planks on a stability ball.

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When doing a plank, it’s important to keep the hips and shoulders at the same height so the spine is in a relatively neutral position.

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I usually apply two plank strakes’ worth at a time so that I don’t have my elbows in it as I’m installing the planks.

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If your planks do, you won’t need to put more down.

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The As a general rule, plank fastenings should not be counwhole device is interconnected, so you don’t have to tersunk/counterbored to hold a bung more than the worry about it falling apart if you are working by your thickness of the plank.

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All planks are static exercises that engage the core while using the arms and legs as support.

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planks don’t really have any advantage here because

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In some cases, the gains weaken the planks.

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Planks will ensure that you build the core and shoulder stability needed to execute full-range-of-motion Pushups.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
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  • I am doing an experiment on myself for a month and I’m going to try to do a plank as long as possible. At the beginning my plank time was 2.5 min and not even halfway into the experiment I got 11 min 20 seconds


  • I have been doing thus theres some days i forgot to do it but im doing good i think this is a great way to work out for if ur super busy like i am usually i just started uploading more to my channel and i work at Walmart and im a junior in highschool so i think this is a great way for me to workout but usually when i go out and have free time i go to the skatepark so thats also exercise

  • I started working out recently and planks are my favorite thing to do. I will start doing one everyday for at least one min and see what happens with all my belly fat lol

  • And I oop I only started planking today to keep fit cause I don’t do football in school or anything so this is what I do a 4minute plank to get stronger so P.E. Cause we do 1 minute planks and it used to be a bit harder but I just went for it today and its a breeze now

  • I did plank for 3 months 2mins 10 reps..and I got very little results..this video isn’t showing the result of only plank excercise..

  • I’ve been doing a workout of 40 pushups, 40 sit-ups, 40 squats and 2-3 mins of plank 4 days a time, then resting a day or two, then going again. I originally had it as 20, but I got used to that so I raised it. Will this build muscle over time that actually shows?

  • Is planking really what you did for a month??, i’ve been doing ab and fat burning exercises for a month and I’m nowhere as cutting as you. ����

  • so can i just workout abs and arms everyday? i only exercise for 30 minutes so it should be fine right? i dont feel sore or tired after my workout or the next day

  • Ive had lower back pain for 5 months from running too much and nothing else (5k every other day)..

    It’s improving but slowly but still painful and not enough strength to begin running.. I’m just walking and doing light standing stretches, I’ve attempted a plank today, managed to do 30 seconds but it was a struggle to manoeuvre into the position… do you recommend to continue and build up core???? My lower back feels weak and need to build strength, any advice be appreciated thanks

  • Lol I love this guy. Great video! Thank you! Boyfriend sent this to me, to help with my complicated back and hip pains, will be checking out more videos! Thanks!

  • dude u r too flexible bending n touching your toes, at ease u r doing. i messed up my back and i am very careful. but i do planks regularly can hold upto 2.5 mins can stretch to 3 mins too. u r fully toned, and extremely helpful video. thanks.

  • Excellent info! Thanks so much. I’ve shared your link with my stroke client and a few others. I’m a medical massage therapist and love your stuff. Your philosophy is so right on. Not every physio exercise is right for everybody and may contribute to their existing problem.:)

  • Evеryonе knows, that thе еаsiest waу to lоse weіght 6 Things That Happen When You Do Planks Every Day

  • Thanks Matt for some more great  infor for me.  Luckily, I don’t have back pain even though I had two compression fractures 15 years ago.  However, I have been working on Josh’s Anterior Pelvic Tilt Program online and I noticed that my quads are really tight.  They make my knee caps hurt when I try to squat or raise my hips from the floor.  I have been trying to stretch them but it does not seem to be working.  Thoughts??

  • You Can’t Change Me So Stop Trying! I am who I Am For A Reason! I Will Change Me As Needed Along the Way! I Love Me And Like Me! Work On Yourself Being The Best Kind Caring Bitch You Can Be Focus on You Not Me! ����������

  • Crunches if done properly rarely damage the back. Sit-ups…. are a different matter. Planks done incorrectly can also damage the back.

  • I started planking and excellent results. Toned up, more flexible, got a divorce, left my 4 children, ran off with my secretary to Mexico ���� Thanks plank!

  • this simple exercise I’ve avoided as it looks too difficult. I have sciatica. This has changed my life added to walking etc, I feel like an elastic band after doing this! The only thing I’d advise is to get someone to check your back is straight and use the resting on forearm method to start.

  • I just started Monday and could barely do i few seconds now I can do 30 easy!! I’m keeping going to tone my belly & go longer!! ����

  • I did the planking and soon as I hit the 10 second mark my nose started bleeding and my left eye popped of of my head soon there was a leprechaun laughing at me saying I can’t find his lucky charm just then my wife jumped in and did the stone cold stunner on a T-Rex that was standing by the foot of the bed…..I will not do planking anymore..I’m just not ready yet

  • Plank won’t help flexibility or back strength, it weakens your back. If you sit at a desk, it’s probably the worst exercise you can do

  • I lift weights. Gets easier with time and i can gradually increase weight and number of reps. But also i do a 2 min plank every day, have done for a few years, but it never gets easier! Surely i should be able to do a 10 min plank by now?! No 6 pack either but my abs are solid.

  • Does weight matter in doing these plank exercises? I used to weigh 296 lbs. and have been doing routine exercises (jumping jacks, squats, leg lifts and sit ups on the large ball) and now weigh 237 lbs., which took me just three months to achieve, along with a proper diet but when I try a plank position, the next day I’m in excruciating pain, so I figure I temporarily stop until I reduce even more weight. Is this a good idea?

  • Hi Mat, Plank exercise? you say it will not necessarily work, so what will. you are not really answering the question for lower back pain

  • this changed my life. the first month was back pain relief which was amazing. Second month my brain changed for the better. It scary in a good way

  • I planked at least 2 hours over all a day but obviously in sections, i did a plank for one minute and took a rest after each one and continued for 120 times with a 2 minute rest which would mean 240 minutes of rest overall which would take 6 hours a day to do this, this is part of my 8 hour me time and then i have my sleep period for 8 hours then do the same, for the spare 8 hours i use for family or school depending weather im still on summer break when you see this, hope yall have a good day/night

  • Planks may strengthen the core, but alone, they will not eliminate body fat. it takes several different types of exercises to tone up muscle and burn fat. Plus you can get stuck in an exercise rut that bores you into inactivity. Your muscles get used to doing the same exercises repeatedly. You need a variety.

    Also, if you have diabetes, as I do, you will find that varying your routine can help eliminate depression as well. Check out my exercise book here:

  • Cher mentioned at a concert that she can do a 5 minute plank at 73 so hell most of us should be able to do at least a 3 min plank in proper form. I just accomplished 3.5 minute plank and Im 53 lol.

  • Why everybody in the video so skinny. What happens when normal sized or heavy people do planks?? Its probably not even possible. Unrealistic video.

  • Good stuff also very true‼️
    I add in all variations of plank into my daily workout bout 2 months and I gotta tell you it’s amazing the results I’m seeing in the mirror and on the tape measure �� I’m just pissed I took so long to start them anyway cool ��✌️

  • I’ve been doing planks for 2 weeks. One minute 3 times a day. Lost 5 pounds And my mom pouch is disappearing. I have 3 kids. All I got time for.

  • Line 2:12 confirms that it’s all’s coming from the brain stem… most people don’t need a brain at all for their entire life! (。◝‿◜。)… and the guy at 2:21 doesn’t look like he’s got a calm brain at all… and the girl in the wheelchair will only plank if someone pushes her wheelchair and she tumbles…. and the line “giving you more bang for your buck” is totally out of place… moronic, to be sure! Lol….


  • Thanks for making this video. It’s going to help me in preparation for the lab final. With the 2nd segment the w/c moved very easily once the patient was situated in it; be careful to set the wheel locks. I liked the hip meets hand guidance of the lateral slide transfer as well as the direction of placing the upper body weight into the hand, forearm, and then shoulder as the patient lays on his side. It provided a mental image of what was to happen. Thanks again!

  • PLANKS Can also be DONE On your Elbows:(the ElbowPlank….at least TO START!!!
    I have physical challenges from a 1999 brain injury; SO Elbow MIGHT be as far as I GO!!!

  • Hi Fitfam, let`s test our strength by testing how long we can hold a plank. Hold the plank to only as far as your strength can take it, beyond that especially when you feel like you are forcing it and your body has had enough is not good for your body. Let me know how long you were able to hold it in the comments…..
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    Watch next video here:

  • Hey Guys how are you doing, okay I’ve tried this and i got good results in 2 months it’s above what i expected. well, just CLICK HERE:

  • You had a person in a wheelchair that supposedly does planks,, that is insulting and very inaccurate that a person in a wheelchair could do planks

  • #6 you’ll be happier and less stressed

    Me:*does plank*

    Five minutes later


    starts panicking