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BODYWEIGHT BASICS. “Bodyweight training exercises, also known as calisthenics, are arguably the fastest and most reliable way to get stronger,” says Mike Clancy, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer in New York City. Bodyweight exercises like pushups, pullups, lunges and squats incorporate multiple muscle groups and mimic natural movement patterns, making them both highly functional and great for building full-body strength. And while you can’t expect bodyweight-only exercises to prepare you to, say, lift a 100-pound object effortlessly, it can still help you get stronger and build muscle. Since using your own body.

Hannibal. So yes, a smart bodyweight program can rival the best barbell training, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. These guys aren’t just mindlessly doing progressively greater numbers of pushups, pullups, and air squats.

If you want to get as strong as possible, just doing more reps won’t cut it. Unlike machines or free weights, which usually only target one or two muscle groups at once and take time to use, with bodyweight exercises, “you can transition from one move to the other extremely. While bodyweight exercises may not maximize your ability to build muscle, they are some of the best exercises you can do to maintain strength, stay flexible and become more comfortable in your body. 1. No Equipment Necessary.

Along any fitness journey, there are bound to be obstacles. You might not always have the access of the time to go to a gym. Yes, you can get crazy strong with bodyweight exercises.

But please keep in mind the rule of specificity. There’s a difference between getting strong on the powerlifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift) and being able to perform advanced bodyweight exercises such as pistols and handstand push-ups. I would say that you can get very FUNCTIONALLY strong with bodyweight training.

It’s still a form of resistance training, your bodyweight is the resistance/weight. In part, the answer is yes. “I’ve helped a ton of people get strong, lean, and lose a ton of weight without a single piece of equipment,” says Adam Rosante, celebrity trainer and author of The 30-Second Body. (Steal his HIIT workout that tones in 30 seconds.). Even lifting your own body weight overloads your muscles — and so do resistance bands. In one study published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, resistance tubing was found to be just as effective in activating the quadriceps during the concentric or “up” phase of a knee extension exercise as using a weight machine.

Use only bodyweight training and you will get big and strong. Use only weights and you will get big and strong. In the end, it is better not to limit yourself.

Almost everyone is building a dogma with their way of training without seeing that other ways offer their exclusive benefits as well.

List of related literature:

It’s possible to get stronger without gaining any more muscle mass; weight­class athletes do this all the time.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
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Yes, your very own body can function as strength equipment.

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Strength has nothing to do with weight.

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Of course, there’s no way to be 100 per cent certain of a person’s strength but you can generally tell who’s physically stronger than the next person.

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Weight machines and calisthenics can also be used to increase strength.

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This makes sense, as the stronger you get the bigger your muscles become; however, as we will see later, muscle force and strength are two different concepts.

“Human Movement: An Introductory Text” by Tony Everett, Clare Kell
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Certainly, you are stronger when you bulk up, if only because an increase in volume in your arms and legs gives them a mechanical advantage, making them better levers.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Some people have a hard time building muscle but are strong, while others can build muscle but have weak body parts.

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Although it is impossible for you to look like a body builder while you are still going through puberty, weight training can be a very good way to build strength in your muscles and joints, whether you are a boy or a girl.

“Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger's Syndrome” by Sarah Attwood
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Clearly there is more to strength than how much weight you can lift.

“A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth: How to Treat Your Injuries with Powerful Healing Secrets of the Great Chinese Warrior” by Tom Bisio
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  • so if i wanted to get more of a neuromuscular adaptation i could do handstand lowering down to tuck planche for 3-4 sets and lowering down for support to iron cross with hands in between straps for 3-4 sets and take a 1-2 rest i will see progress?

  • Shit man, I was about to pop up my camera and do a video on this same subject. It’s scary how much of what you said was in the script I had written man, very awesome! We’re totally on the same page, you got a new subscriber!

  • What if you’re working on skillsets like levers, planches, or general handstand work, for gymnastics moves such as those do you think that more frequent training, maybe even every day, for just a few minutes is beneficial to learning the mechanics of the movement and learning those mechanics is more important that gaining muscular strength

  • This video deserves a lot more views. Very comprehensive and nicely explained. Nothing I personally would disagree with:) Thanks for creating this

  • Great!…. i have 2 question for u….
    1) Do u think would be possible to have significant hypertrophy adaptation, having a GOOD diet, but not really focused on increasing weight but only maintaining that??

    2) how can i relate strengh training to an isometric movement?? ( example for the lsit: if i wanna train strengh in the lsit how many second would take me to be in the ” neuromuscolar adaptaion ONLY ” cateogory?? how many to be in the ” Neuromuscolar / Hypertrophy ” Category? ) Hope it is clear! thanks!

  • Awesome video man! I have a question, my goals are planche and front/back levers, I can hold an adv tuck planche for 8-10 seconds have been at it for almost 3 months now. I started training front lever a week ago and was wondering what a good split is if those are my only goals atm. front/back lever on the same day? Should I be maxing out on every hold I do because that’s what I am doing now and like you were talking about 1rm isn’t necessary for strength gains should I cut back the hold to like 6 secs. so far I am seeing results but idk if it’s the best way to go about it. would be cool to hear back from you, thanks.

  • I really enjoy your videos Nathan! Great work.

    I am currently trying to become a teeterboard artist and I need to do a lot of trampoline. Should I do bodyweight strength training? right now I mostly do back and stomach exercises + handstands and most of it is endurance training. I feel like I am kind of lost in what I need to do to have the optimal body for my disciplines. Do you have any tips? maybe videos to refer too?

  • Upper body muscle, yes. Lower body muscle, not as much. Pushups, dips, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, inverted rows with a weighted vest or dip belt you can build muscle.

    Lunges and Bulgarian split squats aren’t bodyweight exercises in my opinion anymore so than bilateral bodyweight squats, you’d eventually need to use a barbell as you get stronger doing these 2 exercises. Pistols are good for developing strength, but I don’t know about for building muscle. Ben Bruno did weighted pistols with his own bodyweight for 2 reps on each leg.

  • I have a question! I am stuck at 70 kilos in bench press. Should I keep doing 1 rep of that until I can go higher or should I work on the hypotrophy to get a little more “machinery” to work with?

  • Nath is that means that training weighted chinups every 4/5 day is too less? I dont know do you think of 5 days of training as the 5 days working on same movement or 5 days overall work on strength. Thanks!

  • Great stuff Nath! I find it interesting to see you say that training any more than 5 times a week is too much. In our next STRONGER! Series we are training 6 days a week though don’t experience much DOMS due to the structure of the program. It’s very different to anything I’ve done before, but the results are pretty incredible!!!

  • Sir I have followed your 10 10 10workout and it was damn awsm experience… Just wanted to know I m trying to reduce my belly fat… But I usually workout with help of weights n n skipping for cardio… Or should I give up weights n just do body workout provided by u please help

  • His workouts work I started with the Sparta 300 Upper Body Workout and moved to others and I lost 20lbs that stayed off and my Dr. Was so happy he hugged me because he was concerned about my wt and family history of wt relate diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and hih blood pressure and heart attack. So find one to start and go at it!!!

  • i dont think your analogy of bike riding and comfort is the same. just because you’re uncomfortable, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most efficient. i believe the wording is meant to help push you past the difficult part for whatever your situation is. but anyway, you’ll never be comfortable doing uncomfortable things, just accept the fact that it’s uncomfortable and move forward with it knowing so. whether or not it’s effective is another thing… btw, im not advocating weight training, i think it’s unbelievably boring or using the treadmill (i love jogging miles and miles at 5am, but fuck treadmils).

  • Hi before this crisis I was working towards a 200kg bench press I’m using 30kg dumbells and resistance bands but obviously I’m gonna lose strength. My question much strength will we lose on average and how long to get back to where we were? Cheers

  • This week I am sharing an exact workout I do each week using bodyweight strength exercises and cardio I am excited to share one that I use weekly to get strong, build muscle, stay lean and ripped

  • mate you are the best.
    I have watched a lot your videos, and they have made me a great soccer player
    best wishes, to you and your family

  • Im so sad/depressed that you have started your youtube channel in 2009 and kept uploading regularly but still your channel didnt grow past 8 yrs.. you do so much hardwork… Im going to say my whole family to subscribe to you.

  • Hi Mike, thanks for your sharing! I got a question. How long should I rest between sets and different exercises. Thanks in advance.

  • Pls sir can you tell me some exercises tht i can do at home to correct the knock knees,, just due to them i am not able to take a freekick better…

  • I don’t know y but after doing hip thurts I am not able to continue the workout ���� I get cramp on thigs so what shall I do to prevent this�� can u �� say

  • Hey 7mlc I have been doing these exercises and core workout for two months, stop doing them or continue? I have seen a big difference in my legs and my abs are well-trained.I recommend it to everyone

  • Hey I tried this drill and now my chest and thigh muscles are paining… Does this happen naturally..?? And is this the drill for someone who is starting such a work out??

  • I agree with everything that you said 100%, it’s just that when it comes to pullups I find it very very hard compared to the lat pull down at the gym. Although a pull-up is a bodyweight exercise and the most effective exercise for the back, I find it so hard to master which I wish I can do.

  • My friend thinks that weights make you stronger……..i told him that his body weight was the perfect natural weight for every muscle in his body but he doesn’t believe me. He doesn’t know too much, but he has been listenin to my brother who also thinks heavier weights make you stronger…they both go to the gym, but I use hammers and carry boards alot, I’m also trainin to go into the Coast Guard usin my bodyweight, and your video was spankin amazin by the way.

  • hey Michael is calisthenics more preferable than weight training. I have seen some videos on YouTube which show that you can get ripped by performing calisthenics regularly

  • Hey man can you make a video about soccer socks? I’ve seen players with 2 different socks black and white. Why is that so? for comfortability?

  • Hey Mike, thanks for another great video. I love how you always reply to comments and interact with your subscribers a lot.
    I play football at a competetive level in New Zealand, my dream is to one day go pro, but its super hard because there is not much opportunity in NZ. but i find your videos super helpful. thanks heaps

  • in your previous video you was wearing the vapors even thoough you got the high cute hypervenom.
    do you prefer lowcut boots more than highcut? or do you just like mercurial over hypervenom lol

  • Great video man as always! do you think going to the gym can “slow” you down as a player? I’m a small guy & need to get bigger. What do you recommend? ��

  • I’m going to start this tomorrow after my training session with my friend is over. I really need to get my form like I had 3 years ago, and I need to get in better shape. I have until October and surely will not stop! Thanks 7mlc for such incredible and well instructed drills and tutorials!����

  • I do bodyweight cause there is no gyms around me, while calisthenics can be done anywhere. Plus i’m absolutely shure it way better for your joints(almost every weight lifter that i saw bitch about their joints). BUT when i had access to weights i tried bench pressing and man i loved that feeling. I don’t know if my technic was correct but i really loved how it felt. So there’s that.

  • Very true. I just switch to only bodyweight exercise this summer and I now actually enjoy and look forward to working out as a relaxing but challenging time of the day. Whereas when I use to lift barbells and heavy weight, it felt like a burden/daily chore. The goal is to reach muscle failure or get close to failure everyday/ every other day for each muscle regardless if it’s using a barbell or your own bodyweight, weight is weight no matter what you use. Not only have I gotten stronger and packed on healthy weight thru bodyweight training, but I also have the convenience to workout literally anywhere. I dare anyone to do bodyweight squats til pure failure for 5 sets and ask yourself is this the same feeling I get when put a heavy load on my back for 4 sets of 8 reps, yes you build muscle when your muscle are over worked. Bodyweight training doesn’t mean you’ll just have high endurance skinny muscle, you’ll have huge massive muscle with high endurance. I see guys all the time squat 405 for 5 reps with skinny legs who can’t even walk up hill for 5 minutes without dying, come on bro all these powerlifters are one rep away from a destroyed back, knees, and joints. Look at the guys in prison who workout with just the floor and a pull up bar the dudes are massive they laugh at people in the gym paying monthly to mess their joints up and still look like garbage. Muscle failure bodyweight everyday ALL DAY.

  • Whatttuupp Funk! Need some HIP HOP H.I.I.T. music for your workouts?
    Check out WHYTUNEZ. We do our songs with passion and think they would be perfect for you! Can’t wait for your feedback.

  • This is one of the videos I have a question on!So what’s better?do the workouts and after play soccer?or play soccer first and then workout? I don’t think you Remember but when I told you I got a sprained ankle?I was left out for a month and started to eat alot of junk food and I got out of shape,my big mistake and I really regret it! and now I berly do one drill and I sweat alot,trying to get in shape and put some muscles in me!, training very hard this summer to improve alot and improve my troubles I have on the pitch, so I can be pumped up and motivated with confidence to tryout for my high school soccer team! The tryouts are on October so it’s going to be alot of Time to improve! and next years BIG goal is going to tryout my my hometown team,Chivas de Guadalajara sub 15,from right there,i will be able to be in the actual professional team in no time with alot of hard work and effort, i can make it!and with your channel,it helps alot,with your tips, and drills,made me a better player,I believe I’m going to become a great dangerous affective player in the pitch! and so far, seeing good results which want to thank you!but need to train more,especially my crosses,I watch your video about that and working on it!,my ankle hurts a little but no excuses I say,pain is temporary and really got motivated to get up! I will appreciate it alot for the answer!,like always im on your channel 24/7! and you inspire me alot and your one of my idols! and making me a better player! and your my 1st favorite tutorial channel for me!your channels on notifications!Keep it going with you and soccer,amazing talent player that deserves to be in bigger professional club!,especially road to 100k!thats amazing and gonna hit in no time,and can’t wait for that moment ����!, thanks alot mate��❤!

  • I totally agree! I’ve always preferred body weight exercises over using props, and have had good results. Your site has helped me understand this so much better, and I thank you for your knowledge!!

  • Hey there,

    I stumbled across your video. Love it!

    Recently, I’ve written a blog post about this topic.
    You’ll find a review on a entire year of bodyweight training, but also the pros and cons of Calisthenics as well as Weight Training.
    The article can be found on my blog:

    I hope you like it as much as I do your video.

    All the best


  • If you are a fan of bodyweight training like me, please check out my channel! I have videos of how to progress towards one armed pushups, handstand pushups, and one legged squats and will be releasing new videos daily. My next video will be on how to do a free standing handstand and then freestanding handstand pushups. Please give my channel a look, and subscribe if you want to see more. Thanks!

  • no disrespect but doing bench press is effective if not even better than push up once u can do 20+ push up without stopping. the reason why that barbell felt wrong for you 1. you grip it wrong 2. your forearm muscles and wrist are not strong enough to support the weight you are lifting. 

    now I understand body weights are good exercises but saying its better would be very vague in term of what you trying to accomplish. I, myself incorperate bodyweights exercise WITH free weights plates, barbell and dumbbells. for this reason body weight does not give you enough resistant as time goes on and once you advance though its argumentative ( e.i. muscle pull up, lever, handstand push up) but im speaking as a general overall. 

    ps.. that bar does not feel like a knife cutting through my palm because I gradually learn how to grip up and build up my wrist/fore arm str. by the end of the day body weight offer something weights cant and so is vice versa. 

  • man, my workouts will never be the same now
    that is such a great method to master so many skills!
    I wish i knew more workout styles to be able to make an actuall schedual

  • SOOOOO if you got abs already easy buttt if you anit got nun to offer then you gonna break a leg likeee bruh i cant even do 5 pushups and you excepting me to do disss honneyyy boo boo ima break all ma bones

  • I do single hspu every minute on the minute 6 sets, have been doing that for about 2 weeks. I do that once a week Then rest 2 Days, laiter do pike pushups etc for volume rest 2 Days and repeat. Haven’t been seeing results What to do?

  • Hey thanks man this is a solid plan. Would always give up when watching your other videos but now I feel like I have a solid plan to do those other workouts you show

  • This workout is perfect and timely as I’m working on strength. I’ve never been able to do a pull up or regular pushups. However, my goal for the next 30 days is to change this.
    Thanks for this workout video! This video will truly assist my in achieving my monthly goal

  • Oh, so some days you don’t train Strenght? I mean like pushing and you focus more on skills. Example once a week train planche holds. And other training days you do planche lean pushups, planche pushups, hspu etc. Am I right?

  • I’ve been so unmotivated the last few weeks because I have had the same goals for over 3 years now. Been training my ass off but still hitting these walls. Not moving forward. Been on the edge of giving up but this video has motivated me once again to keep going. I havent been incorporating this kind of work into my workouts. Thank you!

  • hello chris!I greatly admire your strength. I have watched vs practice following your method of íntruction but it seems that I made a mistake at some step so I don’t see much progress. Can you help me?

  • Can you do a video on cheat days / alcohol consumption? Can you drink at all on this fitness journey? Can you eat too much on your one cheat day?.. etc..

  • I like to stay in the one place, and do the same thing, Because you never know like when you do new things like jobs and spending time with people some times people suddenly forget how they got to where they are. Like girls definately forget like why they like men often because they are used to appreciating feminine beauty especially them self and some times I have known girls to totally forget how they started spending time with me in the middle of dates and they get scared awkward feelings and leave witch is fair enough… I know it could happen to me but I have practiced heaps being totally focused on being self awear nutritionally charged and focused…. Only way I know to teach elite living is enforcing rule of rewarding behaviour and safe surroundings and clearly persistent and stimulating interactive and practical explanations of dangers. Also I know one bad influence for some people will totally change there outcome as humans and wearing people down with constant testing is also perhaps missleading.

  • I can do all of those exercices except for the full planche im still at the straddle planche ������ ty chris for motivating me with your videos!!! ������

  • everytime i try handstand pushups against the wall (i can hold it fine)when lowering myself i get a weird pain right near my right elbow. do you have any advice for this?

  • And Chris can you please reply this, how do you get motivated when you are training because I want to have that focus that you have and I am 10 years old can I train?

  • hi guys i thought you might like my latest video about how you can do a push up and reverse fly all in one blasting that rotator cuff muscle

  • Yeah maybe in 1 year….:/ I need to get my nutrition back in track and recover from surgery. I wish I could build muscle just by watching this video ^^

  • Love your workouts!!! Problem… no resistance, no endurance and no workout habits… so I will ask for a small thing of you. Please please please do some beginner really beginner slow program for the Heriapro app. I miss a program that I can do entirely �� and not just a few rep ��! Great job thank you ��

  • I am very big fan of Chris and he is my inspiration towards calathenics
    If anyone ask me which celebrity you want to meet I will reply him I want to met Chris heeia ������

  • I would try workouts on the internet. Try Unflexal. This website seems like you would have luck getting some potential. Good luck on your bodybuilding.

  • 40 year old here with over 25 years training and learning about strength and conditioning… This is simply the best channel on youtube… no nonsense, no bullshit, just reality. My son has just started training… I have sent him links to 3 channels…this is one of them.

  • this was of very interesting opinion and I agree with what your saying. it’s not black or white thinking. it’s about working with what you have. there is a lot of grey area even during this quarantine.

  • I personally do weights and bodyweight. 70% of my programming is bodyweight and using a weight belt/backpack to add a little bit more weight

  • Just look at people like Austin Dunham. You can build just as much or more muscle with body weight only. There are endless progressions to make exercises more difficult. You can progress for years up to one arm pullups and pushups, Planche pushups, etc.

  • This is a good video. I agree with you that neuromuscular strength is very important and I think most people who try to get strong don’t know about it.

  • Steve I think you were way too all over the map with your answer…just take a side and roll with it. My personal opinion? If you are a Newbie? YES Pushups and Pull Ups for damn sure will build muscle…

    Intermediate or Advanced? I think it can MAINTAIN…but if you are real smart about it…it can also build new muscle…BUT you must be REAL experimental with SLOW reps…PAUSES…EXHAUST…Failure…Partials…wide Grip Narrow Grip,,,,etc etc..but still YES

  • I think the main thing here is how advanced you are. If you’re a begginer you definitely can build a good foundation with calisthenics. If you’re an intermediate, its going to take a bit more creativity and time.

  • Great video!!! Now I know exactly how I will train tomorrow ���� But could you also make a video about „how to create a weekly/monthly trainings plan for beginners“? ��

  • i’ve gained 15 pounds of muscle in the past 10 months with mainly calisthenics and weighted calisthenics, complementing with accesory exercises such as bicep curls, face pulls,etc., at around 11-13% body fat. So it’s obviously possible to build muscle with only bodyweight exercises, what i’m trying to say is if you can’t do anything else but bodyweight it will help you to at least maintain your current muscle, and increase a bit a of endurance, at the same time if you are an experienced lifter you will in fact lose some strenght gains but thanks to muscle memory it won’t take long for you to recover it. I hope i expressed myself well enough (i’m argentinian).

  • minos,whey,lotta food and your constantly changing the exercise.ex… slow negitivesONE WEEK, speed on lockout NEXT WEEK.dividing full range of motion into 3 partial range of motion with splits of 5 to 7 reps.(total 15 to 21 reps)

  • Think about this logically. A “marker” which is often set by people is being able to press their own bodyweight on a machine/Smith, barbell.

    You don’t necessarily “need” the iron equivalent of your bodyweight, if you use your “actual” bodyweight concentrated in the right way.

    Handstand Push-Ups are a perfect example, because virtually your entire weight is loaded onto your arms.

    On the other hand, there will obviously be some specific movements that are more difficult, like adduction or working the back & biceps from various angles. Even with these limitations, there are always options ��

  • Great video. Pushups, pullups, face pulls, and Bulgarian split squats never hurt anybody. May even be good for our joints not to overload the shit out of them for a while.

  • Sir please sugest me how to improve wrist strength,because when i lift heavy i get suffer with “de quervain’s tenosynovitis” please a video about solution of this condition very heartfully request sir….please ��

  • A lot of us are going to lose muscle and that’s ok. Its not an excuse to do nothing. If all you can do is bodyweight, do it. Use progressively overload and push yourself.

  • we are allowed to go for a walk alone here, so i collected some logs and rocks and build my personal training course in the woods. With classic bodyweight excercises mixed in i think im at least maintaining… huge gains, probably not.

  • Thanks that was a great video. I think with body weight a good thing to do is to forget about reps and work until exhaustion. Weighted pull and chin ups are good, followed by pushups in a super set, I also work with a extra heavy band tied to a pull-up bar and do a hybrid cable crunch movement. Hanging leg and knee raises also work well for me. I find legs are more challenging without my gym. One leg jumping squats and pushing a loaded wheel barrow up and down a steep hill until I can’t push any further works well.

  • Steve I have a question I would love to have you do a video on. I’m in my mid-forties. I have bulging disc in both my neck and back, + degenerative disc disease and arthritis through my whole spine. Would deadlifts help me? I have heard so many different answers that I don’t know what to think anymore. I can tell you picking stuff up repetitively from the ground seems to really hurt and aggravate my back and cause pain. I really hope you do a video on this topic, thank you.

  • Yes with your body weight on a barbell over your head. Actually hand stand push ups back against the wall builds strength and size.

  • For me pistol squats are amazing to keep the intensity for legs somewhat high. If you have dumbels also bulgarian split squats are great.

  • By the time most lifters get adapted to calisthenics the gyms will be reopened.

    Might be better for them to just lift big rocks and logs.