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Lose Weight / Gain Joy / JUST DANCE!

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Professional Dancers Try Just Dance 2019

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can you lose weight playing just dance | i played just dance for a week and this is what happened

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Losing weight with Just Dance?

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I PLAYED JUST DANCE EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK TO LOSE WEIGHT and this is what happened… | Jess Rosenthal

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I Tested Out How Many CALORIES I can burn doing JUST DANCE.

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Just Dance Workout 1

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Losing weight while playing video games might sound too good to be true, but anyone who’s ever broken a sweat playing Wii’s first, second, or third dancing game will likely wonder “can you lose weight playing Just Dance?” The answer is “Yes”, you can definitely burn enough calories playing Just Dance that you can drop extra pounds. Doing 30 minutes of the game burns roughly 200 calories – bump your. Games like Just Dance can help.

Weight loss actually becomes fun when you’re playing the game. The best-selling video series is available for a wide variety of platforms (such as Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox). You can do the Just Dance weight loss workout in your living room, burn enough calories to lose weight at home, compete with friends, or inspire your teens to get moving. How to Lose Leg Fat Playing Just Dance.

When you want to lose leg fat, you have to do activities that burn calories and blast fat. When you’re doing an aerobic activity such as dancing, you can. If Just Dance is used regularly and not done now and then, then it can help to lose weight. But remember, that diet is essential to losing weight.

Any Just Dance game can get you halfway there, it can count as your exercise. Make sure, if purchased, you make good use of it. Years ago I lost 30 lbs in about 2 months just from doing just dance & eating better. You can definitely lose weight!

I think it’s fun so it makes me continue doing dance after dance. Plus you’re working out your whole body too!you much you weigh at present your activity outside of JUST DANCE Ultimately, it’s an open-ended question, you can lose as much weight as you want, but it’s useful to have other tools in your weight-loss box than just JUST DANCE! I have always maintined that losing weight. If I were to really dance and not just move my arms could I lose weight?

I want to lose a few pounds but the weather outside is ugly and I don’t like gym. I already know that I have to watch what I eat as well if I want to lose weight. Well any activity walking, running, dancing, helps you loose weight but if your sitting around just watching you will gain weight.

So needless to say if your dancing. To lose the weight, I went back to my plan from my Weight Watchers days: I worked out three times a day by playing Just Dance on my Wii Fit, taking walks, and running on the treadmill—all for 30. This woman is known for losing 65kg weight through dancing. What a great role model for losing weight through dancing.

This video doesn’t show you how to los.

List of related literature:

Someone may play Dance Dance Revolution for the excitement of moving to the music, to lose weight by burning calories, or to learn the physical skills and coordination required to dance better.

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I absolutely believe that dancing is the best way to lose weight and get in shape because it doesn’t feel like a fitness class.

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The video game can also combine entertainment with exercise; for example, the game Dance Dance Revolution is full-body aerobic exercise, and one California school has even added it to its physical education program, since the game teaches such things as balance, timing, and coordination (Smith 2003).

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Dancing will also improve coordination, and work your mind and body.

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I lost my first 100 pounds and I felt so light I wanted to dance.

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“Why should one learn to belly dance?” says a blurb on the home page of the Web site

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Of course, some fun-to-do exercise songs are included for their own sake.

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In just one performance in the corps de ballet I lost five or six pounds.

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Both of these diets are “songs” that our bodies can learn to play beautifully.

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  • I’ve been trying to find someone who’s actually lost weight doing this.:) It’s actually fantastic encouragement after being demotivated for weeks at a time. I must add, in the case of boredom, using YouTube to find other songs from other games (or even some fanmade ones!) to play can remedy that.

    Great video:)

  • i’ve been doing 45+ minutes of just sweat first and then a couple hours of just dance and every day i wake up my body looks so good my waist is small and my hip dips are filled also i do just dance 4 cause it has the best songs ��

  • Hi I’m new to your channel. I’m trying to lose weight. I use Wii fit a few times a day but now I’m thinking of adding in just dance. I’ll do this for a week of healthy eating and then I’ll update you all of how I did. 9 stone 10. Gonna do this for half an hour a day along with my added exercise

  • Hello pretty Yes, i believe if you dance often, or even move and being active amd sweat out you certainly lose wait little by little.

  • I’m supposed to be on a diet and I just ate most of my healthy snacks.. I have no self control. Now it’s too dark to walk and burn off the calories so I’ll have to find my wii lol

  • girl i just broke out my wii today and was sweating after the first dance so i immediately looked this up to see if its possible haha im going to do this too now

  • I’m a god dancer but when I was playing with my annoying brother he won but I trying my hardes and he was just standing there doing nothing and still he wins and he has never danced before ��

  • For some reason it’s my blue controller that doesn’t work as much. ��
    They both did better than my mother though.�� I don’t know what she thinks shes doing but we all still have fun.

  • Thanks for the video! I just ordered myself Just Dance to do the exact same thing, getting active and, more importantly, getting used to moving around more. I’m currently about 290lbs, and my long term goal is to cycle (easier on the joints) and do weightlifting again:) keep up the good work!
    By the way, do you speak French by any chance? Your have a very slight accent hahah

  • Thanks for this. It’s awesome to lose 600 grams in a week even when you’re overweight and can lose it easier so to see you lose that has me really motivated and I’m optimistic I can going forward. Thankyou for taking the time and the video was well done.

  • I don’t really understand weight loss. Whenever I exercise my body gets EXTREMELY hungry no matter how much I drink. It forces me to take in everything I lost.

  • This guy is awesome instead of complaining about his weight and “thin privilege) he didn’t like something so he decided to change it

  • you lost over 10lbs in ONE week!?!? Oh wow I’m gonna start doing it for an hour everyday that I can and see how far I get in a month.

  • I have lost 25lbs so yeah that works but I really changed my diet. Since being diagnosed with some mental issues I got 15lbs back in ma hips. Seeing you motivated me. I‘ll be back����

  • This is very impressive, I do think your progress was really good.
    If you want to lose more weight, I think you should give it an hour every day instead of just 30mins.

  • I think your experiment was a success! You should keep up with dancing, but maybe add in calorie counting. Use an app like Lose It! Because you can exercise all you want, but if you eat back those calories you won’t lose anything.

  • But u could reach better Goals if you would change ypur eating habits. I think its possible to loose more weight in 4 Weeks. And for you too!! I trust you, nice video, go on and JUST DO IT MAN

  • Loved the brutal open honesty of your video….plus you’re truly funny, which helps when you are depressed because your “fat”…as I say! So thank you for your video and I’m glad that you did it because I wanted to try a weight-loss program that was just casual and fun. I’m trying to get my strength back after becoming paralyzed from a rare syndrome called Guillain Barre Syndrome. I’m just walking out with a Canadian crutch or cane, but it is coming along slowly. I get bored with regular every day work out routines…So I’m gonna give this dance thing a try, even if I do fall over 1500 times! LOL

    Thanks for sharing again and I’ll be looking forward to seeing more fun, not taking yourself too seriously, videos!

  • Haha… I felt terrible because I’m eating Chinese food while watching this Lolol! ��This was absolutely smart as hell! I need to do this challenge…. it was definitely good for muscle movement because a girl has been just eating all quarantine

  • Omg that’s incredible! Haven’t checked your channel but I’m subscribbled now and I’m doing 25 dances (day 2) bc I didn’t really think it would have an effect otherwise! Maybe I can cut down!

  • Kayla should keep her controller in her right hand. The hand that’s a bright color on the screen is the hand that follows your movement, and because the dance is mirrored you should keep the controller in your right hand, maybe her scores would have been higher if she kept the joy-con in the right hand!

  • I can bet that the reason why you didn’t lose much weight has almost nothing to do with Just Dance and almost everything to do with your eating habits.

    The one thing that has worked for me, is doing either intermittent fasting or prolonged water fasting. There are plenty of videos on the subject, I would recommend intermittent fasting for beginers, you can then slowly move your way up into water fasting. However, don’t take my word for it, do your own research.

    Look at this video to kickstart your journey, if done correctly, you will see massive changes in a short period of time. You can also check ProGamerJay’s video about his 28 day water fast.

  • Try with wrist and ankle weights. For sure you would lose weight and gain muscle along with a lower carb diet. You dont need the phone to do the dances. But I use a 2nd low budget phone to use with it. Boston winters suck. I know lol

  • I YouTube-searched “just dance exercise” wondering if anyone actually tried using the game as a catalyst for weightloss. Love your experiment, but I’m really only commenting to point out that you used PewDiePie’s “Hej Monika” cover as transition music. Fucking hilarious dude. �� Any who, keep up the good work.

  • Ive been wanting to exercise but its hard obviously. Just dance makes it fun and to he honest after i was tired and wanted to finish seeing a good song to dance too made me go again.

  • New subscriber! I’m really enjoying your videos and I’ve been doing something similar I’ve been doing 45mintues of just dance a day for 2 weeks and I’ve lost 11 kg ��

  • Omg that’s incredible! Haven’t checked your channel but I’m subscribbled now and I’m doing 25 dances (day 2) bc I didn’t really think it would have an effect otherwise! Maybe I can cut down!

  • Dude dont give up, i just go back to just dance im pushing myself to the limit and after 1 week i feel more motivated than ever.

    ty for this video

  • Omg when I was younger my cousin and I would always have just dance challenges in the basement!! All the adults would be upstairs talking, so we’d all go down and dance and after like 20 minutes we would be drenched in sweat ��

  • Thanks for posting your experience! I’ve been struggling with weight loss for a few years and just got Just Dance 2020, and I was really curious to see how it worked for weight loss. Hope your journey is still going well!!

  • There’s a sweater mode where it shows how much the song is left and at the end of the the song it shows how long you danced and how much calories you burned total ��

  • 6:14 I actually really needed that, I’m trying to become a self taught dancer (since I’m about to be in gymnastics, my mom let me pick one class to take) and I have been wondering if just dance actually helped with that ���� so thank you

  • You are so Beautiful
    Great content, I love your video content

    Hope you continue to promote and release more products
    develop together

  • i have a binge eating disorder and depression so it’s really hard for me to be motivated and lose weight, but i started watching those just dance videos on youtube (like not the actual game bc im broke) and i found out dancing is actually so fun and it makes a great exercise. i always look forward to doing it every day. it’s such a great way to lose weight and it makes me feel really good and confident about myself

  • omg I’ll have to try this!!! I used to play just dance all the time and I haven’t in so so long now I want to�� I always have troubles with weight loss too so I’ll have to see!

  • OMG very beautiful video
    Also i loved your challenge it’s amazing
    New friend
    I’m here to support you i wish you a visited my channell also watched my ads that’s helping me also Support me
    Have a beautiful day my sweet friend.. ❤️ ❤️

  • I actually love this idea!!! 5 kilos in a week is loads!! I am shook! �� and getting back out my old Just Dance ASAP! Well done babe ��

  • You can get just dance unlimited if you have 2016 and later, which is a subscription w/ unlimited songs, and also I just look up songs on YouTube and dance without the controller (you don’t get graded but it’s still fun). I’m overweight and I don’t think I’ve lost weight (because I think I just get hungrier) but my fitbit approximates 250-600 kcal per 30-50 min Just Dance session.

  • I just started this 3 days ago and I have noticed a increase in stamina, before I did this when I started I barely resisted 3 songs but now I can dance 8 and before I would do 30 minutes, today I did 120 minutes, plus calorie reduction from 2300 to 1200 (I weight 244 lb and, height is 5,8 and my Fat is 34%) one reason you didn’t see much a change mite be the songs you do or time but keep doing it and add way less calories to your diet and mix various other workouts like 30 pushups a day or 100 or 150 what even suits your body and don’t push it when I started to do exercise could barely do one but now I can do 30-40

  • omg this was lokey so fun to watch����soo happy to be part of your lil fam and im so happy to be part of it! I hope you can do the same, no pressure at all!!!, and hope we can support genuiely coss gurrrl when i say genuine i mean it cos i am here to be realll������❣️

  • This is a great idea! I really do think dancing helps with losing weight, everytime I try a dance for Tik Tok I feel like I’ve had a work out ���� It’s defo a fun way to lose weight!

  • I found this super interesting! I brought just dance as a fun way to try to lose some weight so was curious how it worked for you! Every bit helps! Plus it’s fun! ��❤️��

  • Now one with a extreme version!
    Maybe Despacito (JD18)

    Or with a two dance choreo.
    Perhaps Want to want me. (JD16)

    Or something like:
    Kiss you (JD14) with 6 players.

    And also Tetris JD2015

  • They are playing on the nintendo switch and each one has one joy con. This will track pratically no movement. You should have used an xbox with a kinnect.

  • hmm i was hoping if i played this game i would get better stamina, but these guys are dancers and just one dance makes them pant?? so do i have to find something else? Lol

  • I played just dance too. And lost some weight without i know �� the first time i played I barely finish 2 songs. But now I can played it for 3 hours without break. And I never feel tired after that. Just feel happy and hope I can continue but of course I need some rest. And i lost 4 kg in a week

  • First off half an inch for minimal effort in a month is pretty great. However the main reason (besides diet) that you don’t lose much weight is the actual lack of effort you were putting into the dancing. You mainly moved your arms and really you want to be moving your whole body and getting it as close to the dancing avatar as possible.

  • You can’t expect to win if you just stop moving altogether in the middle of it:D
    That’s why he was always better. And maybe because she held the controller in the wrong hand XD

  • Professionals don’t get winded this fast, becky g cant dance, and considering jojo siwa an artist HAAA!..she makes rebecca black look like beyonce

  • When he started with “I’m fat” I felt that������
    I clicked on this video because I wanted to know if I could actually lose weight by dancing.
    Also Just Dance 4 has a work out “Just Sweat” feature if you wanna try that

  • For everyone saying she had the remote in the wrong hand, she CHANGED it after the first round. She was still getting lower points than him, even when in the right hand….. He was just better.

  • Was looking for a video like this! I am skinny af and ofc do not wanna lose weight doing this, but I am the most unsportive person ever, walking up 4 stairs already kills my heartrate. I try to use if to build up better stamina and general health!

  • I’m happy to see you dancing and smiling! I know you’ve been through a lot, haven’t we all! I discovered your Channel about 5 years ago, maybe more, when you were doing wig reviews. I’m just checking in. Best wishes to you and yours!❤��