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Can You Exercise Too Much?

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Are you exercising too much?

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What Happens When You Over Exercise? Signs You May Be Doing Too Much | Quint Fit

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It turns out that the answer is yes. Exercise provides many health benefits, but at some point working out too hard or too long increases the risk of injury and other adverse effects. Health experts recommend moderate-intensity exercise on most days of the week. So, you may be surprised to learn that you can get too much exercise. If you exercise often and find that you are often tired, or your performance suffers, it may be time to back off for a bit.

Learn the signs that you may be exercising too much. Yes, it is possible to exercise too much. If you’re hitting the gym almost daily and still not seeing results, you might be overtraining.

Here’s how to tell if you’re working out too much—and. Fitness diehards may have a higher-than-average risk of coronary artery calcification (CAC): a buildup of calcium in the artery walls of the heart that. Exercise guidelines tell us the minimum amount that we should be exercising, but there is currently no real limit set for the maximum to show us how much exercise is too much. However, even without max guidelines, the research clearly indicates that there is a point at which working out too much starts harming rather than helping your health.

However, if you’re exercising too much or too hard, there can be negative side effects to your exercise routine. You may experience insomnia, increased heart rate and may even damage your heart in the long run. Over exercising can also lead to a breakdown of muscles. This is in part due to the result of the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. Exercise is supposed to be good for you — but exercising too much or running too fast can have serious consequences for your body and brain.

Over. However, exercise addiction is an extreme form of over-exercising, and isn’t terribly common, even among professional athletes. In fact, you can scale the exercise limits of professional athletes to your own lifestyle to determine at what point you’re exercising too much. While there’s no one answer to ‘how much is too much exercise’, there are distinct signs you may experience. “Over-exercising can cause an energy imbalance (between the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy expended during exercise).

I’ll never forget the look my puppy obedience class trainer gave me when I told her proudly that my puppy had gone on a two-mile hike with me. As she explained, puppies, especially large-breed.

List of related literature:

Too much physical activity, however, can cause muscle exhaustion or damage, creating emotional stress.

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It’s possible to exercise too much.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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But too much exercise is also a stress on the body!

“It's Not You, It's Your Hormones!” by Nicki Williams
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If you exercise too much, you will likely end up injured, tired, and irritable.

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Can too much exercise kill you?

“The Haywire Heart: How too much exercise can kill you, and what you can do to protect your heart” by Christopher J. Case, Dr. John Mandrola, Lennard Zinn
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Of course, exercise is also necessary for the basic activities of daily life, and one of the most serious consequences of disease can be a limitation of exercise capacity.

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We all know that too little exercise is detrimental, but can you exercise too much?

“It's My Ovaries, Stupid!” by Elizabeth Lee Vliet
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If exercise is followed by more fatigue, it is too much.

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On the other hand, too much exercise, too continuously, is called “overtraining” and can lead to breakdown and burnout.

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Or if you have been comparatively inactive for a long while, the suddenness of strenuous exertion may have a powerful stress effect, may be damaging and even fatal.

“Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz
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  • This generation people of age group 20-30 is motivated by tonned and detailed physique. People are ready to over exercise and sacrifice anything to get results. The side effects of over exercising is well said.

  • i over did it after i had my son. only needed to lose about 10 maybe 15 pounds of baby weight. but i got addicted to seeing the scale go down, litteraly a pound a day i was losing.. i never gained weight but i was so weak and frail i felt like my bones would break. i was depressed and cried after most of my workouts. once i called 911 because i passed out. i looked at myself in the mirror and looked about 90 years old. my face was so thin and drawn in. luckily i was able to get healthy again. i started eating pasta and high caloric foods. im 123 pounds now at 5’3. i look best between 125-135 actually. at one point i was 140 and still looked good. im 43, glad i got better because nothing sadder than a middle aged woman with an eating disorder lol

  • #10 is definitely a problem for me sometimes, whenever I run my legs start to feel like they’re made out of steel and I feel as heavy as a Hippo. I feel as if I hit my shin in even the slightest way, it would be way to painful to continue running.

  • I really enjoy running 5 km a day (around 30 minutes) but recently I have lost my period. If exercise is the main culprit, how much should I exercise in a day? I am really upset because i deeply enjoy running and I am training for a marathon.

  • Women’s bodies get stressed with exercise easily and switch on weight gain hormones that make us bloated, fat and also tired. I find that exercising is making me super tired, delaying my periods n making me bloated. I stopped exercising due to fatigue for a week n I got slimmer during that week. I was shocked…reconfirm this its been 2 days I started exercising and again look bigger.. what the f?? My whole life was a lie. Also I ate pretty much the same food quantity and quality in both states so its not eating thats responsible but only exercising.

  • On a high protein diet i can eat 4 times a day and exercise and i still lose weight. Also for some reason playing an intense sport like basketball and soccer seems to be the most effective for weight loss.

  • so how much exercise is healthy amount? what about daily steps? is it necessary to reach certain amount if I work out 4-5 times a week?

  • This is all true^^ What matters most is the quality of calories and the eating window you have. (Time between your 1st and last meal.) These 2 factors are most important and of course overall consistency. Diets don’t work. You need a livet. A way of life.

  • I wish this video was up last Summer. I wanted to lose weight ao bad because I hadn’t seen my friends in months because i was traveling abroad. I started exercising like a madwoman then I would binge out like crazy and repeat the cycle. in 4 months i didn’t do anything but get bigger from this. After my mom brainwashed me into thinking the problem was my veganism and high carb low fat diet (which i was doing so wrong btw) i started eating low carb which caused more binging. Then due to money problems all I could eat was junk for 4 months i college. I went back to restricting and it back fired. I discovered your videos in January and just started eating when i was hungry, cutting down exercise, and not stressing. I haven’t weighed myself in months, but I look less bloated and feel better.

  • NO. I’m an Army’s vet, and when I went to basic training; I was running and doing push-ups all day, little rest and food; for 3 months. My fat % was so low I could see the bones of my face.

  • 8:05 IS ALWAYS THE TRAP I GET STUCK IN this is why sometimes working out less and less intensely as well has actually helped me so much!*

  • I’ve been trying to make this point for a long time, but studies and a lot of personal trainers that are well known say that exercise doesn’t make you hungrier. They say the intensity of workouts doesn’t contribute to increased appetite. It’s amazing, the gigantic spectrum of information out there.

  • Oh I couldn’t agree more from A-Z. And though I have a small frame, when I over exercise my body def lets me know by letting my belly poke out a bit too far thanks to the big C word, CORTISOL Weeks I’m more mindful with my exercise regime, it’s funny how I lean out in the mid region more. I do have to get up and do something daily, but not always strenuous. I’m curious where do you get your sources?

  • I absolutely love this vid. My body does act like its been chased by a hungry lion whenever I exercise too hard, over a long period of time. I am enjoying the 90/10 approach for sure. PERFECT!!

  • Thank you for all your videos!!!! What do you think? I am doing quite well; I don’t have fearfoods anymore, eat vegan mostly whole food and at least 2500 per day usually more. I’ve been recovering for 2 years now. I’ve always loved running, cycling and yoga. To this day I am commuting by bike to school and work and enjoy ashtanga yoga and running. I am not feeling much hungrier, but I actually feel like I’m under eating, but I’m not??? Is this eating disordered?

  • This is the realist video I’ve ever seen on exercise.
    When I restricted and ran distance probably 30 miles a week months ago, I gained the weight back and it backfired!!

  • Thank you for these info pigmie. I’ve actually experienced quite a number of these. It’s a good thing I’ve never experienced blood urine. Lol.

  • This basically explains my whole life! I’ve always worked out doing high-intensity workout routines/crossfit and such. I’ve noticed that over the years every time I would stop working out at that intense level, I would gain weight. And because of this I’ve also struggled with hormone imbalances, period loss, HAIR FALLOUT which is devastating for me, and It’s probably do to the cortisol levels raising. Is there any way to track cortisol levels? I’d like to know what mine is like after so many years of intense exercise.

  • I used to do HIIT a lot but then I switched to mainly weight lifting and walking, Pilates or yoga. I prefer exercising in a way I enjoy

  • At point 1 I was like “Alright I’m fine. This isn’t describing me.” And then at point 2 and 3 I was like “WOW. Nothing has ever described what I’m doing better.” I have been on this new schedule where I do a 30 minute (sometimes 45) interval cardio workout every day and at first I was starting to see results but after a couple days, NOT EVEN MONTHS, my body started to look big again and I HAVEN’T UNDERSTOOD WHY UNTIL I WATCHED THIS VIDEO. Another thing that I’ve been doing is calorie counting. I have an app where I copy down the food I eat and it counts the calories and tells me how many calories I can have per day if I want to lose weight. Should I stop counting my calories? Cause I know how to eat healthy. In fact, I’ve been eating healthy for a long time now but I just started cutting how much I eat. Please someone answer and HELP ME

  • Hey pigmie, my rear delts started to hurt 2 years ago while doing just plank but I thought they were just weak so I was training normally. 6 months ago, I started doing handstands again and they started to hurt even while talking on a phone or brushing my teeth. I took a week off and it was a little better but not good yet, I took a few days off every few weeks, it is better than before but some days it still hurts. Do you maybe know if I train normally now it will get better eventually? Thanks:)

  • I workout about 4 days a week for 50 minutes with a mix of cardio and weight training. I would love to see a video and hear your thoughts in regards to women and weight loss during hormonal changes.

  • This makes so much sense. I have lost 37 with Weight Watcher, but since I have been significantly increasing my exercise I have stopped losing and in fact gain.6 lb last week. I am eating healthy and staying on a comfortable lower calorie diet and now I need to reevaluate my exercise routine and adjust it. I, like many thought the more exercise the faster I would lose weight, but now I see that I was losing weight faster when I was exercising regularly but less.

  • No doing to much exercise doesnt make you fat. Eating to much does or over eating your food and even Unhealthy food of course. How can you workout then you turn around and eat something unhealthy.. Thats your mindset pushing you to eat unhealthy which will cause you to gain weight. “Right after a workout i feel hungry ” When you Burn energy you have to get your energy back by eating something and drinking something now that doesnt mean turn around and drink Soda and Eat A Fat ass burger and binge eat and then blame it on exercise. Water is the best choice you can never go wrong with that. working out to much isn’t good for you. but stick to eating the right meals and have a strong mind set and being motivated. You have to be motivated.

  • When I started working out, I tried to go every day and I quickly burned out. I found out what works for me is to go on the days I don’t work, which is every other day. That way I have time, I can do it in the morning without feeling rushed, and I know I’ll have a day to recover before coming back.

  • This happened to me! I started out on a really high intensity weight lifting and cardio routine on 1,200-1,500kcal intake daily. My body just stopped losing weight and my energy flatlined until I took some time off I learned the hard way lol

  • i believe i workout 7days aweek for about 30 till 45mins aday. be gain a low carb diet last week its my 6th day having no bread just eating mostly vegetables and some fruit and light healthy meats like chicken breast really excited to see my waist line becoming smaller happy i went on a no bread diet!

  • I`m going through something very similar right now. I haven’t got my period in 3 years, the doctors couldn’t find the cause of it and the thing is that I was very scared of telling them that my diet was (is) very very low on calories (we are talking about 500 calories workingout like 6 to 8 hours a day), so I didn’t and to try to “fix” the problem they gave me hormons wich made me feel horrible, made me tired all the time, I got deprest AND they made me gain weight! it was awful. So now i’m trying to reverse the mess i created wanting to be skinny and beautifull and now is makeing me fat. I’m scared though, what if it doesn’t work? what if i gain more weight and i can’t lose it? (i apologize for my english, it’s not my first language)

  • Hey!:) so I struggle with disordered eating and exercising and stuff.. Ive been told I need to eat more for my hormones, but I’ve had a past of anorexia… and I am at a high ish weight for my height… I would like to be smaller, but I’m scared to eat more without the exercise…. what do you suggest? Are circuit workouts good or bad workouts?

  • Sorry to bother you, but does this include walking? Everyday I have to get to a certain amount of steps or I go insane. My legs do feel puffy, and my period is almost 2 weeks late. Thanks xx:)

  • high carbs from grains? thats like a recipe for an insulin shock. there is a lot of veggies with high carb content without the sugar rush. And what about Fats?
    I’m agree about taking the right rest, yoga is awesome for an active rest day. My stand on this is to assimilate your live to being more like a hunter gatherer, from the point of diet and exercise.

  • Thank you. Yes. Just came across your book and am now subscribing to your youtube channel. Looking forward to learning more from you. Btw, just did the big chop!

  • This is amazing. I stopped exercising so intensely and just ride my bike and walk and believe it or not, I’ve LOST weight and feel less bloated and puffy ����. I feel so great about not forcing myself to exercise and I love when I do because I feel like it’s not a chore anymore. I don’t even have to restrict my food and I’m losing weight:)

  • I definitely have exercise addiction, but I don’t know how to stop. I am recovering from an eating disorder and trying to eat “normally”, so I’m terrified that if I cut back on exercise, that I’m just going to balloon up.

  • Too much exercise cannot make you fat you cannot defy the laws of physics lol you CAN raise cortisol levels dramatically if you’re not fueling exercise properly aka calorie restricting which will then raise aldosterone and also tinker with other hormones making those people hold on to many lbs of water weight masking fat loss but you CANNOT put on fat on a calorie deficit. Science for the win and vegan diets for the win personally eat 3000-4000 calories on average and workout much on a daily basis and never have “gained” #fuelproperly #notocalorierestriction #imskinny

  • I have recently started exercising more after doing almost zero exercise during winter. I started jogging about 3 weeks ago, in the beginning in really enjoyed but pretty soon my knees and other joints started complaining:( so I am not doing that anymore. I really like swimming though, what is your opinion on breaststroke swimming, I usually do it for about an hour? Do you have or are you going to make a video on what exercises you recommend and how much exercise you would recommend? This video was super informative btw:)

  • Adding 30 grams of fiber is adding a ton of fiber. Thats like 4 cups of bran flakes. But completely doable if you substitute a portion of meat with lentils or peas.

  • I was 485lbs in November, now I’m down to 390lbs. I’ve been doing bootcamp intense work outs 5 Days a week, and intermittent fasting. But within the last 4-5 weeks I’ve plateaued and I can’t get under 390. Do u think I should stop exercise? If so completely or how often??

  • I exercised for about 30 minutes yesterday and my stomach hurts it feels like it’s tearing apart and every time I move it hurts. Is this a stomachache?

  • I am a new subscriber. I love your tips, they are very useful. I will be incorporating them into my short and long term fitness goals. I started my weight loss journey at about 330 pounds I am now about 280 in about 11 weeks. My fitness and diet regime is as follows: eat low carb 6 out of seven days; 1 day is to shake up my metabolism so I do not plateau. I work out on the treadmill for 65 minutes every day, every month I add on another minute so I do not plateau. Finally 3 days out of the week I do a boxing boot camp in addition to the treadmill work. Although I hope not, am I doing too much because the last thing I want to do is hinder weight loss? Thank You for any information you can share.

  • Your videos are changing my whole world and the struggles I’ve faced in the last 6 years of my life. You’re an angel sent. Thank you so much for your time and energy.

  • Totally agree with you! When I first started working out last year (1-2 hours a day, 6 days a week), I started gaining weight because I was hungry all the time. After a few months, I switched to 20 minutes of exercise (3-4 times a week) and the weight started melting off.

  • What do u reccommend for fat loss. I have more fat then I need in my inner thigh and calves. At the moment I don’t exercise and I eat a healthy plant based diet. What should I do?

  • I think my friend whose a figure skater is overtraining.She has to go to a physical therapist for tendonitis, she always complains about not having energy, and she doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite.She won’t listen to reason and I’m worried that any adults I tell might think I’m just jealous and petty.

  • I feel like this looks like my story… I had an eating disorder and when I started to recovery I included hiit workouts 4 times a week, but I only was eating upon 1500 kcal. I got really skinny and tonned but It didn’t last me more than 3 months, after switching to a hclf diet I gained the weight back… Still doing the hiit workouts now but I eat more Idk If I should cut with them or just find another exercise

  • Thanks Audra, I’m in the process of reducing cardio, HIIT and running, so I really need this kind of video. I watch it again each time i forget my “health resolutions”

  • So this is my recovery… Hm. So I understood that I: 1.Continue to eat my diet, with little tweaks for the better (hclf vegan, maybe back of on processed sugar, small changes for the better here and there) 2.Continue to exercise, but even more conservatively and really have only 2 intense runs a week (and easy runs very easy) 3.Have my cortisol levels checked 4.Hope this weight gain stops eventually 5.Hire a coach eventually
    Thanks for the video!

  • I realised I was overtraining when

    my sleep was fucked up. I couldn’t fall asleep.

    I became irritated

    My grip became weak

    I became skinny fat (little bit)

    My heart rate was elevated even when I was trying to sleep.

  • I am working out 6days out of the week for 45min in average. I alternate between HIIT, low intensity workout & moderate cardio mixed with weight lifting��

  • this sounds like me! For 2 years I excercise like crazy 2-3 hrs a day..7 days a week. I’m vegan and have a 1200-1400 calorie diet..super clean! no junk food in like 10 years..I’ve tries p90x, insanity, trx, running, yoga… and not a single inch less on my hips, thighs nor! I’m frustrated, depressed, tired.. I’ve seen doctors, (cortisol and thyroid is fine), nutricionists..nothing works and I’m scared to stop exercising because I feel I’ll get even fatter. Any suggestions? I’m so bummed down and literally don’t even go out, quit my job, I just dont even want to be seen.. it looks like I do no workouts at all and I basically live by them.

  • Hi Audra! my names Jamie and I’m currently in the process of recovering from restrictive eating and a form of exercise addiction. I have a nutritionist and therapist helping me out but you have also helped me so so much. thank you for all the helpful videos you post as it has made this easier for me and watching your videos have helped me learn what to expect through out my recovery (:

  • this video was so helpful!! but right now i’m training for a long charity cycle from london to paris, and now im worried that i shouldnt be doing that much training but i need to keep my fitness up so im running and cycling quite a lot, also with yoga and weight training in between.. are you saying you should never exert your body / put it through intense cardio ever???? x

  • I agree with you. especially if you lift weights, it is meant to make muscle gain. so your muscle gets bigger and you are heavier. only light aerobic plus clean eating habit can make you lose weight

  • I was slim before I started crazy exercises for those abs but instead gained weight and feel bloated. Gonna switch back and do yoga instead.

  • This is so true what you are saying. I was a huge gym rat..going to the gym 6 days a week for two hours and I could not lose weight and I was frustrated and couldn’t figure out why. Well, fast forward to today and I have toned it down a lot by doing mostly yoga, walking and one or two HIIT workouts every week. And along with plant-based eating my weight began to fall of fast. I thought I was the only who thought I couldn’t lose weight when I would exercise so much!!

  • Still a bunch of psuedoscience. I have a fitbit that monitors my heart rate and I burn 800 cal an hour intensely cycling. I got very underweight doing this and my appetite was hardly affected.

  • Thank you. this video make me rethink All my crazy workout routine, which just gives me depression and insomnia and absolutely no result in body measurements

  • My heart rate in the morning is around 45 heart beats per minute at one point it was 40 per minute ( when I did cardio ), but I feel fine, does that mean I could be overtraining?

  • This is probably why I am more lean, less water/weight retention doing tons of yoga. Anyone you recommend online for intermediate yoga? Thank you for this great video❤️

  • I’ve read about most of the topics you’ve talked about on your channel. There’s just something about hearing it first hand from a girl like you that makes me actually want to internalize it and change. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have been suffering insomnia lately due to training, and always feeling anxious. I stop it. Rn, my sleeping hour decreases. yikes

  • 2 times of week swimming almost in every day cycling ‘n floorball once of week when I’m in fit.That’s not too much for me but it’s my opinion in Jesus Christ name amen.Take care ‘n God Bless:D

  • Good timing!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I am very grateful to Healthy Crazy Cool who mentioned you recently on his channel:) So grateful to you of course great message! I needed to hear that especially re the High Intensity Training…so so true!! Much love:)

  • I try to work out 5 days per week. I have a desk job and I’m not that active during the day so I feel like I need some activity in the evenings. I have a TreadClimber and Total Gym. I alternate between upper/lower body on the Total Gym and strive for 30-45 mins of cardio on the TreadClimber. I see results but that little belly pouch is taking its own sweet time going away! I also eat sensibly…perhaps it will just take some time! Thanks for all of your tips! I appreciate them.

  • I’m a beginner at exercising and i do 3 day a week or whenever i can i do the treadmill for half hour to 45 minutes, bike for 15 to 20 minutes

  • That what happend to me >>> heavy leg feel
    Not Energized
    Not feeling hungry

    I will switch my workout schedule to every other day (HIIT) before i was train like insane man who only know ” no workout today, see fat tommorow” but i gotta change that..and also i dont see so many result do that…i will try everyother day.. Thanx!

  • im 18 and have most of those symptoms. i work out only around 30 minutes every day. am i over doing it?how much should i exersize?

  • I had blood in urine a few months ago, I was really pushing myself on running plus martial arts, going hard every day of the week. Taking it easier now and I actually feel better. Gotta train smart, not hard, I guess.

  • yea guys dont overtrain i died before one week and i realiased that i had to stop and take a break, so if you dont wont to die like me do a 5 days per week body weight trainer 30-1 hour max training

  • This is so true! I’ve been working out 2 hours (sometimes more) per day, 6 to 7 days a week and eating 1600 calories and I haven’t lost any weight. I’m going to try to cut down on the length of the workouts and see how it goes. Thanks Audra! ������

  • i am doing Swimming, Zumba & other Gym exercises daily..still weight is not reducing.. plus having infertility issues… thanks this video help me to understand system better way.

  • Hi Audra, very interesting video. There is however one thing I cannot get. Why if body thinks run is stress, doing sports is so beneficial for us? Stress can be positive, right? Also How about long distant runners…they train everyday and they look fine, promote books (Richie Roll, Scott Jurek etc.). Where does it stay that after 20 years of running your body literally runs out? I wonder, cause since young age I am very active and since more than half of my life, overexercise. You have mentioned a lot in your overexercising series and in your book (great work), but still it somehow stays so much in contradictions with examples from reality,..The same it always hits me, when among milions of people, I am living on whole food, but 99% of my friends are eating really crap and 75% are not active, but they stay not only slim, but ARE healthy. I believe food and being active is just some part of our way to be fit and happy in life….i even sometimes doubt that this is so essential.

  • Hey this is a good video content wise but can you please put sources in the description for your information. It makes you more credible and I’d really like to read the information for yourself!

  • Hey Pigmie. Thank you very much for your awesome videos. It can be that I have overtraining, I have some of this symptoms, but no the whole time. I will try to train like 90 minutes (recommended time for normal training) to not get overtrain. I will report about my experience in next week’s �� see you soon.

  • This is by far the best video I’ve seen on this topic. Experienced all the symptons a number of times due to being in an eating disorder for 7 years. I really appreciate this precise information:)

  • Only have a few of these symptoms but I think I should just take a few days off parkour training and do other things and I’ll be alright. Anyway thanks for uploading! As funny as you are you actually are pretty well educated on this stuff.

  • I run 5-7k, lift weights around 2-3 a week. I love it, but lately not as much, and I feel water retention always in my legs and my cycle has been off:L

  • How much is too much? I love/ like running. I can do it for about 45 min every day. Most of the time I don’t force myself, grabbing my trainers, ipod and here we go. I like the feeling of my muscles working, I like to belong to this exclusive group of runners. So how often is too often?
    ps. I went through this sport club membership period when before 1h of body combat class I had to have 30 min of run on the gym, and after 30 min of swimming that was too much. I had also use a gym a an excuse to eat more hoping to burn off later on the gym.

  • This is so true! I do a strength training workout 1-2x a week to maintain muscle tone, but I find doing tons of low or high intensity cardio is a total waste of time and energy for me.

  • I Just dont know if I can contact you or mail you my story but you just motivated me to don’t give up on myself, on recovery. Thank you

  • “Exercising excessively” how is that defined? If I have a desk job and am inactive for my entire day, minus my hour, hour and a half workout, is that considered excessive?

  • Recently, I have been into playing basketball or volleyball with friends since there is a sports complex near my house, instead of going to the gym. It is awesome! I actually look forward to it, as opposed to dreading it.

  • Wow. I’ve been looking all over the internet for months. & even the medical doctors’ suggested i see a therapist. You said it all haha. I’m a college athlete

  • So I just started the whole weight loss thing(3 weeks in) and I train everyday inkl. weekends 1.5 hour weight lifting, 20 minute running, 4 mile walking and 2×15 minutes bike(3miles each) am I doing it right? Or should I rest maybe 2 days a week? Since the start I’m watching when and what I eat and drink of course. I’m currently almost 280 pounds sadly but I lost 4 pounds since the start. I’m also not that tired after my dayli routine. Can you please give me advise what I should be doing? Thank you very much. Kris (29) from Germany.:)

  • I walk 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday is that gonna eat up my muscle and what exactly does walking backwards on a treadmill do???

  • Pigmie could you please explain why are my biceps soft even when i squeeze it its still soft (i do crossfit and dont underestand why the heck its soft)

  • Hello DrPhoenyx, I did 20-30 min HIIT workout EVERYDAY for 4 months, So Please advise me how to reduce exercise now. I was 77kg and now I’m 67kg.
    Thanks for your videos, You are really amazing, Always appreciate your advice.

  • Im just now starting to do things to be  more healthy and its very hard but I am tired of being fat, I do drink lots of water, a gallon a day, thought that was hard but its very easy to drink a gallon a day but im trying to lose weight and tone up so what is the best way to do that and I try to jog but I get very tired fast and I don’t think its working for me its like jog 2-3 mins and walk 10 and maybe that sounds ridiculous but right now that’s all I can do so can you help ya boy and give me some tips on how to slim down!

  • Hi! I workout 4x per week. Two days on with Monday (upper body super set), then Tuesday (lower body super set). Wednesday is rest day. Then two days on again with Thursday (upper body super set), then Friday (lower body super set). I rest for the weekend and start the routine all over on Monday. Each routine is about 30-40min depending on how many sets i do.

  • Hello your videos are really great! Is 10 minutes HIIT jumping rope on a daily basis will work or it will be too much stress for my body. I don;t want to do anything else, just this for let’s say 2 months.:)

  • Considering how many fat people exist in our country, and the kind of garbage that is in our so called neutritional food.  I would say more exercise.

  • Hurt myself last year because I didn’t take it easy on cardio (running). That was the worst. I don’t have healthcare so I had to heal up on my own. I couldn’t go in to get an X-ray to see what was wrong exactly. Pretty sure it was a stress fracture. Sprained my ankle first doing high knee jumps and then didn’t rest, kept going. Big mistake. I remember feeling puffy and swelled up all the time (as you said), and just so tired all the time. So many people tell you to do cardio and push it on you. Saying, “Eat however much you want! Just get those miles in. And you’ll look like me!” It’s misleading and horrible advice. I only do cardio twice a week now and stick with Pilates for most of my workouts because I love it and I need to strengthen my leg again, since my injury. Great video! I always learn something new when I watch your videos. You’re such a huge help and inspiration. God bless you!

  • This happened to me! I started out on a really high intensity weight lifting and cardio routine on 1,200-1,500kcal intake daily. My body just stopped losing weight and my energy flatlined until I took some time off I learned the hard way lol